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THE lJAiatE DAILY TlJIilJ, BAiiilK, VT., TtJiUAV. ULixAl iJ, IjIj.
For Thursday, Friday and Saturday
The importance of this sale to you cannot be fully realized until you
see the goods, therefore we urge you to come and see tor yourself what
remarkable values we have. Be just as sharp eyed, just as critical, j list as
exacting as you can, you will find that your dollars will go farther in this
sale than ever before.
Bargains Galore Now is the Time to Buy
One lot of Best Quality 12Mc Percales,
light, dark and medium colors, 36 inches
jvide, in this sale, per-yard 8c
One lot 15c Galateas, in wide, complete
assortment of- colors, in this sale, per
yard '.. Wi'C
One lot of 12ioC and 15c Ginghams, 27,
inches to 32 inches wide, good quality; in
this sale, per yard . .8V2C
One lot Outing Flannel, 27 inches' wide,
in Shorts; regular 8c and 9c value. In
this sale, per yard . . . . 6V2C
One lot Cotton Whipcord, 27 inches wide,
25c value. In this" sale, per yard .... 16c
One lot Fruit of the Loom, 36 in. Bleached
Cotton, in Shorts. In this sale, yard. . .8c
One lot of Wool Dress Goods, including
Novelties, Plaids, Stripes, etc. In this
sale, one-half to one-third less than the
regular price:
" One lot of Silks, including waist and dress
, patterns, Novelties, Remnants for trim
mings, etc. : -
59c to 75c values, per yard. ......... .39c
85c to $1.00 values, per yard. ....... .49c
One lot of Dress Linings in nearly all col
ors; regular 15c to 25c values. In this
sale, per yard .9c
One bale 40-inch Unbleached good qual
ity Cotton; a regular 9c value. In this
sale, per yard ......... . . . . ......
One bale 36-inch Unbleached good qual
ity Cotton; a regular 8 V2c value. In this
sale, per yard .7c
One lot of Crash Jn both Bleached and
Unbleached 10c and 11c Values. In this
sale, per yard .... . . ............. .. . 8c
One lot of Dress Trimmings at bargain
Remnants of Dress Goods, Cottons, Silks,
Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, etc., at about
one-half price.
The Homer Fitts Company
Ladies' Home Journal and PictorialReview Patterns
Visit Abbott's , bargain basement.
See the muslin underwear value at
Abbott's. Adv.
Large allowing of tailored suit
Abbott's. Adv.
Sure Relief For '
Cold Feet
IF you suffer with cold feet use a hot-water bottle.
It warms your feet and produces drowsiness
(prevents 'sleeplessness) by drawing the blood to
the feet and away from the brain.
Useful in many other ways.
Brings relief from Backache.
Eases pain of Toothache. Stops
Chills. Does away with Cramps.
Keeps Baby's Food warm.
Benefits sore Muscles. Relieves
Digestive, Pains. Helps Hcad-
Cummings and Lewis,
Headquarters for Faultiest "Wcarercr" Rubber Good, 54 North Main St.
ache. Soothes Painful Eyes.
Limbers up Stiff Joints.
Get a good hot-water bottle
here. We have a large stock of
" Wcarcvcr " the advertised
kind. All sizes, grades and
qualities at $1.50 up.
Look! Look! Look! Make bo other
engagement for Nov. 4, but start right
in now making plant to attend the
niasoue rarnival dance to be given by
the ladies of tin hosiptal aid for the
benefit of the Barre City hospital. Watch
fur announcements later.
Youth RulesBecause He Dresses the Role
and more dominant than ever is the note of youthfulncss in this fall's fash
ions. It is the expression of the optimistic times .
That is why the young man who comes into our Flore finds no more pleas
ing rait than
The Tivoli
A trifle extreme, perhaps but no man can painsay its perfect taste and
correct f tyle. The decided waistline of the coat is a delightful note and the
waistcoat is a distinctive treatment in itself.
In no other class of clothes will you discover lines of youth fo carefully
expressive of character and strength as in
Adler-Rochester Townc Tos
Young men's clothes de luxe from the hands of designers who know
what young men want
The Frank McWhorter Co.
St Johnsbnry Man Got Into Trouble at
Haverhill, Masa.
Haverhill, Mass., Oct: 12. Bert II.
Aricn, who rlaima St. Johnsbury, Vt at
hi home, litt night in the atn'et loudly
accused Henry L. Pa rail is of Haynrs
street, Nashua, N. II, of having stolen
a euitca from him.
The ensuing altercation resulted in ref
erence of the question to ( aptain Hill at
olice hendijuai iers. Arien was finally
searched anl a loaded 32 calibre revolver
came to light. He ass baked up on
tlte charge of carrying thia, and before
rourt on Wednesday tlie police say lit
aanity will b investigated.
Comet at Rifht Tlm When. Coal Tar
Derivatives art Short.
A a result of etperimcnts conducted
at tba bygienic Isburatury of tha r till
ed Mate public service, it ia announced
that a Mew disinfectant, poitig qual
itiea superior t ordinsry disinfectant,
liaa recently been discovered. Tb an
nouncement is particwlarly important at
tins time, coming as it dws in tlie face
of the shortage in real tar derivatives
bah baa resulted froa the 1-urcp.sa
The new preparation la derived from
pine oil, a by-prwlm-t m tiw msnuiae
yir of turjntine. It ia easily pre
pared by mi ling certain propnrtiou f
tle oil with rn and xxtium bydroiiile
solution, ratber thi.-k and oi.r in ap
pesrs rv-e but free fnwn trhd'ty. Vita
water it tnaka a perfectly white emtil
., mm a rvewliiva ani'k. It bss a
pleasing 4-r, it ictttnaMe ta.te,
and attacks neither faHmw trx trftals.
It -OMcses ater (tnir times the dt.in-f-tsttt
prope-Titie f eatb!w aij eel
is att-a"'theT nonto i , thst It rosy
aafely he we4 as a tbrat sp'sy r
month ask ia a'.arti'm f ! ;? y
stretipth. TKe it "i the jw. ( t
m remsrk.l.ly term as it n be fns-m-fa-tred
fnr b-w than f My eM. a fst
Vt. smiely frnm prMiwts wbk k are r
t4 in ft ewntry.
Vary td tW 4 . ! rw oa t-e
market are tHhrr t f. t fr e-nm-tml.
it ba.nif W-a i-wstt ated tat
a wntbW oi thm mvwl ti-nmnr and
riiHf advert a I am- ett'rw'y -k
in dwmfeetsr.f pw-r. ww a tt
the-ir etreri-th m W-iiii.W I r
d.nsrr asethnda. IV aa'e rd e-m r
f this watnr rnrntv a frawd. A
mftni rim f pruprwfa-f fefae..s
are ed rnitWl vtr-ttu. thws pftfr
a Wl rwnitty nr a t iwf'a
ttr-e. hut the ewt ed ta pt tf -t ed
d m if yfwi is trwjtK-xt'y
- T"be hneHt.Met n
at a Vm t a4-t a d- i-t ! k
a efr'--et.l. e-'t'i"v I n4 4 e
twt and it is W-'-d ft t
e fBi.4 w t:i- is k- "'
r- IWtfry fw.:' !'- 't(
T! Wnw f te ei t"fjJ "rp-1
a-a.-n af
The Weather
Partly cloudy to-nigH and Wednes
day . ccntle to moderate south and
south went WlIKlH,
If you want to laugh, see Charlie Chap
lin in his latest two-part feature, "The
Uifhk," at Pavilion to-day. Adv.
A regular meeting of L. A., A. O, H.,
In K. of C. hall Wednesday evening at
7 o'clock sharp. Juveuile at 4:30.
For correct styles at correct prices in
fall and winter millinery cull at Nourae
& Wilson's, 108 North Wain street.
Adv. , '
There will be a social at the Cobble
Hill grange hall on Trow hill Wednesday,
Oct. 13. Kverybody come and have a
good time. Carroll's orchestra. Adv.
Whibt and "45" card party under the
auspices of the L. A., A. O. II., in K.
or j. nan Wednesday evening t a-.io.
Refrehments. Admission, 15c. Adv.
Take Notice Fine, healthy broilers,
just right for broth; also yearling hens,
cockerels and ducks for breeders. Mrs.
Flora M. Sabin, Barre, Vt. 'Phone 223
M. Adv.
The condition of Mrs. Marcia Emery,
aged 02 years, who sustained a fractured
thigh bone in a fall at her home,' 00
Washington street, Saturday evening,
was reported to be fairly comfortable to
day. "The Snow Girl," a three-reel Laemmlle
drama, featuring Glen White,, Brimsley
Shaw and Mildred Manning, also Eddie
Lyons and Victoria Fordo in a comedy,
"When the Spirits Moved," at the Bijou.
The ladies and pastor's union of the
Methodist church will hold its monthly
business meeting at the church Thurs
day at 2:30 p. m., after which quilts
will be tied. Members are asked to
come prepared to pay dues at this time,
also to bring in as many aprons as possible.
Owing to the fact that the films for
the photoplay, "Stop llnet," dm not ar
rive in time" to be shown at the -opera
house last evening, the management
wish to announce that tonight will posi
tively be the only time in which to see
this well known five-part farce by
George Kleine. Adv.
Under the auspices of Cobble Hill
grange, an illustrated lecture will be
given by A. L. Davis on "The Switzer
land of America," the lake and moun
tain region of New Hampshire, on Fri
day evening, Oct. 15, at the grange ball.
The admission will be 23 cents for adults
and 15 'cent for children. The doors
will be open at 7 and the first picture
will be shown at 8 o'clock. Adv.
A cleverly constructed rick, designed
after the ricks which "dot the harvest
fields in Scotland after the harvest each
fall, is shown in the north display win
dow at the Marrion Ciga store on De
pot square. With fine regard for the
smallest details that enter into the erec
tion of a rick, the replica was built by
two tnemliers of the (;lenugie club, which
held its annual fall festival in Clan Gor
don hall Saturday evening. Two Buch
anera, aa the explanatory, card over the
rick ststes, are the makers of the minia
ture rick.
The following clipping from the Port
land Sunday Telegram of (Vt. 10 will
be of interest to Barre people:
"Among the engagements announced dur
ing the week was that of Misia Bessie
Kvelvn Jones of Spring street; daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William Coburn Jones,
and Clyde Allan Lcsure, en of Mrs.
Dwight A. Lesure of Fitchburg, Mass,
and came as a pleasant surprise to Port
land friends, and the voting people are
receiving numerous felicitations. It is
understood that the wedding ia to take
place the last of November." Miss
Jonea ia well and favorably known in
Barre, and her many friends here will
join in extending congratulationa.
The first of a series of social affsirs
to be given by the glee rlub of Spauld
ing high school in the assembly ball was
held last evening. Nearly 4.1 couples at
one time or another enjoyed a delightful
dance program and everyone was satis
fied thst they bad a very pleasant even
ing. . Besides several alumni and stu
dents, many of the teaching staff were
present and acted as chsperons. (arroll's
orchestra fumi.bed the music for the
. i
occasion. I uncn ana wsiers mrrr j- '
out from a daintily decorated Unitb In
the corner of the hall. ly the ,miivs
Mavis Bamett and Ioraine Lorangrr.
K-r the gb rlub Misa (leora Morse and
F.dasrd liorantrer bad charge of the ar
rangement. The proceed will g" to
wards school work.
Visitor in the rity yesterday and to
day Included! Mr. R. S. (.orl.sm of
Cambridpe. Ma.s, Mrs. J. W. Richards.
1. W. liahards. Iiritn Ward and
chaufTrur of HoMmi. Mass, Mi ll.len
Odell f Boston. Mr. and Mra. A. F. Tab
Nrt and F. l. Talbrrt, who were motor
srrivsls at Hotel llsrre; Liciit.-Gov. Hle
K. Inrlinr. Mrs. Iwrling and to chil
dren e.f tlUea. who are registered at
Ibdel Bsrre; WiHism Adrian of Vuincy,
Ms., Mr. and M'a. It. C McNall of
Milton. I". C. (lea Icy of But Jiigtm. A.
A. IW-emsn of !" jumtmn. Miss tiraee
!elie .f ke Mi nape. V H, Mr. and
Mr. H. I. Perkins of IW-tii.l. Vr. and
Mr! B. MIT.ald of B" art Falls. Mr.
John W. Is- anl Vis Molly Pot
nsm of Bsnd dph. F. II. Wn . Brsn
dm. Mr. Byron linna of Man-beetcr.
X. H, (lutein R. ("nrtis of rrfn..
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. VeArtmr d mi
1m k. X. IT, . A. ( arpe.tH-r rf Vm
ski. Frat.k A. Sinii of Montr-mier y.
f'st.ls, retail atre and barir bn-
-re f dJ , tk anniTary of
the d.sewerT ed A sneT lea t.y ( 1 rtsW-;
( duiem. Setns s the rrfy
re nrndel Ut :fit ad will t
he reeotnd srrtd t" mrr tnrtrnitic
-tnoett at ldsrd s-nntary al re
nr'red tbe tri-araw f tbe ,tt'u
..lonlm. e ..! tk I s!snas tv
) i.id:fif tbe las-e'Ws m V-r
I iJ. 7..e was t t"-nsl fim-r t -
l-re ia l'.srre. a ttileH there ia "l
t f.'wn M day a b fl
MAf n 111. 1 tot l;im '1 j
dt-y in tbe r'r-e r-sr uat 't f
W-H was wt i f k atat fc-di-
iSmr. and iA tHe da 1y wip
,a fmer. It i aad. wer mt !'h tb-tr
natwl I. . 1 Ai'f 's
fane in ey. rrtal etHI W j
tW at i "n sW rse-j'
t-.n;4 .( ) irk as dne to f'isy !
V-et W . d t -i iar
m mh-t the - " l"d '
t- st k wl:k tb -".d.
Among Saturday
is a piece of Yard-Wide Messaline Silk in
Black, of a weight and finish that retails for
$1.00 a yard. Yours on Saturday for, per
yard ... 79c
And Children's Hair Ribbons of firmstiff
Moire, in Blue, Pink, Red, Black and White,
regularly sold for more than, per yard ... 19c
A complete line of Bedding for these cool
I nights and the colder ones soon. , J
Five per cent, discount for cash
Henry W. Knight j
ir-4 ttt cV mm I I?-T''Ti
ttt t tmf V- lie iett (Sli-i ur J
"-.-w-c. !
f t v r': it i-'t v.t Ti
'- -r w t - ta r"r-
Tffemilar meeting of Ruth chanter. No.
33, O. K. S., Wednesday evening, Oct.
13, at 7:3" ociock.
.Tnaenh R Samruinetti of North Main
street is passing several days in Ne'T
lprlc Uty on Business.
Sprague Drennan, a student at Dart
mouth college, Hanover, N. H, ia at his
homo here for a few days.
Mrs M. S. Rounds and dauehter. Dor
othy, of Park street left the city this
forenoon tor a visn 01 several weena m
Boston and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Goodfellow of
finaiiMinir street have returned borne,
after spending several days in Spring
field, Mass.. and vicinity.
Miss Gladys Bradford of South Main
street is taking a vacation from her cler
ical duties in the Central Vermont
freight oflice on lpot square.
Ai the auction sale Saturday, Ot. 16,
at the Mont. .Little farm in Williams
town, 250 barrsls of choke winter ap
ples will be sold. D. A. Perry, auction
eer. Adv.
Mrs. Byron Eame of Manchester, N.
H, is spending several days in the city
as the guest of her son, John B. Eanies,
manager of the new Park theatre, at
Hotel Barre.
George Stacy-and J. C. Brennan, who
AM..:n.A.I v-n t .nKuMiianf intnvieft
were couticicm v, u,i' -tion
offenses in Barre city court yes-.
teruay, were taiten 10 me couuiy jnu m
the 'afternoon.
To-night the board of aldermen meets
in the council chamber at city hall for
its regular meeting. To the routine bua
ine v in prospect may be added a number
of more important matters for discus
Mrs. Josephine fcnti of esterly, K.
I., and Charles Monti of Quincy, Mass.,
who were in the city several days, after
having been called here by the death of a
relative, have returned to their respec
tive boms. .
Mr. and Mra. J. E. Loudon of Brook
line, Mass., and Mr. and Mra. L. L.
Faulkner and Misa E. L. Faulkner, who
have been staying at Hotel Barre while
.-:.; inn r.l.tivH sttendinir school at
Goddard aeminary, have returned to
their homea.
Preparations are nearly completed for
the beginning of a course in domestic
scienea-at the North Barre Methodist
ml. .inn Ranirea and tables have been
(n.talled and the kitchen where the
course ia to be puraued haa been con
nected with gas.
T.inn Witt, who recently aicned
with the Philadelphia Athletics, arrived
vesterdar and ha enrolled :
- ' . :-l i
for a post graduate course in commercial
. . . . . ; ft'l..
work at liodiiard seminary, .nr. " i
ill remain at the seminarv until March,
a hen he goes eouth with Connie Mack's
K.tnrdsT is an open date on Soauld-
ing"s football calendar and efforte on the;
part of Slansger llnie to arrnnjre a con
test for (Vt. Id have been unsuccessful
thus fr, although negotiation are in
progress for a gridiron attraction. St.
Joluiabiiry academy, defeated by Spauld
l.t in Ketitember. ia down for a
asm at Gospel Village one week from
Joseph LaFranche, who has 'been em
ployed in Blackstone, N. II., returned to
Barre this morning for the winter.
The regular monthly meeting of the
trustees of the Barre City hospital will'
be held at tho hospital building Wednes
day evening at 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McWborter and
children of Richardson street will leave
the city late to-morrow afternoon for
Whittier, Cal where they expect to
make their home.
A. M. Troup, the photographer, has
leased an apartment on the top floor of
the Worthen block and will transfer his
studio to that building from the Glad
ding block, so called. Carpenters and
glaziers are engaged in getting the apart
ments ready for studio purposes.
AH members of the Rebekah lodge!
wishing transportation to attend the
district meeting at Williamstown on
Wednesday evening, Oct. 13, will please
notify O. E. Philbrick, chairman of the
committee. Tel . 321-4. .Automobiles
will leave Odd Fellows' ht"! at 7 o'clock.'
Owing to a.-confiictipu of dates, it has
been found necessary to postpone the
first ladies night of the season which
was to have been given by Vincitla. club
Thursdsy night. A district meeting of
the Order of Eastern Star will be held
on that evening, so it is probable that
Vincitia club will not have its ladies'
night until net week,
Funeral aerviceg for John Gallagher, a
well known resident of Barre, whose
death early Monday morning followed a
week's illness, will" be held in St. Mon
ica's church Wednesday morning at 7
o'clock, the parish priest. Rev. P. M.
McKenna, officiating. Over the Central
Vermont railroad at 8:25 o'clock the re
main will be taken to Burlington for
C. S. Hubbard, a former resident of
Montpclier. but now residing near Mil
waukee, Wis, was in Barre yesterday
taking note of the changea which have
been made here since ho left for the
Middle West. Mr. Hubbsrd haa not been
back in Montpeller for a aeore of years
and, naturally enough, he found a great
many changes In both Barre and Mont
pelier. That which struck bun most was
the change which had taken place on his
former property now embraced by parts
of upper Barre street and Sibley avenue
in Montpelier, which are thickly covered
witk residences, business plae-a and
stonesbeda. When be went toward the
West there were very few structure on
the property. ;
Invitations were received Jn Barre an
nouncing the marriage of Misa Berniee
M. Holmes, daughter of Mr. and Mr.
Lawrence R. Holmes, formerly of this
city, to (ieorge O. Fountain of Moatpe
lier, aon of Mr. and Mr. O. G. Foun
ts ine. Tlie marriage took placa at fl
o'clnrk thia forenoon la . St. Mary's
church in. St. Alhan. the pastor. Rev.
D. J. O'SuIlivan, officiating. Until a few
year ago the bride resided with her par
ents in this city, where the latter con
ducted the Eureka restaurant, , Mora re
cently they have resided in Swanton.
nbere Mr." and Mrs. Fountain are to
make their borne. Mr. Fount ine recent
ly resigned a position which be held in
the Cross bakery at the capital.
Avoid All Substitutes
Cold Weather Needs!
Thcc are the daj s to cct ready for inter
Ccrr.e to us for your Window Glass, rutty.
Weather Strips Stern Window Eyes &r.d Fast
eners, Stove Pipe and Elbows, Stove Board's Coal
HcK Coal ShoveK Afbertos Stove Linir.p.
Quaker, Crawford mi Wct Shore Bricks in
tsatt. tnsot

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