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VOL. XIX NO. 196..
Great Offensive Against the
Austrian Front Is Said by
Official Despatch at Vien
na to Have Broken Down,
and No Advantage Gained
More Entente Allies' Troops
Being Landed in Greece
for Balkan Campaign-
Greece Is Said to Be More
Inclined to Allies
The great Italian offensive launched a
fortnight ago has broken down, the Aus
trian war office declares In a statement
to-day, after a loss of 150,000 men by
the attacking forces. The Vienna state
ment asserts that the Austrian lines on
the Isonro front are unchanged despite
the assaults of the great foroe made upon
them and that tha Austrian nositions on
. . .... . . an kpen at) the con (put for the. statu
tne Tyrol ana canninian ironis are ine -- - , - . , .1
' . .. , , . . , ticket. omen workers were on hand 1
New York, Pennsylvania and Massachu
setts All Reported Early Vote To Be -Large
Women Campaigned in Mas
sachusetts Up To last Minute.
New York, Nov. 2. The chief interest
in the elections being held in ten states
to-day appeared to centcf in the proposi
tion of grunting suffrage to women which
was submitted to the voters of New
York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
The Voters of Massachusetts, Maryland
and Kentucky also are balloting for gov
ernor and other state officers, while state
wide prohibition is a feature of the Ohio
election and other state and local issues
are before the people of New Jersey, Mis
sissippi, Michigan and irginia.
Generally fair and mild weather pre
vailed throughout isew lorK state ana
a heavy early vote was reported from
many sections, in all instances tne worn
an suffrage question appeared to be the
chief issue.
Mild weather also prevailed through
out Massachusetts and a heavy early
vote was reported. Women allied with
the suffrage cause continued their cam
paign during the day. Early reports in
dicated a large vote in Pennsylvania,
Smoke Completed the Work
Which Gas Started in
New York House
Interest In Woman Suffrage Issue Was
Keen Walsh and McCaU Were
Said to Have Equal
Boston, Nov. 2. Unusually heavy bal
loting was reported during the forenoon
hours in all parts of the state to-day.
It was generally predicted that the race
between Governor Walmh, Democrat, who
was seeking re-election, and his Repub
lican opponent, Samuel W. McCall,
would be close.
Because of the complication of the
issues raised, the leaders of both par
ties admitted the result would depend
largely on the number of ballots cast
for the Prohibition, Progressive and So
cialist candidates.
Interest in woman' suffrage was fully
The Fire Is Believed to Have
Been Due to Ex
plosion 1 .
New York, Nov. 2. Thirteen persons,
of whom sis were men, three women and
four children, lost their lives in a fire
which destroyed a three-story brick ten
ement house on North Sixth street, near
the water front in Brooklyn, early this
Most of the victims were overcome
by gas from a broken pipe, and it is
believed that all had been made union
scions before the Are started. The smoke
completed their asphyxiation, and many
of them were found dead in their beds
AH of the victims were Poles.
The fire is believed to have been due
to an explosion which Was caused when
escaping gas reached a lamp which was
burning in the hallway; but the police
are investigating the rumors of incen
Anna Lebranche Has Made Three Es
capes in Short Time On One of
Them She Stayed on Rafter
In Bridge.
Waterbury, Nov. 2. Several interest
ing antics of an insane person have been
shown in this vicinity .since Friday
night, when a woman by the name of
Anna Lebranche, submitted' from St.
Johnsburv. escaped from the Vermont
state hospital for the insane, was lotited 109 DAYS' BOARD
and returned Mmuay morning and again
vanished from the institution last night
at supper time, but was again captured.
The woman had had a slight hemorrhage
from the stomach and was put in the
rom whidl "he m'ttpod This Isn't the First Time
wu 111 OW IfllUUi
Barre Called On to Pay Jail
Costs of Man Involved
in Private Suit
Barre Has Been Mulct
ed in This Way
same as the defensive forces have held
since the beginning of the war.
The announcement by Berlin news
paper that British and French transports
with troops aboard have appeared off
Kavala, Greece, apparently presages the
landing of a new allied expeditionary
force for operations in the Balkans. Dis
spatches from Athens to London declare
that the attitude of Greece toward the
entente allies is becoming more favorable
and public opinion in Rumania it also
aid. to be growing In favor of interven
tion on the side, of the allies.
The Paris official statement says that
there are no developments of an impor
tant nature on the western front, .
Constantinople reports violent artillery
duels on the Dardanelles front. The
Turks claim to have dispersed masses of
allied troops by artillery fire,
at the polling places
in nearly , every
But He Will Be Confined To Bed Some
Time Longer,
London, Nov. 2. King George, who re
turned last night from the French front,
is recovering slowly from the effects of
his fall from a horse last week but he
will continue to be confined to his bed
some time longer, according to the state
ment of bis phvsicians to-day.
The king arrived at Buckingham palace-
at 7:30 o'clock last evening. Al
though much fatigued by the journey,
his condition was officially reported as
satisfactory. '
The king; reached victoria station ry
His Presence of Mind and Courage En
abled Church Sisters to March
Hundreds of Children Out
in Safety.
Harrisburg, Pa., Nov. 2. Sylvan
Height orphanage, a Catholic institution,
wast destroved by fire to-day, but nun
dreds of children who were attending
was when the flames were discovered
marched to safety. Father Reardon, who
was conducting the mass, continued the
ceremonial until all the children bed
been taken out of the building by the
sisters. ,
Friday night about midnight. - she I
called at the home of Don Barneyabout
three and one-half miles from the hos
pital, on the road to North Duxbury,
Mrs. Barney was alone with the children
and would not let her into the house.
Mr. Harney, who,, works at the power Sheriff Tracv's fail Is crointr to Pet an-
plant, returned about ten minutes later. other glice of clmrit dop(lrtment cham?e
jiuo jiusuiuu w iniurmea ana a snarp ,, . ... ...
search was kept Tip for two hours in " result of a Privftte uit in-
that vicinity, but , without avail. stituted several months ago and a close
The following morning (Saturday), at jail execution which landed the defendant
half past four, she went to the home in the sheriff's keeping. The. detention
norfh88eShTgi -V ""I" fmthe f on. Joe Brogginin for a period of 109
north 8he had secured and wrapped dav. was the outcome of a private quar-
herself m a bedspread, which it was f the dt ,)ad t
learned in the morning she had taken egt tmn tho it ,md in
from a line at the', home of M. V. B. Franc(i but the chrit d,.partment( nev.
Hayden. Mr; Young s people gave her ertheless, is held to pay costs. While the
some nuoes. nmip mey were preparing .hiermanin chsrire mmmitM . ooine ..,i a r-t. ti v r-,
some food for her. she sudden! v riennrt- lei i. n. i:. . r s " n.: ' . . .
.. . f ittiruuuii me lurummy ui j. JV.-jnjl me , hrrinlf .
Supreme Court Affirms Judgment of Pro
bate Court Three Other Decisions
Given Other Cases Continued.
At the opening of the November term
of Vermont supremo court at Mont-
pelier to-duy, decisions were handed
down in four canes, as follows!
Bennington county O. W. Bradley
and Amos N. lllandin vs. Somerset Land
company, assumpsit, judgment affirmed
and cause remanded for trial on its mer
its. The defendant took the case up on
Caledonia county State vs. Joseph
Legendre, selling intoxicating liquor,
judgment found that there was no error
and execution of sentence ordered car
ried out. In lower court, respondent
fined 9300 and fonts.
Chittenden county I Eva Nemie vs.
Henry Todd, trover, judgment for plain
tiff affirmed.
Washington county In re Homer W,
Ileaton estate, Montpelier Savings Bank
& Trust Co,, appellant ; judgment or
dered affirmed and ordered certified to
probate court. The appellant took ex
ceptions on the probate court judgment.
Reynolds & Son's Str e
on North Main Was
Burned Thining with
Loss EstUed at $40,000,
Partially Covered by In
surance ' ,
The following cases were, continued: FIRE WAG rTIMETMrTi
Addison county-H. Z. Potter vs. I.' N. " VV A& CUiN NED
Caledonia county Williams Manufac
turing Co. et al. vs'. Insurance Company
of North America; Jennie N. Spinney,
administratrix, vs. O. V. Hooker & Son;
Hattie N. Bancroft,' administratrix, vs.
A. H. Cote; Oscar C. Woodruff, admin
istrator, vs. William Donaldson and Sa
rah Donaldson ; Lydia A. Estabrook and
eu ana aiuiougn an possible pains were bill, some of the ins and outs of a law
taken by the authorities at the hospital, that has worked niuaticea on mimicinuli.
as well as many of the North Duxbury ties before will be scrutinized and bere
ncighbor. she was not located that day, fter an effort will be made to minimize
although it was since learned that she unavoidable costs of this sort as much as
probably remained most of the day on possible
ZVlCll x . CV 86 Very mUeTB f maj,r imPrt land county case of Charles E. Novak,
near the Jesse ounghome. were ready for attention at the session, a,Imiiaf rn.' nt r),nr,a n pft '
Chittenden county Etienna Latulippe
vs. City of Burlington, negligence; D. C.
Hawley, administrator Harriet C. Peck J
estate, vs. Harvey T. Rutter, adminis
trator Edwin W. Peck estate.
There will be no hearing in the Rut-
Although It Raged in One of
Most Hazardous Places in
Barre Chief Gladding
Had Narrow Escape from
Suffocation at the Outset
,t n V i J I" "g' 7 t,MY memTt mkli'? h,0,V,0rlt f th! Modern Woodmen of America. There
ivis thought lie heard her on the porch, routine business. Dr. M. D. Lamb sent wiI1 bp no trial of state ... Henrv Bor.
i "f, UiZd in lr I1"50' he ime1 Sanke act, rom Windsor Jmn
fir. Snn T PA rni t Mil f. M l I ITI r tn fllA nt lur niaifmal fun havin Ka.n smtiM.rtnaJ 4i ' "
E. J. Courser of Rich ford Convicted on
Charge of Rape.
British Vessel Went Down at Gibraltar
After Collision With Mercantile
- Auxiliary Yesterday.
' London, Nov. 2. The British admiralty
this afternoon announced that the Brit
' inh torpedo boat No. Wl was sunk at
Gibraltar yesterday after a collision.
The torpedo boat collided with a mrrcan
file auxiliary, according to an official
statement. Two officers and nine men
wre reported to be missing.
St. Albans, Nov. 2. The jury in the
Franklin county court this morning
brought in a verdict of guilty in the ease
ot state vs. J. (.ourser ol JOclitord.
special train. Elaborate precautions were The charge was rape, the allegation be
taken to insure privacy, the greater part ing that October 10, 1014, the respondent
of the station bVing closed. The public . ravished Mim Ora t'heeney, a servant
exit was also closed, but the elaborate girl in the Courser home in Richford.
nature of the measures defeated their The case went on trial before Judge
purpose, as they attracted a large crowd IF. M. Butler last Thursday morning,
which lined all the approaches to a con- Immediately after the verdict had been
siderable distance and loudly cheered i rendered State's Attorney S. S. dishing
when the king's motor car appeared.
York Died
moved for a judgment on the verdict.
Counsel for the respondent expressed a
deire to present motions before judg
ment was entered. The motions wer
not arpucd and the question of bail was
next discuhsed. The Mil was raised from
Prominent Editor of New
Suddenly. J
i. a ii . . ti: I k. i
f W 1(11. AIII. 2 II t'l III! II niUUHI. ...... ... . .
. . . . ,t iMBi unit- aiiitj inr irPiinitirin mmm
onner t.-easurer of the Demoerat.c -1,,,,,,,,,, to tht fuHffldr 0'f th ,h,rilT.
wniirammiiOT .na r.o...,.rr . n Ro dev. one of th counsel fnr th
respondent, said that the case would go
New York Staats Zcitung, died sudden
ly late yesterday at bis home in this
Among a large number of prominent
Turin Newspaper Gets Newt From Diplo
mat Who Refused To Divulge Fur
ther Information Bat Said
Report Was Correct.
Turin, Monday, via Psris, Tuesday,
Nov. 2. Crown Prinre Frederick William
of Germany is dead, according to Rome
to th supreme court on exceptions
With the dipoal of the Courier esse
the court began the ronidetstion of the
Oerman-Aroeriean citiw-n. of the United hrftch of rromi, Mi Anna .1.
States Herman Bidder was one of the
most conspicuous figures in the news
psper publishing buviness and in politic.
Hi associate in the publishing busi
ness had honored hint at one time with
th presidency of the American Newspa
per Publisher' association, and for many
year he held hijfh office in the Asso
ciated Ire a treasurer and dirwtor.
In politics he was such a factor that
he wa talked of at the nttionsl Demo
cratic contention in leaver in 1(XI as
a possible nominee for i president on
the ticket with Bryan, whom, however.
Mr. Bidder opposed at that time. He
ii also discussed later a a likely
le t ion for ambassador to (iermsnv. 1
Following the tinminatioa of Bryssj. st
Mscv of Berkshire v. Chsrle 1 Ikdan
of Burlington. This case was tried at
the March term in 1014 at which time
a verdict of M.2HO wa returned for
the plaintiff. It wa taken to the su
preme r"urt and was reversed o the
auction of damage because certain evi
deiwe was not considered on the dues-
ticm of dsmsfi-s. The present jury lis
only to reassess the damage.
Berlia Hears that Mere English and
French Arrive in Balks as.
Amsterdam, vis London. Nov. 2. A
new Anglo-French expedition t the
dispateh to Garctte d Populo whoa t'" convention, after former "V. j p,H,Bs is announced by the IW-rliB
m..li ..rt. .. ... i'.i, i Cher! N. Haskell of oklh.nia bad re- j Tstr. l.l.tt Thi nrn-T i iiWi.b.- a
rorrespondent aert. be wa. informed ,ifnH tre..lirer of the n.tK.l lN-m- teLpram fem N.A.. t.t.i.g that Br.t-
by a diplomat aeeredited to th Vaticsa
that the news bad Wa received in ci
pher messspe from th papal nuncio st
Vtcnns. The diplomat is said to hare
refused furthrr detail but assured the
correspondent that th new wa authen
tic '
ish and French trsnp.rt wild tr
bate appearerf fff Katala. (.reeee,
All Night
jorntie committee hrrs use f hi afTMia-
tioa with Maadard Oil interests. Mr.
Bidder wa rbooea as treasurer and. in
hi own nam and tlm tf hi brothets,
II enrtrihuted $ST.', tb largest single
I contribution to tb Bryan caropsign.
Mr. Rid-.bT was r,sff and ert,tw tf
Ihe New York tU Zeitnnir. one of
the foremost Ormsa n-wspsers in t!e
t .,,.,! Vt.to. mil I' rimrh II I! ke (II
Germen. Have Made Impert.at Strt r-HH,,lrlr --T- r-.tir ,n hi. 3 "'n" .ZZtrZ'Z'trZi
in tnU .rd.t defense f the 4.evm it h.. ;''!r all nt,t with .tr rm s4
in Sra. a tHe F.ir f wsr liirting ils. Irft.etsl I ri. ..
I. Um V, l-k lrm.t.. ., ' i.i -1... njldrew sWllr after bLffbt t ds r.
Kr?itftr the arseasl twa
ot vn'fis. wi.ii their RuVsrisa allies
ttf ,i,,irf ll-f r "sv tliro'ih te
Aftet Battl Which Lasted
at A to Prieta.
1iipIss. Arir Nov. 2. - After
dep"rste tlli'ii e Arv IVxts
f fit iltS
I r,.t, i si .-s t"f
en e flu'.-s 'in. i
in tm e stimn
t i. -rl' war pi- ; s
. . - . , . I At tbt time lislf a iinrrm er"ns on the
;f n4e in. afd a New i ."kf-r fr" , . ., , V ...
. ... . .. , . aneri-s si'le rf t !e l.ie.)srr I.s4 t---s
t.irlh wntil bis westh He was Imrn March ...
e . - j Wm.-L
I 1 1 . urn - . T mm i.'u wrt- n1 -I
foot and feared that calling to the other I medical fee, bavins been summoned to;
members ot the family would frighten police headquarters to attend John C.
her away, he remained quiet until day- Brennan on the night of Oct. 10. Inquiry
light, when various drygoods were developed the information that tne police
found missing. I had called Dr. P. S. Duffy, the city phy-
At 6 o clock Sunday morning, smoke Isician, who in turn sent for Dr. Lamb.
was discovered coining from the cliimnev I The council held that Dr. Duffy should
at the schoolhouse in the Hayden dis-lpay the bill and the matter was referred
tnct. and M. . B. Hayden and Edgar t clianty committee.
J. Mofse found her comfortablv located. A resolution appropriating $600 for hy
getting warm. .She was at once taken drant rentals and $730 for the police de
in charge by the hospital nurses and payment was given its second readjng
returned to that institution. Hince then l dopted. Complaints centering about
ah wss carefullv watched and venter- the condition of a natural water course
day a nurse ws practically beside her un(ler t,,e Central Vermont railroad near
all dav until at supper time, as they the Korth I,arre Granite t'o.'s plant were
. . 1 . . I I... I .J A 1 A- As- i a
went for a l.r ef t me In fi .e r ,vi '' mrnru over 10 me sireei
for sutnier. but securelv locked all Honrs, committee to investigate
Her escape was immediately effected n the favorable recommendation of
through the ventilator. This is ten the .bVl,.d.m '"P?rt. I'fm.t were
inches by two feet and is ten feet from K" ow,ng PI'onJ i 'ar-
th. flrr Kl. f !.; nnU r vuuer, w vw.er a roof at 40 noum
th. ff (o.in . Main street; C. L. Bugbee, to erect
i T i , ,, f .., . I Savings Bank A Trust Co to build an
hand several iinies. it was not until half I 4 . T . ,
. .1.1 fc ' . , addition at the ells-Lamsoii plant in
, .u I '. 7 ",''lu,cu vu North Barre; A. J. Young, to build
lawn of the hiisiiital. I. .
. m i. .. . i- u i . . oaicony piazta at 33 r.atern avenue;
. . v. ; -'en.ng (iiovltli Calcagni, to move a henhouse
. -' VU-.....-U, froln scampini square to Foss strwt;
which wa. standing outside a parber Akx, WUou, to move a henhouse from
snop wiiim ur. vu.nman was insiae. MH.,e .venue to River Street; Loui Mo
nun tins sne maae a sleep ascent 01 0hetti, to move a henhouse from Spring
Perry lull and when Mr. Cuahman start- street to 449 North Main street; Mrs.
ea aiu-r ncr in an auiomoune, sue was Elisabeth Patterson, to make repair at
rai l, tu,ui,i iiom 1,1. w linn, uikiiik I .).! -,i, lirooklvn stn-et. ,
at a rapid rate. She aliandoned the team nji accumulated during the month
and fled to the fields and woods back of were approved for payment in the form
the high school building. The hospital of warrants submitted by the eitv clerk
forces kept up a vigilant search and she as follows: Barre Saving's Bank i" Trtist
was traced to the Kirhy home on Wi- Co.. $3iO, interest due on 4 per cent
noski street and finslly taken when near bonds; K. I- Clark, $.10.19, feed, surface
the hospital. . I sewer department; engineering depart-
Monday evening was reallv her third ment, f.'ill.LV services, street, surface sew-
escape, as one before she vaulted a 111- jer and sidewalk accounts; New England
Hoad Machine (.o., .H.z., repairs, street
depart ment; Pacqnet Bros., $31.05. re
pairs, street department; S. N. Parker.
$SJ.1, repairs, street and fire depart
ments; N. I). Phelps Co., f.Vl.T.I, supplies,
street, wster and fire accounts; C. W.
Averili A Co., $35.73, supplies, p. rmsnent
street, street, stat highway, sidewalk,
water, fire and health accounts; Consoli
dated Lighting Co., $rt72.2rt, lighting,
street, city building and fire accounts;
Kevnolds i. Son, $14.10, supplies, state
Jhighway and fire aM-ounts; water rent
als, fit). 2H, sewer and sprinkling ac
counts, miscellaneous and city building
accounts; Barre Paving Co.. $123, pav
ing, sewer account; Smith. Whitcomb &
Cook, $5.1.41, supplies and repairs, side
walk account; Penn Metal Co, $25.20.
supplies, culvert pipe, bridge and culvert
ac-oiiiit. I
Howard Cole. fl?-V. assistiinr eitv m.
For many year rineer; F. O. Ic, tt salary a wst.r'
the laities il , su)t intendent
foot fenc before the eve of Superin
tendent Grout and the trustee and made
for the river. Of course, she was quick
ly secured.
A fire loss involving property valued
at $40,000 occurred in the beart of the
business district of Barre this morning
when a blaze of unknown origin as-
The following Washington count v sumed. such proportions that the three-
cases were continued: William Runible Utorr wooden building owned and occu-
, Zu Tn ' t Pk'd bv RpJnolds & Son, hardware deal-
Weston adulterv ' was practically destroyed and other
The Caledonia county case of Jennie I w UUUPn structures in the immediate vr
Morey vs. Milo Shattuck was reported Icinity were seriously threatened. A gen
as settled. leral alarm n-sa senf in frnm l...- oi
mere were oniy sdoui a aoren law
yers present at the opening of the term.
the city hall corner at 5:20 o'clock and
less than a half -hour afterward the same
alarm was sounded a second time. Fully
two hours elapsed before the danger of
Gapit Was on Stand in County Court a much more disastrous fire bad been
Against Garelli. eliminated and from the time the alarm
The principal witness for the state, w" eo"nM unti! 8 'c,0,k the "ni
Eugene Gapit of Barre, a young Aus- were hard put to it to keep the flames
trian, in the case of state vs. Pietro Ga- within bounds.
relli, charged with assault with intent to Lo88eg lncurred by Rynoij, 4 Bon
kill, started yesterday afternoou in coun- . , . . . , ...
tv court, occupied the witness stand all who "d'" ne of the largest hard-
of the afternoon and he appeared for a ware stores in Vermont, are protected t .
few minutes this forenoon when the esse the ejient f $12)00 -n the block and
was resumed. He was followed by the 2o0OO on the atoefc. all f hi..h ;.
two Webster brothers, Kobert and James, ..... T . ,-. . ....
who reside at fiS Circle street, Barre. ried br tl,e J' A Vilotl ncy in hftecn
Gapit related the story of the trouble msuring companies.
which occurred on Circle street near the T!eDhon Onerator R Fir.' ll.rm
fire alarm box near midnight on August
7, the proceedings being somewhat ham- RoHs Lemay, an operator :n the
pered by the fact that an interpreter central ofliee of the Vermont Tel. t Tel.
was nec-ssary and Mark Jprras of Mont- Co- in t,le Howland building across tha
nelier. who acted in that eanacltv. had street, appears to have been the first per-
difticulty in relaying the answers to the on to notice the fire. She was on duty
court. at 5:15 o'clock or thereabouts" when she
The witness testified that he knew Ga- "card tlie crackling noise of flame. In-
relli and Zampini bv sight and hsd vestigating. she discovered smoke Usuing
worked with one of them iu a granite Irom the Reynold block and her first
plant. He was wending his way home move was to notify the fire station. A
on the night of the tronhle and wss at- moment later she ws endeavoring to
tacked by three men, Gsrclli, Zampini rouse bv telephone W. G. Reynolds, who
' ... . . . i. ..41... I.....J -1 L. t
ni I'oiti. lie nrew a revolver ami snot I
Well Known Barre Woman Died at Hos
pital Last Evening.
Mr. Margaret Kesson passed awav at
th City hospital last evening at 9
o'clmk, the end following a four weeks'
illness nf typhoid fever. Her desth re
moves a well known member of the
ladies' auxiliary of Clan Gordon and a
faithful adherent of the First I'resby-
terian rhiirch. Always closely identi
hed with the work in the church snd th
suiiliarr, she w at one time chief
ladv of t) auxiliary and was its treas
urer when death came,
she was afniliated with
society in th rhurrb and belj the office
of vice president of thst orgsniration at
the time of her death.
Mi was bom in Aberdeen, Scotland,
in lf, and was therefor M year dd.
Her first hifad. Jsme Ueattie. died
20 year ago while a resident f Barr.
Her s4-eTti n,rTisge w to Thorns
and city engineer: .lames
one to defend Inniself before lie was
overpowered, the gun wrenched out of
us grasp and he was thrown to tl
He asserted that while on the ground
two shot were llred at him. but be es
caped unscathed. Then it was that h
regained his feet and turned in the fire
alarm from the nearby boi. The suto-
mobile fire truck responded.
Robert W'lmter. a 20-yesr-old boy.
followed Gapit on the stand and testit'ed
that on the night of tiie tronhle be went
to MnntpclM-r with a psrty of friend)
and returned about 1(1:30" o'clock. It
wa shortly after 11 o'rhxk when be
started for bit home on Circle street snd
a street car passed him on South Main
street. He recognised on the car PVti
and Zatnpini, but lid not see Garelli.
Me said .e knew all three men by siglit
s active head of. the concern. Some
little time elapsed, however, before Mr.
Reynolds, at his home on South Main
streot, could be reached.
Thus early advised of the outbreak,
the firemen were on the point of leav
ing the station in the auto truck when
the first general alarm wa registered on
the big dial in the apparatus room. A
msn passing up North Main street had
seen unmixtakable signs of fir in th
Reynolds building and it tin bis loud
cry of alarm that attracted the atten
tion of baker employed in a neathy
bakery. They rushed to th front win
dow of the establishment and directed
the man to ring in an alarm at city hall
corner. A few moment earlinr .lame F.
Mackav. an attache at the postoffice, hsd
passed tl hardware store while on bis
iv to work. He did not notice inv
ign of the impending outbreak a be
and nam. He reached his botne an 1 pie- glancd into the windows of the store,
pared to retire for tl mirht after read- " Al.li nnan A. .. lirue, who wa
' ....... I . I . l - 1 M.
ing a nensrwper and it was about that
time that he beard shout fur help near
Mai kay. $51.20. eatary. rity building and, tn alarm bos. Vtiicklv afterward be
street accounts; A. M. Rcwsi. $.'..1.5.1,
salary a alderman; water department,
anl.l'5, rash paid out; Htrrtck eonifiany,
$25.34. supplies, water aii-ount; Perry
Aiit Co.. repairs arid suppb.Hi.
water account; Rensselaer Valve Co,
T4. supplies, water account ; Anna Rib
liesrd one shot fired. He dressed and
went to the door, beard tit alarm ring
and saw the tru, Ic swing into th street.
Ke did not go out.
Hi testimony was cm1orted by bis
votinger irot!er. .lame YWb-ter. who
returning at that earlr hour from an
auto trip to New Hampshire. It i ur
mised, the. that the f re broke out sud
denly, after smouldering, possibly, for
several hours.
Mr. I'ejnol.ls and J. J. Kennedy, a rep
rcsetitatue r,f the Ingdl Band Co,
were the lt t bare the store io tb
evenifig tf or, (lerfc diarted ai
said h went to wi st 1" .'i1ok and 'o'clfk. the hour of eloing. and a few
Kswn, wb died in 1!04. The dei-eased 'ertsem. $42. assisting wster superintend s anskened when lis t-rother caoie ; momenta ltT Mr. Brjnolls himsetf
i survived bv a daughtr. Mr. Msrgsret jent; R. IV Wood 4fi 4. 1 1--. w ster ! into the room. About thst t;me lie beard turned the Vey i th door snd left wtth
Crsig. wife . William fii, of Pat k j account ; B. W. !f.w.ker 1 Co, 12 It. h""t acd a revoher fired m.. (Mr. Kennedy. Si fsr a is known, is
stre.t. and tire n. James Beattie. I fiimtur. eitv btiildiftf. tire and n,i,e j A n.sn named Porter d Spaub ling j one it4 the at nr agsin.
Arthur !.ttie and W lilism Be-attie. A ae""ut; A. P. AbtV A Ci.. $17. sup. street ws the fourth witness tl.e state!
tf, Mr. Iid Hawaon, who resides f 'w. fr aerount ; Barr Hetrte ' f "d 4 to day. With a nmt.paaioa h
a I'rtln4. le, has t-m m tl eityi suj;m-s. hut. eiiy ritni ling. T! r ( - ' - r- si r- on
. I J... Iswd n,H accounts: FT ll.sl.r I 'I l.l Jin nifit T Ama-t ,. tl.nAie.i? IUis
l.. . .,,....4. t-I a T.i . I as a fire w Im- tl.e sl.rm .. ..,...1 tw tisiii-is sefo 41 inv mc
i Worst ButrneM Block fire S:b
In pe.ilit of moiwry bs, it ws tl
mM 4j.4iiru f.re ti.t las wnrred in
ut tmii, Ant-tn-
are sl'.nlr jlo-mf
,e-. t lie iw Jti.-n
t l... ' jr-as.-r '. T Vt sre
l,Hi:' i..ffft. h ' sstf t i
--! n mi-A I, i n l- 'li .i .ii b lnwin
I n 14 Mrtt y,m. LeR.l,'s
U: thst t" hi ben ; 44 t
sen, --r t ...-.. t.( n . j, , - ,.,
sr ' "'- . if e ,i.,c Is r e si -rw
- . j j, n ii t , . . t .,
the fir.'y i - . ' -,.? ,4 ?-, t
I. ,4-. S ' ' I - - ' ' ? 4- .
4 -. I v.- -n, ? "
T.W'-k '''Ml t
t , - , . .) , ...
, - f fr
t . - (.
r re-nwrved f'oia (.erty w near t
t!t Vmn g t' J 4-r kietii rtinr ) ts
t n ing w Iv-n iliiri tear .ld s
n t4 lf in a hat t(s Vfre
! -t I first ei-te ! tsw-sme rtTt
I in -.ii, St 1 ' 4 1 sea's W
.,! (.! K 5. e l W4-r east side f
.Ti w i. t i ! tl Ins (iiit t
-r rate. f-ir il:tlt im'nt-. lt-r ;
V 1 -ng l' n
M i.t -A t1e M-w!"t-r lM,..f,'ws !
,,. e lie v f7 run -! t t ...N
-f.f, ,-t K-.SJTS I (tlirf 44-S.f. Jf
t, l ik I f K t) 4V
'- .--J '' I i ' ,Ws
; ! i . i. flu, in i i' rt 1 sn. ea
v 4 e 1- I s '.L- r-e
ItiwTil M-rKf will tie lld at the
home of !r. and Vr. Crig, S.1 rrk
trt. e,liiisv a'ternooa a' to'd'sk.
Iv. f U-s t ross'and. pastor c.f th
t ;r4 Pre! ilerian e' lie- i. w ,it W
"i- l if rli-gi n:n. aM interment i'l
ls la H'f rBt4fV. it I ejWe1ed
H,t fS'iwers m remitted.
'T.T!1. repsir. fire alsrm si stem
(1pp. $41. oH. salary a o'e-rseer,
wee of the poor; AW. ITartnn.
retipminf leirist tersn ts, births
tr ,
tit I urrie-r l.l'vk
s istrei44 k
ietH a"eotir,t: A. W. It Vr C, t!Z.
mttreM44. sw.iiee s.irf mn.t : stre1 e
f J ! Il-er t tlie trn.k ret'irtiin from
.;.V :4 stret "n lsM street and it ws'c.U wirter n,it in l'l In tH n
$!!" t'-t thst they met ;,r,;:, cwr ff 1M4 fee ted tl l-H. bik
1,4 r,,hi fwak 4l4 I.n irt-r n the !"" . m it rsr less
. no
ing bn. bt f led tormiif t ;" af 1 ft anrfy
,irr result se to a rrM ,,r 1 tie ;t' lst s;nt tW r fiirv ia a w v k",VM
tstrlmert vr.H. :1M. 4rt. fsna-! t'd tWe wee, tt. w ne so tmii ! p-e-lownsts and
sl street ' see ,..k i.e M.er ' ..... ' '' Iw streit te in te t-4 t.l ! S" ?r rt " 't
tie knew ttt.
I. . ,
I a !' ?! I -
t!l f J I e
, . y .1. e-w-,
. ......
' ' f l.l41 I.
The ls f t' arrsnra ps-rise was
erted to le 45 i.'U-d and 75 w-"wede4 J
?e iUs AfA and wounded in ?.!
sinn tiers were s-t-red i4 tke d-st i
4?irfi le ef bsfbed wire tse.f.fif,! i
.e--nm,!.Tj4i ;e foam. i
I . . r . . 4 ... .1
i-aoie, ri vua r,H-,ew ji "T en a. .Ua'k c.,Ms: water le
ISTttKIBT WTISOSI CttXEIT M-nW. f I t-I.' aaait.ary it ,dwrt r-tr-n. lf4- f re et,irt
'1a i-r. . Jf. are Twtll f lf-t t p'T--il. 1: r'w rlrmiKl
Fcneral f Feter tafayttt Was Beid at 'att-nd tv -! of nt late s-ster. Mrs. ; i-..,n. : G. I.. Cif-rnf ti3;j
ts'e Eatr. M-rr.- k-e . u- fnon k e sot.nsl.; I im Kes.t. '.i fceeaas Prrm le'e-etrteej ra ted
;t. iMeus fl k i . m t --. eesee I's-S r t. I. isi'H. t:r,". we-rti-r-j ss Mer . . r ,
'' tee and a-e-n asew. fvo.is. ; eety fsll ertet I TssrTe t lfflo.i
V""1 ,'t-rr."a at IWt. v j J s t, tri ,.r ' t;et ,ng ntS TVe h-Vu.m tig rs, , ,,,,..
:ililn,et. l-1r "",--- ' !- r. ts 4 eiei- ,.! s IM i lesei
t ft r,.(4ls ! s ,i"4 t'f !- w I.. . -
-.t.t 1 -. -- tor si x Mit ' i ,
l; f .," !.- 4' t) f .. " . " I
. a,'-- iIm lit ,".-, 1t.-rt. a 1 - - s-.i mz-x a-mmaTe s.mM. v-.!nj me m a isg
r!-l "Tipei (r V-t is
le K 1, et i s t. , .
-tt. e-' ; : ro ii'fsr f
-ff 1 ';,. .- WMf t tV Woose
! 7 '"'t se! .-e I - t Ij't-i. .,-,-- i-B
rr 1 1'3 -; ' - V " U'tieo I -t I
st !-:-? -e- a V1- 1 ves fi,- ..
4 f I!. V 44. A f T'e'iv ir. w
at l.rs vjo.
lt.44.", X f
f.ie-t u t f: I
ie 1 - I "'-
t f.-e b -V r r 1
ea 'i t'f
5"V -.!ne tesif-4
41inei-t mrtsi 1
"t't. Wes )u;-,.T.4j
A s.--- .. twrt i'
t St.
.'n-Lfe4 It bf t
- Se tcn.ld too V-ae jour be e for
t ti rV ' fVi. I 9laf f t r
-r''4r t 'n t I It t.t'li
, . ' t fa t Ufi '-I g ift m k w
Bw..,f t ff tf-f". lf -r-a 1 T0 ti. t
,-ft:,'4 Waste f - j fft fftf- 'fig
. Wv4(i r' W'''t7!w4 t t'ji-W'-. 1-f
e f , f --
1 t1"
f ' f . ; ivr"1 -
-.4. rW t
tetm I) ft 4-4 !.
? g IW f fSW jf fotBft -?, tp, fu
0f I f f '-'? f .
l.f f-."i Vk' ' ' M A' afrfta, 4" 'fit
t - n I , ana -- ,,, t !,,; V- !' t.
rs -..V,"j- ( --. ',euVt ft eu-4t
''T.- wa ra4 tw V Iff- s ) nt t t
-s wss
"' t t;
; ei.
13 Vwt a I! inie , ft
- . .s s r t e I
-un-T "-4 '
' f 4 f f iff 'f-jr e? V ;r r f 1

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