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Magee Boston Heater
HotWater Kl
Retains all the
advantages of
both systems;
perfect venti
lation and
1 equal distri
bution of
have heated New
England home
uccestfully for
over 60 year.
Magee Furnaces
Are Reliable, Serviceable, Economical
Fresh Hot Air at a Reasonable Cost
rii W
Sold by N. D. PHELPS CO., Barre
Magee Furnace Co., Inc., Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Kmily Stock well of Koclieste'r
naa cuiiio lor a Hiiort viMit with her Sla
ter, Mis. (j. O. Howe, wlio lately re
turned from Florida and licr son, C. J.
Stockwell, and family.
O. If. Humphrey of Nortlillcld, accom
panied by a party, was in town Monday
to enjoy tho boating on tho lake.
Mrs. F. O. Ralph had thn misfortune
to fall one week agn, turniiitf one of
Mias Acnes Sault, who lias been out her anklea. straining the. nerves and liua
of tho oflice of tlie Herald and News for mcnts and disabling Jiur so bIib cannof.
i wo mourns, mis returned to resume, ncr want
work, iM'L'inninu' bv workimr in the aft
criinon. mi Lie she ih stronger.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer ad went to
(Jeorjre Allen of Randolph wan in town
Saturday on business.
Trm II V ni., ,,::i...l 1,... un IS
l'o.nfrct Tuesday to pas some time r Magon' n'd UmU ,n H.ndolph Aon:
at the ail farm with their son, Solon day.
0, F. Nichols of White River Junction
was in town several days last week on
Vnil, and family.
A new steam hentiwr plant is being
installed at thn passenger depot to rP' business
place me tun iiirnace wliicli lias been
unable to heat the room so it was com
fortable for those in waiting. The rail
road company have sent their gang of
i.,i.u .Ml,,,iii,jr nuit- mill, turn nnnn Hrv 10
steam litters tt the work, which n0n'
Thn ladies' aid society's serving cir
cle of the Second church will meet with
Mrs. A. L. Follansbeo Wednesday after-
was begun on Tuesday,
Mrs. K. I,. Mclntj-re, after passing the
Among those who attended the Chris
tian hndnavor convention held in Beta-
winter in Miirlincton with her daughter. .l"T7 wer8 liev- wm "V..' ")"
Mm. Guv Loudon, returned here on Tues- "Ua, AIfrcd I,all belli
. ... . . . . I Heard ami Avu l.nurn
day and will open her house on Randolph
avenue (or the summer, and is expect
ing to remain here through the season
Mrs. 1. S. Chase left on Tuesday for
Boston, where she went to visit her son,
Heard and Avis Lewis.
Fifteen were preserit at the mission
ary meeting of the First church held
with Mrs. K. L. Wills Thursday after
noon. Five of them were invited guests.
IV Mil O.Ml, ,, ... , ...... . I
John Chase, and wife, and make the ' 'i"r"n was picas ant ly speni, uu
acquaintance of their four months' oh
grandson.' Air. Chase will join her later
and they will go to Shelburne falls
Mass., to visit Hev. and Mrs. Frederick
Leeds, the latter being their daughter.
and may be pone two months before
their return. Mr. and Mrs. Leeds, who
have been passing several days here
with them, left for their home on Satur
day, making the trip to Shelburne Falls
by automobile.
rem hebekah lodge, held their regular
Mrs. C. 0. Lewis is sick with ton-
silitis and at this writing is confined to
her bed. ,
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. filvsson, Mr. and
Mrs. I. (). Keveg and Mr. and Mrs. P. C.
Keves were among the relatives to at
tend the funeral of Frank J. Parker,
which was held at his late home on the
cast hill Monday afternoon."
J. W. f'annenter and daughter. Mrs.
L. W. Morse, went to Concord, N. H.,
s(J. (.... C m I .... 1
11 ) $T J I '"'i 'IT
Illilii.'iiililllllllllliillllliilllliillllllllillililllllllllliiieX T I - 0 T7 AttR"""""' i"'" """"!":!" "'''Hli, :; I- . i i,
. 1 .... yrj, V J tSi-rc VNf'"'" """ ii'ic'iii;::: :::iii!i lit
l .... yt-v-x7 K ll 04BV AS """ ".(;,'' Mil.!!!'! I'1 J I f 1 1 1 IT
.... M" H nrx rni di 1 m J..!.!,' '
j mi r i
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Flanders were called
to Portland, .Me., hist Saturday by the
serious illness of Mrs. Flanders' sister,
Mis Heatrice Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crockett of Xorth
field were in town Monday, calling on
Mrs. Alta Richardson is spending it
few days with friends in Barre.-
Miss Lula Thompson of Jiarre was a
guest of friends in town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Magoon and son,
Delmer, of Greenfield, Mass., arrived in
town last week. Mr. Ma'goon returns
to Greenfield for a time, on Wednesday,
but will come back later to spend the
James Rocks of Lyndonvillc was a re
cent guest of his brother, F.dward Rocks.
Smith & ('timings' lish cart will call
on oii 1 liursilav witli a tun line 01
ftrsh and salt water fish.
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any source of umly. will furnish abundant
water for every need, and U tha ideal
FrMMro nurrior in mny rlrvulrd lank.
Fnrrm watrr throughout the hotM, if nrc
Ko matter wher you livr. hrther on m
hill or in i. hollow, or how larir or mall
your houM iray b. you rir watr. twk
aliout your pla-c anil for y,mrvlf haw
mar-n you r4 water, thn writ for our
tprrial book DW.
meeting on Tueiidiiv nivht. ainl in uihli-
lion to their regular work, initiated two Monday, called there to attend the fu-
candidatos. 1 literal of .Mr. 1'anncnters nepnew s who.
Silver Cross circle of Kind's Dauchteis 'r- ' ni" Pamenter. Jliey reiurnea
held their regular mectiiiu with Mrs. ",m' "PUnes.lay.
C. J. Stockwell with a small attendance. At the annual meeting of the home
The devotional service wuh leu, I hv Vln lliiissionary society of the Second church
r ullam, the
cted for the
rl.for l. l... loUn n..riiAn. ensuing year: rresiuent. Mrt. Inez oii,-
fcr.il to tile hospital, for treatment for a tipri vice-president, Mrs. Sarah Fullant;
Hie devotional service was lead bv Mrs. missionary society 01 tne i-secc
W. R. Sargent. The circle voted to give held Tuesday with Mrs. F. L. 1
to Mrs. Etta Farrington. $10, for her following officers were elect
daughter, who is to be taken to Burling- 'nsuing year: President. Mrs.
diseased knee. Thev also voted an addi
tional $10 for the buppoit of the rest
Mrs. W, B. Viall has received news of
the safe arrival of her daughter, Mrs.
Lucie Viall lieeknian from a two months'
trip to Japan, China and the Philip-
nine islands. Mrs. Heekman landed at
San Francisco the "Jd of the month.
Mr. and Mrs. It. A. Whittcmore have
returned from a three weeks' stay in
Middlebiiry, Rutland and Burlington, and
Mrs. Whittcmore is at the Catholic rec
tory, the housekeeper for Rev. M. S.
O'Donnell, while Mr. Whittcmore has
gone to Bethel for a few days.
Mrs. Crosby Tyler was taken so sud-
ttecretary, Mrs. Mvrtie Perham; treasnr
ler, .Mrs. Arihie law: executive commit
tee. Mrs. Sophia E. Follansbee, Mrs.
Elizabeth Taylor, and Mrs. Emma Uit-
Deacon T. Frink of the First church
and Deacon I. L. Stone of the second
church were elected delegates to repre
sent the churches at the Vermont Con
gregational convention to la- held in
Barre next week.
Miss Marion ran ington, accompani
bv Dr. O. V. Greene, went this morning
... f..-.. l,'l. ...!.. li..u,iilul in Itnr
. , ... . . , . . j- ... i . .. ,1 l lit,' .ii.i y I " iu.pi-i.i.1 ... .....
ucmv ill wuii Hiinenuiciii.i last mccki,. . . , .,:,. i I ,. .,
., . , i.i i ii . linuton, to have a knee examined lv a
torium for an operation, from which she I 1
u making a good recovery.
The "Reliance Line" System Will Light Your Country
Place by Electricity
IM ua know what you ntM. Our prion arr riirht. Snd for t.irhtin f'atalo P. E.
Write ia or m C, E. Sarlf, our (rnrral aarnt at Bartw. or J. L. Arklry. Barra.
Hfwaaaartm far (iaaalra K
(imw far All Tara.M
Somen worth N. H.
Cracketf. Shaw & Lunt Co.
6a No. Washington St., Boitoa
A Complete Electric Lighting Plant
With a "Hyray" Battery
Gives you liht any time you wish it.
For further information and prices, sec
Barre Electric Company
North Main Street Barre, Vermont
It is unlikely that Montpelier semi
nary will have a track team this xtim
nter. as nfaterial docs not seem to be
forthcoming, and the energies of the
young men will lie turned more toward
baseball, itifctead.
Miss Hazel R. Wheeler of this city
and Robert Read Pierce, assiytant man
ager of the Standard Oil company in
Formosa, were married in Yokohama
Japan. April l.'i, Miss Wheeler having ar
rived there from the I'nited States the
evening la-fore. They are to reside in
I lie luiieral ol William Miller was
held from St. Augustine' church yes
terday, Rev. Fr. Mrkenna officiating.
The bearers were Orville Pine, Adolphus
Oligney, and Jaine Twist, long-time
'mplove of .Mr. Miller: Paul lheriault.
from the St. Jean de Baptise society
John McCargan and Charlea Murphy of
Burlington. The Eagle and St. John de
Kaptixte Mxiety attended the funeral
and represent a 1 1 vea were also ptewnt
from the Manchester. X. II, lodge of
F.Iks, of which Mr. Miller was a mem-la-r.
Burial was in the Catholic ceme
tery, and during the wrvice and the
tHiti of tlie funeral party, curtains
were drawn in all place of btmirtes.
The niiiiii.il meeting of the Mount Cal
ary conm il. Scottish Rite Maon, w
eiured Monday evening. Seven cattdi-
lat t'k the llith degree. tUTieelf
n -elected for the ensuing year ere as
follow: Frank I.. Small, sovereign
priiic1; fsmi-a S. Wilson, high priest;
U'altcr C. Wali1nirn. aetiior ard-n; t'.r
tiesf K. tlark, junior war.h'n: Cbatle
H. 11,-atnn. x-crcfarv and treasurer. Tl.
ariintcd lhceia are: Joseph M. Bill
hs k. M. of C: i itriieliii P. Hatch, ho
pitaler: Ralph B. Irnny, M. of H.; Aha
mnlcr E. Bruce, tvlrr.
Mr. Edith WilUrd and Mr. .1rie
; Sibley were htisincs iitot in Mont
jrflur and IVarre Saturday.
M' Fdna ArlMKlle ha finished work
at the Wool ort h tre in Brre and I
stopping at home.
. A. IjtPomt la a..l. I,,, trrdtet,
Iicsf,r, In Josli Mtirty of thia place.
(,-rld Macon hr w.isHs'.l mull at
tlie Eat MontplMT -nanwry.
Mr. and Mr, l.ee t'Landler were ia
Plailiflcld May i.
H'ram -,rrow in MontfwIrT f
l,iisin'- Saturday.
.wre !" ! aeiTjfed a wct)a
,n , nutter factoty. j
. P. 1i lli tt a l'.n4 huM j
i giipf him rrii'Ii '"ire and cwr-
!b riM.U-T l,a l.tr.d ft f'f
fh mug th M . tPoit.
1 1a 1 nT)4. a iiw't at uAr-.
-. (it k-u.tsi t t'-- I m of hrr fr-
Mi. so-l Vr I". A. 1n-wt.
7 h natr or-.W-s wmw -sr X""
ov. lat . it-'!"if for ftx'r fnst
!.,. .tw ! tay ea'l-.f tta
:., K't i ! ' s wo'd t
i:-r 4o . . !-(' t a ti-!r i.tn
I farm I r wifwt w
in V " "! t lt r.-ii
f;, f. i.. v!w t ift r
If., iTr 1" !'! 'I I
it... f al.tr .wfipfii-sw (
lames Kcbard leaves his position in
the lAiubertoti stable Friday to work on
a farm in Hartlund.
lames A. Graham has shipped ten
toim of maple sugar in wooden pails
this season, for which he paid 10 cents
1 pound.
Dclo Burrelle is moving from the
Ilartwell house on South Main street
into Mr. Julia "hiteotnb's bouse on
Xorth Main street.
Fred W. King, because of ill health.
ha sold hi barber shop to B. If. Smcad
of Randolph, who take immediate (sis
session. Mr. and Mr. S. M. Washburn went
to Boston Tuesday and before his re
turn. Mr. Washburn intends to visit
the Panama exposition.
Fred C. Putnam I in charge of the
county iail at Wood-fork for a month,
during the absence of Jailer filter.
George W. Xcwton. who was employed
at the Wright meat market until its
sale to Adams A MclnUre. ia now work
ing for J. S. Kimball A t o.
W illiam Flanagan ha gone to Wind
sor to work in the machine shop.
Kilgar Trask' house caught fire fiom
the chimney yesterday morning, but
ith the help of lite extinguisher from
Ijtst Bethel, the (ire soon put out
with little damage done.
Mr. F. K. Ki-hcr of Burlington is a
nest at fitiy Wilson'.
Mr. and Mis. Will Ha.krtt. Mr. and
Ml. Pearl lis, ktl have returned from
an atitotnofnlc trip to the home of rela
tive in Warren. , II.
New ha i-ottie to Mr. Unit is Iji.hl
of the death ls-t wmk at In home in
Walt '"' Mass.. of Dxiiicl 1 1. Fuller, for
srveral nasons a summer Ismidcr at the
hiirch farm.
William B. Brook went yesterday to
the Mate hospital for treatment for
nervmi dixnder.
Rev. W. C. Htey. a graduate of
Ttifta Divinity Hool. will preach next
Similar at the 'Piveralit t-hnnh, a a
Mr. Matide Von PW ha movwj
from t He Ijvrr Wok to tlie Rowcll
lnite on River treet.
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Old Office Pipe
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England offices and homes that have never burned any other tobacco
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delicious richness and sweetness.
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duce. Several seasons' crops of tobacco
are always stored away to protect Mayo's
quality. That's why it's always good."
Sold everywhere in handy
10c pouches.
Mrs. Sue Hoyt of Bethel apent last
week at M. S. Haines.'
Rev. ;. 11. Wright of Waupitig. Conn.,
has moved his family here and will oc-
Laughter Will Be the Rule at the Barre
Opera House To-night,
i. us Hill has selected a company of
fitly caiiaMc inrtormers to support the
mpy the pulpit at the M. F.. church the two comedians who are physically fit
coming year. ted to depict Bud Fisher's own idea.
Mrs. J. S. ,i Ik ins and children have land has made "Mutt & JctT in Mexico,"
Hwritjil Arebolaw Smire
fffT tu t
T-w.w ! tM
-w, ., t f w "mi-" f-li n-l w .Tl t!
"m 7 . -w" a '1 I Is r4
wt wf w t
rf .M.r ,iimitt.tsii''. ss,
l ir ,'.--1 t- t lf'1 We- Ihw.s
in f "it
' -t- - w- js wt-
1 s4 m . alw cs. em.
.wl mS 1i H a B5''
fjk'r i Atfr.
About 3' tiiMiilier tit Silver !aik
irtange ia Batnard werw rttela of Kv1
Will frattf l"s satnrday rveninp and
gaW aa rill.-nt tmiTini -onistmg of
the jday. "The jtt lif." also frittsie,
both ml and instrumental. Therw
wwe also visitor from Rising Star and
Twer-d Tuer jrrnir-a. s,prr w a i
mrtf4 h ls Will praftr.
Vt. and Mr. t f. .oul. were g.jest
of Mr. and Mr. VI. I.. H jimii, ir at
jtWtr eotfjig. at i lk. !" klat en,
N. H Sunday ael Mniy,
I.. B. 1iawbr'.n a We to be ut
aytn aft l ig tl'.jw-.
S. '. Hmtgt a jf'1e ill a4 at
(. ti.t-il K Ir. 1. . l!oind of I -I ltd
M' Htte Mill, i taring Uf I tm.
'rr, li, wty caitMi from -Ion-
It 7'",r4s to w.ip I'- pi!ji
ni f V4WM)t -. hrs and at
tUti'.l 7 . " pus 7 I fw,t . w ,u , mm
.A I. ant a-, ar .
fg t'"- --! CtsT J. A. i ii" I
. 1 I. l. f t IWrt
IVortrri , , -,f.t II
. II ttr -w ft s,rtfc ftftal
waa IL. ;o.- Im 7'bsIl (V it
IS. r. .. I Visltl nl I .to t-t-r
w l , at I -.a'wt t nsr k
i tw-tt s...t, , ,t i osml tnr. 1 r. ry- (
V-a .1J l.;-a o.J V;- Iwcb
'II ..ft 1 .i"(. n li.11-1 iiiw.
. ia.
; f l,'l V f -" , fs-kw i
t'T S ff .,.,
1". M. tri I I r.-r-a
' IW.-ts lwns :'t t- ft
returned to their home in Massachusetts,
niter spending several months at K. R.
Will Mone wa in Johnson la-t week
Tuesday to see hi son. Archie.
Arthur Walea of St. Johnsbtiry watt in
town lust wt-ek to bis sister, Mrs.
Tyler How. wl.o lias been seriously ill
k vera I weeks.
Mrs. Tyler How went to Maty Fletch
er hospital Monday morning for tin op
eration lor gall stones. She was ac
companied by Mr. How and Mrs. Arthur
Mr. and Mr0. It. P. Walbiidge wete
calhsl to Last ttintwick iai weik w
attend Hie luneral of Willi.iut Fair.
W. I. lotil and N. . oo.lrv were in
Biirlingtutt Siiinliiy to visit Mrs. Ford,
win, t in the bo-pital. They bi-oiight
liack vetv eiicouiaijinc lsit of al
the patient who are there from Calt
Hr. Hill of South Woodhurv was in
ton n .Mondsv on business.
Mr. and Mr. J. fi. Pike were jjitrst
at the home of Hanv Pike in Waldeti
A. P. Btirnhitm of B.trrc was in town
in town last week at the home of
Mr. Kit Haines.
Mis Fat Iter How land spent Friday
with friend in Woodbury.
F. A. Wale went to RtitlVigtiin Mon
Mr. Mclean of St. JohnslMity a i
btismc visitor in town Tiied.
Mr. and Mr, f-orge Walilhridye -re
in Fast Hardw nk last e,-k 1uUv.
attend tlie funeral of an mule, William
l-on Haute wa a Imisiiws Visitor
in Montnlr Thursday.
Stanley hrnnrtn Ua moved lit ftn-
ilr to Woodstiwk. where lie ha a pni
t ton attth the V. crruont Bak-ry totn
pand. H ton lthraiy will o"n l med
ftonn W. B. Ijine'a t Mis Frank M--AHifter.
Mothrr'a d,iy w oleie. at Sua
iv at the t ofipn ga t Kmal cbun-h In an
ariTtfriats t rmnn l l. Mr. Hale, i
Twi young tniss'sj distrilwit'd tarna
tion tbroiiirh tiie ati.!"-i'-e t eweli m!h.
er. A tisilf vote of ttiank lt'-d
ed in Sunday hool to tH two I!k
ht yratii't'oish tumislwl flow
William K-i.tn -tt I" Bo I't't'1""
7tisilsv. etfsvtitif 1t a.on;ff tn lo
,i hw fr.in t!" b's-ft! 1 lif ly.
t tie of the biggest and most important
itiiisical comedy productions of the cur
tent season. Everything is offered that
will afford rest to the weary business
brain of men and women. "Mutt 4 Jeff
in Mexico" conic to the opera house to
night. Co and see them. Certainly, the
show ia nonsensical, so are the cartoons,
but you've laughed at them for four
years, and you'll continue to do so.
Personal View of Successful Men.
If you sought the personal viewa and
observations of a thousand successful
men on strong character building, 00 per
cent, of them would place life insurance
aa one of the requisites. National l.itn
In. Co., of Vt. Mutual.) 8. S. Bal
lard, general agent, Lawrence building,
Montpelier, Vt.
ry for Tf?
t 1 t' n nL"" f-.
iwmh4 t. 1 -n n TJ I1!
t tFt .f 01 iv 9 ?n I I"HI i
vtf-, Vfaffif . f9 t It? 1 t t "
a f '1 1 f- r 4 '. ,f a
frt4 t
fir . iatt I J t
i t
V-s . V - t I-
f tat at V!tt" ) S'l tr-'Biit.
1 Wit f,,-. t. ff.
.' i- 'r it- t
Vn j
!"-' It.
o ,
Reliable evidence is abundant that women
are constantly being restored to health by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
The many testimonial letters that we are continually pub
lishing in the newspapers hundreds of them are all genu
ine, true and unsolicited expressions of heartfelt gratitude
for the freedom from suffering that has come to these
women solely through the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Money could not buy nor any kind of influence obtain
Mich recommendations; you may depend upon it that any
testimonial we publish is honest and true if you have any
doubt of this write to the women whose true names and
addresses are always given, and learn for yourself.
Read thU one from Mrs. Waters:
Caimtx, JCJ. "I traa . k for two year. ith ncrvrnw jvIl.a.HTvl
my kitrT(i werp fTrit. I lii a dtxlor all the time) anl ud a
palvanir? hattrr, lut nothing iit me anr gtl. I wan not ald to pi
to U-d, but Kjiri'it mr titTw on a fntrh or in a aWpinir-thair.anil laain
tavame almost a .keloton. Finallr mr drdor wrnt ar f-r hia
lifalth, anl mr hii!anii htari .f Lyilia E. Hrikham Vrprtahl
'nrrp'vnn'i and pd iiv some. In two nvwtha I pt relief anl now I
ara like a tew woman ami am at my usual wfirht. I rerommeni
Tctur lw Jiita to f wry one an l 10 din- mr bubainL'' ilra. Tii l.ia
Vatir rf."0 JI hanic rtcU Camden, X j.
From Hanover Ienn.
TlArorrK. Vk " I waa a v ry fait woman and r:frprv frnrrt
laanite down lain. nl tisnlat lw. I La-l ttr-n tnarri"l rtvrr fur
jrara an-1 hat ikm Inl'lrr-n. I.rdia H linkham' r-taMe aWnpramii
in vot an riilW rtt nr-iorlr f -r it made rn a wll woman. .ftT
tnki-r a f"W tltl'a fnr pair. d pja a rd, arel we now have nr c,f
rtf-t t"-r lia'-w-a U tvtt taw." Jlrss C A. IKKK't, ILKD,
a 1 Ixkivc r, I 'a.
Now an.cr thia quciion if you can. Why sSoul 1 a
v oman tTrtinuc t'" j-ufTcr uiihm;t f r-t i-g Lydia
1'jnl.riam's Vcgctallc Cmptund a trial ? You know that
it has saved many others why should it fail in your case?
Cmr ti fl h a tft-n t taliiH f-rrrrvi , f .,r f r -.
male ill. awe k with woman fcilme-nta .
le Jnt'stter,f If .txd'r- 't trylttia l S
roc tnsdi-'ii T-1' Irnrn rvw.f nt I.T. ft l
bat retr-i iB!t i.f f f-nn- w mte-f t b-fc.l' h I
flri'if yH tnumi t ria'rcw. r.
1 wir letter a in sw ti nA T-A ir rrrd r
Irr a watui at4 Ih J 1 in frtriit vmf: -

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