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VOL. XIX NO. 114.
But Still They Have Fallen
Short of Their Efforts to
Capture Warsaw, as Rus
sian Line Holds Stubborn
ly Just as Germans Are on
Threshold of Success
Combined Austro - German
Armies Have Not Been
Able to Seize the. Lublin
Chelm Railway to South
of the Capital, Where the
Key to the Situation Lies
London, July 28, 12:27 p. m. Though
the Germans now hold the great line
from the Gulf of Riga, sweeping south
westward around Warsaw, thence en
circling the city and stretching away to
the Galician frontier, near Sokal, it is
estimated they have lost 500,000 men and
perhaps more in this most ambitious
movement of the war, and the Russian
front is not yet broken.
On the Narew river, north of the Polish
capital, the Russians have made a stub
born resistance, holding Field Marshal
Von Hindenburg for the time being in
check, while to the south, the combined
Austro-German forces, struggling to
seize the Lublin-Chelm railway, have been
for days on the threshold of success
without being able actually to achieve
their goal.
Immediately west of Warsaw quiet
prevails and it ia along the Lublin-Chelm
sector or in the Narew nver region that
it it believed the crisis will be rrached.
Severe Fighting on Italo-Austriao
Severe fighting ia the Italo-Austrian
frontier, which has been going on appro
imately for weeks, shows no signs of
letting up, nor is there any clear indi
cation of the definite outcome, but the
Italian official statement continues to
claim a succession either of advances or
of holding the Austrians in check.
Those heights dominate tlio principal
valley of tiio Feeht, as well as the great
road from Notre Dame des Irois Jmus.
"We made prisoners of several officers
and more than 100 men belonging to nve
different regiments."
German Progress Toward Warsaw
Much Slackened.
London. July 28. The Austro-German
5";Xa Fired Shell Be-
Polish capital have been brought nearly
to a standstill, and where the Germans
are moving forward it is only yard by
yard and at tremendous cost in men and
The German field marshal, Yon Mack-
onsen, lias taken a few villages on the
way to the Lublin-Chelm railway, be
tween the Vistula and the Bug rivers,
and the Austrians, by a counter offen
sive at Sokal, have captured positions
winch will make tho German flank sater,
but as has so often occurred lately, Ber
lin officially reports that "otherwise the
position of the German troops under Von
.Maekensen remains unchanged.
Along the western bank of the V isttila,
from Ivangorod to Novogeorgievsk, even
less progress apparently has been made,
while along the arew, where von Hin
denburg has been directing operations in
an effort to drive a wedge in behind t,ie Cflntain Dplk and Hi? CrfiW
city, he is now largely occupied in meet- apiaiil UeiK dlld nib KjIVW
Were Unanimous in Giv
hind the American Steam
. er Leelanaw and Allowed
Her Crew Time to Get off
the Vessel Before Begin
ning Attempt to Destroy
the Vessel
ing the Knssian counter-attacks.
These counter-attacks, according to
Petrograd, had succeeded in forcing the
Germans who had crossed the river to
return to the northern bank at several
points, but Berlin asserts that they com-
pletely failed and that the German force
is advancing in an easterly direction.
J lie KuBsians, who were defeated in
the Baltic provinces recently, have also
turned and, according to the Berlin oth
cial report, have delivered an attack
from Mitau, which, however, was re
Further to the south, the Germans
incr Credit to Germans
Who Attacked Their Ves
sel Submarine Carried
Them 60 Miles
Aberdeen Scotland, via London, July
28, 0:15 a. m. "They could not have
continue their advance eastward towards treated us more courteously than they
the Vilna-Petrograd railway, but there aid." was the. unanimous verdict of Can-
is a lot of territory to cover before this L ' Iv, . , 4(, .... .
. , , . ., . Itain I.tigenc Delk and the members of
the crew of the American steamer Lee
Drove Them Out of Position at Monte
Dei and Seized Great Quantities of
Munitions After Fierce Battle.
Rome, Tuesday, via Paris, Wednesday
July 28. The official statement from
the headquarters of the general staff
"In the Aione valley, we are now
in full possession of the heights on
the right 1m, having occupied
Monte Lavanrarh and the Pisaona
crest, from points dominating the
opposite elope, the enemy's artillery
attempted to hinder the operations,
but without nmwi. In the Monte
Nero regions, the struggle continue
unabated, notwithstanding tho fog.
At Plata, the aceond operation un
dertaken to enlarge the bridges is
developing favorably. On the Car so
plateau, the battle continued Ve.
terdsy. Hir troops advanced aiong
the whole frotit with greet dash and
boldness, conquering strong posi
tion oa San Xlichele, commanding
the greater rt of the plateau.
After being subjected. However, to a
violent crow fire from the enemy's
artillery, our forces were obliged t
fall hack below the rret w here they
are now maintaining- their positions.
Ob the center, we progressed toward
r-aii M.rtino. fbv the right wing, ere
-on;ph-ted at filial fall the conquest
of a position at Mntt IV-i, driving
out th enrrnv, who was strongly
cnt rem beL We mede eSnut 15 W
prisoners, including one leutnant
coWhI and SI other officer. We
took lite msrhtne fun. twa small
cannon, trench mortars, tpisnt it ie
of nflea. amtnawition, w-ar Materials
end foM. s trophiee of a day of
fteree fpbttng."
reached, and it is considered more
likely that General Von Buelow, who is
in command here, will return to the lanaw, when they were questioned last
uthward to threaten the Russian night reirardinir their encounter with a
armies which are facing Von Hindenburg. ,;. ...hn.arine. Thev travelled
j-verywnere tne names are at tneir , . ., . ., . ,
heights, especially that in which Von ""v u" l"" oec ' lne BUU
Aiackensen is engaged. All the military marine ana oecame wen acquainted wuu
critics here believe that is the moat the crew.
critical point of the campaign, for the
whole German plan depends on his reach
ing the Lublin-Chelm railway.
Took Vilbrum Guillaume From French
Legation at Port Au Prince and
Shot Him to Death City
in Great Excite-ment.
Captain Delk made a matter-of-fact
statement regarding the sinking of his
ship, saying: "There is no story in
it. We stopped when a shot was fired
behind us and then we had to leave
Our aihip was shelled, combed and tor-
JJY AIOB I 100,J k" 'c our "n onp-')alf
tours 10 biiik ner. i ne iierir.ans took
us aboard the submarine, carried us
about 60 mile and then gave us direc-
One Ran Into Team and Another Was
Struck by Second Car.
Burlington, July 28. Mrs. (1. P. Burns
received serious injuries to one arm
yestcrduy afternoon when the autumn
bile in which she wits riding was struck
by another machine. The accident seems
to be one which could easily have been
avoided and, according to those who wit
nessed it, was the result of . reckless
diiving. The car which was responsible
for the accident bore tho Vermont li
cense number 1IM17 and is said to ba the
property of Mrs. Josephine N. Wood of
North Kernsbitrp. 1 he accident was
placed in the hands of state's Attorney
Hopkins for investigation.
Miss Clara Knright, while driving her
car early last night, struck a team
which Airs. George Guinea, who lives
near Mnlletts bay, wus driving on North
avenue, breaking one wheel of the car
riage. .It is said that the low rate of
speed at which the Knright car was trav
eling . prevented a more serious acci
dent. The accident was the result of Miss
Knright a attempt to pass the carriage
at the same time that an automobile,
traveling the same direction as the car
riage attempted to pass. Miss Enright
was driving her car toward Hurlington
at about 0:10 o'clock and met the car
riage near the Parker farm. The other
automobile was driving toward the north
in the same direction as the carriage,
which whs on the right hand side of the
road. ' It is stated that Miss Enright
tried to drive her car through the space
on the road between the carriage and
the other automobile, which was about
to pass it, approaching tho team from
its rear. Miks J-.nnght s ear crowded
up against the team and broke the fron
wheel. jSo one was injured.
He Came Swooping in During the Fog to
Get the Enemy's Tactics,
One of the most audacious attempts
at espionage that has ever been written
in the annals of police activity in Barre
was uncovered this morning when Jonas
TUnt To YXrUor- CU: ritto.,ol Stubblelk-ld was detained at city hall
aflnr l.ia n in AU.in a,irlelltl
Have Said
Indictments Are Ex
pected in Eastland
Report Says $1,248 Is Lost
in Water Charges to
.s Said to Be Pay-
More Than
Chicago, July 28. At least six indict
ments for responsibility -for the East
land disaster last Saturday will be re
turned by the state grand jury to-day,
tion, getting to
reached safely ii
Kirkwall, Which
twelve hours."
Port . Au Prince, Haiti, July 28.-A s,y cpUJn ,nd Crew of the DMtroyed
mob of Haitiens to-day removed Vilbrum
Gillaume, president of Haiti, from the
French legation, where he took refuge
yeoterdav, and shot him to death. Tins
act of violence was followed immediate'
ly by the burial of 1H0 political prison
ers, massacred in prison yesterday at
the time of the revolutionary outbreak
against limllatime.
1 he mob to-day w as composed in a
large part of the relatives of victims of
the wholesale execution. Lven after
Aberdeen. Scot, July 2S. The cap
tain and crew of the American steamer
Leelanaw which was sunk by a German
submarine in the North sea Simla v
night, arrived lnut night. Thev sav that
several shots were (ired at the vessel
nv the en tuna rine but that thev were
given ample warning before the steamer
was sunk.
president was mutilated and tied to the
end of a rop, was drugged through the
streets of the city. The people of the
city are in a state of intense excitement.
Sere a FeTsoni Were Injured at Hud
son, Mass.
Hudson, Mass., July 2. Seven per
sons were injured when a jitney bus
crashed spi.int the xl.le of a Hotton &
Maine freight train thst was standing
t the Washington street crosmng here
last night, truef of Police 4oeph Light
liarges that the driver, llirum Mrl-auflm
was running his automobile at Ix-twecn
30 and 40 miles an hour.
Mrlnflin is at the Msrlliorouph hos
ts! with sn ugly cash in bis li-ft side
riiTsicians say lie msv not recover. Wal
ter laft of Hudson, a passenger, is slon
t the hospital, lie is thought to -have
fracture of the skull, and is not ex
pected t live-.
Mary hweenev and Alie and Margaret
Thompsoa of Hudson were vimlr
haken tip. Hsrry llaj and Henry Put-
r of slsrlhort'tigh revived slight injur.
. The Jitney strtuk the freight train
ith sm-b force thst the tnsr-h'ne wse
reduced to a msss of twisted iron. It
ssid the psssengers who are ot.lr
ighttv injurvd jumped from the Jitney
befre it bit the train.
Wbarf CfcTIjpseS Several
Bs4 Nsrrsw Escape,
nisworth. Me. Julr 2 A cargo of
H and all this wesson's et'v-k of s!t-
na ssbied ia all at sVnit llS'oio.
One Swedish Steamer and Three Danish
Schooners Fall Victims to German
London, July 2S. Or man submarine
show no cessation in their activitv in
the North sea. The latett reports set
forth that the Swedish steamer I'm ma
and three lixnihh schooners, Maria, Nen-
tunis and len. have lteen sunk by them.
The crews of these vessels were landed
to dav at fllvth.
rsENCH cAnni a height.
tMEiostiri rrmpsJ Valley ef the TttM
ta Alssre.
Pans. Ji!v Tbe f-JVrwmg sfmi!
con?ititfto was iu-4 1-y the war
'la Art. tn tVe wwtnr of hmrht,
the cafBti! las tiwn in 'ire jrtT.
Tbe (si r4 Arras was t f ly-n.Wr t4
A fr e-tH was cik!y
H tipi M r tiJ.sw wss i ijl4
f r' t fie "" io In tie A . t l.er
) ss ha ewt ! wt-t-tr oa the frt
f te mr.'.'tery f w4k ad.
1 tk A -rT-. a vi'it ranSMWtad
la ow i al-irf tK wt4 front.
'1m A! oitt tr"y Wn"tT sv-be4
th mrTt f a ry "f fr
"tti ".; '" tK erttams
-v4l at mn a?-l f a!nt fe-Vt f
m rec ! t w u rm S rwt f
were ruined wWa .ng H. Parker-!
The "Rough Rider" Jumped the Track
at Conry Island Woman Saved
Herself and Yoong Son.
New Yoik. July 2. Three persons
lost their lives when a roller cosstcr
on the 'Koiigii L'i.Wr" at Coney Ixlsnl
jumed the trsrk lte jefterdsy whil
trstrlmg st high speed. Tlw b-sd ares
Jimif Mi Itonnough. jr- 24 vesrs old
of t'omv Ik'isnd. diner of the rsr.
Mis Puth t'udv, !! vesrs oM of Irig
Irland ( itr. i
Mrs. Amis llartmsn, tears old. !
P.ro,.Vlrn. N. V.
Mrs. t Isrenee M'I'-s of Spring Vslb v.
N. Y. and hr 1 year-old son. Kdward.
the Mlier tiornpants of t! ir cw-spf-t
In the Hearing Brought About to Save
His Life.
Xew York, July 28. Whether Charles
Becker, the former police lieutenan
twice convicted of instignatinsr the mur
der of Herman Rosenthal, will meet
death in the electric chair at Sing Sing
prison Friday morning or will be given
an additional respite rests with Su
preme Court Judge John Ford, who, yes
.erday received briefs for and against
motion for a new trial. He promised
t give his decision as quickly as possi
oly and it is expected to be banded
down late to-day or Thursday morning.
Hot It briefs are lengtliv, the one sub
nutted Iste yesterday bv W. B. Cock
an, chief counsel for the condemned
man, consisting of IS typewritten pages.
nd thst of the state, presented bv Ins
rut Attorney t.'. a. J'eikins, covering
48 pages. Mr. Coi kran also filed a sup'
plementul brief covering points raised
by the district attorney. The briefs
we take up tne legal phases of the anidav
its tiled before Justice Ford Monday by
beckers counsel and the district attor
ney's office.
Justice Ford has the right to call for
witnesses and it is believed both the
prosecution and the defense are ready
to produce them if needed. Should the
jiihtice indicate his desire to hear wit
nesses, it is believed that Mr. Cockran
would ak thst Becker be brouuht from
)spiriiTig to testify in his own behalf,
although no definite statement on this
point has come from lterker's oounsel
Mr. Cockran argues in his appeal that
the judgment of death against Becker
was obtained by the suppression of vital
facts and the misrepresentation of other
facts by the chief witness for the state
The brief says: "In the light of the
facts embodied in the aflidavita, the en
tire character of the issue submitted
to the jury which convicted the defend
ant is changed so completely that every
feature advanced by the prosecution to
establish Ins guilt is completely refuted
is the court, nevertheless, without the
power to prevent the execution of the
defendant Tor an offense it now affirm
atively appears he never committed "
It is declared in the brief that the
afiiJavit of Hartford T. Marshall, for
mer counsel for "Hridgie" Webber,
should in itself lie suflii-ient to grant a
new trial as should also the affidavits
of Benjamin Kauffman and Ixiuis Harris.
KauITmann wss an associate of Bosen-
hal'a for 20 years and Harris ia at pres-
nt confined in Sing Sing prison. At
torney Msrshall in bis affidavit a!leires
hat Webber confessed to him thst
Itcker was not a party of the murder
tiouHly, information calculated to work
no end of harm to a local organization
that is just now in the center of public
interest. Confronted by a rapid tire of
questions from the authorities the man
is alleged to have broken down, making
a clean breast of everything. Ktubble-
field's. appearance on the streets of Barre,
his suspicious oiH-rations and Ins dramat
ic capture form a diverting story, the
parallel of which seldom creeps into
"Whoa, there! Whoa!" as though
someone was attempting to assuage a 1
team of runaway horses, was the clar: '
call that canle from an uncouth-looki -.
individual at the postoffiee corner o.i
South Main street around 8 o'clock to
day. A close scrutiny of the scene would
have tailed to disclose any runaway t i1B rpnnrf f , ,:
V.. V...4 4-K. el-.,,.,. I " --WW ..,-..,-
JIVI sen. uu 1 mo mail T I til Hit. on I i . , ... , . .
colored head continued to call. As he I KUUl"li euuimwea to me wy council
stood there gazing down the street aU la8t evening, showing the results of tho
the imaginary dust kicked up by the Inspection of meter service in the cranito
! . . . . . . . , . , . I
according to the announcement of ,f,u'." "w". "l plants of Barre, .t was said that through
State's Attorney Hoyne. It will not be Lpr tnhJ )lim' thB .houlder and the a,Ipfe'ed nect o tlie wat depart-
decided until late in the day whether beckoned him to follow. nlcnt 111 t,le Pat to check up such serv-
to ask for indictments for criminal care- Tlle j' wa UP for i,ir- Jonaa Stubble- Jce systematically, the city has cheated
lessness or mansUughter. There is fi(:ld-. He ,iad played bis game well, but itself yearly out of more than $1,000.
plenty of evidence on either charge, w.w iii-awrrea success It was also said during the meeting that,
Hovne declared Ti.a n-.n win all right, as far as the blue jeans and . . "
7 --v 6 v. "...i , , , a fhnnfr i tho i.itv l.ul klil..wl
an into session .t r,..iu;,.n nt eow-iiiae Doots went: nut. ins lianas were - -e - r u..o..u ...
coroner s inquest, which is expected to nw l"e norny nanus or ine piouguDoy, iica. nun uciiun was noi xoiioweu ny
consume most of the dav. The toil-worn look of the man with the charging on the meter basis ordered,
Explaining the detention of W. K.I 8 , 'ncing, anu ine spear or nerus-
Greenbaum, general manager of the F,"? naz prptruaea inrougii a crevice
steamship company which leased the n '"8 "ayseea nai migni nave oeiongeu
Eastland Saturday, State1
lTlVItn Bd I if livnunKaiini a
knew nothing about the Eastland but e,ven l,B,.f?"ld b"K ft.r''lir.0,f
added that he knew or had heard she ,c .'"" J -- : to consider w-ter rstea
me puuua jariiier wure on inn i-uui. uiu i '
not serve wholly to allay suspicion that A brief aldermanie meeting, presided
the wearer thereof was either a matinee lover by Alderman Bruce in the absence
actor or a spy. of Alderman Keast, was followed bv a
Gosh blame them darned hosses," old itore protracted session of the council,
atrawtop started to apologize, but the in which various phases of the superin-'
bluecoat interrupted lnm with a peremp- tendent s special report were considered
tory order to "lay oil that ya-n-nntten and discussed at length. A table cover-
stuff and come along. mg each granite shed, a total of 60
Surrounded by a cordon of city dig- plants, was submitted bv the superin-
mtaries at police b.aduuartcrs. Stubble- tendent and in a large majority of in-
By Leaving Boy Scout Camp on Camel's field submitted to a bit of third-degree stances it appeared that the city lias
worn ana nnany gave jonii ma Mury. I oeen gelling inauequate returns Irom US
The farm atmosphere was a simulation water service in the granite belt. On
on bis part, he confessed, the team a the basis of the latest reckoning, tha
mere hypothesis, and the runaway a city is receiving $3,107.50, where the rev.
phantom flight of horses that were non-ienue should be 14,350, the difference rep-
existent. He bad tried the ruse be- resenting $1,248. mass of data bear-
I L 41 . i :a 11 31 i. - A 1- . j i- a
the surrounding towns were thrown into " "'vers mg on tne raw question wa: uncoverca
considerable excitement this morning l,nl,on ...... ... n.aKe ... anu cioseiy scruunizea ociore tne coun-
over the report that a boy had been lost V- getting nearer to the core of c.ilor. decided that a little leeway should
on Camel's Hump and that it was feared f " J K ? T T S" "?weo. , J, l"KPn-
he had come to harm. The boy, John " " . : ". T, , - ."
Ramsey of Charlotte, was a member of a ".n v,.B F.n . commuiee w. i arait. a teniaiive scnea-
boy scut rrty that was camping on ,tUck -"ed.Uted by a rival team-the ule and subm.t .t to the council for ap-
the mountain and he disappeared during '1''e Gr'eni- tubblefield believed was proval, amendment or rejection,
last night. After a ae.rch .11 the fore- ,he ",m-J At lB ''!d New Bids for Opera House Lease.
noon, report came from Richmond that a r," v One and for .11. it seems, the city i,
Tm.tZT"l iZrZ V." to 1" Pl hen the police nipped him through dickering with George J. Good
at Richmond and inquired the way to I ,....' ' " tnn-sLi nf YnrW n,.h t n,t rh.ht-.
so naridi.v. j " - " -i - e---
High oilicials of Goose Green were in- P" the "eU of .vol,nf n1Bn',
dignant when they learned of the affair, cision, reported last night, to vacate his
but the authorities have decided to de- P" of "n.v agreement existing with the
but that there had been discrimination
and favoritism shown to certain consum
ers. It is proposed to remedy these con
ditions and a special meeting of the coun
cil will be held at 6 o'clock Friday even-
was unseaworthy.
In response to a proclamation by May
or Thompson, Chicago observed to-day
as a day of public mournine.
Hump and Striking Oft for Home
Whole Region Searched Over
for Him.
Waterburv, July 28. This village and
Huntington and later was seen walking
toward Burlington, which led to the call
ng off of the search, as it wsa thought
probable the pedestrian w-as the missing
youth, who. driven by homesick nest, had
tarted off home alone.
Shortly before that time it was learned
that a youth called at the house of Wil
liam Martin near the Elliott mill in
North I hi x bury at 2 o'clock this morning
nd that at 5:30 the bov was seen near
When members of the boy scout party
on the hump began stirring at 4 o'clock
his morning it was learned that the
tain Stubblefield only until Thursday
night, when the big playground benefit
carnival will be a matter of history and
lien the information he gained so vica
riously will be of bo use to the Squaug
Facte About To-morrow's Carnival.
city in the matter of leasing the opera
house, came a unanimous vote to adver
tise for new bills. Mr. (ioodkowski's de
posit of $100 is forfeited to the city
and new bids on the lease of the theatre
are to be in by next Monday night, when
the council, at its regular monthly meet -.
ing, expects to sew up all negotiations.
Mr. (ioodkowski's communication to the
Mr. Corkran's brief refers to Becker's
failure to testify at his trials as fol
lows: "In the case the defendant re
mained silent during his trial not
through fesr of any discreditable reve
lation or through a reluctance to make
any damaging confession, but through
a onixotie notion of lovsltv to a prom
ise, itself irr provident and extravagant.
Indeed bis conduct in this respect is so
i it rsor.lmsry that were it not estsb
lishrd by pnwf and conceded by the dis
trict att"rnv it would be considered in-cred'Me.-
The brief charges that the whole true-
tare of the esse against IWker is based
npoti fraud and penury. It criticise
the dVtrict attorney's office a seek-
I irig to end P-eeler to the electric chair.
Mn. MMcs ssvl W son bv br pres. ! because 1 procured murder, but
e of mind sW sfte I. r.. . f becane a tHtle wss made in conduct-
mg ie tr.si.
Granite plants in Barre as a whole will fltv 'I''rk ''P1' to th '""tnv
shut down at 3 o'clock for the playground r","p" l"F T"'1 " "'."
Matt we .A- ftk ff liia nartni-r failure
mwT ooy miwinjr rrom inp Miiaa cirnnii i nui-mv ti.ir.nwju mini raw u. ..mnrtrt h m in 1 i nrfno-d t ifitr
of 14 boy from lHarlntt nndtr lh Iclianl. indivuluallr. bv con sen ted tov i-.ntur. Th Utter wai arvrrtrd
-1 H .... t7. ..I. It.. . a M I I......
:L I . , r 'I" : JT , klo their store, at the same hour, thus end ordered filed.
tha llsntist ehtirch st Ksst f hsrlnl I 1
At first it was feared he bad walked in G,vlnK ,ml"1' "I'r'-"""' upera ous w unoui raying.
is sleep and perhaps fsllen off the cliff
nown as the "ledces ; but search at
the base of the cliff failed to give any
race. Then Rev. Mr. Place and the bovs
began a search over the entire mountain.
covering about 1.1 milea.
Again failing, they notified people in
he valley and aUo the boy's father.
r. Ramsey started by automobile from
"bsrlotte and searching pa rt'es started
out from Waterburv and North Ihixburv,
e Waterburv ,rty including Rev. W.
Rotcotirt and bis boy scouts and two
the most skillful searcher, at the
state hospital. All of them were well en
their way when word came here that
traces of the lost routh were found lead
ing in the direction of bis borne; anj
there was much relief all around. In tbe
meantime the II youngest members of
Rev. Mr. Place's lioy scout party bad
been sent to their borne, only the two
oldest bring retained to assist in the
wharf at Has. Harbor lr-mont coliai-eeJ
yesterday e'tenvonn. carrying store
bottse and contents into the wster.
Several men. who were at work on
the Wharf, wire sent w .th the struetijre,
hut eepe with s! r' t trrr.
lS.'rt.,.t,r .ff the car, she cbing to t k.e tr.-k. img 1 ,r"
s fi-h j Sw.l fling W eon ia one srm ir,t 1 t'ey ',,,,r"1 -
were r-et,e4 hy the p. ! c-e.
RaBcw-ell Crea te Ca. Reserve. After a
Hiat Katks S.pesce-w.
ll,TV.rj. v. Je'v 2-l'r t
t me tn r ie-e tn'ieths t s"t A f t'-e
v-srmee wss in t s!s ef ie
TlsTinwrn t.'sr 'le ( w l ri . .SI.
thotifh hurt r cwtt-s re-4, vo'e-e ill
h a A ied own. . "-t scg t t e ertr r r v ,
! H w T1 f-" I tnc b-ore t'e e t 7e
plant i. ia fpmtjoa.
ttomey rerVins in lis Irief
eotten-ls thst the justice 1,.. nnt the
-ny eri irn power 1" gTr(t a new trial as
rUimcl r. tnkrsa The
t tcrr-ner !! res the jitiee is
, t r sstnorr provii"n. The eo eT!ed
Afet r.n:rg fHusmite Vr HetisesV w e let-ei. i. dwTsre! to h c,.mls
ef Twe Kea Interestei. litre t in tescV w;tnee. t fnt fn r
l'l.s. T.- Jty th. ru't U it is v.h.e.
W.. r .e.n . ....4 .k. V. - t--es" P ms OT T If
t. D. I's U 't liere Sunlsr t nrW sn4 !
jtV. ?'. s!t,ng of t! h"i e e.f 1
" . a !" oss rn 1 f's-'. t set-j
.i-tt 'S'-itv. i' si .ety rrra i
, ' , . , . . - Kacxiee wikj w as AhB4r-nd Fttcfc-
1 ..-r'rs war l-s fir ss4-:-s fw ti-e .
I ''!."g. Mss .'o'v 2R . ros'VtT
VfiASt-U et jstE.aiit E. s t--i- ! ie eri-r-m v t a rs'sr in t-is
Came te Brattlebere and Raa late Jfea-
Snppert Case.
Prsttlebmro. July ?. 1eve Fhipm.H
of Hartford, Conn, came here to attend
the funeral of bis father, P-rra O. Ship-
man, .nd wss .rrested in an Hon
hroupM by the stste for ton support f
bis wife and child. He was .ir.igne4
in the m'inici-sl cemrt verterdsv.
His Wife terfified irft iis fsmilv ia
1 r"9 .nd went to Hartford. pe.m.sing
t send fir Ciern. '-he ssit 1-e re-turned
ones or twice, btit for serer.l yesr. he j
the parade and participate in the festivi-1 for the flving squadron of New Kng-
tie. at the Berlin street grounds. Many land, R. B. Herrick of Boston asked for
of the business office, and barler shops the free use of the opera house on the
will also suspend busines. after 3 o'clock, afternoons and evenings of Aug. .10 .nd
AH those intending to participate in 31. The mayor took exceptions to Mr.
the parade .re urged to muster at the Merrick's .tatement that the ball would
Ayera street p.rk as soon after 2:30 not be used for political purposes and
o'clock as possible, an early hour for declared that prohibition i one of the
the mohilirstion having been chosen be- paramount political issues of the day. a
cause a little time will be necessary to viewpoint which was shared by Abler-
orgsnire a parade of such considerable man Rossi. Mr. Herrick .aid the meet-
length. Owner of pleasure car. are in-lings were to be neither partisan nor ee.
vited to join with the freak cars, hor
ribles, bands, pipers and flosts in mak
ing the parade a sueoe. Ample oppor
tunities for parking cars will lie provid
ed near the grounds in the north end.
Ticket, for the gane may 1 procured at be brought I fore the people tfxt spring
ny drug store in tbe city. would be broached at the pre posed re
Parade starts promptly at J:.1ft o'clock, view of the squadron, Mr. Herrick .d
the line of mrh to extend from Avers nutted that the speaker, might possibly
street to the hsschsll park. Score cards skirt around the edges of that proposi
w ith both te.m. lined up thereon w ill he tion. On Alderman Cook", motion !
sold at tbe grounds. In esse of rsm grant the reotiest. both be and Alderman
the entire progr.nl will be postponed to J Shurtleff voted ia tlie .fTirmstive. AN
tarian. Mr. Rossi thought it would be
I establishing a bed precedent to permit
the squadron to use the theatre with-
Iout paying for it. Asked by the mayor
a to whether tlie Perry referendum t
Friday afternoon.
signed H. P. Hinm.n. W. G. Rey
nolds.. K. H. G.le. Pr.nk I- Smsll. It-m-ld
Smith. Athol Bell, chairmen of allied
For Cithrenaata Papers at Xsteralitatioa
Court ia MonlpelicT.
Sevenfera .ppln-snts appeared yester
day afterwi". as4 evening at tlie s-s-si'ta
of nst nrshfst eratrt hH at t !
federal Vnild.ng ia lit-bey. ten be-
bsd not coftr.hiited a cert f?ir t smp- J;,g granted the rt lprs by Vrk
I "Is ft. end seven .pfwre4 t
distriit j po-i. testified thst she w-rele turn I r, c
iiTTTii-a some snarn nun oeestisr rT sesjonsy of
snoC-er w rnnsn.
-rsv and irrehv.tt.
mske .pi-li-a' i'n fw tieir f.nl pr-r
l'o. lowing .s te Iit of a pptK-arts to
der man Rossi oppos.d. Alderman GlvS
son did wot vote, nor did Aldermsn Pmee,
who w.s presiding. The motion wss de.
rlared carried. A request from the Rarrw
Woman's rlub to .e tlie theatre fe
September fr a pageant w.s granted.
Water aad Sewer Eatetiaioa.
After patiently striving for water .n4
sewer eitension. for two vesrs. upper
Merchsnt street people .re to lave the-r
request granted this season. Joa in'
tier's dlej.-stn down gia lsst
n ' t and after a report fr"n te r tr
ent ineer et :st -ng tie cost of the pro-
sw-t to be 1'jVI had been resd and se
eef ted. an .1 lermsr.w ii-ff '1 tee ef thu
I., le retw1 PWnmW t st t'e et
it,m he ri.de at mv-e. The rer"t
a.-t-f ted. slig with tre
SpeTal yeetieg f a-rtt" Tawa.
eev",st siiMi-y ..te mJ V l. . T a e-t
R . I. P. A. W e.- - i..J.,S
. t .tfH it 7 vt-ri. e-s e'
j W pee-fesee ; -Te-n t i'T, I f,A-fi ts
, we ri l-ek'.ft f r 1 V . e--,...e-i
The Carys-hia Tsraped ly Rteiurg a
I ft CcB'se.
e f l. .'w'r 7 . t wr-s-4 1 n.r
1 ''-. j e--i..J lt t":i'"'1
"-l 1 . - e es i wm s - -
t'e J l -I.' -)?. ., ;-T
0.rV Ces-etfe VTi THt"ri ia the
EatrtUad Ihsaster.
Tinr'.nr"" -''r JV- 1 ti
snd ( er" 1 . lrirt. n4 tfer rt. ,!msr lt"T,-i. st-hie-y
1 !r Sines M. Srrive is 1 fifr W W M .ree-Vier. - r
lst ever .jog fem 1.-.-Sfi -t fie h-' ; '!. 1-r''.. -rme ;
litf t'lietr tieother ei wi-W, ( h.rles ,' i-o-a, Wn V her. I's't ;
'i,cT',e. who w-ss i''H n4 Situ4av is'tir-'.i A'Vsfi. V !
Uv lsilsn! A W - sea lt
,1r VrsiJtr without run-W els tee i. ' t ir t. " f '
le -ete4 to l t prfTrtv of a tmire trqi.e o , w Wt.f to V se thst
, y.4 :e',i,rv. It. A esr .newer- one wejr-Jd a'nt V"fk tr nrVelr
o tl ie.Tii4lon ef t'e one IjH tre'slde r trri-es-e est hr-a ia real l-'e. t
ess SV.i.-O a w.l. r in ft,t p-ee. ;.- A teeyette. tSef f l.J S.. fiMI
(.ner of tie car sh-a m M -d-.Je- ' m!-. and tm'i, wh aasl-t. wai
rit.-r m '! co 4rf-e t fk st O-e e 'rtii-' t " t '-e f I-. !- '-f
T rief ' f -' st heere X H i1s:t4 a fw"e; t nee ktl t ' 5
rt ft ' I a i
meti.ist "Wis. 1 le e-iet s tt I lOei
1 wntil.lr twtween t 1 e inter and
who the it..t. prpee were g'stte. ,.T-Mm, -J ( , .ee-'s re-
Hh ther re. -tenee .nd I 4 t.trih: on , , f , .m 1st etteos.o
n,r-t-w U Te"n. lsr-hMU taw.-' fm ,r,m4 sfrrwt. ss yesil st a fe-erio.,
.'s; Myy Ii.e1-n. s.tp't. ': mt.,e, wss aeesfted. ad m ha re.
V I w ss VifFttrt.,sif Ite. - e.fera.
frsttcit 1" I iee M. t" st "!' . It-'v -. It" ' J 1. J iu ,t f lis f
1 If :.- -
Irre-fo leg
t-s 1 ; Vo.1
, V ,e.-v-r. ns
Vsrts '.- t'e I m I pe-pees; -e '
' an. ie. (Ml!ii k; I s
.Ttt. V ! ' V . Ifc-T-S-k; -t
r'-iwer Ie's p?iii
. !r I e-
jrig run he-a
teW- i ofte 5-e t h'i!f t 'e
lfcTSrt i.
"i. S" .
i ..r.g
I c
I ie.-i .r J
: -. -m t see ; e.'-.
"e. ?" ; Invrt
i -e . f a. -''S ; I '".
Jee,ti, Vi --- e . f ee.'s '
"-! t -fee t -1. j
At.. TierariiJt., ae ?t
tn on fwoey '. w.s rewf
and aee e.
IWlin-W f roe-si ie -.v--e in fc.'
lit t i er-t-st UW WRiO Wit S Ve -fjjet
t st t'e n(r err: 1 .-e V '."'!
tn V r te e- ?r e--aete n-t-5,,'
u-e ' feteif.l'"s .f Te r -.
-e-t t'-rt ifi" t n e4
t He fJ- O-i-.t ft He V'ers St
eee-l . r"et 7" rets- -' r
w-k " r--n .-- tve t-ietw
A e rer- frer.t 4 f'-.r 11 e rvst-
1st t . say, a f"rt ? t s I f' eeT
rts.t j ae-.e-a.-t , V- i
r1, d i t - - i lsj r ....... j
a, i trs uttj Cm.Mi,
tr.se f'"tB t'.t rtr row
le to lik i l
, J 4 Neis a-rs. was ; .
4 rt, sj c - lJi'
. 9 tie-a.
r-f levar i, l .t msj

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