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Rub Soreness, Pain, Stiffness Right Out
with a Small Trial Bottle of Old
"St. Jacob's Oil."
Stop "dosing" rheumatism.
It's pain only not one. wine in 30 re
;..l.,r..ul tr-iitirlillt.. Kilt) Booth
ing, penetrating "St. Jacob's Oil right
tm tin- "tender iot," und by tlm tune
you say Jack Robinson out comes the
rheumatic pain ami uistress. v.
Af.K'u 'kit" la a hnrm
K,u a vim w
,.,i wiiii-li never diminpoints and
kL in. It taken pain
mi V as us t
soreness and stiffness from aching
joints, muscles and bones; stops sciatica,
l...., I. l,,i,.L'ui lw. anl ni'iimllill.
1UJI1 UUjJ, UB'"" r-
I i...l... .!.! (!,.t a mi mil trial bottle of
..llll .. -
old-time, honest "St. Jacob's Oil from
any drug store, and in a moment you U
I.. I..,, fmm TiainH. aches and stillness.
' Don't suffer! Hub rheumatism away.
Miss lieatrice Kellogg returned Satur
day to Wheelock, where Bhe is teaching.
Mrs. L.; F. Fortney, Mrs. F. II. Bart
lett and Mrs. Frank ToWnsend were in
Montpelier Tuesday.
Mrs. O. 1. Perry spent Saturday in
Montpelier with relatives.
Warren Wright is at work in the J. O.
Trumbull Co. creamery at Montpelier for
a few days. ' .
II. J. Gale of Hurlington was in town
the first of last week, visiting Mrs. Gale.
A reception was given Mr. and Mrs.
Reuben Hudson Thursday evening in
Jlartlett's hall. Many relatives and
friends were, present to wish. them many
happy new years. A purse of money was
presented the young couple. Refresh
ments were served. .
Dan Hudson of Montpelier spent Sun
day in town with relatives.
Miss Alice Clark spent Saturday and
Sunday atr her -home in Marshfield.
Several from this place attended the
installation of ollicers at Orange grange
Friday evening.
F. C. Huntington and. family were at
East Corinth New Year's day to attend
the wedding of. Mrs. Huntington's broth
er, Kenneth Jlutler, which occurred at tho
home of their mother.
Notice is hereby given of the meeting
in charge of County Agricultural Agent
Lovelitnd Friday evening. All are cor
dially invited to attend. Meeting open
to the public at 8:150 p. in.
Ralph Merchant is better and able to
be about the house some.
Mrs. D. F. Smith wishes to thank all
her friends. Jot. .the . postcard . shower
which she received from them on New
Year' dav. She had over 40.
Mrs. G. L. Robinson and daughter, Hel
en, are away, visiting relatives.
School has begun again, after a two
weeks' vacation.
Bernard Young hurt his hand while
playing with the grindstone and is un
liable to attend school.
Irving Young Is home for a short vaca
tion. ... ...
A Bkln ef Bnauty la m Joy rorvr.
i. T. Fall Oeuraud'st Oriental
Ortsm of Magioal Baautinar.
Remote . Tin, riBpla,
rMaiaa, Hull I'alrkr
Bmtk. aa hi la P ,
aaa ...1-7 eoiifta
a bMutjr. aad ,19.
(.ledum. II
iiMMoua IN Uat
t 4 (MS, lA
tt aa aaran..
Uult W.. auratt
ft arrfT!f Biari.
aoeapl Boenaole.
ffll Of UM..M
in). Pf. L a.
V)- MI4 U
lU: af ! ut
is aauaai I
iara4' rraaaa'
i UmI kanrinii all im
rr amta lf all in.rn ' "'f
rol Iraiert la IM L BK Btaia, (jauoa mum nnp
f mD.T.hirni i SOX. hm V liinu sunt.
Free Trousers !
With Every Heavyweight
Suit of Kahn Tailored
A T V,Y-
it,in a 1 rt. ! t ne. we s-e
irir: s a aale if.dn--efn.ft an e. t -a
f-asr trcnr, arjtfcest rrr. Tar
tne tt-e f"-!' f B e.ntle ut. Sn4 'il
a.!ver tm t f r t-f t -..
Ti.ere re. fo . f tt v.r
ra'ver, t tt, vrktnsi.k: as!
1!, f?er t n.' i( '" ' v t tnie-
ym ffn ! .e rt l e4 "' f
riT Mlt "( Wf - at Ciftr.
, yrmr a i. f ;t f. It f-' p" t
m ert sf'-i t ..
1t . Stt, t-. 1're.e ,a f"f
a r ue r te ft-t t ti I 'at,
H. A. Lundy
Local Young Woman Bride of Watcrboro,
Me., Man.
Harold R. Davis of Waterboro, Me.,
and Miss Grace A. Hollister of this place
were married at Montpelier Wednesday
noon, Dec. 30, by Rev. Stanley F. Blom
lield, leaving at once for Mr. Davis'
home, where they are to reside. .The
bride is the youngest daughter of Mr.
I, II (' Hntlixter. She is a L'llld-
uate of the Randolph Normal school and
has 'been tt successful teacher for sev
eral years. She carries with her the best
wishes of a large circle of friends.
The masquerade promenade given New
Year's eve by the Marshfield Cornet band
was attended by an unusually large com
pany, the majority of whom were in cos
tume. The prizes were awarded as fol-InwM-
Rest lnokiuor irentleman, Frank
Cross of Montpelier j best looking lady,
Mrs. Hiram Darling or t.ant nnruwicK;
unvat Innkinrr (rentlcman. C. Ki Scribner
and worst looking lady, Carroll Good-
Tho annual lillililieRH mpfittni? for the
election of officers will be held at the
church next . Thursday evening at 7
o'clock. A very cordial invitation is ex
tonrlurt in evervone interested in the
church to be present and hear the re
ports of the various officers and assist in
planning the worn ior tne coming year.
Miss Grace A. WOoster left Friday to
resume her work in Waterburv, Conn.,
after, spending a week at home.
The tamily ot V. it. nuuson are in
quarantine for diphtheria, Mrs. Hudson
being 111 with a mim case oi me uiseusc.
Kinirutnn Chimin returned Monday to
his school in Randolph, after a vacation
of nearly three weeks.
Mrs A T. Davis was in Barre Thurs
day to attend the funeral of Mrs. I'rior.
Miss Florence Wooster resumed her
work in. the Rarre schools Monday, hav
ing spent the Christmas vacation with
her mother. .
The Sunday school attendance for the
last qunrter'has been unusually good,
there hcinir 24 names to no on the honor
list. Those present every Sunday were
. . . t , r, i,- ,
iiorotny Hudson, jeiana niayion, r.veiyu
SJaytoii, Marion Slayton. Grace Ormsbee,
KflivarH ' Uliss. Mark Mears. Dorottn
Oimsbee, Leola Taft. Karle Smith, Wil
lis Henderson and Mrs. A. U. 1'reston.
Those absent one Sunday were Albert
Rosebrook. Mrs. Flora Bliss, Mrs. C. H.
Cliapin and Mrs. G. L. Dwinell. Those
absent two .Sundays were Aliss kudv in
vis,. Miss Hazel Billings. Marcia Preston,
Zenith Bemis, Laura Bliss. Wayne
Emery, Flora Sulham and Clifton Ward.
Mrs. Chapin's class was the banner class,
having held the banner six Sundays for
having the largest percentage of attend
ance. Alias M.ihcl Henderson returned to
Johnson, Monday to resume ber studies
at the normal school.
Mrs. Clem Spencer and children of
Marshfield were here recently visiting
her mother and sister, Mrs. King and
Mrs. Campbell.
Mrs. Minnie Horr was in .Norm .Mont
pelier to see her sister, Mrs. Tibbetts,
who is ill. Mie reports ner sngiitiy
Vuite a numlier from here were in
North Calais Thursday to attend the
masquerade dance.
If. N. Leavitt of Augusta. Me., was in
town last we'k, calling on friends.
.Tessie Wood and brother, George, uncut
Sunday at the home of their uncle, lSur
Witha'm, in Worcester.
School reopened Monday after a
week's vacation for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ijowery are mm
iugti Worcester, We wish them suc
cess in their new home.
Rodney Campliell and son. Roseoe,
were in F.ast Montpelier Sunday, guests
of Mrs. Kate Ishley and son, Charles.
" Dan McAuley is moving his family to
Among the New Year's visitors in
town were Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Clark,
daughter and son at Walter Smith's. Mr.
slid Mrs. flare liarney of Cabot at F. K.
Horr's, Mrs. Flora Whiteomb and son.
Wallace, of Marshfield, at Addie I'srk
erV ...
1 Liter Hood of Canada is visiting st
Charles Hood's for a while.
Christie Parker was a visitor at the
home of her cousin, Mrs. Allan Scott.
Sun da v.
Miss r.sthcr Skinner spent Saturday
in Montjwlier.
Miss Ali" Smith spent Fridsy and
Saturday in Warren and Montjielier.
Raymond Baird arrived in town Sat
urday from White River Junction.
Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan G. Hover are
visit ing relative in town.
All n-hools in lows opened Monday
for the winter term.
M' Margsrrt Miller returned Friday
to her borne in Boaton.
Miss Mary Guptil. who has been tbr
guet of lier sister, Mrs. G. II. Jonea. the
pa it week, has returned to ber home in
Herbert' l.l-on f Montpelier was In
tn the pat ek.
Miss Fbi-riiee Rowen, a trained nurw
frwn Bethel, is caring ffw Ir. IT. T. J.
Mr. snd Mis. P. C. IWtuplaaa ay r-
turned fmm ndirie the blidajs in
M sterlurv and Hyde Park.
Mr. and Mr. Roy Hojcr and mn, Dar
en, f Pirfrhtnton. , V, are piet wf
r-tat i e in tn n.
Mm. W lulmy ff SriijrfWll apent Sun
lr, itli lir dancM'-r. ibm Tllasxhr
Vl.itnT. Me of the t'h"pHn tf-Tinr.
Vim Tlrn.l PsW is eortiiied t h-r
b-d b' - kneM.
Vim luie .brii has returned to
hr (.-.! in Mmitp-lr.
Mi I.Uir baa rtrtw! t fw,i-
lt. here tf ia tt-t,.!irijj lif
a. ).).
'al I'iie "is in Mntp!ier fiindar.
l.-C'i'nr rntir, f Tj-rt r ir rm-t t
'emrt, n .V.4. t' il F. M(BHr een :
tip. Jan Irctal stMn f f-.ra f.4
ii rupslen reete t attetil
I'er ff4r reerfl-d.ne e.-et-r.
eree.f.- J ne T'- f e-lf.le. eeft
"Ief( i"trtn nnfxial .H an rief
.'),' a ,tst-' ht. n-i-'lr t-
nt .'n, t t -Vt-.
No Sick Headache, Bilious Stomach,
Coated Tongue or Constipated
Bowels by Morning.
Get a 10-eent box now.
Turn the rascals out the headache,
biliousness, indigestion, tho aick, sour
stomach and bud colds turn them out
to-night and keep them out with Cas
carets. Millions of men and women take a
Cascaret now and then and. never know
the misery caused by a lazy liver,
clogged bowels, or an upset stomach.
Don't put in another day of distress.
Let Cascaret cleanse your stomach; re
move the sour, fermenting food; take
the excess bile from your liver and carry
out all the constipated waste matter and
poison in the bowels. Then you will feel
great. ' '
A Cascaret to-niglit straigiaens you
out by morning. They work while you
sleep. A 10-eent box from any drug
store means a clear head, sweet stomanh
and clean, healthy liver and bowel ac
tion for months. Children love Casta
rets because they never gripe or sicken,
Advt. -
Voters of Fire District Prepare to Get
More Protection.
The following officers of the fire dis
trict were elected at the annual meeting
held vesterdav in the town hall: Clerk,
Glen F. McAllister; treasurer, Walter B.
Simons; chief engineer, Frank A. Downs;
assistant, Krskino P. Rowell; collector,
Guy E. Martin; prudential committee,
Charles M. Seaver, George Marr, Jason
E. Martin. It was voted to lay a tax
of 10 cents to buy additional apparatus
and to hold another meeting in two
weeks to look further into the matter
of a water system. It is expected that
men experienced in fire protection will bo
present at the next ' meeting and give
their views as to the most feasible sort
of protction to be adopted by the fire
Mrs. Henry M. CrftTin has lately heard
from her old friend and schoolmate, Cyn
thia Templeton. now Mrs. W. J. Pollard
Of Brandon. Mrs. Pollard is the daugh
ter of Colonel Robinson Templeton, a
veteran of the Civil war, who lived In
town for many years and was prominent
in town affairs. Mrs. Pollard's son, Rich
ard, has lately had a severe attack of in
fantile paralysis, but has apparently re
covered. Frank B. Boyce is carrying his left arm
in a sling just now, owing to an unfor
tunate tendency it has to get out of
joint. It has now Is-en dislocated no
less than 10 times, requiring two men to
put it in place.
The food and candy sale that was to
be given Jan. 8 at grange hall by the
ladies' aid of the M. E. church, has been
postponed three days and will lie given
on the evening of Jan. 11. The enter
tainment will lie the i,oted breach of
promise case involving some of our prom
inent (teople.
Mr. snd Mrs. Vernon IT. F.dson have
moved to Woodsville, N. H., where they
have made arrangements to open an of
fice and begin the practice of osteopathy.
Both fini'died the regular course of study
at Kirksville, Mo., several years ago, but
circumstances have prevented their tak
ing up the practice of their profession
Walter M. Williams continues to im
prove and is now about the bouse a psrt
of the time.
Kimball ( bynowetli hss lately hougba
three Jerseys' to add to bis herd.
Mrs. Ktta Fuller, who has been help
ing out at Henry M. Griffin's for a few
v.eek, has gone to liarre, where she will
Ik- employed at the Buuell hotel.
Band boys remembr the annual bus
iness meeting and election of officers
next Monday evening. Jan. 11.
Rule 1. The following diseases are
l.erebv declared to tie communicable or
danirermi trt the nulilic health within
the meaning of the statute, snd shall be
reported by bead of families and physi
cians to the health officer, vir.:
Typhoid 'enteric fever.
Typhus (ship! fever.
Smallpox (variola, varioloid!,
tliicken pox (vsriodlat.
Mealea (ruU-ola. morhillii.
Nurlet fever (acarUtins, caiikcr-rashi.
Whooping oniitfh (pertu"ia).
Diphtheria (croup, membranous rrnupl.
Cholera (A'istM'- rholrra. epidemic
cholera 1.
Yellow fever.
Biilsmic plarue.
Mumpa (epidemic parntitial.
. (..rnian measles (rothetni.
t. Under.
IlvdrophoSia Irt'bieai.
Epidemic reretirospinal meninffitia
(ratted ferer.
Pneumonia (h.har or rionpmia pnen
tnonia I.
Ptierrwrsl fever (puerperal septi
caemia!. I i.idernir A aeritery.
f $ 'pmsy.
Teia (lock -jaw).
"K t'l'n b fa 1 erm.r!y with a
ri.le or rerxlatmn "f Mil Ivmnl, nler
b-wr.I, aMerj
.r tie aeire-
neing rninwi in -er'nnt i- -- -
larr cf state r I"1 har I f Watth.
!H r Mn W! mw ims nr mirin-n
c!llra nor lc ihmn tea c1..!lar. it k
et .f j.ecey-iit inn."
' "
nw tfE
Mr. anl M. 11 Pin I'. b nere in
U,,..-kl laM rl t attenl the eere
ti,..in .f II takitiar ft tl.e nite reil tiy
St.fV Varr H-"n l tHe lanrr AtWn
t l- tal. 4 r ' t" reHin nss m
f .trn .ter l immm flT 1 ! errren .
I 1ri f-wi r i !. ! '-l f"""
,r !,, nan'1.
IV-rt r''isr)' Si5 t " he nrrn-nS.
.. )e n( ef ne 1 t Ke t") fnr a fen
rjuri rHeu real m. i
A. 3. rHin-e-4 V g. V', '
Wt '-k at-r a '-'!n r"" tk I" '
f-et. i
THe r.!t,.-r f'r t! - tt '! at
(W Inel fnet ei iif ? I'. - han-
e.. t .f ( i.i.i v )!,!! $rftr-- "tl
W-. ' . A li-r rw W 4
e e ffttut f-tn t sl,!'?-rt"n,
7.1 am af-i V. A'fr
,t.ttn hNWl TT"T
Mr7 and Mrs. A. M. Hubbard returned
on Saturdiiy night from a th.-eo weeks'
visit in Hyde Park, Mass., where they
were tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Cyril Angel I and Paul Johnson ro
turned Monday to Hanover to resume
study at Dartmouth college,
Mrs. L, J. Blnkely returned Monday
from a two weeks'" visit in Tunbridgc
with her sister. ,
Miss Ethel Greene came home from
New York Monday night, after passing
her entire school vacation with relative
and friends in the city.
Miss May K. Howe and her grand
mother, Mrs. Rami, have returned from
Leominister. Mass., and Urattleboro,
where they have been for the last ten
days, and Miss Howe has resumed her
teaching in the graded school here.
Miss Eleanor J. Clark hin returned
from Hanover and is again at her posi
tion as teacher of the training depart
ment in the school,
Dr. Charles Cushman. after passing
ten divvs with his mother, Mrs. C. E.
Cushman, and his sisUr, Mrs. F. A.
Kuton, has returned to Chicago, to re
sume his practice of ossteopathy.
Mi-, and Mrs. lwis Dunham and two
'daughters arrived on Monday morning
from Port Arthur, Ontario, where they
have been located for the last five years.
Mi. Dunham has been engaged in rail
roading and cuines here to visit his par
ents at liraintree during the dull time
of business. Mm. Dunham has n sister,
Mrs. Pearl Campbell, with whom they
will pass some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DuBois of New
York have been in town for a few days
with Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Sanford, the
former lieiiig critically ill. They returned
Monday night, but Mrs. DuBois expects
to make arrangements to return here
;iiun to remain for an indefinite time
with her parents.. Mrs Jehiel Williams
is assisting in the care of Mr. Sanford';
and R. E. Parker is also there.
Miss Mildred llutchiris returned Mon
day to Simmons college In Boston, where
she ha been studying for two years.
News has been received from Mrs. IT.
L. Patch, who went to Newbury last
week to see her mother who was thought
to be critically ill, that her mother is im
proving, and that Mrs. Patch will be
able to leave her to come home this
Rev. E. II. LaPierro preached his last
sermon at the Eympus church Jan. 3 and
goes to-day to liis homo in Brownington
for a rest.
The funeral of Horace A. Dunham waa
well attended yesterday at his late home.
The bearers were E. L. taring. B. f.
Dcaring, B. G. Bundy and H. W. Preston.
Burial was at Fairview cemetery.
Charles Kemp has gone to England to
join the Royal Fusiliers.
Whipple F. Smith, .Miss nerina r,.
Eamson and Mrs. Mary C. Lamson of
Boston spent the holidays here.
Mrs. J. F. Rertani has gone to Boston
on account of ber health.
Kenneth Hodgkins of Gaysville, who
has been appointed telephone messenger
at the State House, is a student at Whit
comb high school. He is a grandson of
John A. Child, senator-elect. .
The annual business meeting of the
Cniversalist ladies' social union will l
held to-morrow afternoon from 2 to 5
o'clock at Mrs. W. G. Shaw's, when a
full attendance is desired.
Itaaiel, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Sam E. Abbott, was bapti.cd last Sun
day at the Episcopal church. Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace Bateheldcr were sponsors.
"Good Roads Built By Modern Methods,"
Subject of Lecture.
As the fnt of a series of lectures lie
fore the engineers of Norwich university,
Harold Psrker will present "Good Roads
Built By Modern Methods," Friday, Jan.
Mr. Parker is vice president of the
Hassam Psving Co., branches of which
are to 1 found in every big city in the
country, and be will wak from his ex
perience with that organization, as well
as from that gained while chairman of
the liighwav ctmimission of Massachu
setts, of which he was member for 15
All who are interealed are Invited to
attend this, and the other h-ctures of the
The Md Ladies of Victor lodge, No. fjamin; rhsplain, Sabin Pike: secretary.
41. I. O. O. L M. l are reciieted toiSada I- Prows; tresuier, Mrs. I- C.
meet in MiW lis II Thursday night. Jan. '( l.tf,l ; steward. Arthur Brown; aa
- T l- lVr nr.ler 'nubie rran.t. aidant steward. Lcdie llrnan, lady as-
C. I!. Smith. 'aiatsnt deward. Annie Selina: t eres.
T he niemVrs and friend of the Pre- I MsNI Brown: Pomona. Mr. Turner;
bv trrian rhiirrh st t.rsmteviUe gathered ' Hors. Ml. M. Desn Bancroft; Rate-
in the rl iirch hall cm New Year txglt kee per, tore inlo. The exec llent
jtn ahow t'eir appreciation to Mr. W. J. (work dme by Rrother Hint, hi opening
,1 drd of ! er service a oryanid for ' s.ldre and hi frank snd pleasing man-
the pat year. After a few remarks br I ner held the chmed attention of every
jthe psdn'r. .e preented an envei-'rme jre tit. winning for BrMher Flint
pe cf.nta;inr 4'l. Hef rehfw nta were
erved by the hvt.c and a tins was
enioved by sit.
jjt indall.t.on d llipplinr Mrenm 1
rhel( ll;-e. Nci. Gill lcipe. n.
(eki il;-e. . su, I, ill Icxlpe. n
ft Bj rpter. n, iH, mil tie
aM ti,, e. ..! r ewn.nc.
j .',,rr AH rm ntiera l'.me arej TW f imera! ef Mr I". U I Srpenlet a
.rteatl re, u.-l'-l tn tie irwat at.lu4.1at the M. K. luir, ri Sat iit'iay. 1 is
i T ; -" p m tt inklal'ialmn. I'er ortl.-f i rfnl-r -lateH. it4 ly I.e. s.
'siiki rmA. :. h.b m-i Mr-i-'- Mr !r
Tliomna 3 Im'm. 4"4 rwrth.
Wt U M A 1 !' a ,h.,r,t, m a,;.n .'! !
t:.rt mn4 ,n .4-'. l.n M I
e.e-,e. I. A- . he m e-
r.,. ef t t i n h An n'f"ie4 pnm .11
re..re anmrt '" in D 1t!. enef.t f
t)w estate He e a mar fe V.
I k.,! 't f. a t ie t ., 1. Tiii r ii v t ,
fniir . !. 71-Mi " t fe.. j
in lt l-" "i " ,
,ir r r-ti-''e't n-' ii "a-, ? j
M erie . See t. . . t-r 1m? j
t volar. -"-4 f " " "-t a'er I
1 1 h.n .
J. Neal McAllister returned last week
from a several days' visit to the home
of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Charles H.
McAllister, and has resumed his. duties
as clerk in O. 1). Trney'a store.
Mr. and Mrs. Hanry Hoilgdon of
llarro were recent guests at the home of
Mrs. Hoilgdou's purents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. Whitney.
Mis Blanche Townsciid and Miss Rcna
Humes left lust week Tuesday for New
York City .after spending the Christinas
vacation with their respective parents.
B. II. Adam went last week to South
Koyalton to remain for a time with Wil
liam Rohbins, who is dangerously ill at
thevhotiil, where he has made his homo
for the past year.
Mr. and Mrs. ( . E. Jackson, who have
been spending' several weeks in town,
have closed their house for the winter
and left last week for Boston.
A family by tho name of Partridge
from Jioyalton Center has moved into
the tenement house near' the bobbin
shop, and one of the sons has been en
gaged by the Chelsea Bobbin & Wood
Working Co. as night fireman.
Ralph H. Stanton, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred IE Stanton, went last week to Bur
lington to take a course, in butter mak
ing and general creamery work at tho
wi..t i u.,.. i
.ovc .v.. ......... ......
Mr. Hiid Mrs. Eugene II. Kennedy re-
turned last Friday evening from Bridge-
port, Conn., where they hud been spend-
ing the holiday vacation at the home of
the former's brothers, Robert R. Ken-
nedy. -
Harry F. Bryant and Miss Marion G.
Camp were married at the Methodist
parsonage by Key. A. I! E.ight Tues-
un v , . "in, .ill,, i.",? u:niujva
their home on Jail street Friday evening
from a brief wedding trip.
At the regular monthly community -
tion of George Washingto
jton lodge last
Thursday evening the work of the M
M. degree was exemplified, and after the
work of the evening the stewards served
light refreshments in the hall.
Prof, and Mrs. C. 1). Grupe returned
Friday evening from a two weeks' visit
at their former home in Willsboro, X.
D A. Dcwev has moved from St.
Reg.s h. .. into the Bailey block and
intends to succeed Mr. Scales as the
village blacksmith.
Austin Foster, who has been suffering
from a severe cold, is so far recovered as
to bo out again.
Mrs. Hiram Sparrow, who has been an
invalid a long time, is able to take a
sleighride on a pleasant day.
Earl Willard is spending the holidays
with his brother, Richard, at Bingham
ton, X. Y.
lwi Sibley spent fliristmas at his
brother's, Carl, in Bethlehem. X. Y.
Edna Arbuckle, who is teaching in
Marshfield, pass;-d her vacation with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Arbuckle, of
this village.
Mrs. Inez Sibley was u.e guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Clark Sibley on Christmas
The many friends of Miss Elva
Townsend are congratulating her on
her excellent rank for the fall term at
Goddard seminary. To lie third in a
large class whose lowest ranking is 04
per cent, is place well worth striving
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelton were mem
bers of a party that watched the old
year out and tiie new year in at E. C.
iiillis.' North Montpelier.
Mr. and Mrs. John Willard were iu
Montpelier Monday.
Mrs. Arthur fownsend and the Mis
Hollister of Hollister hill spent New
Yesr's day with Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Tow n send.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelton were
rued at "The Birches" New Year's
lee cutting promise to lie the (jvneral
industry at the village this week. TJie
ice is of exi-ellent quality and many
inted to put in a bountiful harvest.
Edna Arbuckle was in Monts lier Sat
urday. Rev. A. S. Phillips returned to Cabot
George C. Flint of Randolph Installed
Officers of Mirror Lake Cringe.
Befotea well filled hall of friends, pat
rons and visiting patron. Deputy George
C. Flint of Randolph on Saturday even-
ii.g installed the following ottii'ers ot
Mirror Ike grange for the comin year:
Mast. r. Wilbur F. Brow n; overscs r, Mer
rill J. Corliss; lecturer, ( linton E. lcn-
, nun h praise an.l many ocmcrtiiiiisii"n
and a warm Isce in the heart of ever,
(Mirror lke rranper. Itrother Hint was
a-.:.te.( br Mih I.dna tltstfieht ami Mrs.
irrn hiirihall a piamd. At the eh
of the meeting an eseelh nt oyter up-
pr ws served.
'S.rer tA V illinoin iT. I jfm
'ef Vori,i att-ii'i'! ttw funeral. Vr.
1.e.i ja t-n mtli Mr, (a-fts-r
'", "" ,"T"- , , , , ,
A 1.r m h.. it A t.is frm
1'sr-p.v.irf. 1.. I M'. ."4 Mr.
' t-ree. n .e ia.r r
Stt f'-'ifr. 1 rl 1 '' Teft I"
Mr. ant Vr H.T- 1-t,k! nf M.t
' 'i'-ae l1 1 ttle n. nere nr
,.m tt k
I 14 t it il r ! rt nrr' -l 1V4-
n ie-e e r' t m
V? '4 M t-ii'r t! r-ie-t
'frf .- .ijr te. M'. I. . Ln.4. Irt
! ej-V..
EAST ttr.
j. pr- r t e-k (il St
If m "sr. . . I jA
Messenger Carry Them, as Stores Do
Not Use Delivery Wagons.
Light delivery In Portugal la done al
most entirely by men and women. De- J
.... ,., ,,. .v. i.uhI in
American cities, nre unknown tiere.
Some of the large department stores
are now using; motor trucks, but none
( bas Introduced a special parcel carrier,
j Lisbon and Oporto, the only large
' cltle9 jn t),e republic, are built on bill.
.,, mnut .trp,t)4 re verv bteeo.
atta,nng . grade oM7 (.etlt. They
nre paved with utone and generally ore
in good condition. The ronds Iramedl-
' ately aDout tnese cuies are r.iir nn.i
toe grades are easy, v-omuy uij;iiwj
are a mixture of very good and very j
Dad. TDey are not aepi up us ui'-y
should be and for short distances ura
apt to be extremely rough.
Nearly all articles such as are de
livered In the United States from a
light wagon or motor vehicle are sold
here by men and women, wbo go
through the streets crying their wares.
Fish, fowls, regetables. bread, oil,
fmlr rut' are nil carried on the bead
1 u -s t. n..in. rtolinara
' from Bma hop9 ls nl.)r3e by
boys or by the "galego," who Is found
at every street corner. These men also
transport pianos furniture and other
articles of h similar character. Con
sular Report.
Somo That Were Made Famous
Their Pith and Brevity.
Of famous military messages there
are scores, beginning with tbe never
to be forgotten "Venl. vldt. rtci" of
Caesar and that equally famous dis
patch of Commodore Perry. "We have
met the enemy and they are ours," nut
both were heaten for brevity by Gen
eral Sir Robert Boyd, who while gor
ernor of Gibraltar, being In need of
beef for his troops, wrote to the agent
1n England this laconic dispatch!
"Browne, beef. Boyd." Browne sent
the stores with the reply, "Boyd. bed.
And this In turn recalls the story of
Teter de Dreut. the celebrated flhtln&
bishop of Reauvals. wbo. being taken
In arms by Richard Coeur de Lion, waa
Imprisoned and fettered. Pope Celes
tlne 111. remonstrated In behalf of tb
prelste. and In reply tbe king sent the
bishop's be(met and armor to Rome
with this neat dispatch taken from
Genesis xxxvti, 3'-': "Know now wheth
er It be thy son's coat or no." Tbe
pope declined further Intercession ana
eniied rhnt the coat the kins had sent
did not belong to a son of the church.
Kvery man should have
his home. It will he one
his kit. Prices $2.23 and
Come in and let us show
N. D. Phelps Co.,
Telephone 29 Barre, Vermont
Unexcelled Funeral Furnishings
Special Orders for Furniture
lvr iCT4Kss -p I ! iv in
fit. a ana
Fr :H Mr. fan.
- I
on Men"? Overcoats, Suits rant? and Sweat
er? 21 IV r Ccnl I)icounU Letter call an 1
et a r-cw Hc-out.
Father John's Medicine J
Free from Injurious Drugs
50 Years in Use
The danger in using patent medicines is
; from the stimulants and dangerous drugs
which many of them depend on for their
temporary effect. Because it is f rue, from
alcohol, narcotics and dangerous drugs,
Father John's Medicine has had f0 years
of success as a tonic and body builder, for
healing throat and lungs and in tho treat
ment of coughs and colds. Father John's
Medicine is a doctor's prescription pure,
and wholesome. Guaranteed. ;
but of the camp, and tbo prisoner
therefore, was at Richard'a mercy.
Detroit Free Press.
Every Woman a Nurse.
Every woman, or at least almost
every woman, has. at one time or an
other of her life, charge of the personal
health of somebody, whether child or
Invalid in other words, every woman
Is a nurse. Ryery day sanitary knowl
edge or the knowledge of nursing, or.
In other words, of ho-w to put the con
stitution in sneb a state as that It will
bave no dle ise or that it can recover:
from dlspne. takes. a higher place. It
fs recognized (is the knowledge which
very one nii:ht to bave distinct fropa
; m.(ion knowledge, which only a pro-
fessin Csn have.
If. then, erery woman must at ions
tiim- or other In her life become
Dursctmmei.v. have charge of some-j
body's beitltli-how immense and bow
valuable would be the product of hef
united experience If every woman
would think how to nurse. Florence
Values In Exhaust Steam.
A common error among plant owners
Is to ascribe undue economy to tbe heat
that may be carried In water resulting
from the condensation of steam. They
conversely greatly underestimate the
beat carried In exhaust steam. As a
matter of fact tbe heat In a pound ot
water at 212 degrees Is only 180 Brit
ish thermal units reckoned above the
freezing point, whereas tn a pound of
steam nt the same temperature the
heat units number 1,1501 Hence If this
steam ls condensed In a radiator tt
gives out 1)70 heat units, and the drip,
will contain 180 heat uuits.-Englueer-Ing
Ths Riming Speller.
A correspondent mentions tbe diffi
culty experienced by budding authors
In spelling words in which diptbthouga
"ei" and "ie" appear. An easy manuer
to recall the order of precedence of the
vowels is contained in an ancient
"I" before "a"
Kxccpt after "c"
Or when sounded like "a"
In "neighbor" snd "weigh."
New York Sun.
A Horss Laugh.
Motorist (blocked by load of hay)-I
say, there, pull out and let me by.
Farmer Oh, I dunno e I'm In any
hurry. Motorist (angrily) You seemed
in a hurry to let that other fellow's
carriage get mast Farmer That
'cause his horse win eatln' my bay.sji
! There hain't no danger o' yyr eatia
, It, I reckoa.-Sprlugfleld Republican.
one of these machines in
of the most useful tools in
them to you.
I i Jnni
an. 424
At t-n , trt r-i- fM 1 1ST! tT 111 E.
nr lr4 A 7r ! sx
' h ' r .,i l rn't" .T. W - in f
r t i . .' II f ! ',.
'f V-f 'u! ': "- t'e
I I it "-r t'l V 0- ' -n
1 nf t rr " fT i
r. -a -r . T '- -.-. l j tlwl;! f ffl iH' IW ',''r
ae a 4 e". ! ?- i -e r iw. at t I-"-" t
.e.f an.) Vrn". . -nR?i"l. f. tn (Matt'. l tr -i ! "
'514 e- er '( V tt t f . - tn-
aifr - re. r"ivr" r tn- .-.... j ft t . iv y i'ti M '.
Z Nerth Mia Street
l " tt
t Tim Suxt. 9mr. t
Ts nt-si i
1 - - ' t
ii A- l-rk A
" ) ' . S f ' -r Si
' r ?t '
ii t tm'r.

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