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Thn graded school in Hartford i
'ftjloHcd bocaUHH of iglit cases of acarlet
'fever in tliu village.
Tlie Vermont slate Metliodint confer
ence! is to be? held thin year in llriittlo
,torr, opening April 21. Bishop H. J.
Cpoko of l'ortland, Ore., is to pri'ttide.
1" Mia Uerniee LoufrMman, a student in
rtho seventh jjrade in Kant .Fairfield, bo
'came suddenly blind Tuesday. Her con
idition is no better and it is feured she
'will never bo able to eo again.
E. Ferguson of Claremont, employed on
the new town hall in Uartland, jumped
from an upper staffing to the one below
a few day ago, but the board broke, let
ting him fall 21 feet and breaking one
firm badly. His face and head were also
badly cut.
i Burlington icemen are now figuring on
liow to secure the annual Ice crop with
Xha least expense. If the broad laKe
loe not freeze over for some time, a
plan may be carried but whereby at
least a part of the harvest can be cut
at Alburg and shipped by rail to Bur
lington or they may cut some at Mal
lets bay. There is ample supply for
Borne weeks to come;
Over 1,200 children participated in the
community sleighride in Bennington Fri
lay afternoon, when 63 sleigh loads, pre
ceded by the band, had their annual win
ter outing. Merchants donated candy for
the crowd and a happier bunch of young
sters could not be found. Livery stables,
individuals and practically everyone who
had teams donated one or more, Henry
V. Tuttle alone furnishing 29 horses.
Smallpox Case in Swanton.
Rwanton, Feb. 15. There are six or
eight cases of smallpox in town and it
lias been decided to close the schools for
two weeks, discontinue church services,
close moving picture houses and, in fact,
all public places. Every precaution is
being taken to stamp out the disease
and in all probability, it will not spread.
All the cases are mild and few, if any,
of the patients are confined to the bed.
The disease has lieen running for sev
eral weeks however, and there have been
many cases.
Lectures and Addresses at Norwich.
On the afternoon of Feb. 15. H. C.
1'oore. formerly of the Massaelmselta
highway commission, will address the
ciirtet corps at Norwich university on
"Practical Boad Construction in Town
and State." The lecture will lie ilhis
tiated with lantern slides and motion
pictures furnished by the Barrett Con
struction company. As a means of fur
ther instruction on modern road build
ing the classes immediately -will be pre
sented with an illustrated lecture by Pro
fessor Carleton upon the lines of the
steam roller. The illustration for this
are furnished by .1. F. Richardson, X. U.
11KI0, of the Buffulo Steam Roller com
pany. On the morning of Feb. 18, the
lionorable Curtis t'Juild will address the
student body on "The Diplomatic and
Consular Service of the United States."
The address will be at Dewey ball at
Id a. m.
Believe Boy'i Story a Fairy Tale.
No trace has been found of the three
theieves, wl) are alleged to have robbed
Andrew FrVimann. a stranger in Rut
land, of $100 on Strongs avenue Thurs
day night and the police are beginning
to" believe that the young man manu
factured the story with the liope of
fretting financial assistance from the
city authorities or for aom other rea
non. Freimann, who is a Russian-Pole,
elates that he ha been in this country
year and eight months. He claims
that he worked for a farmer A Wiscon
sin all of this time but he could not
pive the name of the town in the western
atate in which be had been. He said thst
be bad written to bis jwrenta in the old
country, but bad given them no address
except "Wisconsin" and in consequence
bad never heard from them. Freimann
fc.H been staying at poliee headquarter
for two day. He is penniless.
' Many at Rutland Clinic.
There was a steady stream of persona
ho ),ave suffered from infantile para
lvsis rnU'linir the Rutland bopitat for
many hours Saturday to take advantage
of the free clinic held by Dr. Robert W.
Ixrvett of Harvard medial school, a
pecialist. who came to Rutland under
the directions of the Vermont state
lard v( health. The patients ranged
from bat- in arms to adult young men
and mB. All were true a rarefui
rxaminattnn an I in any here the
.Mi.in thcTOfht tHet Cure waa O
alightm-t hope for recovering the use of
a f.aralrred limb, or d..ing a ay itk
tome other defect neretrOii were made
to the pefoa aecomimnrirg the peti'tit
and the Wal ! yi. tan in i-harp.
About 2 out f town phvu. itns and
a number cf rvrt-t stt.nd',1 tl.e clime,
in addition " Rutland t"etr- 1
sMiitti ) rm ti tl.r state board of J.Mi
mrrf preaw-at. A eseil rw4 fccj t
f eerh 'ni!it!'n by -rUH oi
JV l-or.-tt.
It a a i t fi I iU to tr.M tl
4. f, t:i.t . fi me fi C' e.i':!-.-
- Uk-s t t l. t It '""
5n h- jl t,'-e t i" ' r
t 'r, nr,m N.m.- r pra
I1 Omt t- -!l t A !V; -tV
rrt r-r-vM tnV 4-ar t'-r atr.j-.4
!,' ''r ; ..!.. 1 in t-
aritt aM nu f J
a t( l-r 1 i v.w t av
trr ; ' a i os '.. t . ! ? 1 t
ti,V ---y'l . ... f . ; ii -HIT "T
t rp? n
t er. anl Krv C K tar'? eel Prrf sw!
K- Bell terert V !.: it (.reerV.'T.
r L -a k " -I t r '
ft ."-re i e-t '-'"f to'
.T a !t f-te T' ft '-f fSl f- I
. mmrt-f, -f f it) v
a t ; ' I y .' '
f mif '' t . --4 "
t."T t a '- n
't T .n t f-.- ! ?( ir - (
rvt rt:rJ !t l l ers? ct '.'
Iifi viiiir b.'i'ii born at Colchester
New London county. Mrs. Ransom di
rectly fell heir to the missionary spirit,
being the daughter of Dr. Calhoun, mis
sionary to Syria. She was born at
Aheih, Mount Lebanon.
For a quarter of a century, Mr, and
Mis. Ransom have been witnesses of, and
among the indefatigable laborers for, the
marvelous transformation of conditions
among the Zulus. They are now visiting
friends and some of the churches in New
England, and after a brief course in Bible
study in 'New York will return to Nat al.
Their son, Howard, is a student at Reeks
kill, N. V. . . ,
Prof, and Mrs. Bell, who,; with their
little daughter. Margaret, and Mrs. Bell's
mother, Mis. Boyd, have also been pass
ing a part of the Winter in Oreensboro,
have returned to Egypt. Prof. Bell's orig
inal home was in Iowa, he being the son
of a United Presbyterian minister. Mrs.
Bell is the daughter of the late Dr. J. C.
Boyd, a United Presbyterian minister of
Pittsburg. i
A Mountain Out of a Molehill.
Editor, Times: In connection with tfce
many ringing editorials about my ob
structing legislation Saturday morning,
Feb. 6, and the following Monday after
noon by calling for a rising vote, I de
sire to state that the House records show
that upon the Saturday forenoon referred
to 20 bills were regularly entered and 16
other bills were act1 upon. A rising
vote was called for three times, once on
account of an oversight of the speaker in
neglecting to duly attend to the sugges
tion of lack of a quorum. Total length
of the session was 90 minutes, with an
average of about three and one-half min
utes for each of the 10 bills acted upon
iyw'1n1inrr the time for the rollcall in or-
f der to determine a quorum. There was
no other business of any kind either in
House or committee for the rest of the
forenoon and the" whole afternoon.
Upon the Monday afternoon, 18 bills
were entered and 16 others acted upon,
several of an important nature. A ris
ing vote was called for three times, the
speaker himself having declared to me
that the rising vote, as a whole, is prefer
able. Total length of the session was
about 85 minutes about four minutes
each being taken upon the question of
passage of each bill. Average length of
sessions, so far, ha been about 13 hours
per week.
Rising votes bave been taken hereto
fore in about the same proportion, but
none to any extent from call by me.
Several times the rising vote has indi
cated a decision contrary to the appar
ent voice vote. I bave used extreme
care not to cast any reflections upon the
members, either individual or as a unit,
reserving any such possible action until
after the close of tne session; but I am
bold to say, no matter where it may
strike, that any member who has not
the courage or even the desire to stand
up when he votes at all and let it be
known what position he takes, is not fit
to be a member of the assembly; and
no objections can possibly be rained ex
cept lack of courage or physical weak
ness. The voice vote is often a mere lot
tery. The editorial which I read and which,
according to the press, created such a
commotion, was in support of my posi
tion that there Is much danger in a law
maker being "too good."
"Good nature should give way to stern
er things, when the state's welfare is in
"Good natnre should not prevail when
it results in placing useless, encumbering
and unfit measures upon the statute
book. '
"A successful legislator should be made
of sterner things, and one of the first es
sentials U the old-fashioned ability to
look a good-nstured friend in the eye and
say 'No.'"
M. .T. Hapffood.
State House, Montpclier, Feb. 15.
la United States in 1910, According to
U. S. Census.
Of approximately every 5"0 persons in
the Uni -d States in 1910. there was ene
an inmate of an insane asylum. The ex
act figures etprvsed in a recent report
of the census tuirenu, xtste that in a
typical community of 2KVHX) per
son, equally dm. lei as to set. Z"
1 of the males and 2'l of the females
would be found in the inue asylums.
In the course of a yer, 75 mabi and
(Hi malea would lie annmieq 10 me y
lums. In lfHO the total number of in
mates in insane alums in the Unite.1
States included 2M.fi.15 males and 2'1.r;o?
femalwi. Thirty yr later the number
of male inmate bad increased to W.G'U,
and the number of female inmates to WV
tm. The exe-sa of men among admis
sion in I ! 1 0 indicated a still turther m-
creaae in mf firivini, ...".., -.
male to lo0 femalo". An analysis of
thw ailnussions a to the spec ific forma I
of insanity involved bring to light tlie !
it,(..Mijno' f. t that if ahwholie favtbo- i
1 ia and general psralyai ar ik-dueted. j
'the proportion of the ee is praetieally (
I the same. The di mentioned. ajs ,
' the .loiimal of Use Amffkis MeJl A- ,
,m1m,ii sou 1.1 Mtm to be tlux ahiih 1
'penrrally. are t)e result of lieipUon.
i AleolrfJ and svphilia ajsm etablshed
their superiority msti's most danf -r-
ous allied lorn.
Mut Ross Iitvi ia St. AIUbs.
VI Alhkti. Feb. 1J A report i
M.mtrenl uttprrt eat-rdT iwrning to'
'trie i r - 1 .'ip f U'H nr. ,
I P.hm f U a in a rritwl eon-
Jd.ti'.n at t' Tal hospital from tle
j fl-t of taki'i I tl WTeiiry,
i of irtret br from the i" t'1
t ymmg .nin 'if the pt if data
, tTa at 1 t 1 if n. I. ir r-g-tt.tfA
iv"ta Mt '!. V h.l" t.ere
' nit t tW St- ""A aa altar mm and
the St ,n )( -ul aM trW-d to
j A !!'' t t1 i 'r 1"m V-r-'-!
: a-eoter- ate that Vi I'.fm, t
m 't to he " j -aK -l t. mie
, ti,w- As rn.it j a d'wtot"
!!ir in ma" t,e t a t rmu f
, tr tt mr-i - le
7 . : 't v n
4r n.ef i) !. "t '.al a"!
't.i m 'r a - - r t- e
' V,'e ""! T'r''WV ft it-f
Jt ! tt-ft V"Mi I' t
t, , x e.-l t l ; lx"
'.t a If Iw '
t . .--. Wl 1i.k t 1! -
' i ': t. f ' ee-al e? t -?-
' . th IT'. Ie? "a-y.
Celebrated French Violinist Told Wife He
Would Notify Her of Death.
Paris, Feb. 18. This story is going tbo
round of the French papers:
One of the most distinguished violinists
of France, who was married only one
month before the beginning of the war,
said to bis bride on leaving for the front
that if any misfortune happened to him,
he would arrange to let her know It In
advance of the ollicial notification.
Weeks and months went by. without
any bud news, and the bride almost had
forgotten the singular statement made
by her husband in the emotion of separa
tion, when on Sunday morning, dan. 24.
she felt an irresistible desire to play a
certain melody that her husband, Re ml,
was particularly fond of. She openwl
the rase, took out the violin nd all col
or left her cheeks. Two of the strings
were broken, the "ri and the mi." "I
understand," she stammered and stag
gered to a chair. The following day to
ward noon an official from the war de
partment came U inform her that the
Sergeant Remi had died upon
the field of honor.
Royal Slack of Vergennes Almost In
stantly Killed.
Holyoke, Mass., Feb. 15. Royal Slack,
aged 24, was almost instantly killed Sat
urday afternoon at the warehouse of the
J. Russell Co. on Main street.
Slack was going up on the elevator
and nearing the top floor when a truck
loaded with hardware got away from him
and fell off. Slack apparently leaned
over to see what had become of it and
his chest was caught between th eleva
tor and elevator door.
He lived only a few moments. Slack's
home was in" Vergennes, Vt. He had
been in Holyoke only a short time.
Plenty of Coal, But It Is in Big Cfaunkj
with No Help to Break It
Paris. Sept. 15. Paris is still feeling
the lack of fuel. There is said to be
plenty of English coal, but it comes in
great blocks and there is not enough help
to break it up at Rouen, the coal port of
Paris, so as to make it available for the
retail trade. To remedy the situation,
the minister of commerce proposes to re
cruit miners to increase the output of
French mines that are not in the hands
of the Germans.
Should Be Taught in Vocational Schools,
Says Expert.
Factory legislation, the eight-hour
law, as well as some of the methods of
modern industry are needed in many
kitchens, according to Mrs. Iris Prouty
O'Leary, whose bulletin on "Cooking as
a Training for Home-making Vocation
al School," ha just been issued by the
United Mates bureau of tdueation.
"Housekeeping lack the spirit and in
spiration of teamwork," says Mrs.
O'Leary. "The woman who has once
lieen in industry misses the companion
ship to which she ha been accustomed.
8he find herself, therefore, without a
tangible incentive to speed and quality
of work."
Home making outrank all other
trade In the number of persons em
ployed, according to the bulletin. Of
the3l millions of women' over 10 year
old in the United States, 21 million are
engaged in home making. Mrs. O'Leary
point out that "while girl may entr
other trade, the great majority of wom
en lweome. at one time or other, home
maker. Wage earning for them ia but
a temporary affair which they will leave
for a rnisnent jnwition in their own
The bulletin lays emphasis on the fact
that cooking i a scientific process and
should lie taught as such, especially in
the near vocational school that are be
ing eatahlished- "Ability to cook is some.
ti,;n miih which i-verv eirl i bv tradi
tion endowed. No number of poor enok
aeenia to offset the belief that skill in
this trade will come at the call of nec. a
sity. The aim of trad training in
cooking, through tlie oeati"nal school,
la to teach the aubieet in such a a ay
to give actual ability to do this work
under home condition and in a profes
sional manner."
The bulletin deal ard.ly with the
teaching of cooling f.r home making
purposes in the day and evening rlasse
of the vocational school. "J-'uch Inatrue
tion," aaya the Imlletm, "aim to de
vehtp appreciation and t (riva trade
training. The trining should give man
ipulative skill and knowledge of mate
rial to the rttent of producing a com
mercial product." Cooking approached
from the trade rather tha tl menly
rvi!turl side demands eperictred in
tertira and fr more time than is
pirea in the ryulr day bool which
muti nlr t-h by the group
method and fie hut " hour a year to
tlw euhjoct."
Does Smoking Bora Ten?
In tle February Woman's Home Com
paninn Rd!i I.jnde Ilsrtt wr,t "Tit
( H; (.. a of an e-mAer. AIout
rear apo he f up tV w of t-ceo.
and hi lfTM- ia recorded in part a
"I fmind ihst amliiif bored me. t,tk
otW ifflrm-d m.kra, I su.e.l to
r.-f m- d.s'-oinfott, n4 to gain njnr-
T I.
i,.r. and hea l' fun ! f-e out tuf
,1 a n an hat. to nr a V of t w la -r?,
t--h'c h. f l ' ti r. m
nrara sni rir eu t-r w hf be
fmt. ll a'wat !"? tan"l
(!,t Mint t1 t : or eujsr n4
n S of ) i m' th hi T sn'-k i-r
h.ie I tail f'otm a lis li,
a , i, ) m h-r !. IW sts rr-Tlst
,c- .fttet at itrm, and ir niat .
t v ii'"-" ep f a- tt
Mi"f ttn -!"S b.r- ti-r t
Tf4 -ot. m ' tUnht T5 ht.
f., t,g t .W ft. twal 'r t r
L(. t-ti. "
Attmtifn, Hore 0ncrn!
IW le I Itrw at Ha'
anawara so farwwawr s
hi w e ' -mtmrn twmmn. aad mm
mm tM was. as ad sea, Oae ftus
Iwrtae mt ' ! .
i. tfc. mm-mm, mm. hmt mi mwmmmtmm
; mmtmmm
irjtSil . TAHITI
. x A- M w nl
which we are offering for the month of
February seems to lie what a large num
ber of people are looking for. We have
sold a lot of them. This piano cannot
lie sold by others at less tlian $275. We
pay cash, get the lowest price, and are
giving you pianos at prices that defy
competition. Then, anything that Geo.
D. Jarvis it Son warrant for ten years
must be good. We hve sold pianos in
every town in Vermont and have been in
the business for 20 years in Burlington,
and everyone knows that our guarantee
is good. For this month you can buy
this piano for ?105, and pay $10 down
and f8 per month. Send for catalogue
to Geo. D. Jarvis 4- Son, Burlington,
Vermont. Advt
Physician and Surgeon
PhenasNew EntlanA, JJ-H; PaopU'a, ls-t
Tea Tar la General Frarttr
Offlrs at Raaidmcc, Suborn Blsek
PLAINFIELD, VT. Telepbona o-43
Concert ORCHESTRA Dsnra
J I Nslssn Strset Tekpfcsn JOJ-M
music ro AIL OCCA-
1M NorU Main Str Barra, Vsrmoat
OmrE BOl'RS: l In 4 P. M
TambT. TbnrmAmy and batsnJsr
Am br Apnointnwnt
14 ani II BlancnaH Halidlif Tdarnsna II
OSes hi Rasa . Mils HUat(
TatsaksM CsnasrtUa
ornrr wrrRS ' n L '
a. av. Moafer. Twssmr. 1ur.4 sa4 Frus
TaUa Aesa Pralr. Psr Mt
A. ta-to-Psis Amnslsne Tsnnsriisn
FAST BAKBE. VT. Ttlephoet I
WILL1AMST0WN, VT Islephona jli-s
Rsvlnc aa4 r"'' l rt "-. t ana
Prr4 to sr anr fc ft asl tns sr
karfi snils ar strl anna. AaAraa
! Mrs, Clixatnrth La Clair
M (. Ttls I7S-II. Bsrrs. Vt.
Una to a imdde) eharr tk weatKer.
vipnsnre r any eae. if P-t1 trd anay
i i t wtKi Jur.g trcml.lca. k f
Irrit' riuir in tHe m-' :he ewfi.r.1
aei take tnra the eid Anrmf iaU
' f1euK'a. Of ew!" J beoMDM
jaeate. N.id rreiyafcera-Adrt.
Fire Insurance
I rrrrcfTnt revrn
trcn of the larot
srvi lc?t Stock 2nJ
Mutual Fire Ir.-ur-txv.ee
Corn p-anicjt. Ak
fr,r ralei
I wed
We exhibited the Paige six-cylinder,
seven-passenger car that sells for only
?l,3lo at tlio food lair neiu in jiuriingion
under the auspices of the commercial
travelers from Feb. 1 to fi. A gentleman
who makes tho bodies for a noted auto
mobile manufacturer whose car sells
from $1500 to $5,000 examined the body
of the Paige. After looking it all over
carefully, he said: 'That is the most
beautiful body I have ever seen, the
workmanship is nrst'dass, ana tlie tinisn
all that rould be desired." . Remember,
this car is better than 60 horse power,
If you are to purchase a new automo
bile, do not be separated from your mon
ey until you have seen this wonderful
car. (Send for catalogue giving full spe
cifications. Agents wanted in every
town. Address The Jarvis Palace oa
rage, Burlington, Vermont. Advt.
100 HOGS
As we are overstocked with hogs and
crowded for room, we will sell at pub
lie auction to the highest bidder, on
t 1 o'clock in the afternoon, at H. M.
Farnham's sale Btables, at fid Northfield
street, Montpelier, t., 10 minutes' walK
from the Wells River railroad station,
the following:
100 Head of Brood Sows and
consisting of 30 young brood bows, due
to farrow in March and early April; 20
head of older sows, due in March and
early April. These sows show plainly
.. . .. i j i !- i
mai nicy are ureu aim iu guou iwiuuu
for farrowing.
Also, 42 Slick Shoats
raneine from 35 to 100 pounds in weight.
A good, clean, healthy, hardy lot. One
full-blood mule foot sow, bred for her
third litter; 2 young full-blood Mule
Foot sows, one of them bred; 2 young
Berkshire hoars, ready for service; I
larire full-blood Belted Hampshire boar,
a dandy; also 1 Blue Mule Foot boar
and sow. These are our own crossing
and are probably the only Blue Mule
Foots in the world. These hogs are
mostly White Chester and Berkshire.
You will find the whole bunch clean
and healthv. Pics and shoats are bound
to be higher in the next 60 days, so this
is a good opportunity to get what you
want in that line tnat is wick ana ngni
in every way.
Usual terms of credit.
Waterburv Center, Vt.
C. F. SMITH, Auctioneer, Barre, Vt.
to close out our Sleighs, Harness,
Whip and Rob;. Will be sold
regardless of cost. Floor -space
needed for spring goods. Call and
see what we bave.
Phn If
WrauaJ aalss fsf Wttt it 9ft Wl Ita
oa story. Larrsst aslllnc arsnd af lc Clears
la tka a-srl. Fartsry, Manchtslsr, pi. H.
In the settlement of the L. B.
Dodge estate in bankruptcy, I
will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, on
THURSDAY, FEB. 18. 1915
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at
the office of E. R. Davis, in Barre
Citv. Vt.. all unpaid book ac
counts due said estate at that
rraalM af Ik. l R. Dsns Est. la RankrapUr
Auction Sales
of any kind made anywhere. I
am now ready to do the outside
polling that, owing to other busi
ness, I have for some time past
bven obliged to rcfu.e. I will
tnake dates for any ale of any
nd anywhere, and guarantee
TEL. 310
Th Timo will publl.h Want. Lost and
Found. Kor Biile., To l.st. te.-ahort d"
tim.nt-at the ruts of four lin for twenlr
flv cent for the Hint lnnertlon and flv cent,
for sach ubecjunt innenlon.
FOR BALE Lanrs tw-tnment hous with
larife icur.len on Main street, Smith
r-.rl E ns.ll. SfMith Karre. Vt. . 28t'
FOR SALE OK RtHT-aiom snu
on the H. ft W. R. B. ; dimenalona. 80x1-0
ft ; offlcs, 14x24 i ateam hented ! -Un derrick
with sloetric hoistj largs yard room, "ant
wick PolUhing Co., Hardwickf Vt. 2b2tl
....... . . , I 1 ... .4
SSIS-acra farm, will carry 60 eowa i aaw-mlll,
a-rixt-mill, box factory and cider mill ; with
good watsrpowsr ; th farm I stocked with 46
head now; complete aet tools, milking; ma
chine! lame 160-ft. barn i 1 new g-story house,
with hot-water heat and modern plumbina ;
colts rs auiuble for hired help,- all liirhtd by
electricity; aaw-mlll ia equipped with machin
ery snd doe custom work to the amount of
1 1,000.00 per year; grist-mill i lo In ad
shape and is now doing- custom grinding to the
amount of $300.00 per year; there is a boxahop
in connection, which usually pays from $1,200
to $1,600 a year and i o per. led but a short
time: cider mill also, on of tha beat paying
proposition ef kind to be found ; hydraulic press,
evaporator, etc. This affords a chance for any
live man to make money ; csn carry o the
farm with th help required about the mill ; a
large income from the tart; we have ome
photos at th office; let us give you more
particulars. 2itf
NO. 874 Farm of 130 acre on a good auto-
1 , x nil. mm railroad sUltlons
and good market for everything you have to
ell i 40 acre or nice level linage isna ; m
brook and apring-watered pastures: piemy m
I . .i,A ...... MnU .nil vimnff T mil or-
chard; cuta 60 ton of bay; good buildings in
nice repair; barn 40x160 ft., cleated and PahM-
ed; new cement stable; good iz-room r.
i .. I A w.iA, In extra good
shape; H. F. D. and telephone; running spring
water at house and barn: price, $14,200.00;
ttie owner will sell personal property at rea
sonable price. 276tf
Twn.rmip RACRir.R SHOP In good live
town ; rent low ; owner going away and wants
to ell quick ; paying well. 276tf
of Ulsfkwell and Center streets, which th
owner ia very anxious to dispose of at once:
also a small store building near this lot; let
us how It to you : it may be just what you
are looking for. 2"6tf
Our larg Jit of properties make It sy
for you to find just what you r looking
HswUnd-Cav Building.
Barra, Vsrmsnt
Real Estate Agent
k . hi.. . nf VMM uns of una.
about $6 acres in tillage, bslsncs pasture and
woodland; this a norr. isrra. w... -buslneaa
; on this farm U a newly built bobbin
mill, with th latest machinery for making
bobbins, and th owner claims that ther
k w. ni... in Lm.t the mill
running for 10 years: and about 100 M. of
softwood Umber; anyone wanting to buy stock
snd tools, an extra good set of farming nd
lumbering outfit, with an extra good work
team and bead of stock; th price is right
for sale, or wui exenange ior y gjjtf
W a air valley farm, on a good road, within
2V, miles of a larg village and high cnoolj
. i . - u mm! .monl hous. good
horse barn, dandy workshop and henhouse, and
plenty of barnroom lor sujes no
sad hed room lor an voum mum
..k . -i .i. ..k.l .l.nt. of wood for
wiui a n.rw . . . -
place, nd running water at house and barn.
with tha farm ar in neaa oi
row : 4 horses. 10 shoats. 1 brood sow, 10 nens
....I , mt rA farm marhinerv : go
would like this plare for a home; pric of
this farm s omy i,kh;h -
able. i,M
NO. 242 FOR SALE, comfortable hous of
7 rooms : I acres oi lano : snea room n
bsi-n; nie chickenhous. akw a few fruit
trees ; this place would mss a nice noma.
bring so centrally located to th business sec
lion and near to stennahed. Thai nous ia a
: . 1 (A k ..II MimMll
omrgmin " n.w "
down : balance on monthly payment as rent :
let us snow you vnis one.
We Have properties ia all th nearby locali
Ua for sal or exchange: make as a call If
you wbh to aril, buy, ar exchangw properties.
3. J. DASHVER, Real Estate Agent.
Srcsr af tfc Sswth A Dashaer Real Estate
Been I. . IS. Hwlan4-Cava Blag,
Parr Oty. Vt. TL toaw
xvM ax ic nn irvr.Hnnu aa Franklia
street. I rooms. I rereptioa kaikv bts-eoorjl
upctairs. touet downstairs ; laundry room and
paatry : gas. alecUrte IWhta, aad furnace heat ;
rent. i uu.
wo a ft t w io nirkrT t knuea. f
renma. bath, pantrr. sleeping porch ; gea, elec-
trvity, furnace; cast sirve i
TENEMENT Feat sir t, 4 room : $
Tefa-fb $!- a. A. PHELPS CO.
A hrM that will lee
f-eea 1 0 eows ; torn Isxetioa. J B
atewart Narnrfteid. Vt
W1VTIT1 At ewe. nprr lumper fw
pottehlT. WiuL Banrlay ft rafters. tHtt
WANTED- A tads bar karrwe eaa V
tmeinwuisl drafting: irwiaaesit fta aad
rod - to rurtt rew" Address Rcr
Kn.. hsrua. t: ptttmrn xe-s. '
is- IVTTn- raster ear: ) r "4
ttrmmt wl"' ewsit Artl m A S. ",mM
M.aia)wT Ha-s. aioenwiarr. H
Hrpr han r to immin-rt
4ir?w,rit te4S t wages. mrH. knard. Tmm4
,,M fertew h m -VI lw-"ve I
Vr Wrtte A Ida Omtm Ms i w I
KTiTlt F.- VaM " trVe tet. w.
ftm 1. w. -T tr -t.m-w. r-r" a-f
- nuaarr h- r w a T "k- I
w ywar waats. K t -ra, -
r :i'
Jot Anited
W M -t " a ''-"eV ea;'-
r.t. : w.ll ant rrmr f imm m
1 ! mmm
m aad all wsaa. J aad m. j
t f
m m
jrea T03 aat r
af Jew5ry. rent im tm
J ae rtr jJe8 mj'f.
j O. J. DODGE. The Jc i kr j
. I S.W e-vd f- -Baa- laeWt" a Hr. J
L.. , i ' -M-.al
pl-ununt location, some for light houaekveplng I
also, if you desire to employ assistant in any
linu of lubor, or wih a siluulwin, cull on, call
up, nr addrnw Csvltal Kmployment Agency,
104 Main strict. Montpoliur, Vt.
CO'iTAGE TO RKNT Corner of Eastern
avenue and. Kant street. Apply next house, 83
Eastern avrnus. 278lf
TO RKNT tight-room cottage hous on
Merchant -treeti modern conveniences, in
eluding a set range) also a good barn and
garden. Inquir D. A. Perry Real Estate
Agency, r 26411
TO RENT Tenement for rent on first floor
with modern improvements and furnace heat,
1 Pleasant street. E. L. Denamoro. 2mt
TO RENT Two front rooms (ultabl for
offices : corner of North Main and Granite
tracts. Apply at Creamery. 100 North Msln
tract 186tt
TO RENT Lower tenement, a Quarry
street, with barn and earrisgehouse. Ie (mall
family; IV, mile from Burr City: term
moderate for th winter. Box 72. R. F. O.
No. 4. Jsf
FOR SALE Well-equipped monumental,
works In central Illinois, doing a good buainee
each year; equipment, 1 60-h. p. ateam engine,
1 60-h. p. boiler, 1 9x8 Blnisdell air com
pressor, ftO feet air per minute; 2 poliehing
machines. 1 10-ton traveling crane, 1 larg
Kolten eurfacar. 1 6-ton hoist on beam trav
eler used for turning stones for suifecer:
pumper or hand surfaoer, drilling machine end
a lot of small pneumatic tools and lota of
hand tools ; blacksmith I shop and tools for
same ; good buildings on main switch ; good
stock of monument snd a lot of rough stock.
This is a snap for a man who want a place all
ready to start business or for a few good men
to form a company ; good rich country around
here. The entire business will invoice about
$8,000; will take $5,600 for quick sale. Estab
lished 11 year. We have a reputation for
doing fl rot -class work. Photo at Barre Daily '
Times office. Addres "B-4," Barre Daily
Times office. 272tl8eod
TO RENT Five-room tenement with g
lUfht and range; pantry and woodshed; stall
for horse: also store with glass front, in fin
locality for grocery. J. N. McLellan, 95 East
street; tel. 178-12. , 284tf
FOR SALE Entire stock of confectionery
and tobacco (domestic and imported) ; also all
store fixtures ; must be sold at once to close
the estate of late Oscar Borgh ; prospective
buyer ar asked to call at the store, 821 North
Main street, Barre, Vt ; Hilbert Samuelson,
administrator. 283tf
FOR SALE 40 Rhode Island Red pullets
that are laying, to make room for spring
mating ; none better for laying. R. E. Berk
ley. Barre. Vt ; tel. 807-22. 288tf
FOR SALE A Round Oak heater. No. 7i
Mann bone cutter; 1 bay mar. Call at 128
Washington street, Barre, Vt 283t8
FOR SALE A new Green Mountain silo,
14x20 ft; Oliver sulky plow; Osborne mowing
machine: hay rake; disc harrow and smooth
ing harrow : these tools hsve been used two
seasons : will sell at a sacrifice. W. S. Halsey.
East Orange. Vt 283t6
FOR SALE Dry block wood, $3.00 per run
delivered ; also cedar poets. W. P. Cheney,
telephone 894-84, Barre, Vt 28U6
FOR SALE To make room for breeding
pens. ( offer for sale 26 pullets in Isying
condition. E. M. White, 27 Upland avenue:
telephone 817-2. 281tf
FOR SALE Westinghouse Induction motor,
40 h. p., constant speed. 2,200 volte, 10.5 am
per, $ phase, 60 cycle, speed K50 r. p. m. ;
good condition. Address Fred B. Allen, Par.
net. Vt. R. F. D. No. 1. 278tl2
WANTED To sell between 2,000 and 2.000
cords of hard wood on stump, V mile from
sidetrack at Roxbury, Vt ; good chance to
make money. P. O. box 24, Randolph. Vt.
FOR RALE Eggs and stock from my fsnry
strain Blue Andalusians : great Isyers ; win
ners at Montpelier, Hsrdwick, and St Albans
hows : orders booked now at $2.00 per setting.
Addrws W. J. Coate. East Calais, Vt 272tl
FOR SALE A-No. 1 maple wood:
measure guaranteed ; delivered at one. Tele
phone 476-1. Mrs. L. D. Gale. Williamstown.
Vt 26tf
FOR SALE Lumber, dimeastoa IA special
ty: green wood. $2.60 delivered ia city, for
cask ; wanted, mea and teams to work la
wooda. F. E. Dowaing. tat 108-4 Barra, or
2B.O Waehlngtoa. llttl
FOR SALE-Lrvm horse sad cow hay. E.
Carleton. 21 Highland aveauej 'pnoae 441-U.
Small and large iies : order now ; a few
machine used on season.
Orang Csanty and New England Telephec.es
Will teka wood, hay or straw ia exchange.
Orang Caaaty ana New England TeUpheaea
T eranita Mantifarturera. Trw nor
Guaranteed Three-Phased Electric Heat
er on Tour Nurfaoe Cutter. Intalle4
on power rate.
Watertmry, Vt.
Team, and Farm Harness
Plenty of Team Harness
ricnty of Farm Harries
rRn r.s awat now n low
New lot of Drivijr Harne, all
the rew aprinir styles at lat pea
on rrices.
tt Par t Tab Tl a W CaMws"
AXTTU-Ts hrmr
a fswi wm etars
Address "I
rare mi Tine .
t-ATTT ei rm-tm, a-wa. eaa
Kni. ealvo. waated 1 all tm-m : nrfce! raa
p-was ead a": mt mH and e-frar ca
rWSW Bt'lstW ee e-4- S'f
r.r-ir win ,
will as sewing teat Tueahnae Js-t '
m vt mmtr at a
wt. av -,- t-t fit
at SVT A r!'"" ev I ea
mtrmt. nlff. t, I
?asej r WTTT-f -etw4 se
. af .a"-a e al t-wr wwra
f A. Iki-waa. II T.-d eaeev. se t n l
a "f
advkrtise Yorn

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