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Free from Benzoate of Sotfa
Chicago Has Lowest Record
With General Carranza Rec
ognized, His Shrift
in Its History for
' t Sunday
You may
' eat it with perfect
safety and enjoyment.
It's as pure as it's delicious.
The relish with the
fresh tomato flavor.
Arrests for Drunkenness
v Far Below Average Sa
: loons Lose $400,000
r Chicago, Oct. 12. Sunday cloning of
saloons in Chicago for the first time in
forty-four years resulted in a Sunday
with the lowest crime record in the his
tory of the police department, Chief of
Police Ilealy announced yesterday. Out
of 7,152 (saloon in the city, only twenty-eight
were found to have violated
Mayor Thompson's closing order, which
became effective at midnight Saturday.
Most of the violations were of a minor
character and only one saloonkeeper was
arrested. There were only sixteen, ar
rests made for drunkenness Sunday and
forty-seven on Saturday, as compared
with an average of 243 for the two days
during several months past. Some of
the down-town bars and a few in the
densely populated districts oponed their
places for business between midnight
and one o'clock yesterday morning, but
the amount of trade was not up to ex
pectations. Saloonkeepers estimated
that they lost $400,000 Sunday, as a re
sult of being obliged to close. '
One of the 57.
South Americans Favor the
Washington .Stand
on Mexico
Tape's Diapepsin" Makes Sick,
Gassy Stomachs Feel
:i v . Fine
And He is Believed to Have Been Lost
' At Sea. "
Boston, OcL 12. Outgoing bay fish
ermen were asked to keep a sharp watch
for the body of Francis P. Motley, of
Boston and Beverly who was reported
to have been lost from the .Portland boat
of Oct. I. The diHttprearanee of Mr,
Motley was reported las -night by C. P.
Curtis, w neighbor at Beverly and coun
ael for' the .Motley family.
Mr. Curtis stated that Motley had
been lost at sea, but declined to state
whether he- fell overboard or threw him
self from the boat. Motley, a graduate
of Harvard in 1!14, recently bad been
sentenced to "30; days in jail for reckless
ly driving an automobile.
It was believed by some of his friends
that the disposition of the rase which
had been appealed, had affected his mind.
Do some foods you eat hit back
taste good, but work badly; ferment
into stubborn ' lumps and cause a sick,
sour, gassy stomach? Now, Mr. or Mrs.
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ing so sour and upset you. There never
was anything so safely quick, so cer
tainly effective.' No difference how badly
your stomach is disordered, you will get
happy relief in five minutes, but what
pleases you most is that it strengthens
and regulates your stomach so you can
eat j'our favorite foods without fear.
Most remedies give you relief some
times they are slow, but not sure.
'Tape's Diapepsin" is quick, positive,
and puts your stomach in a healthy
condition so the misery won't come
You feel different as soon as 'Tape's
Diapepsin" comes in contact with the
stomach distress just vanishes your
stomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
ing, no eructations of undigested food,
your head clears and you feel fine
Go now, make the best investment
you ever made, by getting a large 50
eent ease of Tape's Diapepsin from any
drug store. You realize in five minutes
how needless it is to suffer from indi
gestion, dyspepsia or any stomach dig
order. Adv.
Camden, N. J, Man Insists on Seeing Pa
per in Last Moments.
V Camden, X. J., Oct. LV see
yoor paper, Doc; I want to find out if
the l'liillies won," said William Steer,
22 years olU of 810 Howard street, as
Dr. John F. Learitt araivedi to treat him
for heart diwt JnidaV, -
"No j you'd better not. It would ex
cite you and might prove fatal, an
swered the physician.
"But I insist. 1 want to see the score."
Dr. Leavitt handed his patient the pa
per. ' .:,."7 '
"Bed Sox 2; Phillies 1,7 read Steer.
"The Phillies loot, eh!"
He turned hi head to the wall and
when Dr. Ixavitt bent over Meer he
was dead.
About Twenty Who are in Switterland
are Unwilling to War on Rus
sia and Serbia.
Geneva, Switzerland, via Paris, Oct. 12.
About twenty Bulgarian army offi
cers who are in Switzerland have refused
to join the colors. Four of the officers,
including a colonel who won honors in
the war with Turkey, are in Geneva.
They state that they are unwilling to
fight against Russia and Serbia.
"Your honor." said the arretted cli.iuf-feur,-"!
tried" to warn the man, but m
horn would mt work.
"Then why did you not slacken pecd
rather than run him down?"
A light M-cinid to dawn upon the
prisoner. "That's one on me. I ii'ipr
thought qI that." Case and Comment.
Large Gain in Socialist Party in Parlia
ment Expected to Follow.
Christiania, Oct. 12. Women are
Washington, Oct. 12. Secretary Lans-
ing reported formally to President Wil
son yesterday the proceedings of last
session of the Pan-American conference
which decided upon recognition for the
Carranza party as the de facto govern
ment in Mexico. The president gave his
approval. Secretary Lansing said the
time when, or the form in which recog
nition would be extended had not been
fixed. ' ,
The governments of Bolivia, Uruguay
and Guatemala remained to be heard
from yesterday in approval of the action
of the United States government. The
other countries which participated in the
Pan-American peace conference through
their diplomatic representatives Argen
tina, Brazil and Chile already have
sanctioned the work of the conference.
The approval of the first named gov
ernments is 'expected momentarily.
The next step to be taken by the Unit
ed States will be determination of the
form in which recognition shall be ac
corded. It is expected to be extended
this week, possibly through formal noti
fication to Eliseo Arredondo, Carranza'a
official agent here. Prohibition of ship
ments of arms to factions opposed to
tlie Carranza government will follow.
Although arms embargo will material
ly weaken, the resources of the V ilia ele
merit, m. uiaz lximbaruo, loreign min
ister of the convention government, in
a formal statement given out bere an
nounced that the struggle will be con
tinued in Mexico. Similar advices have
been received by the state department
from American Consular Agent Caro
-thers, following an interview with Villa.
No mention was made of withdrawing
protection to foreigners, as reported in
press dispatches, but officials realize that
the legal responsibility for protection of
foreigner rests always with the recog- j
nized government for all parts of the
country, whether in rebellion or not.
Americans for this reason. were recently
advised to withdraw from northern Mex
ico, but many of Jhem have failed to
heed the state department advice. The
Washington government during the Taft
administration took the position, how
ever, that even when a recognized gov
ernment exited in Mexico City the lead
ers of rebellious farfions were personal
ly responsible for the acts of their fol
lowers and gave warning to that rlYect
This precedent probably will be fol
lowed in the event of difficulties now in
northern Mexico.
General Carranza telegraphed hi agen
cy that Alberto Gracio Granados, sen
tenccd to death for complicity in the
coup which resulted in the killing of
President Madero, had been executed
Friday after a trial in which "be had
every privilege of a uVfindant under the
As your daily companion WRIGLEVS will quench your thirst, keep your
mouth and throat moist and refreshed, quicken your appetite and aid digestion.
it lasts long, costs little and means much to your
comfort and happiness. Two delicious flavors.
It 1 l fr littln nnrl msani yviisYi f - xmnv
JX i-fts, ' S CIO IS lung) caaav lubitue auwwaa wvs J v m JSXX
IP lJcomfort and happiness. Two delicious "avre-S
0 Seaied. ! rhl
. . - . a t i in viik mi uiplio iv ii ii Vila jir UT.i i v Y
voting for the firot time in Norwegian 1 1 (1l J,Rm.y thtJ AnMrit,B K,f,
pencil elections. There are 170,000 new . (..'roe had closed food distribution head
quarters and was tending it repreiwnta
five back to the United Mate. The
dispatch contended there was no more
need for famine relief.
elector on the roll. The press forecasts
that the women' vote will bring large
gain to the Nocjafist representation in
Parliament, making that the strongest
single partr, although the government
exrt to maintain itself by a combi
nation of three political group. The
Socialist' platform i devoted largely
to an anti-military propaganda. The
government program include a grin
monopoly, old-age pension ami restric
tion of almost a prohibitive character
oa the sale of alcoliulic lijuor.
Official and Categorical Denial Was Au
thorizedConsul Sailing Next
London, Oct. 12. A categorical denial
was officially authorized yesterday of the
report tiiat the British government had
asked for the recall of Bobert P. Mtin-
ner, American consul genera I in London
Conaiil-Gcncral Skinner, who recently
wa called to Washington for a confer
ence on the international trade situation,
will Mil w ith Mr. Skinner on the steam
er Bottcrdam on Monday next.
Earth Trembles.
Stuttgart, Germany, via wirelc to
Imdon, Oct. 12. The ncitmngrapn at
Stuttgart observatory ha recorded , shipment have bwn held up for month
strong -avri n violations Tor tne fust 24 bv Untisli authorities.
Protest on Hold-up of Cargoes to Be
Sent at Once.
Washington, Oct. 1 2. President Wil
son announced yesterday (list Jie ha
approved the note to Gret Britain pro
tent inj against interference with neu
tral tude. Tike note is extensive and
rcii many rase in which American
These Are Busy Days for
the Head of the Administration
Will Not Include the Pacific
Coast Expositions,
It Is Said
hours. . The di-t in liiinre apparently has
lieen central in Kurope. Karth tremors
were felt at Marietibad during Jestcrday
Although the n"te i t'i be transmit
ted ininiediatel v to Ixmdon, it wiil liet
lie made public until it has been pre
SiTstcd by Ambassador Page.
JJte4 to Bakciwith a I
7- One dunper mcvcmcr.t throws the cr.lirc heat tlroui tKc
tpcdsl Magee Sheet Flues, and sends it around five ada
of the oven. Tha means a hotter oven and tAvcs your fueL
Magee (lui orm doort mAt it poiMe to ce the erudition cf jour
rout or j out baking itbout $toopwi or ope&icj the ovca door.
Maf Rartfra art rgwtrre Hrl fa errrwa tal fa
larotWa, m M Ofsea Nmn m ep c4 t!t rtnfe.
. .. .. e " -
Washington, Oct. 12. President VTA
son and Mr. Norman (salt, hi fiancee,
yesterday lcgan making preliminary ar
rangement for their wedding. The pres
ident and Mrs. (.sit are net discussing
their detailed plan een with their im
mediate friend and relative. A wed
ding trip I considered, but the place ha
not sen retled J my 1 kept se
cret for a time. The presidential yacht
JlTfl"wer mav tss used.
Kcport tht the couple might jp ta
the Saa Diero or Saa Francixu e posi
tion apparently were dispelled yeterlar.
shea t)e presi.ictit. replj mg ta inn-
tatiesn frni s hool rhildrea in Nan lKir.
askinff him to iit the eipoitin. wrote
that he srfs no vo-it-iiity of visiting
the la-ftc coast at pr'Bt.
The prei4-nt went on a short shop
ping trip yesterday morning and bought
traveling esse. Congratulation irom
II part f the world continued ta ar
rive at thej Whit House. me cablegram
r a nis from Pre i Jen t r.trd (abrera of
l.iiatrmaU. The pri.t-Bt it nwerirg
tlss message prfwonsHy.
IVspite rTrt that the wfl.lmf
migt be beld r-ry svm. (f wa ij js-
t'tiy in ery well infnrmed )iittT
tiiat te plan wtre stsll for a weeding.
earlr in Jin b. in Mrs, (ialf Wime
lure. 11e pret.Urt nd Mrs. ."t art
Ivirr -rd t r to Ps Oristisn.
Ittssy, f-sr tlsir hfmr-.f""f. by V
Misw I T ai4 Mary -rr I H. vnjisn f j
t! Tf"t.-ijt. hnr 1fT.e t St New r-
lei.s. 1 fetftt Jt tVMlfli'
to inn r st !' t ri1ii, ai rt
w i,-r"sti re-4ar that be nifllj
! m r r tA inT inf tiss (1rrtt rrr ,
H i nf -s ard f for a Kt tr.p i
K. j
j Vr. f.H m wriff (W t, jmJ k
i ftfTtf.t T'Tg g 'n br It II rri Wit
! m rm y It lad b rrft 1 t'.atj
t f t puis) ri!f s1 with pii'r a
st.hn-s d m"i. wt A t w1 that)
t i MS w-rl tsail.f CiStt'Tis IB
rrrr-m f'Si band.
Rer. Byron HoIIey Shoot Lansing Pear
sail, Son of Bailroad Man.
Xew Orlean. Oct. 12. Pev. Byron
HoIIey, rector of St. Georpe' Kpiscojia)
church, one of the fashionable congrega
tions in the city, early yesterday shot
and killed Lning Pcarsall, srin of a
prominent railroad man here. Dr. HoI
Iey told the police he shot Peartall think
ing he wa a burglar.
About o'clock yesterday morning Dr.
Holley telephoned police headquarter
that he had shot a man in the rectory
tudy. The minister told the police that
while in hi office he heard someone in
hi study adjoining. Taking a pistol he
stepped into the study and saw a man
nesr the door.
"The intruder did not answer my ques.
tions as to who he was and what he
wanted," Dr. Holley said, "and when I
ordered him out ho made a motion as if
to draw a weapon. 1 fired and the man
Several hours later the man was iden
tified at the morgue by Nathan (5. Pear,
sail, claim agent of the Texas &. Pacific
railroad, as his sou. Ionising, '12 years
old. So reason for the young man's
presence in the rectory could be given by
his parents or friends. Dr. Holley said
he never had seen Pcarsall before.
Police found a window in the rectory
prlor had been opened. Young Pcarsall
lived several blocks from the Holley
home on the next street.
Wiitlock I1L
The Hsgue, Oct. 12, via London. Let
ters received here from l!ru-els state
that Urand Whitlwk, American minister
to Belgium, i confined to his bed.
Nurse Proclaims Skin Cure
Myrtle II aim Says D. D. D. Prescription Is Worth
Rockefeller's Millions to llcr.
"Tan year I aulTereA with enema
three yeara of that Uma I could not
appear In public. 11 r entire body waa
coys-red with tha dlseaaaw I could not
eL 1 could not aleep. I could not
lira. I hava at last found th arroat
1'raaciiptlon P. I D. Mr body I clean,
mooth. If thar wera on bottla only
of U IX tx In tha world and I had It.
Mr. Rockefeller'a million could not
bur th rolden fluid."
irarae Myrtle Xaha t la car Old La-
4ia Uina lurhaa, N. C)
rWd C. Kuswelt, DdL, IU4 Cms rhsmwr. ltd No. Msla 8L
TTow abnut you?
If you have any k!n Wemtsh. or a
littia raah, do not let It develop Into
eomethina mors aorloua. Keniembor
I. 1. IX. rrecrlptlon ha been recoa
nued for flftetn mrs ma th atandard
akin remerly. It always helpa. and If
used according- to dlructloua. It ahuuld
cure In a short whilft.
All druraian sell thie atandard rem
edy, but if you com to ua. wa will
nr you th first full sin boftu wnn
th aunratile that nnls It ! th
Itch a aaca w will refund th pur
chase pri.-. Af-k also ahuut U auai
1 U.i.itnt k.a away.
" - -
A Ksfwst of Kent.
11 ir.jt U tUat r-nw Wt're the
h t !' rt s Tl-' law 4
Goieg2 Going I
C. N. Kcnyon Slock
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fhaved, hf&red and flashed, m you can buy ar.y
article in the ftore at a rrat rtnluctioru
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Window Shade. Lairp, Stationery etc., etc.
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ly doir.jf o. t
Spcclal-S1.50 Wizard Dust
Mops S9c
Jj.t the thing for hardwood f -rs. They won't
la .t h'TB.
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I1..V). row at fc?c Se our window f,.r pec;al..
Only 2-V buy about all yo-j can tarry home from
the Kk cojr..'.r.
Crre in ard Wk arrfunl Nt sn arluie in the
trr but v hat the frice i cut ox NOTE Order?
taken for C'r kiry.
W. H. Wcslcotf, iManagcr
, f i. ia! -f t I i ! m tl.
f - 4 i w h 7" rvm S
! !, -tjs e I -a f r! -!
' l'i' l- m -"""s- e l-nss j
' l s W- i,' :; g a rS n ,
. lm ' ". sv. t t.at '-tf 1 t.t-e.a
m sold
by N. D. PHELPS CO., Barre, Vt.
j .; viivsaa HI f tnar" " pmw f
t,- ."-f'S-' f- 'y n
't f '': AS.

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