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We Display One of the Largest Stocks of
Whittall Finer Rugs
To Be Found in Any Store in Vermont
YOU can readily choose floor coverings in this
store to suit the most discriminating re
quirements. We invite you to see our stock
, of M. J. Whattall's Superior-Made Rugs. They
' are arranged on an up-to-date rack for quick
handling and to render less irksome the task of
satisfactory selection.
Whittall Rugs .are sold at standard prices.
Your advantage in buying them at Hooker's lies
in the larger variety this house carries.
We show Anglo-Persians, Royal Worcester,
Tepracs, Chlidemas, Peerless, in the standard
sizes, and Lenox Bathroom Rugs. .
We consider the Anglo-Persians the best Domestic-made
Rugs. They are the closest woven,
finest texture worsted Wiltons.
Other Whittall Rugs cost less, but each at its
price is the best rug you can possibly get for the
money expended.
Always "TRY Your HOME Merchant FIRST."
B. W. Hooker & Company
Vermont's Largest Housefurnishers.
Houghton & Robins
Oak Leaf and Lenox Soap 7 for 25c
B. T. Babbitt's or World's Soap . . . . 6 for 25c
Proctor & Gamble's or Fels Naptha Soap 10 for 45c
6 packages of 1776............... ..... 25c
4-Ib. package of World Soap Powder for . . . 18c
Gold Dust, per package 5c, 10c, 25c
Kleanall, per can .' 15c
Potash, Chloride of Lime or Dutch Cleanser, 3 cans for. . .25c
Ammonia or Blueing 3 for 25c
Sal Soda 10 lbs. for 25c
Starch '. 5 lbs. for 25c
Special price on Star Soap by the box.
Regular 45c Brooms for . . 37c
Clothes Pins, Clothes Lines, Wash Boards and Scrub Brushes.
Get our prices on JARS 1 to 20 gallons
258 - Telephone 259
There is a man in our town, and he is wond'rous
wise. He lays a rigid ruling down for ev'ry shoe
he buys. Once, Jones would scatter all his trade
would buy both here and there and twenty differ
ent prices paid, for nobby shoes to wear.
He'd get a pair of tans of Jinks, and patent kids
of Black, while those he wore upon the links were
bought of Mike or Mack. Each last was totally re
mote from what he'had before; each style a quite
distinctive note, as happened in the store. And
when on business bent, he'd go, to cities far away,
still other shoes were bought, you know, in prof
ligate array.
Now such a scheme is generous Jones favored no one
shop; but soon his feet began to fuss and Jones began to
hop. The many lasts the many shapes, no foot can
stand th strain. No fellow's tootsie-woot' escapes that
aftermath of pain. So Jones, he joined the Ralston Club,
that is, he vowed anew: "No more for mine the rip and
rub give me the RALSTON SHOE." It's mighty fine
to realize that Fit is guaranteed; that Style is what a
fellow buys along with comfort-need. And
Jones well, say, he's Ralston mad; no
other shoes for Jones. Says
he: "lheyve made my
'walkers' glad, where once
I dealt in groans."
Yoi arc ery apt t atkk t
RtUteni after the 6rt pair.
For Slyle and Comfort.
They LOOK catrell as
ibey FnX$f to $3
Li," ' -Ai3M
The Peoples Shoe Store,
C, S. ANDREWS, Prop. Bar re. Vermont
Extra TaluM in wool mits In Abbott'
basement. Adv.
Jnmeg Markio of Rummer street was a
business visitor in Burlington yelerday.
Charlie Chaplin in ona of hi latent
ucceuea, "The -Bunk," at Pavilion to
day. Adv.
Horn, at City hospital yesterday, to
Mr. and Mrs. Jaoi Cumtnlngs, a son,
weighing 10 pounds.
A regular meeting of St. John's court,
No. will be hold on Thursday even
ing, Oct. 14, at 7:30 o'clock.
Scotch step dancing class to commence
goon. For particulars, see R. J. Stewart,
room 72. Miles block. Adv.
Miss Lua Itiggs returned to Williams
town yesterday, after passing a few days
at hor home on Hillside avenue.
C. O. Jones hag returned to Barre and
resumed his duties as a clerk at the Bur,
eell hotel, after spending several weeks
in Boston and vicinity.
Willis G. Scott, who is taking a brief;
vacation from his duties in the Depot!
square barber shop, hag gone to hg for
nier home in Brandon for a visit with
relatives. ,
Regular meeting of lumpers, boxers
and derrickmen's union Tuesday evening
at 7:30. Election of international presi
dent. Let everv member attend. Corre
sponding secretary.
Thomas Ciallajjlier of New ork vity
arrived in the city this morning, having
been called here by the death of hit
brother, John Gallagher, which, occurred
early Monday morning.
John Gordon returned to his studies at
Dartmouth college. Hanover, -N. II., yes
terday, after spending the week-end with
Jiis parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gor
don of Richardson street.
District Ko. 13 will hold their district
meeting with Fraternity Rebekah lodge,
No. 60, Williamstown, Oct. 13. The de
gree will be conferred in grange hall and
reception and banquet in I. O. O. J. hall.
Mr. and MSrs, Alexander Bissett of j
North Main street went to Waterbury
this morning for a visit with friends,
Among other Barre people who passed
the holiday in Waterbury were Charles
Colombo and Frank Cooper.
L. M. Pease of Sheridan street is tak
ing a two weeks' Vacation from his duties
as manager of the People's Lighting,
Heating & Power Co. and with Mrs.
Pease and their little daughter he has
gone to his former home in Englewood,
N. J., for a visit with relatives.
James Johnston of the Johnston &
Gamble Livery Co. left to-day for a
visit of a few days in Braintree and
Springfield, Magg, On his return to
Barre he will be accompanied by Mrs.
Johnston, who has been making a more
extended stay in the Bay state.
J. G. Addy, who hag been absent from
the city on a month s vacation, returned
to Barre yesterday and resumed his du
ties as operator at the local Western
l Union office. Mr. Addy intends shortly
to move his household goods to this city.
Williami G. Carey, who has been ui
charge of the Barre office during the
absence of the regular operator, has re
sumed his duties in the Montpelier West
ern I'nion office.
At the home of Mrs. A. J. Stewart on
upper Park street last evening Miss
Chrity M Kcnr.ie was the guest of honor
at a surprise party, a large number of
her friends having gathered without any
previous inkling of what was to follow
baving been conveyed to Miss McKenr.ie.
Among the delightful features of a most
enjoyable affair .was the presentation of
a Wallace Nutting picture and a s't uf
silver teaspoons, Mrs. L. M. Wood con
veying the gifts for the company in a
neat little jee. Painty refreshments
brought the party to a close. The gath
ering of Mis McKrnzie'a friends cele
brated her approaching marriage.
Values in Our Bargain Basement j
In the opening of our Bargain Basement last Saturday we were able to add
to our several departments a line of merchandise that we have felt for a long
time that the public were in need of. The large crowds that visited that de-
pdrtment only spoke too plainly1 of our correct anticipation of their needs.
We had not anticipated so large a rush, hence the reason for our weakness in
not being able to wait on all. We are adding a larger force to the depart
ment so in the future will be in better shape to take care of the trade. We
are in Boston this week in the interest of this department, and will, be able at
all times to give you extra values in this new department. Our special val
ues in muslin underwear, white and white and black waists, a few odd coats.
One case of wool remnants, flannels, flannelette robes and many other val
ues that will interest you.
Also our Pies, Cakes
and Pastry
Duller Rolls every day
Western Bee!
Native Veal and
Pig Pork
Lamb, Chicken
and Fowl
Fancy and Staple
Special Team lor
'Phone Orders
We sell Coal, Coke,
Charcoal and Wood
Closed all day Tuesday
Granite City
General Store
MS Crasit St TtJrpboM 151
Ladies' Tailored Suits
Our line of Tailored Suits is now complete in every de
tail. We have a large display of the select Sample Suits
in the season's best qualities ; also a large display of the
more conservative styles, made from the season's best ma
terials, in a large variety of the best styles.
At $12.00 we are putting out a special Suit value in Serge3
and Poplins. These are made in a variety of the season's
best tailored styles.
At $18.00 we will show you one of the largest and best
varieties of styles to be found in the state. These are made
in the plain tailored styles and those trimmed with fur and.
braid are all guaranteed in every way.
In the better grades, at $22.50 to $30.00, we can show
you a large variety of the season's best models, in designs
that are new and different.
Ladies' Separate Coats
This is the weather that creates the large
demand for the Separate Coats. We are
now ready with the largest line of Ladies'
Separate Coats that we were ever able to
show. We have planned to have this lina
all ready just when the trade are in need of
them, and now can give you almost any qual
ity you may be looking for. ,
. We have a good showing of the medium
length Sport Coats in qualities from $7.50
to $15.00.
In the better grade of Cloth and Tlush
Coats, we are showing a large variety of
individual models, in the season's best values.
our special values in Ladies' Fur
I '
VTA '.
, " Our millinery department is a very busy place at this time of the season. We have a large dis
play of the season's best hat values. These are the ready made hats in the season's best models..
Ve have also a large display of hat shapes and can make you up anything that you may want at
prices that are right. ' Come in and see this display of the season's best and newest shapes.
The Daylight Store
See the new 50c book at Martin' See Abbott' large line of eparate
Book Store Adv. coat. Adr.
Mrs. llanraret Urown of Grant avenue Francis Gradv of Merchant atreet J
and her two daujfhUr, Mr. William D.j taking a two week' vaaetion from hit
Parry and Mii Jeannto Hrown, are pa- j duties in the Marrion Cigar atore on
ing a few day in Kicimiona a i . i)rpot equare. ,
guwta of Kev. ana Mr, v tmrnes "-; Mr. H. A. Vesper of St. Alban waa a
John Kingston, who lias !-n iiuhk j rai0T j the city vesterdar and to-day
Mr. O. X. Canton and -Mr, tuarl.- . , Kail River. Maas..
i 11.!. -.A.. ...... tft.tA .iin - i . ....... ... ...
r,miiie in una nvj, muinru .... ...
injr to New York, where he U a member
of the metropolitan pi'life force. Mr.
Kington learned the granite cutter' ;
for an extended viait with friend.
Apartment in th tenement bouae
lBMOn learned me granue cimnr ; - j
trade in Itarra aad wan etnplovrd here nugion eireei oy 11. . anriuffn rc
for ome time before poind toVew York pied br Mr. and Mr. Neil U. Ralph,
three year ro. He i a native of . Mr. and Mr. Harold Knni and Mr. and
Northfk'ld. Jn,,M thincan.
All the men of the Ileddlnjr ehureh are
requested to meft t the church Weilne
day eveninff
to plan for
mpn aunner.
i expend that Dr. JSailoy will tell of COLUMBUS DAY
eotitinent bv automobile.
g of thi wek at 7:30 aharp " ,
the fllinr of ticket for the HI JCU!? TV I
er. to t held Oct. 2'. when it UlJaCli I
George C. Stewart wa the winner of I Tn.AtnT?T?f.V I
the weekly tournament it the Meadow JIUUUUII
Brook JoIf club's courae on Trmjk itreet, 1 . , , I
.. . . i. S TV vmir Khnnmnc lrt-niiht
we nijrue tdkik smiiB o nun i, " - " " .-...rr...m w
narrow margin of a half wint over the ; (Wn until 9 o'clock.
"a f-. a et-l. - .. '
J Green Mountain Hrand" .
J Sausaget pr lb 15c
Tinnan Haddics per IT)... 12c
J Thick Salt Pork, per lb.. .He
j Hamburg Steak, per lb. . .15c
liacon, whole strip, lb. ..20c
eeond wan, R. J. Stert. The prie
rompetition in which the president and
vice prefident of the club participated
reti!ted a follow: Semi finals, J. !lk
defeated A. Miller. 2 up and 1 to playi
I). F. MI,eod detested . C. Stewart, 4
up and 3 to r'sv. In the finals, J. 1'1V
defeaitu 1. V. Mcleod, up and 4 to
play. This competition finished the sea
son's matches and the members of the
club will now pi-t together and woik em
tTni,rnvTiirit a iilttBl)!! Iiir th pours,. ti
The west lull Sunshine cl.ibnvtTl.ur. J ! Smoked Pork Chffks lb
I": TT'Ll.A rure Urd, mall paiK per
We doubt if you could find a better selection in most stores
twice or three times its size. Those distinctive touches that "make"
a costume are what you find here; the unusual in Trimmings,
Fancy SiJks and Brocades. Novelty Buttons, etc
tbeie brine rretMtit 17 trwrnbrr, five
yioitors and five children. The i:tors
were Mr. lectteo. Mi Kimmi and Misa
Iamcj Ii.-eol.su aed Mr. St. Sohm of
Itamstnwn and Mrs. I'oly .f west . .11
The followmu protrrsm s ia rhsrpe nt
Mrs, lm lH and Mr, tlisib-s HUneh-
ard: hnrg. '"Old K'-iks at Home,
resdine. Knth M. Wood; r-!tt hb
Miiks Je-ot'su; ncal solo, Mr
Ird; re. !stKn. Mrs. Alrtai M. Srnrt
Tttiit.r, Mrs. !! - it-it J. CoSivj re.ta
lb 12c
-lar Hrand" Peaches, 3
cans for 50c
(25c value)
! Pride of Wasne Canned
rift?; '
, M. I Pca. per dozen 95c
Prevent Sickness
by using
Drown's Drug Store
by buying your Andes Stoves and Ranges, Stove Pipes, El
bows, Dampers, Coal Hods and Sifters, Clothes and Mop
Wringers, Washing Machines and Boilers, Asbestos Sad Irons.
Oil Heaters for sale or rent.
Thone 595-1 Huzzell Block, Pearl Street, Barre, Vt.
tmii, Vim l"r Jle.-Me.u; re.;.(f, V.r s - a
f.dssrd A. VTx; mg. "4ni4 i II l cans l or .........
lK At t' 1ne Mr. 74. TVw I j r'l.t I
with a few f tt'f.ff rnisris,
lf of tb luh. presetted Mrs. tlsft1
Sweet Com. 3 rang 23c!
! Camphcirs Sotips all kinds
at 3 cans for .2
Brown's Quirkfire Charcoal
Ijirpet tire hag of high'
With a Nip of Winter in the Air
you are probably giving- a Coat or Suit serious thought That our
styles ana value? are right has been proven by the lively Felling
Have we shown you yet; why not look to-day?
Was )ar4 a hs4nie st tiW l,in. t ... . I
u m-t f vaM.fui wste t-s. J grade, qaick-bornmg tnar-s
frr Mrs. U-In m .t if I 2 Ug bag for 2Sf !
fwi4 n n ! i i-s..f.r wisrnr. ! Peantit Butter, 2 !?. for 25c
!er skull f ee.l - rtess,
X.mi .TifcT .... ton,... m i
pprm were t.. 71 wt wet .c J
::i h with Mrs l". '"t lHf. ,
i nmn sal M- I ! a W. r.B.r.t
Oar filter Qoren lfc CaVea
L. ; are cf JnrHi.
f m rj
T"We r rm'-fi T t f
ett . te t""eT t "inn Utm Imtti rm
ihe pa! icvv days.
2 'er"r", U"W ' :" w ?4' f , t f
3 oae ffr 2
IKHf Tip Tcp Baiter
flrrsd. ptr lm(
1 "llc IL'fr Store" MonfpclicT, Vermont. 1
'iss Jh"4 t't enh"t
V. Jt-mmt
It s-r ,. . .
lftf j
Gfd rn and lorn prire j
Vrtp u tor.
peil Monday Fun'rr. j
frt'Tn YVwk ii?tl 9, 1
ISmi'h &, Gudngs Cd.S
Hams and Shoulders have advanced, but we have
f-ome bought before the higher prices.
Hegular Western Shoulder, jer lb. (whole) .... 13c
Honed Shoulders, S to 10 lbs. each, per lb 12c
Western Whole Ham?, this lot, per lb 17c
10 lbs. of Sweet Potatoes for 25c
Peanut Putter in .VIb. cans Dixie Fancv Pta-
nut Butter, 5-lb. cans, each f0c
Peanut Butter in bulk, 2 lbs. for
2 V
Hectption Brand Blend Cc4Tee, per ! 3.V
Ia Touraine, the distinctive CVrTce. fcr lb. 3.c
Lad T Special Bknd, per lb 30c
Morning Glory Brand OfTee. ier lb 2"c
A gccd drinling CofTee. per lb. 13c
Ak for a sarr.ple c.-f cur Bulk Tea.
Bldgway Tea ccj?t more, b-ut the quality Is unsur
pa5w4 Try tbem.
jjThe F. D. Ladd Company j
J - .- . - i. iJn''M'
3 tw VJ th.tt9.m ,

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