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VOL. XIX NO. 182.
rjucE, omi cent.
40,000 Troops Are Massed in
Effort to Cut Rail
. way Line
Rear Admiral Little Charged with Ne
glect. ' Washington, D. C.,"Oct. 10. Secretary
Daniels yesterday ordered the trial by
court martial of Hear Admiral w. jn.
Little, retired, on "charge involving
neglect and careless methods In the con-
duet of hU duties while inspector of ma
chinery at the Fore Hivcr Ship Build
ing company, Quincy, Was., of the sub
marine U. S. K-2.
, The court will meet at' the Boston
navy yaj October 18 and will be com
posed; of Hear Admirals DisKe, iieim,
'arks, Worthineton, Cleaves and Dunn,
anA J T.. .....A... rni.Aral Pnwid Wltll
Lieut. Commander A. W. Johnson as
rrHfTMn MnPTMWAT?Ti jiidire advocate.
vVVAiAAli iw ,.The action of the depal.ttncnt ln thi,
case," says the statement issued by Sec-
Iretary Daniel, of ordering the trial by
lcenera.1 court martini of an officer wha
Bulfifarian PortS Are ClOSed 'as been retired ; after attaining the
, - n 4. I highest naval rank, on charges relative
HiXCCpU XVI icUll I to duties performed prior to retirement,
TJrnvc nf Tlav I18 eomewuat radical and arrests atten-
nourb vl vy , - , . ticn It csn bo necounte(i f0r oniy al
an evidence of the department's deter
mination that the inspection of ships
under construction for the navv shall
'Athens, Friday, via' Paris SaturdayJba conducted with the greatest care and
Oct 18. Forty thousand Bulgarian thoroughness."
troons with artillery are reported to have i" I-1 wllB accepted in January, ern Taction in Mexico, nan Deen Kiuea
. I 1 HI A 11 II rf trmihlAa u-ifh ha airwn iru ltuf.
A Mexican Arriving at E
Paso Tells of Revolt
in His Army
An American Says That the
Northern Chief Is Being
Tried by Court-martial
El Taso, Tex., Oct. 16. A report that
Gen. Francisco Villa, leader of the north
Degun an hm hi. xwu """6. teriaa have ,Ievln,w,i .in thai timo
tween vaianoovo on me ibiumu miuuug Aavy officials said yesterday defectiove
from 'Saloniki into Serbia and Ho vdovo. installation rather than design had
Tha point of attack is about 20 miles caused short circuiting. The boat was
, . . n . i . j, i i-uiiimcvea jur me ciectric, .uoat corn
north of the Greek border. . .i ... u i. tm..
The Bulgarians apparently are at- er Dlant.
tempting to cut the railway communica- "The source of troubles in vessels of
tion and prevent the entente allies from this class," the secretary's statement
forwarding troops and supplies to the ntinues i, "has been the subject of close
- investigation by the navy department.
Serbians. .. . . . . result nf thin Invautitrntinn tha d.
The lighthouses on the Bulgarian coast partment has been led to believe that
have been extinguished. The entranfce to the inspection of the K-2 while building
Dedeagnatcfi, Bulgaria's principal port on at tlle Fore K"'T Shipbuilding company
" .1.. i , . ,j ,.. was not conducted with sufficient care
ine ix.gen .... uc. -u,uuSu - and thoroughness."
cept In the daytime, when a pilot is re- Mr. ranielg gajd ne had received a let
quired. All the Bulgarian ports are said Iter from Admiral Little saying he had
to have been "mined. - tepn Mure(1 "Y the builders that any
tault with the batteries of the K-Z which
I developed after her acceptance would be
GREAT BRITAIN HAS rectified by the company at its own ex-
IviiHe una uuu reeuimuenucu. Her accept
nce on that basis.
Foreign Officer Announces That State of
War Existed from 10 O'clock Last
Night Because of Bulgaria's
Declaration Against
, ' Serbia.
He Proves His Control by Continuing
Tampico, Mexico, Oct. 14, via Laredo,
Tex., Oct. 16. General venustiano Car
ranta, who is making a tour of the
r... rw ir.r. rw.tn ,.. A. norxtiem nates oi aiexieo, accompaniea
cfared war on Bultraria. f ene -nvaro uongon ana ins sum
The British foreign office announces " TOU 'C1 "lo &"-
that in view of the fact that Bulgaria '?r "'-ey, capital or tne state or
h.m .hmii4j h ( mt ith K.rkio Nuevo Leon. A brief stop will be made
and is an ally of the central powers, his " lm'"' "r"' " ,,e ui A
majesty s government has informed the ' '
Bulgarian government through the Swed
was brought to El Paso to-day by
Mexican, who has just arrived from Casas
Granges. Acocrding to the story, Villa
was shot in a fight when disaffection
broke out in Villa's army yesterday.
Another report, brought by an Amer
ican passenger, said that on Friday Villa
was being tried by court-martial and
that the trial was still Jin. prorgess when
he lelt La bus Uranges,v .-. ; -
The Mexican who reported that Vilja
was shot declared that trouble arose
when the chief called upon a comrade
lor a forced loan. 1 he man was ordered
shot when he refused to accede to Villa's
demand, the report continues, and a
division of the army resulted, approxi
mately 7,000 or the 9,000 men revolting.
In the fight which followed, the Mexican
said, Villa suffered mortal wounds.
Reports of Villa's death could not be
confirmed early to-day. Messages from
Villa in a private code were received at
Juarez as late as 4 o'clock yesterday
ish minister at London, who is in charge
of .Bulgarian interests, that a state, of
war exists between Great Britain and
Bulgaria as from 10 p. m.
Schwab to Get Penn. Steel Co.
Philadelphia, Oct. !. Another link
will be Joined to the new steel combine
undergoing formation with Charles M.
Schwab as its head. A meeting yes
terday morning of the disectors of the
Pennsylvania (Steel company marks the
It also became known yesterday that
FoOowteg Attack by Bulgarian Amy on I the bead of the Bethlehem tee com-
Ipany lias secured a four-months option
Ion the Thomas Iron company for $3,000,-000.
TCS 1?i?IrkTTl?n consumption of a deal that will p
lO KM Uit l.LJ the company in the hands of Schwab
Serbians In the Valadoro Region,
Says an Athena Dispatch.
Milan, Friday, rU Paris Saturday, Oct.
IB. Ihe Bulgarian government-has been
obliged to resort to stern measures of
repression as the result of unrest among
the people, asys a diapatch to Secolo
from Bona by way of Bucharest. Many
Horses ia Prehistoric Times Had Huge
North Platte river generally carries
Mrs. Fred B. Smith Passed Away To-day
After Pour Weeks' Illness.
Mrs. Fred B. Smith of Montpelier died
at the Heaton hospital in that city at
6:15 O'clock this morning of typhoid fe-
ver. hhe was taken ill about four weeks
ago and was removed to the hospital
about two weeks ago.
Airs, bnuth was born In Moretown on
Sept.. 8, 1801, her maiden name being
Gladys B. Fisher, and she being the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Fisher.
She was grsduated from Montpelier high
school and ahe;a jnawiad to Ir. mith
five years ago last August. Besides her
parents and her huobanu, she leaves one
son, Malbolm, aged four years, who is
now in with typhoid; being at More
town. . .
The funeral will be liefd from her late
home, 6 Tremont street, Montpelier, on
Jiienrlay afternoon, Kev. II. A. Flint offi
ciating, and interment will be in Dux-bury.
However, Brattleboro Woman is Other
wise Up to Date.
Brattleboro, Oct. 1C Mrs. Mary Field
Iladley, a native of West Brattleboro
and a lifelong resident of the town, was
00 years old yesterday. Mrs. Iladley
reads, writes and sews without tho aid
of glasses and she also keeps abreast
of current anairs.
Mrs. Iladley was the daughter of Da
vid and Patty (Wood) Field. Her fa-
ther was a native of Amherst, Mass., and
her mother was born in Marlboro, Ma;.,
Sh attended school in West Brattle
boro and graduated at the age of 14
after which she taught school in East
Northfield, in Vernon and in Dummer
eton. Between terms she taught sew
ing to children in her home neighbor
When 20 years old she w-as married to
Hannibal Hadley, who was In tho meat
business and who died Oct. 20, 1884,
Mrs. Hadley has been the mother of four
children, two of whom are living, iney
are Mrs. Emily Huntington tmerson,
with whom Mrs. Iladley lives, and Mrs.
Elizabeth Hoi man Selleck, who lives in
another part of the old home. She has
three grandchildren, Alias Kate U, rel
leek,- Mrs. W. A, Shumway and Miss
Helen F. Emerson, and two great-grand
children, Francis Gordon Shumway and
Albert Hadley Shumway.
Mrs. Hadley s father died when she
was young and an uncle in Lynn, Mass.,
was appointed her guardian. In the fall
that Mrs. Iladley was 10 years old she
made the trip from Brattleboro to Bos
ton by stage. She left at 3 o'clock
in the morning and reached Boston about
10 at night. In 1008 she enjoyed her first
automobile ride, but says she prefers
a horse and carriage.
Boston Put on Decorations
in Honor of Women
Anti-Suffragists Will Make
a Silent Protest Against
. M Mm 4 iv "JiZl "i 1 . I considerable volume o( water, while tht
v-s-ns 1 1 vis vim avunj uu i ! mm- I tj.. l. ii : -
1 V lv " ,bci,nnin of floods, because it. water is used for
2 quadruple en- Ration farther uptre.ul. The North
An Athena dispatch to flecolo states on n, " .l-
J ri-nJ.'v",k:r1U,e " rlmto a maximum
Una on Oct. 14 In tha V.Udovo region. merOTAing to the United State.
... ..g,,,!, DUW proceed- GMogt,.l Survey, of about 20,000 cub,
feet a second and a minimum of dis-
i 'ra
Tht Carranza Government to Take New
Shape Next Week.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 18. Recogni
tion of the Carranza government in Mex
ico will probably be extended next week.
The Tan-American peace conference will
meet then to arrange the form which
the recognition shall take.
charge of only 70 eubic feet a second. Its
average volume of flow during the nine
months from March to November is
about 3.500 cubie feet a second.
From Dexter to Ogalalla, Neb., South
PlatU river and the railroad are cloe
Germaa Teasel Said te Have Been Sunk
by British Submarine.
CopenhRn. rla Tendon. Oct. 15. ... i.i..r. ki.i.,i ii-
.? TT,n VPTT" J"" and at other pla. where the bluff, come
ay th.( l .second fi torpedo Uoat lloM o th. Jlvrr ,n, . ueln, ia Vl,
a. aunk by the British submarine E 19 of lh. overland trail aered fron.
- '?Zi,ng v stuck, bv Indian, and white outlaw.,
-"I"-" " who were wont to ewoop down uwxpect
, ,, ,Ur " Udly from their hiding place, in the hill.
besrd another erplnnio and saw a tor-
pe nnat dappear. Theretipon the flo
tilla hurried away.
Sir E4war Carson Is Reported to Hart
Resigned, ia Spite ( the
Recent Denial.
IjT. !, OH. Id Not withstanding the
rewt d-mal f Sir F.dward (ariw., at-t'-Ter
jwraL, that be bad Tmgini.
tW ti xm u Wiad br fMiammt-
rr rnrrepiidTit ff The IJr s
tbat Sir Inward bad frm wp hi. Tiee.
An annmovfiiei)t to it't e'ffwt i rtb-b-M.
the mrreprmi).'nt aar. in the bn
tbat la the Intrwt. f unity be tiav he
jtfijidH t -iMi bie r-irnt m..
the r-ui f, .h, it ia JW, e.iU
H be a"rtaind.
to nmrJer and pluniler. It is difficult for
tbe modem traveler, surrounded by the
luxuries of the railway train, to realize
the hardships and danger, endured by the
n.en and vomen uf indnnutaMe courage
and energy who under surb conditions in
vsded and finally omqured the West.
Tiie foM.l. fmind ia ttie OgaUHa and
Arikare formation, ahow that western
Nebraska a. intiabited in what the
e.logit t'-rin. late Miciie time by
animal of very di(Teret t.vpe. from
those luing there now, and alo that
very different l.hj.Ntil evnditiona re-
lailed at that time. In fl of tbe dry,
barren plain. f to-day tiere were
inerrHi ftiHDii and saemry lorn land.
I be Arikaree ffwmatios contain, sre.t
lenil tf bm- f a iuhar tvpe of
annual. !le4 chilif-t 'ire. Tlr a ere
lTtf-r ttiaa a lrtr bre and bad a
Itnrae l.ke lie.l. I ,,f frt leg, and
hrter hi 1.4 lff. Iwit nery fot bad
Military Preparedness; What Does It
As the exponents of a democracy
which in tiie end will n-generste the pu
litil system of the world, our military
police of acting upon tiie defensive un
til the great armies which exi.t in em
bryo in our free ritiienship can be en
rolled, organised, and put Into the field,
i. hardly ahneant of existing condition,
or conformable to the self-respect and
dignity of a great nation, which should
ponM the ability to puni.h trangre
ion. aa well a. to protect it. institu
tion. The leading nation, of the world re
quire a compuWiry military training
for their citirena, generally tlire year,
of it Tlia I'nited Mate, sboulj al
aay. have within it. borders a sullicient
number of trained men fitted promptly
to take their places in the ranks. Way.
and mean, to accomplish thia have been
J kmii ted out by tarimi. necretarie of
aar and chiefs of staff, and ned no re
petition here. But the old idea that
uniform make, a soldier snut be aban
doned, Sueeea. ia future wars a ill de
urnd Un .kill in the dm of weapon,
and in fire diw ipline, combined aita im
plicit ohedienre and tni't in eomaian-dt-ra.
Tbee raaiiot beeoroe aeond na
ture, a. ther mut to be effective.
through the training of volunteer ramp.
in tie day. or w-k. preceding a r
fliit. The union ba. frogreaeJ to that
riint when it an bt aerted. o
f.r a. the ril.j-i4i if w.r are romriM-d,
by a regnlar army aura a fi.r" aa
a mild arre, at bat, for t, firt line of
(Hark. The old bugbear of a tani:lg
rm r minr a flntiami Ia littf-rfv A
three W. ea.h of ahk ia f l.ee of a:llt bit efared with the aMtknw-H
r-re .. .orn,.m. tiaa. A eijoal r f h ,tK(, cf rtit(. ,Ter,lfntr. It
.trans-- form of Mio-ne Mne H a Iw-I.y ,trT fMln timt a a-'d-i
S.ke an.mal ral e.! erndyvraa. Its M . .... , .u ,;w .4..
irw-a. TarniiHi ii-i an anreM-pe ,,,, t , ,r . tnmimt
ury Finds that Fred L. Banker of tbe
Same Village is Not Entitled to
Damages for Leg Bone
' . ' Setting.
Rutland, Oct. 16. A yerdiet for the
defense in the case alleging malpractice
brought against Dr. John II. Carty of
Fair Haven, by Fred L. Banker of tha
illage was returned in county court
esterday afternoon after more than six
hours' deliberation.
The rase which has attracted conoid
erable attention in medical circles has
been on trial since Tuesday afternoon,
bout 35 witnesses, many of them ex
perts, having been examined.
The plaintiff alleged that by a poor
setting of broken bones, his foot was
deformed. Dr. Carty testified that tho
bone was properly set In the first ln
stance but when the patient suffered
rain his yri'e relieved Him by moving
the bandage and splints. Other w itness
er claimed the plaintiff was about on
his leg before it had chsnce properly to
Frank H. Harris, Georgia Farmer, Re
cently Had Operation.
Georgia, (Vt. l(J.6-Frank IL Harris, a
prosperous middle-aged farmer, who re
cently purchased a farm in this town
from L. J. Morton of St. Albana, died at
30 o'clock last evening of tetanus.
While cutting ensilage three weeks ago
at the farm of Arthur Wheeler, Mr
Harris injured his left hand, necessitat
ing the amputation of three Anger.. He
seemed to be recovering aatisfactorily
from thi. operation, and physician, are
of the opinion that tke tetauus developed
from a slight knife mound be had re
ceived in his wrist a few days before his
hand was injured. The what wound
had apparently healed, and the surface
was closed over, so that its real condi
tion wss not known until the tetanus
hsd readied an advanced stage. Peaides
hi. wife, Mr. Harris is survived by aix
children, ranging from aeven to IS years
of age, and both of his parents, who
reside In Piatt. burg. Hi. mother ass
with him far some time previous to his
Wilson Bros, ef Brattlebort Wen frsm
Frank A. Larrew.
Brattlrboro. fVt. 1 The Jury in the
rae of the Wilson Itrother. garage ..
Frank A. I -arrow, l.h of Hrattlehoro,
Boston, Oct. 16. Advocates of
woman's suffrage amendment, to be vot
ed upon by the people of Massachusetts
in November, , were astir to-day with
final preparations for a spectacular pa
rade this afternoon, in which 10,000
luarchers, according to the leaders, were
to be in line. Thirty bands have been
engaged for the event. ' f;
The parade will be reviewed at differ'
ent points by Alice Stone Blackwell,
president of the Massachusetts associa
tion, and other suffrage leaders. Gov
ernor Walsh and Mayor' Curley will re
view a counter demonstration, planned
by leaders of the anti-suffrage move
All along the line of maVch, scores of
buildings are decorated with red, the
anti-suffrage color, while red roses, worn
by the crowds in the street, were sup
posed to indicate their opposition to
votes for women. The antis are under
strict orders, however, not to annoy the
paraders, but to make their protest a
silent one.
Montpelier Woman Taken to Hospital
Yesterday, Died During Night
Mrs. Charles Lovely of Montpelier died
at Heaton hospital in that city this
morning at 3:10 o'clock, having been
taken there yesterday noon when she
was taken suddenly ill.
Mrs. Lovely's maiden name was Jessie
Patterson and she was born in Wsrren,
the daughter of Samuel and Jennie N.
Patterson. The date of her birth was
November 10, ISM. She was married to
Mr. Lovely-last .Maj-ch. She- leaves her
parents, her husband, two brothers,
Charles Patterson of Waitsfield and
George Patterson of Norwich, snd a ais-
ter, Mrs. E. G. Somervilla of Burling
The funeral is to be held from her late
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and Kev.
Stanley F. Blomfleld will ofliciate.
Mrs. Lovely was very HI last Jlay lor
week ss the result of taking poison, it
wss said by accident.
Grand Lodge of Vermont, Good Templars,
Was There This Week.
Tho 64th session of tho grand lodge
of Vermont, International Order of Good
Templars, was held with Winooski lodge
at Cabot Oct. 13 and 14. Winooskl lodge
tendered a reception to the officers and
members of the grand loago in uoou
Templars' hall on Tuesday evening. Re
freshments were served and a social nour
was enioved.
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock,- the
grand lodge was called to order by Rev.
K. E. Phillips of St. Johnsbury. Several
candidates were present to receive the
grand lodge degree. The reports of the
officers were then given and the treasurer
reported over IP700 in the treasury, witn
all bills paid. ,At 4 o'clock oyer 60
children entered' the hall with their
faithful superintendent, Mrs. Bruce, and
vt ere heartily welcomed by the grand
lodge. . The officers gave the children
many words of encouragement and the
children gave a short -program and with
Wednesday evening, Hon. Frank Plum
ley of Northfield gave an address before
a crowded house.
Thursday morning the following offi
cers were elected: 0. C. T., Rev. E. E.
Phillips of St. Johnsbury; G. V. T., Mrs.
W. W. Turner of Middlebury; G. S., Mrs.
C. D. Edgerton of Northfield; G. T K. C.
Boardman'of Middlebury; G. h. h. v..
Mrs. Abbie D. Willey of Barre; D. I. C.
T., M. B. Morgan of Bennington; G. C,
Mrs. Ella Dwinell of East Calais; G.'E.
S., Frank Plumley of Nort't: field; G. M.,
Carroll St. John of Cabot; G. D. M.,
Miss Elena Phillips of St. Johnsbury;
G.,' Mrs. W. W. Turner of Middlebury;
G. S., W. C. Peck of Woodbury; O. guard,
Mrs. M. P. Jackson of Cabot; delegates
to the international grand lodge, to be
held at Minneapolis,, Minn- M. B. Mor
gan of Bennington and Mrs. Abbie D.j
Willey of Barre; delegates to the na-
lonal meeting, to be held at Grand
Rapids, Mich.. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Phil
ips of St. Johnsbury.
The officers wero installed by M. B.
Morgan of Bennington, W. W. Turner
sctmg as grand marshal and Mrs. Ii, C.
Boardman as grand deputy marshal. The
grand lodge closed at 12:15 to meet in
October, lyifl, at St. Johnsbury.
Barre Ef
. . On :
s i Not to Assess
' f-State Cor-
.tion Stock
Special Meeting of Board of
Civil Authority Takes
This Action
At Fifth Encampment District in Barre
4 Last Evening.
One hundred members of the fifth en
campment district, Independent Order
f Odd Fellows, gathered in the hall of
Minnehaha encampment, No. 2, in the
Gordon block last evening for their aft
nual meeting. "Encampment members
from Northfield, Randolph, Montpelier,
East Barre, Waitsfield and Plaintield
joined .with the lJarre encampment in
ceremonial work and a banquet. Frank
W. Jackson,'- past grand representative,
of this city gave the address oL welcome
and various responses were made. Thom
as Wildcy encampment of Montpelier
worked the third or royal purple degree
on a class of candidates, the exemplifi
cation being carried out very satisfactor
ily. The unwritten work aas in charge
of the grand lodge officers.
Following the ceremonial an encamp
ment banquet was served by a commit
tee from Minnehaha encampment. There
was an interesting program of after
dinner speeches to which, a number of
the visitors contributed.
Among the grand' lodge officers present
were: Charles F. Fsrr of St. Johns
bury, grand patriarch, O. H. Henderson
nf St Jnhniiliiirr. arand scribe. J. A. K on-
Soldering Pot Caught Fir This Morning t,r of Waterbury, grand representative.
Line of Clothes Smoked. Judge If. . Scott of Barre, grand rep-
.it i i .: . i A .v. resentative, N. C. Buck of Randolph, dis-
A blazing soldering pot in front Of the . . . . ' , , . w
Davis A Somer. plumbing eat.Ui.hme.it H1, de';ut.v.. fr,nJ i""' S
on School .trt early thi. morning ! 1 7 w' P v , t? sf
a . i. ii v.- ... i. i. J grand patriarch, W. P. Cheney of St.
raupcu a uuttj v,i w " '
Johnsbury, district deputy grand master,
Alexander Duncan of Barre, grand con
ductor, O. J. Croa. of Montpelier, grand
fire station. Two members of the de
pertinent responded on foot. Brined with
extinguisher., and aurceecjea in squeicn-
ing the blase. The solder became ignited
in the shop soon, after the place was
oened for business. Someone had the
presence of mind to throw it into the
treet. A line of clothe, directly in the
path of the smoke suffered the only
da mage.
Mr.. Seth Corae, for many year, a lo
cal re.ideht. left thia morning or her
home in Collegeport, lex, alter passing
he summer in tha city with friend..
Mic ws. accompanied a. f.r a. Green. -burg.
Kan., by Mi as Helen Bowman,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bow-man.
The Montpelier blgb aeWI football bride wa attriid'-d by her aister,
tied, numbering IS plavera, and ae-i.M.ry AUxander, and her couoin. J
eompanied by t a"h rrederie l.dwaM., Mm
A special committee consisting of As
sessor Augustus M. Rossi, City Clerk
James Mackay and Mayor . Lung-ley re.
ported favorably on the petition of D. M.
Miles for a tax rebate at a special meet
ing of the board of civil authority held
! a. l i , . , i.,t t ,
in mo council cuamucr at cuy naa iao
evening. 1 wave members of the bohrit
wero present and Frank 0. Howlund w:n
t'.e presiding olh'ccr. Action on sevonl
cases was in order after a dUpo.it.ioa
of Mr. Miles' request had been reuohed.
in consequence of the committees re
port a rebate of $1,317 to Mr. Miles wa
ordered. "At a previous mewtlng of tha
board Mr. Miles protested against tU
action of the assessors in levving a tax
on corpoiation stocks, a part of whioli
are out-of-tlie-state securities. Mr. Miles
mado tke claim that the securities wera '
being subjeetat to a double tsx an3 that
tha practice tt taxing stocks of tlia
same kind was not bc!ng carried out in-
other towns. Vhile ire course followed
by tko assessors is held to be strictly
within thai meaning of the. statutes, tho
com in! t ten appointed at the time the pe
tition wai prcsenta.l ascertained that
listers irr other cities and towns had not
been instructed by tho state tax com
missioner to figure audi corporation taxes
in the grand lint. It Ss stated that tho
local assessors were instructed differently
by the statu tax commissioner, who, it
ia claimed, submitted only a vague reply
to questions asked him by the special
committee. The rebate made to Mr.
Miles was on railroad and other corpora
tion stocks out of the state.
W. If. Messer wss grouted a rebate on
the grnndlist of $8.90 bccnimo of an over
valuation of bank stock which he brought
to the attention of the board at a pre
vious meeting. I.uke B. Gallagher, at
present a resident of Waterbury, was
granted a poll tax rebate of $4.60, as 16
developed that he was taxed in Water
bury. Dr. W. D. Reid was granted a re
bate on a grand list of $114.54 on rail
road stocks in which the selling corpora
tion is located out of the state. F. O.
Howland was granted a rebate of !!I4.3(
on corporation stock and E. W. Cuming
was granted a rebate of $11. .VI. an ex
cessive valuation of $500 on real estate
having been discovered. William Dal
ton's previous appeal for a poll tax re
bate on the ground that he is a resident
of Duxbury was dismissed, the esse hav
ing been held over from the last meeting
for investigation.
Lft Their Homes in Graniteville They
are 15 and 14 Years Old.
From Graniteville comes the report of
two runaway boys who are now being
sought by their relatives. The elder
of the two is Alex. McKenzie'. .on, and
he i. descrilied ss follows: 15 years old,
light hair, blue eyes, .marl scar on
right cheek; wore green cost, red sweat
er snj tan shoes. The other buy is 14
year, of age, shorter than hi. nmpn
ion, dsrk complexion and dark hair. The
boys went aaay together and they are
probably together at the preaetit time.
Information aa to the whereabouts of
the boy. will be very much appreciated
Wedding Took Place Last Evening at the
Bride' Home.
Mias Jessie Alexander, daughter of
Mr. and Mr. James ( Alexander of
19 Plain street, and Alexander La anon
wera marr
of the iuple and near relative, witness
ing the ceremony. Ilev. J. W. Parnett,
ja.tor of the Ibarra toiiireg.tional
hurt h, til officiating rlerp.ttnan. The A n,lmv.r of Parre football funs left
-thi noon by automobile f r llm.owr,
ames y. f f.i attend the Unrt mouth - ertm iit
was the eroomman. i ne wea-
... u , T , . by the father of the elder boy, Alex. Me
rned at tha bride . home last ,.- ... t
' . . , , . . . j. i Kenrie, Graniteville, t. N
at S o, dock, intimate friend
OiarVMon. S. t. 1 4. tt"l
battle ia M-h one win a lulled and i
four 4iw-r er mt,A-i 1,r.-k up a 1 p?tr during the week
of th ItniwwT.tie r;ty nrTilt rl r 1 r atera "tb m4n
twt was banger and bad four boroa. ttj, ftrwte-nns ia bi inb -f.4ei.- ( """ y"d.y at abi-b the lu-, ar-'.-d for a-oing I.fo"r wt in
ahK-h ba. been on trial in county court, J Mnairr ,u..m r.r.eii ana iToiraa. o ng m.rcn -a. , I Uinjamin ba.rareiK or .vcrc,n.
r turned a verdict ye.ter-iay for tiie ' Prainerd Adma,-wbo a ill I an official.; Mora and the btKie . given in mr- ,tr jrft the city lst evening f.-r -plaintiff,
of 0I Thi. was divided "ft nmB,n' M. Allan. to pl.y:riage by her father. Vrry attractive dec-;,on w(r, 1 to make a buim visit
ia. B.,."iwi'w l-.,... .n ,mmA tat 'thi. .(temorm. The trip a.s m.de by oration, formed a setting lor the rn , , ,.verl .Iv.
darnafieT ITleaVto UrTt c-uaa4 ia ihr" f - ' """F. 'r"i 'nn in Mr. snd Mr. ( de Hovel! of Mont-
IVhni.r llil hr a t.rf af th aae I" '' ,'", ,OT ,, ,r'P ,,T A- """i a boifJH. t of bride". ! Tr p. g. ,r, ,i.,ting at the lu.uie of
"j '.v' J ,i ' I.a ' Howland, "WHf' Pailey and Frank W. re. Tbe bridesmaid a ore ah.te and , T),Klre IW-ach of -r.ivt treet. Mr.
g.r.ee build inaT
by tla defendant and ocrupie4 by the
plaintiff falling and damaging automo
biles. The reraind-r te b due fr work
nd at!tombile .nptle.. The Jfewd.at
claimed offart. that left na kalnnr-e. Tba
full amount of the rlaim of tbr tlain
tiff to about .T. ll.rri. 11. fb.ae
of 1i.e A (1 iw spfieared for tbe flaia
tiff snd A. F. Nbaenk for the defendant.
One Kan, a Reporter. Kleo, at CbarW-
tem, S. C .
Mitchell. Four plater, a ho aera an hie ! rarri'd a mei:sy of carnation.. Aft r ! Hna. il a. Iiin.r;v rnipbned . a t-!a-
t aqiieere into tha motor, fc-ft on tbjthe ceremony tlira a., a delightful in- ojwrotor at UntyAiT Jnmt'n.
traia. 'formal rwption at ahn- tho neaiyj ,,j yrK v. .. 1,1'jion ant
Attorney John IL S-nter ba. raeeird : a ediW-4 rouple were gret-d by their , taugVter. M, K.tiiben IPmot. of
a letter from bis aon, John H. Softer, )r, ) friend. I.at"r tbey b-it by automobile j Waterbury tenter aine.l in the itr
aha enlisted lat rebrwary in a Canadian ' a it h Ibwtoa a. their detin.tin. jto-d.y for a rk-nd t the Iim
ngimit at MotitrewL the youtig m.n be.) J.r. aad Mr. la " are bcth welljr.f Mr. and Mr. A. ii. Mi of -
mg located in Fraawe. Ha Hi I nglaad ' known Karre young penr'- Mr. l""n n trort.
ath hi. regiment lt nwit H. The M- u a gr.nttoi uttrr nd ft brida aaa f -n j Y. rikvn .laVon of -t Alln. w"i
ter lor the imtU pot mark, "Field t aane time emoo--ted aith the "ity bak-Ji iiTintend nt of bov ! tb we'll in
Vtttintttm, FTance." it on North Main atrwt. Tbr um lm borne r it y. ba. ben orji-M by tha
Supreme eo.trt adtottf4 yaatarday ( the iw,r,i. rt of roary valuat.W ..) j rm.b'. club to gn a t.'k in llpuliti 1
.ftronn ontil Tartar of tt ek A,tl, r,ft. lii tier rHuni thy n,;l'i' In thi. ntv Tn-!v ring. an I
after luring aevoral Windham ommty rrnie ia thi. city.
rea. It i. -ohat,le that t! I'TIH Wiilj '
I frwhrd bv tbe aad of wit r k.
Safor4 A.' Iiaaiei. of the rnduKnal' TO FREE BSOCCIJlI.
.,-,fl.t biard rrtmd bt eng t;
r-n ia prattb l-ro. aftey Im-mg ia , Watvon KaOe sa Is Betag near
. ithe public i. rorji.ry io it-i t sttd.
If eubioft of tba't.'k a.-l be "1 a
Pu.ii.nt of t' P'-v." t l it Ih-1 t 't
I w ra't of te tTli a II W t
' t a-
CLAIM CItL WAS EXFCTTTED. j U.gy fmn, ovy the eya, rtimng mw.rd 1 fmriy nf a-tanaa it oi. ) t- j,ot ' Tueal.t'a munx ipal pri jt-ft ta a11 m lurw.ii, at-rarad b..
Jutt Wa-erir.n
.'n V v ti-t'vun
in.ng of a fr' mrr-.t to fnrnifc a -i!?-i-a
y f ri'ia il l tft mn rt luf I ''a
a f .m rra.
! A nxtiy t o t-- ra t' clr v"t-
r""f!? T a a. . .1.. ,. i... .....
court at M.o,tp.l.er t-day .rrwnoM .. .. r t ' .. ... v.,,,.... '...-
a rr ir . a moti'm fr he v. -at
f '
aVetnat She Harbcral Brttiafc, rmdiW trtaard. t .n. n.w: iHiCw a i. ,,r V,,'m1 ,,h n"1 ''T- i'"'' rtr ' f " !'t , T f -b-m 4 Wr-t.-r. M. aod M-v . P.
, . !jh. sail arH.-o lav b. fotmd.i.. , . . e., .-a -io J. t ola, a OfrVr f'r V- ia anon. I l a f . at 11 . , "!r " r i 4, h , V;M I, L.'.4.r cf
l-mm. -V. 1-fba f .n ,Ca ... about tbe . of a aWp 7 il TTt ,L ZTZZrJZ i ',t,m I "-i ll h w.a .tv4 j m , .. ... M, . -o i h' ' 1 4 ""1 I ) -.,1.,. p.- ao.l ,. II... 4
U. b-w s.;W H- ti- Arnv,. . W I ba ,nm.. of rood-. ' ?L Tr iV .Z it, r i '"" ' I - t I bold at T .7 " i- '"' aboar e-
a-K af .. ,rr-t-4 Anf-t by tha tW af-it ..! bad l, 1 ke rat IV.! Hi . T . w a-fd. tU t . t,i . , ir r Wa anw; tH fYOBATE COriT ' f,,,, yr. .ad V... -i.i.
Ul ba. fm.l XTm --a. laroa-. m tK-l-rt. tH "2 V flrti at-m.l aa-a kf j, Uaa-. ba.a t ,M aiia t.-t V... r-rd . I,-. V I. n ( .. . ... H.
It a ola-a. thtt ta a-aa ul tnwim i;( tiieooi t on Wrt. i i. Aa mmI.w u-. .u .'a-... . e !. i , , n . i . ,. . , i.
r'- Sf-a. f.v.-l waa that W if-!w,-L ah-'-l I n,w4 .-. bat'a tm
Wad fr- ar-4 lr4 a4- ; f Tha toVav i'iki. wt-ab 1'
' ."d I"rtao of a-'-rr r ' -W-i-'iaH 1 la-rt kw-t trp .tj
-ad aa:. j f - m t at! Ji-J ri--.'tit-Ta. haa r??-
Sbe Ki
ittnm tif faM at.4 ta fa-bv '.er trMt. J a.-v wrra f' la iT.t earn-l of .-''i t i."r
it -- aid IS atMJUt I ouW- ' aw iaJ ai , lt -j'"W 5 fr1a at-t 'f "-?' ':-'!$ Waa
7'" o.'- t - ia a tw-tf! I iJ'itt aa viarr J." a V. ',?. aa af---ot a la a- - . . t ! a - awt-.a of
ta I a TO'tl l a).t H-.a aro 1m'" l "o n ft t .t t-r- tjMtmtm aanl aal to i -a t a ?( 'tn t ? .'". b a ' u ' - . .
,T r " r.'1-a. t.-t c-.-" I ,: V "-a ai-S, a i,aa . H-a- 0114 r a. r'''. T"- Vf-:':,f. IT a'"',-t.f t-"-a aaa ft 't - "t. rji.i ra 1 !."-. , "t
iVtta far tba fo-ajj- . - pm .' aa-a U -.rt-,i a t- ! o4f. lnlil t a.l "I 1 1 t .ul , ,. . 4...... I .. . r..i r f.S-aar.a vaa '.!.,., la a a T aa-r t.a,aa
u:li-U. .. oa''W ra , T"j-r'a to roakra n fixi-na tna aao ;- al 4,ra . a a l-i-firoa r."t. ktM'f t'-fin-a t " aaa ; o--a a '- a4 w otrt
tvl 0 I 'f a; ;.a L !. -itrtwii- - .-ai
! Ki- - - - i
I ".T a,'' '- I 1
7 , a.' I ai --
I K V . '
-.4 tw,-.t:
.' r , Tj-r'a to roakra n fiorir t'na rao? 'va- a Ijt t t!f-'
frtsbnjb'naf jSty." M, Lokj fn;b:. jfiont, Irs-ss I. I'yie.

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