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VOL. XIX NO. 197.
Defeated Bulgarians Near
. Krivolak in South
ern Serbia
French Troops Are Moving
on Mountains Near
Farm. Nov. 3. Announcement was
made by the war office to-day of the
j-epulse of a Bulgarian attack on Trench
troops in southern Serbia, near Krivo
lak. In the region of Strumitsa the
French troons are advancing on the
mountains near the frontier.
And Until She Shall Have Obtained All
Guarantees of Durable Peace
Declared Premier Briand
Paris, Nov. 5. "France will not sign
a peace agreement until after her res
toration by right of victory and until
she shall have obtained all guarantees
of durable peace," said Premier Briand
to-day. ' '
German War Office Admits That His
Army Has Retreated Between Swen
ton and Ilsen Lakes on Northern
End of the Russian Front.
Berlin, Nov. 3. The war office an
flounced to-day that Field Marshal Von
Ilindenburg has been forced to withdraw
bis lines between Swenton and Ilsen lake
on the northern end of the Russian front.
It also was announced that the city of
I'gites in northwestern Serbia has been
captured by the Germans. ,
Further gains on both the Ismizo
and Carso front are claimed by
Rome in an official report on the
Italiun offensive operations. An
exceptionally strong line of
trenches on Podgora height was
pierced and passed, it is declared,
and several Austrian counter-attacks
were repulsed.
Semi-official advices from Bucha
rest, received in Italy according to
a Milan newspaper, declare that
Rumania will enter the war on the
side of the allies only after i00,
000 men have been landed by the
allies. Sofia advices reiterate that
Hied troops are being landed at
Kavala, Greece. The landing forces
aro French, it is declared.
A Paris dispatch declares that
arrangements have been made to
keep the Serbian army supplied
with munitions through Montene
gro. The other sources of supply
have been largely cut off and the
Serbians have had to destroy largo
quantities of war material to pre
vent their capture. All the build
ings of military importance in the
stronghold of Kraguyevatz were
blown up by the Serbians before
they evacuated. A correspondent
of a Berlin newspaper, who wires
this hews, says that after defend
ing the fortifications with great
bravery the main Serbian army re
treated in good order. '
Although His General Condition ia Re
ported Improved He Did Not
Have So Good a Night
London, Nov. 3. The physicians at
tending King George issued a bulletin
this morning saying that the king did
not have so good a night and is still
Buffering pain, las general condition is
improved and he is able to take solid
For Transcript of Evidence When Or
dered by Lower Court on Appeal
There were no cases ready for hearing
before the supreme court this morning
and a recess was taken until 2 o'clock.
Although there ' are some lwenty-liv
cases marked for hearing at this terms,
it is believed that few of these will bo
argued and it is possible that court
will adjourn this afternoon until next
week. ,
An opinion was read yesterday after
noon by Justice Taylor, which was of
especial interest to county clerks
throughout the state, the decision being
made on an appeal by the losing party
in an Orange county case from the
costs attached by the clerk, The court
held ' that the transcript of evidence
when ordered bv the court below to the
supreme court should be taxed against
the losing party. The opinion also held
that the transcript is taxable according
to the statutory rate. This was the first
decision of its kind ever made by Ver
mont's highest court.
Charles A. Shields of St. Johnsbury
was admitted to the bar on motion. lie
has been a. practicing attorney in North
Dakota and Indiana and will be a law
partner of Alexander Dunnctt.
Suffrage Movement Was De
cisively Beaten in Massa
chusetts, in Pennsylvania
and New York In Mas
sachusetts, Adverse Ma
jority Was 132,083
has been redeemed. This is the great
est Republican victory since John A.'
Andrew. It would havo been cnutiuli to
contend against Governor Walsh alone,
for with the exception of W illiuni " E,
Russull, he m about the, most popular
democrat who lias appeared in our state
politics since the Civil war. But there
were two other candidate in the Held
who waged very enurgcM campaigns.
"Tlio victory was due to the activity
and enthusiasm of the Republicans, and
to the potent aid that we received from
the 1 regressive with Charles Sumner
Bird and other leaders at their head. I
believe tho result means much to the nation."
As Congressmen From New York State-
Suffrage Cause Overwhelmed.
New York, Nov. 3. Woman's suffrage
was decisively defeated, a revised con
stitution rejected and a Republican ma
jority to the assembly and three Re
publican congressmen elected in New
York state yesterday. The supreme
court election results have not been tabu
luted, i i
With 2,055 of the 5,713 election dis
tricts in the state reported, there were
203,113 votes for suffrage and 264,010
against. A continuation of tnia major
ity would mean lGS.OpO votes against the
Five Occupants Thrown Out
at Winooski 'and Four
Were Injured
All of the " Victims' Are
from Jeff ersonville All
Taken to Hospital
Democrats Elected llarring
ton Governor of Maryland
The Republicans Gained
Complete Control in Mas
sachusetts Kentucky Is
Still in Doubt
Von Buelow Hat No Mission of That
Sort, Sayt a German Embassy.
Madrid, Nov. 3. The German embas
ay has issued a statement formally d
Hying the report that Prince von Buelow
intends to discuss possible peace terms
Hers and at Washington.
Chester Lowell Badly Injured at Water
ford But May Recover.
ft. Johnsbury, Nov. 3. Cheater Iow
ell, JS, married, of button, vn badly
Injured yesterday when a load of lum
ber which ho was drawing broke through
a bridge in Waterford, lie was brought
here to lliightlnok hospital, where lr.
A. N. Alb' found the man suffering
from a broken pel via. Th hip bones
were also separated from bis spine. Al
though tl man was placed on the dan
ger lit it ia thought that be has a
chance for reeovery.
East Hard wick Man Excbaated Farm
For a Newport Hotel
M. Johnsbury, Nov. I. A real eataU
deal, tr vol irg sbont f.12". waa eom
Jktcd ber yesterday thr-mgh tb Cal
edonia Reel Lstat company, L. M.
Ilofiboom nchanged die dm ia last
)!rdwik. valued at 1 1 .' wrth It. U
for the lat-ra botl property in
Jvewport. Ji"t-i Hi t itiona.
Its teased the lwtl f its ate iiri
and will fiAitio t na it.
George Flynn of St. Albans Gets Sen-
- tenco of 18 Months.
St. Albans, Nov. 3. A sentence of not
more than three years nor less than 18
months in the state prison was imposed
on George flynn in city court yesterday
Iternoon. lie pleaded guilty to a charge
of impeding an officer.
Policeman Patrick Fitzgerald, called to
Flynn'a home, ordered the men to stop
almmng bis wire. Later when the olh
cer was called again and tried to get
t lynn to go to the jail, the latter resist
ed, with the result that Mr. Fitzgerald
was knocked down and somewhat In
Mrs. Alice Mixer of Winooski Struck
Head Against Door Casing.
Winooski, Nov, 3.-Mrs. Alice Mixer
of Union street diet! suddenly renter
day noon at the Hotel Brunswick, the
home of ber sister, Mrs. J. It. lively.
.Mr j. Mirer had been at ths hotel all
the morning helping ber sinter. When
she entered the dining room she fell and
struck ber head against the cawing of
the door, dying instantly. Ihictors Miee
han and Hill wrre summoned, but could
do nothing. Mrs. Mixer w-ia about 6ti
rears if age and bad lived here all ber
life. Mie leaves one brother and three
One Man Had Leg Broken, But Another
Was Not Injured.
Brandon, Nov. 3. Two men were
buried to their waikts ia dirt Tues.Uy
morning when a portion of the ditch tw
ins dug for the nrw water main, wl.irh
is ling laid from Gtove itmt to the
state home for fbl winded children.
raved in. RoIIin Duttoa and Patrick
Macs.mr were ia the ditn. Mr. I Hit to
receiving a broken leg, JUmkiucr escap
ing uninjured.
New York, Nov. 3. The elections in
ten states yesterday emphatically de
feated woman suffrage amendments in
New York, Massachusetts and Pennsyl
vania and gave the Republicans a new
governor in Massachusetts. The Demo
crats elected Harrington governor of
Maryland. Both parties claim victory in
Kentucky. The Republicans retained
control of the lower branch of the New
York legislature. The votera of New
York rejected the new constitution,
State-wide prohibition was rejected in
Ohio. Detroit rejected a proposal that
the municipality purchase the local street
railway lines.
The defeat of woman suffrage showed
a large opposition to that measure, al
thought the leaders of the movement an
nounced that they would continue tho
fight for votes. Complete returns showed
that Massachusetts defeated suffrage by
a majority of 132,083. Tho plurality of
Samuel W. McCall, Republican, over Gov
ernor David I. Walsh, Democrat, was
Late figures indicated the defeat of
woman suffrage in New York by about
Burlington, Nov. 3. -Theodore Cum
mings, his wife and their two small
children and Mrs. ltufus Chase, all of
proposal in the entire state but the gen- Jeffersonviile, were badly injured in an
erai Delict was that it would be larger automobile accident to-day at Hoods
than that figure. This was due to the crossing, Winooski, their car being
fact that a larger part of theso returns struck by the pilot on the engine of a
camo from up-state counties. The per- Burlington & Lamoille railroad train
centage against suffrage in New Vork running between Kssex Junction and
City -was expected to increase the total Burlington. The car was demolished,
materially. At Republican state head
quarters it was predicted that tho ma
jority might reach 200.0(H). .
figures on the constitution were scat
tering. Returns from 405 districts out
of 2,079 in New York City gave 25,117
for and 71,791 against. Lp-state figures
had come from only a few counties. They
were against the proposal.
Aorman S. Gould, Republican, .Seneca
Falls, was elected to the national House
Mr. Cummings sustained several frac
tures of the right leg. ' Mrs. Cummings
received severe bruises on her back and
hips. Mrs. Chase had bruises on her
right side and cuts on her face. The
two-month-old child of the Cummings
family was injured internally and may
die. 'Another child, two ynrs, was not
much hurt. The patients were rushed
to the fanny Allen hospital
I he crossing where the accident hap-
of Representatives in the 30th district to! pene( j known to be dangerous. 3'he
automobile bad almost passed over the
croi.sing when the train struck the rear
of the- machine,
Barlir.(ton Voters Were Rather Emphat
ic ia Their DitapprovaL
r.urlitj.-t"n; Net. 3 I'.r a mHrttv f
Mr. 1IS total f IS'4 cast Hut.mg-
t"W ret(iT V' jt'd a proposed rlsng
in tf eit rhsrtar provided ..r I f tt-
lr -'tturt. , .! h4 tf t1 r.ty's
f-wrt.Iliu'1 1 wt at t p"'is.
IVtvtT Swerrtl Msrttao to Arrl Crewl
at Ft'tttt'.a, Jr.su.
PriirfA. Mm Sf. 3 la ttir to
trite Is at-m..,U. t-rt f- d fth
We S'eatner Sta Cars CrtneS!
Orf' Coast.
i - I r ' I a . . i .
. . . ...... , t tiara. 1mm rtmf4 I'tr -
. . - - iv' iir, wm
Elected McCall Governor and Whole of
tho State Ticket in Massachusetts,
Besides Adding 17 to Their
Legislativt Strength.
Boton, Nov. 2. The Republican party
regained complete control of the execu
tive department of the stste government
of Mssssi'husetts yencrday alter an in
terun of five years, when Samuel . Mc
Call was elected governor by a plurality
of I,61 over (Jovernor David I. alsh
Ieniocrat. The remainder of the Repnb
lican state tiikrt was elected bv still
larger pluralities, and the Republicans
made a net gain of 17 seats in the leg
One feature of the election was the
dwindling of the Progressive vote to fig
ures which deprive the party of legal
standing in the state. The Prohibition
ists, on tl otht-r bsnd. for the flrt time
with one exception, attained the status
of a legal party by polling more thaa
3 per r-nt of the total vote.
The movement for the recall of Maror
f. M. tiriev of Ilotton fsiletl, a tusjoritv
of 12 in favor of the recsll being
niiffK-ient. as the charter trfiuues a iws-
jority of the reinterrd vote end.7,m0
iil4 to vote tm the qu-tkn.
The anti-woman's sun"rBit slowed
evrrwhlmii'f stnngtlt in the ritw- r'
ftallv and in the mctropolittn dmttict
of BoUn. In the rural Jilrirts the
Miit imcTit arsinkt n(Trfr was str'tig
ss rule. In te et-m part of tt
state towns voting in fsvor of the
amrndnwnt were few. One of tiw most
deiive votw innt suffrpge was on
the Ilartd of Marthas n ir.l, w Iwrt
the hsikt in O-r I, Kit tow a of l-l' 4
succeed the late Sereno E. Payne. Bert
rand H. Knell of Potsdam, Republican,
succeeds tho late hdwiji A. Merritt, jr,
from the 31st. William S. Bennett, a
New York Republican, succeeds Joseph
A. Gouiden, Democrat, deceased.
In 20 of the larger cities 14 Republi
can, nve democratic and one t-ooiaiitit
mavors were elected.
Various forms of commission govern
ment were put into effect in Buffalo,
Niagara Falls and Newburgh. In Buffalo
Mayor Fuhrmann, a Democrat, will re--main
chairman of the commission. Two
Democrats and two Republicans were
elected commissioners. The Niagara rails
commission will name a city manager.
The mayor is a Republican. Four com
missioners besides the mayor were chosen
in Newburgh. All are Republicans. In
Elmira all parties fused against the Dem
ocrats. Hopes of suffrage leaders that the tide
which they predicted would flow against
them in New York City would be offset
by the up-state vote were shattered by
the earliest returns. The largest cities
reported big majorities against the pro
Here are some of the returns against
it: Buffalo 7HM), Rochester 4.H00, ltica
3.0(10, Troy 2.000, Syracuse 1,500, Auburn
800. Schenectady turned in a majority
of about 1,450 for the proposal, James
town 1,H50, Niagara Falls 700 and Ithaca
By virtue of the defeat vesterdsr, the
proposal cannot be submitted again un
til IP19. It will be necessary for two
legislatures to vote to submit the pro
posal to the voters and one session of a
legislature numt intervene between the
two votes.
Annual State Rally Was Opened Yester
day Afternoon and Was Continued
with Business Session To-day.
But Majority Wat Reduced From Last
Columbiia, O., Nov. 3. Karlv returns
from veterday's state election Indicate
thst the state wide prohibition amend
ment was defeated, though last year's
wet majorities in several of the lne
cities apparently were reduced. Prohibi
tion wag defeated lait year by a major
itv of more than Mfcio.
Political observes estimated thst t'
majority against prohibition would he a
least M.oon. partial returns showed ths
the temperance forces made slight gains
n many rural districts.
Tbe Defeat Was Nsw1t Near at Over
vbetmirf as Wat InSxated ty
Rstnrrt Reer-iv! Latt K jtt
?!.'!! . Not. J A
. . .
wt p'T. lie wwt i ' f iq fi a rr.iB ' r
i txsl la J lt J ft4 t.
IsfstrtDe Pars!ys at Crrton.
pwrtHsts tjr-v " 4 t t t y
!- th Tif' t t w O'-u.t. in
1 1'rrut; tratua ytt'iat tHe ari1
tu f tt-'t !- tfCc
i m4 14- t. I'1t -'sy tHe t .
''ftwM 1 ' l-t-1 fir4 t 'r
t b hlwr-m b s4 n P j
Both the Republicans aad the Democrats
Claimed State.
Louisville, Kv, Nov. 3. With both
Democrats and Republicans cluiming vie
torv bv from lo.ooo to l.VO'Nl rote, un
fficial retiirna showed former ( orrresa
man A. O. Stanlev of Hen icrson. a IVmo
nst. and F.dwin II. Morrow of Somerset
Republican, running a close race for gov
'artist retnrrts from e2 mimtie of lit
n the state showed Mr. Ms'l.-r leading
rprotimstelv IS.!"! Vote with
umber of liepublii-sa stroeg'iobls ret to
T be PepnliJicsa vote f rrm;Voiit the
ttste showed appreciable rs.r., Tit Pro
rrewsite vote was titl,g t!e.
It New J"ner Senate, Givfn Tew
New J'try Senate, Givfng
Majority of Five.
Trrtow. N. J. "t. 1. TW rle-i icm
New Jersey jettetisy intf)ti o!t
tle ei.trl of tHt nevt k-rstatute. M!e
srott'rs w ere t.1 is s rrwtit ni
the P. ptblies r iHte4 t r ia fiwr-
'irirtti. I , Msv n l f'aaniir and th-s
w H msVe tie .,t fte ei,t tr.-l
II f!ep:,!tffs to fi't !m-rts; a
f!B of tw.
ef -a
4 Ulea. f?4 Kf(1 flb-I
lt - to t i eir rw-f.
Wt. and V-w . H I. a4 "L l
9 :'kt f ISisew wr t n-a tr a o4. tl--w n 4 x
t ' ettr s"t sxrH 4. e e i with V t'sWwer,, t rhe4. r-.sm i
rti a4 ?w. H. L. 1 t-..u ml V - t a .ttieat f mm w ott
W-" fM Ir-'t tW eiB fn - H f WM eat4 "B t Vt. ..--. i tr. t:- ,,
T V., M- "wvMs., y rmA wfa t - & , - fn - v, t- f..4
S F- . f"'-- ' TV t a - txessw .v.f ri'"wt W i- tf-t-
ft at fc"r-tJ tv-a t- n m t t4 ' t-r tstt a. .. (.a ,,.,,.4, tm.
jat si a.
&y Rej'bhsn Tir-e-y ytant Kid J
tO S-W!.
Jfra. Roina I. "el Wt Nearlr 71
Tears of Af.
Mra P'it! I V- 4 r-l 77 tni
ao4 11 tn'r,l . i4 t 1 1 . Vt .VWfc
j isst Vit,vt 1 k"e 'f . t
V-, J.Tr-) W . t . b '.t 1 :!.
V t-4 bad K"et si i - ImH ftiens--i
W-t t--- ei. '.:i-m. ' 1 ' ,-)t
'.- I't .'W ! -r- n4 n , if
4, V (rfy4m t nr. . f
ct4 te- -. ! J. 1tm-),rm It
Sessions of the Maccabees, gathered in
Montpelier for the third annual state
rally, were held at the city hall yesterday
afternoon and evening and this morning,
Miss Rose Millier of Providence, R. I.,
deputy supreme commander, presiding
over the gatherings. The attendance last
evening reached a total of about 300,
somewhat less than expected before the
rally opened, but review from various
towns and cities in the state are well
Mrs. Ida Goodwin, commander of tc
view No. 8, of Montpelier, welcomed the
visiting tnuiubers of the association at
the opening session of the rally with a
few well-chosen remarks and the response
was ably made by Mrs. Eva L. McXett
of New York, supreme pass, commander.
An address was given by Mrs. Ida Per
kins of Barre, state deputy, and an in
formal reception followed. Brief reports
were made by each review and degree
work waa taken up during the remainder
of the afternoon session, the memorial
service being conducted by Rutland re
Last evening Mrs. Myrtle M. Parker of
flarre, state depot r, gsve an address of
welcome and Mrs. McNett again respond
ed. A large class of candidates were ini
tiated into the association, the degree
work being done by Swanton review.
A slight variation from the original
program was msde to-day, a session be
ing held this forenoon instead of in the
afternoon, as intendnd. This change was
msde to give the members a brief respite
Iwfure the public meeting thi evening,
which will be the feature of the rally,
and at which a number of Montpelier
persons of prominence will contribute
spccchca, a dance to lie given later in the
Second Came While Men Were
Working Over First.
Two telephone fire alarms received at
the station this morning kept the regu
lars busy in niidforenoon. Whilo a de
tail from the permanent force, huving
responded to a call shortly before' 11
o'clock, was havinv a tussle with a stub
born chimney fire in the tenement house
at 30 Merchant street owned by George
vv, Jlaiin, lircinan Peter Punchclli, bupt
t. U. Lee of the water department -and
Alderman A. E, Bruce were answering
call which came when employes of the
Lentral ermont railroad discovered tire
on the proof of the freight station in
Depot square. In cither instance the
damage was slight.
A smouldering chimney flre in the Mer
chant street tenement had caused the
occupants some alarm an hour before
they called tho fire station and efforts
were made to locate the landlord. Smoke
filled the upper story and the wall paper
11 two bed rooms was scorched. lie
the firemen arrived they extinguished the
tire with chemicals and left a man at
the house to guard againska second out
A box stove in the "coop" at the north
end of the freight station, where perish
able freight is stored, got overheated and
lire, going skyward through a metal
chimnev, taught on the shingle. When
the. call came tb the firemen, fsupt. Lee
and the water department auto truck
were commandeered and a hurry trip
was made to Depot square. The blaze on
the roof was extinguished immediately.
Salvaging Stock at Reynolds' Store,
Having obtained permission from the
insurance agents to remove such of the
stock as might be damaged by exposure
to the weather, employes of Reynolds &
Son, whose business block on North Main
street was gutted by fire early Tuesday
morning, were busy tit the store to-day,
The burned building had been enclosed
by a barricade and strict orders to keep
all persons out of the store are being
enforced. Metal stove fixtures and other
articles were removed to-day. Insurance
adjusters are expected to begin their
work at once, and there will be as little
delay as possible in clearing away the
Chief C. I. Cladding is authority for
the statement that the change in the
river bed of Stevens branch, made some
years ago, was directly advantageous to
the 11 return in being able to cope with
the flames in front and at the rear of the
structure yesterday. When the river bed
change was discussed one of the favor
able arguments for the project had to
do with the facilitating of fire fighting
at the rear of the line or blocks on the
west side of the street. Had the river
been pursuing its original course close to
the line of blocks, the firemen would have
been unable to attack the fire from the
rear. As it was, two pieces of equip
ment were driven through Knterprise al
ley, where the river once flowed, and six
streams of water were playing from the
rear side.
A tabulation of damaging fires that
have occurred in the business section of
liarre since IIKiO should include the fire
which broke out on the site of the
Blanrhard block in 1004', as well as the
Currier block flre in 1002 and the Gordon
building fir a in 1914.
Occupants of the Automobile
Not Much Hurt Although
Vehicle Fell, of Side
Two Women Taken to Hos
pital, but One Didn't
Stay Long
la Cat of State vs. Pietro Carelli in
Washington County Court.
The state rested late yesterday after
noon in the ease of state vs. Pietro Oa-
relli, eharped with assault with intent to
kill Kucne (iapit, being tried in Wash
ington county court, following the exami
nation of four witnesses, two of them;
Itsrre police officers. This morning the(
lelcnse put on several witnesses, lelio
tiiaconvt testified for the defense J ester -
isy afternoon,
t't'tef Ssniuel Mndair and 'lfflctr Ilarrv
(lamble of the Barre police department
testified early yester-lsy afternoon, they
having been esll.-d upon to tnske arrests
st the time of tb trouble, which neearrei
on Circle stret en Au. 7
other ts- witnewnea were .tosepa Oitev
sad Chief Osrewcr B. (.laddirg of the
S e depart metit.
Tb s -r " of an InterfeW. John
PsrapoH. are siee.sry lunt e the tea
t!r- of tb witiwssea for t' (tefens
t '.mrmrnn, w!m resi les st SS Ijtw i
t-t. toM of beinff with f.aeel;i sn4
It Being Conducted by the Ladies of Hed
ding Church.
The vestry of the lied ding Methodist
church during the past two days has
undergone a complete change under the
workings of the members of the ladies
and pastor's union. The chsnges include
booths, to the number of 20, all decorat
ed with green and white festoons and
containing wares for sale during the two
day fair that is in progress there. Mrs.
Carl dough, who is chairman of the ex
ecutive committee, and Mrs. Eugene
Glysson, who is president of the union,
hsve been ably assisted by the several
members in planning the affair, which be
gan yesterday afternoon. One of the
most extensive sales that has been put
forth at the church for some time is the
result of their work.
The 20 booths' are arranged in alpha
betical order, each with its l tter in large
print overhead. In A are aprons, B bags.
C candy, 11 dolls, E embroidery, F food,
(t gifts, II handkerchiefs, I infants' wear,
,1 jellies, K knit goods. L lunches, M mu
sic. N nuts, O orders, P pillows, Q quilts,
R roots, S stationery, T towels, L uten
sils, V vegetables, W wrappers, X and Y
Xnias goods and Z rero.
Throughout . the ai"tmoon yesterday
the ladies, one attending each booth, were
kept busy serving tb customers visiting
and buying, and in the vning an even
srger number were in attendance. The
rntei tsinmcnt, which was prepared tinder
the direction of Mrss Alic larnhsm.
helped to draw many and the vtry was
tsied to its rapacity.
That th program was Very pb-asirg
to th many people present waa made
manifest by tfie hearty applause given
' I, r 1 1 ( Tm (,l t ,- Mttiiiart . ,
THe !(' ,r J,I J,.,u.
the evening. Visa Louis l"arher. also of
Mr.prlicr erninary, entertained wttti a
ridiig and Mrs. tladyt I'.radley sang a
Tliis afternoon at t aVWk tl doors
were again swung opi-a ft- business and
tb fair was egsm in rr"grs. la coni -
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street Wf'tll sbtmt It VH, Hp tsv
1se4 f !Wt bofnes. (! bring ia to
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eli as .. Pol i. 7'be last oe( w t
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( OlF.crrs Went Dn ia Basement as
Jtmtiil S'reet.
ft P-
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is'y a pile of in -or tti, f,- tl-,
For the second time within a few
months disaster lias stalked in the path
of Hiram D. Warren, jitney driver, of,
Montpulier. ' A joy ride-which bad its
progression over a maze of roads in Barre
and Bawe Town and lasted from noon,
when the party left the capital, until 7
o'clock last evening, wound up as the
jitney and its passengers landed in a
cinder muck near the Bolster plant on
Granite street. Two women, Mrs. Frank
Robinson and Mrs. Frank Ferguson, were
taken to the City hospital in A. W. Bad
ger & Co.'s ambulance and the driver and
Frank Kobinson were escorted to police
headquarters and locked up by Officer
John .YV. Dincen. A fifth member of the
party, identity unknown, was missing
when police, doctors and ambulance men
began to do business in the cinder pit."
The jitney apparently suffered but little
damage in the course of its gyrations.
When the officers examined the outfit,
the car was lying on its side with the
top badly punctured and the windshield
All four known members of the party
reside in Montpelier. So does Mr. Fer
guson, who .dropped into police head
quarters lute last night to inquiro for
is wife. According to the officers, Mrs.
Robinson and her husband were on the
rear seat of the car, while Mrs. Ferguson
and Warren had the front seat to them
selves. A pint bottle, which tho officers
say was on the front seat, was retained
y the police as a possible exhibit in the
case, the tilth member of the touring
party, so one of the women related to
the 'police, boarded the car at Depot
square, but evidently made his escape on
the brink of the pit.
Attaches at the hospital stated last
night that Mr. Robinson was suffering
from a general shock and a severe head
ache. Mrs. Ferguson lingered at the hos
pital long enough to let tlie doctors take
two stitches in her right knee cap and
then repaired to the home of her mother,
Mrs. Peter Leelair, who lives at the, cor
ner of lentral and .summer streets.
Neither woman, it was 4-ted, would
feel any serious physical effects of the
accidents, although a physician who at
tended the injured on (iranite street and
later at the hospital, advised Mrs. Rob
inson to remain at the institution until
it was definitely determined whether she
had suffered internal injuries.
An incoherent story which Warren re
lated to the police Wt night had for its
most salient feature his failure to fol
low the straight way on (iranite street,
after the car. swinging in from North
Main street had headed for Rlaekwcll
street by the River street route. Mr.
Warren said he intended to cross the
bridge at tirsnitc street and supposed
he was following the right course when
he tok a turn near the Bolster power
A mistake in choosing th wrong turn
led to tl undoing of the jitney psrty.
Warren piloted his car along th road
that lea lg to the porer plsnt and w hen
h discovered his mitale. be essayed a
circle, thinking to regain the main thor
oughfare without liacking the machine.
In so doing, he skirted a rather deep bole,
where men at thi plant are wont to
dump aecumulst ions of cindcts. Recently
siipt. J. C Wilson f the street depart
ment bad catted awsy much of the cind-r
deosit with th result that a seven
foot drop was inevitable whea the cr
was wheeled too near its e.itre. .Titney
and occupants, front and baik wests,
toppled int th bole. All are believed
to hav clung to the car sn I none of tl em
had succeeded very well in groping bis
or ber way to th surfa'-e when assist
ant csrji. s
Tber is very bttle liglt t aid sa
stito party in a ein.fer tut in thst psr-
timilar sot i'm tf t.rsnit str-et and po
licemen ard ot'icTs were eowif !led to m
tbeir flash 'ght frectv when t'er -pros
1 bed tie s"er tif t) wrek. It is
ssil tst th wonwa were smew 1 e
in tH tr br?snl of rvtri when r-1.f
f me. Y"Ah frs f :.) " and Mrs. I'.T'
g.fstn sirs rtnrr4 to the Aqits f'ors
Sniit.Jjeg wearer to lllil t ' a ri - 1 of
t' a blisses and t'vi.isn. f
to'.n W. Itn-ei ej-it i"rei n-e-nts ts f
t! psrtv n4 r-fje te er
ss it f t throe j-S t.rae't seei snl
b"n j !e.-? H V srra anl p-t .!
init'-r rrwt.
Tt W'J! be re -s VnI'll V, ra f-piie4
m a ; t t oi .!- ectS "
-t s . ' 'n I- f -n A irt
lis esr rn a in t 1K
w '.'4s st- s rV:'-4 V ere l -s
,rs"-j-e-s V ee i "f4 S ,-'t ft-rw?4
9 t rf -. ir,' a r of .!-
f i ,-sr tt s s.t 'r-t " t At a
t'.sl V e i T' f Ii eet I e w ss
aacsiif ia. t " w.'je"wea, Visi,ttsa t;j et4.
W,. ,t 1 V Awl w Sea I vsH ts
i-a. Her."', and itev t V. rW.l ' r"1 " '' -
S . I 1,4 . -,.t W w BR a4 "' --re I 4e-r s,!,-
l s -.! ti !. ns it --! .tn-.ir V ,r.n
t . yt f was a a "--r
, ' af4 "" lr aty f" Trwtus; ' r. b wet
' r'4 i .- ' ifwr Vag --at V- W
" f. -,,Tri tit ? rt -t tf 'ss -ter--4 a tl f fts ,-i
V Hi, -" !-"- ;S t,i ',-, 4 ear kns a t 3M-"S4
1. s-'k) I H E"if;g tit tAff-m i . e at- W or '"' t '
I nt'. airtsTWeita bt atsx )ra - asr was ! mi iViit
ta -na, th'-y A-i,t4 to th lavish I
an! wer tirwf'r Iwtfersng m t'o .
a-s to f' e. !.f s lae?n wts, ii . i""'i'te' Set 4f ti a " l4
atwh was Vid. Ia n ts-y "nd ! '' T " '" ' ' -
a es . ga.. t, .f-r. ts i t-1 "' v -',r '. r-y "
WtM bt, a wtar 1M1 .g ! "- ! - - T '?.- 4
.f e,4.- s!l eW t kr tl. ' " " tt .wee,
t'1 -.. - tA --' .
law. lr.-ar.-ig will Is Icii !i
r'e-f in "PS t .
Wa-a art R'b-fa T fi.
lfVw a-ei;-i-,: -- Vugf-at Tt,
. s i- 4 er u 1 m .v -. f,M S''
!. T ' t-'e-.V a: ' -t 1
It V - ts-r. " -
. f - s ' - !?-??-- W J
s-w a t f
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Im ra fm.ft ef t Vissa.
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