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Get a Copy of Standard Fashion Quality
For Summer
Any Standard Pattern Free with each copy. , A
complete assortment of styles for summer. 20c a
copy 25c by mail. Your Designer for May is here.
-j ; ; v
(Tlirrcf (Tlirre? (finfc!
HUlgO VilgO XiiAgU
.The above Gig, with folding handle body
Special oval reeds, alike on both sides
Step and pole, wood Finish, body, shellac
or brown; gear, brown.
Special price, $5.50, like above illustration
This has been a big spring for Gigs and Sulkies, the
popular conveyances for "kiddies" from one year old
up. We have already sold more so far this season
than in all previous years put together.
See the new Hong Kong Grass and Reed Body Col
Iapsible Sulky, also other Sulkies as low as $1.60.
Just phone us when you want that Refrigerator
B. W. Hooker & Company
Vermont's Largest House Furnishers
"Paint Up and Glean Up" Materials
46 Main Street
(Over Drown's Drug Store)
Phone 289-W Barre, Vermont
Granite City General Store
1 to 15 Granite Street
Telephone 151
Fresh Vegetables just received.
We have enlarged the space of our Meat Dept.
We Close Monday Nights at 5:30
and Saturdays at 9
Barre Creamery and Cold Storage Co.
Does Quality Mean Anything?
Do you f re whether ymi rat qutl.tr Putter or Ruttcr
without quality? If yon want quality P.uttef, yon ft t
Hut that you ean boy in Farra yoj buy I i r
Creamery. ' The price ia no more: the quality ia tkcrn.
If your f 'teT dort kav ftarre Crtrerj Butter, ha
caa gi, H for yon at ettra er""n
Voa will appreciate the ufjrct Kta. Our P.utt.f
eace plcaaant taste ia your inovth.
We pay kiphwt fr ft larjre brew a an4 caa
13,000 d..tn and pay eah aa anon aa 4clierd.
W Cream delivered ia large or air.all quantities.
Maple tyrup soil ia pint, quart or palloa lota,
Barre Creamery and Cold Storage Co.
Mr. K. O, IX'lalr ha returned from
Montreal, J. Q., where alio went on bus
iness. 'I'lio chorus choir of the CongregR.
tioiiHl church will meet Thursday at 4:15
p. ni.
W ill iu in McOaffcrty lm rosunioil bin
dutica in the Drown pharmacy, after a
visit with friends in Rurlinfftnn.
William II. Finn of Ht. A lim ns, who
U connected with thn W. T. Doiiovuii
Cigar Co., called on Uarre friends yester
day. Remember tho auetinn sale to-morrow
for Fred Poor near Willianistown vil
lace. Nice cows, vounor cattle and hous.
C. F. Smith, auctioneer.
Olenn C. Carpenter of Wellington
street returned this morning from u
business trip to Boston In the interest
of J row & Holden, of which firm ho is
the secretary-treasurer.
The mission study class of the Church
of the Good Shepherd will meet at the
Dome of Mrs. IS. N. Parker of 25 Snau d-
ing' street, Thursday evening at 7:.'N).
Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Holmes, former
residents of Barre, who have been resid
ing in Montpelier for the past year, have
gone to . Highgate Springs, where they
have purchased a house.
1 he members of the Olenugie club will
meet at Uan Cordon hall Thursday att-
ernoon at 1:30 o'clock for the purpose
of attending the funeral of our lute
brother, Alexander Voting, rlease wear
badges and white gloves. Per order
Remember the talk on eoual suffraee
by Mrs. Estee at the Cniversalist church
vestry this evening at 7:3 ) o'clock. The
lecture is free and it is hoped many will
take the opportunity to hear Mrs. Entee,
whether in favor of the subject or not.
About zt young friends of William
Hutching gathered at hij home at 33
Branch street Monday evening in honor
of his 13th birthday anniversary. Games
were played and a lunch was served,
consisting of rake and lemonade. The
young people left a number of gifts.
Mis. E. A. Williams and nephew of
Toronto, Out., are visiting at the home I
of Mrs. Charles Williams of 8011th Main
street. Mrs. Williams plans to remain
in Barre for some time, as her husband,
Captain Williams, is with the Royal Dra
goons in England.
Mrs. Clyde Howell and children, who
have been visiting at the home of ttvs
former's father, Theodore Beach, of 107
Prospect street, left yesterday for Rut
land, instead of Montreal, as waa pre
viously reported. Mr. Howell, who was
engaged for aome time aa a telegraph
operator in the office of the Montreal
Star, has been transferred to Rutland
by the Western Union Telegraph Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gates of Franklin
street, Mrs, Glenn C. Carpenter of Wel
lington street and Miss Marion F. Stick
iiey of Washington street were among
the Barre people who went to Middle
sex this rooming to attend the conven
tion of the Washington County Sunday
School association, which opened this
forenoon in the Methodist church. The
Barre delegates will return to the city
late this evening. "
The first consignments of rough stock
to be transported from Millstone hill
to Barre since the late days of February
arrived in the city yehterday over the
Barre railroad ami were transferred at
once to the Montpelier & Wells River
railroad and the Central Vermont sid
ings. Yard crews on both of the latter
road have been restored and huijica in
the two freight yards ia beginning to as
sume its normal volume. It is said
that quairymen in Granite ville and Web
sterville are nearly all employed and
that the prospects for a busy 'summer
in the ouairv district are unusually
bright. Several of the quarryowner are
behind with their orders in consequence
of the 10-week shutdown.
Forty-five carpenters are rushing to
completion the interior finish work at
the new Hotel Barre on Washington
street. Near the end of construction
work on Barre'a new hostelry, the con
tracting company, W. S. Swallow & Co.
of New York, has greatly increased its
working force. The finishing wood, in
cluding the casing and wainxcotting. ar-
rtvet In the city all ready to tie adjusted,
and covered with a aincle coat of stain
ing fluid. Work in the lobby, diningroom
and kitchen is practically rnmplctv and
those who hate inNpecteif the rooma arr
struck by their attractiveness. The al
dermanie street commit tir intends to
waste no time in carrying out the in
structions of the citv mim, il in laying
a broad cement walk along the lintel
Through the medium of
Silk Gloves
Season of f
1915 Silk Gloves j
Now would be a good time to se- f
lect your gloves for commencement,
for graduation sizes are here now that
are hard to keep in stock a little later.
The quality is here that you won't be
likely to find in other shops. . If you
have never used a Niagaramaid Glove
you now have a chance to improve
your glove purchases.
Our Stock Is in Excellent
Every department has all the new
ideas of the season. Our out-of-town
trade has been very large. This in a
time of labor trouble has helped and
encouraged us to look for and keep
for sale every new idea on the mar
ket. So that to-day there is no as
sortment of Dry Goods and Garments
in Vermont any better selected than
Warmer weatuer starts the trade
to look for summer Hosiery and Un
derwear. If you go by our judgment,
you would buy Black Cat Hose and
Munsing Underwear. We have a rea
son for this judgment. You will sec
the reason once you have tried these
Black Cat Hose for children in all
weights with linen splicings at 25c.
Black Cat Hose for ladies in gauze
or medium weight at 25ci 'n Silk at
50C $1.00-
Munsing Union Suits at jfjc a"d
$1.00 " w'tn patent seam, dif
ferent from other kinds.
Materials for Boys' and
Girls' Dresses
We are always looking for better
kinds. We now think that we have
the best that can be had. Quite a
change from other seasons.
Tast seasons, Ginghams and Gala
teas have been the sellers. Now comes
a better-finished, better-washing and
a better-styled cloth. In 28-inch, it is
called the Endurance Cloth; in 32
inch the Devonshire Cloth; the 28
inch at 122C tno 32-inch at Igc
These prices are as low as Ginghams
and lots better.
We have Endurance Cloth in over
30 patterns. We have Devonshire
Cloth in over 35 patterns, an assort
ment as large as carried in any of
the large Boston stores.
We are displaying on our tables
some of the prettiest summer goods
that you have ever seen. You do
not have to even ask for them they
are where you can help yourself.
Cut these by a New Idea Jfjg Pat
tern for latest styles and best re-fults.
Children's White and Colored Dresses
When you can buy Children's White and Colored Dresses at the prices we
are asking for the values we have just received, you cannot afford to spend
your time sewing. We show you a good line of small-sized Dresses in
White and Colored, sizes from 3 to 0, at 50c eat'h- These are a good styled
Dress made from good quality materials.
In Children's White Dresses, in sires from 6 to U years, we have our
full line now ready for your inspection. These are Dresses made from
good quality Muslins and Lawns and finished with lace and fine muslin
insertion and edges.
At $1.25 w can give you a very good White Dress value.
At $1.50 an(l $1.75 are a number of good White Dress models that are
entirely new.
At $2.00 ani $2.30 are 80nie new White Dress values that will appeal
to many as of unusual worth.
In the better grade Lace and Muslin Dresses, which come in the larger
sizes from 10 to 11 years, we can show you some unusual Dress values.
Our full line of Colored Dresses is now ready for your inspection.
In the small sizes, from 3 to 8 years, we can show you some unusual
values that are made up from the better grade Percale and Gingham, that
a- all 50c each.
In the larger sizes from 0 to H years, we have one of the best Dress
values we ever put out at 50c Pach.
At $1.00 ar,d $1.25 we are Bhowing some good Dress values that are
made in the season's newest and best styles, sizes from 6 to 14 years.
In the be.tter grades, at $2.00 and $2.25 are few Krinkle Down Cloth
Dresses that are good values.
Ladies' House Dresses
We have just received another large invoice of Ladies' House Dress
values that arc of more than passing worth. .
At $1.00 are a number of good House Dress values.
At $1.19 are a number of different styles that are made from a dark
colored Gingham in a very good quality.
A $1.25 are some of the best Gingham Dress values we ever offered
to the trade.
Lots of new Neckwear in the new standing collar designs. Hoagknit Sweaters have a great sale at this sea
son of the year. Our spring assortment has just arrived, with and without collars.
The Daylight Store
- ,
Anthracite, Coke, and
Place your order
S tipwaiiaper
pubhhid in Yokahama under the date
of April l.V news la receued here of
the wedding of Miss Hsrel 15. Whe-er.
formerly of thi rity, to Kohert 15. Pierce,
a former Montpelier boy. The count
of the wedding reads as follows: -
quiet wedding took lila this momma
at No. 2.1 Settlement, the reaidenr of
M. I). KiriaofT. of the United Statea
enniilate-general. the eontrai ting rrt-
tia lmg K'llieit fieaj IVree. assistant
manner of the Standard Oil Co. of lai
lh. in formoa, and Mis I a net R.
WlwrW of Vermont, I. S. A., who ar
rived Ut evening on the Mongolia. Tho
ceremony a conduced .v Rev. Wil
l's m Martin. M. A., iMtnr of the Union
church, in tlie pr ' of .1. V. PatUn
tine, h-e and deputy ciul gerwral. the
1 1 neea Itf-mg Mr. and Mrs. KirjsaaoiT
and Mim Martm. T'w bride nr a
traveling lr of lnte airrge. After
l.rwf atav in -lanan, Mr. and Mrs.
Pi-r-e i!l .-ae for Tai.ieh"
Some of th trial lu h V--t tV
rd't'tr of a tnorlMv luml t rm.'.-al r
-t frtH fcrn'Cy in tt May ine of
) .fd.lrJ I;-oH. It iM !
nd that bad rmN The Kwd
through another ear of its e'tiw-
irn in airite t aW u-t-.r r rrte p
for t'e Ift'e journal that te etwial
n (I t mar. of -i,n ! " ia -. rt Iw.l. j
p'Cm Iml.-a t ll-l it N wnrthl.-M od-
to in1 ( h-r iKatT are in th -4i-
t'ril Wk. Itd, t! Mr f'tM
et't mu: "The tif'tmare on .i
lwtiofi ml in-!-! ( Wre i 01
ttlt "illTlil fw lyg fr'WI'" P.itt
Tta ! t n4 amiHr of th Va I"
o'4 tt4wt- I '-t t hit f a lr
rt n !t hav ' i !h-d fc
ti U tir thn tit r.ra I '. t ni
el?ndt of tf M.-f "i f t " .f r (in
. 4 . . J . . 1 . A . I 1 ... i .1 .
11 ax. i ""S fn t'H
Indies' coats, suits and drese: 1st
ct creation", just received. Sadlier's.
10 Keith avenue.
Beginning May 11. the price of chair
wood will be li..VI per load of .46 cubic
feet. Aithur S. Martin. 'Phone 5.1-W.
Kichnrd Allen of (.reensboro, a former
resident of Jlnrre, Is passing a few days
in the city as the guent of L. J. Hell of
Maple avenue.
lodge H. W. Scott of Richardson street
returned to day from Iloston. where he
was one of the Vermont representative"
at the annual convention of the supreme
lodgp. New Kngland Order of Protection.
L. W. Itullock of Northlield was also in
attendance at the convention.
D. .1. Sullivan and Joseph M. elon
returned this morninz from Rutland,
where thev represented flarre enuncil.
No. 401, t the state convention of
Knights of Columbus. A. II. liiwke
f 'harles I-eeUir and J. .1. Papin. vibn mo.
tored to Rutland with a number of local
knights, returned t the ity yesteHay.
A demand for small and comfortable
tenements has created something of a
building lnm in Harre tln aprinsr and
while definite plana are laid for no more
than five dwelJinghouwa. investors, fev
ers! in number, are thinking serionlv of
huildine. If. P. Partridge, mho acquired
the l.ale property on Summer and Wel
lington troct lat year, has broken
ground for a modern apartment house mi
the scant lot at the corner of the two
freela. Already he haa erected a cement
Mtaiinnz wall along the bank at flu
mat cm) of the lot. and having obtained
a buildirif (M'rmit from the city coun
cil, be will proi-eute vigoioii!y the woik
of ererting a Ihhi-m- with four apart
Ceorge Story of Boston arrived yes
terday and is staying in the city and vi
cinity on business for a few days.
Regular meeting of R. C, I. P. A. on
Wednesday night at 7:30 in K. v.f P.
baH. Per order ret irding secretary.
James R. Good of Burlington, who has
Ix-en visiting in the city for the past
few days, returned home this' morning.
Regular meeting of Ruth chapter, N'o.
33. O. K. S., Wednesday evening. May 12.
at 7:3l o'clock. A very instructive his
tory of the order will tie given by Broth
er Charles H. Ifeaton of Montpelier. j
Private sale of all my household goods
at Hotel Northern. North Main street,
Barre, my home. Ssle begins at once, I
Mav 12, at 3 o'clock a. m. I am rotnj; 1
Wet to remain with mv daughter.
ad. cNewhere. Mrs. Stella Lawrence;
O. H. lisle, manager.
Elected Officers at Proctor and Listened
to Discussions at Rutland.
Proctor, May 12. At the meeting of
the Vermont League of Nursing Edu
cation, held in the Proctor hospital yes
terday afternoon, Misa Mary E. Schu
macher of the Brattlcboro hospital was
chosen president; Miss Clara J. Church
ill of the Mary Fletcher luspital. Bur
lington, vice-president; Mi Caroline M.
Swift of the Barre City hospital, sec
retary and treasurer.
After the meeting, a dinner was served,
with Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Davis as
hostesses, and the party were taken to
Rutland bv auto, where the first annual
meeting of the State Nursing asocia
tion was held at the Rutland hospital.
Carefully prepared paper were gnen
bv Miss Clara Churchill on "Miracles of
The eichth. and erv nrnhablv the 1 Modern Surgery ; by Mis t ora Curtis.
Isat. presentation of (ioddard's p'sy. 'diatrict nurse of Burlington, on "Pub
MThe I'mste Tutor." is to lie given at lie Health Nursing in Vermont." and by
the t;oddard hall on Friday night. May Mr. How liwleron "Twilight Sleep."
14. The senior elms ha put on the' The following officer were elected:
plsv in seeral of the surrounding tow n President. Mi Mary E. Shumacher of
and realired a considerable sum from it;the Brattieluro hoi.pital; tirt viee-presi-preanttion
and the proeed from thej(lcnt. Mrs. F. Patch of the Rutland ho-perfotmam-e
on Friday nitrht are to golpjtal; second ioe-preiderit. Mis Cora
toward the expenw of the track team urtlg cf Burlinetou hoapital; ae.rctarT-
that the eminary ia petting into trim. Ueasurv. Mi llattie K. loiigla of tlw
Through the medium of Tlie Time, ac
cording to tlie story told by ai"0,uain-
tani-ea of the piineiplc in the affair,
two small boy who atarted out from
l yn lonille sever! days ago to make
thir way in the well known world, were
perpiiaded to return home and rcMime
the otdmarv ihanmls of their ritence.
Tlie lada bad rrN-.-ede.l a far a IHin-
ment. fronting on Wellington street. It I 1 1 le on their wav to Fl l)or lo when
ia In fie latersl dinenin of ."n and they puked up a copy of The Time
21 feet with a piarra n feet wide n,j learned for the firat time bow an-
ion their parent wife to e them
tending along the front. It i to ! two
and one hlf atone l:ich. A I. ram Fine
ia to er- t a dw Mine hmiae. 24 bv 2"
foet. on liia !t at 4" MV urine nd
will rare a mll larw on t prmiae
to mk wav for the dwelling. Victor
-tcy ha iH-r.kr-n ground tr a new
honae on the Brotik trw extension. It
wll dimension are to be 22 anf 21
g Will arrive in a
few day.
new at
Granite City Coal Yard
No. 9 Granite Stmt, Near Main Street
C i We have it cut freih ev l
ery morning. cet andl
I tender.
Frch cut Rh .hub, 7 bt.l
I for 25c. j
j; , r'nten !t- th con ng of mmBin.'. VranCI, id !' T afc)C.
.. 1.. it ti- r. i... t i- t : 3cci, jau) vranct, a;
in... Mini. ih1 ! I'.mrrt Zc. I fv-
I La lot of Arr'c. peck, I
1 oc. r 1
j 0rn Flake. 5 ratkacS
iScc tht rn in our' in drw
return home, fhmtims by Immeawk
n. they banged their mind ahmit
Minninj away and started hik to Lyn
don die.
Tlie amt r.it hIc of the Frank IV
merrilt -tate perioral .roprrfy, held
at aterhnry lentir yeferlay. l
one t( the laii'it in immint of pr-jT-tv
an! ii't-iM-r ti people that wa er
bll in Wa-binpta count j I1 bead
of cattle, t l,or.-. Iii'i. oiltrv. a t
mount -f frn tool and m h imty,
inilir.iirg uer t.l. two g"l if -
g 1114. fr'k.fj n I .tie. . Il .-li'fer
an f rn ht, cor a liret.-r, ail kind of
fi. Id (.!, i'"l. 1. If' , Pied. -aet.
iia, Am rt t ete. Fifty -w.
U km1 aere,ij VI. one a,r of
H,e. j er r-l ( !e.ra. I4. t o- oar-old i
Mwti. ore air t.f la-f fail
. v''l n ai'i; r-r.rr
efe. 'Ti; p r of work l.re. i
4 .i . r.ne i i !.-. S -. t j r
oi t .-. . S ' Zl f a'-wi t u t oia '
I h l"-rv "'H '!. tt W '' '.d
rrm ati-i-.rid !', C- 1. jenitk
l.1..0. j
The double male quartet will meet
with Harry I-asell on Monday evening.
May 17 next.
The Rural Cood Luck club ia to meet
with Mrs. Fred Poor next Saturday aft
ernoon, Mav IS. Subject, Jean Inge-
low, i i
Remegio Gomel, the Toung Spaniard
who spent the winter at the Michigan
Auto school, and lately sold his Ford
car to Iir. A. A. t ross, has now gone
to Burlington, where he hopes to find
The ladies aid of the M. E. church Will
hold a food sale at their vestry on Fri
day, May 14, at 3 p. m. Also a social
and entertainment in the evening.
The farm known as tlie Willard Walk
er place ha again changed hands, one
of it former owner. H. J. Potter, hav
ing lately bought it of I.ec French. Mr.
Potter ha been living in Barre for some
two years past, and has already taken
possesaion. but will not moe here with
his familv till after the clone of the
whnol vear in P.arre.
The law relating to lights on automo
bile and motor ehicles must be better
(dwu-rved in the future. Complaint
made to me bv patrolmen will be prose
euted. The ordinary or usual excuse
will not go.
Pitted at citv of lUrre. this llth dsr
of May, A. !.'l!IY
Cilr Grand Juror.
Marry Fleti her hospital, Purlington; as
sistant secretary. Mis Annie Aitken of
the Rutland hospital; director. Mia
t in- C hurchill of Burlington. .Mr, f.reen
o Proetor. Mia nthrrine Alliaon of
Pro. tot. Mi Mary E. Nhumaclier of
Refreshment were served and the
nuracs returned to their Home, feeling
well paid for the extra effort required , the bet feature yet,
for attending the meeting. J Queen." Adv.
Big treat t Pilion to-day Mary
Pi ktord and I arU le Rlackwell in one of
Such a Little
A. W. Badger & Co.
to rni shine; Undertaker and Cmbalmer
j, e-,:t-rt a. f
U sn rfrne?o,fst Tr'r?,wm ail! t
St m th MiaI r- e te !' '- Hernia
H M t 'Lie. It waa a f-t u n-f
Jj llutKi tit r ,T'i TT
H : p.r " Wirt t 1'nrr r ?" ;-.
ta t ! ;n "' ! t
C'l f TFatiks.
Garden Seed'
! i t- ia
" I yr i mm a o
I'-nM". j wfTillil U LUli.IliS UOlj V- -r.- hml 1
7" rt . ! TECyE J , "-fr--, v ! ! V'.
i, wn A ! hi 1 f-1 v"4 from
. H w 1-4 - hf li la.-) ;w-fd
of f r a a
i tt i."j.- M i f rrS-M
M-, i M j at "f I
' trr I'.'l i jit ! - g a f tr
1 TI'---t -r-r I t-1"rn4 -ni Vt
! .lnlmS-i .-- tur n . ft- H
1 . - a t -icft i lefc Vwa
f-t f t a
. V. .if
4 Mr V
eal Coffee Values
Our CofTec falc. have doubled 51r.ee we put in our
new fteel-cut mill which cut. the bean, instead of
tmafhinir it; take out the dut and hull
Our Tea and CofTee? are 1xu?rht direct from the
larpe importers, who have modern ocr. for roasting
and expert men to prade and hknd.
A r;ccd Coffee, usually 5old for 2-, our price, lb. 1 9c
The lies! HOe Coffee on the market, ret 24c
LaddV Special fnr real value. jcr Hi
Heccption Drand JI;cha and Java, a leader ..
La Touraine. fpetial Kcrjd, per Tb
Gilt Ed re and White Hou?e Coffee, crJi the test
U !e hat r I1 40c
The F. D. Ladd Company
:S tar. I. K. tt-k.

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