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Entered t the Postofllcs st Havre Second
Class Moil Mutter
Published Every Wck-Dar Afternoon
Subscription bates
One month " t
Single copy
FRANK K. LANC1.BY, Fuhll.her
There is only one McCall in Massacliu
tetts and lie was chosen.
Shevjm galloped to New Haven, a
Sheridan galloped to Winchester, to save
the battle for old Yale. '
Tni.lonfnllv. ifdcHerveg to be noted
that the government at Washington atill
lives, though Bryan is not in it. ,
"Women meet with courtesy at the
polls," says a newspaper. About every
thing favorable they did meet with, let
it be remarked.
tj Step this way for the
overcoat that will make
you independent of the
weather. It's rainproof,
cold proof and a proof
of our big values at $18.
J Every other kind of
overcoat for every kind
of weather.
Body of A. B. Gush Brought and Taken
to East Montpelier. .
The body of A. 11. fiusha, whose death
octmrrod at the lannv Allen hospital
Monday, arrived in the city thin morning
over tne Central Vermont railroad, ac
oompanied by two brothers of the de
ceased, J. F. Uuslia of Merriumc. Mass.
and A. A. Ousha of Khelburne. The re
mains were taken to Eattt Montpelier
where burial was made in the village
cemetery. Mr. (iusha formerly resided
in i-aat ALontpelier.
. We doubt not that the "movie" men
are down on the Mexican border taking
pictures of the Agtiu Pricta battle. They
are the most ubiquitous individuals we
have nowadays. ,
Hard times for royalty King George
of England falling off his horse, the
crown prince of Germany reported dead
at the front and King Peter of Serbia
being deliberately stripped of his terri
tory. The "ejjvine right of kings" ia be
ing somewhat violated.
Perhaps no Carnegie hero medals will
be pinned on the Rev. Fr. Keardon of
ITarrisburg, Pa., but his presence of mind
and courage in continuing the service of
mass even though the edifice was burn
ing over his head prevented a repetition
of the Peabody holocaust. His was a
splendid display of stout-heartedness.
, J New Mackinaws
same quality a s we've
had for two years, and
at the same prices, $5 to
J Sweaters navy and
red ring neck and V
neck just received.
Ncwa of the birth of a daughter,
florence marguerite, to Mr. and Mrs.
Sanford A. Daniels of Brattleboro was
received in the city this morning. Mr.
Daniels is a member of the industrial
accident board.
Arthur Mariotti returned this morning
from Mew ork City, where he passed
ten uay s with, relatives.
In probate court yesterday afternoon,
airs. i.ucn Morrison was appointed as
guardian of Florence E. Morrison, a mi
nor, of JJarre; Dr. E. J. Foster of Water
bury Center was appointed administra
tor of the estate of Leonard It. Foster,
late of Waterbury, and administrator
I of the estate of Liva Ann, Foster, late
of Waterbury.
Sergeant-at-Arms Frank T. Parsons
and Mrs. Parsons returned ast evlening
from .Newark, N. J., where they passed
a week with their son. Mr. Parsons
underwent treatment for his hand while
absent not having entirely recovered
from a case of poisoning. '
State Treasurer Walter F. Septt of
Brandon arrived in the city this morn
ing. '., ,
(Cortinued from first page.)
Juror vvlshart stated that the party
oougtit liuuor in North Uarre immediate
ly after their arrival in tlie city Tuesday
noon and that they wero in quest of more
liquor when headed toward Hiver street,
fie also quoted the officers as saying that
Warren's jitney bumned into a post on
Granite street and threw Mrs. Ferguson
to the ground some momeiiU by fore the
outfit landed in the cinder pit.
warren took no exceptions to the grand
juror's statement of the case beyond ex
plaining that his car struck the polo on
Granite street when someone "turned otr
a switch" in his machine.
Magistrate Scott imposed a fine of $50
and costs of $7.80, which the respondent
will probably pay, with an alternative
eentence in the house of correction. Rob
inson later pleaded guilt y to an intoxica
tion charge and arranged to pay the min
mum fine and costs of S0.2(y
Both Articles Remarkable for Food Value
and Content.
An editorial in the Dallas (Tex.) News
says that cotton seed at $40 a ton re
minds us of fortunes thrown away on
the southern plantations before the Civil
war, and even since the war. It conies
Halloween Celebratora at Vergennes
Called It Joke.
Rutland, Nov. 3. -Special Officer John
W. lirUliu has returned from VergciineB
where he has been investigating the
placing of a wagon on the tracks of tho
Kutland railroad Saturday night, sup
posedly as a Halloween joke, but the
act is considered by the railroad olllcials
as a serious offense and one which might
have caused loss of life and much dam
age, ao arrests have been made as yet.
Officer llrislin, who is employed as
a detective by trio railroad company,
found after an investigation that the
wagon had been standing for a number
of years in the rear of a barn near th
point where it was placed on tfle rails.
The obstruction was placed on the track
about a mile north of the Vergennes
station and it was struck, by the pas
senger train leaving this city for' the
north at 8:45 o'clock.
Luckily the engineer saw The obstruc
tion on the track so when the crash
came the train had slowed down.
The country about the scene is thinly
settled. It is believed to be the work
of young boys rather than of tramps
or any person who might" I deliberate
ly attempting to wreck the train.
Burlington Mail Carrier Alleged to Have
Used Cancelled Stamp.
Bur'ineton. Nov. 8. Francis Counter-
to pass that a man can subsist without msrsh, who has been employed at the
serious inconvenience upon the products local poatoffiee as mail carrier, having
nt an Jt,J.,,. A (! I.- ,.. j i . .i i , "
unci a route in me norm part or me.
F. He Rogers & Co.
We Clean, Press, and Repair Clothing
There may be nothing in a name, but
we note that a man named Lowell Kill of
Gaysville accidentally shot himself in the
left side while hunting. However, we
rejoice with him that there was no con
summation of that which his name might
signify. May he live to handle a shot
gun in a more careful manner for a great
many years to come.
The grammar school was closed Thura
day and Friday evennig owing, to the
absence of the teacher, Misa Elizabeth
Maxwell, who attended the state teach
ers' convention at Rutland.
double protection to the most hazardous daughter was born Thursday, Oct.
locality in the business district of the i!8, to Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Cutler,
city. It is a policy of the city to in- Mrs. V. V. Turner of -Waterbury spent
crease the hydrant service in several SJ,,,da7 Thur8dy . M'
parts of the city in order to render the A u'rge crowd wa pt.egent at tlie fluc.
greatest assistance to the fire depart- tion held by the Kelty brothers Wednea-
ment. Such a policy will undoubtedly day of Last week.
meet with the approval of all property hta M?rtie "kiting of Cambridge is
owners and, in fact, all people who have
the interests of the city at heart.
Judging by the impossible addresses
given by Americans who were assisted
out of Europe at the outbreak of war,
as revealed by the present fruitless
search after delinquent debtors, tjie
United States government was grossly'
imposed upon by a large proportion ofj
those persons to whom the good Samari-
tar act was done. In the light of those
revelations, there is not much wonder
that the assisted people have failed to
make good their promises to the I'nited
(States government.
a guest of friends in town.
Miss Evelyn Dumas returned to her
home in Bristol Monday after spending
the past "week at C. D. Ashley's.
Master Koswell Child spent several
days last week with relatives in Wat
erbury. ,
U. M. Ashley returned Saturday from
attending the musical convention at
D. H. MacDonald's Reply to Fred McNeiL Marshfield.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Tanner were ii
LdltOr limeS! MnntnolU. ThnrJ. ..tan.) f..
In your issue of Oct 27 Fred McNeil eral of the mtle liephew Mark WeIls.
j.uuue.ieu . cumin uiiica nun ,n rrBu v w ho was killed by an automobile at his
....... ... u.c .. m. ' ""' Miss Maude Johnson of Montpelier
f I i, .J, , spent Sunday at her home in town.
... j .,.. .u-v,r. Un B McAllister returned to
but am ready to meet ; it any - tm.e the E Tuesday, after a several days'
ri ' j r t v u'hi-i io lirnminir it. auPti fir tn novo I ... . .
L ... i i . hi i i v.:i y 'th her sister, Mrs. M. K. Child
.1, vn.ii.'u. x .u iiui ciaiue .... i.i...t;.i i " rn. :i l ...:.... . , ; . -n
of the once discarded seed. So he can
on peanuts. The. report is that agents
are now on hand to buy the entire pea
nut crops of East Texas and Louisiana.
It is claimed that the peanuts of those
sections contain 20 per cent more oil than
the imta east of the Mississippi river.
The demand for the goober crop has been
marvelous, and efforts to explain this re
cent activity have been made by different
persons in different ways, 1
One authority claims that it baa been
ascertained in recent years that the pea
nut is the only product that can be con
verted into all the articles of a first-class
menu. Soup meat, bread, olive oil, milk,
tea, butter, hash and many high-sound
ing French articles are all made of the
iPm- Jal " II It '1 1 I ' 1 1 1 ..IfcL i .lit HI " I - II . " J
Read the Specials
for All This Week ,
Coat Sale for this week.
Waists Special this week.
Baby Coats Special .for this week.
city, has been dropped from the L'nited
States postal service, following an in
vestigation made by the authorities of
the charge brought against him that he
had used a canceled stamp for private
The act was discovered by Postmaster
J. E. Burke, who reported the matter
to frank Buckley, local inspector, and
United States District Attorney V. A.
Bullard, who, after looking into the mat
ter, brought it to the attention of the
authorities at Washington. Following
an investigation maae oy mem, uoun-1
termarsh was dropped from the service
by their order. Section 537 of the posta
j laws is the one violated by Coutermarsh
On sale at $5.50, $6.50, $7.50
Special $12.00 Coat for
this week at ....... .$10.00
By express, all sizes, best
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$1.00 Petticoats at . . . : . .79c
$1.00 Petticoats at ..... ,89c
$1.25 Petticoats at 98c
$1.50 and $1.75 Petticoats
at $1.25
little Spanish peanut which grows all; ahd the penMy flxed for a pergon w
over Texas. Others contend that cotton -mi.Yflrf ; ,, Btai L,;,. ,
seed can be converted into just as many fine or threc imprisonment,
different kinds of diet ss the peanut , wi. vnr . .Ii e n.
service the line is o(K) and one year im
prisonment, or both. t
Though born in the United States,
acquiring bis wealth in the United States
aud getting honors in the I'nited States,
Herman Ridder could not forget the coun
try of his parents. Germany occupied a
j rominent part of his mental workings,
ullwit he profcsiw'd allegiance to the
with misrepresentation, nor with the in
tention of gmng the public a false im
pression, although his article does this,
llcre are the facts: Because of the un
expected settlement, of some cssps in
county court mv case against Mr. McNeil
was reached before Mr. McNeil's attorney
expected it would be. My attorney in
formed the court that I was ready to go
along with the trial, as In fact I was,
but Mr. McNeil's attorney said he was
not ready because he had an important
be pleasing news to her many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Griffith of Mont
prlier were in town Sunday.
Ar. John Barber of Waterbury U
visiting at C. D. Ashley's.
Fred Shontell, who recently moved to
Marshtield, has purchased F. K. Hunt's
place, Mr. Hunt having bought the hotel
at Waitsffeld.
Mrs. Kdythe Halch Wright, state sec
rciary ot me Buniiav scliooi, was in
witness who would have to come from l10 M",nd3r and conducted a meeting
Maine and tlie witness could not get
there in season for a trial immediately,
and therefore asked my attorney to have
the rase put by until after the trial of
at the M. E. church Monday evening.
inited Mates and would even tight forjthe criminal phm. Mv attornev consent
i - w -
tlie United States against any nation 'ed to this in order to accommodate Mr.
Hiould the need reouire. His was about -' 'u :, icn rn
the moikt tignil case of divided Patriotism
that one could imagine. His "hvpben'
But Hopes to Regain It Under Influence
of Old Football Stars.
was a strong bridge.
The Carranra and Villa force chose a
bsttle pround contiguous to I'nited Stutes
territory so thst tfiey rould have Uncle
Sam an umpire perhaps. It is rxis-
he vended, and 1 do not think Mr. Me- Xew Itavon, Conn., Nov. 3. Captain
.!! a attorney win ampute inem. Jt Alexander D. W iUon of the Vale font
may be that Mr. McNeil was not In- ball team U.t night authorized the fol
formed of wliat had actually taken place I Inwinrr ttemnfc r!ntiv tn that rhunu
which caused the delay of the trial of the in tne coaching svstera.
caw. D. II. Macllnnald. "The football nituafion tin ia to.!
i - -
has been that the team hag loct ronli
dence and lacks know Icile of elementary
football. This has Wn due in a large
part to the fact that experienced and
nible, however, tht one or the other de-Uyjcj, j, K0t To Be Soeeiti at Either ollir m,n n0 l,,J"'J on fo'T
sfred to prt the United State, embroiled .... , ,., . p . - championship Vale teams hav. not been
. , e hrrrl.y notify the Harre Times that Hi.tinif in the oaching. Ther have
in mine iniernauouai compiicaimn, anow-j Mrg Aseoujsh, when she addressed Con- now been called lnrk M.th by Coach
ing full well that ti e government at 'greman .rerne on the equal suffrage Him-key and mvself. Tlier will take
Washington would end a considerable ,',!'M'Mi"n- mt ascough he stood oa charge of the team. In effixt the chsnjre
r.imf- r of troons fo rn.rrf the Un,t:,rr !l ' B-tter-Montp. Her Argus,
Kven Humph Mexico in psrt or in it. en-
can, and is even cheaper.
The audden increase in demand for
these products may be explainable, at
least in part, In another way. Tiure
are millions of soldiers to feed in Europe,
and they are not half. There are mil
lions of women and children to save
from starvation. Even with seed at $10
a ton, cotton seed products are very
cheap food, considering the nourishment
thev contain. So of peanuts consider
ing the food value of peanuts, they have
always sold low except when retailed by
the street comer parcher. Both these
articles of food keep a long time without
siioilmg. Hie life of many a war vie
tim will doubtless be saved bv this vcar'a
cotton seed and peanut crops of Texas
Are Young People as Nice to Live With
as Tbey Used to Be?
In the November Woman's Home Com
panion Kathleen Korris writes an inter
view with Margaret Peland, who is prob
ably the foremost woman novelist in
America. In the following extract taken
from the interview Mrs. Inland com
ments on young people of to-day as com
pared with the young people of the past
genera tioni
" ' e were brought up by a rigid
standard of duty when 1 was a girl,'
smiled Mrs. IVIand. 'One was indus
trious and respectful because one was
told to be. And I will not say,' she add-!
ed quickly, 'that I think duty a higher
ideal than truth indeed in the last!
analysis it Is apt to prove less so. Hut
will confess, and here her eves be
gan to twinkle again, 'I must confess
that I think thst our elders found our
generation pleasanter to live with, than
we panting and breathless with an ef
fort to keep up with the procession
find the young people of to-day. Still,
she amended-soberly, 'I think in their
trahht forwardness they are a finer set
than we were.' "
Thanksgiving . ball at Mar6hfleld
Thursday evening, Nov. 25. Music:
Story's singing orchestra.
Thanksgiving ball at Marshflcld
Thursday evening, Nov. 25. Music:
Story's singing orchestra.
Thanksgiving ball at Marshfleld
Thursday evening, Nov. 25. Music:
Story's singing orchestra.
tir.ty would he but a puny a!verry
for it, the United States may be depend
ed ti'-on to k-ep cut of actual enUnjjle-imiit.
Balkan War Figures.
While watching events in the Bal
kans at tke preseut njUpe of the turn
psirn it should be renirnifered thst t e
forns of N-rbisn defence are greatly
outnumbered. Field Marnlisl Ms. ken
erf,', three invading srn.ies are said to
hate a total strength of about 3'i.O"0
A nmnig that Hulgsria keeps
is a return to the old isle method of a
hoard of oosebes taking the resMnsibil
ity for the team, instead of any single
coach. Mr. llinkey will be one of this
Another Flan "Take Ofl.1
The ffi iency of a fire liepsrtinent is men
prestly enhsni-ed by the a--.l.I.ty and l.Vi ism rrnti o the Danut and the Ikb'
iriltii.U.itr cf bvf!rant. as was shown ru.l.e line facing Kumani
t...i.... . .v- ii of H:V.n tnwpe attacking Serbia is
ly t'e r-Hits of the fire in the l' vnol.f.. .,,' t , , , ,,
.,,.,. " prci.is'iiy 2ol,(. Turkey has fu!!y
Uild.njt la Iwrre TueaJsy HK-ramg. The ,,.,,,,4 f,, niim)Kring T.VI.o., and.
lydrarU in tiiat locsbty were an nu-g t limili she is fighting ia l!ip.li, JJes
rierous and er ao piaerd that t!e bive;"'f''amis and I ranecain-asia. l.e may
l,..e eoi.ld W Uid from aeversl angles ,,!' ,n l"r il,rd " l"
.... 1 2"-"."11". for the thro-t from Thrsee
nd the frenii-n were sble to firing the ... . .. . . , . . ... .
.tr.roofTi lur'gria into Serbia, j but it
I"' Without fonfo.Joa in-i.ient n en ,rts that th for.-ea atts.V.rig the
petttna rf apparatus. Tltere were t)f I tile kingdom are soawhre sb-'Dt
..... .. . . . . .
rat..e fcvrlrsr,fs em the street in frtit -'."'.
t'f tie fmullirg ai4 aaMlM 4iret is'
the rr, making wssry be eineritow
How to Remove Blood Stains.
In the November Woman's Home Com
panion arrears a pai-e entitled "the
Exchange" devoted to suggestions de
veloped by housekeepers out of their
practical experience. A Missouri wom
an sends in the following:
"To remove a blood stain made by a
priked finger on any a.lk material,
place about four Inches of white sew
ing silk in th mouth and moisten. Then
roll into a nail and rub the i t gently,
and the stain will dixappear as if by
magic. Just try it and see."
A superior article in every way. Made
from the purest of materials.
Be sure that wherever you buy your
Ribbon Candy you ask for and
Close's Ribbon Candy
Remember tli e na m e Close's
Aerept n illhtltiif e
To Wholesale-amd Retail Dealers
It is absolutely necessary that order
for Close's Ribbon Candy be placed
early as our advance sales are unusually
heavy and we desire to give pro; er
attention to your order.
264 Broadway. Cambridge, Mass.
Special for this week, White
Pique Waist with a colored
stripe. This is a $1.00 Waist
for 69c.
Listen to this A Colored
Stripe Silk Waist
for $1.23
$1.75 Embroidered White
Waists, long sleeves. .$1,25
New Plaid Silk Waists for
...,...$1.25 and $2.25
Black Silk Waist, special $1.25
$3 Fancy White and Col
ored Crepe- de Chine
Waist for ......... .$2.25
1 44 Ladies' Waists, 49c each
We bought the whole lot; the 'regular price wojld
be 75c to $1.00 each. They come all white, all black,
and all blue. Your choice of the lot, 49c each. '
Mr. Postman, Policeman,
or anyone needing: a medium
heavy, serviceable Shoe "
We have a new one and it is 'just what you want.
Made with two full viscolized soles, with elk sole
between, heavy calf top, heavy duck lining, and me
dium full toe.
, We would like to show you these Shoes, as we know
they are what you are looking for.
Rogers' Walk-Over Boot
Barre, Vermont SllOp 170 No. Main St.
tfw;t.le. Ani. ty fV sit, tM M 1rsrt
in tie resr. t'vli" ttfc tW of
l"e tv.n fr?n Vs. a t--t "" rH sn
a'l.r t t'e r-mr. larmH t' il.'-f un
Ispe w.t f"f 1t.l,iff t'- fim m
I'1 F.rwl : t' . 5 : , f . s'" iff t' ts'it.
f t !-e if.'WTir ?t simirf l'
f lSe frvr avsy frrm t' resr f
1.e h-t'.'.-'.'.i-i-. nUti rm4 -t ,' i .'
TeTsrifr-4 a few eT fc-n. tTre )
ew t4 l r -t iirfC rt ' 4
t e r te f-ww-n t'
rle a t"l st I ffitt $ije
n fr J.i
ts t'lt ST'T"1
t- trtt X e t'e rtre tns
re sis 1 f s ;.
t'i't"t s A-ii tn e T t4 "r i
fW e fWe tjl '-fg
t- i'Krt !'e frm -s pe J
'TT. tJ,, f l. j." f ....... ?
s Vsf- it f'-tt ;
t -?" if m e. . . t . ? ' '
t f !'-' is t' f -.;-4 ...
n.1 l-st tlie itJetitxifi is t
1e tte r ! tfa t v Ti4't,g it,. j
i !t . .i f" 'j-r a s m ,, tn t w j
' e-.ns'.j-e tl i!H!1-r. ne'e :!! '
t'- - '.'" a eseh i Se. ITie rm- :
listsnt finv n sll tit t 'e
t ss ? .- I iinu nr t,r". r Vtb.
t tim ii frsW-. V, '..n:t ftr'1l'r tf -b-tiMtt)
t'irR'Siiia emiH e tr 4jrt.--i"
s-l ..-e- 5 m. 7) sd
'. s" -- Hv !- n-"t r'" n Xs rsiryla-
,f i ii ,.'.-:, .' I?;i
In the November Amerii-an M(7rine
Ismes Montgomery riatrs;. the famous
wit and artist, vritea an amusms; pier
ahkli be calls "Mrs. Pearl IVuneriinert
er's Ispa in Every laWs Mspsrine."
the Buniber jrollowir,t Is an eitraft vt trhst Mr. VUps
nss io asy reparaing variety ana a
"Wliea Jack or llaroM come tome ttre4
from the aerks, ther are ffte irritsUle.
Whv? lierause ther know visrtly hst
yon are i-witf to serva then for ttmer 1
snd etsctly a here! Vary the monotany.
nt only in yotir meals but ia the t'lsees
they sre sTve-i. 1 think yoa i!l find,
it is a welcome clisrjre to the ti.-ar IVms
to fnd, iiietesd cf tha visl pinner tstie.'
thst j "fl Ksve nel your imsir nst um .
sad, after all. 1at imsi'inst i-m for? ,
snl hsve spresi the tskleMk tm the
' Voa hsve t' i4a sihst a st.r
Von ssy,'
how ia the "r I u i I eer tlik f aev-,
Ih.fig I ke thstt I ear, tT.aeae! imi
j-ot!f if if yo rwt
1 era an .leverer thsa
Hani! some is as Handsome Does.
We rise to all oorakioa
Where alr has full saay,
We're true men cf the hour
Fu'l tety-follr a dsy;
lint yt we're lissely cimqiirrel
Anl shritiking. hi-!e our fsee.
When vis, ting, at lunrheoa.
Tbey sk tis to say eraee.
A bi carload is now at ycur
railroad station. I here are
about 100 barrels.
in bulk, price $3.50
Fsrh customer (urniLinj his own hsrrrU.
These apples are orrhsril runs with all cuiis
snd cider apples taken out and is a very
isnry lot. Call at the car and leave us
your order.
Morrisvilfe, Vt.
If you haven't all the
business you want, adver
tise in The
It e-t e-ethia and M rtetirrr e
mi' h in n- to defest Austria -II unwary
lt v.sr thtt ttuir . ite.l fori'n bow
in t?,'e f,-H sre l.sHly I kely to es.ed i Voa hsre ss yV
C.VI'KO Tk-.eee ,-.A e..... 1 th tS SI t' h W il
!ete tTst t Tretuii tf4 ISntish t'oofs j
I, tt -A si S-ftWmi.-a Mf f nw re ttiir i
. sr..) H.t it.tn.m. , -.a "
rnur rii nj on it !
rv Ttt vrcrtt'!v r t-i i t-
11 ii.v..ni-jniu iai, till, i
Cannot Sag
t'e eet of 09, I S't1'!v tk t.me sri
t k the t!ifif m t.
o1:.f ir is to real a ei-H;if
hosrd ever tWe hat' tnfc and a-t yr ta
i.le there. Your rsrd for t'- t.i'e
t T.mif t i-l t"i S'I " a e -
snd lre!g-Hen4 e. 1 e Jk Hsr
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The Entlander
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A. VV. Badncr & Co.
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