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Corn-Mad ?iJse
"GETS-IT," It's Sure
Makes Corns Vanish Like Magic!
A hard cap of (kin makes up every corn.
Wlien you put two drops of "GETS-IT" on
It, it shrivel up and comes riaht off and
there's your corn gone, by thunder I Simple
a taking- off your hat I That's why corn.
Don't Wast. Tims Hollerin.M "CETS-TT.-World's
Simplest Corn-Cure, Never Fails.
millions have gone wild over "GETS-IT"
nothing like it ever known. Some folks, to
this day, putter around with bandages, sticky
tape, thick plasters, corn "pulling", salves,
gouge corns out with knives, snip them with
scissors, make them bleed and then howl be
cause they can't get rid of sore corns. Use
"GETS-IT." There's nothing to do but apply
two drops. The work is done, "GETS-IT" does
the rest. No pain, no fussing, no changing
shoes, no limping. It never fails. Try it to
night lor any corn, 'Callous, wart or bunion.
Be sure that you get "GETS-IT" and nothing
"CETS-IT" is sold 'by druggUts everywhere,
25c a bottle, or sent direct by E. Lawrence A
Co., Chicago.
Mrs. Robert Johnson Died After Several
Weeks' Illness With Stomach Trouble.
Mm. Robert .ToIiuhoii died at her home
in South Washington, Thursday, April
1, after an illness of several weeks from
a chronic utomuch trouble. The funeral
wan held from tlm"M(.'thodist church Sat
urday afternoon, Rev. A. B. Knri?ht olli
dating and interment was in the Brown
family lot in Highland cemetery by the
side of her husbnnd, Rev. Calvin M.
Brown, and also her son, Hufus William
Brown, who at the time of his death
was preparing for the ministry. Mrs.
Johnson is survived by four dnnghters
and one son: .Mrs. Homer B. Fuller,
Mrs. l'hil S. dough, Mrs. John Tlioiup-j
son and Miss Ruth Brown, all of WaBli
ington, and Charles P. Brown, whose
whereabouts is unknown, ho having en
listed in the regular army a fow years
since, and who, for the past two years
lias not been heard from. The 'bearers
were the three sons-in-law, II. B. Fuller,
P. 8. Clough and John Thompson, and
Fred C. Waldo. Mrs. Johnson was about
50 vears old.
Miss Mabel Judd started on Monday
night for New England, X. )., where
she is to meet friends and make -her home
in the future,
Mrs. C. E. Root returned Monday night
from a ten days' visit in Brooklyn', X. Y.,
where she has been with her daughter,
' Mrs. Harry Hudson, and other relatives.
Miss Mabel (Jirard, who has been pass
ing the week's vacation from school
here at Winsted, Conn., returned home
Sunday night, to resume her work on
Monday, when the high school and grad
ed schools resumed their session.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dumas and
their children of Montpclirr were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. (leorge Dumas
over Saturday and Sunday, and Mr. Du
mas assisted the choir of the Catholic
church in their Faster music,
Mr. and Mr. Ceorge Allen are expect
ed to arrive here the first of the week
from a four months' stay passed in Flor
ida. A part of the journey will be made
by automobile, and the rest by rail
load. Clestic Stevens and his daughter, Miss
Bessie, returned Sunday from a visit
in Hanover, X. H., with Mrs. James
Miss Annie Wood left Sunday night
for Essex, where she went to resume her
teaching after a few days' vacation here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Miss Clara Pember of Rochester closed
a two weeks visit here with friends
Saturday and started for her home, stop
ping on" for a short stay with her sister
in ihirnard.
Mrs. Arthur Drake and her children
went to Rochester on Monday to visit
Mrs. Drake's mother, Mrs. Roberts, who
is in trail liealtli.
Miss Klixaheth Campbell, who has been
ith Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. .tones during her
vacation of a week, returned on Monday
to resume her teaching in Bellows Falls.
V. W. Sprague, who was summoned
home on account of the illness of Mrs.
Sprague, left on Monday to resume his
work as a traveling salesman, leaving
Mrs. Sprague, able to be out.
Pearl (lough left on Monday for
several days' stay in Nashua. Ixiwell, and
Uoton, where he has relatives.
W. S. Crane has returned from a sev
eral weeks' stay in Boston, and is now
at the home of bis sister, Miss Kither
ine Crane, on the Highlands.
Mrs. diaries Burridge went to Clare
iiiont. .N. H Monday to visit her son.
Wallace Burridge, and family, for a few j
Alonzo Taylor of Barre came last
week to spend a short time at the home
of his daughter, Mrs. George D. Lyford,
in South Washington.
Titus II. Wilfore, who spent a few
days at his home here, returned to his
work at St. Johnsbury last Tuesday.
Kay II. Dearborn made the return trip
with him by auto and returned home
later in the week.
Harold Corwin, a member of the Benior
class in Dartmouth college, arrived in
town last Saturday to spend a short
vacation at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Corwin.
Representative Stanley C. Wilson re
turned home Saturday evening from
Mrs. C. M. Bickford has Teceived the
news of the death of her brother, Mel
lfii C. Hooker, at his liome in Washing
ton, D. C. Mr. Hooker was a lawyer by
The high school arid grades opened
for the spring term Monday, April 5,
with the same teachers as held forth
in the winter term.
The Cleveland blacksmith shop, owned
bv B. II. Adams, which has been occu
pied for the past twenty years by W. II.
Hill, has been rented to John Paul, and
lie and his brother, Charles Paul, will
conduct a general blacksmithing business
there in the future. They took possession
April 3.
Leslie A. Bragg, who has been at his
farm in South Washington most of the
time since February 1, returned last
week Tuesday to Milford, N. If., where
he has had employment during the past
year and where he is working up quite
a business in handling print butter and
maple products.
Mrs. A. T. Marshall and children visit
ed friends in Boston last week.
Mrs. J." I). Lane, who has spent the
winter in town with her mother, Mrs.
W. A. Hood, ha returned to her home
in Boston.
Mrs. Georg? Kimball of Boston, has
come to spend the summer with her sis-ter-in-law,
Mrs. Arthur If. Camp.
Wednesday evening of this week an
apron social will be held at grange hall
from 7 until 10 o'clock.
tieorge H. Hettrick is working at the
Moulton steam mill in the edge of Wil-liamstown.
Mrs. William Wilson went recently
to Woodsville, N. II., W'here she is the
guest of relatives.
Miss Blanche Reed, who has been
spending a two weeks' vacation at the
home of her father. Elmer . Reed, has
returned to Randolph, where she has em
plovment at the Randolph inn.
Mrs. Bess T. Harper of Franklin, X.
II., came last week to remain for a time
with her brother, C. Cornelius Scales
whose condition has not leen tjuite us
favorable of late.
Miss Edith II. Barnes, a former teacl
it in the high school here, whs a recent
guest of Mrs. Elgin D. Barnes at the
Orange Count v hotel. She returned to
her home in Barre last week
Henry A. Boyce of this town and
Amanda tloulette of Washington were
married bv Rev, A. B. Enright at the
Methodist parsonage Sunday afternoon
April 4.
At te 'town farm auction, Held on
Tneaday, March 30, there was an unusit
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D. I. I. sinks Into the pores, kills)
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the skin free to receive nature's heal
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All Druggists.
Miss Ivilou McKay went to Hanover,
X. II., hospital last Wednesday, where
she underwent an operation for an ab-
sccsb in her side. She was accompanied!
by her father, D. U. McKay, and Dr.
li. W. Darling of houtli Kyegate.
I'. J. McNainara was in Orange the
first of the week to see W, G. Rogers,
who is very Bl.
, Charles Evans has gone to Waits Riv
er to assist J. W. Zwicker in the com
pletion of the new school building.
Miss Noble, who has been the guest of
C. E. and Miss Evelyn MacDonald, has
returned to her home in New York City.
Will Frost is on the sick list. Dr.
I. N. Eastman of Oroton was called to
see him hist Friday,
Edward (ireen is more comfortable at
this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Caldwdl were in
Newbury last Monday.
Mrs. J. A. Dodge and son, George, of
Waits Kiver, were guests of Mrs, P. J,
McXamara Saturday.
Putnam Hayward is in town, visiting
friends and relatives.
Harry Currier of South Rvegate was in
town over Sunday.
Miss Ruth Sawyer has returned to her
school at Beecher Falls.
Miss Alice MeLam is home from John
son normal school for a short vaca
tion. Mr. and Airs. F. A. Hayward and Milo
Kezer of West Fairlee were in town
MiKS Hattie White, who has been
spending the winter in Barre with her
sister. Mrs. John Hood, will work for
Mrs. J. K. White through the sugar season.
- neserve
Can Uncle Sam
Our foralm rvUtlou hm bora ctriinwl alnuwt
to lam Droft&ing point, itf tinftM BtatM ou
ben lAd down to ti very brink of war. Th 0r
toonttta of tk country hmv Interpreted tfaenplrlt
ot taw time ua mrm recording wiin tneir pmnm
thi piritod ahptr In hm nUan' Malory.
(MM fcy H. It. IMmt. feMMHr if h1 Mmtoin Hun l)
PreMBta ovt month the cream of earicnture
both ia America and Furop. It la m Trrftnble
panorama of the war. h At the nations think of
each other ia beat told by the cartoon which note
under the surface andechooa the very thoughts of
the people. Cartoons MagrisUie la thn most fas
cinating contineed atory of world erenta ever
written. Tbe pictorial pagea are supplemented
by well-eelected editorial comment and npwial
articles. Invaluable to the library, the buslaete
man, the student of current ereuta
A tfettar bill mal the eewpsM will brine f Mir
i maMitftie' trial eMkeeriatlMaBsMMMa
Unrloa4 llnrt 11.00 for whk
av a44rM fur four KootJu.
Mra. F. O. Merriih ld. who has been I all v larpe attendanee and Charles F.
pasaing ten days with her daughter and
liuhand. Mr. and Mra. Mark Morse, has
returned to her home in Orafton.
Charles Blai-ih ll of White Itiver June
lion, has eome to stay a few days with
hia sixter, Mra. F. H. Ketehura.
Mra. Hattie Ij(liiia of Hanover, X. If.,
ha a been the guest of her Wother and
wife. Mr. wnd Mrs. Iishua, for several
Tbe high and graded schools oened
ftt Monday with the iiusl nnnilxr nf
t'a'ber nnd pupils. Mis IhiBoia, l e
been In Hanover, the guest of her eniisin.
Dr. Frot, it is understood, was detained
br f!Iii ..
Mr. and Mra. M. I. t'lmrrh nare re
turned from a winter's sojourn in ;re-n-field.
rred U edirewoi.d of Ew Juneticn
was liere last Week.
SrbnoW in town will re-gin Mondar.
April lt.
W illiam C oojT ba nnvel int the
(mow m t lie It)li.'"t tarrn and wi'l
ntk fr W. II. llnrMi.
Hh-B Wlieeler .f Kast Wn'iitr-e
Smith of Barre, the well known auetion
eer. kept the crowd good riatured and in
a good bidding mood and all property
brouiflit good priera. The farm aold at
l.fi0 to V. Bert Fletcher, who will oe
(iioy the .same as soon as be ran g t
moved tere.
Hale W. )fattoon w.-nt recently to
Hanover, N. H.,'to consult a peeialit
coneernmg the eye be seriously ftijured
a few weeks since, and it is understood
that the seeialist gave him but little
eneourairrmriit that tbe sight of the in
jureil memlsr eruld ever be restored.
Cadets John W. Sprarue and GeraH
A. Biby arrived in ttwn last week to
spend their Fter vacation from their
studies at Norwich university, st their
repetive homes.
tr (liandler was in Burre Wednesday
and airain Friday on btiinea.
Tlie reHirs blackbird were srj in
large floiks WeHwa.lay. and the bronr
graiklea are tilling tbe air with their
imiv rbatte.
Mr. Klb'n Nve Iwren'-e l,sa been
Mrs. Gertrude Hunt and daughter,
Marion, of Ix-banon, X. If., have been
spending a frty days with her mother,
Mrs. Deborah Kay.
Mr. and Mra. Ned .'nderwood were bus
iness visir in St. Albans lust Thurs
day and Friday.
Alfred lllsrkhall of Burlington visited
friends on the Street last week.
Miss Alice Fay has returned to Peeh
am. where she is attending school.
Miss Helen Russell has been spending
ber haster vacation with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C, S, Russell.
Miss Ada Fay is slowly improving.
Mrs. Tnonias, who has been raring for
her. has returned to her home in Hard
wick. Misses Gertrude and Geraldine Mon
tague of Hardwhk have been recent
guests of their cousin, Miss Clara Olm
sted. The home of Mr. and Mra. C. S. Russell
was the scene of apicasant occasion Fri
lar evening, when a partv of voung peo
pie were royallv entertained by Misses
Helen snd htliel Russell.
Death of Miss Maiy Bout well, After 35
Years' Spinal Trouble.
Miss Mary Houtwell passed awny
about 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon after
more than 35 years of pHtient suffering
from a spinal trouble. Funeral services
were held FrUiay, Rev. J. W Miller of
Bethel officiating. Interment was in Mt.
I'leasant cemetery. The sympathy of
the community is extended to the sis
ters. Miss I,ura Boutwell, Mrs. A. A.
Densmore and a brother, Klisha Bout
well, who have most unselfishly given
her every care and attention in all these
Joseph W, Curtis is seriously ill with
Mrs. Ransom Greene of Palmer, Mass.,
is viHitinjf her parents, )r. and Mrs, 0. D.
Charles Miuiney hug gone to visit
uuugiiter at Morin Heights, P. Q.
Dr. V. H. Kddv and Robert S. Adams
were interrupted last Saturday by a
storm In Matsuc'husetts on their way to
Bethel in a new automotive, which ihev
i .... ' .
ieiv at israuieboro, making the rest of
me journey oy train.
The high school Washi iiL'toir niirf v re.
turned .Saturday except Kenneth Spauld-
nuu aiujipcu on ior a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Davis uiirl nnn
Kdwin, returned Sunday from a nleas-
....41 i. ...
niiv nuiiLjicri) inp,
Carl II. Katori oV Hancock is here a
few days, buying tattle.
Mrs. Hannah Snow will reach her 08th
birthday anniversary Thursday. She was
torn here, only three miles from her
present home.
The following officers were elected at
the hist meeting of the Masonic lodge:
W. M.. Dr. F. A. Edmundsj S. W., Harold
P. Perkins i J. W., F. C. Putnam; treas
urer, A. Lee Cady; secretary, C. O.
Spaulding. The following appointive of
ficers were named: Chaplain, W. It.
Jinggs; S. D Burns h. Osgood; J.,D.,
muslin Ji. motile; is. John Noble; J. S
.ii. r.. ijiiskeii; tyU-r, Fred R. West;
nmrsnai, j liishman. All were in
stalled at the Bimie meeting.
James Johnston eaftie Inst week from
Milford, V. If., to succeed Joseph F. Ber-
iani as iiiuiilorn ot the inn. He is ac
companied by Mrs. Johnston. The Ber-
tani family went to Boston.
Mr. anil Mrs. Adams Maynard have re
turned from Windsor, where they have
iiveu i wo yt-ars,
Mrs. Florence Worthen attended the
runenil of her foster mother, Mrs. Han
nah Long, in StockbridgeNast Friday.
Mrs. Long, who was 8'i years of ago,
was a sister of the lute A. K. Raker of
Stockbridge. She fell and broke a hip
about six weeks ago. ,
Rooms for a tailor slion are heinf? fit.
ted up in the old liverv office adjoining
the Bethel inn block. '
Daniel Toland of Burke. X. V.. baa
bought the farm of his brother, William
It stands to reason
that a paint thoroughly mixed ac
cording to a scientific formula is a
much better article than a hit-or-
misa mixture.
Bay Stale Liquid Paint
covers more surface and lasts longer than ordinary
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VlOCOfittitot imerior wall finish is highly san
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Writ lout for an intmrmitin fn booklet about paint. Sindvtyoar
dtaltr ' noma if hm domtn ' bandit Bay Stat. Color card fro, too.
WADSWORTH, HOVVLAND & CO., Inc., Boston, Mass.
largest Ptlat aotf Vanish Mkr$ mi aoy Contitit el Itad is New laalni.
Cvrus Adams of Franklin, X. IT., spent ' , T 0t l"""th,'r- William
Thursday night with his sister, Mrs. D. lo'". who bought it from him seven
F. Gould.
46 Main St., Barre, Vt.
Barre Opera House Has Peerless Pendle
ton This Week.
Peerless Pendleton and his company
opened - last night at the opera house
for a week's engagement under the most
islature has followed in dealing with it.
He urged the disuse of the practice not
because the reading of the Bible was "un
just or unlawful" but because its use "is
not a living practice, but a dead sym
bol": "It is hn assertion of a religious char
acter in our school system. It is as tho
avnihol of something which is felt to bo
favorable auspices, and a large house so f(.t.Ijl(, of rPanty that without this
greeted and applauded their work. Mr.
Pendleton, assisted by Mrs. Peudleton,
Mrs. K. G. Somerville has returned to
her home in Burlington.
Harry I.yford and Joseph Murphy of
Barre were at W. K. Ixuig's the past
Mra. I., O. Oolcbrook. Italic and Jen
nie (olebrook have returned from North-field.
Frank Weston has moved from the Mc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wyman re
turned to Boston Friday,
At the special town meeting held on
Wednesday, April 3, John A, Chedel was
elected town clerk.
Albert Tucker, who has been living
near the steam mill plant of Joseph
Green, has moved his household goods to
the farmhouse of M. C. Chamberlain on
Whitcomb hill.
Mrs. Alma Newell and Mrs. Albert
Newell of Bethel were at the former's
home in this village the last of the
week. '
O. ,T. Richardson. Mrs. It. K. Wilson
snd Jerry Wilson were in Boxbiiry Mon
day to attend the funeral of Harrison
Mrs. Walter Blanehard snd daughter,
Helen, are visiting the former's grand
parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Peter Garon, in
Mrs. Katheriue Farrar is a visitor at
the home of her son. Don Farrar. in Lvn-
donville. She will later go to live with
her sister, Mrs. Hattie Hale, in Rich
ford. Mrs. Fred Brown is spending some
time with her daughter, Mrs. Karl Ford,
in Randolph.
Merville Gould of Randolph was with
his parents, Mr. and Mra. I). F. Gould,
from Friday until Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Waldo were in
Montpelicr Monday and Tuesday, guests
of Senator John A. Chedel.
Frank Ketchum of Randolph was in
town the first of the week.
Mrs. W. K. Kefchum has Is'cn quite ill.'
Miss Fmnia Nye is assisting with the
household duties for a while. I
years ago.
RoWrt Paine returned yesterday to re
sume his studies at the Worcester Poly-
technic institute, after spending -a vaca
tion with his parents.
George F.. Daries returned yesterday
. A l. i'..: . e i , -
t i in n pur 01 ermoni
Miss Marion Lord of Sharon has been
viiting her brother, Reuben Lord, for
the past week.
Mrs. Martha Hammninl returned to
her honiH in Washington last Saturday,
after an extended stay with friends in
Miss Berniec Magoon returned home
last week, after spending the winter in
Greenfield, Mass.
The schools in town commenced on
Monday, April 12.
Rosary Ilisson of St. Michael's college,
Winoot-ki, is spending a short vacation
at the home of his parents.
Miss Florence Cutler returned Sunday
from a two weeks' visit with friends in
Rev. A. J. Ixrd returned to Bangor,
Me., on Monday, to resume his studies
at the theological seminary there.
Russell CofTrin of Barre was a guest
of Porter-Lord last week.
Will Rogers has been seriously ill for
the past few weeks.
The siik ones are all Is-fter.
S ...:
demonstrated why he had received the
sobriquet of "The Modern Miracle Man"
with a manifestation of experiments in
psychijc pheiioiuona that was little short
of bewildering. , He not only told the
past and present of many in the house,
but astounded them by bis accurate
kiiowledi" of their very thoughts. In
symbol it would not be recognized of
something which has really passed away.
It is analogous to that which some good
people are very anxious to secure, the
insertion of the name of God in the pre-
l amble to the constitution of the United
States, and is subject to the same crit
icism which that attempt suggests, that
if it is real it is not needed and if it is
needed it is not real."
The character of the public schools of
Vermont or of any other state represents
the character of the community whose
children they teach. If that community
is religious in its tendencies its public
schools will show the same tendencies;
if the community is irreligious its lack
of that quality will be found in its
schools, and the mere reading of a few
verses from the Bible will not change
the character of the school. The coun
sel of Phillips Brooks is as safe a guida
to-day as the day it was given:
"Wlien the nation is truly Chpslia'n.
the nation's schools will be Christian
without any effort or the act of any
school committee. Until that time shall
come it is our task to make the secular
i school as lofty as its nature will allowr
land to do what we can to increase in tho
1 community that broad and unscctriau
religions life which the schools cannot
but feel and to which, when it becomes
universal, they must submit themselves."
It was not a contribution to "unsec
tarianism" for the committee on con
stitutional amendments of our own leg
islature to report that the Batchelder pe
tition prohibiting a practice long ago
ended and not now agitated, the appro
priation of public moneys for the sup
port not of public schools, which is novr
prohibited by the constitution, but of
nu-..i-m nua ,,w-.;, m m.rta ini mt tn the I an v sort of sectarian institution. iMiat-
Im-al labor trouble, he asserted that it ever we may think of the sincerity of
would be sctlied before the last week of I the signers of that petition, it bears the
this month. He also told at the matinee !"'"' "f "-secretary of the A P. A,
performance the correct outcome of the
Johnson-N ilhird tight. He stated that
the German ship F.itel Frederich would
never reach (ierman shore, until the war
had expired, thus Intimating that it
would 'lie interned. He answered quos-
Mrs. Kva White was called to Rutland ; Stoker in Danville Sunday.
D. A. Colla-rth and Sidney CotWth um ,n rn " "ml H"'
,.r in M..nneli.r Xfnn.fav tacilltV SPfl Celerity.
(oldie lihlictt was a guest of hmiua
The Kmcris in their latest sketch.
"Here and There," were
last Tuesday by the serious illness of
her daughter, Mrs. Icon Reed,
Mrs. Florence Wyman of Bethel was
s visitor at C. D. Traxk's the last of the
Mra. Nellie Neff of Sto.kbri.lge called;
on friends in town Saturday. I
Misa Wills Marsh of Barre has been
Mrs. Hiram Darliriir of Fast Hardwick ' scream from start to finish. One of the
was a visitor here at ber father's last important participants, not on the pro
week, gram, was the famous dog "Boston,"
A daughter was born to Mr. anJ Mrs. , known aa "The orginal drunk." As a
Wesley Hill Sunday, April 4. j character artist. Mr. Kmery i equal, if
'not superior, to snv one we have seen
Kinney bouse on Dana bill to the Jo- the guest of Miss Ijivein Hunt for the
w-ph St-ong limine and baa employment
with . t. .lo'lyn.
Mrs. B. L. Campbell of Wstifbury was
in town the past week.
Mra. Robert Maxwell has gone to Heat-
on hospital.
John Met arthv of Ijiwrence, Mass, Is
s guest st J. A. Niell's.
I.vclvn JoIm returned Sat unlay to
Buil ington.
Miss Kvelvn Wella has returned to
Hov Neweomb of i orceafer, M. is
visiting relatives in town.
Vmir choice of ten double-disc records
for .. Ak alwut tbe special (Ter, II
reenrda for l r,X W. M. Williams,
i!liam1nn. l.
Came Ilurke-lionyo of Barre invites
the ladies of WiIIiamMnwa tn attend
tbe opening of pring millinery at the
llort, MeAllisiet, Martin Co. tire Ve4
H-oday. Thursday and Friday.
past week.
and the legislators on Beacon hill whm
voted for the adoption of this amend
ment must fsce the charge in the nevfc
csmpaign that they followed the leader
ship of a onetime A. P. A. officer in re
porting or voting for legislation which
from the first we have ventured to re
gard as unwise and unkindly, because it
was sectarian in spirit, and unnecessary
W.iuse the sort of appropriation which
is prohibited is unasked to-day by any
sect. Of course the report of the com
mittee, which was favorable by only one
vote, will be rejected in the House and
we hope rejected by a larger msjority
than ever before. The Vermont b-gisla-ture
baa shown such common sense and
in some time. lie is a thorough a rtist,; straight forward sincerity in dealing with
with an excellent wardrobe. it somewhat similar question that our
Mrs. Pendleton, wlio has been ill for'own repreaentativea on itcaeon inn mai
TIRED, ACHING FEET !' four week., .pred .gain,t ;'" TliUn'Tnsr'Vr
jthe advi.-e of Dr. Sprague. and will en-; for light and guidance.-Boston Trail-
"Oh, Glorious Relief! How My Sore,
Swollen, Sweaty, Calloused Feet
Ached for 'TIZ.'"
PuH Jobnny, PuD!"
Musterok Loosen op Those Stiff
Joint Drive Out Pain
k. t.f 1r. IV. th tt lUmrA
wa an n-r-"iindy visitor at J. '. He- r,n,sda v
r?'- ... ., ... ! Mr. snd' Mra. tlaire Thi-iW have bei
...ted .., die grange Saturday erm-. M,v ;. wn,kmir nr Lester j J7.FOLE anct fern experience tl glad
" Inline- tl.twjrh ie ui-r m. I relief rt rrn.
" : . I lber Miktugbt sd Irl Wi!lars tiet m f at once Iran tV fieret
m were tn iaiiv f terwlaiw-e at t he iloodjrss: Stnre. It IS a clean. hit rnt-
rJOftOIIQ Psrinflss ,r"'' Mr.r-l'T at e.-k. I mert f-v4e w ih tue cnT f f rnnMard. fcrt-
'UMJ tr. t rt-A Ttmnx-nd was in Vlmtlw- lrr ihi tnnttii-4 i.',rr in4 ilrl n4
li.f and Barre Saturday. Mister, l.rinra ran? nd ccmifort silide
Vim Hfcbt'tsne. niees- ,f V. Fred 'it t l-et ru" rie4 rn
inary. rT:t -afr.!r and Son!ay it ii 'rarnr and rtnrfe. M.lStons nf jrs S'e
lie sunt in H 'HUf. tiei somist'y nr Itronc hiris, Iroofl,
ical Headaches
Succumb ta AittFlCammj Tablets
deavor to ssist Mr. Pendleton st all
of the evening performances. Ad.
Vermont's Eismpl.
Don't Hesitate on the Brink.
If there is any doubt in your mind about
obtaining life insurance, you admit to
crmont is one of the wealthiest stales . yourself its necessity. Send for booklet
in the union becaue
What her rugged soil denies
Tbe harvest of the mind supplies
to-day as truly as when Whit tier sang,
ihpsnired common ene jsesea the
public mind of thcfJieen Mountain state,
and its reign at Montpelicr fa recorded
in the report tnday of the reject ion bv
the legislature of a Mil t" make compul
sory the reading f the Bible in the pub-'
lie Vi hools. Similar fmpnts are pend
ing at Alliarv and several ether state
capitals. The Vermont bgislature'a ac
tion sets sn example will worthy I'm-
emulation f other states. Hre ia in
volved no question of the right of the
state to say whit shall he read of not
read in its rublie schools. The name
to-day stating age. National Life Ins.
Co.. ofVt. (Mutual.) S. S. Ballard, gen
et al agent, Lawrence building, Montpe
licr, Vt.
a kn cf Beiuty In s Jf
kit. T. Fslla Oaurauar Oriental
Crssm r M(toail Bsstlflsr.
a Tsau rT
m. Snb rvs
ass s
Mir. saa
m SafcSiSHB. It
THs 1vt. a tdnt at iddard ' S? rl Nk. Ajstr-aV Jv'enralgia, Cnee
YMs trnohl efmtil rs'-4 "aW-S
Sfh." is a4 I tM sine ta tbe retti'HI if
sir ia tte vt-m. -fi tt t omit i . -...' , .
a pn. r tt, A tb -ln4 M rs f wmmaM . b'ne e-er l.-t-r mi ffv. IVwt. Iv-tma""n, Ltmlsat-
tJM hww -s. r that M t a imM da v. ! Pamt and Ac ben f the r.xk or J'-m-s,
r-.ti-.....: s ia reruio c-a, h,(h I ,,Ttt ts, ,,'1, H-x , 1 Sram. hrr Matclt. Lrtrc, 3-
t"t M t"e. I . . . . , 1 r- m . - u m .1. sk.,
JiTar part at -. nnnit-i a- i-ifu. w rcri i m, st .m
dav. " ( ftesi f'" '!' Pr-!-nrni 1.
If rram iirrw stt-d-d t ffTvrl' At jotrr t'mrr'fl'l, tn V and 5V !'.
t4 Hrt ipi t North Mst.rser and a ;rciiJ Urre lipwil or l
k.ojt t-e Tt- y-sj frf t! rrtuatrai JJ t
V-. t4 V- CtianW and f,r-t, T? KOi.fl
w fcera t ratwnt l watiM t ra"e
If the fain t""a anrtjrt e'. an4 If.
A. 9. a.Dl'toi-ii,ii;i ft Ihii !,, h9
f'fnS att ksmiMS Tablets i-esBii
rt wi'ayw.rs- rei-t. ftet samftS
trm-4 Kr"" ha . "an -"it
-oM an t- t-eS, ln 'S n rfMm. srK a'l
tr rrtata aos tm i,'.u-i as
j;i-i as f.s?.s A a --rif wil a'a;'
s,s 9ortti t a-taK k. 1 1 imf t.'.t 4
I- s iHsr '- j a anS
a t U'-r--i,j b ?-r-"sra r,i a ewarse i
e:n arrs s r-"l . tMt-sir t .
ti'-rts iti 1 f--t ai'rr srifi I
raajj errrii ttiS a-sv a. JSjnns at- j
tf-a. i ta.t r"y hvr vt am s j
"rt t sea.k mr,a -h.T trs auj l
mo-s . w.-n - Ts tm s t,, r j H 1 Tupmtmm. tm -ilt r rrrt.-'nr.
-itS si tn e-ntnei A-mt-tAH ' t--l ..-tts 3r- ia-m
Y.wsa ars a ot.,ri-a . -- : . '
fcaa siaa-iaraea. caeuraocat mb aui s-mrtsv ' l"1"'-
A grass tire, whit h had surroimdi d one
of tlie IrtiilJint'S of the Langdon estate,
waa distinguished by the fit ih pHrtmetit
jtsteriLar afternoon. If the shed had
not ls-en rorered with a slate roof it
ia doubtful if it rould have liecn saved.
Mrs. Mary Cutler, repistisr at tlie pro
bate office, has lscn confined to the hoa
pital to weks with rheumatic fever.
J. F. Pierce, the representative from
Ssranton, was able to b-ave for bia home
Saturday, after a two weeks' illness that
for a time seemed Lktly to prove fa
A bearing was held yesterday in the
tsiiikmpt ease of I arl Shepard of Barre,
in which tlie trustee fibd a petition U)
convey the real estate. The derision
aa nt announced. j
L 3. Woodbury is ill st bia farm a
fie Middleaet rtad with pneumonia, his hat rlitf. No more tired f.t-t
ife is t k in K d st their home m no Biore burning f ; rn more swollen, ,aovereien msv order t!at the Bible shall
this city. Miss Howard, who ia cmplot ed ; J sml!nig. sweaty feet. No mre j las oth taught snd resd. jut sa it may
there, ia slo ill snd Mtw Helen Tajrnet. i umsm in e.trn. raiiouw-s. bunions. i order that phi ica or Itin or Cret k
Mra. Woodbury's grsnddaiigM' r. has the msttT what ails your feet r what j!all tiot be tsucht in the public cHool.j
i'nn. lander the sun Vou e tried without C"-i"'"' I""'"" " KMaS's rra
xt. ! ... ..r ik. Mw.i.. 1... j...', .. TIT" -117- Vt w l'ncla n J in the earl v timet ies it waa ; -? ''aii
-nimary lsi team baa II of I is the oiily rem'-dy that tlraws nut all tbe
frame for tin as-ason arraiiged. He ; t-oi.nin exudation kli p'iff up the
i,. ji.-s to pt a eottple nre gamea l- ' fet. "TIZ" cure j-..nr f'l troo.S- s
i.-e liie end .f tlie season. The rme yoti'II nt'f Imp t-r draw np y..ur fsie
arrangrd fr are: April 2L Williama--in psin. Vour ( w-n't --m t'.'tit.
tn. lre: Aril 3". Rand.!) l-h and yr te. wilt rw-ir. t-rr hnrt n
elKwd at Kando'i-h: May A. Iiaieh-lf h s.re and il'-n. Thitik -t rt. c
Are. bere; Ma . M J 'hnWurt ,a.- tn f tm-t aj.iatty. n mte a-tiy from
rnir at M. ,l.t,ili'y ; My II. MtttJ- n-rns. a'l"i-a r fci,n'ti.
i.t -li..t. H-r-: JWsjr'l. -rsnMnf - 2-V--t.1 -x st sry tlnrf ate-- ft
T, raeee. Mar 24. Spaull.tf 1H SB'ft tt-T" tii'l ft "tt-Sant r-1-f
hil 'M it lUrre; May SI. Mutp.!- ". Jft owe try
"lli. t.i a hoi .t imn cojr. rt
f-r 'v fi ettrts, Tlni.L 4 rt.
m f ft
at as rst. ss
Is SA SrW' M
tsa.a u w-t
at s- e-ir saws.
r. i. s.
)- m a
mi mt
Va ta ae
at r awesj
U S tk-Sk
Mil Vt4
1 '! I in tbe fnmnnni s-w wsv t-v I
nullip Br.H.k which the Vtrmcmt lejr jnKtT.ilTHltHSHl7llJsssslLlli.
at l'-h aiml, ler: June J. iSlisma-
t" at W iilianwtnan; June J. Rt
t"!f.b bifh aU. l,er. Tbe rnrt)'H4 for
fd team ta in-fen ir
Ham Shoulders
11c pound
ttWt . I ...;' rm -wt m i po-f ?" t'" ihe Mnirro? KAjmpmcj.
rf Mr. mt4 H. L. Keft-m. .icrtlnni. UtrtT.
Thw be s " mt t ."'r Is 5"
V-w. .'anv-s K'e Mt yesterday tt
tiit.!l4. ahsfsj is mri
Jla P. Cilis .--" d -ttr!!,T ,ra. t f.
. i, i. i... t . nam, iir iu.
natit. s iwt a ti, r-lat-'e.
Frcfh Kcps, per dA7.cn . . .
V- and Vr, T"-' V'r't. r-.. ar p,,r-T, s:rai- T)f r
iseta K. r.r-?y ei!-r- IJoun.i fctcak, per i:
tn -t .
V mm l-T?r'W Jl"r4: bas rvm4
tiirtiea as t-'-WT. a' tt-itir at lt
Ittoe ta C,!ttjL
1C2 Droot Strttt
A Few of the Necessities
Spring House -cleaning
S-;M0 lert h(h
N. D. Phelps Company
Tel. 13 Barre. VL

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