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EnUrrxi at the Potofflc nt Iiarr H Bacon
Clan Mull Mutter
JubllhJ Evry Wtk-Dy AfUrnoon
On r'
On month
King! copy .
,.it conta
Tlia next thin In order will be to
throw the human voice around the globe.
Greece is exceedingly slippery when it
comes to handling her with diplomacy.
The calliiur of many doctors into a
death case in St. Albans indicates that
the lawyers will come next. .
If that reported army of 230,000 Serb
Ian women ever does get into action, woe
to the Austfians, Germans and Bulga
A Rutland mun was shot because he
and a hunting companion separated in the
woods and thus closed in on a partridge.
It is a dangerous method of hunting.
The unusual disposition of litigants to
settle their differences outside of court is
i;klv to make a short session of the
October term of Washington county
court, at least as far as civil actions are
concerned. It is a state of affairs that
is very pleasing all around.
The maker of a certain brand of auto
mobiles offers to take a million dollars'
worth of Canadian bonds providing Can
ada sees fit to issue bonds. This maker
of a certain brand of automobiles seems
to be experiencing a violent change of
heart since a movement was started in
Canada to boycott his automobiles. .
Undoubtedly it is a mere bluff that the
Turks are going to send troops into Bal
kan territory in order to assist Bulgaria
in fighting the entente allies, for Turkey,
notwithstanding her stonewall defense
against the allies seeking to reach Con
etantinople, is not yet in a position to
lend aid to anyone. Turkey needs all her
tnen and all her ammunition on the Galli
poli peninsula.
While Great Britain and France, two
of the wealthiest nations of the earth,
are compelled to sell their bonds below
par, the city of Springfield, Mass., still
is able to command a sizeable premium
notwithstanding that the interest rate is
one per cent less than Great Britain and
France offered for their bonds. Still we
do not see any cause for Mayor Stacy of
that municipality to take credit to his
administration for the city's ability to
demand a premium, as he seems to do
when he exclaims: "I'm mighty well
pleased. It's very complimentary to the
administration, it seems to me." To
!K I
credit waa established long lefore Jlayor
Stacy took hold of the reins of govern
ment and that it will no doubt be main
tained long after Mayor Stacy has relin
quished the office. If the executive bad
aid that the result was very complimen
tary to the city itself, he would have
hit nearer to the mark than be did.
Our store is the weather
cock of style.
We're constantly chang
ing ideas and stock to
keep in the trade wind
of fashion. To-day for
$15 you can get a suit
that's Cock-of-the-Walk
for correct dress. Spe
cial, pronounced mod-
els for young men in
lively patterns with pep
in every line, also Mack
inaws, Sweaters, and the
best 1 i n e of Flannel
Shirts we 'have ever
F. H. Rogers & Co.
We Clean, Press, and Repair Clothing
. at 7:30 p. m., the pastor will report
fledged leader in military affairs big vlgjt to preibytery and synod,
state of Vermont and, moreover, Salvation Army Open-air service t
of the
won distinction for himself as an instrue
tor of young men. We believe it is a
fact that the military department of the
University of Vermont was raised from
a position of disrepute to one of fairly
prominent standing, one pronounced re
sult being the recruiting of a company
of the Vermont National Guard from
the student body of that institution,
largely through the influence and inspira
tion of the professor of military science
and tactics. So Captain Reeves will
brinor to Norwich university an experi
ence in practical as well as theoretical
military science and at the same time
a tried ability as a leader of young men.
He holds the honorary degTee of C. E.
(civil engineering) as conferred upon
him by the University of Vermont.
The heaping of abuse on the state of
New Jersey by those who feel piqued
over the defeat of the woman's suffrsge
amendment to the stats constitution is
not calculated to make matters any bet
ter but is likely to embitter the anti
equal suffrsgiMs much more than the
bsrsh things of political campaign did.
Nor do thce women who now rail against
New Jersey show very good discrimina
tion. New Jersey may be a back number,
may be far from progressive, may even
fce ft sleeping-place for New York City
and itself asleep moel of the timj but
outspoken tateroents to that effect will
rot fall lightly oh the people of that com
mon wealth who are loyal to t'neir state
end who may be working for its advance
meet. It Is noteworthy tht most of
(hoe unkind things were aaid about New
Jersey from the safe vantage point of
tha equal euffrspe headquarters la New
York City and did not emanate from
New Jersey women themelve. Such
derogatory remarks, too, rather belie the
statement of some of the ufTrpit fr-T-oneeU
thst the of New Jenw-y doe
not make any appreciable difference to
tHem. If New Jersey was lint eomn dt-rr-4
rerr important fighting ground, the de
fet received there mr1 1 easily I over
looke.l without reort to titiifwTitimi h?
tlie Vfefed party. The -imt1 of
tte d-'et4 srmy are e !, t.t'y VA
&tm4 is thus siting way to t!wir fel
irg of diMppointmefst.
See Vermont First a Good Slogan.
The Barre Times in its semi-jocose
editorial reference to the visit of the
Bennington county resident to Rutland,
being the case of a South Dorset man
who 'had not seen this city in 30 years
and was moved to write the Evening
Vrwi letter pun reus inn his wonder at
the marvelous growtn ana improvement,
architecturally and in every other way
tlie town had in the three decades, nev
ertheless emphasizes a point worth mak
ing, and that is that a great many resi
dents of Vermont would be distinctly
the gsiners if they would "see Vermont
This very slogan has been adopted by
numerous boards of trade, as well as
the state organization, as exemplified
by the numerous "Iletter Acquaintance"
trfp which have been made by good
sired delegation during the past two
Rutland does not resent the humor
ous references made to It by The Times.
Indeed, Rarre people themnevlea would no
doubt be enlightened and entertained if
they would come to Rutland more fre
quently, as they would be furthermore
inspired by firsthand information of the
growth and increasing industrial activi
ties of the tow n. Rutland News.
Swedish Mission on Brook Street Sun
day school at 10:30 a. m,j service at 7
p. m. AH welcome.
Miuinn TTnlnn Siinriav School. South
Barre -Meets Sunday at 3 p. m. There
will be no preaclung service.
Christian Science Church Service at
10:43 a. in. Wednesday evening meeting
at 7:30. To these services all are wel
come. The reading room is open Tuesday
and Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. 7 Summer
Berlin Congregational Church Rev.
Frank Rlomfield. nastor. 10:45 a. in-
service with, address by the pastor on
"Things Not Shaken." Noon, Sunday
school. 7:3V p. m., young people a rncei
inu. ' ' . .
St. John the Baptiat Episcopal Church,
Websterville W. J. M. Rcattie, rector.
Evening prayer and sermon at 3 o'clock.
Sunday school at 2 p. m. Baptism
Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock, fol
lowed by a rehearsal of the choir.
East Barre Congregational Church
Preaching service at 10:30 a. m.; sermon
topic, "Marching Orders." Come and join
the go-to-church band, that already has
large membership. Sunday school at
11:45 a. m. Christian Endeavor service
at 7 n. m.
Church of the Good Shepherd W. J. M
ueattie, rector, iioiy communion ai i
a. m. Morning prayer and sermon a
10:30. Sunday school at 11:50. Evening
prayer and sermon at 7 o'clock. Con
firmutiiin pinna at. 7 on Friflav evening
The vestry will meet at 7:30 on Friday
Presbyterian Church Edgar Crossland
riHatnr. Mnrriinir Rervica at 10:30: ul)
ject of address, "The Triumphal Proces
H rf l 1 1 i. .1
Bion. i ounaay scnuoi at noun. jm. i
o'clock evening service', subject of ad'
dreg. "The Nations at WarGreat Brit
In" fiaa Kell. Pantlev will nine "In
the Land of Hope and Glory." Thursday
Armv Open-air service this
et-eiiinir at DiTint Hnnare at 7:30. Free
and easy meeting indoors at 8. Sunday
services Sunday school at 1:30. Meet
inir nf KnliH ft net eltanel. Foxville. at 3
Young people's legion at 6:30. Open-air
service at 7:30. Salvation meeting at 8.
Capt. Grace Young of Winsted, Conn.,
will have charge of the meetings this
week end. The captain was stationed
here as an assistant to bnslgn rarsons.
Pome aloncr and hear her.
First Baptist Church George II. Holt,
pastor. Morning service at 10:30; sub
ject of sermon. "The Exception." At 12
o'clock, Bible school; subject of lesson,
"Flisha'a TIeavenlv Defenders." 3 o'clock.
iunior meetimr: subiect. "Birds." At 6
o clock, regular christian tnaeavor meet
ir.c! snhiect. "Capturing Politics for
God," Pa. 33:8-22. James Grearson, lead
er. At 7 o'clock, evening service; sub
ject, "The Revolt from God's Flan." On
Thursday evening at 6:45, teacher train
ing class will meet; 7:30, prayer meet
ing; subject, "(Sod's Promises.
Unlversalist Church John I). Reardon,
minister. Public worship and sermon at
10:30; subject, "The 'Two Great Com
mandments. Bible study at 11:45;
subject, "The First Christian Mission."
Devotional meeting of the Young Peo
ple's Christian union in the vestry at 7;
subject, "Our Home Missionary Work."
Sunday morning, lrof. W. A. Wheaton
will play "Charity," by Rossini, and
"Gloria from the 3rd Mass," by Mozart;
the quartet will sing, "The Lord Is My
T.iiht." hv Lansing, and "Lord with
Glowing Heart." by Shelley; Mr. Baine
and Mr. Maekay will eing "ine ltuci
fix." by Faure,
Heading Methodist Episcopal Church
E. F. Newell, pastor. Morning worship
at 10:30; sermon on "The Lost Book";
abort sermon to young people on "What
a Little Child Can Do." Sunday school
at 11:30; lesson on "The Heavenly De
fenders"; aome of the classes are grow
ing rapidly and some are growing too
slowly. Junior and intermediste leagues
at 3. Epworth league at ; tipic, "The
Call for Men and Money," Emory New
hall, leader. The subject at 7, "The
Choir of Books"; from 15 years of ex
perience as teacher of English and Amer
ican literature in the schools, the pantor
feels somewhat at home with this theme.
The public are welcome! Miss Sand will
sing morning and evening.
-t m of t troee ejf NnrwHi
t-ftivrrw.-ty its ele-tirlg f'j4t Ira Lou,
I;e. I". S. A, rr, Vfi of ttit l
t itetiotj to 4 rStr'.e IL fpw
t4 ' J F!Bm, the lttT 1 inr
- 4 tenporsry t-4 it't m ,V
a, p0-rtr awr t pre" i Wt t I'i'.g Wt
.l :'! I- i,g to or : a ro '4 rg
,. V!'ty i IHe n. ;..!! '.. a w!:
o wHo ri l:4 W etf-H
mrm S Wi 4: -tg fmntg me of 1 eJ
Vr r. A rn t of IV I . !
- t Irf r tee ia ti
Why don you save
money on tires like
your friends do?
Have you asked any friends of
yours how their Diamond Squeegees
are standing up on local streets and
the roads in this vicinity?
I t J e
more money man necessary, un iires,
do you?
Youll be interested to learn what un
Bsuu!f f.r mSeage Diamond Squegm are
delivering right her unoc JWf friends and
Then remember that you don't pay
"rush-list price far Diamond Saeegee.
They 3 at " FaiT-Ust" rnce.
Your local Diamond dca!er wi3 gladly
teU yoa of other record that he i-nc- about.
ciAvtorcn -rxiR LLsrr- rmcra
aVuee - aveweeeeo
21 3 S 94 a 4 ?? 35 ,
112 Mi' 79
tlnl-i Mr STa Ji9
Ut4 20 00 Ma H
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Check Account here.
Member of Federal Reserve Bank
The Peoples National Bank of Barre
Worthen Block v .
OpM Monday Evanlncs from 7 to I
ig Sale Two
Friday and Saturday
fht Deception Mad Possible by tha
Loud Speaking Telephone.
A great deal of ventriloquism Is not
ventriloquism at all. In fact, the mod
ern wonder In this line of pleasant and
deceptive art needs to have none of the
old time ventrlloquteta' ability nt all.
lie may and often does Btaiid on the
opposite JUe of tha stage from hia
manikin and puff a cigar quite cou
tentedly, to the amazement of the audience.-
Tb dummy answers with a
ready line of repartee, delivered in
stentorian tones. Nor la that all, for he
turns and twists his head, wavos his
arms, kicks up his feet and otherwise
acts in a very lifelike manner.
The secret of the dummy's voice L
the loud speaking telephone and of hi
actions various electro magnets. As
may be guessed, both are operated by
some one off the stage, in oraer to
produce all the desired effects the dum
mv flmire is fitted Inside with a loud
speaking telephone receiver, with the
horn or large mouthpiece pointing to
ward the audience. The receiver is
connected with a special transmitter
in an anteroom some distance away.
An ordinary operator's breast trans
mitter ia also concealed la the body of
the dummy, so that whatever la said
by the ventriloquist on the stage is
transmitted to the operator in the ante
room, enabling him to speak for the
dummy at the proper time. Argonaut.
vtrmt rrtminal Lawver Facts are
tnhhnrn thinm. Second Criminal Law-!
rer (cheerfutly-Ob, yes! If they were
not our fees would be smaner. nn
burgh Tress.
Chang Naturs Wrought to Uplift
Thtir Towrino Psaks.
Nothing in the world's history Is more
impressive than the story of the Alps.
Ten or twelve million years ago, pos
sibly far more, a long unseen line of
weakness, a crack of fissure in the
earth's crust, stretched away from
Trance eastward hundreds of miles. On
this line followed huge volcanic out
bursts. Next ensued a vast slow subsidence,
which went on through geologic epochs
until where Mont 'Blanc now rears Xtn
summit 15,780 feet was a sea fringing
an old continent Large rivers emptied
into it Deposits of mud, sand, gravel
were laid one on another as the sink
ing went on until the layers became
50,000 feet, nearly ten miles, thick.
Then at last commenced a great up
lifting: the struggling subterranean
forces raised a huge load. For ages
this went on until the rocks, crumbled,
crushed, contorted, rose above the wa
ters and continued to rise, forming lines
of mountain chains and making Swit
zerland a tableland.
Every hour since then rain and snow,
river, glacier and avalanche have been
sculpturing Into peaks and carving Into
lakes and valleys that vast platform
with its recent sedimentary covering
and primeval granite core.
The result Is a land of unequaled
grandeur. London Telegraph.
Ladies Coats Ladies' Dresses
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Bargain Table Waists
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Corsets on Main Floor
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WINTER UNDERWEAR Essex and Forest Mills
None better All kinds, Ladies' and Children's
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them Saturday.
Saturday, October 23
60 pairs Large Size Gray Blankets This Blanket sells
everywhere at $2.00 ; this case came to us directly
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the hem; for Saturday, per pair $1.49
(None sold until Saturday)
rAan Sidre
Down and Up.
newgag-IIe's a low down crook
Blldad-Who's a low down crook J
llewgag The man higher up. Chicago
Chinas Languags.
The Chinese language Is very difficult
to learn, for, although there is no al
phabet, it Is necessary to master about
20,000 syllabic characters.
8ur Enough.
"He denies his wife nothing."
"Well, that's one way of avoiding
trouble if yon can afford it." Detroit
Free Tress.
Something to Think
a '
We have selected a few lots on which we will make
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1 lot of Etched Tumblers, 75c to $1.00 a dozen values.
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Watch our windows for special at the
C N. Kcnyon & Cos Store
V. II. Westeoll. Manager
Come Here
Or Any Time for
Your. Winter
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cool; comfort demands them.-
And from the standpoint of satisfaction, good
service and value, you are bound to come to this
We'll show you the newest shapes, the best
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Best line of Boys' and Girls' School Shoes we
have ever shown, such as Educator, Boston
School Shoes and Clark for Boys.
Give us a try.
Rogers' Walk-Over Boot
Barre, Vermont
170 No. Main St.
Saturday Only
200 pounds 20c Chocolates
2 pounds for 25c
Cummings & Lewis,
54 North Main Street Barre, Vermont
A coirrxm will Ie four.d in erh par ag. whkh hcn turned
ir.to ar.y church. Khmi, social club, ladiea ail ncftiis
fratcrral and charitable Lit.tutior. hat a CAM! VALUE.
Tern tb"m ir.to the TREASURER, cr if fr.r church ail
clrrT tb'Tn ir.to the rr.tnb ji?n hex and we how the jr J
is srtxns f.exre
Os Sale at
Eastman Brothcrs, Store
Luxury Reclining
This is the only Keclir.er that -fits" your back
clean up to that bald t pot on your head. We have
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Aho a nice line of Leather and Tapestry Up
holfterenl Chairs ar.d Beckers, from 58.00 up to
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A. VV. Badger & Co.
Tmt rft fmt i tat orr
" i it fjtt -s : t - it-;
Vt k l

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