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Russian City 100 Miles East
of Brest-Litovsk Taken
And in Other Parts Give
Evidence of Turning
on Invaders
Berlin, via London, Sept. 16. The cap-'
ture of the Russian city of Pinsk, 100
miles east of Brest-Litovsk, was an
nounced to-day at army headquarters.
Several million dollars' worth of
American goods, mostly meat
products, carried by four steam
ships, have been declared forfeited
to the erown by the British prize
court, which held that the prod
ucts were destined for the German
government, and not for consump
tion in Dcumark, whither the de
tained vessels were bound.
Tress advices from Petrograd,
received in Italy, state that Km
peror Nicholas has granted an am
nesty to all political prisoners,
who number more than 100,000.
Two Austria u torpedo boat de
stroyers are reported in dispatches
from Italy to have been sunk by
an Italian uubmarjne in the Adri
atic. There have been additional spir
ited artillery exchanges ' in the
front in France, activity having ,
been particularly notable in the
region of Arras, around Roye and
in the vicinity of Lassigny. Fur
ther down the line also big guns
are active, the firing extending
into the Vosges mountain region,
according to French official statement.'
Tnflnn, Scot, lfl. Coincident witn
Earl Kitchener's optimistic remarks in
Parliament concerning the position of Says Bern.storff About United States
the Ttussian armies, Emperor Meiioias German Embroirlio.
fnresa a ra alinuinrr an lmTeH SHUT 013- I
..ui ,....... tha offensive at I New York, Sept. 16. That' the diffi
n.nv tinints on the eastern front. Not culties between the United States and
l ,, thev nressimr their attacks Germa-ny will be Bettled within a fort-
, ...... , , I 'i.i. L. : j u rv...
l.wtr im in linlH'ia. Dill muni. me umiiiuu vuireu vy wuuv
for the most part they are holding up Von Bernstorff, the German ambassador,
the German rush in mid-Poland. at his hotel yesterday shortly after his
Th Kiisamna alHO assert insi lupy icram jiuiu n n,BiMiixi.u"
havfi thrown back the invaders near Approactteti vy a newspaper man ne
where the German cavalry said:
cut the Petrograd railway between I "Ordinarily, I give only prepared in-
Dvinsk and Vilna. terviews over roy signature. io-Uay
Counting the captures in Galicia, the snail make an exception, xovi may say
Russians lately have been taking more l ior me mat x am sure mat winun a
. , . . 1 . I . A ! l. A ..11 1 JltXl lit 1 .
prisoners than tney nave oeen losing, i lurinigiit au upioru uiiucujiea ue-
iweeii me Linieu oiaies hiiu urinaiijr
tttoot XT rTTiif A I win nave oeen setiiea, ana permanently
ttUiSOlilll UUiUi settled, and the nations will be more
. I f!ou,,t Von Bernstorff added that he
1 fat. rrratifinA 11 var ia'4 ruilfnm, of Ilia
... ..in - r ht i X jt: I e.
unui me miauie or noveinoei, .Uiuiu8 oonfprence v,th Secretary Lansing.
to Imperial Decree that Already Later the ambassador amplified the
. i siaiemeni saving: jn my opinion ev
iias Been issued. erything as regards the situation be-
London. Sept. 16. Reuter's Petrograd tween the Lmted States and Germany
correspondent telegraphs that the Kus- win be settled witnin a lonnlglit
sian Duma will be prorogued to-day un- do not expect to have anything more to
til the middle of November. The imper- say witn. reference to tms matter in tne
ial decree to this effect has been is- next two weeks."
med. the correspondent savs. and com- Count Von Bernstorff discussed the
municatcd last night to the cabinet. Pre- sinking of the British steamer Hesperi
inier Gorcmkin also conferred with the an, insisting in an informal way that
military and civil authorities of Petro- his first claim as to what caused the
Barre Litigants Appeared in Washington
County Court.
The arguments were presented In the
case of Stcfanettt against Cacciamclll
this afternoon in Washington county
court. It was the first jury case this
term and resulted from trouble when
nnrrrn TqoViiiKo nf ffn.it Vi the plaintiff tried to move a henhouse
from property he sold to the
property he sold to the defendant,
which was followed by a breach of peace
case in Barre city court. The plaintiff
alleges that an assault was committed
on hlin by the defendant July 23, 1014
at Barre. The ad damnum is $1,000.
B. A. Hoar is counsel for the plaintiff
and J. W. Carver for the defendant
On the jury are Henry S. Maird of
Waitsfield, J. If, Buck of Moretown,
U. If. Howland of Cabot, W. T. Jackson
of Barre Town, Homer Lane of East
Montpelier, Leslie Rogers of Calais, M. L.
Preseott of Waterbury, H. L. Russell of
Cabot, J. A. Sciina of Berlin, A. T,
Smith of Barre Town, Fred L, Thresher
of Northtield and George J. Willey of
The witnesses examined yesterday
afternoon included Dr. I. X. Z. Archam
bault, Ralph Nelson, Forest Bassett,
Amelia ioinenti and Mrs. Louise to
Rutland, Sept. 16. George Kashuba, a rnenti. An interpreter was used "-when
Hungarian quarryman oi nouin roun- gome of the Italian witnesses who tes
ney, who killed George Sadlak, his broth- tified were unable to talk English.
ei -in-law, with a blow on the head with j the case of Annie W. Stanyan vs.
a club during a drunken row on July 5, the Security Mutual Life Insurance Co..
pieaacu guilty to a cnarge oi mansiaugn- a motion for continuance was overruled.
ter in Rutland county court to-day. lie The motion to set the case of Harry II.
was sentenced by Judge Mauton to not Martin vs. Arch Batchelder into chan
Poultney Gets Four
m- -n r a xrriT a TtiTimnn
Said He Struck Merely to
Disable but Assailant's
Head Got' in Way;
After a Miraculous Escape
from Death, Two Motor
ists Kept on to Fair.
Passenger in Former Got His Clothes
Badly Stuck Up.
Morris Gotler's boy, Louis, was tak
ing a picture man around town this
morning in a team which ho hired at
Papin Bros.' livery. In a Concord buggy,
the man, who takes a little snapshot oi
your uncle's brother, in southeastern
Australia, or on the tlennsh front, like
ly enough, and enlarges it in a hand
some ormulu gold frame, and the Gotler
boy were swinging along JSortli Main
street just south of the Willey street
intersection when a iitney stdeswiped
the outfit and smashed one of the rear
wheels on the wagon. P. N. Chamber
lain, the jitney bus driver, waa driving
ime and ae a matter oi
(IH' T()H AN I SHTF.TJl slowly at the time and ae a
' fact the picture man's hired horse was
not exceeding the speed limit.
Frank Meade of Boston, a traveling
ftlllpRlllfln. arA n nnanpntrnr In Tr. f'hfllll-
Wilson Beattie ancf NewtOn berlaiii's car, a Cadillac of years gone by,
saw that disaster was impending, and
Fields in Accident Near
.Wells River
when he jumped from the bus to grab
tho horse he slipped and fell headlong in
a puddle of fresh oil laid down on the
spot a few days since through the beni
ficence of the aldermanic street commit
tee. Mueilagenous oil from head to
ess than four years and not more than cery was affirmed. The case pf Mary R,
five years in the state prison.
Ivashuba claimed that Sadlak attacked
him and that he Btruck a blow, intend
ing merely to disable, but that Sadlak
dodged, receiving the blow on the head.
grad and Moscow with regard to fore
stalling demonstrations,
Intimation of Participation Published
in German Newspapers.
London, Sept. 16. A Copenhagen dis
patch to the Exchange Telegraph Co.
says that German newspapers wore per
. mitted yesterday to published sensation'
l telpgrams intimating that Rumania's
participation in the war may be expected
any minute.
Of Greece and Roumania Why Troops
Are Being Concentrated on
Bulgarian Frontier.
Rome, Sept. 16. Because of the
eentration of Greek and Roumanian
troops on the Bulgarian frontier, the
Bulgarian foreign minister has instruct
ed the representatives of that country at
Athens and Bucharest to request an im
mediate and definite eiplanation, accord
ing to a Sofia ditpaU-h to Giornale
Thit Is the First Cargo t Reach United
Slates This Year.
Philadelphia, Sept. 1.The first cargo
of German-made toys to arrive this year
is being unloaded to-day from the Hol-Isnd-American
line tfntiwr Zasndvk.
There were 1.200 cases in the rargo and
Rioit of the toys were made bv hand in
the blk forests of tiermanv. The ves
sel arrived yesterday from Rotterdam.
ship to go down had now been verified,
despite what he called 'the suspicion
of the American people about that ship."
The ambassador emphasized the fact
that under present conditions exchanges
of communication with his governmen
were necessarily a tedious proceeding
and he added that it was due to this
fact that he fixed the time for a et
tlement at two weeks.
In conclusion the ambassador said h
would probably spend the week-end at
Cedarhurst, Long Island, his summer
Bertoli vs. First National bank was also
set into chancery. The motions for con
tinuance in rred L, I)odson vs. LTnion
Mutual Fire Insurance Co. and Mrs, Fred
S. Dodson vs. Vermont Mutual Fire In
surance Co. were denied and the cases
are for trial. Tho case of Brackett,
Shaw & Lunt Co. yg. Luke Tarbell goes
SET AHEAD 2 WEEKS to th chanc,T5' docket.': Application of
me new ww 111 rrutnun m court proce
dure is made in this court for the first
time in setting law cases over from the
law docket to the chancery.
The next case to be taken up is that
of Ernesto Columbo vs. Carlo Garibaldi,
trespass, which will be followed by the
case of Ottanelli vs. Zanleoni.
Because of Inability of Miss Emily G.
Burger, Important Witness, to
Be Present.
Warren, R. I., Sept. 16. A eontinu
ance of two weeks was ordered to-day
when the case of Mrs. hhzabeth Tiffany
Blair Mohr, accused of inciting the mur
der of her husband, Dr. C. Franklin
Mohr, of Providence and Newport, and
of the three negroes, charged with the
actual commission of the crime, was
called for hearing. The state asked for
Ralph Spaulding, 15, of Woodsville, the
Wells River, Sept. 18. While motor-1 foof; was Mr. Meade's meagre reward for
ing to the state fair, Wilson Beattie of intentions that were manifestly good.
I A - 11 . t t- i. 1J. 11.. 1.1.
' , , , . , . most serious featur of the sulegwipnig.
River had a miraculous escape from papjn Bros, will have to replace a wheel,
death at 5 o'clock this morning when but Mr. Meade is facing the necessity
their machine was struck by a north- of providing himself a new outfit entire.
bound train on the Passitmpsic division Mr. Chamberlain laid the accident
of the Boston & Maine R. R. The ma- wholly to the greasy condition of the
chine was whirled around and divested road, claiming that the oil caused the
of its windshield and top, but the two wheels of his Cadillac to skid. More
occupants were not injured. After look- than that Mr. Chamberlain had some
ing over their vehicle they found it very emphatic remarks to make con
would still run, so, having been robbed cerning the city's oi! policy and intimat
of a trip to the fair yesterday when ed .that the municipality will have a
a connecting rod burned out, they con- damage suit on its hands if anyone tries
eluded to continue on to White River to make him pay the costs accruing from
Junction ; and they started along, mi-1 to-day s accident
Representatives of Local B,
& M. Lines Meet Pres.
Smith of C. V. R. R,
Pre- cxies H. Hustis of B.
Again Heads Lo-
cal Companies
A Ford Lost One Wheel and Had Two
Fenders Bent.
Two automobiles, a Ford driven by
Woodsville, X. H. Sept. 16. Ralph
nauldinir. lS-vear-old son of Mr. and
a continuance on the ground that the Ujrs. George N. Spaulding, drowned
iiiuob jiii.iuint iin, juuiy u. ypgierday about 8 o'clock while bathing
JHirger, wno was wun l'r. iuoiir, wnen ,11 the Ammonoosuc r ver.
lie was shot, was herself wounded and Young Spaulding, in company with
was unable to be present. Robert Greene and William Mon'fett of
Well River. VI.. all about the same
COHVUIEU BY JUKY, wfti gwimmhig in the river at a
point hist before it flows into the Ion
rroctor Man buuty ot luminal Assault nPcticut and had been in but a short
On Young Girt. time when Spaulding, who could swim
IV... T . 1 1 ! . , t n !...! .1 1 . rnM
T?ii4 la rA Kont lit Tnhn AVi.Hm uuv ""T a " "r'F ",,u
John Ackulics, a
Russian, 4.5 years old, of Proctdr, was
sight. Greene procured a long stick and
convicted yesterday in Rutland county " T iV .v. V .i "Z
,.,rf f ri,in.i .....,1 ti, vi,.t;. l,a,lk. nd h th i ta tb drowning
Their Independence Day Ushered in with
Much Shooting and Shout
ing. .
Brownsville, Tex Sept. HI. Beginning
at midnight, the start of Mexican in tie
pendence dav, there was much shooting
and shouting along the Mexican side of
the river, but there were no indication
of trouble on the American side and re
ports indicate a peaceful celebration of
the holiday in this section. Mexican
soldiers gathered at Matamoros for the
parade. Una and band concerts and
danees'attracted large crowds, but few
Americans crossed the rivr to see the
Imperial Ukase Was Issnel To-day and
Senate Was Aithorited t Fix
the Details.
Petrograd, ia London. Srt. HI, An
Imprrtsl wksse was su4 to dsr, rolling
to the ffl'ft the rewrves tf the tri
tTial army. The Swist ns int rit.tit
In dctermin1 the ages and the aatntwr f
rTr sad tln diftrHts f mm w I.h h
ti-ev l.all l filled.
r4 Kw the Plaintiff Gets Verdict f
k. A'hi. S-j-t. A erdH-t for lb
(liet,5 to fwmit MM aud irter
V-wi Ut. b 513. twr44 in
9m m Ihe rm r4 J liran -. A
H. aM Anna M. Artie. p.t. Tt.
,! Ka Wi ta i wtt i-urt tM mni
ta the mnrt
FTrts Re Wat Selrel f TseanaaSt
vt Dellarm.
ln-iifr,. I, tC V1.t;i
lal ?. A f trmi. o
arr-! at J flm k r..
tUe-4 -.?4 fj-y ffM hr J m-k mUm mx! m f- '-
International Law In Proposed Bil
lion-Dollar Loan.
Washington, l. C, Sept. H. Secre
tary Lansing made it plain to inquirers
esterdav that no violations of domestic
or international lawa were involved in
the propowd flotation by the ailira of
a large kiaa in this country.
The aecretary riplaim-d that the at
titude of the Washington government
had long Iwen armoiin.-e.ti tint its
prepftion of diapf'roial rf loan aa " in
(vtrKtutent with the ejirit of iWHtrahty"
had U-en tto'asioned by a iireet request
for advk ly A merien n txukera romrn
ing loan in gneral. and tKst tkf adinin
ilttHn vrrtr-d its .p-'t mtt rhfly t
loan by r"ular ait"rltka nr tlwo
hu h wmild take large aum r( fnld
fmm the I tutfd vf t.
far a state !! rtmrrt fteil
are able t .r"Te. however, the
tn ta tit i!!y hst i knoH ai a
"erejit Vn" t pay fr rMigatxin in
eiirted nr h-rt I iBmrre4 ffr tW
i)rrl,ie f -ir- li . f-t h a Vn it
. i ! aa a rivat fuminweial trana-
artie. ihH 4iff-Hng 1mm the tra!? in
e ttralind rr rther ar rj ; ff
hieh nmtral g,-rTtneit tn tf"t -f .) -
cated t e any ewtrtj.
was N;oiJe Mnith, the four-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Smith
of Proctor, Aug. 1. Ackulics is a marble
hand and resides in the same house as
the Smith family. He will be sentenced
State's Attorney C. V, Timlin prose
cuted, and Attorney Charles K. Novak
was assigned by the court to represen
Ackulics. u. a. fuiltonskl acted aa in
terpreter. The witnesses summoned by
the state were the child's parents, Mrs.
Ntepknowski, lr. John L. Welch and
Deputy Sheriff W. II. Startup, all of
The jury that served on the ease in
eluded Foreman Frank M Plumley of
this city, Frank L. Clark of this city
W. A. 1'arinenter of Mount Tabor, The
odore C. Pearson of Shrewsbury, Harry
P. Powers of Proctor. W. U. Pratt of
Mount Ilollv, Krwin C. Roach of Hub'
bar. Hon, (J. William Roberts of Poult
ney, C. I). Summer of Danbv, iJeorge
Taylor of Middlctown Springs. William
A. I hrall of West Rutland, enn Voe of
I'tttsfield. Because of the heat the jur
or were allowed to hear the case while
in their shirt lee vet.
Tewperattrre ia B! at Smm Ta-day!
Wat ej Kirr - "table Went..
r rtefiiCed for T a ifw! f ia.
IV.'. -tt I (!'-. et-ef
ni4 ft 1 lHt 1 t et-e(, N,
I - r'anH t-i-, T fitw i
lUmtn t t"W t. I1
rm1 -ritr, lH tl Kiaai4'tr ia ;i'4
Ir t t' Wat "'WM-4 mm -
I aiwf f fHrtes a.'! . W.i
Given From Three to Six Years in Prison
for It.
Bangor. Me, Sept. Id, After pleading
nolo to an indictment for manslaughter
fter a charge of murder had been nol
priwaed and being sentenced to from
three to six year in state nrion, Charle
Carey f Lincoln, a Polish laborer, made
to Sheriff T. II. White and others a vol
ntitary Tmfeion of Imw be killed
narlea DlturaenLi. known as Vig
Charlie, another Pole employed a a
ruer man at Lincoln, on the night of
April 2 laM. When the idy of "Hig
Charlie was found on the railroad
reik near that village it was at first
t li'i(f fit he had been killed in a railroad
accident. I taminatKm ahowed the marls
of aeteral blow nfrnji the head and a
rati of llii led for some distance.
ith indieationa that aomeone bad at-
Uni td to eoer rt with suliea.
I.i4enee t)at had twen tttnihle
lietwefn Carey and Tlig fharlte" that
mH led to t iie arreet of Carry. M
ard Seider, a fioston detective, worked
np th rase aad aa a witnesa before
tl grd j'trr.
Tie -ofeioB nf f arer in muh
tanr that be and I-ig (liarlte," Utk
of vlinnt had bi drir.Ving hard, got
it a tght. arey aai4 he atrti'k "Hg
ll arlie" rter 1lrf 'head, t).e i.larwd the i
Im4y cm the trails, tl inling that after
tlie train had atnwk rt j.le nt,M
h k that i Vwarlte rt to Wp on tiie
tra-i, and a run -er.
boy just aa he sank from sight for the
last time in 3 feet of water and ot
over live feet from shore.
In response to their cries men rushed
to the scene and soon were diving for
tho body but without success, owing to
the great depth of the river. The father
of the boy and uncle, W. E. Gibson, ran
to the river and assisted in the search,
but it was not until nearly an hour aft
er the accident that the body was final
ly recovered.
The body was taken ashore and every
possible aid was given by Drt. Speare
and Dearborn of Woodsville and Dr.
Hlood of Wells River, Vt., who Jabored
unsuccessfully for an hour to restore
consciousness. An especially sad feature
in this cae is thst Ralph wa the only
renisining child of the bereaved parents
and the tecond to meet his death from
droning, an elder brother having been
drowned about three years ago by break
ing through the ice while skating.
mis the parts above noted.
The accident happened at what is
known as "Cow meadow" crossing near
the house of James Ieonsrd, about three
miles south of this village. The cross
ing has always been considered a dan
gerous place by motorists and drivers
vi m;iir. uniue is owner oi mo jjeputy Shentr George U. Morris and a
machine and he was driving. Reattie's Cadillac driven bv Alex Gordon, collided
brother,' Dr. William Beattie, who was on xrth Main street this afternoon and
a well known physician Of Littleton, the Ford car was considerably damaged
N If., was killed at Crawford's in the one wheel beinir smashed and two fen-
White mountains last year when he ders being bent. According to the story
Btepped in front of an automobile. of those who witnessed the accident,
llie two men who figured in to-day's Deputy Sheriff Morris started to drive
accident started off yesterday morning, off North Majn street into the grounds
accompanied oy Mrs. ncattio, Mrs, 11. of S. Rizzi just as the Gordon car came
ij terry ana niiara lerry of houth along the street. Neither vehicle was
Kyegate, intending to spend the day at movinir fast, it is said, but the slippery
the state fair, but hadn't gone far when condition of the street prevented their
AU- 1.: a a .t . I . ... . ... .
ine iimi-niii? gave trai. jinoiner macnine I stopping in time to avert collision
came along and took in the women and Neither of the drivers was hurt.
Mr, Terry for the remainder of the way
to vt lute Kiver Junction, while the flii
abled machine was towed back for re- MARRIED IN MONTPELIER.
pairs. Messrs. Heat tie and Fields con
cluded to go to-day, having fixed the Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Page Observe 60th
Wedding Anniversary,
Melrose, Mass., Sept. 16. Sixty years
of married life were rounded out yester
day by Mr. and Mrs. Joel C Page, 134
inton street, who received congratula
lions from numerous friends. Because
of Mr. Page's illness for tlui'last few
days no formal observance was made,
Mr. and Mrs. Page were married in
Montpelier, Vt, Sept. 15, 1855, by Rev
Alonzo ebster of the Montpelier Meth
Dr. and Mrs. Justin N. Rogers of Pat
ten, Me., Killed When Maine
Central Train Struck
Tbeir Machine.
To Washington County Officials for Au
tomobile Deal.
St. Johnsburv, Sept. lo Sheriff W.
If. Worthen yeterdy surrendered to
Washington county ollicial at Montpel
ier Irving A. Noreroee whom he arrested
Tuesday in Manchester, , H. Accord
ng to the sheriff, .Nor cross lias been
mixed up in several deals, chief among
them being the purchase of an automo
bile in Washington county for which
he turned in a farm as part payment,
m investigation the farm, it i alleged,
wa found to belong to aome one elae.
Xorrroea was in Jail here lat winter
on a civil charge and wa released on
lm bail, furmhed by Samuel Thomas
of Hardwiik. His bondnmaa surrendered
im and the sheriff arretted him in Man
chester where be wa working and where
in ife and children live. The man it
47 year old.
odist church. They have lived in thi
city 27 years, previously having live
in Boston and Cambridge, They hav
two children, Mrs. Levi N. Frost of th
city and Mrs. K. W. Cobb of Swamp
Mr. Page waa a shoe salesman and be
fore his retirement from business 10
years ago had been a retail salesman
for more than half a century. For 25
years he wis employed bv a Newbury
Hore Ran Away and Burlineton Man Prt concern. He is believed to have
oern me urn anoe salesman io c
Farmington, Me., Sept. 18. Dr. Jus
tin X. Rogers, until recently a dentist
at Patten, and his wife were killed to
day when their automobile was 'struck
on a crossing by a Maine Central pas
senger train. The machine was thrown!
over an embankment, falling forty feet.)
Ta Furnish Contianoas and Adequate
Service ta Cmtomert.
DrattleUfw. Sept. ). T public
rK vmniiaioi yeterdy ianned an
Tier compelling the Rrejrete Light and
Power company to fvtrnish eont imui
nd adequate ele. trie power to cuMosa-
er of the company.
Thi order foii a petition of gre'
l tnaaufaetareta. raMomera of the mm
party, who rla'med t!t they had
equipped their f latita for elettric power
at the aoluntatinn of the potter mmpanr
and that t!e rmpany had fatted tn fur
Bh rt!t inavnt ad l'jte jmrr.
Sustained Broken Rib.
Middlebury, Sept. 16. Joseph Douglas
of Burlington received a broken rib and
probably other injuries yesterday aft
ernoon when the carriage in which he
was riding with F. J. Rrowe was struck
by an automobile, the horse running
away. Mr. Browe escaped with a
tere shaking up and a few acratcW. The
accident occurred when Mr. Douglas and
Mr. Broae were returning to the Browe
home on Chipmaa hill. It ia said that
the automobile a going at a rapid
rate of speed when it hit the hub of one
of the forward wheel.
The auomobilist did not atop. Mr.
Browe called up Deputy Sheriff X. J,
Sanford from the home of Frank
Steam and the heriff promptly tele
phoned ahead of the automobile, getting
the numlier. 3P,ff4, Maachuett. The
automobile was stopped and the name
of the occupant were given aa Mr. and
Mrs. tbeelok. They claimed to know
nothing of the accident and were al
lowed to go on. The carriage was com
pletely reeled.
Wefl K - Barre People Caited ta
Meniere Lat Irenirg.
At the 1e-4.!it.f MHm4i.-t -rxwfe
nm t - lrM lrt fxntiij. t he r""
f.t I. e.?t, ... ,tn f at the
e44ry ' X)- nti -tf ej J1tr-mg
m fv-rtt Ja'ian f fl-
mfi 't'r-niUt aff'-f-e.. t ewi I.., J
FsrJey Oritt, 23, f Wrt Inettsarg Cat
It Cacget i Ensilage Cattet.
Vet l'ivMj'r. Vj't 1 fUW
rtt. ard 2 jr, kia Wt arm
Hn rt waa firl-t ttjiy a'tT
im im am ew 'r oitet. the arm
'Tg a-ere4 t te I 'W-w fie at
?k tr hm tih,y,t. p. Nttt, and i4
lt "rfa'ted t e-rt-r W t m Home
v J.i hand W ee;-M.. ewe
(e-'Tjr wf lie p. l tH h rw ViitB-
And Fred D. Kersey was Instantly Killed
Near Ftanconia, N. R.
Franrrmia, V. II, Sept. 16-Fred D
Her er, fS. of Melvin illre, in.
tnt!y killed here tact night when the
touring rar in which lie riding
turned turtle oyer a polvrrt.
fl. H-rner. fwier and driver r-f the
ear. B. T. St-le ard three" women, all
of Melia yiilape, nthet paefigrs, e
eaped aerioos injury.
the ear waa eMi tle fiale river ctate
road a Vntt ft tnile from Twin rrn
tain and atemptd to ryoa a n all ml
vi-rt at the mw time taming rt for
a ainatb ear that paed, aerord.ng t
the fimy t!1. j
7e ear -re4. tarwed t'tle and
rolled down the ! f ' t elatilmwt. Her
ey wt a'.nwt atr w h.le
the tlrr were a! fitly luiaed.
shoeii to the retail trade from samples.
for many years Mr. Page was cronii
nent in the Republican party, bavin
cast hia first presidential vote for John
C. Fremont in IS.ifl. He formerly wa
chairman of the Republican committee
here eeversl vears and served as alder
man four terms. He has been a Mason
since) 108, when lie joined Montlier
Ms. He i a memler of Wyoming
lodge, A. F. 4 A. M., Waverly chapter,
Huph de ravens commsnderr, K. T.
Mrs. Page was born in Sutton, Vt
and was formerly a member of the Mel
rose Woman' club and i nw a mem
ber of the Melrose . C. T. C. Her
maiden name was Adeline L. Biclford.
Judge Fish Makes Unusual Ruling
Windham County Tribunal
Xefane, Sept. IR. An incident in the
county court here veaterday noon is
without parallel in that court o far as
the attorney at preaent prailicing there
are aware. v hen the time came for
the noon rerra. Jurfge Frank L. Fih.
who ia a man of considerable dignity.
tate4 from the hen. h :
"Well, getith-meti. 1 thir.k there will
lie no diiMM'titirg .pinio?i from any f
you hen I any fi.'t tl ia ha hi en an
nansua'ly hot fnren'"n and thst it i
likely to 1 better this afternoon. If
any of the g rt 1 m--n f the jury or any
other to fcppear a'ter dinm-r with
out coat, the court ill male H fb
A reamlt rer ma in tlie eoo-t
mom yeaterday eM-m'n in Ih
l.rtle e ejt 'o I ih.
Per rival
r't 4 a y4ey i-t .bnm in y . j t t-rr -wt t ,
MfNeal, Drrret,
catr.W t Wtanda.
I.a-ra. Va.. -rt I. P.ma ?we rd
ta ml mt rofl'i'm at ,M!ait Toe-
eir rt'l eBe4 Wt V t ty at the
lyrva hwj tl H I'e-:'l Mel. IV
drm tf erne f th e.. Wn, ,Ajr
I m-t:ie. a ferif. rwi hd t
.r -eTT.
rtabae Ceart T Cases
Clwd T-dy.
In fn-itt rwirt t ' m"e i t . T. '
Vy a-n:ff en4 A Burle KllW-l t.r
a'-r'-nrt e"trt"- f t "e U -t m ,."
aa ttamei,t i l .anna V n. U'f
"f !tr ff "Wy V ti.ie !, fl. I
--mrft m a 'I"! t e e1
'4 aw-r I'--;h, li r-r'.
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Montpelier & Wells River
railroad and the Barre & Chelsea Rail
road Co., held in Barre this forenoon,
the following directors were unanimously
re-elected: James H. Hustis of Winches
ter, Mass., Harley E. Folsom of Lyndon
ville, William J. Hobbs of Maiden, Mass.,
William B. C. Stickney of Rutland and
James W. Brock of Montpelier.
Following the stockholders' meeting,
the directors held an organization meet
ing and elected the following officers:
J. H. Hustis, president; H. E. Folsom,
vice-president; J. G. Farwell, clerk and
treasurer; Herbert E. Fisher of Boston,
assistant treasurer; W. J. Hobbs, comp
troller; Arthur B. XicfTols of Boston, as
sistant clerk.
After the meetings of the two rail
road companies, Pres. Hustis, with other
officials of his railroad properties, met
Pres. E. C. Smith of the Central Ver
mont Railway Co., who had come to
Barre in his private car, and they went
over together a proposition for a local
development which hag been under con
sideration for some time and which was
the basis for a conference with local :
men a ahort time ago. On the conclu
sion of the conference Pres. Smith made
the statement that the prospect was
favorable, as he found the officials of
the other two railroads ready to co
operate. Inspected Trotting Park.
A special train, the St, Lawrence, en
route from St. Albans to New London, '
Conn., stopped at the Barre station and
the Central Vermont officials crossed tho
square and entrained with the Boston &
Maine officers for a trip through the
Montpelier & Wells River and Barre A.
Chelsea railroad yards. Engine No. 14
of the Montpelier & Wells River road
carried the official party to the south.
end, where a halt was made long enough
to allow the officials to look over the
Granite City driving park, purchased
sometime ago by the Grand Trunk sys
tem. Nothing authoritative regarding
the visit of the officials was given out
until Pres. Smith made his statement
near noon to-day. After inspecting the
park the officials returned to Depot
square, the St. Lawrence, in charge of
Conductor Emery, was gotten under way
and the special inspection trip to Xew
London was resumed.
In the official party representing the
Central Vermont railroad were: Pres.
E. C. Smith, John E. Maun, superin
tendent, and secretary to the president;
Edward Deschenea, traveling auditor;
M. McGiff, superintendent of telegraphy,
and J. M. Morrison, chief engineer. The
St. Lawrence left Barre for New .Lon
don near noon.
One Touched Mate, and "Swish" It
Went Narrow Escape for One Boy.
A youngster dubbed "Jeano" bv stu
dents st the Summer street school, came
to the morning session to-day with a
shotgun shell which he bad picked up
no one knows where. With a full grown
shell in his possession, "Jeano" aroused
the enty of iiia schoolmate and when
the vounc fellow- boldly beiran riittinir
away the cap and emptying powder and
bird shot on the sidewslk their admira
tion was boundlc. With a lighted
match in his hand, ".leano" ignited the
powder. Joseph n!e, a. year-old son
of Mr. and Mr. Frank Canale of West
street, more eager than the rest of hi
comrade to learn the probable result,
stooped over the train of powder, and
hen the eploion came the boy was
all but blinded. Terrified achoolbov
summoned their teacher and young Ca
nale waa taken to hi home.
Ih F. X. I. Archamhault. who wa
mrrieilly summoned, advanced the theory
hat aomething clowlv akin to a miracle
must he intervened to ae the lad'
sight. The forehead. tie and eye
brow wete badly humed, lmt o far as
i-areful eiaromation would reveal, the
lort was unaffected. Canle, ir wa
niit t tied, where he auffered a good
deal of pain dnrinir the forenoon. This
faernixni it wa thought that be wa
retmg more -omtortli!y and the wt
4 tor bi ultimate recovery wa con-
idered lirie' t.
Cfy trtin tVea feg $.l
( wiitM in 1 1 .., t e
er-ri 4-"s it". m--4-htiX arl w?-t
ta cmmi e nm -ft t hnr, w .;) h-f
thTT ft aiawn 7 '. , fc-.-H
rwfe - i f. . Hi, I nr i
aoif tW emn ttn j -!!. IT. C. . '- M f.. !. 7 Ioni
an --t t h- '. -iniHtn ' yi ' 'f l-nw.lirr It" 'tt-4 t:.n.
Ie-i4e e a . r-e r p,,4 ar,4 tm l
-e r'f I' .'Uif fk m-, u I Jtm Cefew It Vieeey.
h'f 1.1 '-"-. U rm a t-iji f pnrt j Mot'tr!. V- ' . "? I Jim i .-.
' "i twnne n ,xe iw.n-n r" s . r.ij t : I r leSawtwtl d te-B .
n wtj mmi fa -(. mmm:. -"- f.-J. w iaM! J frv wwjsrr K. " I. T, A. ;" U'fiww. w -'3 he at y at
wrr "f tl fr-w. fr-n the f twiew t4ae . - i. Ih .K tv.it h l-tk ! . 1-.,? -.;.,- , ., I J,...
U ewt-iawh swimi tew.4lr-wr Ij W-t w pr t.t MtIt 7 5f p. m. JS rVl wmt mttm in. mr. T e-d f-vsa. St
W. H. Jrre f East Brk fleada Na-
tiinal D. ef L.
I net land. M . Sept I T aewaWtaj
r-t-T'1T ( the tififsj eew a M the
I ut t" ef lta-rty w f?ew1e ly
1 vt ! I w. .'lrt I H-ai:'iey M
I i. n.-e.t. a., the wt ! eorm .1 w,
H wa yte? to VH the wett
.-tftrf St SenWt. X, -. B 1?'T.
The foil-"" try ofteya were riiveri at
t'.e w-ntBg and Td at the ewea-
n ; - -'it. WiIiacn I! .'f rey f TmH
j ;ii. Xa'wwal t' tt le : Mm. A
t" l'1t't nf r-4aW!! t onl -
e ' e"jtr4-.r: tvr TV I h"
f i,.!a4"lf ... and V. .V-wrt ,
tel. .!-- -tr. at tnw yvew
,Wtit: ,'! V. rtww. It.. w 4
vn) ''V ; ',' ft4"t K
4- !. . w t- . mmn-ltm -- ;
; ' V- t .. l V"w la-r. V t.
t I ?:-' I t - 4 V turn w h. Xew
i-k. . d V-w X'eiiy L., Kw.
S t t i-e- te a 'triwr ' tnnnw If
v e a " t ra- i-e the t-ase r tie--er
t ami Irj-"-i-?y 4 LVr-
. . ...
" tM. rm mH f!V matrUfJ. if 4 IT. frwai t. M
I aatd It, ?rat ft t :. Vt j., m.

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