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Lower Rio Grande Regula
tions Are Tight
Persons Forbidden to Ap
pear Along the
River .
Brownsville'Tex, Sept. 13. News of
the dispatch of two troop of cavalry
to Ft. Mclntosk, near Laredo, was re
ceived yesterday and pave still further
ground for the belief already established
in the minds of many well-informed per
sons here that the American army au
thorities will find it expedient soon to
establish more strict regulations govern
ing passage between Mexico and this
country along the lower part of the Kiu
Acting in co-operation with state and
county officials, the army has already
greatly restricted this passage. Women
and children are allowed, in most cases,
unquestioned freedom in crossing the riv
er, but males old enough to bear arms
are allowed to pass only after rigid ex
amination as t their objeet. It i uow
believed that women and children will be
placed under the ban and restrictions on
the males will be still further tightened.
There are some in a position to know
who even say that it is the. ultimate in
tention of the army literally to "seal up"
the lower course of the Rio Grande from
Brownaville on the west to some such
point as Laredo-, and to permit no one of
any age or sex to cross the river between
these points without some urgent rea
son that will justify their passage in the
mind of the officials.
It is probable, too, that the impor
tation into Texa from Mexico of cattle,
horses and other commodities suspected
of having been stolen or "confiscated''
will likewise be barred. Boats, already
under the ban, wjll be stilt more thor
oughly searched and either held by the
authorities or destroyed.
All persons, both military and civil,
have been forbidden to show themselves
along the American side of the Rio
Grande, soldiers being excepted when
duty eompels breaking the rule. Similar
orders have been issued by t'arranza's
Gen. Nafarette to his men.
They Win Three Battles in as Many
Washington, Sept. 15. Oarranza forces
have defeated bandits in three battles in
the last three daya between Orzaba and
Vera Cruz. The isthmian railroad at
Orzaba, state department reports say, is
being guarded by 5,111) troops.
f-i'- - - - - - y r9 a t Of-
I ' r m tm
your liver Is torpid and la n;
Jour Hver. take the JUUo, rny
tube ami ln-n!l-v'-y i.ninimnMs
Hood'. PUIS. -Thay reMev(bUlousneHS.
coiwtl potion, all Hvor 1 . gi ,
tate nor- Ki-lps. Vrlt-e 2iV "r"gklBl"
or C. L Hood Co.. i.owell. M.w.
State Attorney General Argue for Its
Washington, Sept. 15.-Atty. Heft
Jones of Arizona mis opemu u. i...vv
in the supreme i-ouit ovr the constitu
tionality of the Arizona aJ.cn labor law
by filing a brief in support of the stat
te. Hh contended that the very wel
fare and preservation of tlie nation de
manded that only Aw-man eitbsena be
employed in the eopr muses of Al'l
xona, ' He referred to tlie use of copper
as war material. The Arifcona liw makes
it a crime for an employer of mure than
five workmen to employ lef than 80 per
cent nnalilSc.d electors or natTve-rjoxrt uiu-
1 ..'I, l. 1.........1' rhfi
sona. T ease wm im -v -
court next month, and because of inter
national complications mvolveu pran
to become one of the most important to
be decided during the coming year. A
lower court held it unconstitutional.
Uty. Gen. Jones declared that the people
of Arizona, in enacting tnc law uy w-
i;t,0ivo method, were as mucli wimin
tlieir rights to protect their saieiv ami
welfare as the legislature oi i ciihbji-
vania in passing a law, since m-m in
stitutional,; against the sale of firearms
to alien residents. It was urged, too,
that the law did not necessarily work
an inequality to residents because of the
relatively small number of aliens in the
Present Officials Are Wetf-Mcaning, But
Merely Underlings, .Says Lon
don Globe.
London. Sept 15. "As constituted at
present," The Globe said yesterday, "the
press bureau- too often i the agent for
inforcing trivial prejudices of perma
nent officials at the admiralty, war and
foreign offices. AVe do not suggest that
the power of the pnsss bureau dimin
ished, but rather that it should auopt a
definite policy,
"The present directors are well-meaning
gentlemen, but they are merely un
derlings whose duty it is to carry out
the instructions of government depart
ments. We believe great improvements
could be effected if a broad-minded,
statesman -like man of the world were
made director, lie would deed to be big
enough to keep politicians and perma
nent officials in their places, as well as
the newspapers, but would see that there
was fair play and would have little sym
pathy with 'foolish restrictions."
The Globe suggests that Lord Rose
berry would be a suitable director, if he
could be induced to accept.
Prof. Wing Dead.
tywton, Sept. 15 Prof. Charles Hal
let Wing, formerly head of the depart
ment of chemistry at the Massachusetts
institute of technology, died yesterday,
aged 80 years.
, Mrt '
4n ' Jfi v VJ yasic'
UV, !
Mini m4 hmlf -
mw4 f kef cir
mtif munrntrnr
ton " t md trm th
Potato Crop Uncertain, Are
" v Selling at 50c per
Bushel .
Bering $1.50$2.0Q Barrel
, . Fresh Eggs Bring
2728c .
Baa-re, Vt., Sept. 15., 191B.
Potato crop, uncertain. Fall apples
better than expected. Wholesale quota
tions: ' ' 5 ' .
Dressed pork 10c.
Veals, fancy II V3 12a.
Lamb 14 15c.
Fowls 17c. "
Broilers 2&fil23ei
Fresh eggs 274'8e.
Uutter, dairy
Butter, creamery--28(3 59
Potatoes 30e, '
Fall Appies $1.5rtf $2.
Largo Receipts of Poultry at 10c, Also
Heavy Supplies of Lambs.
St. Johhsbury,. Sept. 15. Receipts at
W. A. Kicker' market, for the week end
ing Sept. II included:
Poultry -480, 10c.
Lambs 513. Zfa;8V.
Hogs 353, 5(3 6 Vic. '
Cattle 00, 3f)r6.c.
Carve 41. 37Vjc. '
Milch Cows 75, $30 85.
Buttex Price Decline Prediction That
Eggs Will Be Higher Than Iyer.
Boston, Bept.lS The dwcline of the past
few days in butter pricea in the outside
markets doea not serve to encourage local
buyer to take hoM freely, and with re
ceipts stilt running pretty heavy for the
time of year, quotations are- more of an
asking than a wiling basia on everything
except the very best goods in email pack
ages. The cheese market show a further
advance under the influence of higher
prices in the primary markets. The egg
market continues pretty muck sellers'
affair, for receipts are not increasing as
they usually do at thU time of the
year. The "harvest" lay of eggs does
not prouiisB. to be anywhere near as
large a usual, for the hen have laid
egg without interruption inee early last
spring, and this is taken to mean earlier
moulting than usuaL The prediction is
the national joy gmoke
Vcu can smoktJtipiTmd you will smoke a pipe just as
scon as you tt vrindward of some P. A. I Fcr it's real
man tobacco that just-jams-joy into jimmy p:pes, and
puts the merry sunshine into makin's cigarettes!
Now, let everybody sit-in on thi3 tobacco talk and discuss
it, pro and con, then get a supply and all hands smoke
up! For P. A.s built to test-out true-like-steel and the
meaner you are to it when you want to knew how pood it
is, the more youH think of it when you get that informa
tion personally!
frequently lieurd these day that eggs
will be higher this fall than they have
ever been.
Jobbing quotations:
Hilt Ut Kuney northern creamery, tubs
SUrttSH'VaC, oo.xes 30f30'Ac, pnnu w;w
31o, fancy western creamery 'idl'lH'a,
good to choice creamery U0(g,iI7c, fair
to irood anwas'ae.
Cheese Twins, fancy IflWlfl'ic, fair to
good lowJO'aC, loung America iwi:
17 Vic
t-ggs -Fancy liennery 43(f44c, choice
eastern 3733Ho, western extras 37"38o,
prime firsts 30( 31c, firsts 2n(nfiie, stor
age 2jC27c.
Heavy Arrivals at Brighton and Water
town, Brighton, Sept. 15. Eastern ' trains
were again late at Brighton stockyards
yesterday morning and trading was
slow, with' beef stock of all kinds easy
and lower, Other stock was well-sustained
at about last week' level.
Heavy cattle were quiet and easy, and
shippers found it difficult to get 8 cents
even for the best pairs. The range of
price wore 7 to 8 cents, with good cat
tle at Mi to 7 cents nnd light cattle at
fl to Mi cents.
Fancy beef cows and heifers brought
ft'3 cents for the best, but few were
choice enough to bring over 6 cents,
which appear to be about the top
for average. The range for anything
below fancy was to ft for the best,
4ty to 5 cents for good cows, 3Vs to 4
cents for ordinary and 3 to 3.10 cent
for canners. .
Bulls were In heavy supply for medi
um grades. Bid were generally 4 to
ft'.i cents, with some fancy held at 6 to
6 cents. Bologna bulls were scarce, but
offerings were held firmly at 3 to 4
Calves were well sustained, fancy sell
ing at lOVs cents and occasionally more.
Good lot brought D to 10 ccnt, fair lot
8 to 9 cents and grassers and drinkers
5 ta 7 cents.
Hogs were firm and unchanged, with a
light run both here and in the West.
Best lots sold nt 7.60 to 7.80 cents, with
rough lot at 7Vi to 7 cents and boar
at i to 4',4 rents.
Offering of milch cows were the
largest of any week ainee the barns were
reopened. Best milkers sold at $85 to
t2i each, with ordinary milkers at $65
to 175.
Decline from $60,00p,000 for Week End
ing Sept. 4 to $33,390,700 for
Following Seven Days.
Washington, Sopt. 15 Kxports fell off
sharply during the week ending kept.
The amount of f3.503,708, the lowest
for one week thi year and a drop of
rU" .000,000 from the" week preceding.
The trade balance for the week fell
to -M.b72.241.
Although the figure represent only
five days of actual business, no trade
having been recorded for Labor day, the
decrease i far out of proportion to the
loss of a single day.
Imports for the week were $2fl,921,
467. No definite explanation Is available in
official circle for the change. Some of
ficials believe trade has slackened while
the British loan is being negotiated.
Prince Albert
just does this
little old thing:
Lets you smoke a jimmy pipe
all you want to; lets you smoke
all yon want of roll 'em cigarettes!
And that holds good every hour
of the twenty-four, Sundays in
cluded! Talk about home to
bacco, or office tobacco, or street
tobacco, or traveling tobacco 1
Well, you just uncork some
P. A. smoke in your mouth 1
You'll feel like putting out a
Special Extra to spread the newsl
Patented process fixes that
and cuts out bite and parch I
When wc tell you, and men every
where say, tliat here's tobacco
that reaches every desire in your
pipe or makin's department, you
head for
Aviator Redding Hits a Tree
and Is Thrown to tq
Ground '
Cochato Maid and Aldine
the Winners in Yes
terday's Races
White River Juuction, Sept. 15. The
opening day of the Vermont state fair
was interesting in more respects than
one and thrills were furnished for th
5,000 people in attendance that were not
on the scheduled program.
Capt. C'hauncey Redding, the aviator
who all of last week made thrilling
flights st Hampton Beach, met with ac
cident in hi first flieht here yesterday
He experienced difficulty in getting into
the air and only arose about iw ieei ana
made a partial circuit of the grounds
when one plane struck a tree, capsizing
and throwinsr both Reckling ana ins para
chute jumper, who accompanied him, to
the ground Both received severe shocks
but were not seriously injured, int
machine,' a Curtisg biplane, was badly
wrecked. It is hoped, however, that an
other machine may be secured in time
for flights to-day. Redding has sent for
parts to repair his machine, but another
machine will be secured if possible.
Aeronaut Flcxon, who makes parachute
jumps from an air-inflated balloon, met
with an accident in his nrst nignt. me
ban was nearly inflated and he was about
ready to cut loose when a gust of wind
struck the balloon and sent it drsgging
over the ground. The bag was torn in
several place and it was nearly 6 o'clock
before the balloon arose on its flight.
At an altitude of 1,000 feet Flexon made
his first drop. Before reaching the ground
he had used three parachutes. He alight
ed in a tree and was badly scratched
and somewhat bruised, but will do his
act again to-day.
Two of the best race seen on a Ver
mont track were run off in the after
noon. In the 2:10 trot, with four horses
to start, there were four heats. Cochato
Maid, from the Winter Hill stables at
Souierville, Mass., was the winner. In
the 2:20 pace an accident occurred in
the first heat, Wendell 8., a chestnut
gelding owned by Will 8. Page of ftarre
breaking, and before recovering his feet
turned a complete somersault. The sulky
was thrown into the air and Driver
Campbell landed on the track fully 20
leet away, rortunaieiy neitner norse
nor driver was injured. This race went
six heats, a comparatively new man in
the trotting business, Charles Martcll of
Williston, bringing bis almost unknown
bay stallion, Aldcen, Jr., in a winner in
the last three heats. Iho summary
2 :19 TROT
Corbato Mld.
bm, by Cochato
iJumwnl 114 1
Ro Damn, bm Cbn) 1111
Prince Ruocrt. wt (oJurdanl 1114
Lomt C. brm (Pieir) 4 4 11
Time 1:1. :. 1:U. 2:201,
Aldina. Jr.. U. br Aldin (Mar-
UUt 111111
Faust Patrhon, ch i Woodrow) . . 4 1 1 I I 1
Pnnr Abbott. Mm (Gordon) ....14211
Wrnd!l S, chs CamibUI 1 1 4 4 4ro
Dr. Billing, be iCarteri ( I t ro
Mattw Wi'.. chm I MrKarlandi di
Wendrll 8. not atandln to win any mony.
Tim-2:184. :. I 1:10V,, 1:21,
To-dy members of the Montpelicr
Board of Trade will visit the fair, coin
ing in 60 automobiles, and the merchants'
association of Kutland will come to the
fair in 40 automubili-s.
The automobile department in the of
fice of the secretary of state is repre
sented here this week by two inspectors.
John H. tiuild and Will S. T.achout of
Kssei Junction. They see that all au
tomobiles are complying with the law as
regards registration and automobile used
for hire are inpected as to their physi
cal condition.
Judging of the Mrxk began Tuesday
morrtiriff and in tle jndirinir of some of
the elates of the Morgan hore the fol
lowing is noted: In rls-. 5 with 12 en
tries, ID of viliirh were shown in the
rinsr (Ullion fl of IMS), Csrivle, aired
hv I.vndon and onlr three we k old, re
ceived the el low riblxm, thus winning a
prire of S, making irobMy the young
ett premium winner on the ground. In
rlana 7, msre or gilding three year old
nd tinder four, in the Morgan Jona
than J. tofk tHe Woe. Tauline the red.
snd FVixsrne the white.
In the I'eiilwro;! tallima. fmir years
old or ollr. T. i. Whites Mayor of
VVon1tvk won the blue and I). M. Huf
nail's (iibfnn, tW rd riUUm. Tle Ut
trr rsred f nr largely by Mster tliltoa
Wske. U years f (te, a sfp tn of Mr.
Ilufnsil. aad whn is antimikiv )rimd o
his fnnr-fnote.l charge, looking trefulljr
lor ail point' lihh msT count in Ins
vor, the tiorae. vilmh is a beauty.
4ently rec roatipf the lads ffetin.
In tbe aiitnmntMle li1ttt in t ! lel
formerlr as a rsttle W-d, W. (
I'.ai!nae of W est Ijfha now ahns It Jef
frey snl -tii W baker ear, the llullSBil
l.arafe , Jaia .it imol.il,; tl
kre it m Aula Mira (i. vf lln-a. tl roe
liiii'k ear; t'-e rt"n brafH h of t'
st'a AntwHi!e to SniM. an
tb fcrr-r M"tr Car Vn, t! f H r-rUnd
i4 t'nie cars an t Knspr M"t ar
f'n'm antf-rtw.b ! k f"T trter d- m
The W ,!,!' 7:!tary mni ft A I awe
furv;)i IW irwe f'r t'e fair.
are 6t Irttfid.
),'' i.rit t", I!. Mr.!' i.
H irif 14 aM W. t.. A l4
ri-fe t . l ln-ad; Iw -k
fe eV.r.fe4 V 5' tua 'irm ff
n..4. t. ;t 4 in,. !!'! farr
f I'or'ret. 14 i-m . J"r .' r
K ej 'M. ) f wT k V n. (
;i t! ? -t,
A. r. i.-f" s-"r f V t
i; I! h4. . A. 4 Vi
''! v-t J (,. 'm il ft H--t'n--"
in see-i ri ie hrg A. tn
Tt--;'. Wfe 1. f'aerv ftu'iitr
' - eif fW V. I. "en )f4-i
7"-- are tHe ';-rr,
7-trr '-ni' e--a t r: r
Vrt " s S evn t ,. , t
1 ' - .F5 w- ,-e cj t
'. e r - ! mx-w er
laXHi t:l I ...i 1: U t! W-.'Hr'W'':1)'
pnrt of the fair-ground with Capt.
Iteeves, university military Instructor,
in charge of th camp, assisted by his
subordinates, The service have an ex
hibit in the former agricultural building,
this year principally devoted to their
use, showing and giving information on
forestry, aeeda, grasses, fertili.ors and
other things of general and useful inter
est to the farmer. An Interesting exhibit
in agricultural hall comes from the
great Canadian Northwest and upper
Canada, which comprises specimens of
the grain and grasses grown in those
sections, with fruit and vegetables, hon
ey and maple sugar. This is somewhat
an advertising scheme to Induce settler
to locate claim and enter Into agricul
tural puruit on land now owned by
the government, but the melons, squashes,
beet and other vegetublce look as good
tasting as those grown in Vermont.
Attention ia called to toe aie oi reg
istered Holsteini from the well-known
herd of Prentis & Lovell, which takes
place at 10 o'clock Thursday forenoon,
and which will be followed by a aale of
registered dairy shorthorns entered by
Miss Jo Evarts, daughter of the late
Maxwell Evarts of Windsor, former pres
ident of the association. It ia hoped to
make these sales of blooded stock a per
manent feature of coming exhibitions.
The meeting of the Morgan Horse club
will be held on Thursday at 12 o'clock.
The election of officer take place at
this meeting.
The fish exhibit ia as usual in the little
building at the left of the exhibit of the
Qreater Vermont display, and is an in
structive and attractive feature, while In
an enclosure near by is a young fawn to
please the little ones.
Discussion of Important Matter at to
Whether Presentation to Federal
Grand Jury ia Justified.
Washington, Sept. 15.- United State
District Attorney Marshall of New York,
will have direct charge of any proceed
ings taken against James F. J. Archi
bald, the American newspaper man de
tained abroad with Dr. Dumba'a muni
tion letter to the Austrian government,
had a long conference , yesterday with
Assistant Attorney General Warren and
Broueke PieUaki, chief of the bureau of
investigation of the department of jus
tice. Mr. Marshall denied that th confer
ence concerned the possible detention
of Archibald when he return to the
United States from Holland. Mr. War
ren said the case was discussed only to
the extent that he told Mr. Marshall
that when the department concludes it
investigation it will forward the facta
to hi office and then decide whether
there is ground for presentment to the
federal grand jury. The Investigation i
under way but not complete.
Mr. Marshall' visit, officials said, was
primarily in connection with passport
frauds winch nave been commuted in
recent months in New xork.
Weather Bureau Predicta No Change for
Thirty-six Hour Unseasonably
Cool in the West.
Washington, Sept. 13. No relief from
the excessive hest which ha gripped the
Fast and South since the middle of Isst
week is promiaed by the weather bureau
during the next thirty-six hours. Un
seasonably cool weather prevails in the
West and temperatures at or below the
freeiing point are reportel from many
lints on the Rocky mountain and the
plateau region.
Funeral Services Attended by Many Emi
nent Men Held in Montreal.
Montreal, Sept. 15. Funeral services
ttended bv representatives of the do
minion ani provincial government, xne
anadian Pacific railway and every bus
iness and professional orgsniration in
this rity, were held yesterdsv for the late
Sir William Van Horne. the bead of
fices of the Canadian Pacific railway, of
which Sir William n formerly presi-
h-nt, were closed for two hour and
(lags were hslf -staffed on all the coin-
any s buildings from Ixwdon to Hong
Sir Thomas Shnglinesy, president of
the road, and all. the vice-preaiilents at-
ended the "rviec in a body. Th chief
mourners were K. 11. Van Home, a son;
. C. Van Horne, brother, and W. C. I',
an Horne, grandson. The body was
ken to Jo! iet, 111., Sir Wiltism's birth-
Isce, wliere it was buried beide his fa-
her and mother.
Yesterday's Came
At Chkago liton J. O;ieago I.
At I'me-masti l inci&nati , New
Voik t.
At Pittsburg Philadelphia 4,
Pittatmrr a.
At M. Leui ft. Li ,
Prooklya .
W om. Lrt. Pet.
Ikwton ....
Iri'-kl' . .
M. lAWtf .
( r.'.nnali .
Wc ...
lttt-ITf .
New 1 rk
.4. .2
TefrTST Giw.
M f !a.'i-l..a-M
PK.'ia -a 4.
.St er Vek-'t-'-t
Verk !
.t W .V,f etrteW iiii1oi 1.
0--le4 .
At Jt-rW,''e Z f !.' r" 1-
fWw? "
t,l"i " -' J
M Mi ,if.nm .. . 4 .'
, rr k T ''
m ix -;: : ?:
v''" - r-'' Jl
Copyn'jM Hart ScluJfaet fcMara
"It'i the style I'm after".
The young men who
feel that way about
clothes choose
Hart Schaffner
Varsity Fifty Five .de
signs. Nothing's
smarter; they haven't
time to examine de
tails the makers take
care of that. All-wool
fabrics and expert tai
loring keep the style
in the running as long
as the suit lasts. The
values at $25 are ex
traordinary. Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
Barre, Vt.
Casualties and No Damage, How
ever, ia Latest Raid on Eaat
London, Sept. 13. Another German air
raid wa made over the east coast of
England Monday night, but as far as
appear there were no casualties and no
damage was done.
A sincle Zeppelin was the raiding air
craft, according to the official announce
ment, which read:
"A Zeppelin visited the east coast last
night. Uombs were dropped. Anti-air-
raft guns, fixed and moune, were in ac
"80 far as can be ascertained, there
were no casualties and no damage was
$13,000,000 A DAY
Thi Will Be Her Total for the Last
Three Month of th
rria. Sent. 13. Durine the last onr-
ter of the yer the expenditure of the
French government probably will run in
esress of V ls.'ssi.msi a fisy. i ne nun-
inter of finance. Alexandre Ribot, will
introduce in Parliament Thursday a bill
providing lor appropriations of 11520,.
UKV"', or slightly more than 5O0,000,
iK) a month. W hen this bill i adopted
the total of sppronriatinns since Aug. 1,
1914, will be f.Ve.Ti W)0.
Mta Ouit Work and Other Return
Waterbury. Conn, Sept. IS. Twenty
more insehiniMa. msking ahmit 190 ia
all. struck at the works of the Water-k-iry
Farrel Foundry A Machine com
pany yesterday.
This plsnt and the p'.snt of the E. .T.
Mamille Machine compear are still
rn. There are 1 out at the
ManvitU faHory.
Mntt of the strikers at the Benedict
4 Hnrwham brafwh of the A me r wan
Bras eompsey returned to work yes-
Sept. 28-29-30
Demi forget the Date
I e - a
ni r't

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