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For Christmas Gifts
Aprons A new, fresh stock of Dainty Aprons at
.' 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 60c, 75c, and $1.00
A tidy stock of 100 styles to select from.
Petticoats are a good gift. We have a big lot of the
newest; let us show you. Messalines, all colors,
at t $2.50, $3.00
Ask to see our Jersey Top Petticoat, all colors, at. .$2.29
98c buys a pretty Cotton Messaline Petticoat.
Kimonos Handsome Crepe Kimonos in Christmas
boxes at $1.50, $1.75, $1.98, $2.50 and $3.00
Long and Short Flannelette Kimonos, beautiful pat
terns, at' 60c, 90c, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $1.95, $2.50, $2.98
Bath Robes Let us show vou these, at
$2.98, $3.50, $3.98 and $4.98
Towels Some beautiful Damasks at 25c, 50c, 60c and 75c
Guest Towels at 15c, 25c, 50c up
House Dresses New lot at $1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, 1.98, 2.50
Shopping Bags that are the newest, at... 98c and $1.25
Sweaters at $2.50, $3.50 and $4.98
Umbrellas Always an acceptable gift: at
98c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.98, $2.50, $3.50
89c Ask to see the Umbrellas at 89c each
Mill Sale of Cloakings
You have an opportunity to select from a big line of
Cloakings in Chinchillas, Kerseys, Zibelines, Boucles,
Plaids and Plaid Backs. This is an especially good oppor
tunity to make a big saving on Cloakings.
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $1.98, $2.00, $2.50 yard
Santa Claus Will
Deliver Furniture
,i ,,.v fe-'r-"1 v. j
' If you decide to make a
present of a piece of Fur
niture and make your se
lection from our complete
assortment, we will make
arrangements writh Santa
Claus that the articles will
be delivered in your home
by Christmas eve.
Regardless of the size
and weight, we will guar
antee its delivery, and the
low-priced piece will be de
livered with the same dis
patch as the one of great
er value.
No Matter How Much Money You
Are Going to Spend for Christmas
some should go for music to make your Christ
mas brighter.
We will send to your home any one of the many
Columbia Grafonola
Christmas outfits for a first small payment
Balance to be paid after the holidays.
This Columbia Grapophone "Eclipse," $25
Child's Writing Desk and Chair for $3.13
Small Hugs make a nice gift and we have a
large assortment at from $1.25 up
More of those David Davidson Platinums to
arrive Tuesday morning, in the 25c and 50c sizes.
Stor Open Eieninsr Until Chritma
B.W. Hooker & Co.
B T n M f ; HT 'f HOKE i T - 1 1
roput u n t a c r. tivii e
L I N l 1 tMltLMIRII
runiiTun r t m u diiectoii
Mdifl new neckwear at Vuiijjlmn'..
liuby alt'llia mill robed, Kuillier'a.
Ci(iira in nil size holiday boxen at Mar
rion'a. Snow wliite linen for Cliriatinaa gifts
at Vaulian'a.
Bathrobe ut $2M, :)., $3.0H mul
$4.1M, ut IVrry'a.
(Jet one of tlitiHp erepo dn chiuo petti
coat ut AlilioU'a.
liny your ('lirintrntia boxen of cu inly at
tlie Hurni nig Co.
Kememljer the dance C'lirihtman iiilit,
the 2"i(h, in low hi nl ball.
J'etticoutH make a gixiil gift, Vou
bIiouM nee the big lot at IVrry'a.
No matter if your gilt ia large or
amall, you want quality. Vou get it at
Arthur Andrews of HufTalo, X. Y ar
rived yesterday for a few days' visit with
friends in the citv.
Next to Holt's barber shop American
Shoe Shine l'arlors. Indies' and gents'
shines. Next to Holt's.
Direet from the factory, 10.000 7-20-4
cigars in all sizes. Prices the lowest.
George W, Lander, Tobacconist.
You are safe in buying your smokers
articles at Marriott's. All pipes guar
anteed not to burn out or crack.
George Ahem of I'rovidence, H. I., who
lias been visiting relatives in the city for
the past few days, returned home last
Dance Christmas night, the 25th, in
Rowland hall from 8 p. in. to 1 a. m.
Gents, 75c; ladies, free. Special car after
The best Christmas gift Santa cauld
give Would be a pair of our good shoes
for every member of the family. Tilden
Shoe Co.
Mrs. James 15. Carswell of 20 Avers
street left this morning for Rutland,
where she will visit relatives until after
Mr. and Mrs. A. Colombo of Berlin
street went this morning to Waterbury,
where they will visit relatives until after
Save your piano votes for Mrs. Herman
Pnvis. She will appreciate your help.
They must be turned in before the date
on the vote.
Don't forget the kid's rubber boots for
Christmas. Hell be disappointed if he
loesn't get them. We've a splendid line.
Tilden Shoe Co.
Miss Gertrude Slarton of Worcester,
Mass., is a holiday visitor at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Slay-
ton, of South Main street.
Miss Margaret Dickey of Waterbury
arrived in the city yesterday for a visit
at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Alexander
Anderson of Merchant street.
Miss Blanche Ifaskins, who is employed
in Boston, arrived in the city yesterday
to pass the holidays with her mother,
Mrs. Frank Trow, of Trow hill.
Frederick J- Kateon. principal of the
North liarre school, left the city yester
day for his home in North day. Me., to
remain until the reopening of school.
Terence McGuire of Graniteville Was a
visitor in the city this morning while on
his way to Boston, where n will remain
with friends until after the holidays.
L. C. I.ebarron, who has been employed
on Jefferson street for several months, I
went this morning to Waterbury Center,
where he will visit his parents until after
the holiday!.
Barber shops in the city subscribing to
the international agreement will remain
open Thursduy evening, Dec. 24, until 10
'o'clock and on tin following day all shop
will remain closed.
Frnest Ijetourneau of Summer street
left last night on a trip through lower
HTimla, in the course of which he will
1 stop at his former home in Sherhrooke,
for a Christina visit.
Hemilar meeting of lumpers, boxer
i slid derrick men. No. 00, to 1 held in the
ForeMers' hsll Tu'dsy evening, Dec. 22,
at 7:30; election of ollicers. Correspond
ing Secretary Thomas Holder.
Howard H. I!eid. a student North
western Dental college at Chicago, ar
rived in the city yesterdsy to pa the
Christmas reeen with hi parent. Dr.
and Mrs. W. 1). Held, of South Main
Mie V. Annie I'.Uhee and Merle
Gow contributed readings at the Christ
mas service nt the Congregational church
Sunday evening, their name being unin
tentionally omitted in yesterday' uc
eoiint of the event.
The diningroom connected with the
Burrell hotel are temporarily closed fur
repairs and refurnishing. They will l
ou ned .Ian. 1 and will be operated by
A. H. IUiwII. who will give that end of
the busine-is his personal attention.
P.iecardo Corridiferro, the Italian rwt.
who has ben the gnent of hi rountrv
mn in Bsrre for the pat week, left the
city last evening for hi home in New
Vork. A lsrte niimW of tl iioet'a com-
patriot gathered at the ststion to bid
him farewell.
Mitchell Muiry, the 10 yer-o1d nn of
Mr. and Mm. John Muiry of llaawtt
street, wm stricken mJdenly with p
wndniti at his home late vekterdav
attemtMin. An ambulance mi siinimotird
and the lad aa rushed to the t itv Ihw
pitsl, where he ul.tnittrd imm'iratlv to
an operation. Hrpnrta from the li,wp,ta
to-day indn-ate that the operation -
successful nnd that the patient will re
cover steaddy.
Funeral sen i.f for V. T? g tti. whose
death s-.urred on the V-rbi.i.t atrwt
extension Monday morning ill I h M
at the IVrry nn tnortuarr hafl
.n 1 - wvt square Wednea-tay ft-rnstn at
Z o'ehsk. A murkier f Mr. I;.gtti"
"uiitntnin at a -rera and the a
intum-tt will l- made ., eeme J
tery. 1 lie i..,.-a4 in. a ,. W t.f
Barre liran'ti. t.rant'eriittrs' Inimi. a
, t mnnl associate, and t ad em plot 4 I
ty i f.tent Mot mantt'a. Mr ra l.-r fr a
wra1 year. M-j ilM. ui,, in !
iae(,iaint 1 is wife end (h llrt-n ,n lisl
Last week was a record-breaker. The remaining days should
be the busiest that Barre has ever seen. Stocks are large. People
are buying sensible kinds and that helps us to more business.
Things that we were short on we have wired New York for enough
to keep our stock in good shape. We are to take care of your wants
in a way that will please you. The following are kinds that you
ought not to forget about.
Ladies' Muslin Underwear
Beautifully Designed for Christmas
Ixits buy this kind for gifts. If
it was brought more to the ladies'
attention, more would be sold, as la
dies often give Ices important things,
not thinking of what could be had in
Muslin Underwear for tha price they
want to give.
New lot of Muslin Night Robes
from 50c up; 50c onti are verv
good; 87c ont'8 Br as f0Od as a
lar value earlier in the season.
Nice line of Combination Suits, all
prices; $1,00 huys a nice Suit.
White. Skirts at $1.00 and $1.25
are as good quality as last season's
at nearly double the price. These
can be boxed at the same price.
Corset Covers and Drawers at pop
ular prices of 2aC K'"l 50c-
This Muslin Underwear is all of
the M. Martin brand, the best line
that leaves New Vork City.
Marshall Field & Cos
will save you lots of your Handker
chief money. How? Just for the
reason that you can lind in this line
lots of styles at 15c H Pd a in
other lilies at 2,"ic. It's the largest
line in this country. They mn sev
eral factories themselves. In this
way they get these Handkerchief to
us at a lower price.
Initial Handkerchiefs for ladies
and gents at 15c 'B'h.
Silk Initial Handkerchief made of
Jap Silk at jOc.
Pyraline Ivory
will look good to you who want nice
things that have years of service.
Tut up in seta or sold separately
a you want. No extra charge for
single pieces.
Kid Gloves
Kid Gloves are a feature of our
Christmas business.
One lot of dollar Tan Out Scams,
Kid Gloves as a special at 79c
per pair. At the right as you enter
our store.
Eskay Gloves that were at the
start of the war $1.50 and $2.00, now
at $1.00 and $1.50- This Eskay
is the best Kid Glove that we have
ever sold over our counters.
Ladies' Neckwear
Neckwear that we are showing you
this morning is all fresh and new.
Lots of new- pieces just added to
stock. These at the prices of 23c
and 50c w'" surprise you. Consid
ering materials used arid work, one
cannot see -why they can be so cheap.
Ladies' Collars are so different
from former seasons that every lady
can use all that they will be liable
to receive.
Christmas Umbrellas
Umbrellas with gold or silver han
dles are gifts of a high order. These
come with place for initials.
We have a very neat .Rainproof
Umbrella at $1.00- ladies' and gents'
Umbrellas in all grades for both
gents and ladies.
One of our best is a Colored Um
brella in silk with mission handles,
at $3.50
Christmas Aprons
The best styled Apron that we
have ever sold. 25c, 50c, 75c,
$1.00 to $1.87 "
Christmas Novelties
New ideas in Pocketbooks and
Hand Hags; fitted Books and Hags
are very stylish and not expensive.
We are gelling a Fitted Bag at 50c
A leather Lined Bag at $1.00-
We have a full line of Likly Bags
in Black Leather from $5.00 to
$30.00 -ch.
The finest in the country. Not a
lot of them! just a good assortment,
so that anyone wanting a really nice
Bag can get it at a right price.
Belts for ladies in wide Leather
and Satin; also the wide Velvet Belts
are the stylo just now.
Christmas Linen
For appreciation and full value for
the money spent, there is nothing
that carries a lasting remembrance
equal to a Linen gift.
Tray Cloths at 25c and 50c;
Lunch Cloths, 5Qc UP to $2.75 e1'"!
Small and Large Cloths, edged with
Cluny Lace.
Napkins with selvedge edges at
from $1.39 UP to match Damask
from $1,50 to $7.50-
Damask from 25c I"ir
Si? 50 IM'r vard. Finished Cloths
Christmas Suggestions
A uice Fut Scarf or a Separata
MulT would surely make a very ac
ceptable present fur any lady, and
tiiese we have in nearly all qualities
and at prices to please all.
In the very cheap Furs we ean give
you the Brown and Black Coney at
'"' $1.30
In 'the Sable and Black Opossum
Mulis, we. have as large an assort
ment as usual. These are Furs that
we sell quantities of each season,
and there is no Fur at the price that
will give so good satisfaction. This
is a grade of Furs that stands the
hard banging and wear like iron.
$2.98 '8 a fcI''C'al Opossum
Muff that will please you for service.
At $5.00 19 a Black Opossum that
is what we call a let-down Fur. Is
made the same the selected Marten
are made.
In the Natural and Brown Raccoon,
we can give you a large variety of
the season's best values, at prices .
that are very reasonable.
In the Black or Sable Fox, the
Pony or Lynx, are Muffs that are
very popular, and these we can give
you in good values.
We have a few good value left
in Children's Furs, both in the Junior
and the children's sizes.
Ladies' Kimonos
In Ladies' Kimonos, we have a
good assortment of the Crepes and
Krinkledowns, also a few good Silk
Ladies' Petticoats have been in good
w ith Nankins to match at no more i demand, and we have some extra good
in price than Damask by the yard. values in these that are made up in
i repe, Aiessaune aim .-'iiii .lersey.
These are priced from $2 50 to
W e can give you some good values
in liain Coats, Separate Coat that
are warm and serviceable, at prices
that will appeal to you as garment
that have good service and style.
Silk Hosiery
More Silk Hosiery sold than ever
before. 23c, 50c. $1.00 ! $ 1 .50
A good Hose at 50c- t $1.00 "u
buy our best seller. These are Ixjxed
for Christmas at the same price.
On your Christmas list there should be a certain amount of Hoagrknit Sweaters, Munsing Underwear, Black Cat
J Hosiery, Wool Dress Goods for suits, Wash Goods for waists and children's wear, Wool Socks, Knit Jackets, Little Boots and X
Dresses for the" children, and big Coats for the ladies. All these things go to make merry hearts of those that need them.
I The Daylight Store j
Sx-iial viilues in furs at Abbott's.
Snwhoe and kis for Christmas. Til
den SIiim- t o.
Houe drexxes, all new lot, at tl"',
I. Ml, 1.7-" and .1.'.IS, at Perry's.
Small bi-qiie and Celluloid dolls at
Mi Bowell'ii, corner Mam and Pearl
Cp-fn-dste shoe shining pallors in con
nxtion with Miers' Barber Shop at 157
North Main street.
F.ugcim Pei heevi of P.ion. N. C, ar
rived in the city lat ni(;bt to pans the
l ulidiivs st hi furtner home here.
Mr. Olive W illiam of B.nton arrived
in the city veter,lsy afternoon for im
vten h-d toot with her psrents, Mr. and i
Mis. Henry V . Kru-ht, t.t Mill street.
Pipes, pipes, pipe, at lender'.
Buy your Christinas gifts at the Barre
Drug Co.
See Ablxdt's ribbon siwciala at
i '. in and fancy.
..i .... -i --' t...
I lernv Ol nolioe iiiuevt!iii iu-.i.
Tilden Shoe Co.
Christmas watches jnd jewelry at
Holmes'. Bolster Mock.
Our I-at.-M cigar iu all sixes, and all
other brands, including Key West, at
Ijinder's Cigar More.
Freeman Walker, a atudent at the ag
ricultural school in Lyndon, and )u sin
ter, Mi-s Faith Walker, who is attending
Middlebutv college, are passing t he boli-i
dsy with their psrents, Mr. and Mrs
Prink A. Walker of Fdgewood.
1 1
Pipes at one-half price at Landers'.
Aprons, a tidy and dainty lot at
See list of W. F. P.icharJson real
estatr. page 7.
Conklin self tilling fountain pens at the
l-trrr Drug Co.
liih-v's orchestra Christina night, the
.Vth, HoulanJ hall.
No cheap or inferior pipes at Ma
rion's. All guaranteed.
Mis ). Humphrey, teacher of modem
dance, 1.1 Flmore street.
largest line of iiii.es in Vermont to se
lect from at Msrrion's Ciuar Store.
Yrp kimonos in Christmas boe at
Perry a, I1.4VI, f L7j, .'..'si and .l.i.
See Abbott's N!V kid glove sale.
Provide money for future use by join
ing our thrift club, yuarry Savings
Bank & Trust Co.
loin our thrift club now. Quarry Sa
iiur Bank & Trust Co.
Kriv, a box of Belle's fork-dip candy
will lm given away with every ir pur
1 he or over at the Barre Drug Co.
When the (lag on the Buzzell hotel is
at full mat at 4 o'clock the ice on tha
-k.it nig rink is expected to lie good.
Watch t he flag.
Mrs. Henry I'ctrie of (.lenwood avenue
left yestet lay for her former home in
Fsirtield. where xhe will visit relatives
tor a (ew dav s.
Christmas Special
The choicest lot of
wc ever had have ar
rived; prices from
t ' is .
28c to 35c lb. i
! t man's deaf h.
A Staterrent By V.r. Sufj
! ri-tr. I!er iNi.'v ',. ,g
ym to t l.'n t, vnr tl., ...
,ijr -.-r.,-t . . a,j t it.i
(Ix'ss rr cent. ca.h discount at our ptore)
A low price cn Chickens suitaMe for chicken pies mall
one ard ones that cre torn in dressing.
Uav? your rders for RABBITS AND PIGEONS.
Lrave your crJ rs rarly ftr
Fancy Pa'fal (Ir;
California C'lery
Ifh Cucumber
Freh Radishes J
Fj :r.a h, lyltu'.. Crur.Itrries. Parfr.ir. Malaga Crif. j
f ,i . 1 r t f i
Useful .nnd Practical Gifts
Err rci f ' trf s. C r U r P :; ar-J Sc-fa P.!3'. a. N v
.'ty Art ! rjs? trun K.V-r.. kni c! rhtf J I.ttle trir.ltts
tist I
; i' t i i t f
- I it-i ih! t , ..
r-'i r mt f. r-a
Ta t irr ! !a V-.f. tt-
I - ,? '-! ? !.'. t
n.-.tM ri. t fl . h,a .
! . ? ks
! .1.
: f I i ad I n,d
7 tr. rt'f .. . v
I 1 si, .-. . )f. n! J ' t.r
A". " r-1 i- l jjc
1 Fancy V:.r-.rT :a Nul
frtTn th" ) -t St '!
v . c Ss in f.r h
y n.firHta In
Arr-'Ti:a. Mar.icure tni
t .1 - ) ,5- -t-i :
fa- -
tjc OrfctfT. --. ."-,
ut ! f n T ( " - - . a" J i
h r.rZi iua4 CtV'f. rci h,n st tis
?.! Ir.tcrfVt 1! rnf-Made JeHr lf'e, 15c, lie itrs
Our usual full line of fre$h native Turkeys, Ducks,
Geese, Chickens and Fouls.
Four quarts let Cranberries for 2'k
Ten jxjunds lest Red Star Sweet Potatoes for..
Six pounds Pop Corn that pops for
Good fize sweet juicy Oranges. 16 for 2.V
California Navel Oranjres are coming fine; sweet
and juicy; per doz 2.V to 40c
IkM Florida Grape Fruit 3, 1 and . for 2.V
New Mixed Nuts, 2 pounds for 2.V
The best Malaga Grap s, 2 pounds for 2.K
Bakery Department
Fancy Christ rr.r.s Cakrs. Short Rnad, full line of
pure W'hipl l Cn am G-ds. large Mince, Pumpkin
and Squah I'irs.
Grocery Department
EverytKrx in fancy Frails and Vt rttabV in bulk,
tin and g'.a --. RUe. Layer and P.ulk Rai.-ir-s Teas
and Cc-llt-es that ha' e rial value.
Fish Department
itlr.f r.t f';I the L-l Fih
H.-rr-e-Mj-IeFinnsn HaJ:e.
Ii It
v. i;i
f.r. 1 tl
I'., rtv
en t:e rr.;.r ( t.
p h-f- g!r u; '
V.HI hi '.p i;i ;.r. C'.W
u v ae ( ar.y as. j
; buUr unk-Q.
Jl. MIHAiTII f : I "
Smith & Cumings

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