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FRIDAY", APRIL 9, J 91 5.
fc.nterd at the Pontoffico nt Burr Second-
Clam Mail Matter '
Publinhed Every Week-day Afternoon
One year .tS.OO
One month 26 cent
Hing-1 eopy 1 cent
As a prohibitionist, Setn-tary of Statu
Tiryaa is a teetotal suecwts.
Again Barre beats Westerly; tha hit'
ter has only 477 persona out of employ'
Huerta k headed for the United Slates.
What lias the United States done to de
serve this calamity.
The ollioe of the utate purchasing agent
will remain in Montpelier. Another sec
tion of the state capital anchored, so to
A Rhode Island man came up to Wil
liston and purchased an 880-acre farm
rather than to stay at home and buy his
whole state.
If any of the comic papers has an un
filled position on its stall", it might en
gage Commander Thierichen, late of the
(iermany cruiser Prinz Kite!, lte has
qualified for such work.
Heads of nations in Kurope are jetting
to be really human when they consent to
be interviewed by newspaper representa
tives just like the remainder of these
mortals here below; but it is to be noted
that the rulers without exception try to
make out a clear case for themselves
The public is invited to take it or leave
it alone just as suits itself. These inter
views isbould be taken with a grain of
salt, let it be added.
Just as new as th:y
can make 'em.
This the time and this
the place to make the
change and get into the
spring fashions.
Everything for men's
and boys' wear, from
hats to socks.
Perhaps this $20 true
blue serge is just what
you're looking for or
is it a fancy gray at $15
or a silk-lined heath
er mixture at $20?
All the New York
styles, $10, $15 and $20.
Spring overcoats, $10,
$15 and $20.
No more, no less, and
better values than most
stores care to offer.
At the Opera House Monday, April 12,
"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine."
The production of "The Trail of the
Lonesome run) was prepared with inn
nite care, also the staging of Kugtine
Walter dramatization of John vox, Jr's
widely read book. It is just as magnlfl
cent and gorgeous as can be made to
please a discriminating public.
The play was appreciated in Boston,
New York and Philadelphia, where long
runs ana the I;gest business or reoent
years marked its presentation.
In Mr. Walter's play, a sweet ..armony
of dramatic movement is secured, the
scenery harmonizing with the mood of
each scene following closely Mr. Walter's
idea of stage representation. Their suc
cess was evidenced by the approbation
of the public.
There is range and variety, graceful
lightness, delicacy and fancy tenderness
and sweetness, the charm, of happy in
vention and the splendor of glorious crea
tion. It is a play that will please the most
fastidious theatregoers and the role of
June has lent to Mr. Fox' delightful
creation a romat.tic touch that brings
out all the hidden delightful characteris
tics of a, girl who, all her young life,
has reveled in the untamed atmosphere
of a primitive mountain home, lhe cast
has been rarefullv selected. Adv.
Word was received here the 8th, that
C. N. Morse, who- was taken to the hos
pital in Burlington the fith, did . not
rally from the unconscious condition ho
was in the last day he was in town, and
that his death occurred at the hospital
lute in the afternoon of tlio 7th. The
funeral services are to be held at his for
mer homo in Bakersfleld and his wife,
Mr. and Mrs. Downs and Miss Bernice
Morse, have gone to that town and will
not return until next week.
- At the annual meeting' of the borne
siuay emu new with Mrs. Musette H,
Says Indigestion Comes from
cess of Hydrochloric
an Ex-
A well-known authority states that!
stomach trouble and indigestion is near
ly always duo to acidity acid stomach
and not, as inowt folks believe, from a
SviiviT Anrii h v. f..n..'..,:.... J lack of digestive juice. He states that
were elected: President, Miss Mary JS.'"n cces. of hydrocblorw acid in the
Waterman, vice-president, Mrs. W. K. on'llt'1 retards digestion and starts food
Kandall; secretary, Mrs Charles M. ! f,,","',ltB ion th,!n "ur J1"1" B0.urfl h
Seaver. It has oin the custom of this are in ?. ?"' fora'.n fmd ,fl,,",d',
,.ini. Ur.i.i , . . , .. , una uuses, which innate me axomacu use
cluD to hola no meetinirs during the sum- . " , ,, . . .
m,,- j.t u . i j . i7 u ; a toy balloon. We then get that heavy,
mer months, but it was decided to hold , ' .., l t
t . ,r summer ami a! i . j or , hcartburn,
nfrtM Hrrangements cons.st.nif flatlI, ' WBtbrB,h, or nausea.
?.f-MS.. aiternmn' Mr8: VV.at8on a,,d! He tells us to lay aside all digestive
Mrs. McAllister was appointed.
aids and instead get from any pharmacy I
"Mrs. Harriet Hall was Htt yean old
April 2. She livfs alone, does her own
work and is making sugar this spring,''
is an item sent up to a Vermont con
temporary by a correspondent in a small
town. It does lieat all creation what a
rapacity for work our young people in
Vermont do have. Add another five
jears to her life and this estimahl Ver
mont woman will be turning in and
helping her neighbors in rush times, be
sides doing her own work.
F. H. Rogers & Co
We Clean, Press and Repair Clothing
at Appomattox courthouse which indicat
ed the end of the tremendous struggle
which had plunged the nation into blood
for such long years. To tho people of
that period tho Civil war had been a ter
rible scourge, in which tens of thousands
died in afratricidal struggle, and it was
a welcome relict to ootli tne ortli ana
the South when the brave General Rob
ert V.. Ixe surrendered to General Ulys
ses S. (irant at the courthouse in Vir
ginia. The losses sustained in that war
are not comparable with the casualties
sustained in this greatest of all wars
now taking place in Kurope; but the
Civil war was far more terrible in that
people of one race, one national parent
age, one common cause were locked in
hostile embrace. Wars seem not so lior
rible when nations tight against nations
but when component parts of a single
nation engage in slaughter for a period
of four or five years the height of vit
has been reached. Thus it wag that the
surrender of l.ee, interpreted as the eon-
elusion of the resistance of the Con fed
eracv, a acclaimed witn marked joy
with mingled relief in the northern
ti. ... , i . . ,, Ulates. and with relief if not with min
I hcie 1 iifineet it'itt ricer ar ivnt linrinrr
fhe furmrrt Hiram. i h..u in.r i.., ilm tied joy in the southern states. The
Governor Gates followed up his reap
fiointment of five municipal court judges
by reappointment of three others but
made a change in the holder of one posi
tion. We commend Governor Gates for
the exercise of his prerogative. The new
appointee, Henry W. Lund of the mu
nicipal court for the county of Ksex.
pave valuable service to the state as rep
resentative from the town of Canaan at
the session junt closed and doubtless will
serve at efficiently in his judicial jwini-tion.
trees. Now, if von iru out Kir a ouiet
walk in the woods with a gun ovi-r your
shoulder the deer won't bother yon at all.
New York Kvening Sun.
Those Connecticut deer must have pot
into bad habits through oriation with
Vermont deer. lp here the deer are so
bold that they go right up to the farm
ers and eat rolls of bills out of their
pockets. At least so we hse been bJ
to believe.
The t'nited States is drawn into the
history of the Kurorx-ari war in volutit r
lly through the act of the (nnnan mix-
great bloody struggle was at an end. the
eople wearied with killing of fellow
patriot and ready to settle down to the
pursuit of peace aguin. So April !) is
a tremendously iimiortant date in the
history of thi nation, the more so this
year perhaps lec;iuse the flight of time
I has marked sn even half century of
MKncefiil relations between those former
I warring sections of the United State.
Ie's surrender was the signal for last
ing peace in the nation.
ilisry rnneer IVin KitH Friedrich hurry-! To Frustrate Suipected Purpose of Three
ing into amhorsce at Newport New, Men To Liberate Prisoner,
followed a month later by her intern-! Futland. April P. K. IX. Thomas and
ment. When the history of the war J (narlen r.pynohM of this c:ty and Kd-
waid ,iilim of Ioreheter, Mass.. all
young men. rre the subjects of eome
cutie remark lefure the eitv mrt
written, this occiirrpiire' will furnish an
interesting chapter as woven into the
W hole story. The part Plavc.l l.y the vm.tor.lnr hv State' Attornev I'. V. TVnil
t'nited States in that o-curr'ni-e w j in. ho tolJ Judge K. G. swiimerton that
carried out according to sharplv defined!"" .T""n '",n -oitd:i.-teJ t'em-ehr
,. .. i . , ... iednedav evening wh'le 1'die-nMn
internatinnsl regidation. from which', . i.- ,, n
. ' , Jee l oting was arresting W illnttn Wall,
thi nation could not hae deited w ith n, ,r t. , ,,t. that the nT.'-rt had to
out violating that neutrality whiih it, draw hi revolver and order the men
la lrtt endeavoring to maintain. y. thinking that their purpose wa
l take in pnsoner away Horn Mm.
The tt" attnrmy remarked that he
did not think t',t he had eid'i)re uf
t'n ient tn eotui. t the young men but he
wished to call the matter to the court'
attention in orhr to insure the ntlicer
and the public that eueli interference
would not be tolerated. j
Judge Swinnerton explained to Tbom-j
a. Reynolds and Scsnlon the iuriou n-
Mirth Carmen Deplores Inflated Ideas of
Personal Importance.
Miss Mirth Carmen, the brilliant prima
donna of the Boston English Opera Co.,
which comes to the opera house with over
50 people Thursday evening, April I!?, in
II lrovatore," knows what it is to fight
the battle of life and that this brilliant
artist who has won her way to the top
has never found the need to acquire a
swelled head is, indeed, a lesson to many
people in and out of the profession.
To all aspirants to big things in any
branch of the theatrical profession, Miss
Carmen says: "l)o not get an inflated!
idea of your own importance; it is this
unhappy condition in this precarious call
ing that pushes more people into oblivion
tlin any other force, she declares
"From the moment the right foot rises
to the first rung of the proverbial lad
der, there are thousands literally on your
heels, ready and alert to take advantage
of every misstep. I hey are not neces
surily directing their energies against the
more fortunate leader, on the contrary,
they are just ambitious and desire to
forge ahead themselves. I hey are
mighty force and from the lowest to the
highest do their might to build or de
strov. Think of the many and I am
sorry to say that they are in the major
itv that have dropped by the wayside
only half successful, through utter dm
regard of the masses. When their com
bined energy could have been converted
leto a mighty engine to assist in the up
hill fight, bv a little consideration a lit
tle appreciation of the fact that they
are human beings, whether they are a
beginner in the chorus or a star tenor.
Their boosting is alwaya essential when
the top is attained a steep xlide looms
up on the other side, and it only takes a
slight push to start a down-hill journey,
where the momentum is JO.OTK) times
greater than the climb. To accomplish
this it is not neceseary to lose your dig
nity, or tQ make associates with every
Torn, Uick or Harry just make them
feel when thev cross your track that
they too are real make them feel that
they are all your friends, and sooner or
later you will feel the benelit, for they
never forget." Adv.
Don K. Bemis is at his old place as ! fOUr ounces of Jad Salts and take a ta
blespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast while it is effervescing, and
furthermore, to continue this for one
week. Wliile ielief follows the first
dose, it is important to neutralize th
acidity, remove tne gas-ma King mass,
start the liver, stimulate the kidneys,
and thus promote a free flow of pure di
gestive juices.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon juice,
combined with lithia and sodium phos
phate. This harmless salts is used by
thousands of people for stomach trou
ble with excellent results. Advt.
Amateurs Evoked Applause.
A large crowd witnessed an excellent
seriea of picture and the demonstration
of Peerless Pendleton in second sight a
well as vaudeville of unusual merit last
evening. I he amateurs, w lio proved to
be well known local celebrities. ho have
appeared several times In the past were
II received and furnished good fun.
The prire winner were the I'-arlsri fam-
ly. a duo consisting of brothers and
sisters, in con"ert and piano, who were
'leered o vociferously, a to leave no
room for doubt but that thev were en
titled to first honor. The audience were
the critic who held the fate of th iwr-
clerk in Down' store during the absence
of t lyie Morse in Burlington and Bakers-
E. Clyde McAllister, temporary car
rier on route No, 1, is gick and his place
is filled by Carl V, Beaver, substitute
on route 3.
The building known as Moulton's mill
in tne southeastern part of the town a
little off the road to Chelsea, was to
tally destroyed by fire early in the morn
ing of the Stli of April. Cause of fire
is unknown. The fire was not discov
ered until it was well under way, and
all the machinery was in the fire and is
probably ruined.
Miss Connie Wilfore and Mrs.. Chris
Mikkelson took the train yesterday at
5 p. m. for Burlington, where they are
to go to the hospital for treatment and
operation if necessary. Dr. A. A. Cross
and Theodore ' Wilfore took the journey
with them.
Congregational church Morning serv
ice at BM5; sermon, "Making Christ
Ours." Sunday school at noon. I'nionj
ervice at Methodist church at 7:30 p.
hi. C. K. meeting at 7:30 Tuesday even
ing; topic, "Getting Ready for the Next
. Centenary M. E. church Morning
worship at 10:1."; subject of sermon,
"Working Out Salvation." Sunday school
at noon. I'nion service in the evening
at 7:30. Epworth league on Tuesday
evening at 7:30. Everyone is cordially
invited to attend all these, services.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Davis of More-
town spent Thursday at John Kings
Miss Vclma Mi lcher of Barre has Ix-cn
a guest at M. I. Hisliee's the past week.
Miss Kva-Anrne Bisbee returned to
Barre Thursday.
Miss llacl rainier gave a sugar party
to her schoolmates Wednesday.
B. D. Bisbee's horse, Huster, dropped I
dead from heart trouble Wednesday aft
ernoon while being driven borne from,
the village.
,1. A. Smith and Herbert Smith spent
Thursday in Waterbury.
tarlcton I a nor spending a few weeks
with his parents in Ferrisburg. i
Do prevent
side slipping
AJ A X non-skid
- tretd is a never
ending series of bev
elled edge diamonds
whose angle edges
prevent slip, while a
powerful suction
(rrips the road.
" While others are
claiming Quality we
are guaranteeing it."
SIS Ne, Main St.
Tel. 4 M S
it- t t -n- it a r a n rr" II
for Friday and Saturday
New Neckwear New Bags
Special Silk Waists Petticoats
Ladies' Collars and Vestecs 25c
Collar and Cup Sets .15c and 25c
50c Neckwear styles at 25c
50c Shopping Bags for 25c
75c Shopping Bags, one to a customer 50c
$1.25 new Petticoats for 98c
$1.75 new Petticoats, new flounce $1.25
Big Sale Silk WaistsAII New
And Just Received, on Sale now at $1.00 and $1.25
Spring Sale of Garments
Another Lot of Sample Coats to Sell This Week at
$5.00, $6.98, $7.50 $8.50, $10.00 up
$2.25 Silk Waists for. . . 1.98
Sale chopping
bags, 2.V and 5V, at
Hip; Amateur Contest at Op
era House tonight. You know
them all, they all know you.
Fl'1'9 i&'M'i'li'i
$3.00 Silk Waists for... 2.25
New Spring Dresses. . . . 5.00
Special Corset for 79
$1.50 Corset for 98
$2.00 Corset for... 1.50
$1.00 House Dress for. . .79
$1.25-1.50 House Dress. 1.00
Children's Gingham Dresses,
all sizes at 25c, 50c, 75c, 98c
$1.00 Long Silk Gloves. .75
Special Fabric Glove ... .25
Ladies' Silk Hose, all col
ors, per pair 25c, 50c
Wash Goods
Come here for all the best
styles that are found in the
best-kept dry goods stores.
Fifty yrar apo to-Hay th rritire na
tion h-aH a ijh of n-li.'f at lhe rwnt
Snappy and
The kind that wide-awake
people prefer the kind!)
that partic'jJar drcier?j!
buy. There's xd reaonij
for their choice. j.
If you have not tried
Wfllk-Ovprs ct ii ,
to a pair now.
See window display.
- - ' - -mi t
Specials for Saturday
Received Friday Morning
6S Pairs Men's Gun Metal Dlucher Street Boots from
IJoston. These are all new Shoes, direct from the
factory, and the first pick of the lot. Special,
2.49 pair
fi.rmrrt In Iwr band. Tbe try of "p
the- book was HiPHilullr witbild. Th
iiin-f f t!ie neond rrise irovrd to fu
ture n ur (infnw ani annum thi-n lojlom Famll of th m)nry, ho rvi-
It't. liiy apprail In eourt w ithout any , J.-nt l uV"r from u rorrpt Kn. m
warrant a a r.-sult of a promiie malo!,! i,,n to th majority .f th ait.lt- ,
'I'. ''"."' 'V . I mi. His mnnnlogii. iiivnUiritf many
Mr. IW.n t.,11 thrrourt that inroT-;wij, kli((wn ri,,,, .IIT,iv tr.
mii'in i 'i r..n uiii i'av tne t nrer , ;vt,,j f,
mi n wrriT io a K,iroom a'tr alre ar-1
rt 'liiril(y ari-1 ttJ that liy ;
ouM lta tiikn t' e man away from
Women's News Column
Every woman who is in neod of a neat, dressy
Hoot in all the latest stylos, a guaranteed fit. a Shoe
that gives satisfactory wear and holds its shape, in
14 styles to wlect from, should first consult this
line and then compare it with any Shoe on the mar
ket that retails for this price. Yours hhocly.
pedal $2.50
Per 1 1
cent I
Barre Saving Bank
& Trust Company
Howland Building
Money Deposited
in our
Savings Department
April 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9-10-12
Draws interest from
April First
A Ma
F.C.. HOWLAND, Pres.
W. A. DREW. Trcas.
IJarrc, Vermont.
Money in
il. Tie lln of the tirrfururw rt
m-re all that youli b" lpirr-l, anil hm-
-ii,-frt t)t talitit often i Ul.tit in
maiiT. wa.tifrg njy the f-pportumt y for
ii'rii.inc it.
To-ntcht i !uit i trmiHl the 'H j
mnt?y More." hrn iam. Ik.ii. flour.
' tato-. an! many artil- f merchan-
iie ill he tiirilnjtr4. all fr.-e. Many
i of the art-;.- are i,w nn 1i.j.ly ri I.t-
nv' in'Vm. n Mon'Ur. Mr. IVn f(-
Ws Win Claim Them? '" fn-di-i-4 that tn Tnr.f 1 t 1 Tr-l
1tt-T ritnIUd for at the r,rre. Yrr-i r-h l"' """1 VrT
rv-iit ti'it i" r-r for the y -k a-n'l.nx
Ar-il . wire
M'-n --1. A'in". W. powit, j ,",m"" -S'1- -'Tl tht Italr
.. (lay il.. W. Cawline. Rfr,, u'l entT tl r W fre th' ifirat n
the .fTn-i-r had it li"t Iweri f ir the cuu
fyiol.i. S.i lin and Thmi t.-J
that they eomnntt.d any -t of i--l-m-e.
Tly :Mlrrd that tiij -re at
trmtr.f to t ! ne hr fiiriity t! t
if he Viad Kke1 it thry -iniM pia'i'T
he fim Mr. Voune a -tani-e.
Walton Shoes for Boys and Girls IjlTf. Chnr Pnf vernal
7..n Ontl nairs of Walton Sh always in rlx. I H JL J V Li. J. JL CL JJL VfXL fj
l.f rwwdiif Tnf Kim. II J rI1-
Walk-Over Boot
1. l!-rry Ij.W, lrtfre;e Murff. A.
X. r tt '., f'-lli. Vi-tr Taie. inir
f VJar' ar. A. P. Too 2i. X. RidJ. 'X
V 4-i. A. S!iTTif?o. rre,t Ta?-ney (Z:.
A. rv:
Wm-f- Mn f Vin'.!. V. Jiie
''ejt- M?- My I'rth. ! Ixiu.ae Im
f..T ?. i r.d.l;t Mr
-mK, ?. I, Vtrtn Mary F.
-- I'. Vrpj.f.
.f thi inwtH. He d tit tSe
eTnit trik im 1 4 lie e1tWd on t
lefnre t lat ek in thr twwth. It
I t lie t.oTi that le i rir' 1
Tl-e-re ill l an e-rsti'e iiiarie r.f y
4 i'ie arid t'Wtiire t Mfit. im hiw
t i'.fi wita t" roiiritry et'. and t'ie
f,tt wl itl he tmn T"r;.t'y at 4.1
AH t ti-n pet. Nw re-rt-e Ai.
V.'.z Amtteor Content at Op
era If ov tonight. Yon know
thtm all, thf t 11 know von.
Carl f Thacki.
I th t-ei ttaivV fwife W -rf-t'H
!!.. V. I-!. F. ati A M.. ii't
Vn "X I f l .. t W..
fnc'"W f !, Xe. Sr-K fr tW -'il
f f-rr. n ? tm tW mart
htlm tn4 e" ft Vf. r"if try
T.'O.OOO pairs of Walton Shoes always in flotk.
That is what the Walton peop'? boast itliout. Our
Ftock is fre.h every week, and you will find the com
plete line displayed upon our shelves. Walton Shoes
make the pocketbook wear a smile, as the' contain
all solid leather and will give satisfactory wear ti
that everlasting: -lam ban and terrible pressure
that children mut render to Shoes.
P'rinp the children in and we will do the re.t.
Ter pair, incljdir.gr Women's fizes 3 to 7,
$1.25 to $2.00
Rubber Boots
for FUfarirp. in all the lealirp makes.
are rijrht
Ch:r prices
Wc regret to announce that our tore i closed
owin to the clerk blx)r trouble. Wc feci
exceedingly tarry for the inconvenience and
annoyance it cause. Wc trmt, however,
vou fullv arnrcciatc our position and if we
are aain permitted to open our i-torc for huii-
j ncii that wc can have your njpport that you
i have io lovally iven u in the pat.
i Eastman Brothers
Elite Shoes
for Men in the late-t tyles. Ter pair,
55.00 lo $6.50
Your old Shoos ro, l;ke rew. Small ;'! d'me
h.'2e yoti wkt
InoW for the Store with the Red Mrn
Even- Jopoit liw-.fTt-! t-r savirjr') in The riurlirrtn
Trjt C o. i TAX HIKE t - the dsitor. This bark contr
tites entr trr.tr th'-iar1 ) "ars ar.ruaHy to the revenue e-f
the state, but this bT.Jfn faH v,vm the ickh'4Jers. On t!l
eicr i? . ti: '.!. . '"' --HI 7i. t-d 1 rate if T'OI-'aT
Tit CTXT. d t-.-- --.t ' -. , te tf' i?r4-tMH that
fSe f "to titt tr If e-s tr t'-f
The Burlington Trust Co.
"Safety nrsr ' "Jt:?
''If i A V

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