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T!w iriHniiiil traiiiiiiK cIhuros in tho
KlrU'luT lioNpitnl on thut. day uml will
pri'iM't ilx' trt'iitiiient. Tlirrts Imvn liren
7i cunt's Of till) (IKfimc III l lilt tendril i
county and it is th )an to' Iiiivh an i
iiiuiiv nf flu" mitii-nta an ma desire
to cotnp, appear at the lionpiUU alter n
oVMX'k in tne mi rn nip, there to ho exam
lued freely by Dr. Lovcll, who will rIho
Auction Sale
Rutland public iHiouIh aro proving very , front BohIi.iUo assmt linn
popular, !.o than pupil UkiiiR i phy','n In tho county are invited
that count. Among turra are 24 of the j U como to thw ui.UKi.al clinic.
Ir. .lohn H, Vheeler of Iturlinyton has
Id-fit Hclected n aiirneon In charge of
(ho caHP9 after Dr. Ixvett goes away.
Jiijjh ncliool Iniya.
lfafr!nL-1t rVk.infira e fell n f f .111 ir V 1m
filed a petition in bankruptcy in the "'"" ' bo hi-Id on followmg
olllce in Ktttland of l lerk F. H. Piatt of . nV,'rd7".M )r- ,I'OV0" , a M. Allttina,
tho United Stat4a court. Ho ffivea hi Hutlant L St JohnHhury. Barton Montpo
liabilities aa $5,130.31 and liU aaaeta aa '"'r ot.hor convenient points in the
13,1500, with $1,150 claimed exempt. ,tato, a local surgeon bcintf appointed
jto attaint in (lie work.
Clarence Wriaton of Knoslmrg Falls i n cinneetion a laboratory is be
nved the life of Kmmett Dimo of that ,ittei1 "P at th n'ieal eollop, for
place tout Saturday, when the latter nwnivli work in infantile paralysis, tho
broke throuuh tho ice and fell into the t board employing a man to give bis
MiHMiquoi river, while akatinff. Wrinton WM"I! ,1,"e ln 1110 wor- un'r l'le u,rcc
pulled bint out by means of a hockey tio of T)r' Flexttfr. There have been 283
Jtj,, cases of the disease since the epidemic
Started. The latest reported is one in
Benjamin Darling of l'eachnm, aged ' Williamstown. Only three new cases are
V years, dropped dead in the waiting . rt-P0, tl-d in I'cceniber.
room of the Boston & .Maine station at
On account of poor health, I am unable
to carry on my farm, so will sell the
same at public auction, to the highest
bidder, on
Nt. Johnsbury, Dec. 0. Heart disease was
tho cause of his death. Mr. Darling had
boon visiting his son, (.'harles E. Darling,
and was about to take the train for
lioine. .
Foot and Mouth Epidemic Completely
Barred From This State.
"Thus far not a single case of foot and
mouth disease has been found in Ver
mont," said C. K. Conley, inspector for
the I'niled States bureau of animal in-
Naomi and Madeline, eight and six
year-old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Rob
-rt January of Vergennes, were badly j dustry, whose headquarters are in Bur
Diirneu recently uuring ine aosence or i Iington
their mother, when a plavrnate put kero
Bene into the stove to start a fire and
the children leaned over to see the opera
tion, when the llames blazed into their
faces. They are lioth in care of a physi
cian, but it is thought their faces will
Hot bo scarred.
Barnard Lorenzo Olds, a native of
Jn co-operation with Fred L. Davis of
White River Junction, state livestock
coinniir.ioner, Mr. Conley has boen work
ing day and night since the. epidemic of
the dread disease swept over 13 states
to keep Vermont free from contagion
with the. best success possible. Prompt
measures were taken by the govern
ment and state ollieers. Vermont was
Franklin, died recently at Pomona, Cal., surrounded by trouble in this respect,
at the age of 65 years, of a stomach and i ew york anil Massachusetts, Khode Is
heart trouble. Air. Olds in early life in-j j;, mi Bmj Sew Hampshire all had the
vented a horsepower and threshing ma-j disease The vigorous quarantine decided
chine, which he manufactured in .St. Al-np0n by the state commission and the
bans, gelling the United States patent government has proved effective and the
rights in 1882 and moving to Montreal. ! alarming conditions that prevailed at
T.'. 1 DUD ..1 1. . ...
jriuui jooii, nir Hint; years, lie was pur- .first to not now Obtain.
chasing agent for the Colorado A South
ern Railway company, and eight years
ago, because of poor health, gave up ac
tive work and removed to Pomona. Mr.
Olds was active in church work and was
instrumental in the building of three dif
ferent Methodist churches in Denver, Col.
Quarantine, in fact, is being raised in
some counties in New York and New
Hampshire and dealers and others who
are interested in shipping live stock
may breathe easier.
Mr. Conley has been busy of late dis
infecting shipments of hay that it was
In Pomona he was superintendent of tho !,l,..sired to ship in interstate trade, but
ourmay senoui in xne cnurcn oi ms cuoice. which came from quarantine sections.
which had a membership of over 800.
"The sharp danger line has passed,"
aid Mr. Conley, "so far as Vermont is
concerned but constant precaution will
be taken until the disease is eradicated.
The onlv case in the state that look
ed at all suspicious was in Craftsbtiry
Will Examine Paralysis Cases.
The investigation of the infantile paral
ysis situation in Vermont started by
the state board of health will take prac
tical form on Saturday when Dr. Robert 't'.bout three weeks ago. Mr. Conley in
W. I-ovctt of Boston, an eminent special- vetigatod it and found everything all
ist on the subject, w ill come to Burling- , right. An appreciable falling off in in
ton. Dr. I.ovett will under the auspices jtcrstate shipments of cattle has neces
of the state board make an examination sarily resulted from the embargo and
'of every case brought to him at Mary prices on Vermont cattle are off.
The answer to the above ques
tion is this: A savings bank is
strong and safe if its directors
are men of character, integrity,
temperance, sound judgment,
sufficiently painstaking and con
servative in the examination and
approval of all its investments,
and last, but not least, men of
long and valuable experience in
are the figures showing the in
crease of deposits in that bank
during the past seven years.
On July 1, 1907, the
deposits were. . . $844,158.34
On July 1, 1914, the
deposits were... 2,654,270.67
In other words, the deposits
were three times as large July 1,
1914, as July 1, 1907, and $121,-
795.65 over. We doubt if these
figures can be duplicated in the
history of any country bank.
To-day the Hyde Park Bank is
So far as we know, all of Ver- recognized as the largest bank in
monfs savings banks are well i the world located in a village of
conducted and prosperous, but
there is one institution which
seems to have become an espe
cial favorite with the depositing
public the Hyde Park Savings
The one important reason for
this is that the people of Ver
mont have come to know that
every member of the board of di
rectors of the Hyde Park Sav
ings Hank is a safe, substantial,
responsible business man, entire
ly free from every tendency to
speculate, gamble or take any
but the most conservative risks.
Thousands of the people of
Vermont have been having busi
ness dealings with its president
for more than half a century.
They know his conservative,
its size, an honor which reflects
great credit on the Green Moun
tain state, and because this is so
Vermonters everywhere take
pride and pleasure in contribut
ing, by their deposits, to the up
building of this enterprising,
strong, popular institution.
Hanking by mail is now re
garded as perfectly safe. In its
twenty-five years' experience not
a dollar ever sent to the Hyde
Park Hank has been lost. Money
should be sent by personal or
Saturday, December, 19,
at 10 o'clock in tho forenoon, on the
premises. This farm is known us the
Cassius Peck or R. H. Simmons farm,
located in the town of Brookfield, Vt., 1
mile north of Pond Village, and 5 miles
from Williamstown. on the main road
from Williamstown to Brookfield, and
contains 20(i acres of land, more or less
about 60 acres of very productive fields
machine mowed. This is a great hay
farm and has produced 60 bushels
oats per acre and 340 bushels of potatoes
per acre; balance or farm is in pasture
timber and woodland. Some softwood
timber ready to cut, and a large amount
of hard wood; nice young fruit orchard
Farm will keep 20 cows, some young
stock and team; buildings consist ot
basement barns, a number of sheds and
outbuildings. A good 10 or 12-room
house: buildings all in very good condi
tionj never-failing water at house and
barn. One mile to town, high school,
stores, etc;, and miles to a good rail
rod town. This is a first-class proposi
tion for a home and a money-making
Holsteins, Jersys and Ayrshires
some now fresh, balance coming in soon;
1 2-year-old registered Hoist cin bull, no
better blooded bull in the state; 2 calves,
3 hogs, 1 sheep and some poultry; 3
horses, 1 pair o and 9 years old, weight
about 2,200 lbs., a splendid farm team;
1 large 10-year-old work horse that
weighs 1,400 lbs.
CROPS 30 to 40 tons of hay, all
harvested in nice shape; 8 or 10 tons
of straw and a quantity of ensilage;
about 300 bu. of oats.
A complete list of FARM TOOLS AND
MACHINERY, as follows: 1 4-horse-power
International gasoline engine, 1
new corn harvester, reaper and binder,
grain drill, ensilage entter and carrier,
circular saw rig, set of farm trucks, with
bov body and rack, top buggy, express
wagon, sleds and sleiuhs, mowing ma
chine, horse rake and tedder, riding plow
and walking plows, harrows and 3 culti
vators, corn planter, sheep power, potato
sprayer, grindstone, 1 set of light double
harnesses, 1 set of double work har
nesses, 1 single drive harness, with small
tools such as chains, hoes, forks, rakes,
shovels, etc. A good farm and a good
lot of personal property. Kverything
goes without limit or reserve, for the
reason above given. Very liberal terms
on both real estate and personal prop
erty will be given at time of sale. Lunch
at noon.
C. F. SMITH, Auctioneer, Barre, Vt.
PJainfield Town Meeting
' I)wmlir, 11114.
Pitted at Plnintlelil. Vt, Ui ,ly, ut, t,
A. 1). 1UI4.
HURT BATl'HKLDUK, Mliwtmvii of Plulnflcld,
W1IKRKAS, a vncmicy haa orcurrMl on the
Ixmrd ot lohuol directum In tlt town of 1'IhIii
flelil, In the county uf W Mali, union ,) aiuui
of Vorninnl, and ui'1i varuncy alill exiaU in
aid buard of arhool directors except for the
temporary apiMMntmrlii mailv by tli aelcctmtn
of ainn town.
AND WHKKEA S, ttin iind.,riKnd loitnl vot-
er of the town of I'lalnMold, Vermont, lu-lieve
that a dp' La I town mcctinK of the volcrn of
the town of I'lumneld nmmlil he held for the
purpoae of electing a achoul director to till
such vacancy,
NOW THKKKFORE. we, the unclcmlirned lo
ir at voter of the town of I'liorillnlii, Ver
mont, hereby reiiueot nd petition the honor,
ahle board of avlectmen of mi id town of Plain
field to call a apecial town meeting for the
purpoxe of electing; a nchool director to till
the vacancy on the board of ttchool directora,
In accordance with auction 3136 ot the public
AND WE, the underaiiraed, hereby requpat
the selectmen or the town or I'lalnneld to call
a apecial meeting; forthwith in arcordance with
53 In I ll -rnw t-nnr $4
1 1 ' I J J ,L - '" W"'ter W
The Tlmea will publlih Wants. Lost and
Found, For Sale, To Let, etc. ahort adver.
tisementa at the rate of lour lines for twenty.
Ave rent for the tint insertion and flva cents
for each aubsciiuent insertion.
arood renting! property; larnia iwi "Tf
from 15 to 60 cows; good location. J. n.
TO HUNTTWO tenements in cot Lane house
next to iJodire's Creamery. Apply at the
creamery. fljltf
TO HUNT-Furnished front room with all
modern conveniences, lnuulre of Mrs, Ci. M.
HurroUKhs, 17 Church street. 2Hf
ff this food Is not told in vour dace, wa
law and to do any other businws when met nl' ena you freight prepaid a IZ5 pound
Alaon C. Smith.
E. V. Duke.
O. J. SU Cyr,
(jeo. Holies,
A. Davis,
R. D. Richards,
M. McLcod.
L. L. Knapn,
H. Hutchelder,
II W. Mosea,
M. L. Whitcomb,
Homer 8t Cyr,
Frank Richardaon,
S. S. Smith,
C. J. flailaw,
F. G. Hoyt,
H. A. Keniston,
John Ryan,
E. W. Stowe,
C. St John,
E .1. Colby,
F. H. HrtilTee,
Oeo. Whitcher,
Milford Kiair,
H. E. Cate.
Daniel Hudson,
Helen Ryan.
John W. Fowler,
Oeo. St Cyr.
Application having baen made for that pur
pttte by the above named, the leKal voters of
the town of I'lainneld are hereby notified and
warned to nuiet at. the town hall on Monday,
December 2H. 1914. at 10 a. m.. to art on
the follownlir business
Article 1. To elect a achool director to fill
the vacancy on the board of school directors
in accordance with section 3436 of the public
Art 2. To transact any other business that
may leioilly come before the meeting.
Dated at Plainfleld, this loth day of Decem
ber, 19H.
0. W. HODGDON, M. I).
Ten Y ears in General Practice
Office at Residence, Sanborn Block
sack for $4.00. or a 60 round aack for
$2.00. If in want of Beef Scrap. Poultry
Bone, Oyster Shells, etc., write us for price.
Carroll S.Page, Hyde Park, Vt
Page' Perfected Poultry Food may bo ob
Uined of the following:
C. C. Kobie, East Barre, Vt.
Berry &. Jones, Montpelier, Vt.
("has. H. Bigelow 4- Son, E. Brookfield.
E. L. Sanborn, E. Orange, XL
E. T. 4 H. K. IJe, S. Newbury, Vt.
Coates 4 Gove, E. Calais, Vt.
Howard 4 Ball, So. Barre, Vt.
E. I). BartMt, l'lainfield, Vt.
George L. I'ray, No. Montpelier, Vt.
Telephone 91-43
Howland Bid., Room 16 Phone 371-W
HOURS ; 8 to 12; 1 to S
Evenings by Appointment
Formerly with Ctilekering ft Sons. Boston
Now with Bailey's Music Rooms. Barra
'Phone 22-W
Sale of Stock, Tools
and Crops
Aa I have oM the Dix farm at private
aale, I ill nell at public auction to the
high'ft bidder on the premises known
a the M. V. Dix farm in I'.arre Town,
on the Karwtll street mail leading to!
Last Montpelier, about 2'i miUa from
Baire City, the following dturnbed per
sonal property:
Tools, Crops, and Machinery
Thl'rtV COWS. 1w fre-h, balance
t be lrrt.li in early spring and all l-fore
1915 Overland
Call and take a demonstration
and convince yourself of the val
ue of the car.
Cutler's Garage
lit Ns. Main Street, Barre. VI
fann oiiuortunity, and a money maker : ,"
income iter year. Tliis farm has been in ine
Little family for a century and is ottered for
sale boi'ause must go to warmer cninaw ,
2UU acres near heart of the llarre granite in
duetry 1 mile from nuarrit, 3 miles to llarre
City; no better market In the world; all prod
uce aold direct to romumer: roturna last year
from iuirar orchard tMO. poultry $1,600, dairy
$2,600, milk route. 160 uU. lKily. only -mile
trip; 800 or 400 bearinn apple ireijs. yiemina;
altout 200 bbls. per year; 4 acres younu Mcin
tosh apple treea, acres bearinir rtujprnes
and blackberries, sell from lli'Ac to lBc qU,
a-reat bearers and very profitable; sold this
season 6 tons cabbaKe from 1 acre, aold 1.6"0
bu. potatoes from 6 acres, nearly all other
vesretablea equally aa Rood; 2 -story dwellina
house, built in 100, with hot water and fur
nace; eatimau-d value of hard and aoft wood
on farms, $4,000 ; poultryhouse and workshop
built in 1H11 and ll!i. I invite your inspec
tion of farm and books; every statement
proven : Price reasonable and includes costly
tumr and nnulti-v sriuinment. F. C. Little,
owner, telephone 898-18, OraniWville. Vt. libit
TO HKNT- Front furnished om with mod
em conveniences ; priviltve of netting one's
fTn,.m.'.'"h if """frH. n FTanklin street!
7r"w , 2Slt
iT? ,KKNT Downntaim tenement of 6 rooms
with Iras llnlitu and ninne, spring and city
water Entjulre at H twit street; tel. 178-12.
J. N. McLellan. 281ttf
s-ii ,. J ilousa on Franklin afreet,
''6'""- 22Hti
t,?. RENT Cottaire house on Terry street,
$10.00. 229tf
oK RENTTenement on Foster street,
so.oo, 2yotf
JOB SALE OR EXCHANGE 8 farms. 22tf
Telephone II4-J
TO RENT -Tenement for rent on first floor
with modem improvements and furnAce hm
I Pleasant street. E. L. Densmore. 22'Jtf
II 1? . KEN7Furni"hed room, hwted and
lighted. Call at 4 West street; tel. 228-4.
28 lt ;
TO HKNT-n... .i.i . , . - .
- wv-iinion, bviiiriiinib 01 o rooms,
an modern improvements, at 26 Merchant
street. Inuuire at K4 Mnrlani .1 vr.tt
A Few Warm Ones for
Cold Weather
NO. 870104 acres; 86 to 40 acres of till
age, whic is all machine mowing ; 25 to 80
acres of woodland and one of the best sutmr
orchards in town ; from 700 to 800 suKar trees,
equipped with 645 buckets, iron arch, etc. ; 1
year's supply of sugar wood all ready; an ex
cellent fruit orchard ; estimated to be 40.000
ft. of softwood timber; considering the loca
tion, being only about 14 mile from saw
mill, with no bill, this is of considerable
TO RENT A amsll 11 r-v. u
street; will be ready Dec. 1. Inuuire of Dr.
- U. Stickney. 2 18tf
TO P.LNT Two front rooms suitable for"
offices ; corner of North Main and Granits .
streets. Apply at Creamery, 800 North Main
TO RENT Lower tenement. 11 Quarry i
strict, wiih barn and nrruiehouse. Icr small '
family; 1U, mile, from urre (:ty. term,
moderate for the winter. Box 72. R. F. D.
No. 4.
l4tf .
CHICKENS -Nire on for rwiitinir; dressed
ui LuiiAUJt'iauit: i i . . -...
value: produced from 30 to 40 tons of hay lt 7 tv, i- lcn' S"u '"'. ,r
semson and keeps from 15 to 20 head; new, J""1- The (-"mmintt farm. East Hill.
round silo, 10x24 ft; an 8 -room house in 1 1nrre' vt. ; tel. 4K9-M. 233t6
good condition ; has recently been painted and ly oTTp n TZ
papered inside; good cellar, beat of running T"" mi.iv One organ, 1 Glenwood range
Bt house and barn; with tne tarm. trie ""'.' " iraw as new. jew
City Auction Market
will be discontinued until after
House, as I am selling there each
day and evening.
be open each day for private
sale as usual.
owner wishes to sell 1 horse, weighing about
1.150 lbs., an extra good worker and driver
8 grade cows, 2 2-year-old heifers, 1 calf ; all
the 4hay, silage, some potatoes, mowing ma
chine, new a year ago: horse rake and weeder.
also new within a year; horse hoe, epnng'
tooth harrow, pung sleigh with sled and body
new pair work harnesses which cost $55.00 ;
single work harness, single driving harness,
small tools and all sugar tools ; will sell every
thing for $3,200.00; terms, $1,500.00 down:
balance on time. This property is located only
about lVi miles from the famous North Mont
pelier creamery and 4 to 4 li miles from
l'lainfield ; maila delivered ; telephone lines
pass ; this is an exceptionally good proposition
if you are looking for a medium-priced farm
and one worth more money than this can be
bought for. 234tf
NO. 865120 acres, located only 1 mil
from town : on this farm ie a good trout pond,
which the owner has stocked witti 20,000 trout
during the past three years. This place will
carry from 20 to 25 head and team ; produced
80 tons of hay last year; sugar orchard of 800
treea; a good grafted fruit orchard; the main
bam is 46x72 ft., newly shingled; has silo
and basement; tie-ups for 25 head; 7-room
house, newly papered and painted ; running
water at house and barns ; tiiia farm is pleas-
.nllu .ilnntaH ulti. th. firm tVlA rmr M. r will
the Conclusion Of the aUCtion ell 4 full-blooded Jersey cows. 6 grade Jer
. , , . seys, 2 2-year-old heifers, 2 smnll calves. 2
Sales at the New lOrk Bargain I yearling heifers, l pr. 5-year-old Morgan
mmtR, won ft inim nw.wv ij .u'i.i'v , p
ghoat. 1 brood row, 50 hen. 2-hnrse farm
wfttfon, new express watron, open bupfry. aleiph,
2-horse led, work harnaMi, aintrle drivinsr
The City Auction Market will j .p ring-tootti harrow, weeder, cultivator, 5o0 to
fuu sap DucKeia, storage tans, oraw tuns, etc., j
DeLaval cream setjarntor and other nairy
Utois, all ready for immediate poespanion ;
price for all, $4,600.00. 234tf
tiome sewing machine and otlier articles not :
eiiumerHtett. tan be seen at 165 Hill street
at any t:me. 23H4 !
AIR COMPRESSORS--We are specializing
on second-hand air compressors, steam and
power driven, all makes and sizes, guaranteed
condition. Send us your inouiriea. Geo, &
Cithern, 200 Congress street, Boston.
FOR SALEAbout 700 ft. JVi gal. wire
rone, been used for 7 guys on derrick in IS
pieces with clips and clevies ; 2 heavy chains '
for stone work with stone hooks ; will sell f. o. '
b. cars for 3c lb. ; all Iron hand derrick, never
used la month. 4 2-heave blocks for 1W rope, :
$J5.00. W. B. Carpenter, Bradford, Vt. 229tf
FOR SALE A National cash register; 6 '
drawers; in first-class condition k. .u .
at a bargain. Call at Dodges creamer. 2?ntf i
0. H. HALE, !
frL f.v'frre'n8 : jut what you need to add
the holiday look to your home; write me and
' 0d'vcr 2Sc each. John R.
Kot'th. 8 Cherry street. Barre. 225116
FOR SALE Loose horse and cow ha. E.
Cerleton, 21 Highland avenue; "phone 441-11
SALE Srntr .(..liin,,. ........ j-
honey at houne. In Richardson street. E. M.
Lyon's store. Smith & Cumings. the F. D.
Ladd Co. ; guaranteed pure bees' honey. 21Stf
FOR SALE Richly bred Holstein bulls,
ready for service: grand sons of the great
Pontiac Thorndyke, from advance regi5ter
dams. W. B. Dodds & Sons. North Hrro. Vt.
15 Nelson Street
TsJrpfcsn 421-11
due to a sudden change In the wrather,
exposure or sny csuae, if nepleeted may
lead to serious lung troubles. Keep
Downs' Elixir in the medicine cupboard
and take before the cold develops into
pneumonia, or consumption becomes
seated. Sold everywhere. Advt.
Howland-Cave Huildint,
lm-VAV ". I .........
' rno CATV Tk. U. V ni.k..a ! a.
The annual meeting of the .tnrkholder. of . u ,j,ulltM, jn Barre City and Harre Town,
the l.ranlt Saving. Hank Tru.t t omiany , fon(itin)t , h,w, on Hl ,trwt Bp p..
will 1- held at the banki,,. room. l Ui, di. hou.e on urper IMI street;
romiany in the city .if Barre, Vermont, on . A . ., . 1, . j.,,ki. v......
NO. Sfi -On of the best farms in Wash
ington county nearly 70 acre of perfectly
level tillaee land : about 20" acres of pasture
and woodland: 2-j miles from Harre City;
without doubt, one of the bast bams in this
section; g.wd hou.e; thai is a money-making
proposition, and if looking for a farm which
will ktep a lot of stork and near Karre City,
th will appeal to you. Let us give you fur
ther partirulars. 234tf
In any quantity; the proper article for -walks,
drives or cellar bottoms : delivered la an
(juantity. Inquire of N. M. Nelson. 20 Mer
chant street. 145tf
Your real estate wants will receive prompt
attention. A large list to choose from; eight
office, all doing business.
Auctioneering properly handled at reason
able rates.
FOR SALE E. M. P. 10 touring ear in
perfect condition ; thoroughly overhauled and
repainted Apply at Capital Garage Co.. Court
street, Montpelier, Vt ntf
LOOSE HAY FOR SALE Inquire of Will ,
S. Page. 1 South Main street. I4tf
to take time to see Colton if you want some
thing in his line Sleighs, Harness, Fur Coata
and Robes, Blankets, Stable Supplies.
New lot of Co'lnr just in; s small
ax ltl-ineh and as lare a 24-inch. "You
can alwsvx find the aiy.i at Colton'.''
bank check, express, registered M7 ' " "''" . "' , ?
144 ... 1'. eLI l?-d.rder: 7 2 .v.sr-..ld heifer.
cautious, painstaking business! bank's rate to depositors. All
methods. They know the busi- taxes are paid by the bank,
riess way in which he treats ev- whatever the sire of the deposit,
cry financial proposition, and If any further facts rx'rtain
they have come to tru.t him im-ing to the bank are desired, ad
plicitly as a safe cu.touian of j dress the president, Carroll S.
their savir.ps. Page, or the treasurer, V. M.
The protif of this statement is Culver, Hyde Park. Vermont,
found in the phenomenal prowth-fcnd they will le promptly forth
of the Hyde Park I'.ank. Here cominjr. News and Citizen.
letter, or by postal or express .IUt(.inl. llllirk,.,1 , v,rv fa
money order. A pass liook orit tn-hrn tin. sprint:, .- h.if.r cai
rt-ceipt will be returned bv first jesrimta. ir,.d ww. xtra nne; i ti,.,r-
Four per cent, interest, com
pounded semi-annually, is this
f..- ,k. .1-,.,.. . ,.r -i.,.r,.,r. .h. -...J1"" Mount .treet : double house on Elmore
MFRfHAVT TATI finrT. f" and for the tranctlnn of any other !": ? toubl. houses on tamp stree :. ; rnl TQN U STATE STREET
... - . . ....v..-. vi ! l,,.,ln,. tK .,,!, -m, k-, 1 ra "nr.i ,or remonet.ng inio no". - ......... .. ..
meeting. , hm;ea easily converted Into rarages ; pasture siw. 11 r.i.ir.m
H G WOODRUFF, Secretary. ! '""d ; wood lots I on upper part rf rome a - - - s
Karre. Vt.. Itwember 17. 114. I farm, 1 rear w lUon eem.tery. 1 on r.. '"re, ,-. ,)-. O-.V
rafl : nuiining lots on itaroiii street ana r. .
122 North Main StreM Barre, Vermont
View ; also building lots fn home farm
f'irther rticulars or information, apply to
Edith M. Cerr. Admi., Barre. Vt. lT2tf
The annual meeting of the Oranite Mutual !
Irt.un.nre I .mipai.y .f Barre. V t.. will l i FOR S ALE - I.omner, dimension 1A .perial.
held at the bume i ff.os of .aid company, in ty : green wood. 12 Mi delivered in city, for
the city of Har. Vt., on ficday. Januarr '. ; cah : anteH. men and team, to work in
1!15. at 10 o'cli. k a. m . for the .uriMie of ' lonin. teL 2"S- t'srre. or
W have bi( anno ri men t for smalt
horr r biff linraea
V. K
MEDICAL AND SURGICAL DISEASES 1 fkl'f" rfirwtow f.r th- fr rnuin and! 'W irgtn
tne loinwrH'in r.i ,nr enntr ouain.s wnicn
may proieny emi e before mid meeting.
It j. KtiHINSON. ,W.
OrFICE HtttRS: 2 to 4 P. M.
TueedHT. Thursday and Saturday.
Aiao by Apntment
14 and II KlanchaH Haildanc Trleph.es II
oul.lired HoUtein hull; I II..lt..in bull.
months old: I pr. erv fancv s(e-r. !'fll? I PWlil 11 AT 4 PTIV
month, r.1,1; 1 jre-d Imll'talf; lis, marrj ,K " IJ
Sftniit hi y. ara old, p.nxl xsotker and!
driver, in '.d or.1. r. e!jrht sleitit l.l'"tj
n.a.: I In vt ar-oll iu.tre. Unv dnrr; .1 :
l,r'l aom, all to farrow in Msr.-h; 2 '
Urk, .hires, 1 White 'holer, full MimhI. !
Farms and City Property
For Sale
OAff in Root JS, Milra PuilHmf
Teftpban annartia
OrTTfT Ifoms - Ji m tl!m and 1 SO in 4
H. mu, Moodar, Tucwdar. Thursday aad Friday
NO. 3A - FOR P !.K, M-mr fumi,
Th annual fnpiinff of ih atrvkhol.tsyn, (f ii!m fwwn Harrw t ity ; h nm in ttiiM
fji Pnaf.t a Ntiinal Flank af Hrn h ' nln-' fatlur, trnil-'.r and wnrr.f:Ti-1 . -?!-
held at th Sank in if wotT of mni bana in thf nw(H fo h 75 M t ftniwuj timrw-r ri a'
jrlty if barm. t., n January 4 ivifi, at I:iarr amiift vt hard nir .r hrd.
! rrrtra f r ih ymr rnauina: and th? iranaar. J and marrun m rd ; will tut t-n of hy j
tmn vt any m du :nrii w r ven may prot-rriy
i com lrl.rr
, W. C. JOHNOV, JR.. Chir.
WAN'I KU M hinu-t bo can do acnral
Jitrit Fr
l...ijhmi mill. Ari-'X tn J. V. Copki- A
S..n, 'Mtf
W he df rifled to ffTrr all oar at nek of Furs at prratly
rrdorrd prir durinc trie hrlida,
Thia will rJ te-l f a chance to !jy thir Furs Ix forp
the hoMdhv ftaror.. We extend an inv;titi'n t yy to cs!l
and t.rlrr your frir.d ar.4 trj n ''-r latct HUs in fah
k'.'ie Fur.
(em? ii!y. v h.'e the .'tk is full.
a n:v srrx'iAL valffs
Ka'tfrn Mir.k .tt. for- !Na!tr.l V,x Srt. ( r
r r!y f 1 1 0. r J to... tTO rr r'.y i 1 - t' f2.1, rv .) . 1
JlhUm M-k f r- 1' $! ti f I
TTr!r 117. r-l s-t -5 t- .1120 Nit-sral Or v WWJ
k Xi. Ll f-rrnrlv I2'i. t'..!
frt-m ....
t Sit.
TtKtN and Machinery
fnvnrf msrhine, 2 horse rake. 1 linn
tr wajruii rth hir ra k eni corn
r.in, dumtteart. a.riiitn..t Ii harrnw, '
li.t l liarri., ultiatr, 2 n-H"r. 1
laniura' l.ili-r, frTind-tntie, cnn, i,rt.
a"n. shafts and ("de. tsm-Mat-er.
a t'.ttid one. small evire.a
s?r.n. rntif aM. e"r.r.-. eh -iBh. 2 dm-! Mrs. EH.aheth La Clair
trig ale:'t,a. r.,m lanti-r, 1 vhari ).-. M flmmmrt gL
rr-arn .artor, .ra1 n silr nem, utM
.it little; r-sd ert; 2 ft. Inrtii 1
luarlr ni w iltuitif l.artte'..; arid sil
mail tl. ., ft.tka, ha r,, 1
l.sr. ""it", (. "Mr.... arjth.a. j m, rarrT IS. tars fcB .f Hamee
anatha, tie., f. Ulaetiet. ltd Br I srnilr.,. ml inf rasi-
: reeai ta SI aiinr1a rmntr, mr4 mt atW-e.
Hartnr hi mar.. rmr' cprnrar, I am
prefNired to sere any be ire. nerd the sere.
turn sf mid if er nKtetrir Bume. Addrwa
Teleplietie irs-ll. Bart, Vt
Attention, Horse Owners!
Licensed Embalmcr
Calls answered promptly day or a ght.
Aa up tv data Aakalaar la obbh t wax
EAST BARRK. Tt Telepheet
WILLIAMSTOWN. Tt. TsJskcas jlt-s
U. I V "I l it - A nmn to wrtrk on farm i
Bn wnil jia vi aw an-i m : a mi-urr fc A. 4 ULHFT. K. t l
bs4Pmnt bat-na. S''4' and 4 : R' p'n-, farrv. t iJ3.1t 3
chon. ailr and rhttKtihvurr n'tr f" ' " ' .....
rw, few: itr at hu .nd Kar H F , W AN , r, K rirl for r.i.rml Hou-
R and Mon hna ; rnr .11 w i! farm . w R A..,ff Tnv fri. ZUM
fc!,n or wili fM-ll ptt k. rr, .t4i ind a ...
1-st f tH tw-kla nxjr and nmrif ri"" '
farm tm t hat rrt ; o nr ta in th j
van it htiinr anU a: imterir a v
t(t oa tH.
1,1F iIVSMkN in frh -oinjr f.,r bvh
M arad imndiH yards-n and gran nrl ;
lafrmanrnt ttiaTxn. , . fa ; psj-rnr-n-p un-
ob (a., Iranaitn, Ma
Christmas Flowers I
( hritrT.a will ron lc here
ami io to get your cnkr. hi j
early you should t?tt fur frirt i
lit now. j
ko. ;m vor smf:. fmrm t , i-. tn
(a n io rviunta-v n"r f ar in t 'tar1,
j ruaianar fnaAv? and t -r Jtiri rs'irt,nsl to
j m M rf 9rf rmt.M fa- r4 a wwi h
it Y-itniwi : 9'r, i, rn t a r'! s.'.-i
4Miw-f-ii;1 atnd n ' fv4i-'? ; r'-o r-j't nr
I f'"! , fmrrr a i f a r" ar1 taa , tta.
, -nt Wti'i, a fn'-H".o r v , . k ,.,.
j and nV : hina rf T rw, awid f -m nir
ad ry : a r-m and lat-t hi 4
mr i tn a"i -t.drKf . a f sni
9ft j-hsv.t, rhit-T ttfi rnt f ;
i fa-m mfh tf t !'' t-j i n t i'-.ft
WANT! O f p--i' hookfcjojr and
f t '-, hr f " a 0 . m n j nrfrr-1
Ad-tfa K 1 :ro off V?Ttf
h,Mj no 9 . 'nrrn'? vt t ; aatary,
$, ' ar w tv K. M A trn, k &1. HnoT.
Hay and Cmp
' are the lowest. 4 m and ee. Oar Utile
AE0CT ,0 T0?fS Cf HAY, .Vl tn f Ir4r la etra aeafarlee nrtlttns
! .at "t t.i f. t.t... y at fj Iisnt. la f He Rum. lit". rieif stf ratent
lT; !- 60 TOS VT HAY, -I'l Vn it atw. arraasirt ! aM
j-4a1-- ar P tt.tiS r f tiw at I he a rwl erl I
I'si 1 farni. s" 1 '-. h I
1 u-fl !i"l at t-a
V f e lar-e fct.
a ; in i" 4 i "9-- t .'.11,
ii ! ti fa"' rr'
t I .t ..f " ... . r.
Veioesdaif, Dtcemter 23
sHFRVAf s rAPirrs
Vsrth IS.tn Mreet l.sr -. eraM
r -
l-l tl flkltl H fcl lCTO. .
I ...t
t r - -1
la-r-t t
-r!.- I'. ' t -'
. ..f.'fl tn I r- '-l fl.
I'i-r WiH I Rfpisirtd st Ilt-dDM-d Prire
pi ft "Vt f. , . . ii t
,t ,,r ,.f...jj ', u ,
t t i' 1 t I i i t .
..-,..t at. . V .'. . J
a"-. .' . f ' : i, f ' .
E. O t'T.
Aer.r y. w. r. r.
. A riStT. At-"r-r
Ir.arr.u'h a I I.ave 1. aecd rry
farm. I t'i'.l a few run rf
f.-.J lrv J! .;k rr.fTb v '! nl
1 tv f l.rr.tt at
Carr.fcr"t. ' r A -'."'."' tr.y-
it t'tr ff th'Vf M-
h-r- Y.&y &r.i a!out fve
t .ttk hs-.y; rr.at 1 P"i.
Vrr. SlZ.Wt pr t'.n.
A ;;:?.rt.tr 'f j UU-. ttra
t--fi, m.'h. h'.te r-aly.
7,'k pi-r h:;h' in a-k-jth-! l't.
A feme Mat I sf!d
Fire Insurance
I rtprr?fr.t fnfr,
tccn ii tho larrc.-t
.nr.l U Mock 1
Mutual Fire lrr- ;r
jir.ee C('rr.z.r.U'K A.4;
for rate?.
KO "'' ft,p MIT t mH e - w . fo.
aij -(r .r j" .! f r
' rn4, ft , r . f-Tt 4 . n ' w
f" - r pre,-K. and
f ) , f - ) ' : -. '
r.--, sf,.r) ssiaJt isaaTflat w hf '
rf- : t v ---is . r nr -
i f f rwii . - - t
' ,.4 - , r-4- a
! . tV" ar-4r f -r- .
m-it ip - r'M -f ai -. ;- '
r t - r " n tr --- - - "
t 10 i ' "jw. y ' - -
.... r t r
" I tr w A . ' v '
4 V H tHaa p f f e- f t . rj. ,. ' J i M$
V4 V r-m -a -r f ?
PW-'m SkfH--' (T-H- W 'f
la 'm u-'f ' ' fc-e.. "- 4-!-a
; a - f- -m ' - --a - - ' - 'l f"---t
r Wa-a. r t m r '
w r..r ar---a- Wr aa
" r aV " f r a sr f; f -
H T I f'-w a f.rrn in rmntw
-.( fa, s f. ttfa-as tN-d n-' : d-sp - r v.
. r -. . ' i '! i-a d-,( and
'wt - f ar.!r4 AI'--mi "I sfsii n "
VoTI' F f-n(f asnd tfjr raswd1
- f .' r fu" t K : Maf.n. mt
I'e-e-,. kt., and r-rv tti i n -iia-t
I r-vasj, ia,r4
a"' f T5r t-t t urak'ta
a4 a a 1 ma
- a-e"r r- - . d t"-m
.i-' e-.r - a $."
f? e- . a ( f,ff.,.r t.a.
4. f
f ..,.',jc r
r 1
ssajt aaa I
j tSSr tWP"l 7 a t
a r t
?'e a- r-
ror s i pt
p? J"a-5:z, r"r" IB ti
( r vr j "ifi I t jrt Uy
I O. J. I OI C F. The Jc k r j
t a-4 4 i"- -a. t.
r 1 1 ? 1 1 rr p, nicn
ljti K. AveriH
CwsaHvi 9m J&aW,a A wts'asaf fta la !
A J. rsst.m l: 7- . i
. r. . i t

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