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tnUfi t the PMtnfflce lit Brr as 8conJ.
CUm Mull Mutter
Published Every Wk-B Afwrmxm
On irenr. . ,,
On month.,
Single top.
,,.1 cent
Samuel W. Mc'Call it a real presiden
tial possibility..
The Bull Moose party in tlie Hay state
assays loss than three per cent.
Matthew Halo may yet be the Pro
gressive party of Massachusetts.
N. II.. tave Mayor French
Jeave to withdraw after .even years,
fconcord 'will feel odd enough without
its labor mayor.
, As long as the grade crossings remain
In Vermont, the users of the highways
' rmist exercise marked, caution; and, in
these days of cooler weather when motor
vehicles are closed in for protection from
the weather, there is a largely increased
demand for vigilance on the part of both
driver and occupants. Tho , accident at
Winooskt on Wednesday is warning
In swapping from Walsh to McCall,
Massachusetts will by no means lose in
the effectiveness of its executive admin
istration. Added to his native ability,
McCall has a vast deal of experience in
many public capacities in purely state
affairs and in a score of years in the
lower branch of Congress. Indeed, Mas
sachusetts would have to cast about a
long time in order to find an abler man
for governor, ,'
J Step this way for the
overcoat that will make
you independent of the
weather. It's rainproof,
cold proof and a proof
of our.big values at $18.
J Every other kind of
overcoat for every kind
of weather.
5 New Mackinaws
same quality as we've
had for two years, and
at the same prices, $5 to
J Sweaters navy ind
red ring neck and V
neck just received.
F. H. Rogers & Co.
We Clean, Press, and Repair Clothing
Mayor Curlcy of Boston may thank
everal thousand inattentive voters that
he is not summarily ousted from his po
sition through the "recall" method. As
it was, the majority of votes cast being
jn favor of. his removal, he will be on
his good behavior, so to speak. The op
position to him was most surprising, al
though, admittedly, he was not at any
time in good favor with a certain element
of the voters of Boston. If it should
come o a question of re-election Mayor
Curlev wouldn't stand knee-high to a
the trorer amenities between
. Despite a certain amount of rancor
which must have been stirred up between
leading opponents for a given position
during the height of a lively campaign,
there seemed to exist between Governor
David I. Walsh and Samuel W. McCall of
Massachusetts . immediately after the
election a feeling of good nature, one to
ward the other, that was quite remark
able. We find McCall giving tribute to
the popularity of his chief opponent dur
ing two terms as chief executive of the
state and comparing him to William E.
Russell, a figure of commanding impor
tance in the history of Massachusetts;
and, on the other side, we find Gov.
Walsh offering a toast to his successor,
leading in three cheers for the next gov
ernor and then testifying to the worth
and probity of the man who had just
defeated him. Truly, that was an un
usual demonstration of good feeling be
' tween earnest rivals for official prefer
ment. In easting about for the reasons for
euch a demonstration, one first of all is
led to believe that it was due to the
spirit of tolerance and breadth of view-j
point of one and both of the men j there '
was little of the petty spiteful nature in;
either MCall or Walsh. Moreover, Mc
Call could afford to !e magnanimous to
a defeati-d rival; Walsh could not afford
to be tolerant. In connection with the
latter idea there 'arises immediately the
thought that Walsh i looking ahead and
that he done not consider that by any
means his official career is ended. In
MsMuuhuiw tts there is a well-defined con
viction that Walsh will become a candi
date for fniUd ftate senator to succeed
Hnry Cabot lodge. Such being the case,
Walsh could not afford to be peeviiih over
liia temporary a-t-b(k it would not do
f sacrifice thm undoubted popularity
whiih be po-w at the prrnt time.
Therefore, it wee good poUtH, as well
as rood aenee, for trim to .mother anv
feel;eg of d;nepfointmiit over defeat and
to lead in the cheering for McCall at
fHiHie fntvtion oti the very wigM nf tHe
election. la eo doine, Wa'h inrreeeed
lii pnlrity by 1 owwiMrtt !rz tht be
t a nd l't, for the nl !if tke to
f 'od loeer hi a floe fght. Time, a!
tbmitli defeated, Wal rm i the mm
nandinf IemwTtie tSjTire in ! )o
iwtte. tie fiwt l.kely ranMute of trie
farty for bij-a jm tun at ti fret ojn
0. W. Heath of Walden had his hay
pressed at his farm here last week.
Mrs. Etta Davenport was a recent
guest at David Ooursen's at Walden.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Young enjoyed an
auto ride to Speedwell farms, Lyndon,
with Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hastings of
T . - i -."I .'11. I ' 1
n esi jjanvuie ouiiuay.
A partridsre recently flew through one
of the large windows at J, P. Hutton's
home and was found dead on' a table
across the room. Glass was also found
at the further side of the room.
5r. and Mrs. Dudley Fitzgerald and
son, Gordon, of West Barnet, accom
panied by her brother, Edgar Houghton,
wife and son, Selden, of West Danville,
were callers at their fathers. S. E.
Houghton, Sunday.
Laurel Blake of Whitman. Jtass., is
guest of his sister, Mrs. S. E, Houghton,
for a few da vs.
Henrv Roy was a business visitor at
Barnet a few days ago. ;
While on her way cross lot to Harry
Young's Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 2, your
correspondent picked daisy. Strawberry,
buttercup and dandelion blossoms, also
two kinds of violets. They were as fresh
looking as in June. The next morning
the ground was white with snow.
Miss ChriKtine luttch of Danville Is
spending a few days with Mrs. George
Drew. , f
Miss Inez Abbott was home over Sun
day from Hardwick.
Rev. J.
R. Gates to Return to Mission
Work la Africa.
Rev. J. R. Gates, pastor of the M. F.
church, surprised his coniriciration Sun
day morning by announcing that he had
decided to return to Africa. 1he an
uouncemeiit came as a surprise because
no one knew of hi Intention to rcsiirn.
Air. Gates went to Africa In 1000 and
returned in 1012, Mrs. Gates having re
turned in 1011 on account of ill health.
He has been appointed by Bishop Hortzell
to his old position, that of superintendent
txt If t..l....! ii. ...in a..!..,, i.i..
vi miuuuBiti llllB.lirii. lit) will IU1IHII III.
work here on Nov. 30 and will sail from
New York Dee. 21, accompanied by Mrs.
Gates and family.
Miss Laura Averill has returned to her
work in the law otlica of Plumlev &
riumley after a vacation, of two weeks.
Alexander Eddie, Robert Muyo and !'.!
ward Holton went to Barre Tuesday
and their babies at the school commis
sioners' room, city hall, Saturday after
noon from 2 until A, that the babies may
be properly enrolled for the belter bablea'
Fred Hatch is moving into, the tene
ment in the Gibnon block which has been
unoccupied for a year or more. 1 -
Mrs. N. B. Randall brouuht suit against
Guernlect brother, thia week for unpaid
rent of house and storage of automobile
and other Items. Court convened lues
day, but before trial of the case it waa
settled on the advice of E. W. Smith,
counsel for Mrs, Randall, by the accept
ance of a sum considerably less than the
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haslctt, who have
been with Ruv. and Mrs. John Lytle for
the past month, left Wednesday for their
homo in Walton, N. Y.
T....A A T f Ttinmn.
monitor? to witneM the big fin t .hero. Tnffmord of j-ff (.ill. has boinin the
w. J:.. jJenimoro was in Berlin Tuok-' .,..r i. tAu t
iV M' liar A ha waa armr oham i lio I J ... .
wag auctioneer for the
sale of the property of the late Dr. I. M.
II use.
William A. Shaw was in Montpoiler
Miss Horeneo Doyle returned Monday
mgnt to Jier work at the Johnson normal
Attorney Arthur Theriault of Montpe
ier was in town yesterday.
W. II. Douglass hag gold his house on
Vine street to F. E. Warren, who will
take possession immediately. ' .
. A. E. Plaatridge returned yesterday
from Now York City, where he has been
receiving medical treatment.
J. Henry Goodwin of the Esterbrook &
Eaton Cigar company wag a caller in
town yesterday.
Murdock A. Campbell of Granitevllle Is
tudytng law in the oflice of Plumley &
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Bliss left
Tuesday for Calais, where they are to
Leon C. Smith ig moving into the Hol
ton house vacated by C. E. Blisg.
Court Niehols in St. Johnsbury
C. E. Eliason has sold his house In the
village to James Rosa, He will sell his
household goods at auction, after which
he will return to Teyas, the members of
his family here accompanying him
Mrs. A. T. Beaton, jr., was the re
cipient this week of a fine new piano, as
a wedding gift from her father and moth
er, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Ferguson of Arte
sian, S. D. j
All the motoring people have been at
tending "The Birth of a Nation" at
Woodsville this week.
Ladies of Haddlng Church Feci .Well Re
paid For Effort!.
The two-day fair at the Hedding
Methodist church came to a very fitting
close lent evening with a chickenpie sup
per that was served between the hours
of 6 and 7. Tito table made an attrac
tive appearance, .A force of about 13
young ladies of the church wore hurry
ing hero and there us soon as 5 o'clock
caiuo for nearly all the tables, which
accommodated HO at a time, were filled
at that time. In all nearly 300 people
were served to satisfaction at the sup
per. Among those who were present
were S'i clerks and friends, of the A.
V, Abbott store, who attended in a body
under the invitation of Mr. Abbott.
No program was arranged for yester
day but during the afternoon the ladies
spent their time in viewing and purchas
ing articles on salo. All of the 20 booths
with as many different kinds of articles,
had excellent fortune in getting rid of
their things, with capable salesladies be
hind them. What few articles were
left will be kept for another sale tha
ladies and pastor's union is preparing '
fTor December. ' Only a few of the per
ishable things, as vegetables and foods,'
were put up at auction, with Mr. An- i
drews as auctioneer. Under the ham
mer these brought about as much us at
first marked, so the ladies lost little
there. .
No amalL credit is due to Mrs, Eugene
Glysson, president of the union, and
Mrs. Charles Clough, chairman of the I
executive committee for their planning
and overseeing the work of such a fair,
M the Specials
For All This Week
Coat Sale for this Ayeek.
Waists Special this week.
Baby Coats Special for this week.
Miss Clark Rabaioll Is spending a 10 ",terd .bthe oth"?' T1'08fe ""ending
1 i the off air hava nnthtnrr nur ivnrnn nf
The funeral of Mrs. Rosina D. Wood,
who died here Wednesday, will take
place at the home of E. V. Willey Fri
day morning at 10 o'clock. Interment
will be made in West Topsham.
A son, Almon Robert, was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Suitor, Nov. 1.
Harold Milea and Maurice Smith left
venterday for Hartford, Conn- where
they have employment.
Miss Annie Campbell Is con fined to
the house by an attack of appendicitis.
John Sheridan apent the day in Wash
ington on legal business.
Wedding Took Place at Woodstock Last
Woodstock, Nov. 4.-A pretty wedding
at the home of George 11. Day on High
street in this place was solemnized when
Miss Maude Louise Warren, formerly of
Burlington, was married to C. G. Day of
Woodstock at 8 o'clock last evening by
Kev. 11. h. Canheld. Ihe ceremony was
performed under an arch of ferns, from
which wai suspended a four-leaf clover
in white carnations. The best man wag
Arthur E. Warren of Boston, brother
of the bride. The bride wore white silk
crepe de chine and carried a shower bou
quet of white carnations. Miss Amy
I)e Lance of Canton, N. Y., maid of hon
or, wag gowned in white silk enilTon
over pink mes'saline and carried a bou
quet of pink carnations. The Misses
Lula .tggieston and Leona Irudo werej
ushers. The din mar room was decorated
with barberries and ferns. The recep
tion hall was decorated with palms. Aft
er the ceremony an informal recep
tion was held. There were many beau
tiful presents. The bridegroom's gift to
the bride was a mahogany linen chest of
his own make. After the ceremony the
couple started for a wedding trip to
Montreal and will come leisurely back
through different parts of Vermont and
will be at home on High street in Wood
stock after January 1.
days' vacation from the Barre City hos
pital Jn town.
Harry Hall of St. Albans, who recent
ly underwent a very delicate operation
on his eye at a hospital in Montreal, is
spending a part of his enforced vacation
with his sister, Mrs. G. W. Darling.
Mr. and Mrs. j D. McAllister attended
the funeral of Judge Meadcr at Groton
Mrs. Mabel Terry and Miss Clara Ra
baioll are on a visit to Boston, with
headquarters at the Quincy house.
Y. D. Nelson is delivering several car-1
loads of Christmas trees at the railroad
station this week which have been cut
on his farm for Pennsylvania parties.
C. M. Libby has spent most of his time
the past two weeks at Long pond, New
bury, superintending the fish hatching
business for the club that owns the pond.
G. Zambelli hag purchased the house of
Angelo Koea. This makes three houses
owned by Mr. Zambelli in that section
of the village.
the affair have nothing but words of
jffaiwi to offer to the ladies for their
great suecegg.
What exactly will be realized out of
the two dayg of work cannot yet be as
certained, but it will be no mean num.
The supper alone of last night, being
so well attended, will brintr in a laree
amount and the admission fee of Tues-,
day night will also add to the proceeds
from the sale.
On sale at $5.50, $6.50, $7.50
Special -$12.00 Coat for
this week at $10.00
By express, all sfzes, best
of the season.
Special prices ..$1.98,
$2.25, $2.75, $2.98, $3.50
Just when you want them
Note the prices
$1.00 Petticoats at 79c
$1.00 Petticoats at 89c
$1.25 Petticoats at 98c
$1.50 and $1.75 Petticoats
at $1,251
Special' for this week, White
Pique Waist with a colored
stripe. This is a $1.00 Waist
for 69c.
Listen to this A Colored
Stripe Silk Waist
for $1.25
$1.75 Embroidered White
Waists, long sleeves. ,$1.25
New Plaid Silk Waist3 for
.....$1.25 and $2.25
Black Silk Waist, special $1.25
$3 Fancy White and Col
ored Crepe de Chine ,
Waitt for $2.25
Rev.' Frank Blomfield announces the
following course of germons on "The
Bible and Every-day Life," to commence
next Sunday at the Berlin Congrega
tional church: ' "The Bible on Business,"
"The Bible on Amusements," "The Bi
ble on Friendship," "The Bible on Horn
1 44 Ladies' Waists, 49c eqch
We bought the whole lot; the regular price wojld
be 75c to $1.00 each. They come all white, all black,
and all blue. Your choice of the lot, 49c each.
Special value
in children's coats at
Fortified Tires
No Ri-Ca Ti-"0-Air" CnJ
WOh AV WMto Tr4 r Smmoi
A h: carload ii now at ycur
railroad nation. There are
aSout 103 barrel.
i bulk, price 53.50
T fWmw !. rr I -t rw !
T' TT'" " r-w4 trm ': rn'
i4 riW rf ' rnif i m
imney ttn, (M m r w nd W i
depoeited o or before the 6tfc day of
any month and
ill eara i?iret at the regular 4 wr
writ, rate, vfcra 4 pouted
Tbi, ejwial j-rniltg f d-m mnnrf
ihr frt day f aer BMtth, rthout Im
of intvt. erf! fnawriati eM
tl,r.fy " from a3 c"T tbe Hate f
f-o-h ir. f d7w!tinf la O bar.fc
fcwp t h ir i'ti t- rinc iirtrl. ,,)
t.iJ hrr it r4y t ft t4 Ke fat
gry tVr may f-laa.
LaT f v-rt. f M .-$-;.
Total Resources,
$1,600,000 i
01. f fmv v-9 .h
(m. t . f" i.i . , 7 i , .i
Wlo Hag the 100 Per Cent Baby?
We are sure Barre hag a perfect baby
and we should like to know who owns
him. The doctors who will examine the
children at the better babies' contest to
be held Xov. 0 and 10, tinder the auspices
of .the Barre Woman's club, will keep
their eagle eyes open for hira. Every
mother will wait breathlessly for the
verdict of the scoring committee.
Big blue eyea and gloasy golden curls
will not conquer the hearts of the doc
toral only firm museles, clear, alert eyes,1
and a willingness to do what they are
told will help the small competitors.
Priza winners will be determined by a !
scientific grading showing physical and!
mrntal development. A bronze medal 1
and diplomas presented by tha Woman's
i noma companion win d given prize win
ning babieg.
Just what constitute a perfect baby
m a question wsll worth considering.
For Instance Jut how tall should a per
fect child of two year be? How murh
should he weight Wbat should be the
size of his bead? What is a reasonable
tet of his normal mental development?!
Tbcae are questions every mother should:
be glad to have answered ; and it is worth
a great deal too to have a little imper
fection pointed cut o that if it can beJ
remedied it may be looked after. Com-!
petent physicians will be in charge of!
each test and examination, and thry will!
be glad to answer any question whiohj
the mother may ask. The content will
open at PrSO a. m. and J p. m. Xov.
nl 19 at HoUnd hall.
Here is an ubuuoJ opportunity to e-
etire a tiwoirn examination of ymir;
be by free of rharge. j
If you bare a MO per rent baby IWrre'
oujrU t know about St. If ymlr bebvi
has defects whlib rae bim to W
nored low, yev rmgH ta know about it
ftA 4 li t M mmm v-mJ Wm - J ..; !
j - ' . ' : m .1 A W I I
tnauly liar a ferfert bj.
A Cmtn itt will meet t tnntber
Willys-Knight Touring: Roadster
40 h. p. Knight type motor
Electric starting and lighting
High-tension magneto ignition
114-inclj wheelbase
34 by 4-inch tires, non-skid rear
Demountable rims (one extra)
$1065 f. o. b. Factory, Toledo
H. F. Cutler & Son
Palace Garage Telephone 402-3
Mr. Postman, Policeman,
or anyone needing a medium
heavy, serviceable Shoe
We have a new one and it is just what you want.
Made with two full viscolized soles, with elk sole
between, heavy calf top, heavy duck lining, and me
dium 'full toe.
We would like to show you these Shoes, as we know
they are what you are looking for.
RogersV Walk-Over Boot
pi 1
Barre, Vermont O II O P
170 No. Main St.
I ii ii'
Andes Stoves and Ranges
For Wood, Coal, or Gas
Stove Pipe. Dampen, and Elbowg, Stove Boards. Wringers,
Wash Boilert and Tubs. Copper Teakettles, and Teapots.
Oil Heaters for sale or rent.
'Phone 593-1
BuHell Block, Pearl Street, Barre, Vt
Hear nr larr
asMortmrnt of
Victor Records
a 1100 Victrola
on ay payments
Candy Sale
Friday and Saturday
40c Box of Chocolates for 29c
These Chocolstfi were packed fpecial for us by V. D. Quimby Candy
Co. for thU m!c. The chocolate coating is maJc from the best choco
late obtainable; each piece of chocolate is hand dipped. A delicious
assortment of nut and cream center, just .he proper thing for Sunday af
ternoon snd evening. Good enough for anybody at any time, at
Cannot Sag
Are j oa aatisHed with the prir.f on your tod? D- jour
mattress slip or Ke its trim, neat edg-e by 'id:r,jr or slipping?
Yoa can assure j-oumlf ap-ain.t thf e trouMes by equip
ping1 your tcd with
The Erslsndfr
Kchksa for rt-.'Iimcy,
m.thr,a nd d .rs1.i.tr.
71e ratpr.tfsi crifht side
puards cfTtr c-rr j4ft re
f ,-tJr.'e t the strain and
f r Y.Hh ordinary
sprir.fa car net rt-?i't.
, .
5jrr r t r.ttr
err.firH in the ?pf-e it sh'-uld irt; r!y eccy- t ft
A. VV. Badcjer & Co.
m f trr atT sw rtvi t n cttt
r. if- . r f'n,. t. Vrw. i imm.
Cummings & Lewis
51 X. Main St., Barre
tM rem
Ym r Fr tht
hi rtM in tht
rW vm a Vidt'iia
RuUand Trust Co.

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