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VOL. XIX-NO. 49.
Italy Said to Be Just on the
Verge of Entering
Conflict -
Unconfirmed Report Says
Germany and Austria
Have Declared War
War between Ttaly and the central
empires is now regarded in Rome as
almost unavoidable. There is said to be
only a slender chance that an agreement
will be reached. Military preparations
are being pushed vigorously and the po
litical opposition to the war apparently
has largely died away. In Paris it is
rumored that Germany and Austria have
declared war on Italy, but so far as
known there is no basis for such reports.
Heavy fighting has been in progress
en the Gallipoli peninsula during the
last few days, although the accounts of
the results are in complete contradiction.
An official Constantinople statement says
the French and British troops made four
attacks but were driven back with heavy
losses. It is asserted that three battal
ions were annihilated. A press dispatch
from Athens to London, however, says
, the allies made important advances on
rriday and Saturday ami that tfjg lurk
ish losses in the lighting are estimated
at 45.000.
Victory in several engagements along
the Carpathian front is reported in an
otlicial Kussiun statement.
fortified town of Southend, to the south
of the Thames, this morning with a few
"Eastern theatre of war: Notwith
standing all attacks of the enemy for
the purpose of delaying our pursuit, by
means ot fresh forces brought up nastily
by rail and by foot marches, the allied
troops forming the Briny under General
Von Muckenscn yesterday drove back it-
opponents from position after position
and took more than J2,(MK) prisoners und
much war material.
"The number of prisoners captured by
this part of our army alone since May z
is thereby increased to more than 80,-
"Our advance guards have approached
a branch of the Stobi.ica and have
reached the Hrwzanka and also the low
er Wisloka. The pursuit continues."
Austrian and Germans Appear to Ex-
' pect War.
Geneva, via Paris, Mav 11. All Italian
officers and men in Switzerland up to
the age of 34 years have been ordered
to join their regiments immediately. The
Austrian and Bavarian forces arc concen
trating in the Tyrol.
Are Being Turned Out of Ship Yards at
Hamburg, Germany.
Geneva, via Paris, Mav 11. A Swiss
engineer arriving here to-day from Ham
burg, Germany, said the ship yards there
were turning out thre finished subma
rines monthly.
President Wilson Says Phil
adelphia Speech Had No
v Special Reference
Tit i? Tin tit xt i-
many vi VVHOm VV ere IN eWiy from interest in the United States is
consist of groups. A man who consid
er himself as belonging to a national
group is not yet an American.
"My advice to you is to think first
not only of America, but to think first
of humanity and you do not love hu
manity of you seek to divide humanity
in jealous camps."
The president was constantly inter
rupted by spontaneous outbursts of ap
plause. He spoke clearly, nnd so quiet
wag his audience of 15,001) tlwt he could
he heard .distinctly in all parts of the
hall. Home of the passages In his speech
which the crowd applauded most loud
ly were these r
"I am sorry for the man who seeks
to make capital out of the paBsiong of
his fellow man. He baa lost the touch
and ideal of America, for America was
created to unit mankind bv the Das
sions that lift and unite and not by
the pasBions that separate and debase
"The man who seeks to divide man
from man, group from group, interest
Ambassador Von Bernstorff
Places Statement Before
the State Department at
Washington To-day, Ac
cepting the Published Dis
patch asJ Authentic
Naturalized Americans
Another Struck House in St. Denis, a
Suburb of Paris, but Did No
Damage This Morning.
Paris, May II, fl:45 a. m. A German
aeroplane of the taube type flew over
St. Ilcni. a suburb, this morning and
dropped two bombs. One of the bombs
wounded five persons, and the other I steamers from American orts
But There Has Been No General Cancel
lation of Sailing or of Passages,
According to Steamship Agents.
New York, .May 11. Xo general can
cellation of the sailings of steamers or
f passages engaged from New York to
t'uropcan ports has followed the sinking
of the Lusitania, according to the agents
of the steamship lines. I hey say, how
ever, that there has been an increase in
the popularity of the vessel flying neu
tral flingl.
The American line already has stopped
booking third-cliis passengers for the
St. Louis which is due to sail on May
15. The agents of the White Star line
said that the Cymric would sail for
Liverpool on Friday, according to the
schedule. Forty cabin passengers and
.'(OO. i, t. -crate passenger already have
been booked. At the oflices of the Cun-
ard line it was said that no instructions
had been received regarding the sailings
of steamer and that there have been
no cancellations.
It was estimated today that about
2'tOO passenger are on board various
striking at its very heart.
"I was born in America. You dreamed
of what America wa to be and I hope
you nroiignt tne dreams with you.
fto man who doe not see visfons
will ever realize any high hope or un
dertake snv crent enf ernriac "
Uafehingtoii, D. C May II. President Tn his neroration the nresident amused
lt-:l ! i . . .. .. , .1 . . . -
.vnsoii sam to-day mat. ms speecn in much enthusiasm when he said he had
Philadelphia last night was not a dec-1 felt that he ought not to be away from
aration of policy in reference to the Lu- W ashington but after coming he found
sitania disaster and that he was not that the gathering had renewed his "spir-
tiunking of. any special matter but of it as an American."
newly naturalized Americans in hi au-1 "In Washington," he said, "men tell you
dience. The president used the exprcs- 80 many aliinga every day that are not
sion that he was thinking of the "Cain" ' I l'k 10 """e d stand in tlifl
some people were trying. presence of my fellow citizens and drink
J he president said he would make a ""."' i'"1 cumiuun muniam wun inera.
lecision on the policy to be followed in ",p""K OI "'"' aupport.
ents in mind. For the present "tional affairs, extraordinary precau
lothing to add, he Raid, to tho tl0M8 wpre tkpn to K'ird t,,e president
t of last Saturday night, which d,,r,m " Mav ,m ri'iladelphia. Seven:
the Lusitania ease as toon a he had all
the elemen
he has not!
wa that he wai considering very ear
nestly but very calmly the right course
of action to pursue and that he knew
the country expected bun to act with
deliberation as well as with firmness.
While the president's audience in Phil
adelphia last night wa impressed with
the Delict that the president was refer
ring specifically to the Lusitania trag-
edy, President Wilson indicated by hi
Because of the present statu of inter-
In the Statement as Received
in News Dispatches Last
Night, Germany Laid the
Blame for Lusitania Disas
ter on Great Britain for
Trying to Starve Germany
hundred and fifty policemen had been
detailed for tin duty.
Hit Lusitania, Declares Capt. Turner in
Ixmdon, May 11. The Cunard line I ttmnt to-day to the tate depart
Washington. D. . f .. May 11 Count
Von BcrnstorfT, the German ambassador.
accepting a authentic the text of Ger
many' formal expression of regret for
the los of American live on the Lusi
tania.' which was received in news die
patches last night, formally presented a
rc'marksto".-; h "the ma T he s f -ent The official text ha. not yet reach-
to be broader than a single incident ,K,ns,1,e by a " ck by the embassy because of the difficul
and to cover the entire subject of for- 1",t one torP'do rding to the testi- ties of wireles eommun.cation.
Alex. Young of Brook Street Died This
'. Morning. .
Alexander Young, a well-known Barre
resident and a past sachem of Iroquois
tribe, Xo. 111, Improved Order of Red
Men, passed away at his home, 28 HrooK
street, this morning at 9:ii0 o clock. Mr,
Young, had been in failing health for
the past two years, although he had
been able to move about the house until
three day ago. He is survived by his
wife, two daughters and five sons. They
are: Miss Frances Young, Mrs. Jaiwj
McDonald, and G'ordon Young, William
Young, Lylo Young, Perley Young, and
Harry Young. In Australia, reside a
sister of the deceased, Mrs. Thomas
Gordon, and a brother, Gordon Young.
Mr. Young's mother, a sister, and two
brother are residents of Scotland.
Mr. Young was born in Scotland April
4, 18(10. As a young man, he learned
the stonecutter' trade and came to
America 28 years ago, settling in Barre
soon after hia arrival in this country.
His manage to Miss Emily Cole, daugh
ter of the late William Cole, took plae
in Barre in September, 1802. J lie do-1
ceased wa a member of Clan Gordon,
Xo. 12, O. 8. C, the local tribe of Red
Men, and attended the Church of the
Good Shepherd. He was also connected
with the Glenugie club, and in this or
ganization as in other fraternal associa
tiona with which he affiliated, he worked
faithfully for it welfare.
Funeral services will be held at the
house Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
Rev. W. J. M. Beattie, rector of the
Episcopal church, ofTiciating. Interment
will probably be in Hope cemetery.
Began Work
T ?
Manufacturers Are Getting
Things in Readiness to
Resume Operations
eign relations as well a the subject of ""'" v"l"- " "e sieamer.
domestic solidarity with reference to the P'veii yesterday at the coroner's inquest GERMANY BLAMES
aliens wno nave oeeome naturalized m " in mu w-auij mnvi immi .
America. vital spot and ent the liner to the JDi I iLAI Ll r UK
Senator Stone, chairman of the foreign I bottom in less than 20 minutes, carrying
relations committee, discussed the Lust- wun ner more man a thousand souls.
tania disaster with the president before! Capt. Turner in declaring that one
the meeting of the cabinet and later he torpedo did all the damage said the aec-1 Ssva if England Hadn't Tried tn Starr
.-it i i . . . . . i i ..... . .i j - -- -
bhhi ne iihu no exeiiaiion mat an ex-iunu explosion wnit-n ine passengers heard
tra session of Congress would be called, was an internal one and that the engines
am lor peace with honor, said Sen- having been put out of commission it
ator Stone; "1 do not know what tha wa impossible to
struck a building without causing dam
According to French Statement of War
Opera tiona. y
Paris, May 11. The following official
communication was issued by the war
odii-e last night:
"To the north of Arras, in spite of
several German counter-attack, we have
maintained all our gain of yesterday
and we have enlarged it at certain point,
notably between tarency and Sauchei.
"Our success is developing. The total
number of prisoner at 3 o'clock to
day exceeded, 2.0O0. Among these were
about 40 officer, including a colonel.
"We have raptured in the last two
tiny more thin 19 cannon and AO ma
chine guns.
"At Iterry-au-Rae a Herman attack
ha been repulsed, a well a one in the
forest of Ie Pretre.
1e afternoon French statement fol
"Three new German attack tu the
north of IximbaerUyde were repulsed
"To the east of St. George our ma
rine fusilier took possession of the
I nion farm, very strongly fortified by
the Germans, and also of a position fur-
t1er to the east. Tbry tonk about 30
"fhinkirk wa again bomtwrded this
morning about 6 o'clock, two (bell be
ing thrown.
"In the region in the north of Arm
we have maintained all the important
gain report rd in the enmniunl ation
f yeterdr evening.
"Along the rest of the front, particu
larly in the Argntine and in Alsace at
SilVrrwaen there was a eontinutk)i
ff the artillery fighting."
Bat Say the Aniet Caia Wa Only
TWlin. Iwdon. May II. At the Ger
man war ttffii-r yrvterday the fnllnaing
statement was gitea out:
"Vntera theatre f mt:-W made
prngrra the mast, in the dun, i)
t he dicea-tmn- ff N n-iiport, taking aerer
al of t l-e -'i trwh and machine
g-ti. A enrt-r ttk tir the effmy
during lt mffM advam-m! far a
IjotnlanTty4-, but wa i-omjVtelr driv
en lark.
for destination that will take them
within range of submarine activity.
Biagio Falione Went to the Electric
Chair in Boston Prison Thia Morn
ing, After Forgiving Those Who
Testified Against Him.
Boston, May II. Biagio Falzone, one
of the three men concerned in the kill
ing of Morri Albertson, a Lawrence
jeweler, at Wakefield, IVc 20, wa elee
trocuted at the state, prison early yes
terday. The current ws hrst applied
at 12:04:20. The man waa declared dead
at 12:13:24.
Before being taken from bis eell, Fal
one made the following statement:
I, Hiagio alone, about to die, wish
to aay that from tha bottom of my
heart I forgive all that have taken any
part in the rase, especially thot who
testified against me. I rarm-atlr ak
my relativea and frienda not to injure
or molest in any way those who were
associated with me. I k fJod'a forgive
lies and Vg my friend to pray for
The witnesses to the ejeetition were:
lr. IJeorge B. Magrath, the medical ex
aminer; ir. Joseph I. M I-aiighlin. pris
on physician; I)r. Frank I'. Williams,
surgeon general of the state militia:
Sheriff John R. tairhairn, Ir. I). J.
Hurley, assistant prison physician;
.fame P. Pollard, -liicf of police of
Wakefield: W.r.hn Nathan I). Allen;
Fred V. tireen, representing the pres;
Iteputy Warden William Hendry, Kev.
William Bradley Whitney, and Urx. Mi
chael J. Murphy, prison chaplain, and
Key. it tori tiregori, hi epiritusl ad
Ihirinjf the day Falrnne waa visited
by sitter and an uncle, besides Ins
spiritual adtiwr.
ralxotie waa aeeomnanied into the
death rhamh-r by FatW-r t-regori. who
aa reciting la Italian prayers for the
dying. Tha party wa pne-(lcd by la-
bet Miirphv. Aftet twmf stripped into
t lie rhair, Falrnne mude reaponw t
the prayrr tf Ftber Cirori and in
middle of owe nf thee repnner the
i-orrent aa arnlied.
After the first sbnrk a sTirH rt
mnirmitf waa nMn-ed ly t)- stt-T)Iipg
f.tvt iifis and to mrr -trwt w
president plans to do about the I.usi
taui. It is1 his problem."
Senator La Toilette, another Whit"
House caller, opposed the suggestion that
diplomatic relations with Cermany o
broken off. "I want the I'nited States
to take a firm stand." he said, "but I am
opposed to war.
In some quarters it is suggested that
the president might force the ib-iihI
means of diplomatic correspondence and
.vldres a message to Kmperor William
in person. It wa pointed out that he
possible to stop the Lusitania
and permit of her boat being lowered
Germany It Wouldn't Have Been
Necessary to Resort to
Retaliatory Measures.
Berlin, via London, May II. The fol-
Thia idea of an internal explosion it lowing disnateh has been sent by the
-supported by naval expert who point German foreign office to the German
t that if the torpedo had exploded embassy at Washington:
on run tact the steamer would have been "please communicate the following to
only disabled or had one or two of her (the state department:
compartment. .flooded. It Is evident, j - -The German government desire to
however, they say, that if the torpedo express it deepett avmpathy at the loss
penetrated the bull -and the charge of of livea on board the Lusitania. The
l.'O pound of explosive was detonated responsibility reata, however, with the
l uoiiui nave created an enect to trie ex- British government, which through ita
might try at first to prevent a recurrence ' , """'l' " pn or starving jne cmi.an population
. -...!. 1- ' .. . . There ia little wonder, therefore, they nf Germany ha forced trmnv to re-
of such an attack a made on the Lusi
tania, taking up subsequently th que
tion of reparation for the los of Amer
ican live.
Win Try To Convince Germany of th
Injustice to Mankind of th Trag
edy of Lat Friday, Ts Inter
pretation of Address.
Philadelphia, Msv 1 1.-President Wil
son gve to a gathering of 4.0sl natural-
red American last night the firt lo-
timatinn of the course which the I'nited
States government pmbsblv will pursue
in the situation resulting from the lis
of more thsn O0 American live on the
Ttritih liner I.usitsms. He spoke !
implication, but hi bearers interpreted
Ins remarks as meaning that while the
I'nited Statea would remain at peace, it
would seek to convince Germany of the
injustice to mankind of the tragedy of
last Friday.
"America." asid the president, "mini
have the conciounr that on all aid-
it toiirhra elbow and touches hesit wit
II the nation of mankind. The ex
ample of America must be a special rt
ample. And must be an example. not
merely of peace, because it will not fgH,
but Ix-cause peace is a healing and ele
vating influence of the world, and strife
ia t.
"There is rh a thing as a man be
ing too proud to fight. Thct-e is am-h a
thing as being o right Cist it d- nt
need tn convince other br force that :t
is rigt.t."
These remarks precipitated a tumult
say, that the Uisitama sank so rapidly aort to retaliatory meaaure.
or that o many person were killed by "In spite of the Oermn offer to stop
the tume of the explosion. the uhmarlne war, in case the alarva-
n the question of why no naval es- tion plan wa given up, British mer
eort accompanied the Lusitania .Mr. I chant vessels are being generally armed
Churchill explained in the House of Com- with gun and have repeatedly tried to
inon that merchantmen must look alter I ram submarines, so that a previous
themselves. I his policy was due to tne search was impossible.
fact that the admiralty had not suffl- "They cannot, therefore, be treated a
eient destroyer to escort all merchant ordinary merchant vessel. A recent
ship, they being required to guard the declaration made to the British Parlia
continuous stream of transport from i ntent bv the parliamentary secretary in
Kugland to l-rsnce and to protect the answer to a q-jestion by lxrd Cbarlea
I'.nglish cast mt fioni German raids. I Ftere ford said that at the present prae-
al oherver are of the opinion tica II v al British merchant veesela were
that the ue of destroyers for the pro- I armed and provided w ith hand grenade.
tc tion of shipping is probably whst the I "Beside it has been openly admitted
Ormans ar trying to fore F.ngland to I by the Britih prewa that the lusitania
give, hut they sny that the admira'ty nn previous voyage repeatedly carried
with it eyes first on th nval and mdi- large qnantitica of war material. tn
tsry nees of the country will not di- the present x ox age, the Lusitania car
vert ft ships for other purpose. Some ried A.4O0 case of ammunition, while
ot the member of the lfnue of Com-1 the rest of her cargo consisted rhiefly of
uions. however, expres the lielief tht contraband.
a kfeamer thst is particularly threstened -f F.ngland. after repeated oTicial and
with d-trn.-1ion should be especially unofficial warnings, considered herself
protected and I lie matter of convoys able to declare that that boat ran no
Supreme Court Reverses Verdict in Cale
donia County Court, but in Another
Case It Finds No Error.
Two opinions were handed down in
ermont supreme court at Montpelier
to-day, both being from Caledonia couti-
v. In the case of State v. Eugene
Shaw, adultery,' a retrial was ordered.
The respondent had been sentenced to
not less than three year and not more
than five years; and he took the case to-
supreme court on exception.
In the case of State vs. Frank Ilodg
don, burglary, the court found there was
no error in the court below. Afterward
the respondent's attorney asked for pro
bation, and Klisha May of St. Johns
bury wa authorised to go to Hardwick
to look tip the respondent' recent acts
there. It wa reported that he had
changed in habit for the better, that
he wa married and his one child. He
had been sentenced to not les than a
Two case were argued before the
court to-day, both being from Caledonia
county also. The first wa Vert W.
(Jreen v. Louia L LaClair, trover, the
suit being brought to recover for three
horses on which mortgage wa claimed
The eeond wa wa Jevi Poronto and
Kstella Poronto vs. John Synnott,
bill in injunction concerning a right of
The agreement between the lumper,
boxers and derrickmen and the Barre
Granite Manufacturer' association was
signed up last night and many of the
men went to work f.his morning. Tho
agreement with the engineer was also
signed up yesterday.
It is expected that the agreements
with the cutters, polishers and the tool
sharpeners will be signed vp a soon as
the stonesheds are cleaned up by the
lumpers and stock begin to come from
the quarries. This will be within a few
day at the most.
But Italian and Spanish Member Latr.
Meeting First.. . .
Acceptance by Montpelier branch, O.
C. I. A., of the Barre settlement wa
made late yesterday afternoon after the
Italian and Spanish members of the un
ion had left the meeting. The Montpe
lier union numbers 425 members, and as
there are not enough tool sharpeners and
polishers to have branches separate from'
the granite cutters, the three re includ
ed in the same union. So the three bills
were taken "up and accepted yesterday
afternoon, and the committee was in
structed to sign .up as soon as the Barre
committee ign.
The vote on the acceptance of tho
hill "was 115 to 15. according to the in
formation given out; and the number or
Italian and Spanish member who left
the hall before the rote was taken was
variously estimated from 60 to 125. The
vote was taken at about 4 o'clock. '
John O'Malley, who ha been treasurer
of the Montpelier branch for some time,
resigned on account of ill health, and
Arthur Knight, a tool harpener, was
elected to fill the vacancy.
dinihllrss will be further dictied
0eentw Realired Full Horror of th
Disaster t th Lusitania.
Quccnstown, May II. Ninety two
acngcrs of the l usitania who formed
part of tt pitiful handful d" maimed,
dead and dj ing IwiMitrht ashnre with the
survivors, were buried yesterday after
noon with K-rw.-es that have no parallel
in hi'tiTy. '
Coder a sly in which no single cloud
floated and tn the strain nf hymns
applanwe and pstrctic enthusiasm playd bv Biitih ddi.-r. they were
risk and thna light hearted assumed re
sponsibility for the human life on board
a steamer which, owing to ita armament
and catgn, wsa liable to dcstrU'-ticm, the
(rttmaw goernmei(t, in spite of it
heartfelt ymiathy for the o of
Amctnan live, cannot but regret that
American felt more inclined to trut to
I'nglish pmmise rather than to pay
attention to the warning f i mn the .er
man side.
"Foreign OffVe."
f thousand of I laid to rest two mile behind Ve-na
"In Handera we alao gained mor ppf e4. Ten minute after falr-.ne en
frd. We took lI IV'tiwh prisoner tered the death eharahet be was !T"iaI!y
announce a-mA.
Two frflow conspirator f falrone.
Ignari VoreTIa and Iuigi i,tw.nii
re aerving atene t We and f)'e
tear renettvcti - tn tl tt t.rTwon.
r K-urnai. f iw ci i r.-g-noiirg. t -pH, m., tr, t.T-)n f rra
tt c1 of Versnelle.. an4 at .l.lan Uwt t a eha.V in W.k.fwld on
tarcn-y. N.-Sle a.4 -t. Inurent. wear !tw, t,1pw,, tt ,T m,.4 1.
,(Vwlmt and wed ling g 't f-o-n
I ne e-wte. r r-ww wsi p
and colore p-rtwh. te-onr at W-t I
at X f lrene k. "mil !.( of j!le a
groat Anglo Irewch alt. anticipated
a reply to oor asiwaaea in l.ilmi.
aa hegtia and dreeto4 it1f agsinof
nir irt" tttated to tne east of
alten.ii,4 tit- a watiryff a1
small American ts: Tl.e pre d-rt ! "" ' ecanetcrt biirwt ing w it h ing
rrewtv and tm-keo m-xweea nin nam
ing with gor. Te erTice at the
grave ltan t I 'clo-k. nd at hlf
pt I the o1 of Ireland was being
ehoteb'd lpon the cr.ns.
t,ni-entw n fwet -ne'l the frill hor
ror of the .ii1ama Iiater tint , I
made no dire-t reference to t lie 1aii
tania trsgedy. twit tlie audience did not
hesitate to read the appln-atmn of l,i
1 le actitimcf.t n re d in Ae presi
dent's spec-h r-pitomired later bi
one of his f loet ii-r a "ImiMn l t
f,rt." While it had not jet been deter
minor!, he said, cxartlr w list tep would
lie taken hr the I n ,! 'late, in te
Mr. Jeha MrCaaa af Barringtom, I. I,
Waa ia Aat Which Collided
with Elertrtc Train.
Wendell Ferguaon of Burlington Had
Narrow Escape from Death.
Burlington, May ll.-A spectaeul.ir
collision between a bicvele and an auto-
uiohile occurred yeaterdny afternoon at
the corner of College and South I'nion
trect. and Wendell Ferguson, who wa
tiding the bicvele, had a mot miic
iilou ciap from seriou if not fatal
injuries. The Ferguson bov ws coast
ing down College street hill and when
nee red V'nion street he sw C. R.
Hilntlcy- cr coming north. He endeev-
nred til stop but changed hia mi ml and
tlniugbt he would attempt to pas the
car. He was not ucccMful in this and
thf bicycle struck the automobile fairly
in the center. The boy and bike were
thrown underneath the rsr. which wa
rtnpped within a f-w feet. When picked
c.p the boy was lying on the road be
tween the wheel, having pprently been
diagged a short distance. The bicycle
via scterd feet an the rcr. The lad
wa taken to Ir. J. B. Wheeler' ofbi-e
where hi wound were drewsed. The
itMiet aevere infuric were to hi lett
hg nd right arm. He w also bruised
oh the forehead and chin and in the
hack. It i nut thought that any of the
wound received will prove serious.
Union Granite Co. and F. W. Mould Start
ed Work Yeaterday.
Morrisville, May II. The stonesheds
of the I'nion flranite Co. and of F. W.
Mould resumed operation reterdy,
after being closed for 10 week on ac
count of the strike.
Protested to Quincy Cutter.
The Quincy Crs. Ledger of last
evening hsd the following:
"About 125 member of the granite
cutter union were in attendance at a
mass meeting held Sunday afternoon In
Malnati'a hall. South Quincy, to hear.
the two delegate from the Barre branch
explain the situation a they conceive It
to exist in Barre. Although the strike
hs been ettled. the delegte did not
ecm to feel fvorhle to the greement
accented and did not think that all tho
men would return to work. They be
lieved it will be a long time before con
dition will be satisfactory to both aide.
I.uigi Salvucci addressed the Italian re.
Idcnt in their own 1npuffe and Oui
seppe fasola spoke in English and at
tacked President Jame Imncan of tho
liranite Cuttcra International association
for lac manner in which be handled th
strike ia the interest of the cutter."
T Prepare Rule for Court Pre4ur
Under New Law.
Homer J. Dana Died This Morning at
Hi Horn tn Northneld.
llrrington. It. I May II. - Mrs. John
M. nn waa killed w hen tire ttmo
hile in which aire waa tiding with 1 r
. J .L- . . I . . . J .
l.rann acq inpr ihitt pit"""' finnrq i f( j !m!
witn an rmirw iram ai a grje -rm
ing IwTe early VeterdT. ArlNitr Hot
Vortbfield. Mv II. Homer .1. Hane
.iied irly this morning at his home nn
.ne street of Brght'a dcc. st the
ge of 4i tear. He had been in poor
l-esith aince tee Spmh-Amcrn-an wr.
Tlie vet era na of tlie 1st ctmrrrit well
remrmlicT t He fsithful aervir'ea reW'Vereal
w repimrnt n lamp Thomas. I.e.,
UmdiIiI View aril Hnmer J 1 la m
Thirteen municip! judge met in
Montpelier to-dy for the purpoee of
preparing rule for ccn rt procedure un
der tlie new taw which wa enacted at
the recent session of the legislature.
The new law ia giving eoniderWe tron
ble over wht are called inconsistencies,
and State Auditor (iraham wa one nf
thoee who addressed the gathering.
Tlie provision of the new act goes int
effect August I. The jurisdiction of
munu-it cmirt i increased, and many
caw whwh have hitherto been tried in
county court will be disposed of In
citv courts. Civil action in which tha
amount involved ia not in etcewe of
"'land ctimin! ion in which the am
ten i not over fre year will he finally
f.f .. I p o the time that the Kil mn, had'y hurt The
drum d iii U-gan t di-appear over I rtiw,'B,,pant earp.-d ktkhk ir.;nrj .
the lull ternnA the t.wn. n-re waaaooul
foor n-w army cec-oa irrto the fsglit hc
Oide trie foreea t-v-h have heea ern
plnt ed tn 1 1 ! 1-oe tor oe t-me pat
Srtertrxlew. ror-ate4 attO'-t have heea
fearfy et-ort where reowlaed. -f V heavy
loaae) for nrr Oiwowirt. Tb ef"
riaffy waa M ll 1W eawe ra tHe lr1-
rtta-4.. A"t S"i pirnTa hare heea
Hn' in i terxai h"twew t arencv
tn4 rl lle C4 erHT OT I'm r-t aar ee 4
rn fwnetramtr and exab!h-og tW
ilrej ra eiarr iw ii wax 1;ra frenwiie. A
e-Mo att aeli ra wwrw jenoelrr
1k nf V alnahW He w tMed
many time, hta hodv rif'-d. n thw
huried. .raaa4ot.W turwd tt vi-d-
p-eH ,-rir.,.. He idea rpermot in t He ; , m,ih rg of the wnnual and
..r. Wt a mmd waa to Dm tt ! ,i.,-.rM tit w I n the funeral alaited
e,-r coUrr ado,4ed-M matter bJ,h, es.r.tnra came that .a. erf the!.bH Te paed Oat f Heat Witbaat
, ,,r.-r... n i in' a ii wr"'"!. er.a.n. heM a "dt tM t iiat ia tne
t i ' .
Atlanta-. h- l,an mile away, there
were cr I.""" m'rre- all lnlilKl of
iw-rmen eiihuiarin.
neral w ill be held lhiirmdav a'ternooa at i the mtinwipal cowrta. the
cloa at i late Home, witn burial jMe s thrv are now in co-inty couti.
Optical from iutice courl will he tb
en to muna ipal court, and in ceee to
wliwh tb iiinadKtion of jrratice courta
ia exceeded tie rrapondcyit Will he boon 4.
,-er to the munn-ipsl rowrt if the lt-t-r
have pirta lct xn t try and detcy.
t le good of hnmtnrty,
rt--o.'u- d l l Maror P"at lenrni-g
w n ta a dtn-tlv irmaa a--i t r t,e
J"k A. HaE, Back Wrerket, fH at
S'a'ktem. CaL
a-nrt' re-idr. Vtt. May 1l 4..t,a
Hall, orrrt'r Mf'wj a'ter nre.e.g ; of
f yew 4 a i j ear aer-fen f ll- j rr
rrtf the of i.re-idye -aV!rfr hark. l .1 ' t
a wefc-ome and aa a fpal for a .nr'e
alhg-anee It t 1 r,;1e4 f-tafea. t
peeidert rarrted forward fHe id' a o'
tlie wl;Jir.g rd foreign t-dood in fte
takecn eif aror-rew fy porntmg exrf fW
trne grt of right Amevwaa r-ilieeti) in
to ne a hii'lr '"t t" eosrtitrr of
one' h rth. Iirt to t "'e land of m'
W1,.ie von H-mg he aaid. 'an -in
t-iew w n yon. yon iai t t a riurioa
evicte ail mher com rt -Tea h V.ir.
Irirg-g w t ! cd the-r r-rr-j"
Perry ffrnri, BrtheMn-Lw of Faoa
ha't Fall Woman.
f no.hr.rg lalla. Mav I! - Vrm Wil
li aa Idfift of thta ptaer red a
,t oreaent the muni, ipal eotrrt he
no rnlea rxeept tHoae w4e individual' r
" ..... ' U... . .1... . . ..n,. .... 1 l.l i.,e ... Tk- ... ah. au.
W,F f lleMlier in law. P 11. ford, ne-nd .... .!.. . .rl he tn aoomtrt a eomm't-
n.t1ed "re yeaterday from tnr(.-tnn t tca !. lioaitama. mi ,u A.mft v. U .kl. a Hea adir.ted.
To, I land.
late 1.I l.gl'tnmg entered the lwillWlM (. r,4, . t 't tw-l
rd 4 It a .-una a nul.mar .ne
pemaihed Vanerh'lt a the Laaia
Wa Srkifig
V'e-r-t ow r. Mai 1 1 - lr Hara hee
1,11 f XX lire, i,fim. V C who t oa
iSe !i-1 ai, "a- r-r-r ht aa rrmiir;
from New 1rk. W4 roOTi-'l
" ta a hotel tale reer!a a'te-o--a
fr K-ena aawi t f he seat r"" n
'of Aii'-rnnrn Hut-hmaox at t-reeo ad
".lifr.g tl-e oigM. Idling la a. I yeardds, H .rd a fro..-r Home waa tn fug
;d.-'irHer. Virile. , ht. I r-iland !ra .rne tli!
j the n..M pa-wed ewrt of W hn-t l ng ,1-t j. ,-mm Urwr. rr.1" eH M
I f '-""t wertmg fre t t. and the fag- 4rr,l , m.r. at tfr pla,e
a M !.aerf-eri onl d wmil't ' . ..
! Ken foe child fh-d to BwtT
n.l H-r a aiimmooa.
w.1 he the amr in aT! the mriaie-pal
tcta of tHe ae.
; t-eaaurer. t4 at -H"W. al ye or oifig r-T",'
te-dar. a.-eof'fmg W WOT T...ri t-t I t--t. I an!d W ee-a !.' he me
rh O -t-T h. m t He VM-y rr-lat.-re her -t fie. II !! .i .U mn, 1 4 tirrMl f I at a ar-aa ea a e
t e-. the eoeira. -who sa4 wet-jooe r- V r-"n-i tm he Op I tn h-re tie iae f 1 e,rn. It
fled I ml lirmt a fog ioroe , pealed f-w. oo f Lit g to lore fHe !.!- where r a
e-rv rort our rawrOfm. a Hall a". f-nr f u,liM r- l,.,t ,m Ho-. ad ilr t -og to A- dv-ai.
C- e h ! a .o.ii'- ra 4 n4 I l-f a near n t h"i. he a,r. t me 'f t - f ' !- - m f. on
are- o-fl t"1 ( I l ,ir ma'tlea i 1 caw't Ve an to-eaW ' r .-a t-'r-k o
"'ne o! ur o-i.-ra hr-ttha-dei toe !f,fi, ,,..-., tf j- Am-n-w 4 m-
-e-. ' I , ... .1 . 1.. Il'nj
te w-t ro. t-, . . j
and t-l M- tii'!"t riol nut
l,,o. -1 V-V haie r"t lor "
tWTon Orra Cn. K DV of .'.-
Prne X'T l - The flo.ra t
! 4 l,i.h tin - 4 r4 M--a ta t'ie
i.ela tor ae-rer! ae--r fled '
When K. f C. Thtrl VrT Wa Oa
ferred wm Jl Candi.
r.t!d May II -rhteeat-a fronx -err
remre-rl or hrsg'" t !hw h
X ertoor-l r a roo,g t he or m-ffe
V- nd'-r.H. a --or-..g n t-. hoe. fT , Va "l odr.
Wen. o l-t hroi -d I a e-r hear : I- h ' -ie -e f Tl ' a a ae-r.
mM'nat. ar-oinif V a !'je tvtt ha T . f the trb"Je e"- -a C
ew t-wih-d. I- keeTita ;.J r-H W I to V fl. Je!. f h -X-r,
. re er-rt.r t ta rt i td the a tea aw. T'4'-' I rw4 t B3IJ1.
T Prrryf Pa-re Par"- frrnx SePirg
I. t orted -?.. cmd t nrti nea1" thr -
n ntr w he-d Ihe caa of twrtsi wa-re-4 the wo-king erf the tH -4 rVg-ee
.... . . .... -J c-r ....l.. 1 1.1 J I ..1.
,-iaii.iM-ne f o! . "in -oa .a o a aw -i -
. W o r f. H-4-i M
f in i,!. and n-.i.. t X.tte of ft. -re. aL a frl.-m-ne-a ta h. aoonal tte eon
inr a r ' 4-f to r. r I err 1 ne e--j-
i -M. .W MlaNll
ma- t"lr
. a '- -fa 4
el t a-fiiDenr ta t eoj-v
v l-d
w wt-
-l! It f et'f lTUtV
and ef tw

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