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VOL. XIX NO. 104.
The Destroyer of Battleship
Majestic Comes to End
of Its Career
ty of life a further attack was organ
ized, and a brigade of the royal naval
division, supported by French, artillery,
was sent forward, and with the support
of 75's retook the trenches. In the mean-
time the French had pushed their ex
treme right down to the mouth of the
river Kereves Dere where it runs into
the sa. Thin position was maintained
without difficulty.
"During the night of the 13th-Htn as
on the previous night, the enemy coun
ter attacked, but without success.
"inus in tnese successiui onuru n ., a;
the whole of the original objective of OirmUOUS UOjeCUUH
Ithe attack was attained, except on one
small portion of about 30 yards, which
still remains in the hands of the Turks.
"Four hundred and twenty-two pris
oners were eantured. of whom 200 were
I UK oKlTlbll JN A V.I taken by the French in the first at
tack." .
Daniels Spent About Three Hours In
West Orange, N. .1., July lfl. Secre
tary Daniels and Thomas A. Edison
talked for nearly three hours over the
proposed navy bureau of invention and
the civilian advisory board, of which
?i?:si?om" rerei,sttnfght.'idM" iwu About All of Rhode Island Is
Involved in Stnke
The Submarine Escaped the
Blockade and Went to
the Dardanelles
explained that he came here merely to
lur. r.uinuu i-w mxiut me person
nel of tlie proposed board. He said he
had in mind for memherahin nn the
01 the State S (JOUnSel. tne i board the leading scientists in the na
ni i. i nn -i. tion, but that lie. did not care to divulge
Slayer 01 fitaniOra Wnite their names until he had formally in-
, . . . , rited them. '
WaS Released Oil $35,000 "In tliis connection," said Mr. Daniels,
. . , , , "the question of greatest importance is
Surety PrOVlded by InSUr- that of developing the submarine and
the aeroplane. We must have motive
ance Company powers for submarines and aeroplanes
London, July 16. The German sub-
i marine U-51 has been sunk in the Black
Has Brought German Army Within the HENDRICK SCORED
Zone Reached Last Week French
Recapture Hill 285 From
Crown Prince.
London. July lfi. 11:55 a. m. Field
of a more efficient and powerful type There Was No A rmrpfviahlp
than anything now in use in this coun- , .
'We intend to have the proposed
board take up inventions and we plan
Change at Privi
AT TITMTCT TTHT? QTATT I to establish a national laboratory where
ilijl&mdl fUK fciAliii rirapntg roay be nudR witha view
of perfecting inventions."
Mr. Daniels said that one object of the
Providence, R. I July 18. No appre
naval board will be to go to Congress Liable change was noted in the street
i sea by Russian warships, according to Marshal Von Hindenburg has again come j
! Information from Varna, a Bulgarian mto the limelight as a result of a brii
Inort nn th Hlack- sea. and sent bv the nnt coup to the north of Warsaw, which
Athens correspondent of the Exchange br'nf Um-n. within the .one,
:Tehh comnanv. . la8t W.,mr' TjH
i The submarine U-51 gained fame by the ro,, caPitaI was 8aved a
in..j. it. n:x!.t. ii.ri. j. x I sian counter offensive.
wucurig me cnimii uiuciuiue mm piwo- v,trnor.A Arara not to be irreatlv
,n,r fhromrh thA Strait of fJihraltar L 1 ftPr"1 "t De grfally
'". ' ?. , u . , - . disturbed over the latest Uerman drive,
' th n...ii. Khe 5. maha claiming that much severe, frontal tight-
Said It Is Wrong That a nd et dditional mo!,(,y for navai
Man May ASSlSt in Fre-1 was meeting with approval
throughout the country.
paring a Case and Then I "They say." Mr. Daniels centinned, about the same as yesterday, were in
i L-iiu- ne ua.e iiiniiuun in i rn Knri mil- i
Ctr nn tVl O Qi-!JTif1 3C! Or TVllinn. in mnnpv. hilt nppH anmothinir "
,JIJ VIA UbUllU CU 1A 1 1 1 """" - -' . j .
more than that. What we want to do '" """" i "F
car strike situation to-day. President
A. E. Potter of the Rhode Island com
pany said . this morning that 36 cars,
, having sunk several vessels of the al
lies, including the British battleship Ma
. jestic. Later the submarine passed
through the Sea of Marmora and report
,ed to the German commander at Con
ing must be done before Warsaw can be
surrounded by the forces of Field Mar
shals Von Hindenburg and Von Macken-
In southwestern Galicia, the Austro-1 Xew York, July 16. Harry K. Thaw,
German armies are making their way who adjudged sane on Wednesday
Practically the entire state
Cars are run-
pert WitneSS ThaW Plans to bring about a mobilization of the ning in Newport and Westerly where
, i brains of the nation." jthe lines are not part of the Rhode Is-
tO IjrO 10 rittSDUrg Following his conference with Mr. Ed- land company
Mr. Daniels was pressed for an inklimr The comPny ba, wepted tlie offer
of the personnel of Mr. Edison1 asso- pf Mayor Joseph H. Gainer to bring
ciates on the board. All I can say, the parties together for the purpose of
.i- 1 a tt a .1 .
tie said, is mat n win m composed of arbitrat
men Known nationally ana internation
aniinoiue. I tv. n;aatir nAr k,.o men Known iiuviuiirhy aim iniernaiion-1 . ., ,
If the report of her destruction in the lL 1 rtiHerv fire which has rre V a J"r-V- wa8 iven ,liB fT"don to day y "P in " Prticulsr lines." In ""ouncing the mayor, offer to ar
lack sea is true she evidently went t . f. trJtM.'n..it, in PVLa by Supreme Court Justice Peter A. Hend- This last statement gave rise ti the bitrate, the directors issued the follow-
through the Bosphorous, probably to op
erate against the Russian Black sea.fleet.
Rosenthal Alleged to Have Confessed He
Was in German Employ,
spy has been
er conviction
Ttihprf Plfiisnthnl i'hn ua rroafpri in
TnnHnn .ri,- i T.,n . h .nnf.. it the German move on Verdun. Bomb and
in ftllrrrtifl thnf hm ha A twpn iunf ir TTnrr.
land bv the German admiralty to obtain of 'tillery fighting in France, indicat
Infnrm.tinn n.rnin RriVi.l, n.v.l 'Hg that the line IS flOSely gripped
.)(, the men in tne Welsh collieries are
uvcu hitj vi wym iiudciiik iii .Bi mm I i , . ,. . , , ,1. ...
places. rick, who announced that he had adopt- pormciion in. ir. imnis naa proo- ing communication:
Fighting is again becoming lively in ed the iurv's verdict. The state irame- J , "LT" ' . Zl 1 ra ln "ceipt of your favor of this
the most distant portions of the Rus- . . . 4. - ... "op.ane .nvenv... .nry rora ana . dd to chairman of the
s.an front in the Caucasus, where both . ' .. . , i " """"" "'""""'k,. f I ,u p. i.,.,i
t-.i.- j t : -ii inn .marine Mpnnrirtc nyn inp nan 11 ni tnft nosra. i " -' VI , ,H.uy0 i"'""
1 urKi ana nussmns ciaim successes. I .. .. .. . I . ...
The fiehtine in the Areonne reeion of $33,000. A surety company was prepared 5Ir- -aion was suens on tne outcome company onenng your services to ter
France has turned in favor of the French, to cive. bond and Thaw was taken from p' " COIUrrP.. ..r' 1'am m"- mmate. if possible, the situation grow
.. torea over to tne tuison nome in iiiewei- inir nut nf th Hiffrpn Mti th
f Miller Reese Rhode Island company and the carmen's
"""'""K union.
He Had Been in 111 Health for Three
After a long period of ill health, dur
ing the last six months of which he had
been confined to the bed, Robert II. Rca
side of 10 Kirk street passed away at
5:30 this morning. For three years he
i:ad been having a stomach trouble ana
latterly his decline had been more rapid,
Robert Hunter Reaside was born
Airdrie, Scotland, on April 22, 1850, the
son of James and Elizabeth Reaside, He
was married on Oct. 28, 18H1, to Sarah A
Gamble of that place and a few years
later they came to the United States
taking up residence in Barre in April of
1884. Since that time Mr. Reaside had
resided in Barre. His wife died here five
years ago. There are two children sur
vivmg, Jlrs. Angus McDonald and Kd
mund R. Reaside, both of this city, and
also a brother, W illiam Reaside. of Barre.
Mr. Reaside was a granite cutter bv
occupation and worked at his trade dur
ing all his residence in Barre until forced
by ill health to retire from work. He
was last employed by J. P. Corskie &
Son. He was a charter member of Clan
Gordon, No. 12, O, S. C, having joined
the order in 1884.
The funeral is to be held from his
late home, 10 Kirk street, Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock, Rev. J. W. Barnett of
the Congregational church officiating, and
interment will be m.Elmwood cemetery.
Friends are requested not to send flower.
July .-Another German T or hTvof Tm th Tt to th" M" 90 ' - H f thehoX 7f
:SZnTt wa. rlTnT. that the details might be arranged. Sev- Hutchinson Mr. Edison'.
?nSf.l Z L was arretted Tin The hill was taken early this week in JM person, d th, ,dewa k. l.!?
nea soon alter -r .m ftw ,hnri?1 hr h KnarH nf
and overflowed into the streets around his arrival from Washington. The see-,ij,..,r ,.t h KhnH. T.l.n.i mmnanv
grenade fighting is now taking the place eounnouse ana cneerea maw wnen retary was aecompan.ea oy Lommanaer wriUj to you what r Mid oraly at
nr ruinyru. iiinipi . . iurwunirn ...Kiimjrion. our ,nu,rv ew vesterdar morn nc. when
In announcing his decision, Judge He returned to Washington at midnight. 1 in,m;.il
i .... i i . i
of vour letter,
The official announcement of the ex
ecution given out here last night save:
"Robert Rosenthal, who on the sixth
of July was tried by a general court
martial on charges of espionage, was
found guilty and sentenced to death,
The sentence was duly confirmed and
was carried out this morning.
Rosenthal, who was arrested as he
was about to leave England after a
still out on strike and there is no indi
cation of an early settlement.
Hendrick took ocrasion to comment un
favorably upon V n action of the alien
ists who had assisted the state in pre
paring the rase and then appeared as ex
pert witnesses in court. This court, be
said, cannot depend upon the work of an
alienist who for years devoted himself
to a case of this kind and assisted in its
Procession of More Than a Thousand
Priests Marched in Chicago.
Chicago, July 16. The funeral of
Archbishop James Edward Ouicley who
short stay there, had a passport, which died last Saturday in Rochester, X. Y.,
had been issued at the American embaa- was held here, yesterday with high
ry in Berlin.. He admitted, however, that church dignitaries from various parts
he was not an American citizen. In- of the United States and several from
formation gathered by the American f foreign countries attending. In the
embassy in London indicated that Ros- three days tsince the body was brought Ha rrr K. Thaw is sane "
entnai, accompanied rv aeieral friends, here, it- is estimated. 150.000 persons The motion of Thaw's counsel tn .l
one of them an American, went to the have joined in paying tribute to the mit him to bail was vigorously opposed
i-inuay in ni-riin ana swore laiseiy arcnoisnop memory. Hours lie tore lite by the counsel for the state, but Judge
that he waa an American and received time for the funeral mass, thousands Hendrick rrsnted it. Thaw planned to
p. wmporory passport. nocked to tne tvtnedrai ot the Holy go at once to Pittsburg.
Araraaaor rage at London in re- .Name. A procession of more than a
J-orting the case to the state department thousand priests, headed by the eele-
sr. wasmngton, said stones were cur-1 brants of the solemn high pontifical
mass, moved slowly from the parish
I house to the cathedral. Cardinal Gib
bons and Archbishop Zozano, papal del-
Iegate. occupied the throne of their re
spective o flices in the church.
'This company has definitely and dis
Itinptlv nffcrwl tn anhmit. tn arhilratinn
Startled People in Vicinity of BUre at u ht proposed that it should select
Spnngneld, Mass. las an arbitrator one of three names of-
1 i v 1 1. - ii: . t iL.
$15,000 worth of building material and T": ",,u iprr-r..-
4 : . iL. L.
m ... ititri ii liici iintuii ii lui ii it a& hi Liirrr
preparation. That a doctor can help to 'our ireignt cars were destroyed Dy re . . f '
Pre,are a case and then go on the stand -nd a gasoline explosion in the yard of M ' I": TuZtZ Z
as an expert witness is wrong. "I hope the Hke Kubber company at t hicapee ..i xarA mrw.r.t
the legislature will find som, means to Fall, late yesterday. The fire, of un-h' ".".V "
correct mis. in.n vii'". hibivu in umije ."V" i - ,i . i,:,J , i i
t i i- i t I -1. - .J i : :ij ri n. iv..w -nn iij.--i
in concuming it is remarKs. .lunge nena-1 ' njnuru -Lij"ii oi --
riik said: "Gentlemen, I have adopted oline. The resulting roncussion wrecked
the verdict of the jurv. I declare now the burning shed, rocked nearby oischin-
that it ia the decision of this court that ery, and threw firemen and a few of the
rent in London that Rosenthal had
charged that Captain Von' Prieger of
the German a dmiralty office had a com
plete equipment for issuing fraudulent
.American passports.
Telli of Continued Bombardment ef
Rome, Thnrsdsy, via Paris, July 16.
An official statement to-night from
the headquarters of the Italian general
staff says:
"In the upper Cadore region, our troops
continued to boirjhard the bridges of the
llattwiese and Landro. which were
partly demolished while the enemy bat
tery, Installed on the plateau of Rauch
J.ofcl, has been partly dismounted.
"Encounters favorable to the Italians
tveurred on Mount Zeillonkofel and upon
Burgstall crest. 3.4O0 fct high, a de
tachment of infantry succeeded in ea
ralsding the slopes of a ravine hereto
fore eonkidered inaccessible and by a
mrprise attack occupied the summit of
Fatrarego pass, flJHV) high, on the night
if Tuesday, and Wednesday this de-:
tachment was eounter attacked, biit the i
enemy was repulsed, sustaining xerioua j
Jrs. There has been rm change on
Die remainder of the front."
Austria's Protest Against Alleged
Unneutrality of U. S.
Washington. D. C, July 1. The
States probably will send within another
Hon is no celebrated the fortnight a reply to the not recently
mass and Archbishop llanna of San receied from the Austro-Hungarian
Francisco preached the funeral nermon. government w hich contended that tlie
The psll bearers were clergymen who extensive shipment of war supplies from
have been active in the work directed tins country to the all was "not in
by the decedent. Many relatives of. the I consonance with the definition of neu-
lste archbishop were present. The body trality."
waa laid away in a mausoleum at Mount I Unofficially, word came that Turkey
Carmel cemetery.
Italians Strengthen Positions
tured From Austrian!.
Verona, via Paris, July HI. The Ital
ians are strongly fortifying all the po
sitions caMunrd from the Autrians,
trenches being excavated and pat forms States the legal right of individuals
would follow Germany and Austria
making representations on this sub
ject, and should a note from the fitto
msn government arrive, officials would
delay the sending of their answer so as
to inform the Germanic allies elmulLan
eously of the unalterable view of the
United State on arms shipments.
While Ormsny has admitted in dip
lomstie correspondence with the I nit
How Tw Strongly Held Turkish Lines
Were Captared.
Iionlmi. July H. Two stmngly held
Turkish linen defending the IHirdsnelle
ae been captured by the Anglo-French
force on the Gallipoli peninsula, ac
cording to an announnement given out
last evening by the British ofVial pre
tre-s u.
The announcement follows:
"Getiersl Sir Is Hamilton, enntman
4l't of the allied frre at te Ttarda-
rIle. rerwtrts thst o the 12th intUit
the forces under him made aa attack
t dsvhlTsk with then- right and rent,
AMer heT end wfue4 fSfMing. last
ing all dsy. the troops ee--sre4. itwlud
ifg a French wpi jereedei in rarrr
Irg t- trrrf'r held aed wtTrnglv fir
t.fed l.nea f T'i trrmHe of nnie
to tm. the fmn4 enrened l-T the a4-st-
-srritsg ia depth from y te
"T wervd r-he of the
constructed on which to mount heavy
guns. Many places along the frontier
have been transformed into entrenched
oainp. strongly garrinned and with
immense supplies of munitions.
Terrific storms continue in the high
mountain region, violent winds, hail
and even snow delaying military opera
tion, but troop are engsged in 'M ay
ing the dominsnt points.
In a neutral country to sell munitions
to belligerent, some emphasis was
placed on the supernormal growth of
ammunition induMries for the manufac
ture of arm and explosives. In the
Austrian note, extracts of whU-h have
appeared in dispatches from Amterdm.
tin ides i developed almnt entirely to
the exclusion of the legal question in
volved. It points out that the American
government would he "ertit'ed to pro-
hihit the export of wsr materi.r if
the trade in contraband "tske the form
"I dimensions w ben bv the neutral. tv of
the contitry will be endangered
nearest spectatora to th ground
Hundreds of wiudowa were smashed in
the old building of the rubber company
50 yards away, and a half dozen panes of
glass in residencea near bv were broken
One Italian workman and four factory
girls were cut by flying glass. The heavy
detonation and spectacular fire which
followed excited Springfield, Holyoke,
and other cities and towns within a ra
id us of 15 miles, by reports of a bomb
George A. I.udington, manager, stated
positively that there was no dynamite
anywhere near the fire.
One Took a Dare and Another Went to
Rescue Him.
Schenectadv, N. Y., July 16. Three
hova, John Herrick, aged 12; Percy Kais
er, aged IS, and Carl Whitney, 18, were
drowned yesterday afternoon.
The Herrick and Kaiser bora were
swimming in the Mohawk river. Kaiser
dared his chum to swim across, the dare
va ao-epted, but Herrick was seired
it h cramp and sank In midstream.
Herrick. although not a good swimmer.
started to the remcue of his friend but
became exhausted and sank.
The third fstslity occurred when Carl
Whitney who with several Others, was
swimming in a pond was seized with
cramp. His condition was not diseov-
red in time for the others to render
a third to be named by
them. .
Voii suggested to -me this morning
that the representatives of the union
might prefer to name as an arbitrator
one of the three men whose names they
have given, and that we should name
as another, one of the three men whose
names we liave proposed.
"This method we are willing to ae-1
quire. Although as you said, the strike
already exists, we are nevertheless will
ing to have your offer of arbitration to
this manner open for acceptance for a
little longer.
"You must realize, however, thst the
time will come, and that before long,
when, in default of an adjustment, it
will be our manifest duty to the public
to attempt to fill the plaora of those
employe who have left our service,
whatsoever such an attempt may involve."
And 20 Grandchildren Henry Farns-
worth Disd in North Duxburjs.
Waterbury, Julv 16.-rHenrv Fams
worth, who has been ill for some time
with nephritis, died last night at his
home in North Puxbury. He was born
in the town of Kirby and would have
been 75 years old next Iiecomber. He
was the son of Francis and Sally (Fish
er) Farnsworth. He married Luck Has
kins and they had resided in the town
of Duxbury for many years. He leaves
10 children, as follows: Mrs. Augusta
Benjamin of Barre, Mrs. Cora Sommer
ville of Montpelier, Mrs. Nora Andrews
of Duxbury," Miss Belle Farnsworth of
Duxburv, Elmer and Samuel Farnsworth
of Waitsfield, Herbert of Moretown,
Frank, William and Curtis Farnsworth
of Duxbury, There are also 20 grand
children and three brothers, the latter
being George F. Farnsworth of Duxbury,
hune farnsworth of Middlesex and Kan
F. Farnsworth of Waitsfield.
The funeral will be held from his late
home in North Duxbury Sunday after
noon at 1 o'clock, Rev. V. L. Smfth offi
ciating, and interment will be in the
Duxbury cemetery.
Ernest Bushey, Aged 14,
Lost Life in Otter Creek '
at Vergennes
Robert Donald Made Val-
ian. li. Ubvr,c!Sf
! ,t fit1'- - -"
Mis Grace E. Knight of White River
Junction Had Hand Cut.
White liner Junction. July !. Visa
Grace K. Knight, cashier for the New
lc!ani Telephone I., met with a pain-
!tn acciiletit veterdav In trying to cher
Iff-tails of the American inr have the speed of the electric Ian in the ele.
German Submarine Did Not Use Amer
icaa Ship aa Scree.
Washington D C July HI Denial ',ru''' BU ' understood j phone offiee. The chsir on w Inch she w
oi puWished rrwt that a 'nmn ub-., . . , ' . . - ... . . , , , , . ,
. ft m i ii ii i s ax ei'icr in irms t torxai s w aval a
marine used the America hmk Nor- J ., .
vnanv eft m reefl from whieh to ir,k I . '
tlie RiiKSian t-mer Ijm, tin cablet
i ill reel
in whwh trftmany
and Austria he
i v 4 -J i. , e
t)M stat deprtm.t ye.terdsy bv 1 " i' Z ;""".""""-"""-
' . - arm were rtrriM e ilpn.n. nm.
the Ameri-n ronnl at Liverpool. Th,
esptain of the Normandy pe ificslly de
fied the report. The bark wa topie
ty the submarine .-it sllowed to pro
ceed with eome of t be Im'i Te.
Jare Ovrrrwlea Mofi" tn Lea Atfle
to Ropea HeAnrft.
s Angele. ( X,x 1 Judge
jrrrk W fA the evmin' oerrtinent
opera t K'l e.f the (vf r emirf evrerruled HHnej.
poet ion.
The sign iris ne of concert e 4 S'tion by
Au'tria. -rmsfiy snd TuHey eaused
much eornmert in official and d lnmtie
1'irter. hit it n recalled that rfet
KritsiB in her fitrTrerie with the
Crated Ste tyvrt ennttbatid 1 sd we
ered the 0,eu of rince ard other
s'l.c tt lier announced prm'-jie of
thee wnoerlske. A in the fiPSKT
y 'ae. the fi-t lioe e freo Ve mm ei
1 emrre4. p-1:tniiisry bofr'w'mefit
ls-r-g beew rery u -!ul. o:iw (rg
in e nttr trvn tor the 4
J o of trer-. rttwng otw e-igHy
-iroer and hr tirH'sU the line ws
rT,m' tnt,t-4 Toe t'tt t-1 ia iir
t eoir nr'g-nt fw't i"
"J thw oart the f-M in the eewe
r' tl- tirvt ef Ju'r 12 U. t eemeter
0Ocr W-ere pureM'ij'V TT'';-e4. Ihlf
Jng the Vmr f4 H tttm hereT. ft
WW ftfd tbet the rt.V r,fH hi
j it Tr. -iq J lli-li m"
trr-eat.'i,! hrrwii stia h e4 reed a j
mmrf"ft ejf f--ew
, j-w riisa, )- n yitai ti a.'-
dr a n'tW to reopea .rmr
eietws to goat iodictioef t eiOrgirig
Mttthew A. Hhrnifl and IHvid t l
w-th triirW in etet "w w ri h the f
ier,ff rf the I n
Hi,i4ir. (M 1. 10
t a the ! on wl
KiM ft to t'l. A ttei fif V hnjit
WA a r-la a"rd pre ,'"? w the pwrt
of Wi 'e e-f tew grrd )irt.
Vert fie. M
tr' :t" t t a
tlie fan rrt tr bsk of hr lf hnd
ouite eTerelv. There w eonaiders Mt
to of Mood ' lforw I-. ('. W. Wurthe
arrived and dreed the woun4. The
hsnd wa painful and wolea thst
Mi Knight hsd to gie np mk end g
honie ltey in the attemoetn.
The yorrrg lstT ba bad bey hsre of
mihiip t wwith. a H w hvi a
week ago Tne'ly thst he m an
atto erh. when the big mountain ear
m wiH h she w rH'f-t from KKin"
petid to lUrre ill d'tched and toppled
oer. Ijt he ewaped at tht time with
fhgit r-rat'he.
And Caused Car to Swerve Into Trolley
One Man Dead.
Rochester, N". Y., July 1I. "ne man
was killed and two men were injured,
one probably fatallr, when an automo
bile in which they were riding near
Rochester yesterday afternoon collided
with an interurhan trolley ear.
The automobile was brirur driven east
st a rapid rate in Monroe avenue, just
beyond the city line, when the driver
suddenly ot control and it swerved di
rectly in front of the trolley car which
was coming west.
fVetipants of the antomobile were
thrown to the ground. (Jeorge W. Hoi-
comb, 65 years old., of Arcadia. Flori
da, an aent for Florida land, employed
hy a Wall etreet f rm. was thrown under
the ear and instantly killed. John N.
Todd. 41 yers old. of Palmyra, and !r
W. H. Marks of rslmrra, were in
jured. Todd perhaps fatallr. Roth are
in a hotita! here. L. D. ftarnliart of
Palmyra, the other oenipnt of the ear
ii not seriously injured.
Are Now Legally Qualified to Practice
in Vermont.
Burlington. Julv lfl. The following
men successfully passed the examination
given by the state board of dental exam
mere at Montpelier June 8, 29 and 30,
and are legally qualified to practice
the state of Vermont:
Francis D. O'Dar, D. M. D.. Hrdeville
Charles Ellis Allen, T. M. I)., Burling
Richard T. Bunker, D. D. S , East Wal
Ha v wood W. tiussman, D. M. D., Ox
ford, Mass.
Frederick O. Hughes, D. M. D., North
Cra ft bury.
William H. Cook, D. M. D.. Taunton
Howard H. Reid, B S., D. D. S.,
Bruno Albert Heininger, D. D. S., Bur
Takea Pen in Hand to Say There'll Be
Another Bomb Explosion.
New Orleans. July lfl. Another bomb
warning from the mysterious letter writ
er "Pearve" received last night bv a lo
cal newspaper asserted the French line
steamer Rorhambeau from New York
would be destroyed if the. plan of my
assistants and myself are carried out.
Previous letters signed "Pearee
warned that bombs had been placed on
the steamers Baron Napier and Howth
Head before they sailed from New fbr
leans. Search of the Napier st sea failed
to disclose bomb and the Howth Head
reached Norfolk Wednesday night with
out incident.
Vergennes, July 16.--Ernest' : Bushey,
aped fourteen and. one-Aalf yearB, waa
drowned in Otter Vreek yesterday, try
ing to escape from the industrial school.
He and another inmate, Robert Donald,
were in the reading room, in the Ingall
cottage preparing fiheir lesson, when
they slipped out and went U the rear
of the cottages. Each took a coal-hod
and went down to 'the wharf with the
intention of filling ;the hods with coal.
They went along tht; banks of the river
for about l.W roda and then swam across
the river with all tieir clothes on.
Donald made the opposite shore safe
ly, but ..when he turned around he saw
Bushey struggling iin the water so he
plunged in again art 1 went to the res
cue. Bushey grabbed him and both
sank, but Donald managed to free him
self from the hold of the. drowning boy.
When he. came up he dived again, but
saw nothing of Bushey and as he waa
about exhausted he swami to shore, then
got into a boat and rowed across to
tlie state school side, notifying T. N.
Videtto of the accident, who with Su
perintendent Rarss and other officers,
went to the scene.
Grappling hooks were ued and three
charges of dynamite, the body being fin
ally caught on a hook about eight or
ten feet from where he sank. Bushey
had been at the school since October,
He was committed from St. Albans
and the charge was breach of peace. He
attempted to commit suicide when liv-
ng near Richford and gave as the rea
son he was in love with a girl. He
shot himself in the shoulder with a Si
calibre revolver and was taken to Nt.
Albans hospital and after he recovered
was brought to the school.
' He was a melancholy youth and was
kept under close observation for some
time after his arrival. Of late he had ,
been improving, and was doing well in
lu studies, having showed considerable
Reetre4 the Irfrrewc(
H teeirg fortet lit the eae
ef PenleM FWerr.o, In-penal ,f " en-H..oet:t to a ymmg maa
rreT..a'e-B?.l. Next. I')-, " ' r" h ,rl
h. Jo'r lfl eeteedar
")te the husn wti
An-e'- Time toe rty f.rt eu--,l the t4
t4nhey W
h the two le
t ful t rL
It srpeir t'-t erne a'terrxna he in-1rim-A
1 1 iinni mae that the twtt
';y id h bee h wherenrel
of the Vr. ,r.oe 7 inet ini .IH. in H erwiteJ that be we-'J
tet Tte-r t" r"oe frrrm it W tie,the t emm f e"td Iter fne f"e I
. --r i'hi f a tf- tal o-r guard, t ree e ewrh rer. I
Standard Oil ef New Jersey Has Dis-
poeed ef Two.
New Vork. July 1 Hie ftsniard il
In. of New .lerwey. H bersme known
yerterdsr. bad wold two of it fpeline
and bs found a purchaser for the third
one. Ofbrials r the eorrrwey declmefl
to einnert on the refort that the line
ere eo'd lee"e ther had not altema
tie under a recert rulmg of the trter
tte eOTmerc eofFimion. OT to tnk
pub'ie the mnift of nvwy involved la
arr of the three trra'1 too.
The toe etlenJ'fig from fawn ,eoe.
M4 to P-a't t"re. ha been pimhed bj
the t "!! Trnit to: the lne be
tween i erter hir and p.roriee. ". J.
hat Keen a-:nred. it I reported, (r the!
lurora ' TTie tir1
J pe. between ttnnvi!le. Pa and I'
e oe to be "i t the New ork Trsn
.t .
Niece ef Robert H. IngertoIL Watch Man,
Is the Mcther.
St. Johnburr. July lfl. Mr. Arthur
n. Ijiliberte yesterday gae birth to an
eight pound snn in Bright look hospital.
Mr. l!:berte w formerly Naomi No
land, niece of Rnhrrt H. Ingersoll of
New York, the m i!lin ire witch manu
facturer. Mr. I-alibert was employed a rhsuf
feur for Mr. Ingersoll. and their elope
ment and marriage in May, IfU. created
quite a enatin.
r. c Tiroors rorGHT rirt.
a " twi te at Vaiei, Ala.ka. Tertrreay
e- J '1 J w. x
" reeked Yf Erploeiow.
ew Y-k. Jc'y lfl .. if'i ye.
te-'iaT wred l" g tl et'r
Heehaw kr. -" t t'u .rm r-er
New '"k.. I M wee t ir'u-d a
L!! 6 uim ti were w ij VLtrt.
Half a KiEion.
ArtstiT Dames Was Seriously InjurH
at KideifbBrr.
Viddleliuty. July lfl - Arthur Dumaa.
emploi-e rm tle L. i. .'! frm. waa
e4-ffjy dru ing a d"iMe fewnt of turn
! her acrne the farm when e.iie of the
retp tecme itnfl t ndf tlie arrn
rle. He 1eppH out on the yle
tween the Vre to 1 herte the r n
and the team etarfel. te hr- fun
ning a way. ti't"mj Mr lim e-e"
71 wfii ped er It bw Jfe
w wer.fMja'r trmred. bif it etl
ed flat he w it re -we'. V. .;'l f k
bifsi to tia bofoe V.r wto'n e and ffc-.
t-r VAr and V-t stteei.Vd V
Were Last Words of Man Who Wis
Drowned at Burlington.
Burlington. July 16. Thomas F.
Rrown of 3 Pine place was drow-ned
while swimming in Lake Cham plain,
near the Rutland R. P. drawbridge, last
evening despite the efforts of several
companions to rescue him. His wife's
first huslwind lo met death by drown-
ng in Florida.
Resides his wife Mr. Brown is survived
hv seven step-children, as follows: Miss
Iena La Bounty and Mrs. Anna Blanrh-
srd of this city, Mrs. Alphonse Vien of
Windsor Mills. an da, Leonard I-a-Bounty
of Manchepfer. N. H Ieo of
ergennes, Fred. Henry and Arthur of
this city. He i slo survived bv a
irother and two sii-tT. He was a
member of the Methodist Kpiaonpal
hurcli of this city and of the Modern
Brown stsrte to go in bathing at fl:31
after esting a hearty supper at 5 o'clock.
He waded in and then struck out fnr
the" opposite side of the drawbridge,
but a short ditnie away. When ah!it
in the middle be- ahouted to tlioe on
tlie shore. -I can't make it. boys, mt
went under. He came to the surface
four time. He had lcrned to swim
only a little, and it i thought that he
lot rniirse when in t'.ie mid. lie. Tsui
lwior. a nephew, who i not a terr
goo,l swin mer. went to hi sitnre
snd. reaching under the water. g"t the
man by the hair whiih slipped throtich
hi finger. Henry Pmtt. who n rear
br. aio made a a uniKi-efiil sttemid
tn save bim. A man who ws fihir.i
ltween the breakwater snd the drs
id a row boat, mi hailed and lit grarrled
for the msn, liokinc 1 ira in tSe upper
Tlie prdi w oe, notified snd Ti
cer Hnln srtned st the draw bridge
jut a the bodr w heing taken f "tn
the wster. Ir. P. J. Nelan ws notified
fd a taken to the cene in the poiire
amhuUftce. Tlie Hodr ws taken t
the lindertkirg f'l of J. A loihn
snd later to hi bem.
fn wit- k t-o hmrr ar-' Ti t rir;,t be
un.ujt ,ie J I'i-Imm m e the 1' I.
- - " , . -- - ' ' , " " ' --( W
tt jwitte iat("f tie lat . . (, '' f 'lefl the p! J t'alrx. A'ka. Jo'v IS F!w yete
'nd hr t ee-o-d to fe. mg t iirr'" e ow it. ,, s ) - ! r eef the .;. r a-t em
,r-te. ,( t e ef ww-w-r f t Vie . k ti' r Iom t ' '" I -e
lit l"il! fill irne fherf fpv t.iwa ( 'Wm't at ?-fe -r.e ,lnfi j -eif4 frifw f I.'ifn ' IW e-iie. k -
,. 1 tl-e I- 1 -e rt t.'-,-e Tl tru w-y hett , the fm. w " h fy, N)T-
fe remr wt ng "t! ;-fr t ii. f ' th-'w .IB t' a r--e ' k 'atlew !' we.Va and the w ne.-ie ,
K the xo't f"?t r"nj'." tv'A. w- (i r t W. -T,-re-4
A'iflrt at
Cla4e Sweet Tr?t ef
Pejjewa Fan
IW1 i-wa Fa'".
Ifc'r II! t 1u4e -wwei.
tfA e ceeti tr. - rt rr
tlfed t f h"e t I 5e t eee1T
a 'trw w h-w be w - k hr a
tttrt',. V (""in 1 I T-; 't g r '
v,ti, i-t . N. H f"e wn ii.r
f Vi egha'W r--' e t
Kaa rTewne at Eat Rechei'er, N. H,
Detpiie ESerft ef Ttree
Fet rhee. N. H. Jd'y H-li-ije)
1 ),. r Si. a trian err !ved m
the N P.. Tharer ,ne ia f w
if-t.m ne.'. im!4h n t;e -a ' on- n F''
r. 'y. .met e-ff Aiitt. nj . in t '
I'mn of I'tti k ln'sn. .'"'fn 'H
U t and i !- f k
) l.. w n w aa f-M a e v grA n
. w tken wuh erirp iVifi.
an. IwV-r eif tlxka l'i h
i-eie ' n!p, hr.t Were ,T4 to
I ifli. w j- f 1 u; i.
(?" an e- Vr f.h-
. a a a lie ik 1 t ' -d t me
( f h"i'.r m te r tee e'? a
i" 'mmi' '- ft wa "w en ij
-th,r ; T'bV. f-i-d twtmaa ar-d
' ( i j I ii"! 7 V1
:iVi!t V f - ' w rf tfsti ai k
; 'e4vwl I -e V. J f'V-he- .e .- e
r a ? f1' 4 a t f -i . n
I " ' t-- t rli r
;i'.te. !" r"-i . v' e-"t. H
l ew a .

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