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MMMWHMMIMi; MlWillto; n4lMIW,i
- , Ii ' ' ... iii'" ' " . . - - -
I I . sr J I r tlDATTi T
on Sale Saturday
A $1.50 Value, $1.19 Each-New Waists, $1.19-New Models
These Waists are up-to-the-minute styles, in fancy Crepes Ma
dras. Voiles; are tastefully trimmed. Every 'Vwat in 'Jh w lot ia
worth $1.50. For a quick sale, we shall oirer this lot .for -only $1.19
each. Yoq cannot afford to miss having one or two of these Waists.
All sizes to start with. ' . .
Here Is One in aCrepe I)e Chine Waist for $1.98
A heavy Crepe de Chine Waist, hemstitched collar. Two rows of
hemstitching on front, also sleeves are h?mstlfKe jf;
tractive Waist for $1.98. You will recognize a $2.50 Waist in this
mA.sk to see those Crepe de Chine Waists at $2.50, $2.98 and $3.50.
Special Mark Down on Petticoats
$3.00 All Messaline Petticoats to close at J'
$2.50 All Messaline Petticoats to close at
$2.50 Jersey Top Petticoats to close at ;,
$1.25 Messaline Finish Petticoats. to close at .
$1.50 Percale House Dresses to close (extra sizes) at ijb
60c Children's flannelette Night Robes to close at
$2.98 Crepe and Flannelette Kimonos to close at
tt .
I' Going to Buy a Rug? j
Come and look at our WhittaU Line
Years ago WhittaU decided to make rugs and
carpets superior in quality to all others. No
pains, no expense have been spared to attain
this result. And it has been attained.
WhittaU Anglo-Persian Rugs
The finest floor coverings made in America g
Are the fruit of this ambition. But inci
. dentally WhittaU Quality has been improved
until the guarantee stamp
S ZCip. . M .pWX- -.
woven into the back of every piece of Whit
taU goods has come to mean
tt "This is the best piece of goods that can be f:
tt hrmnht fnr iht mnnv nnvivhprp" tt
Sole Agents for Barre and Montpelier.
I B. W. Hooker & Company
once and you will always use it. Be
cause it is the best, cheapest and most
convenient to use. Try a package of
Handifold and let it convince you that
it is the best and cheapest Toilet Pa
per you ever used. 10c a package, or
3 for 25. Special prices by the case.
N. D. Phelps Co.
Telephone 29
Carre, Vermont
We arc going to offer
Wliltn snln Bt Abbott'".
Only a ft'w day. more of Abbott's n
ilt'rwMr sain.
(Worgo ,H. Hoyi'ilo, piano tuner, in still
in town and will 1111 orders loft last wot k.
Jump A. Howe of Denver, Col., i with
bin father, Charles M. Howe, of lieckley
Loui Ouilette returned tbis morniiiff
from Wiiioookl, where lie batt been Bjiend
In? a few days with relatives.
The Shamrock A. C. management an
nounce that their pame with Goddurd
will be played Wednesday, Feb. 17.
C. II. Molver of (Jranitevillo was a vis
itor in the city to-day while on bis way
home from a brief visit in Hardwirk.
Attorney John W. Gordon returned on
Saturday night from Bradford, where be
represented a client in probate court.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 'Anderson re
turned home this morning from Water
bury, where thoy made, a week-end visit
with relatives.
Mrs. H. S. Miles wishes to announce
tbat her storo is now open again, after
several improvements, and she is show
ing a full line of spring millinery.
, Miss Mario Bealieu, who hn been vis
iting at the home of Charles Gumnche
on Laurel street for the past two weeks,
has returned to her home in Burlington.
Miss Elizabeth Brown, who teaches
school In Bradford, and Miss Marion Mur
ray, a teacher in the schools of 'Corinth,
arrived in the city Saturday to remain
each for a vacation of two months.
The Danish brotherhood ' will hold a
masquerade ball in the K. of C. ball Sat
urday night, Feb. 20. Tickets, 80c each.
Riley's orchestra will furnish music. Re
freshments served. Everybody invited.
The choir boy athletes of the Church
of the Good Shepherd will hold a meeting
in the church vestry to-night at 7 o'clock.
All members are requested to be pres
ent, as important business will be dis
cussed. The body of Mrs. Janus A. Howe of
Denver, Col., formerly Miss Minnie I'irie
of Montnelier. arrived in Montpelier Sat-
jj urday and was placed in the tomb at the
IXitler cemetery, funeral service were
held in Denver.
John McPhee of North Main street was
srrsigned before Magistrate II. W, Scott
in city court Saturday evening on an in
toxication charge to which he entered a
nloa of ffiiiltv and raid a 15 fine with
costs of $4. McPhee was arrested on
Trospect street Saturday morning by
Officer John S. Murley.
The next meeting of the Woman's club,
to be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30,
will take the form of a coolcing demon
stration in charge of Mr. Benedict and
her committee. I'lank steak, caramel
pudding and pineapple sherbet will be
demonstrated, also an 'Italian dish by
Mrs. Merlo. A great variety of cooked
food will be on sale. Guet tickets may
be purchased at the door.
William Grant, yardmaster at the Cen
tral Vermont station; William Ch.iyer,
an engineer on the Barre branch; Wil
liam IVcor. a Montpelier yardmaster,
and John Emerson, who is employed as
a brakeman on the Central Vermont mil
road, returned to-day from East Albnrjf,
where they have been in camp for a few
days. During their absence, the men
fished uceenfully through the Ice in the
water of Lake Champlain and brought
home with them a fine string: of big fish.
The regular reheannal of the choral so
ciety w ill be held in .the city hall. Mont
pelier, Tuesday evening at 8 sharp, tt
in the desire of the committee that all
members contemplating joining the cho
rus this year lie present, so that the mat
ter of music to lie provided may be defi
nitely determined and that the -ating
arrangement may W settled as to the
nnnJyr in vrh frtinn. This lieim? the
third rehear3l, it is necessary for satis
factory progress from now on that a fun
membership be in attendance.
Teamsters in the employ of the Hin
man Lumlwr Co. hava been hauling large
quantities of pulpwood from Orange and
1'la infield to the Central Vermont station
in this rity, although the preent thaw
has catiM d a temporary artbark to the
company a plan, haiurday three eaia
w r loaded in the C. . yards ami plans
were on foot to load a much apain to
day, but . the rain interfered with this
arrangement. Saturday afternoon one of
the team became stuck on the Barre
railroad rroing and while frh horses
were being rnnhni to tha assistant of
the beleaguered outfit, traffic on the
square was at a standstill. Much pulp
wood remains to be transported to the
hl freight vards. The product is con
signed (rum this city to the mills of the
International Taper Co. in Milton.
A mimlwr of young men from the east
side of the city. iniluding several Bwm
br cf the Hlne Sut. returned Ute Tl
nichl from Xnrth Duahurr. from which
point they bepan a suecrwful ascent of
(amela Hump la the morning. The
i.srtr Uft Barre at 8:25 a. m. and lwpsn
the first anowshi lap of their Journey j
when the pnnauctoc let ttrm ofi the tr.m
at North Duibury at 6 o'clo.-k. Fiv-
hornrs were consumed in making the'
hump of the mountain, the snowshorts
arriving n the summit a few mimit :
after l'l oYhxk. More than an hour w
srwnt in scslirg the i y rlin" whhh ms'Vs
the approach trt the mmielain tp. T'e !
Vy wss civercftft and tt hump was !
hrou1-1 in a keary t"jr sn thst a p- ;
ine i-w from th mmmtsin fr was fi'H ;
Kl st mr timir of th .! TK :
Wivi tisrt ;rmr in rns vf ths d,-wrt1
i ' rs p and fwarVn-d the stston at NotI
A. P. AHRTT CO. A. P. ABBOTT CO. A. T. AliliUO i,u. v. v. jwuvh
" " 1 "
A Few Days More of Our
23rd Annual White Sale
When you can buy Night Robes that you are usually asked
65c and 75c for, at 49c, you are really finding bargains.
That is just what you can get in this sale. Children's Mus
lin Drawers, 'while they last, at 5c per pair. You pay 10c
in other places. Our sale of Sample Underwear has brought
ladies in from other towns. In fact, this has been a very
busy sale, and a sale that will soon be over. The following
are mere suggestions.
Misses' and Children's
Muslin Underwear
Muslin Underwear for the. children
at less than you can make it.
One lot of Children's Plain Tucked
Mualin Drawers, the kind you see in
tales at 10c each. Thi lot, whila
they last, at 5c per pair.
Children's Hamburg Trimmed
Drawers, al sizes, at J3c each, 2 pairs
r 25C.
Children's Torchon Lace Trimmed
25c Drawers, this sale J9g per pair.
Children's White Skirts and Ba
bies' Night Robes; this sale at 23c
Children'a and Young Indies' Xight
Robes, all sizes, hamburg trimmed, at
50c each.
Children's Night Robes with low
neck and short sleeves, hamburg and
torchon lace trimmed, at 50c faeh.
Night Robes
You can get a better conception of
theso Muslin Underwear values by
seeing tha whole line,
" One lot of 63c and 75c Night Robes,
These come with short sleeves, long
alecves and kimono sleeves; are heav
ily trimmed with hamburg and sell in
this sale at 49c ach.
Sample. Robes in this sale up to
53.00 each, at sample prices.
White Skirts
In this sale are a lot of medium
priced Skirts at 87c, selling for 58c
in this sale.
All samples will be sold at one
third off the price marked. Trices
on the whole lots as followa:
2,'ic values now for 17c
50c values now for 33c
65c value now for 43c
75c values now for 50c
87b values now for 58c
$1.00 values now for .--67c
$1.25 values now for 81c
$1.60 value now for $1.00
$1.75 values now for ......... 1.17
$2.00 values now for ......... 1.33
$2.50 valuse now for 1,67
$3.00 values now for 2.00
The above are on Sample Under
wear of all kinds.
. M. Martin & Co.
Sample line of Muslin Underwear.
Over two years since we have been
able to get one of these sample lots.
This is the largest and one of the
finest line of Muslin Underwear in
America. t
These samples are in fine shape;
tome just as fresh as new, others
slightly soiled. Half of this lot is
medium price, the other half their
very best grades.
In this lot are Ladies' and Misses'
Night Kobes, Corset Covers, Drawers,
Combinations and White Skirts.
Two years ago 6ne-balf of this lot
sold in four hours' time. ,
Muslin Drawers
Our 25c l'ne ' Drawers are good
Our 50c Drawers are special lots
of 60c and 65c values, in this lot.
Several samples of Drawers from
50c up to $1.50 each, in our sample
lot at sample prices.
Corset Covers
We make a specialty of 25c Cor
eet Covers. This time we have a for
tunate purchase that will look good
to you; a 80c Cover for 23c.
One lot of 50c very pretty Covers
in this sale at 39c each.
Better Covers you will find up to
$2.00 acb in our sample lots in this
Here Are Kinds to Make
One lot of yard-wide Rerkley Cam
bric for Underwear. This sale only
lie p('r yftrc1, Tn!a i,rice on,y for
a few days.
We find that one of our best un
derwear cloths is our Japanese Cloth.
We have an inside deal on English
Long Cloth that, will help you. The
by the piece at a little less than by
the yard. These prices will look good
to you.
One lot of Wide Hamburg Flounc
ing for skirts or corset covers. Thesa
now in this sale at 10c Per yard-
One lot of 27-inch Imported Ham
burg Flouncing for skirts or chil
dren's dresses. Some are a little
soiled. Were SI. 60 per yard. This
lot, this sale, at 98c Per J'ard-
One lot of 45-inch Hamburg Flouno
ings from $1.50 to $1.87 per yard, all
in with the 9gc lot.
One lot of 27-inch Imported $2.50
Flouncing, soiled and mussed. This
lot in with the 98c Hamburgs.
Some etxra good values in our nar
rower width Hamburgs.
One lot of fine Lace Insertions, run
from one-half to one inch wide; here
are both French and -German Val. that
were from 5c to 10c per yard; some
are soiled. The price to close, 3c
per yard, or 3 yards for 5c. All
who have children can profit by thia
Since we started this sale we have added a lot of special priced English Long Cloths. You should consider your Muslin
Underwear wants for spring now, while this sale is on. We cannot afford space or these prices later, after spring trade
begins. Only a few days to get in at these prices.
The Davliffht Store !
Ten per rent, off regular prices at
Mr ami Mn. Thomas Marrion of Keith
.vumii. rotiimvil thin morn 11 iff from a
Alec I'ecor of Rock River, P. Q., ar
rived in the city Saturday night for a ten
davs' visit with relatives.
At a recent meeting of the motorrr
a " . ' . :. ..I
- - . . :ichts o! usrr ana vinnuy iv '
...,l v mt their former home in!" " u , , . , .
William Mears, jr., who has been visit
ing at the home of F. A. Mayton and
mith other relatives In the city, returned
Saturday night to Haverhill, Mawt.,
where he is employed.
Mrs. F.lirabeth Berry of Wet Brilgton.
Me.. R.il n Nason of North Waterlora
in unite with the Federation of Ameii
can Motorcyclist. Two new members
were taken into the club.
Plana are nearly eomleted for the an
nual banquet to be held at the Methodist
church on Wednesday night, under the
ausices of the Metho'dwt brotherhood.
A large number of people Irom uur
and William Non of Hridgton, Me., llngton, Montpelier and C.raniteville,
i.,,n.l ifh number of VOiinif people
from this city Saturday night and en
joyed a sleighride to Williamstown. Two
large large and two double teams were
necenxary to bold the crowd, which num
bered nearly 75. Upon arrival, dancing
was started and continued with few
interruption until midnight. While all
were dancing, cook in the kitvhen had
been busv preparing the supper. At the
tick of 12, all assembled to the dining
room and partftok of an eicellently pre
rred meal. When the apetite of ery
other Mimr.. l'r .RenU in one " -"; 'V
hi citr are endeavoring to locate me -p. - J, " ..4 Mr
,t whereabout of Mr. Treda's lug by Mr. and Mr. Ed-on Under and Mr.
I . ,1 lira Ia HW tfM It i I tiff.
gsge. i,m --
nonn nnnQ ANT) T OW
rriva.i in ritv Naturdav. having been
railed here br the death of'thcir brother.
Jonathan M. Nason. of ttmg street,
whose funeral was held this afternoon.
Arthur Freda, who has been making
lia home in Harre for the past year, re-
urm-d t the city this morning from
"ew Yolk, where he went last ec.
Mr. Preda intended to sail from ew
York for his former home in Porto Kico,
but on his arrival in the metropolis he
lrnnl lht the boat bad saiW, carry
ing aboard the young man's trunk and
Miss L. Jean IliKln'e in home from
Swanton for a two weeks' vixit.
Miss Ina Uelle Henry sjent the week
end at her home in Fayston.
There will be a union prayer meeting
in the Congregational church, Thursday
evening at 7:-'U) o'clock.
A valentine party was held in the M.
K. rhurch Monday evening.
Kev. Thomaa Hall of Inland Pond was
in town Wednesday.
Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Remele, Mr. and
Mrs. E. S. .Toslin. Mrs. Jessie Graves.,
Prin.' Franklin Williams, Will Graves
and Miss l.ydia Kisbee, attended tha
evangelistic meeting in Warren.
A number of young people attended
the dance in Moretown Friday night.
Thirst for Information.
"Are you looking for work?"
"Yes." replied Plodding Pete. "Some
say there', work to be had an' some say
there ain't. I'm investigatin' ao'a to re
port to the association of Willin' Lis
teners." Washington Star.
-ni ;
vou for a limited time
20 pounds of Granulated Sugar fj ; XlV
ana pounus ui our utcnucu
Tea for $2.00, yes $1.90
U w-.fi fiL-i- it linmr Onlv nnc lot fn a norn. h
Vc lelievc after using two pounds of this Tea j lLV
.-..i .t-JlI tier. nr nllinf ? - ' - "
TtiKtTr armin4 mirrw 1 ifw. alliww
I flip iVpe-'it t k rx-riv fmir hMir.. la
1 ff"ttd Wtpn.rt a1 " tHi X.. Jii'imi. j
y, TI .r e (1 r-n of tH l.fp Mr. (UN )
i; ! !!! sn4 t H ir , V An'. Wl 1
vou will use no other.
184 Korth Main Street
An Advertisement in the Times H;:
Will Bring Sure Results.
f! tfi j'wl f-! T t-p
t"fi 1. '
A. W. Badger & Co.
I"crr.iVirt I (!rtakrf tnd Erbfc'mr
rrt rt'T r anuvt stMit tr. trnn ari
'f l! ' ' 1
i.Tf "'4 1" I "'-f i
i..p r 4 - I t'- t
v ' ' 'e !!- -.
f.rf, ... t ;' I, --- Jl T -. , 4 f
V J..'.- ' 1 -i i t
! r . ' f f ' - '
.. ' '-. t - -
We arc h-hrt of More room, a we have had three carload
of Hour and Sugar Arrive at the fame time, and are fetlhng
them under the market rrice of toniay.
riLLSHUurs xxxx flouk
felways please the mot particular one. Every" banrl
.jruarantei d to please or your money back.
ia hiphe r and i apt to roar rtill hitrher. Fjecial price by
the hundnd prfjunds cr by the haml.
20 lbs. Ect GranuUtcd Sujrar and 1 It). 40c Coffee
and 1 lb. Rob Roy Tea for $10 Net
c;.w,l c(.U claim there is nothir.g Utter. Tt-daya low
pr.r :
. lfl s
2Vn. raf. fr H ""
price m t fir.potsnd In .-fV-Ti. lr per r
WTKT 2VKY OHNC;i;S OJ.ft N 1r- '"T. .
VAX T. IUr.y" R.I!S N-. ft. m t Vk. Ux.
JrN Kit Y -Extra r Jtrade at an e'-clT
trire. 4 V . f r
KKINKI X f"fI!N n.AKHS pxUrf f r
ti n rt nrK ? t;u. jr r.
-n:ini v ii:im rcr.s rtr f! rn
Mir. M'HI VIS( K MEAT S p v t'- rr f-r
i tvri n.I, Mi r All 1 -r 3 r;r i t
Barre Creamery and Cold Storage Co.
If you have Silverware wants, either Silver Tea Spoons or
Berry Spoons, you can Rave over half of your money by fol
lowing our last advertisement.
If you want the best Butter that your money will buy,
we have it.
Our Butter sales have more than doubled in the last four
weeks. At this rate, we must have more Cream.
We are paying highest market prices for first-class Cream
and Dark Brown Eggs.
Try an order of Person's Ice Cream. You will see a differ
ence. We deliver private orders.
We are planning lots of changes in our plant. A better
place to buy your Dairy Goods.
Barre Creamery and Cold Storage Co.
t !.:o
onday Special
10 dozen Parlor Pride Brooms regular priee 33c
each; not a cheap Uroom. but a pood one. For
to-day only from our FiVh Department win
dow. While the ht, net priec to-day.! 25c
Some Pic Making Suggei tion
Grandr-.'.thcrV or None Such Mince Meat, 3 fur
Inr. Eacle Pranl IJIuelTrrics. r-pr can
2 car c f I'.Iuc Il-el Pumpkin for ,..
2 cans of HuMiard extra dn," Vjaih for
Gall n can of A r.o va.-te, cr can
White Pair.' Package Aj '. each
n-3rt isrs f.f Mince Meat. Facial price
Quart jars c-f Darren. Apricot. Ixrr.on. Ra??-
rn- ar.J Peach with Apj -c fnr p'c?, each. .. tOc
pf -t h;te. rr.r ah- P.tat'--e?. r-cr xk
ZiJ&&& TlieSmith&CuminasCo. j THE F.D. LAPP COMPANY
1 ; t WTt B"-. ?- r HL !i iBiniMiT - 'I , ' ' ' '
t -

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