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Enured at tha FoatonVa nt Pnrre M Bacon
Claai Mail Mutter
Publiahrd Ev.ry Wwk-dar Afternoon
On. mr V ;.nl.
On. month
blrnrl opy
Whatever tlieir iiHi!iutiona and rneui
leetions n to ounliiliiti'M, the voters of
llurre. hIioiiIiI feel it ltnir duty to attend
the citizens' canon thin evoninjf for the
purpose of nominating candidates to be
voted for at the municipal election next
month. Their whole oblation of citi
zenship ift by no means confined to mere
voting for candidates when those candi
dates have been named by someone else,
but that duty includes also the business
of selecting the candidates. A complete
municipal ticket is to be named for all
the elective oflioCH in the which vacancies
are to occur by reason of the expiration
of the terms of the present encumbents,
and if the voters of Barre wish to take
advantage of their opportunity and right
to co-operate in selecting those candi
dates they have only to attend the cau
cus this evening. And what is true uf
the citizens' municipal caucus to-night, is
equally true of the live ward caucuses to
be held to-morrow (Friday) evening to
nominate candidates for aldermen and
school commissioners. There should bo,
relatively, as largo attendances at every,
one of the five ward caucuses as nt the
municipal caucus. The latter is to be
held in the opera house and will begin
at 7:30 o'clock. We repeat (and it is
something which The Times urges each
year) that the voters should turn out for
this privilege of selection of candidate!.
The North Main street grocer has
doubly rat-ifled currency.
As yet no catboat or rowboat has
hoisted the Stars and Stripes.
The agitation for an agricultural agent
for 'VVaahingtou county should not. and
doubtless will not, be allowed to subside
until the services of such an official are
The Morrisville Mwapngcr may calm
itself, now that the Senate has accepted
TA'alter A. Button. The contemporary
went through quite a spasm because the
Senate delayed.
The bread lines in the large cities aie
forcible reminders to people who have
been sending alms out of the United
States that they also have a home prob
lem that is becoming very acute.
Montpelier's fire department chief has
asked for an automobile combination
truck, and from a distance siv miles
away we should say that the desire
should be satisfied, for Montpclier lms
some even longer and harder runs than
Fiarre has. ,
It is "Walter A. Dutton, public service
commissioner," in fact; and the Seimt.',
by confirming Governor (iates appoint
ment of the Hard wick man, assured the
state of a man who can le trusted in
the position and who will give his best
effort to the Work devolving Umn him.
Pid it occur to Mr. Hapgood of Peni
while he was speaking almut 1iime1f
from the floor of the Houm- yesterday
that he was wasting the state's time
which ought to have been devoted to the
routine of legislative business rattier
than to the introi-e lion of a member,
whether that int roieit ion be seriously
minded or frivolous! He ua guing con
trariwise to one of his own favorite
theories, that time should lie given to
chi examination of every measure, in
asmuch a he was mskiiu; such evamina
tion impossible by reason of a lot of
drir1 alfont himself.
was unknown. Vet the hanging were
carried out and the lives so taken could
not be restored. There ia nothing lilto
so barbarous and nothing quite so hall'
cocked in judicial procedure in the pres
ent day, we are likely to agree; but
even under the advanced methods of de
termining real guilt and the greater re
gard for the sanctity of human life there
nevertheless is such a margin of chaste
for mistake in convicting for major of
fenses that the mind shudders at the
thought of infliction of the death penalty
unless in the most positive instances uf
proven guilt, and even then there is .t
certain revulsion of feeling against the
sacrifice of human life, however worthless.
Second Rehearsal of Choral Society.
Owing to the use of the Montpelicr
city hall by the Flying Squadron, the
second rehearsal of the society last even
ing was held in the Kcllogg-Hubhard li
brary, Montpclier. The attendance was
hirjre, tilling the hall completely, indi
cating a gratifying increase in member
ship. The evening was spent in tin
study of the "Daughter of .lairus," "A
Tale of Old Japan," and "Fair Kllcn."
Mr. Coffin expressed gratification in the
fact that the chorus were becoming so
proficient in sight reading, which was
apparent to all that had followed the
progress of the society. This, he thought,
was the surest indication of the benefit
in n musical wav of the society to the
community, since' it showed advancement,
confidence, ami ability to.inierpret reu
ilv new selections.
'j. W. Wood, choral director, of Nash
ua, Nr. H., was present and praised the
work of the chorus, it being the best
work of its kind that he had witnessed
at the beginning of a season's rehearsals
and reflects great credit upon the ability
of the chorus in musical interpretation.
President Sibley addressed the chorus
respecting the year's work and urged all
to keep up the effort already begun,
stating that the community were indors
ing the work of the society as was evi
denced by the willingness of the citizens
to subscribe to the guarantee fund.
In the meeting of the executive com
mittee held after the rtdiarsal the mas
ter of increasing the male membership
was discussd in order to give effective
rendition to Schubert's "Omnipotence,"
considered to be the best male choral
work- written. The idan of havincr vocal
or instrumental solos by local people
during the intermission at reiiearsais was
adopted and the committee designated
Mrs. (ieorge W. Wing to have this in
charge. All memliers are urged to be
at Montpclier city hall next week at 8
p. in.
The Saturday nialit train running to
East Harre ami Oaniteville will reverse
li. frin on Saturday. Feb. 13, coins to
Crauiteville first and from there to Fast
liarre. This is done to accommodate
voters wishing to attend the caucus at
Fast liarre.
Tom Thumb Wedding.
Program preceding the Tom Thumb
weddin to be oiveii in Ifowland hall
Thursday, Feb. It, at " o clock
Song :
Reading ...
l.vndall Lcbourveau
Newell Parker
, Mis Proctor
Max Fisher
Mrs. Bradley
25c to adults and 15c for
Make It "Later."
li,..l,..ml fii-nilvl - Understand me
madam, your extravagance will have to
cense sooner or later.
Yniini' Wife Well. then, we'll make
it later.- Boston Transcript.
A Safe Medicine
We've just 49 Men's
Winter Overcoats in
stock to-day, and they
are priced' as follows:"
$10, 513.50, '16.50
These are values up to
$25. See window.
F. H. Rogers
& Company
And Others in Grotesque Attire a(t the
Eastern Star Dance,
nf tin, liirireut crowds ever in How-
land hall invaded it last night with all
Klark-Urban Company's Opening Play,
"The Third Degree."
, In presenting Charles Klein's latest
success, 'The Third Degree," the open-
i an - - . - . ;. .
the different costumes imaginable. Tim j ' , V ' """H-"';
event was under the auspices of the Or-! t W company bespeaks for lt the same
c,,u ... . . -i - t..latumrhinir interest, that it: attached to
der of Eastern Star, ana, dcsiucb iietinv ----- . . . ,
ai. members, there were a large number Mr- K-e.n s other drastic tru.mphs.
came in (lis- '"Ciuuiug ira 1.1011 mm toe jiuimr.
. . . n-t.
ot ot hers present.. 1 uey rmnc ' . " . , . - , . . .
. i: t,i. .0, now .This time, instead of attackins financial
muses oi irainps, iuiht, uto,vi' i v.. . ,
r - ' ., !.. .'o,ifl tm ilul eomlitnn Mr Klein l as
Indians ami many oiners. i lowns ,--.. i . ;
very numerous and made much fun for een tit to go to firm avenue lor ...
all One very amusing party was a tier- characters, bringing to light a condition
man band ' tI,at xi(,t'' society, and revealing tt
For the' concert, which was given by in a vivid manner, lt has been a matter
Riley's orchestra of eight pieces, there! of universal knowledge that birth, con
were 250 tickets sold. The following pled with money, repardh-iss of mental
program was phived: March. "Hero of capacity, fills the list of society's eligi
the Isthmus." Ijtmpe; overture, "Poet j Idea. In "The Third Degree.; 'Mr Klein
and Peasant." Suppe; selection from "Ro-1 attacks this tradition. The son of a
hemian tiirl," Galfe: medley. "Successes ! member of an old Knickerbocker set has
of 1014." La'mpe; selection. "Pretty Lit- j married a gfrl w ho, by reason of her
tie Widow," F.vlser. At the end of this ! strength of character Hnd natural men-17--,
,..,ni,W mined in the trrand march, ! tat force, is as ifood as anv lady in the
which was led by Arthur C. Tilden andjllind, but on account of her arentage j
Mrs. 11. A. Quimby. j causes her ImsUand to be disowned iy
After a short time of dancing, for,,;,, father. The youth, not being of a
which the same orchestra played, 11. AJro,, mental calibre, plunges into dis-
1 ir 4-!... T'il.lA., .lurlnil . x i .1 ,t a a
lUtmoy anu,.ir. niunu nt,. -... njpauon auu ueui. j ui-niu, unm i oic
pext fimm inn" ....... . , uruier siii(e eiiuiirii.-wjin-m, itif-.
Frank Mc liorter, W illiam i fa,t-ned on the boy the suspicion of
liui-i.iuv mul Mi s. Jamea'Adie had leen !
chosen as judges and tney awaruca airs.
S. Hollister Jackson the first pri.e for
the womem Mrs. Jackson was masked
as the evening star. For the men, Har
ley Houghton was given first, and be
was disguised as a tramp. There wer
other beautiful costumes and many other
grotesipie ones, but these two vera
slightly above the others. Pesidcs the
dancers from this city there were a num
ber from Hrooklield, Plainlicld and Mont
pclier. . At intermission Miss Emily Benedict,
assisted by an able corps of girls, served
punch and wafers at one end of the hall.
I'p until intermission the old-fashioned
dances were danced, but' after that n
modern dame was slipped in between
the other.
Father John's Medicine Itest for
Colds and
Throat and
Builds You
L . . i
i aiiM it is
free from aloo-,
hoi or danger- j
oils HriiL's. t a- !
ttier John's Medicine is sate for all the
family to take for cold and thrvat and
lungs. H is a pure and w led. psiriie imm! ,
medicine, w ith more than 50 years .f j
iuef. (;uaranted. Advt.
Mr. and Mr. Fdwsrd W. Pillion have
bought back from Kdgsr A. Francis their
ftirtn on the Wom-ster branch road,
which they ohl to him a year or so ago.
The purchiiie prii-c is ti,''.
, two-tetieiiH'nt bouse on Klin street,
known a the Turner probity, was sold
at auction yesterday to John W. Emery
for J,t.xt. " "
Arguments have l-n completed In su
preme court in the cases of panic! Me
(srtv. administrator, . villsre ff
Northiield. and Keoige ('. ( nderhill. re
ceiver of the Columbian tirsnite Co..
sgin-t the Piithind rsilroad, both ees
tH'inc coinmeneed Tu -day.
( sndidstes for allermanie ofTice are
haviii! oe-asioiied it. The police, crop-
ini? blindly for a clue, seize upon tins
voting man as their victim. Here bepins !
a most intcreiiiL' expose of the methods.
of the police otlicials of a large city, in
their assumption of powers never con
ferred by law, together with a picture i
of the workings of the so-culled "third;
degree." I'naided and alone, with no j
help save that of a woman's wit, ingenu
ity and steadfastness of purose, and
supreme confidence in her husband's in-ncM-ence,
the girl wife wins against such
great odds that even the strongest of
men would hesitate to overcome. Sel
dom in the history of the drama has
there Is-en recorded a play that enilstd
ies the tense and absorbing interest con
tained in "The Third Degree." Its pres
entation st the opera house next Mon
day evening will Is- the same as tlctt
which obtained during its long run at
the Hudson theatre. New York. Advt.
February sale of new Waists at the
Vait;han Store.
Annual muslin underwear sal at Abbott's.
The Soci;t!it voters of -the city of
Psrre are requested to inert in the tiian
ite street auditorium 'ti Thursday even
ing. Feb. 11. Ptl.V at 7:30 oVhsk for the
purpose of nominating candidate for the
following citv offices, namely! Mayor,
city offices, naim
iti- it.-rL eilv tn--iirer. fust constable.
1e,oniiiif more ph titiful as the tune ap-i ,,,,1 constable, three auditors, and
tlir.w direct ota for the French a IWre li-
Ilad not (.overnor f.st" vetoed tl
resolution which would have instituted j
state investigation to determine eeiret ;
ownerliip of fww pper among tate
nffii ials. p-t and present, m-srly even
ltewsasr in tlie state would ).nir wel-eom'-l
inh aa inspection. In. lee 1, nir
of tlw-m will tin doubt regret that t'.e
resolution was m framed as to bsd t
grave question of its tsing atde to stsnl1
the test of eit it nt ion! it i . As a mt
tr f tat, th'fe i no "ir, with
pns.sil.lv wi or tn ft,'ption. ationt
1l,e pfesnit f i-rs!i,p ,f the iws.sp
p1p!tie !. lise fv( the f e 5-r1 l.iW
t.,()i rer,Mt f-T" ' sl f lln t et
of t t'Sno f fhliVe'Mst (iwr m, in
s .f s m ii-n-nniM, of t ais 1,1
t Lose t.ol j a o-rl,,,, e-it. of tie
r.ritn JofM-f Mcn'i and
tthat mc arc
lii! t I Vti! I I v tm.
ft--K t if i j-- ,! j' 'I f ', if ft
t.-t-S ! t 1 - a- -.f
H' i.i-r I .'- T3- i ?. l"
) for t lie aniiusl elect ion. ant
Hurry liismhi has anumincrd his eandf
dsy for iihlermnn from the seeonil ward,
ts-.rn'sn P.. P.. Kent has ln annoum-ed
tl.it he is a candidate in tins ward. In
wrd one, Will.ird Whiti-onih baa len
i . lt ioiii-.l as a possibility an I Ahlerman
si. ii i. out for re-elect ion. In ward
tune. M let-man Frenir w iM not have
arv ot'is' ' '"S, it lalievel.
In ; !'. 'e eourt yesterday Miss FditH
O. H . '' 'V's 'tsf, 1-1 was ..pointed a I
m nisitafi ' the t-state of H. T. f.
t'omi-. t;ie r' X i ,i mf:.-4, Hillirrt -S m -
,i,i-on of ' o it P-.ite was .;;nt" 1
,-!i:;.trnnt tke tate of t ar
Hcigb. late of lUrre ' it r. 1",.iar t II.,
Im 'f se'ftet hi noe-iiiiit adiionia-j
t . ., r V (ie l 1 of t 'e estte of .1
,r !.. V!-.,!,. end !. A bee P. Nve
.1 ! r iiTm't R i"itr of t5e'
f T! nt t-i a tr nt of IJeanor Ma-1
n. '
tirary, each to erve for one year; also
one assessor to aerve for thtef years.
Per order So labst city committee.
Sale Laces at 1-2 Price
Opening Sale New Neckwear
Opening Sale New VVaists
Opening of our first lot of Muslin Underwear, Skirts,
Robes, Combinations, Corset Covers, Drawers, Children's
Underwear. This sale at lower prices than ever offered
by us before. You will not be disappointed if you visit
this store.
Come to This Store Friday and Saturday
Night Robes at 43c, 59c, 65c, 75c up
39c Hamburg Drawers at 25c
50c Hamburg Drawers at .....39c
39c Corset Covers at -25c
12Vc Children's Drawers at, each Dc
Children's Drawers at .15c and 25c
All Hamburg trimmed.
Children's Skirts and Slips.
UNDERWEAR Some slightly soiled. Don't miss this sale.
While they last, at one-third off regular price.
These Skirts all trimmed with wide ham
burg and ribbon ; usually sold at 69c and 75c.
Your choice of the lot at 50c each.
These are on one table; less than regular
price. Stripe Galatea, Corded Linens, Stripe
Voile, Costume Crepe. Your choice of these
goods at UViC per yard.
Another lot of those $1.25 Dresses just
opened, at 85c and $1.00 each.
Over 200 new pieces of Neckwear received
CoHar and Cuff Sets, each. . . . .25c, 50c
12 styles of the new Blossom Collar at,
6HCll , 2n)C
Collars and Vestees, also sets of Oriental
Lace, at 25c and 50c
12 styles of over 100 pieces of Neckwear,
values at 39c, 50c, 75c; your choice at,
each 25c and 50c
$1.00 Waists for 69c, 79c
50 new $1.25 Waists for Saturday at $1.00
Lot of Linen Torchon Lace, 3 inches wide,
10c vnliip. DPT vard
Wide Shadow Laces, sold at 10c, 15c, 20c
per yard, now, yard 5c, 72c and 10c
5c Lace Insertion for, per yard ....... 2c
Lots of other Laces nearly half price.
Always remember this store for LacesJ.
Only five dozen of these to sell ; are made
of good material, with double clasps, good
as usually sold in sales at 79c; all sizes, at
50c per pair.
Saturday Sale for 2 Hours
10 to 12 a. m. Saturday we will sell 1,000 yards of 12 l-2c
light colored Percale, 36 inches wide at 8c yd. No samples.
! f
I iiar iJ -J? . ' U NT . I
j jj .: ' j
at T
rrt' en
t at " . it t'-
Tlie vwialit viter of t'ne ity of
I'-arre are Itereliv ri'titie.l to tn t IB rail
rti. at ti,r ts-illititf i la.-e. ttK-iit ioned fi
!V.ir mnilitr s.r.! OR "litV een-
I rf. fih. J. tir.. at 7:3" hU, f..r
itli piirxso uf iminatiif tlie foli m; i
I In s,,,4 nnr. at Jamea t.ll' lnnis. )
. al i.rmaa to re fsir to -at.
In i r l two. at K. W. Kuttr 1oie.
!vl ri-K tiiis....,!. r t' a ie f'rt ttir-e '
i " In war tiiree. at .fn". Siot' V'ie. j
1 aM.-tnian to m-rsr f'r t war.
i In war! Im. tt Vl.r' hm.m,
j ..! i(niiii.HiW lo i re I!
j In war! fvr, at H. CT-i' at
! .-. t" Mi. ft-T lo year. j
l't ft i- r rt ,'i.t r ft 't-1't mm j
I tn'tl", j
Mrs. K.litli iUUh Wrifc-tit of ttie
inoiit Sutuliiy Silioul ; t ion arriv.M
in tori to-dav in ttie intereeta of tlie
Suiidav wlHKil'wiitk of tlie IihhI cliuri'li.
She w ill a.Mrr.n mlilii- m- tinyn in the
('oiiyreuational churili thia e..'iiiu ant
ta-iiiorrnw in tlie eeninji. It ia hoped
that all interested, parent and pupil, an
,-ll a tillii-'r of the arlioul, will at
tend. .
Supi rititendi'iit ljeonard 1. Smith at
tended the puhlie liearinu if the eilma
ti,.n lull now Infote the l.-vifUture l.it
Wedtieaday eenin(;, renia itiing in Mont
dier till Thursday eveuiii.
Mr-. lUttie 1'iMir Iia sone t U oo.l
ille. N. II., h. re !.e will r-n.l a ie
da the guest uf Mr. and Mi. r
lion II. I'.ilsin.
Jeote T. olhy wa in lUnlmry ye
t rday to att-nd a im t tin of the ( n
trl Neiiiiott IVmoiia ftHH''.
riiiiU of t'ie praiiiiiuir and lui:l
Hi lfsils. -Jit in minilxr. were exni.d ftom
si -hoot attenlntee itrtdy and ,M.,t
the day ill Muiitl;r i-itmj the uu
eral s'-tiill .
The InireiM of iiniti it ' I '" ' L-'t'dy
. nt out l lanVs that n.v Ih ohl.ui.-l at
tl.e ilisivtie.l to aid 1 1 o-e in
need ot farm h'lp to (f-t in t"Hh ''-'
itiim farit eomnij; to t!n roiintry who
j.h .i wotk on oi take rharce . trin.
Visa l.riana tslmn. who l''i
in l'.,.rr for a few nls t ntum -t
t' tow n.
li).t ( nrr.es to wa wit'
. ..,ii... ! Him s!:u W. at Mrs. T. ' .
i Waldo' iir a t .n.- . ! 1 r - i r
' aunt. '. "I. M-i.ien - Uy.
' i.a rnw r-trrt-l 1" I..!''"'. N-
The Saturday tii'ht train rummis to
I'ist Ihirie and t.'ranitet Hie will re vera
the trip on Saturday. Feb. 13. poiiiil to
t.ianitev ille tirnt and from there to Kat
J'-arre. Tina i done to aeeoniniodate
otera wishni)! to attend the raueu at
Knst liarre.
r.i shirtwaist sale Satutday at Fit t .
Sale eoraetn with our muslin under
wrir xale at Vatican'. . t
lieiueinlier the auction nale of Paul
I-apree. Friday, udvrrliaed on iai.'e n-ve-i.
Slime line, ounj.'. lii1i-praile lln'-tiii
row and younj: stk to If sold, hI
three liore. farming tool. te. I.
I'errv, auetioneei .
and Hccords
Music in your home
Columbia Grafonolas sold on easy terms
riTizi;.s cak t s
T li
lt.. !
). w.r of t
, ,-. t.. trus t
.-I- ll 1 ti ' "I "
. . l t C. I 'h. II. Ifl.V t T
n..t. tut
..f rue-
tO t .;. It'i a f nc
thamc ff )'J to t-avc
rrkortfT fin S1'C. AI.Ij I
r.OOl) STYI.M. We j
l.avc S fr 4 V V of
fl,ii vrar thst rslt a
We s'f C' "
t t s,
m I iHm AT COST.
,rr r.-V'.-f en'r lUf fT
.1 l-irfi-r,. St irtj.
once and you will always uc it. Vc
cau: it is the best, chccpcvt and most
convenient to use. Try a package of
I landifold and let it convince ou that
it h tlie K-st and cheapest Toilet Pa
per ou ever ud. 10c a package, or
3 for 2S. Special prices by the case.
1 1
i 1 1 -
... In
T :t . . . i.
1 1... .... f.,.M n..n. t-t 1 -.
. . . .-r. i.r.'l! ... . - I
. . t ' l ret , t f t ,-..fi 1-t. . s. -.
iia ' ti - a ". "' 1 i.f'" t -t t
f tf 1 . . t : I l-M . "'! t
s t l f f ' .
1-1 t- i r ( I I
a.s t .
-tn e I I -
t t e.'i.i
I'.?';;;,".;-- siM
r ? HIV' ' r Ti '
wMD ( At ( ri:s
..i i
i ,
a a-
..' 1 1 . r I
i f- f i
! ':-.- r f
l f,, 1,.
S t t t
S17.50 up lo S500.00
I "nc Demonstration st your Home
r ' ; f a - a - r r
? r r I.1 r - t ' - '
' t ? -' - .
' t- i ' '
f V t St "i..t'il t
e ; . s. ' st .,'2V-" -
,-. - ..- ... .
V-t - - i ' i 1 ' ' t -
Walk -Over Boot
Oadrrer Co.
N. D. Phelps Co.,
a - t aia-l" ft , '
Telephone 23
Barre, Vermont
n ' !. i urn t
.! ft-flT
IT-' f
trt rrt

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