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VOL. XIX NO. 113.
Despite Scattered Successes
to Russian Arms on
Wide Front '
NUMBER 3o,995
London, July 27. Casualties in
the ItritiHh army mid navy have
reached a total of 310,005, accord
ing to a statement by Premier
Asquith. Tlio total naval casual
ties up to July 20 were O.lOti, and
and the military casualties up to
July 18 were 30I.HH1). Of the na
val casualties, the men killed
number 7,4.10, and the officers
killed 400. The balance were
wounded or missing. The killed
in the army total 57,384 men and
4,000 officers.
Russians Announce the De
struction of, 40 Ger
man Coal Ships
Justice Ford Wants More Time to Con
Eider Application for a New
Trial, nd Execution Was
Set Ahead to Friday.
The German advance on Warsaw con- w '""7 ivVon tnc reuuest
tinues to-day to.be the most important of Supreme Court Justice Ford for more
development in the. field of war. It is time to consider the. application for a
being conducted with energy ana me , j . ri,,iri. rwker. n
Tl !...- : .A I V. 1. t. a I '
JVUBBlttn rCHIBtBIlUQ Uiuujlll. iuili.ua .1 . ! .. ( Jl. f i.,t;u4:,ifr
i.i.. -l .;.i f,.,t vv.rtH. d,,r sentence of death for instigating
less the latest reports indicate that the the murder of Herman Rosenthal, gam
German movement to envelop the Polish bier, the execution of the' former police
capital is progressing. The Russian offl- i,utenant was postponed last night
rial reports admit that the Germans are from WednMday until Friday morning
attacking the advance defenses 15 miles .... .
northwest of Warsaw, but at the same
time they receive several instances in Justice lord yesterday heard argti
which the Germans have been either re- ments for and against the application'.
pulsed or were unsuccessful in their at- At their conclusion he reserved dec-Won
General Antonio Cantorc,
Italian Leader, Slain on
the Isonzo Front
Sir Edward Grey Cables to
Sec. Lansing to Hold
Up His Note
Was Ashamed to Run Less
Risks Than Did His
Undine, Italy, via Taris, Tuesday.
General Antonio Cantorc has been killed
in the battle on the Isonzo front. He
the first officer of his- rank to be
lost bv Italy. He won a general's com
mission for heroism displayed during
the operations in Tripoli.
General t antore. bad charge of the ac
ions which resulted in the occupation
of Ala and other villages near Rovertp
n the Ircnluio and he directed the men
from the most exposed exposition, de
daring that he would be ashamed to
run less risks than his men.
Great Britain Requests That
Its Publication Be
Held Up '
and gave counsel until noon ta-day to
tacks. The battle is still raging on al-
m no- IVia antire frnnf hpfween thrt Vif-
r. ri Tin rivor. file briefs. Last night tlw j.istice tele
1 - ... f nlinn&il U'.pdnn t t Ki r . i f SCinr, SiirnT
The Kussians also announce tne ae- r"m .i. ... o
strtiction in the Black sea of 40 sailing r.'""" "4
...i. wirl, nl W Gormnnv. i'" e postponed, as tne electrocution
' ' ' ...... I ... -, , I, J... IL- ,. 1 --
There are no developments of any mo-1" "" P""5? "6"? " i Bowen o
ment on the western front. The French o two com
official report to-day recites a few minor IV1 wa granted. .
Ineys to have the condemned man, as
well as the authors of several affidav-
lits. alleged to contain new evidence, and
CREW WERE ALLOWED h P1'80" mentioned in them, called
engagements but shows no changes ofl
Auto Struck by Street Car at Haverhill,
Mass Four Injured.
Haverhill. Mass., July 27. Adolph
f 39 Curtis street, his wife and
companions were injured here last
night when a trolley car collided with
his automobile on Water street. Hurled
from the machine, Mrs. Bowen suffered
a broken shoulder and the three men
were badly shaken Hp.
The Atitrtmnhilf wn atmrV In 4-h.
to the witness stand in the proceedings, rear aml carrie(1 30 fPPt along the car
FIVE MINUTES failed for the time being at least. Jus
tice ford stated he saw no necessity tor
calling witnesses.
"In view of the fact that the state
has contended these affidavits are not
Before Their Bark Was Set on Fire by
Germans Captain Says He Saw
Three Other Boats Afire.
tracks. Then the front wheels turned
and the machine was jostled across the
sidewalk and against a house.
Bowen, who was operating the car wa
Hammed against the atecrimr nost. EM
I .. . ... N . . .
new evidence, l propose to accept tnem in wjn him was Joaenh Ziminski of
L. II..:. t M 1 ' J I . 1
uu ninr iml-b imr, uc Mii .River etiwt. He Mas thrown
Mr. tockran, chief counsel for Becker, thronuh thu windHliieM Imf. eaeanprf with
tacked and set on fire Sunday br a der- application, rie reviewea tne events pri- vrl. riowen was flunrf from Jhe
man tibmanue. The crew was given live r to nosentnai muraer; circumstances gPllt agajmt the side of a building. John
minutes to take to the boats. The cap- leading to the confession of Jack Rose, Ujarti seated bewide her. was only
tain, when landed here, said lie saw wrmgie webDcr ana uarry aiion, ana Uhskpn im wiipn 1m trii,k tlm siwHik
three other boats afire near the spot l"? circumstances ol the two trials. m A four wpre hastened in automobiles
Washington, D. C, July 27. Sir Ed
ward Grey cabled Secretary of State
Lansing to-day thlt the British govern
ment has in preparation another note
to the United States on the orders in
council and asked that the note which
was delivered yesterday be withheld
from publication pending the receipt of
the new communication,
No indication of the contents of the
forthcoming note was given in Sir Kd
ward (irey's cable, but in official quar
ters the development is regarded as high
ly significant. The belief prevailed that
the last American note to Germany with
its references to the freedom of the seas
may have influenced Great Britain to
place herself on record as willing to take
under consideration the new suggestion
bv the United States to the belliger
As Many' as 2,500 Ticket
Stubs to Eastland Have
Been Recovered
Funerals of Victims Are Be
ing Held in Chicago
To-day j
Chicago, July 28. State's Attorney
Hoyno said this morning that, from all
accounts, there probably were more than
2,700 persons on the steamer Eastland
when she turned over Saturday. "I have
to liuv tirkfti iii previous years had
been given less remunerative work or
discharged, although probably without
the sanction of sxecutives of the com
Pan v.
To the confusion of determining the
totul number of lives lost there was add
ed much wrangling among ofllciuls of
different jurisdiction over tentative plans
to right the Eastland, which still lies on
her port aide where it sank.
Enosburg Falls People Called to Chicago
by Great Tragedy.
Enosburg Falls, July 27. Wiliinm
Sykcs, a son 11 years old, and a diugu
tor of six years, were drowned at Chi
cago when the excursion boat Eastland
capsized at the dock Saturday morning
Mr. Sykes' mother, Mrs. I'reston, fcykes
of East Berkshire, and Miss Ida Sykes,
his sister, for several years a public
school teacher in this place, have gono
to Chicago. Mr. Sykes' wife and five
month old baby survive also.
Will Precede Grand "Baw'H" Game at
Berlin Street.
Business in almost every line is to be
at a standstill Thursday afternoon when
the big playground carnival is set in
,.1 rt i.n .nil in 4t41t if muV K Afllfl
obtained the stubs of 2,300 tickets, in tllat from '3 0vioek' until after the
round numbers, collected at the gang- "baw'H" at Berlin street is over, the city
way," aid Hoyne. "No children under will give over iti whole attention to
five were counted, and there were many 0,, of he Pacular street pa-
of these. Of children between five and dian viwe, joy it was announced
12, two were allowed on one ticket, that the eranite manufacturers had de-
At Standard Oil and Tide
water Plants in Bay
j onne, N. J, ..'
jr tis SUCCEED
Minority Resumed Places on
Recommendation of
More Pay ,
Amsterdam, via London, July 27.
The Norwegian bark Harboe was at-
where the Harboe was attacked.
mis jounuaiion, Air. LocKran presented u n, n(rwp, nt , Fran-i. U (nihn.
Uu. -u I - i . : . ik. I ?
Sullivan conference and the affidavit
made by Joseph Murphy, claiming to
have overheard the informers conspire in
tbe Tombs to "frame Becker.
In connection Mr. Cockran said: "If
Their Soldiers Show Supreme Contempt Becker is now executed he will be exe
cuted on a technicality. I he footsteps
of justice are enmeshed. Becker is ready
for his fate. He has asked mercy of no
one, but for the first time we have a
for Death and Italians Have
Also Lost Heavily.
Geneva, Monday, via Paris Tuesday,
July 27. The Tribune prints the fol
lowing regarding operations in the Ital
ian war theatres
"The Austrian fight with an utter
man about to be executed who cannot
ibmit his case to the hands of an im
partial chief executive. The
this state is the official who
the case against Becker. Nave the state
Following Investigation ef Slashing of
Leo M. Frank.
Atlanta, Ga., July 27. After investi
eating the attack on Leo M. Frank at
the Millcdgeville state prison farm, the
Georgia prison commission yesterday
gave out a statement exonerating v ar
den Smith. There was no decision as
eovernor of disposition to make of William
constructed 'm"n '1P fellow convict who slas-hcd
Frank's throat.
U contempt for death, and losses on both from the 8tin of taking life
sides arc frightful, but those of the Aus
trians appear heavier. The Italian ar
tillery is mowing them down in mass
es. On the Corso plateau, the Italians
sre advancing in the direction of Cor
ia. On Monte Nero, the Italians have
carried several portions of the enemy's
positions. At 1 olgora, the Italians re
pulsed all Austrian attacks, nowith
standing the extreme violence with
which they were delivered."
in a rase
where the preponderance of proof is con
trary to the guilt of the man who is to
be executed,.
Assistant District Attorney Taylor,
who opposed Jtecker s appeal, required
only an hour and a quarter to present
The NogilU Loaded with Railway Ties,
Waa Sunk by German Submarine
in the North Sea.
Copenhagen, via London, July 27. The
Danish uteamship Nogill, which was
bound from (iothenburg, Sweden, for the
river Tyne with railway ties, has been
sunk in the North sea ty a German sub
marine. Her crew were saved.
Flashed Wireless Warning Over Radius
of 2,000 Mdea.
London, July 27. "W'mt has bom de
elared on Fngland. Make ss quiikly as
yon ran lor a neutrsl port.
This mewsgv, fluhed for a radius of
l.fxwt miles ver the system of erm
wireless telegraph stations at 3 p. fn
Atig. I. 1914. saved (rfTmuj the bulk
of tier irnrchaiit marine, evrdng to
otfi-ey lssfn, msnacrwf director of
Marconi's U ireltus T'cispfc ( in a
sUU-mnt tnd at a tnertuig e( the cm
riT jmUtJij,
1 h tna 4 tbe Hamburg - Amerirs
imrr t'-rld alo, he s.l.W, mr
tl.ia IkIiik't'I the flli.oisi fust lrmany
h4 epenW hi rectirig the tatns.
By Part of Workers in Plant at Potts
vile, Pa., Making Munitions.
rottsville, Pa.. July 27. Two hundred
his ease. He said the court could grant and sixty of the 400 employes of the
Becker a new trial only on the ground Nitrated Products company voteJ last
of newly discovered evidence, and de- night to go on strike for an increase in
elared that none of the affidavits pre- wages from 37'3) cents to 3!) cents
sented in Beckers' application contained hour,
new evidence. I Announcement was made lsst week
When the assistant district attorney that the company bad closed an order
completed his argument, the state sub- with agents of the allies for gun cotton
mitted affidavits made by Kose. Webber, and other explosives, amounting to ?,
Mrs. Lillian Kosenthsl, w ife of the raur- 'NI,M""'. J he plant has rcn working
dered gambler; Frank Moss, who as as- niiit and day.
sistant district attorney troecuted
Becker at his first trial; James K. Smith, 11,000 LIBRARIES IN U. S
deputy assistant district attorney, who
prepared the rvtdcnc against Becker. I iney nave 73,ouo,uuo volumes, Viaining
snd lYpnty Warden Charles IL Johnon Rapidly,
n f Sin, Ninr I
I T-l - . ,g rt., - 1 I i V
Knw'l Hl.v, i. ir, r. .((. I in V.. "rTr rr ...rr n-SMir,t rio
lifnei norsrie in inf i nifcfi
affidavits of B. H. Kaufmah, Fdwsrd V.
fiinty, Joeph Murphy, tmni Harris and
iwvker, as offered by IWker s eounMd.
In it, Rjmm mntradicts all statements
involving himvlf made in the affidavits
of the defense and takes up esch in or
Briefly P.ose declirr thst he laid
Rofcent'ia! at aroiis time during the
three wwks priding the latttr's death.
contradicting Kaufman's otstement thst
containing more thsn "i.'s"'."'''! volumes.
according to statistics just enmpiled by
tli Inited States bureau of ptlutation
Hie niinil(er of volutnes is an im-rcae of
i,imi.isi mce l!".
Of the 24'. lihrarira ponlaitiing S.rsm
volumes or ow-r, IXI rr dassilicd as
uMic and wx-icty liUrariea," and
are school and college I l.rarM-s. Public
snd aoiiitr lilfsri,- have an sprregatr
Rosenthal had lt seen P.i durmff tins . , , , , ... ,
. .... .... . .... trrofr cards in force; 1.44(1 of tlcr
Amenrse Note Nst fH Receive! at?
tfce KefpeTV
IWlm. mi I-ti'i"l. July 27. T1 ooo-ttw-i
t of ite pritw l .rm ,n,l
j. fwt artM with that of the fT?
ira thst tSc Amtiw u f ca -
t ' tH'sl,''trT and l-ae lorwiast
tin !t-Tia!ie esft to ortione
lmariw arre n-t h U rmm
wrr. rtri If- f (Mwtf nidi
t.it Itrrtxa rtft t4 tW nrtk
rmt.ina' tint from a).r-V ft tt
t a f IkT lJifl U kS'if f,r
Last Laa8rcia Da as Wm Bnng Kesr"?
io4l Ji.-1 rr. tv ?tft
f t ! t rwrrr"Arvt wtM Ht
1 f "T t-r t4 t Wo4t-wm Ha
time; that he at no time stat'd to anv
nnc that lie was to offer BHMntlial a
aura of money or tltat lie which
he was to pie Tioaenthal f'r p.ing sav
tV nijlit before the murder, as all.-p.-d
by tiinty; thst tti convrraatH a alley"
n MHrphya affidavit to har tieea h,.
bwrc l!oc. alios and Uel.her tt(
twer lld and that be at t t'me stated
of iBtimated tltat II waa teerary n
frame leer." in ttriit to save l.im l(.
WcUter t alB; and thst tW t Ura
i" br llama, wlmm Im baa knema
aince ImrliooT. tat l.'e Oeiirai.Tt
t'frtified arint linker ltnv W lot
taa wanted ww one." is iMul, 'y
in cvrry oartifiUr tmtrw.
4enerat.rtfif . oava t'Mtt t W tate-
oviita rotta 1 if) f"nr of th. af!, !
t. rortirlarfr tV f llirm at!
f er. that tMr was ""11'iiif i,t.fr
m hm tti mnay at tH B-ty tnt'i
faU. sa4 b T ttwated that t i eti
w"T was t W tearth H te, tar 1 1, at !
fWA.er aB''ty f the nfn of wiei
He waa enrt t.t and tli e- f ir i
rirtiiarit 4 t' trmh or
hta te1ifi'r. J m alatea Ht I oa
er aatd (' wer ar i rTJj '1
V trtaW. '
IXpr .t to f a4a-t -f Hs j
V Arhnm U waa wtT ti
Tiff I .' a atate . at ,
mtri f w a-V a!"r4 t ba W- a
Were Raced in 2:08 Pace In the Detroit
Grand Circuit.
Detroit. Mich., July 27. After the
first three races on yesterday's program
hud been disposed in strafg... heats, three
starters in the final number staged one
of the prettiest battles seen here in sev
eral years, going five gruelling rounds
to a decision. It waa the opening day
of the Bine Ribbon meet at the state
Only three horses Avent to the post for
the 2:08 pace. Margot Hal acted badly
in the first two heats, which The Climax
won in hard drives. In the third heat,
McDonald kept his : :are on ber feet,
taking the lead st the half mile and
holding it to the wire. Fred Russel led
all the way in the fourth, Margot Hal
breaking just as she came alongsida near
ing the finish. The Climax led to the
half in the final mile, but tired badly and
Margot Hal went to the front and showed j
the way to the wire. The Climax took
a hard flogging to finish in front of Fred
Russel, who had broken badly but was
coming fast.
The horses yesterday were, placed ac
cording to the "point system" so that
Duchess, in the 2:0 trot, alt hough -fin
ishing second in one heat, was outside
the money, while Imgo, with two thirds
was given third prize.
cided to close down their Bheds at 3
o'clock in order to give the employes an
opportunity to watch the parade and
participate in the doings at the nortn
end. Many of the merchants have al
ready signified their purpose to close
their stores and it is more than likely
that all I'jpAO nf K,isinna bIaik, Tnrth
...v ... . .,g ,,, mU,r Majn Rtreet including business offices
runerais were teing Held m tne west will fall in line,
side suburbs. The taking of testimony There are indications aplenty that the
and a coroner's inouest were started to- P.aruo win oe noming n not starvnng
Bodies recovered show that many chil
dren of this age were on the boat. In
ddition, there were 70 members of the
crew and an orchestra of half a dozen
The search for bodies continued to
day before Co-oner Hoffman. The first
Will Be in Chicago Personally to Con
duct Investigation.
Cornish, N. IL, July 27. President
Wilson wss in communication with Sec
retary Redlield of the commerce depart
ment, regarding the hatland disaster,
and was notified by the secretary that
he would go to Chicago to take iwrsonal
harge of the federal investigation into
he canse of the sinking of the steamer,
with the consequent loss of many lives.
Ihe president contiiiiieu to lake deep
nterest in the subject. W ith his ap-
proal. Secretary Redfield will make ev
ery eiTort to discover who, if anyone,
was t blame tor the disaster, and to
etermine whether the federal govern
ment can take any action.
tra'V r o ng mm wt I r 4 4 ,m
I - - w -4-- . -- . r 'w- w " i -- a ' f-a
Wl .S.xtr f- sr ra"l . t.ti h Mil ir J ..'-. ' f, ,w- I ail
iwi'liliH tat. 7. m' ,im-n mm e--a t
O ' an a tK rwt. ?a r'aa ns (and thmt i t r-i-14
libraries wTe a-ntir-!'- frae to the nub
I.ihiaries rerotiiig fmm I t S.msi
volmnea tmnihered ..4,"i.t, of which 2.1"
era public and eoewtv lilnrariea. and
J.ii a ho.H l.lrw. Tbe Idirar
1 I . . - M llHaf,. . 1 . . .
"HM t f-, ii.-i.T,i yn'.ieT
tretip of at II aiial'er I hrartea. com
p?img thow that reported trr.m ki te
,i fchiiwn, nrel tl-e total bv
t.'MA.IH" o'iime.
1 ha dietributtnaj of 1 fry facil tie i
1.l inrn. ff the l44 public and
airty I irarw reported for t! entire
I nited Mat'. Oi'fe thaa half rrr in
I l.e o.etk AlUftfw atatea aid t.e
eot tame.t 24 Z7.'f2l rnJfimea n , of t)
t"tal 14 a.: and of W J vt mi fi
votumea ad 1 d t I lary e llwluw fr
tHe jear IUI. i'hH owe I,. !f e f
tif an.e ae.tfn. tk atata 1a4
T.4.'i;l t. m I.t f!4 I -Wrartea;
Vaa .,i.a . o;-( m a 1 I.,,,.
. , - , . . . . . J
r eiF a r . . '. '. lltq l'tftr j
I lr.M o:o,a. (Wit t i
h-'eera e'U o -e in t
ne Atlaoukai.4 eeefal
I l-'-y ' ' I t'-e ft t ear a
fna'led, r t.g t (i t...aa ,4 ,
'-af r'tt. If . W 1. l.iturf,
rf t imtt, . , j at etila- i t v
ef-ef rf 1 ' je,. t-r the T-t
.f t a So o- .j-i i..a ' f..
! tf o-. e .,
Their Bodies Washed Ashore and Two
are Identified.
Quecnstown, July 27. Wcaley Frot,
he American c-onsiil at Cork. rrnta
ist anmng the Isxliea of the I.imtama
ictims tlist were recentlv washed
shore on the Iriah coast the following
amea listc been added to the list of
wise definitely identiried:
Ilartv J. Keser of rhiladeli.liia snd
Victor F. Sliields of Cincinnati. firt
caliin passengers, and Mrs. I!nmi T.
Ijryeri, h. a seen 1 cabin psaacnger. who
waa coming to visit her son "in Jjondon."
The Irish authorities ripect, on ae
connt of the ttdea at thia aeaaon of tlie
year that other bodies will be waslied
That it will be long and fairly bulging
with remarkable spectacles is evident by
witnesses to arrive were members 01 the number of responses which the com-
the steamer's crew, under police guard, mittee had received in answer to its
Robert Moore, a passenger, testified that llcitation for floats and pleasure cars.
0 Aiitn nwnnri ara iirrroH fn imn in The Off.
n..H o e,., we uni, uc- ad assemh Una at the mars ha lnff
gan to list. He believed there was ample grounds on Ayers street at 2:30 o'clock,
time to have emptied the boat, had the regardless of whether they decide to dec
warning been given. The witness said orate their cars All who contemplate
.,1 1 Ka , a.AA ,, 1., participating in the parade are asked to
.. .... .... ...... ... reglstcr with the parade committee, w.
positively mat mere was no rusn across Hi, Reynolds. E. M. Tobin, A. A. Lamorey
the deck before the boat overturned. or Dr. Joe W. Jackson
. . . . I Committees from the Barre Woman's
10 ways at wast to Kaise snip. cIb to whom if due cndit for jaunci,.
Estimates by marine engineers showed ing the very playground movement which
that it would take from 10 to 30 days the carnival aim to aid, are working
to put the Eastland on its keeL It was earnestly in co-operation with the men's
said that until the ship was removed it committee to make the afternoon a gala
could not be determined how many, If one. All of the refreshment features at
any, bodies had been caught under the the baseball park are to be in charge of
hull and the superstructure. J'lans to the women. A circular letter addressed
use dynamite in raising bodies em-(to each of the 250 members of tbe Worn-
bedded in mud were abandoned for the an's club, asking for assistance, is meet
time bejng for fear the explosions might ing with a general response, as was evi
destroy any evidence the ship could deuced by returns received to-day.
give of a possibe mismanagement of the Last night at an enthusiastic meeting
water ballast system given by several 1 of the several committees in Manufac-
marine engineers as a possible cause ofjturers' hall, plans were worked out for
the calamity. handling tne autos and trucks tnat are
Coroner Hoffman placed W. J. Wood, to figure in the parade. Extra police
a naval architect, who has dubbed the will be assigned to duty at North Barre
Eastland "the Crank of the Lakes," in and ample room will be provided for
charee of all work at the wreck, so parking cars of every description. Jt is
that any evidence in regard to faulty planned to stage the parade 'stunts on
construction of the ship or of improp- the auto trucks, a number of cars of this
rr' handling might be preserved. type having been donated by local bus
The coroner, the state's sttorney and mess men for the occasion. The va
citv officers reiterated their charcres rious bands and the two baseball teams
that all possible causes for the diaaster aboard the trucks. Four uni-
could lie charged to negligence by fed- formed teams of junior baseball players
eral inspectors, or failures of federal m the Playground league are to march
oflicers to enforce msrine laws. The afoot. There will be a second meeting
last inspection of the Eastland ... of the committee, in .Manufacturers hall
made bv Robert Reid, government in- tnl evening at S o clock and it is essen
pettor, at St. Joseph, Mich., Who found ',. iiai oeij uirmurr annum atvniu.
the steamer lit this spring and procured I "
lcciai 10 1 lie ijmca.p
The Goose (ireen Base Bawl Orgun
izatshun desires to ernounce tnet it bsi
seccured the survices uf t'ph Huggleby,
the gratest living 3 baseman in captiv
itv. Smarter than Greased Lightning
New York, July 27. Fifteen hundred
men who have been on strike several
days returned to work to-day at the
plants of the Standard Oil and Tide
water companies ut Bayonne, N. J. May-
or Garvan and Sheriff Eugene Kinkead
declared that the strike was broken and
that by to-morrow all of the 5,000 strik
ers would be back at work.
The resumption of work by the 1,500
men was in response to an appeal bv
Sheriff Kinkead at a mass meeting last
night, at which the English-spealung men
and American citizens among .lie em
ployes agreed to return to wdU. with
the assurance of Superintendent lAerviejj
sy that he would recommend an increase
in their wages.
a position as chief engineer on the boat
tor his son-in-law. ,1. H. Lrickson.
To mske sure that none of the crew
would avoid the inquest and other in
quirics, more members of the alups
i-oinpnuient was arrested. .Nearly al the
72 men employed on the ship are now land surer than Ed Atkins old Billy boss.
held in addition to Walter t. Steel, t.p hi auttiniy oaouna to ne a promi
secretary of the company, owning the nent citirun of the Green one uf these
hoat, days, vtatcn lor r.pn in tne game cr
Ihe county crsnd iury wss ordered gainat Souaug Holler,
held in s'-wion to take cognizance of Excitement is running tumble high
...- . 11 -a . I. . . - .: . 7.1. T.I.:-
anv evnlence ol criminal ncsiicence in " "ei-n em.i .rr
connection with the disaster. The grand whi need to the Public frum the Band
urvmen went over the wreck, but it
Harlow Hatch Retains CdbI ia St.
Jofciubnry Saoeting Case.
M .If.) r..!,iinr. July 27-Harlow l1t,k
held for the murder of Sumner ti. I'.rian
ha fTiie"4 S-moiida. Sea r W and -rave i
a cotinael. 1 "e irt'iueai la fin Satur-
lav lore -Indsre I'. G. I..fmn of
Uhed.xk nd Attorney -'ma 1 f.-rt-T
f t.,!tl. ro. w ill W .rt:e,,e. ,t
art ersl da' St tSe lqw.l of Mat' i.'
miMl 1 lie fnd'Or are aerrt. but
4 ia knraa that C. f-. Kik with who.
IJat.h and Il' "l lat seen l,e
was ssid they could do nothing further
at present.
Member of the coroners jury, six
isinea 'and professional men. w ith 1 nr.
. A. r.van. formerly finaltii commie-
iper of Chiiwgo. a foreman, inspect
ed the steamer and made personal in-
icatija'ion of conditions st the morgue.
To Determine Responsibility for Capsts
ing ef Eastland.
Chicago. July 27.-Plans fur the inve
tigation by federal, state and city offi
t ia 1 bodiea. to determine who wa t"
blsm.'v for tlie c pairing of the steamer
Eastland in the tlin-ago river Saturday
with a la of bnndreda of live, were
con-.f b ted lat Wight.
Mate's Attorn y Maelay Hoyne. m
puramtig Ins in vet jrat in. mined crre.
aponde-.t w tin h bad paed latweon of
1,,-era of the Wertern I.li1?ic en p-yea
o-eaniation, wl.ati jsve tl i and
tlie Indiana Trsn'jortat urn otrat
me t he (jictland and f'ir ot!er Mia
era at aside t earrv rre-ire the a .l'f
neroii i'TXM t le lake.
lie tte'a sttorawy said ti.is coere-
l . 4-nce ahoaed tat te at-a rer e?
.ar,v had adiiaed t'lat the ore tn.'-t
aH the. freater won',d tie t Tlt
. . t' atg waa tteTTot- ' , .. '.J . .
l''"-r" t'f,if , v t ,,1rM. 4 A. nr u ..
t -.
v a a wt.w
pr t( w
V f e
'0 I -- a
.-p a
tt r-w t4
e-a-a ( a of
S -t
I -a f Ss
ia e- r-a .-
.; . ,:a
--f i.e
1 f V-
SM a! pe,fvbors ael rkea Sr4 Emi-e-.f.
Via Lret,
XrwtJ, V Jn" ?7. Taei
U-t V -' e4 nf k i m w ;e.
"4 aT--r! t'4t it tvf l.ri a r U.nd
.'.-, ar.4 aet a i i .-t t a a
le-ewx la T' 1. TI t
r-f! 1 1 j '."!. a hi '- a as tif
-.. -. ,, ...,. , aM-t-ta ar
ar-S to t""4 to t'e Hv.'stf,
Stan last Fri. P. m. thet he had com
nleted finul negotistahuns with Goorgie
Tilden of thet air Sqnaiig Hollif team
for a combatting contest at Barry City
next Thurs. P. m. Zcke eays thet si
though our bovs never went so fur cr-
way frum borne before, he i willing to
In t 2 lixle uf next falls putikins ergainst
I bu. i1aters thet the Green bovs bring
home tlie butterBielk.
Calliovp Hetnolds aays thet be is g"in
to get four borne runs next Thur. Csl
lMpe has bin gifting In niuatle up pitch
ing bay lately.
The Mayor ia having his best suit
washed so thet be can ware it to tlie
City with the boya. lie got a letter
from AlfsKy Jai ka.m. who is got) to
lead the Big Pcrrade A who want our
Mayor to n-te with him in the frunt
otomohcel. Ihe Ma tor spent " cents
in talking with AlfaHy over the tclefone
and telling t.im ta-t I axc-pted the in-
titstahnn. P. S. e wonder ef the
i.reefi tat f-sjera will he to y tle :7 j
Irai V'ie iBsreU.ool Small otoed to t
4 "it yr Sunday upon fej,te.t uf ti.e Jlawl
OrrunixaUktia t aee f t; Grand Man
wa aafe. rark aai tli1 be A r.i
hea f xa oiiied t fur aon t .me A
had a fid lime. It rcs't he aale rf rt
held n I rai.k ie.
W4! tl S-foaeg I!''l'T el p tie 4t,-
f(IT 4 ly a firn'Ml of hard cidT.
JHr- I efeT--n.
-.l',l t orrerj.fO'i'.'et.
f.itor The -.arre Jta.1 1 m-.
4 ;v.
1 .m i "t m fit we er ae,
tnm ei. T -g mtr Vame tn orr j. i
in. we w.1 . in 4r j,h4. m
j ittmr a V'iane. r"t
I,rervf 4 rni,1 of S!fai R--,"T
Respondent Arrested on Allcgkk-f.1 of
Attempted Assa alt.
An official investigation of an allegeil
attempted assault on a young woman in
the woods on the Tremont street road
two weeks ago, when it is claimed, three
men separated the girl from her escort
and were only prevented from carrying
out their plans when a man snd his wife,
who were on their way home, appeared
on the scene, resulted late yesterday
afternoon in the arrost of Francis Baril
on a complaint made to Grand Juror
William Wishart. Baril was taken in.
custody by Chief Sinclair and arraigned
before Magistrate H. W. Scott on a
charge 'of attempted felonious assault.
As the official inquiry into the circum
stances leading up to the detention of
the complainant in tbe woods is not
completed. Grand Juror Wishart asked
to have the case held open until next
Tuesday morning. ISail was fixed at $o00
and the respondent was released. Under
the present status of municipal courts.
a city judge has no jurisdiction in hear-
ng cases of this kind, although the scope
of the municipal judiciary will be con
siderably widened when a new law en
acted in the last general assembly be
comes operative Aug. 1. ' .
Alleged actors in a South Barre fracss,
who were arrested by Chief Sinclair yes
terday at the instance of State's Attor
ney F. E. Gleason, were arraigned before
the magistrate last night. Frank De
Forge, charged with a breach of the
peace offense, pleaded not guilty and fur
nished bail in the sum of $.V1 for his
appearance at a trial to be held to-mor
row morning. His brother-in-law, Charles
oung, pleaded guilty to a similar
charge and his case was held open for
sentence until the court makes its find
ings in the case against DeForge. A
family row in which the DeForge broth
era and Young are said to have joined
moved South Barre people to complain
of the alleged disturbers.
A hearing in the case of state vs. Mrs.
C. Rossi, whose apartments at the corner
of Foter and Granite streets were raided
last week, was cancrlled this morning
when the respondent decided' to waive
examination and plead her cause in
county court. Liquor seir.cd in the raid
wss condemned and destroyed, but Mrs.
Rossi appealed from the decision and
furnished security for the alleged con
traband good in addition to bail for
herself in the sum of k"i(Ni.
at te faetey ' 1 St 1 wharf, c
rw . it t'l atate ter.rl. i let
te-a aM.aed I here oi;!4 W a r-Vte o
it !Td on ! t l't oer ' a:
,rm, ! t "W t'ae iva J l.
4 ow .ii3 bad a'.-a''r h-- ra , i
', ae- e. ! w e rv ti 4. e- I -.
f a). tt tfiey ad t 'i-.'M eotrrw ..... j
tt fw-lae teketa le t " "trr., 1 j
f ttt r rTm v4 tt- e:! l'Je' t i ne-t nf
'..t.. ko a-. id tn. van'it '.-a'e
' .oa aawt t' weo 'a.i-4 f '"""-- - 4iei,- -m I
fi. r.i.Mi. T- t-vi-a- 4- V -tra j ' tw b M t i
'' ! t - an aootraf isi t !l.o-4. -t .' o. W - e
toea ' f:t .T'"-;- who nai r'Bi 7. A ""-g lr f o- -r; "ru-
LaoMtsP Btr" Aaat.
Vi r;' rr T-e 1 "t. a-
fi t I a oe . i. f u v-.
a i - - n " m ''. ? - ' I
When They Applied for Old Positions
with Remingtoa Company. .
Bridgeport, Conn., July 27. I'nb-ae the
labor aituation at the Remington Arm
Ammunition company'a pitit i ad-
u.ted bv eliif,ly aftermam. another
strike will lie called, according to a
statement here laat night by J. J. hen-
pier, international ice prcaident of the
machiniata' union.
It bad been evpoited thst stl of the
Strikers would be ha. k at work reafer
dy, following Ihe n noiuieement of the
lt wek by the l.ls.r lew iTS that an
agreemert had in ft rea. bed with the
xi,7ny f"r a woikmj m hedule of 4ft
bom a a week, with no diTeae in wage.
but compli'Wt tona sroee when reluming
trvker were refuaed ewidyment.
Mantifacforera asy that only sh'.ut
half a dfire) a,-atr'" were turned
aav, l:t jrennTa oi ine maennT-
niow aaaTt that the on re Iter rea, red
i,'. Wliew the jroa wlera learned of
the turn of evert, t bey ar' walked
ot1. A few- of 11,tn. boweaer. retiiroH
t work during the 'teen.,n.
Mr. b.ilde. J. A. J.hnf'n, a ie.
nreaeler-t f te r ,ker. 4 .l,.l,n
111 en, natil fj-i irer o l.e ra'oeo
tera ti!i". It la4 I ' t f ir New- ret ,
Were the will eoiif-y f r"! i-r , t
i i t K'"rr ) and t-ade m;m tl liter
t,f f'pe eo-r-i-art.
V,ea V-o- .wt m4 ar.4 !".'
Tinker o-."W l t '- ko-ea M i.'tt
Va. 7 we a '--e
jttifi l- V tail f V. 4-k
a far "" I "'. Tne le-
f- .t.-. i T--e, I- 't "i - -
. v.4 f a ---." .
m- a a -w
a - .-. v' .. t a t-t w
.e.-, ' I" lrt P -eet -W-

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