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VOL. t XVIII NO. 240.
German Attempting to Fly
Over Pans Was Met by a
French Aviator 19 Miles
North of That City and
Mid-Air Battle Resulted
in Defeat for Invader
aoutliern fialieia neur the Carpathian, 1
tlio ItusHians are reported to have cap
tured over 4.0(H) priHoners, inclnditifj- a
major of the general talf and live other
otlicem beHidea tlireu heavy irtma and sev
en machine buiih. In thin region the
KuHBians, it is miid, are moving Htnall de-
tnchmenta through tlie mountain paaaea,
In the reeent Auntrian sortie from I'rze-
nival, the Kuaaiana captured a machine.
gun which they turned againat the Aus
tria ns.
Tlio Novoe Vremva'a correspondent in
the Socluiczcw neighborhood, Kuiuii Po
land, reports ... ulong a 12-mile front
I the Russians have packed four regiments
of heavy artillery, 150 light field guns
and three corps of infantry. The Rus
sians allege that Polish German sym
pathizers are using wind mills in the vi
cinity to signal the Germans concerning
miasm n movements.
Russians Are Said to Have
Met with Success in Ef
forts to Check Austro
German Forces Trying to
Push Northward into' Po
land Austrians Alone
Reported in Official Statement Issued By
Paris, 2:59 p. rn., Dec. 24. A French
official statement this afternoon recites
a scries of French successes of apparent
ly minor importance from the sea on the
north to the frontier of Alsace on the
south. The locations where the French
troops have gained an advantage are giv
en as along the Lys, in the region of
Aisne, in C'hampaigne, near Parthes, in
Argonne, in the forest of Apremont and
near St. Die.
Fog prevented fighting near Arras and
Verdun and there has been artillery ac
tivity southeast of Amiens, near Ville-Sur-Tourbe
and in the forest of Apremont.
Family Were Trapped on
Top Floor of a New
York Tenement
Northfield Falls Burglar Is
Sentenced to Not Less
Than 15 Months
Police and Firemen Made
Daring and Brilliant
Germany Is Urging Candidature of Wil
helm'a Second Son.
London, Dec. 24, 3:fi8 a. m. The !
Although the accounts vary as to the
present status of military affairs in Po
land, it is evident that the scene of the
heaviest fighting has shifted southward
from Sochaciew on the Bzura river, 30
miles from Warsaw, toward which the
Germans for several days directed their
principal efforts. The Austro-Germaa
forces operating from Cracow as a base
are attempting to push northward into
Poland, in this effort, however, meeting
with determined resistance from the Rus
sians. A semi-official statement from Petro
grad says that Russian success in Galicia
continues and that in the Carpathians the
Austrians have been thrown back. An
other sortie by the garrison at Przemysl,
which has long been under attack by the
Russians, is aaid to have resulted disas
trously for the Austrians.
Heavy fighting continues in France and
Belgium, but thus far the renewed activ
ities have accomplished little, neither
side being able to drive the other from
trongly-held positions held so long.
Now that the French government has
returned to Paris a venturesome German
aeronaut attempted to prove that the
capital is not yet without the war zone
by flying over it. He was brought down
by a French aeronaut, however, at a
point 19 miles from the city. Another
aeroplane flew over Dover, England, and
dropped a bomb which exploded in a gar
den, doing no damage.
To-day official Htatcmcnt reveal the
intense nature of the fighting now in
progn-aa in Imth the Fast and Went, but
tate that except in
New York, Dec. 24. Five members of
a family occupying the top floor of a five
story tenementhouse at 316 West 40th
street were trapped by fire early this
morning and four of them were suffocat
ed to death before aid could reach them
and the fifth member died soon after be
ing taken to the hospital.
Scores of other tenants suffered from
inhaling smoke and from minor injuries
received in escaping from the building.
The police and firemen made many bril
liant and daring rescues of the inmates.
Although accompanied by a large deatli
list, the fire did little damage to the
Three Persons at Least Have Lost Their
Lives in Big Flood and Much Live
Stock Has Been Lost It Has
Rained a Week.
Tucson, Ariz., Dec 24. Floods, the
result of a week of virtually unbroken
rainfall, have indicted t-evcrc damage on
nearly the entire area of the state iying
between Pho-nix and the Mexican bor
Three persons, so far as known, have
lost their lives; live stock by hundreds
of head has been drowned; ranchhouses
and city residences have been wrecked
or washed away by torrents roaring
through what usually are dry canyons,
and traffic by rail, highway and wire
either has been badly crippled or com
pletely suspended.
The most serious damage seems to
have been suffered in that part of the
Santa' Cruz valley lying 30 miles south
of here. The (Santa Cruz river attained
a width of more than a mile and a
half yesterday, and the crest of the flood
after sweeping through Amado anil the
farming region round about, reached
Tucson last night, sweeping out bridges
and houses, and threatened to work fur- Adloid Dupont, the young man who
iner aesiruciion. wag arrested near West Berlin last !-un
Dozens of ranch dwellings were de- Jay morning for the alleged burglary of
stroyed in the vicinity of Amado. Two ( the pontoflice and general store of K. L.
Mexicans were drowned there after they ; Cross at Northfield Falls Saturday night,
had hung in the branches of trees for j p-tll j,., guilty to the charge in county
hours awaiting rescue. court late yesterday afternoon and was
A United States soldier was reported ' sentenced to nerve not more than two
to have drowned at Naco. An open ciitywirg and not i,.8S than one year and
a mile long, containing machinery eoht-1 'ti,ree months in the state prison at
nig iMiu.iMW, wnieli served the l ucson i Windsor. Dupont accepted sentence calm-
Mrs. Grace Billoate of It Brook Street
Was in Her Usual Health Except
for Slight Indisposition.
fin going to his rooms at 11 Brook
street early this afternoon, William Bil
loate found his wife dead on the floor
and their six-inorith-old baby lying there
llv.j' j. M. Jones Becomes
.sident of Granite Man-
crying at the uppurcnt desertion on the - , .
part of its mother. Dr. J. W. Jacks.- UfactUrers' AsSOCiatlOIl
Adloid Dupont Has Only Re
cently Come into This
Former Takes Place of Wm.
Barclay, Resigned ; Latter,
C. H. Wishart, Resigned
Farms company project, went under wa
ter vesterdav.
Af..,:., T.,, !.. J me me um i
I" " 8 building, the loss being estimated at only
,-.,.. . ,, . . .. $o.00(). 1 he fire started in the basement
"Germany is energetically pushing the . , , 4, , 4, , .
... r t- vi i f i V t and burned up through tlie elevator
candidature of Prince Fitel Frederick for if.
the throne of Hungary, the independence HllaUS-
of which is expected to be one result
or the war.
Prince Kitel Frederick is the second
son of Emperor Wilhclm
Says Official Statement Issued by Lon
don Admiralty.
London, 3:17 p. m., Dec. 24. An official
statement issued of the Otranto in the
Adriatic is that the battleship is but
slightly damaged and none was injured.
two torpedoes were tired.
Although They May Be Called as Wit
nesses in Death Mystery of Maurice
A. Albertson, Murdered at
Wakefield, Mass.
But Assailant Finally Got Possession of
Bag in Which She Carried Money
Intended for Christmas.
Boston, Dec. 24. -Miss Clara Caulsen
of St. Paul, Minn., a student at Smith
college coming here on a Christmas visit
Iv and had no comment to make. He was
taken to Windsor to begin his sentence
Dupont'a capture followed a lively
chnse in which Northfield, Berlin and
Montpelier ouicers participated. The
presence of someone in the Cross store
was discovered by the postmaster's
daughter as she was returning from
Northfield village late Saturday night.
She aroused her father and the hitter,
dressing hastily, went downstairs in the
store just in time to see the burglar leav
ing through the rear door. His alarm
and the chase followed. .lewelrv. stamps
hv his uncle. Major Hanry L. lliggiiison.
The outcome of his illness is not predict
ed confidently by his close friends, who,
however, are hop.-ful he will 1m- thorough
ly restored.
been no significant change in the align
ment of the opposing forces.
The (Jermari statement tells of the
Compelled to Relinquish All Business
Boston, Dec. 24. Quincy A. Shaw,
president of the Calumet and llecla
Mining company, has been compelled to
relliiqijisii ull business, as well as his noli.e are auid ki Is-anxioim to intcri'ir-v
diversified athletic and social activities c.iagio Sr)ne, who is said to have oecu
because of a physical and nervous break- j pieU the hut tinder which the body was
mi"!,, ni'tuiuii id a amiemeni lo-uay found, during the fall.
Albertson came bore with ?3.000 worth
of jewelry at the suggestion of men
ho had told him that they w is,hed to
i Insist- Christmas gifts. No trace of his
jewelry has la-en found.
Evidence that plans hail been made to
blow up the shanty with dynamite and
remove all truces of the crime were
found on the premises. On a trap door
which led from the lloor of the little
building to the cellar was a stick of the
cvplosite fa-ttcm-d by wires. The trap
itself was mi wired as to fall easily if
any of its supports wi re tampered with.
On tlie door was a candle, which had
burned to within two inches of the base,
and 'the room wrni saturated with oil.
Only the accidental siiutbug out of the
candle, the tmlicc lxlicve, prevent.-d a
Hre mi' explosion. Several other sticks i
of dvnamite were found in the cellar
near the spot where the body was
college, battled unsuccessfully with a
robber in the Fenway last night. It was
only after a plucky struggle by the
young woman that her assailant got pos
session of the bag in which she carried
. I, -,.! .wl., ,.-,r ),.r i,,.i;.in.
Wakefield. Mass., Dec. 24. Search for . ,., u i,r ",,,
the slayer of .Maurice A. Albertson the ound in th). fipht ar,d Mlli,ajn(d minor
Lawrence jewelry salesman, w hose body I f , j s,, . Mnt).r th(l ran. of a
Waring U stab wounds was lonnu nunc. , h-vsioiftn last ni ,ht but her troub.e was
beneath a hut here yesterday continued j to b(, , ,v m.rv(msni.M.
to-uay, ponce irom iawrenee. ixmeu ana
Boston assisting the local officers.
Three men who were detained after the
body was discovered late yesterday aft
ernoon were released to-day without a
court hearing, but it was stated they
might be wanted later as witnesses. The
to her sister, who is attending Simmons land tobacco found on the man's person
J he breaking
was called to the bouse at once, and Int
er the city health officer, Dr. -I. W. Stew
art, was summoned to examine the body
for the probable cause of the deatli. The
latter reported later that there were no
external signs that would indicate the
cause. There were no signs of poison;
nor was he prepared to state that heart
disease was the cause of death.
Tlie body was removed to the under
taking rooms of A. W. Badger & Co., ami
Inter this afternoon an autopsy will be
conducted to determine the cause of the
woman's end.
The house at II lirook street is a
boardinghouse, and others stated tlifs
afternoon that Mrs. Billoate was down
stairs this forenoon with her baby, her
husband being at work. At about 11:30 j Directors of the Barre (irunite Manu
she started upstairs and that w as the j facturers association met at their he;ul
last seen of her alive. In order to get ; quarters in the C. W. Averill block l Kt
to their apartment she had to climb two night and elected Harold 1". Hinmaii to
nights of stairs with the baby in lier serve as paid secretary to succeed Cli.irJi.ii
arms. H. Wishart. whose resignation, received
Mrs. Grace Billoate was 20 years of , by the directorate soon after the annual
age and leaves her husband and the six- meeting on Dec. 9, is to take effect Jan. 1.
month old child. The family had lived 11. J. M. Jones of the firm of Jones
in Barre but a short time, having come Bros, has been elected president of the
from Mt. Airy, North Carolina, five association to succeed William Barclay of
month-old child. The family had lived ' Barclay Bros., who resigned after his
at Mt. Airy were notified of her death election at the last annual meeting. Wil-
this afternoon. The arrangement for . nam A. Murray of the Harrison t.ranite
the funeral have not been made. Co. was elected to the board of director
to succeed Mr. Jones, who has served on
the directorate for some years.
The selection of Mr. Hinman followed
several conferences of the directorate
since Mr. Wishart's request to be re
lieved of his duties was first announced.
In response to an advertisement for ap
plicants, 25 names were filed with the di-
be held at St. Sylvester's church in Cian- cants were asked to come before the di-
itcvillo Saturday morning at 0 o'clock. . rei terate. The choice was made late in
Matthew F. Gavin Quarryman, Died of
Blood Poisoning. j
Funeral services for Matthew Francis
Gavin, whose death at his home in East
Barre result i from blood poisoning, will rectors and last night the several ajipli
Declared Alleged Counterfeiter Arrested
at Marlborough, Conn.
New Haven. Conn., Dee. 24. -Philip
t.ibermnn, Is-tter known as John Davis.
was amsted yesterday in a small house
in an isolated section of the little vil
lage of Marlborough, Hartford county,
by Chief W. I. Hynn of the 1'nite'd
States secret utTum- and five assistants,
charged with counterfeiting.
According to Chief Flvnn, Davin was
Prussia there has ' Kentemed to thirteen and one-half years
in the federal prison at Attyinta, (is., for
counterfeiting in l'Mr. Shortly let'ore
he had lieen arrested in Bevere, Mass.
fight for the possession of a trench of.,ie '' bM'n 0,lt 0,1 parole for nearly
France, which was won bv the French, , two Jara. Chief Flynn says he had his
recaptured bv the Germans and finally I K,'"t follow Davis during bis parole,
abandoned. So fierce the struggle ' 11 "d H"l!y trcd him to M.irll)iough.
that the trench was finally abandoned, 1 vvh'n ""' secret erice men ,nt. red the
lost obliterated by the artillery firej'iouse there yesterday they found dies,
N'o important tmnements were reported ! I,r'''""" ""d other paraphernalia tor insk
ia the German communication. ing elO ledes. An etching ol a jKirtion of
jthe latest 10 note was also tuiirid by
i Chief Fly mi.
! Flynn declare Dais is one of the
, devest counterfeiter in the country. He
'a arr-strd in England in IVHi, with
ral confederates. Oat is gate king'
iileiiee Chief limn aava. snd
freed, jfoinjr t u lumin and later re
turning to tl i ( Hintrv.
Emperor William Goet to Front to De
liver Greeting.
Indon. lfc-e. S4. 3-r.."i a. tn.- ua ' r
William i tri!mg in an armored spe.
rial train among hi trot-pa s,iie1
fcloiig th- IVlgian and Frem h front, de
livering to them the season' (Tret-tin-,
awvord.ns; ti a I tally lipre trontur
"1 he tram." le -oi r.siii, nt say,
"make st.ij . t ail irii.r1nt .ints
and the emlo riiiine the -sii eiiief
t s-h halting plii-e, ,,s.tl-s.s fie
ral iteis1iori an-l leme h Te- -tings to
ii !.! rf-r.
"Of eonre Is t),.t air"t-io-l wbeTe
lt Will spend "Sn isf rims , l.if I,
t -oe.e in 1 1, front aril a O.rist'nas
fTw:re from lorn ill tee ihluer. d to
ff h s..',.r ti.moi.li the general stafT.
t 1iri?ms i!l tv e M.rxt' -I in the
feermsn trerv ees f-.f s s: 1. Tl-ere
wi'I te fl-tt'iil teaM. nut gifts frm
liome rnd tn"T r"tl (tiis'mas t
In n"-t f t in..!. i-r.ei'. 1 i !fT
est n p anl I.n-r- 'sts an I i.-n mi Imrj
the t ' .p t ' ies "
rrewaVBt Ei rea .f Airtn-a Ot,fi
m V l 1 'e
ysilrtt r--.is
tl t t
hm t 1 ii. e ,,.
MtiSl t Im- - .. I
A I 1 - I
e. I ., r-t . .
t f t- . - o
President Wilson Presented Each White
House Employe a 15-pound Bird.
Washington. !'. C. W. I. Pieside-tit
Wilson yesteniiiv prented e-ach of tin
White House- employee's with a l.VpollIld
turkey as a Christinas pre-si nt. He- dis
tributed l-" tin keys, re-nie inls ring the
I'oln-emi tt w.-ll a all the e lc-rks and
Many Manufacturers Will Close Shops
Merely for Remainder of Week.
Business in nearly every quarter will
lie suspended to-morrow and Barre will
give itself over entirely to Christmas day
observance. Most of the manufacturing
plant shot d" w this afternoon, al
though in nearly every instance opera
tions will be resumed Monday morning.
a departure irom a lormer noiniay cus
tom of closing for two week at Christ
mas time, store remain ojien to-night
and then will be closed until Saturday
morning. Drug stores and fruit shop
will observe the usual holiday hours.
Business will continue in nearly a normal
way at the sstot1ii--, a there i always
a vast amount of mail matter to be han
dled on Christmas day. The rural car- j
riers will make their regular trips nm! j
city collections and deliveriea will l
made. j
In its religion aspects, the bet tiadi-
tions of the day will undoubtedly In- pre
served among the chntvlie-s. Sjmi in) m-iv
ice are to Ih- lie-hl in St. Monica's church
to-morrow fon-nen and midnight ma-.
will be- celebrated to-night. The-re are to
fx- services in tie Church of the Good
Shepherd Christmas forenoon nt 10
o'e-loe k. Pp-sbj terian. Cniversalist and
adherent e,f the I'.rook street Italian
mission and the North ItarTe Mcthoi t
mi"ion w ill have Oiristma eten ise-s lor
their young pe-ople to-night. To-nioTon
afternoon and evening there w,11 lie
(liristma even-is, and tre-e fo.- the
Siindav school of St. Monica's church.
The Chrilma season of 1!"H promise
to Is- rpe-rin!!y merry for the mrmlT
of the !eineor.l ,' n I I'-e (;l nugie eluhs.
a earn is in imi i us enmiai reunion mi
this t ime. To night
aggregated $15 in value1
and entering phases of Dupont'a offense
are said to have been the cause of the
state prison sentence. Dupont is 23 years
old, a French Canadian, and came from
Ilolvoke, Mass., to Northfield three
mouths ago.
The Marshtield-Cabot road case, in
which I.aird is the petitioner, was sent
back to the commission to-day by Judge
Miles for further consideration. This re-ojw-ns
the case and it is expected that
the commission will In- ready to report
again by Jan. 11. The case is a pe-tition
for a road from Molly's Falls in Marsh
field to the Cabot line, it being asserted
that the road would be. for the conveni-ene-e
of a considerable numbe-r of people
and would give a better approach to the
railroad station.
A Christmas reunion wa effected in
The pastor, Rev. Joseph Turcot, will be
the officiating clergyman and the inter
ment will be made in the Catholic ceme
tery on Bi-ckley street in this city.
.Mr. Gavin's death occurred late Tues
day evening. One week ago he was work
ing in the Straitou quarry in Webster- ; though he will pass a few
Mile, when he inflicted a slight aerated office under Mr. ishart to
the evening. A number of Barre, Mont-,
pclier and Northfield men, as well as sev
eral from other parts of Vermont and
outside the state applied for the office.
It is expected that the new setrretary
will assume his duties next vaf-ek, al-
dalfs in the
i tit him-
cjiperienced great suffering. Il
steam drill operator by trade.
He is survived by his wife and 12 chil
dren, two daughter and 10 sons. The
eldest of the children, Mrs. Henry Tru
ncal!, lives in Fast Barre. Surviving also
if Mr. Gavin's aged mother, Mrs. John
Gavin of West Butlund, together with
four brothers, Michael of Woodbury, John
Gavin of Philadelphia, Thomas and Pat-
court to-elay when the family of Robert j rick Gavin of Wet Butlsnd. There are
on his thumb. Scarcely any abrasion of ,sef somewhat with the dutie. Mr. Hin
the flesh could not be noted, but within a 'man is a graduate of the hfLth school in
short time blood peiisoning developed and Stratford, N. H., his home own. He re
from that time until his death Mr. Gavin ceived a degree from Dartfiiouth college,
ishire. The Hintnjm Lumber Co.,
nxtensive timber h Idings in Plain-
l.wMw.l.t ir..llur ha ,in,n.
her including Mr. Scales, his wife and
their young child. They left this aft
emoem for ttieir home in Andover afte-r
re-cemciliation had be-e'n brought about
between tin- man sir! woman.
Three Washington County Pardons.
Gov. Fle-tchi-r has granted three- par
dons to persons committed from Wash
ington county, as follows: Goldie Sun
Morse, or Georgia. Bianchi, who was sen
also two sisters, Mrs. John l'.ilev of West
Rutland and Mrs. Anna Perry of Poult
ney. The deceased wa lxirn in I'oultney
March 5, lMW, and was therefore 4
years, !t months and 17 days old at the
time of his death. His wife was former
ly Mis Katherine Walsh and they were
married in Mulmie. N. Y 25 years Hgo.
Mr. Oavin came to the Barre granite belt
iroimd a quarter of a century ago and
fe nced last Ull to not le-s than three ! '"" " oe- il enipioye-ei m mis lorau-
.,. ,..r.. than three and eine - l.a I f 1-,-nra 'IV S i (luarrvmall. Me Mild il Urge Cir
for L.s eoiii. a house of ill fame in llarr.--. . n- oi menu and Ins untimely
Harry Mason, sentenced to not less thaic 'H mourne d by a good many people
four months and not more than six forj'" Barre Town.
laice-nv. from Montpelier court; Juan i
Morales eif Barre. s.-nt. -n e d to not less DEATH OF MURRY CLARK.
than four months and not more than six
Hanover, N. H., in 1910 md since that
time he has been connected with lumber
ing organizations in Venont and New
w ith extei
field and Orange, has bj-en managed by
-ir. innman ana in me jiast lew years lie
has been the moving spirit in some ex
tensive lumber project in this section of
Vermont. He is a young man of un
doubted business ami executive ability
and in making their selection and the di
rectors feel they have obtained the serv
ices of a man eminently qualified to take
up thi work so nuccf ssfully started by
the retiring secretary. Mr. Hinman's
wife and son are now in Barre and the
family will move their household goods
to this city within a sliorjt time.
Sevretary Wishart's plans have not
been announced. He has served as secre
tary of the association since provisions
were made four years ago for having a
paid officer to devote his whole time to
death ithe affairs of the association. Mr. Wish-
art has intimated that he will retain hi
reside nce in Barre.
feir sidling.
Well Known Farmer Passed Away This
C. Murray dirk, a farmer long promi
nent in this hs-ality. elied nt his home
on the I'lsinli.-ld road this motniiig at
4:45 nVleh-k. death following an illness
W.ile in England li and hi eon-I have ts-n calh- l to the attention e,f the
I- de rate are mid to have cuntcrfe-lted family. Mr. ilon is a regular eontrih
mativ Knsin l,ila and the eeiiiivale nt W ash ii,-ton isi iate d chari-
. , . tog.th.-r for a bi -t nd d.nc
n,e prcsM. ii. .un. to comm. -morale ;,,,,, ., ,,,. n v ,J1 W
hi wife'. iiM iu.iruil by emulating her ,()(. (,,,.,1Lan, fr t.ir
tion of 1,,-t je.er III eJlstrihlltlllg Useful ; , ty,.,).r ,-),r,M ,., ;k.!lt.
j.reiw rtis id some m oti- e-tiy a jssir vim
Large Barn of Mr. H. N. Turner at
JoriK-hury Burned.
tohri.lirv. I"-c. 21. - Fir-
it half a null, on dollar eif P.snW .if Knir. tie- ard threiug't that ag.-n v will aslt
LsJ mm4..m L'..r i...... ... . I.. IM 111 S L I Ft 11,-dv CiFIhIm1 111 III f OI 1 A t ,1,-.
to i-oiniwni.ins, i.i. f 4 It nn v. I a is ' ith the apiuosi'i of t'ui.tm the lonri-uory. i "r. ... - 1 ir riy )rwlItllr ,,,,!
e..ie.l a ' ' ' .White House mad l.a grown to huge J V "-t-rdsy tuotrorg te.tilly ,..-re-e . - -
ItaM. with .mn.Ur ftf eompanion. preqsirt s.n t-.tie of the many pre. t - ! lnre barn on the .-state ,,f Mr. U. N. , H0UST0N-HUSE.
lai .i-n n.st.M in tin cmntv in the eiit to the pr.-el. nt from oil part -1 '"i.-. w th a h- of At gr-at ,
imnt of Is'in for , ,r. e. Ul , m. sn.irioii. ot the world. lanv ir.s,nt also bale risk Be hard P-ttv saied two b..re and 0u,et Wefldirf Rileirn:rJ at Home ef
ten dolNr fir,te- at r.-e tisik Ilali be" n-e-eiw-1 bv memlal of the family.
Defendant Wa Also Sentenced For
Forgery in Burlington.
Builington. lKc. 21. Annette Fleurv, whi,h l.-gan more than a year ago. Mr.
w ho yi -t.-rday wa s. nte-nce-J by the Cl etk had l-i n a psf ient su'b rn through
i it y court to term in state prison for all the long months of his i!!ins. lie
fe.rgciv and afte-rwsrd ailrmttej to pro-.leave, his wife and a sister, Mr. H. B.
M- rilli of Mar-hti. ld.
The ilecease-d a Ismi in ) at Mnt--lie-r
5't year ago and had n !. made
hi home in that lill.ige mi l in I'la miiild.
Twenty year ago be was united in mar
riage l Mi (lar.i l lb owned
a bilge farm and hud been inure- er h
piomui'-nt in the town awaits of I'l.iin
li. I 1. Me niemln-r of the I nivi-rsS-1,-t
cl iiK h in East M.mt p.-!. i r.
I unee-! s, r i.-.-s will t. held at t ;ie
te-iise .Saturday tterii"m t 2 o'lh'k.
B-v. J. It. Bear. Inn. ;-t.'r ef the Clii
versahst ehun-h in tf,s ritv. will Is" the
balion. ai made- ti e h t rnUnt in a
case rhiirging alienation of anVction ves
terdav afl- riio.m ami she i now in jail,
a lsi.lv writ bating li s-rnd em l r
ii,.. .... e . i 'Slid she i unable to fuinisli lwil. The
:.. 41 .. tl.- l II
III! ''i:,Mlli:i 111 I ' " is ,'i i I.'rs- 1.
(iirtis. iio riisrg- inat vir. ri ury n
hj-rni-d lu-r of the affie tion of her bii
band. Thorns iirtis. and she k for
damage of $."..tf . t'urti and Mt.
Fb-iiry, who is a ditor-ed woi-in.
ils-th alh-ge-el to Is- i-iii.-riii d III
ci forgi-rv i-as, s last iimitier. Curt'
w i-re
Is -ing ned-r bad following an itif-erma-
jtan fib d again! him in Chit tenden tnf'. cist mg lergy man
t ami fled to F.nL'istiet. w he-re be
II into he (,t-l..- of s,vitland-II-
t'le-k l i ar rest la'mlv to '
1. When (e saw tliie-f;
fhs 1. 1 li'T t,f rtew
'vea f i
dV. it is S;
tit till I fl'ie
None wiil l eij. ned until tlri-tma.
I,.,te. t-e fii
" o-e a
' a
. s. . t e I .
s .. ... I i.
t e.ei I -e. f -
s-rf 1 n it
- - ' I '
e . e I-, ..fv.
' - ! . - . '. --i
"I. ...
KtAtlT yI.:LATFD f S'CI t
f"Cr-r lT' ft
t- f A r.i
tt I ' a t - - -
S'tr 4 Fr;-
Tb Cf-t ef TiiWtttlciia aai ly-fhoti.
i l.tin-i r- :r ! ifi the ! caused t t
' oil ' ; are ( m t'-Te-t -
fg. s ' i-'- - ly fen-r!. 11
H.le.f 1 be- re- .f.-.te 1, t ee more -f'ir-te
are W fj.--.rres t to ts. Criiloaf
Ire-nf t ?isi i mste. fa )., r- f-"rl e-n
le sel-sf t ;t ft t e . e-f t ) eerto,e e less tier
ts- oi r. ei fy a t .: .'sm a'
ter , liar to Mn-l.-t.-t f m,1,..
Is-l!l; e,a t lot .4 a est; en te re-e-e-rtl-
It tl V IiRhmj state- Is-eard ..j 1
I.. sW-ti . t e s.'He.lel- l's. -n- '
.1.. ?S fr-.et tii. frter rn V e.ssi".
a tl.- Lt ' In V .;.' . e.4.1
fH.. He-sf'-s '"-re 1 11 Wet, I. wis a."
,r f-M. a f"-t r?t the flu
f if... ft a tint fre-m tt i !(.; i4f
".s; .IJ'l. te.ll 'g t"l t-s -r-'er- fee
, r- ai-'-tee 'f J-4r -'Ve t.sj s t
t.fc"S. T r-reitf K- e.e ' I " ." '4 .
. I , e f ' - 9- -r- t '-s -. - .
...... ,:. ill". I ' sr) . .,
- 'J.-S- ,
...... 1 1 i " ' - . ;
1. -i -s . .-. -s 1 s
f. . . m 4 -tiw r, f
. , -e- -. Is - . rr . ;-s 'm
. -, '
Lack of Circulation.
Ei en though you may Is" going out
o'ten during tlw day, or hoping- misie,
toil a'e t-e-rliSf Kt getting nil the Is lie--f
lMslde-. tie-a use yniir bhd I tint
1 ire-iilatmg well. This Imk of 1 inula
1 -ii teiy result from rarimi eonditiems:
t a !er1. I t-T or elgetite organ tnT
not lee tint -'no g i-re-rnrlv, or the Lie!
may t-- 11. ;-t -1 and ton ny 1
art e-.e id a n ;o 1 f y 1 :-e,--. In
ai. t . r f e- 1 e.-i f . I if I' a .1 - 1-1
eert .f e.-i I I ' II I f. - t . I'-! r.. rn?
re-,!e.-ss f t e tt h..'- e. .- - I t .
milr bati'ls r rhJM-r-. ;. iH re
-s its in;nwVie tt-i-e t'e,
Tel Te!lete IT ll-i t l-e t- -4
V r is ffifevl .I's t e . !
W ill tle-'i .te-.-JI .''n't f-f S-- t!
I.st. A H'.ver. .-.' t e I fr-it
KH V ee.e t d t ; , r, tl,,,.
fin men lir-oiL-'it out a e-..w wi n I. w t
later shot. A f"'T f leengmg ti t-r
liVttv rn lost in C re- a t"- !l
Ithe other -e,nt.!!t of the bii.l'.'g It
lea tlMmcM t;i be trie wire i-is-l t-e
) 'ire. Mr. Tit: tier i-rnd inuraie- f
Bn3f' Mntt.ef.
liarrr A . Sn.-' C1- v-"n Hal
jurefl H-.a Miir Wulu
, TTt.t. rH .. w. SI.- -.. I V r.
S-.tt. pfsfer of Sf .1.1 1 S. .,t 1, r.!,
! ' -irr S. s'-erf , 1 a-ttm..!) W-e-je. W-!
l-t tng-t "i I s'v.e at. r -e !- Ft
I A e;tlie t H'ii e,;- V s , . 1. t all d st t 1 e
te.rt,e e.f Mr.. Il-'slo- lluse at ! 1 1 1
tns last tin: - j t .'. l.sk. w n t -r
,1 .i,-l f. r. Miss I I M. II o-e-. . I- I
ne ! to I rn.-si tt . 1t.itrn e. this i tt.
Tt e -r t. s te. n '. ! .t V -s I,, rtro 'e
sn,.f, ,.f M'ee tisii. r and An! or ln
i,r. a1-t. a-tel s t-st t n. o 'i
re ! - ie an-l intiiste fr,.-n! f 1 '
, ' 1 trie ss. 1 1 ' s o-e-mini, se 1 h
-r"ll-!l' 1 I' eel. 1.. t yn-i .
r C-e H-d! -e -d el '1
...r.'. e-g - , -e s na.-.'t. 4 t - r
After Annual Election They Held Chnst
maa "Grab" Party.
Barre lodge, No. I3H. N". E. . P. held
it annual business mi'eting and ebvtion
of olVn-era at t dd Fellow ' hall last even
ing, w hen a large part of the membership
made the meeting the occasion of a re-
I union end Chritma party. Ufu-er w h i
I control the affair of the lodge in 101. i
lare as follow: Warden, Mr. Archie W.
jTaft: tice warde-n, W. B. Fradd; chap
lain. Mr, skinner; guide-, JV nnnoti Detis
iinore; s- nliml, Mrs. Dennison lN'nmore;
, tni-ti e for tiire-e year. .Iinlge II. .
s,ott: s--i n tary. liarh- A. S-e-nr: tinan
ieial se-.n-tan. Mis Alice Y. B--ckht.
; treasurer. Archie Y. Taft. Atialy- oi
the yearly re pe-rt re-a-1 by the sei-eia! re
tiring oihi-cr show that the lodge ha eii
' joyed unusual jiro-rity an-l that it
, ((re-sent i-oiidition M 1 1 1-1 1 1 Well for a sue-oe-ssful
ti-ar in 1015.
Nottl and highly ilit.rting a the
'Christina i ti t -t taintoe nt ptntid-il for a
is.s ii.l l-our wlii. h f- llowid the H, .,1,-ss
i meeting. Fach ti-ilir brought ah-ii- A
Ismail gift. wf i. !i was nuniUtid rnd
, li lf-ed in a grli lsi. Tien t-i .ach -ie
Fotmer Bane Wcmn ctfrday ta !, ,,.Ilt , llliml..r . di.tnUite-.I an! the
Town f Plair.held. l-j.-ial.bing" of the pr.-er.t l-gan. Some
-e-! t'ie U'it were i-m-lintitp ol i nn t,
i ri imi nt .
I'Inti are Is -trig made fer a pr'-te-i ,i s
.-( t
se t
a. ... I e-e
e -t tlw --s
I e .. s e ..e , '
. 7 -e ?-e.e . s.
.' 1
f!- e
'-e oel
e.f - er
!. U .e i
V .f i r- 'i
a we. I - '
r--se.. I i.t -l t
t'-e I -
t s . ' I-
.1st. er- . t 1
- s r.-e t .
,.- .e tr . .
re.-f .t.'r f-'l'
t'-e U
f, 1 '..- l-eit
at t '.e l.tre
oree tevd. efi -fi
r r tcss
ft e I f. -. .
ft. 1 . 'I ...
lie t "-- g
,e '.enisl
- r ta ts -r
l.eli . t lee
Ire I I'-e-rtrsrl. a f.-r-ie-r r--1 ! 1. 1 i
f' iaf re. -.! tm at 'er be -me i-ar ,
l';'i,i-!t i r-ig t-ti-r-:y 't-r an lil i
t-e-sa e.f we.i I i list) iea t' jit esji.ri 1 a
-I,...! of iie-arlr on- te-.r. lii- i !ir-
litld I t Irtt l lsl.,1 at,,) s. eexl s,.t. ' 1
VJr I'-ert-.n-I was 1-e.rn in Volt S- t a
a i '-tn'i 4'' tests . . ..ii,;'i s'-e l-a I
t i in tl l-s-l,t t a r-ein.ls r inn
J 1 r,e rst aer , w I I- l.e ! i n t t e-Coesi-
Saturday a-e. r- ....n at 2 e' 1 k
It i t-' -I tl-at let 1:. r. Vin':.
,St. . t 1 ;-.:l,ie.t. V, t 1st ! s e'-.j..-,
n t' I ol'. i'! ii. ti I t'--e re.
I- S I- -i'l I- ,r.t-1 t te J ! !" r.- i t !
(fter re-e rv..-r ft, f I r .-e.li- - lii-flf
I t-mi ,eer,e.-t .
s ,-r 1
-e-f tse
..- S-
tl 1 S .
r f. t-i-t.
1 li -.r- I
--- Sen
'.S. . ft
.. Jl..i ,..$
, IJ sf -'
! e ...j
;ej rt
're r-i V
ft' t
at ! ,
t'T. If
i I,- ,v s
f i. - . i.
Irt M''i fol At! Jfeer Jf 'pej j
I P' -r.
j tt s .r.t' r, tl I .. Js, 4 ...
1 'is? e.. --.el . I "f t-? fes
; i . f ! jlri . ---s' ' T'-e
' -e hlj-i-l I---. 'its -i- -. -t '
. i.,--l. ss f 1 ' I ..-s.- w I S- .- --.tt.'t
'i : t li-k
t I " - . . t
tr T-
si - ! V e . i f'.:.
-. - t"et I he
ii a 1 -4 t 'i,ij-i re '. -e- 4 r
I st.-s tl 1 . r e T.5 I T.I I ,
-. l;.,.el a ' - te Is
t . . at t;- I'-r- ! I I "s
I t ' 1 7 '-e esse -
. I f'- -s e-.-r e ft ee I
. 4.1 e ... , .. . 1
S on w r e -,. K. t s e - i s t -s.
sne ? n -' " - ?' - -:
a . f r'lre-tl I - e I ''-- .. , . . r -I
V- at 1 Vr. , t f-ftt
'- 1 e.. -
roncT vat rr5iSHrn itcucr
"Wj'e.-.'s, 5 !, C" f T-tt'i atsJ
TtS I'tt f" fsOtij f-e ' a l'-f
-e-el- V. a' !-. X.I!. : T t
niit.ng of the loi'ge when the rl(wi
e .,t,- i i-fii.-e r are installed eti tlw . ti n
ii.p of .tan. l'i. A t.'in.ls-r of the grand
1-i-e-r Wl'd lee- J re se nt and irtt-re-st III
t'e ge-t tig. th,r ti d is- irierfa-M. I . t .
that t -e i!iit!it V. E. . 1". ne-t eie
Will le- lie Id in liseee on t same .tili
ig. t.lle-ls f'oen (tell le. dge in til- .it.
tri, t W l l lee- Hint; J t-l the ll-ta ut io;
eis ntrs of cifis
Ki?e Frr-re and Petal K-i Work
HaH Fet I r-.ttt .n.
lis .T.i.gsJ-
e- f
t .
n t ll . t
- - ' s -o-s .
f t. j-e.ee- ,.
1-g li-;ii'er ! tr
ai.- t-;i fftyenert.
-r t e es'lfl 11
. e ,
t-s ll e
le '
ft - W--.
l-e. ,
lu-i-f fe t4 t tfinnt BaHitt-wttt l-r.
1 t If V e e-:ef ft- . 5-1
-,. u-i
s -e.
1 t ,.- I.
... ft l-v-i i;
t.". rr i , r
--f- " f
' ;--!. .; ! 1 ' . f f a. ci
? t it v p - - .. I.t-
- f s
- i

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