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VOL. XIX NO. 199.
But Overwhelming Artillery is Forcing
the Invasion of Serbia.
London, Nov. 5. The Daily Chronicle'
Serbian correspondent who 1ms just
reached Soloniki from Belgrade and
Kraguyevats declares that the German
Rnlfririin ArtillerV HaS Be- PrKre8 Serbia is a repetition of the
UUJganan Airmery Xda xv overwheming artillery pow.
gun violent oomoaiuiucm
of the Outer Forts
Nish-Kavola,- Two Hours'
March Northeast, Said
to Have Been Taken
tinuous, with heavy losses on both sides.
"Even when the Serbs were forced to
fall back beyond the city, the Bulga
rians were unable to enter for days as
Bulgarian troops advancing northeast the Serbian commitadjis (irregulars)
f Vi.h r within two hours of the citv. ,ouS"fc. wun llle "uigarian commiiaujia
, . , , Wn dotKey Btr by street from cellars
u oHivuuk.1 uikii to house-tops. , . ,
Serbia they are being held back by Serb- "Serbian officers declare that one ad
ian resistance in the Babuna pass, near ditional regiment on their side would
Prilip. Two British divisions are ap- Jve turned the tide of battle in their
j.x t, i t t j ti. favor. This indeed has been true at
preaching the Bulgarian front and other j ints,where feroeioug flghting
u u ' in oiu iuiiuoiiii m.y --fa
Died Yesterday Afternoon at the Home
of Her Son George M. Gates.
Mrs. Mary II, dates' passed away at
the home of her son, George ' M. Gates,
22 Orange street," Thursday afternoon
shortly after 4 o'clock. She had been in
impaired health tor several years, al
A Coalition Organization Is though her condition did not become se
Jf rioiiB until a few months ago. Besidei
Expected to Kesuit irom
the Conference
"It is established," he says, "that Von
Mackensen's army does not include more
than 150,000 men, but it is provided with
artillery ample for any army of a mil
lion. Into Belgrade alone more than GO,
000 shells were poured."
The correspondent describes the fight
ing around Vskup as the bitterest of the
war. "The Serbs were outnumbered five
to one by the Bulgarians, but the -battle
rnnro.l ph,in dnvs hefnra their oiiitted !
the city. For the greater part of that New Government Probably
siriifjiu biie cuiiii'ijuiiii; mime ivio
within two hundred yards of each other,
and hand to hand encounters were con-
Will Be Founded in
24 Hours
at Athens has announced, according to a
dispatch from the Greek capital.
The French official statement to-day
says of the western front between the
river Aisne and Oise, that German troops
yesterday, after having attempted to sur
prise forces in the French trenches, di
rected a very violent but futile bombard
ment againBt the French positions in the
Champagne district. Two fresh German
attacks against the French trenches at
Laeourtine were checked, ' " '
German and Austrian official reports,
although indicating that things are going
well for the Teutons on the Russian
front, make it clear that they are now
occupied cniefly with defending them
selves against Russian attacks except in
the way of counter attacks, their own
initiative having apparently been spent j
in particularly tierce Russian attacks re
corded along the Dvina and Stripa. I
The course of events in Greece is being
followed with evident concern in the cap
itals of all the belligerent powers. There
appears to be few expectations, however,
so far as dispatches from London and
Fans show, that M. venezelos, who la
vors Greek intervention in behalf of Scr
bia, will be returned to power. The Ber
lin press seems confident that the neu
trality policy of King Constantino will
be maintained. The crisis is expected to
be over soon, according to an Athens dis
patch, which announces that the king
lias summoned the leaders of all parties
for a conference.
has, occurred in the past fortnight."
Paris, Xov. 5. The Bulgarian military
violently bombarded the advanced forts
of INish on the Jtshava river, says a
Saloniki dispatuh-ioalatr!, which was
filed yesterday. They captured Msh
Kavola, a small town two hours' march
northeast of Nisk.
Army Headquarters at Berlin Says That
Trench Northeast of I Mesmilin,
Held by French Since Oct 24,
Has Been Captured.
Berlin, via wirelese, Nov, 6. The re
capture of a trench northeast of Le Mes
milin, Champagne district, which the
French bad held since Oct. 24, was offi
cially announced by army headquarters
to-day. The counter attack by the
French against fha positions captured by
the Germans to the north of Massiges
failed with heavy losses to the attacking
Advance all along the line by the
Teutonic force invading Hrbia were an
nounced and the capture of 2,700 Serbians
is reported,
Trie Russians are still on the offensive
in tlie region southwest of Pvinsk, but
their attack against the German lines
have been futile, and they have suffered
heavy losses, the statement says.
Thinks His Broadening of Use of Ex-
" -ecutive Power Dangerous.
New York, Nov. 6 Broadening the use
of executive power as exercised by for
mer President Theodore Roosevelt was
termed as "unsafe doctrine" by former
President William Howard Taft in an
address here last night. He was speak
ing on the Bubject of "The Presidency,
Its Powers, Duties, Responsibilities and
Limitations" when he utter the criticism
of certain acts of his predecessor in the
v hue Mouse.
Mr. Roosevelt,'" he said, "in his notes
for a possible autobiography says in re
gard to certain acts of his administra
tion 'I did not usurp power, but I did
greatly broaden the use of tiie executive
"My own judgment is that this is an
unsafe doctrine and that it might lead
to irremediable injustice to private
rights. J he mainspring of audi a view
is that the executive is to play the part
ot a universal providence and set ail
things right. The president is not an
omnipotent and benevolent prophet.
"Mr. Roosevelt followed this principle
in settling the Pennsylvania anthracite
strike, and no one has a higher admira
tion of the value of what he did than I
have. Had he failed in arbitration, how
ever, Mr. Roosevelt proposed to use the
army to seize private property. The
benevolence of bis purpose no one can
deny. But from a standpoint of-!' gov
ernment of law it could only be regarded
as lawless."
In closing however, Mr. Taft said it
was entirely proper that the president
should be clothed with sufficient power
to carry out the governmental purposes
of the people.
Athens, Thursday, via London, Friday
JNov. 5. King Constantino has sum
moned the leaders of all parties to con
fer on the situation resulting from the
overthrow of the Zainu cabinet, and i
is expected that the ministerial crisis
will end within 24 hours.
Declares Comptroller Williams, Since
Federal Reserve System Came la.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 6. Subtan-
tin I expansion of the buitiness of. the
national banks sine the inauguration of
the federal reserve system i shown in
a statement issued last iiiiiht by Comp
troller of the Currency Williams, based
on the returns of the 7,013 national
banks of the I'nited Mates to his call
for their condition ISeptenilier 2.
"The total resource of these banks
on September 2, say the statement,
Ancient Building at Bangor Destroyed
By Fire.
Bangor, Me., Nov. 5, The historical
landmark known as the Crosby ware1
house in Hampden, five miles below the
city, used at one time as a British pns
on, was destroyed by lire early yester
day morning.
It was a three-story brick building
erected in 1809 by Gen. Charles Crosby
at the head of the then extensive docks
at Hampden, where imports from th
West Indies and other foreign ports
were landed, it was the most preten
tious building in the Penobscot valley
at that tune.
In 1814, when the British fleet came
up the river and harassed the inhabi
tants, the building was used for a pris
on, and many native prisoners were con
lined there. It has been used for various
purposes since, but for some years has
been unoccupied.
The Bangor Historical. society, had an
option on the property, and a plan to
preserve it and establish a museum was
under consideration. The property wss
owned by J. X. Towle and the J, C.
Towle estate of Bangor and was worth
about $1000. The origin of tho fire is
unknown. The building was not in
And Another Hurt When Automobile
Struck Wagon.
" Worcester, Mass., Nov. 5. Otis Wins
low Everett, aged 63 years, eousin of
Congressman Samuel E. Winslow, and
manager of the Ytinslow rkate com
pany, was imttantly killed, and his son,
Ixmia v malow Jhverctt, aged 31, suf
fered a broken none and several body
bruises about 5:15 yesterday afternoon,
when an automobile in which they were
returning to Worcester from a business
trip to Boston, crashed into a wacon
at Belmont street and Cobum avenue.
The men in the wagon, Dominika Mar-
terio, aged 27; Conftaiio Laboria, aired
20, and Ikiminco Contotsi, aped 2.1, all
of ik-marro terrace, were thrown into
the street, but escaped serious injury.
According to Louis Everett, who was
driving the ear, he noticed a red light
as he kft the l.ake Causeway and
thought it wa the rear light of an
other automobile. He Mas planning to
turn out when he suddenly tiw another
light direct !v in his path. He then dis
covered tlie first light was a signal on
the street railway, and to nave himself
the son with whom she resided many
years, she leaves a second son, Ernest I
Gales, a resident of. hcheneetauy, N. Y
Her husband, Scott L, Gates, is in Bridge
port, Conn. Two nieces, Miss Ethel Me
Laren and Mrs. Jennie Aiken, live in Pt.
Johnsbury, and a half-brother, Harvey A.
McLaren, is a resident ot itarnet.
Mary Helen (McLaren) Gates was born
in Bamet in 1845 and had been a resident
of Barre for the past 35 years. She was
a member of the Barre Congregational
Funeral services will be held at the
home, 22 Orange street, Saturday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Rev. J, W. Barnett of
the Congregational church will be the
officiating clergyman and interment is to
be made in Hope cemetery.
Well Known Resident of East Montpelier
Died Last Evening.
Amplvous B. Clifford, a resident of East
Montpelier for over fifty years and a
veteran of the Civil war, died at 10
o'clock last evening at his home in East
Montpelier village after two days' illness
with bronchitis and heart trouble. Mr.
j-Clifford suffered a severe illness two years
ago, which left him in poor health, and
he has been unable to pursue steadily his
work as wheelwright, a trade which he
followed for many years.
The deceased was about 70 years of age
and he leaves, besides his wife, no near
relatives, Eugene and William Whitcomb
of Montpelier being nephews, and George
A. Huntington of first avenue, Montpe-
lcr, is a brother-in-law. Ha was a mem
ber of Brooks pott, G. A. R., of Mont
pelier and belonged to the Wvoming
lodge of the Masons, -North Montpelier.
Mr. Clifford enlisted in the Union armv
July 27, 1804, in the 9th Vermont regi
ment, but wag transferred to Co. E of
the 6th Vermont. He was mustered out
on July 29, 1805.
The funeral probably will be held Sun
day at his late home.
Not On Any Single Patient But On
Diseases in General.
t. Johnsbury, Nov. 5. The quarter
ly meeting of the Caledonia County Med
al association was held at the avenue
house last night with a large attendance
f physicians and invited guests. JPr.
eorge Kubhe of Jlnrdwuk, vice presi
dent, presided at the meeting, and pa
pers were read on the "Biliary Tract"
by Dr. E. II. Ross of this place, and on
(astru- I leer and lancer ' by Lr. rred
. Luiu" ol liofcton, president of tbe Clin-
al Congress of burgeon of . North
menca. At the banquet which Jol
wed, I)r. J. M. Allen of St. Johnsbury
i ted us toastmaster and tlie speakers
ere Ir. C. A. Cram ton and the Rev.
. P. Grint of this place, and lr. Lund.
he latter gave an interesting talk on
s experience a a member ol the liar-
ard unit in France. Yesterday after
noon, I)r. J. M. Allen conducted a clinic
Brightlook hospital which wa at
tended by nearly a score of doctors.
He Stays in New York
Longer Than He Ex
pected To-day
Also Accepts Dinner Invita
tion from Cleveland
H. Dodge
New York, Nov. 5. President Wilson,
whose first plans were to return to
Washington at 10 o'clock this morning,,
delayed his departure until late to-day
in order to accept a dinner invitation
of Cleveland IL Ltodge.
Despite the late hour at which he left
tho Manhattan club banquet last night
after making his first speech on pre
paredness, the president was up early
to-day and at U o'clock called at Mrs.
Gait's hotel and took his fiancee for a
long automobile ride.
the right and privileges of our people,
our sacred heritage of tho fathers who
struggled to make us an independent na
Attacked President's Policy of Prepared
ness and Says Wilson Himself Ad
mits There Is No Need for
a Change.
Washington, D. C. Xov. 5. Former
Secretary of Statu Bryan came out
squarely against President Wilson's na
tional defense idan to-dav in a formal
statement. A departure from our tradi
tions, the reversal of our national policy,
a menace to our peace and safety and a
challenge to the spirit -of I'linstianity,
which teaches us to influence others by
example rather than by exciting fear, is
Mr. Bryan's expressed view of the nation
al defense plans as set forth in the presi
dent's speech last night.
The president himself admits there Is
no reason for a change in our policy,"
saj'S Brvan, and continued: "He says the
country is not threatened from any quar
ter. She stands Tn friendly relations
with all the world. Her resources and
her aelf-respect and capacity to care for
her own citizens and right are well
known," and, to make the statement the
more emphatic, be adds, "There is no fear
among us. If we are not threatened by
any nation, if our relations with all na
tions are friendly, if anybody knows that
we are able to defend ourselves if neces
sary, and if there is no fear among us,
why is this time chosen to revolutionize
our national theories and to exchange our
policy for the policy of Europe!
"Why abandon the hope, that we have
so long entertained of setting an example
to Europe? Why encourage the nations
of Europe in their fatal lolly by imitat
ing them T Why impose upon the western
Bee ins Campaign for Support of Policy hemisphere a policy so disastrous?
There lias not oeen a time in uu years
Two Widely v 'fg Stories
Told o- Witness
Barre Man Was Charged
with Assault with In
tent to Kill
of Better Preparation Against
War Addressed Manhattan
Club Banquet in New
York Last Night.
I when there was less reason to add to the
expenses of the army and navy, for we
larp not only without an enemy but our
I preparedness is increasing relatively as
the other nations exhaust themselves."
New York, Xov. 6. President Wilson
opened the administration campaign for
its national defense program in a com
prehensive ana carefully prepared ad
dress delievercd here last night at the I
Manhattan club banquet, lie declared I
solemnly that the I'nited States had no
aggressive purpose, must
to defend itself to assume "full liberty
and self-
said that,
exceeded by more than $424,0. tbe ,rura runni illt m ,,e twnrd ,
greatest resource, ever hon by any ,,r u,li,.k, lrtlrk illlo th roj , M
previous call in the history of thr na- th. ,llr.iW in hi, Y j,
Aad Tour Aviators Sobsequeatly Wert
Burnt! ta Death.
Pari, Xov. 8. Two military aero-
fdanr collided w hile tnakinjr a landing j
yeUTuy at nourgei, 1 iey caiigm
fire and IU four aviators manning the
machine were burned to death.
Bleacher? Plaat at East Braiatree, Mais.
Series il r Damaged.
East Pramtree, Mass, Xov. Th ra
teitMve riant tf t). at Braiatre
tional banking syntem, and amounting
to 12fiT,OlHJ,4-St. The increane in re
source over the call of June 23, 1015,
was 471.0on,0iO. The increase, in re
source over tlie call of September 12,
1914, wss over 783,(Mi,(NMi.
"Loans and discounts, including let
ter of credit and cutomer' liability on
account of acceptances, amounted to
fl25NI0,(Si0, being an Increat oer tlie
June atatement of l1.Vi,'Hin, nJ
showing aa inert compared with Sep
tember 12, 1PI4, of 2a.0iK),Oirt. Total
Vnita amounted to f V2W,(), tx-
ceedmg by f3a7JSi.iS tbe higlwtt
amount ever previously bon, and be
ing 4(fi,"tst,iKl ia nei of the total d
poait ia th June tat roent."
Marked Hospital Benefit
Dance Last Night.
"We can all make merrv again," the
be prepared slogan adopted by the Hospital Aid so
"full hlwrtv ciety in staging its masquu carnival at
development." Significantly he JHowland hall should be revamped to
' n,.r.iv. i ti,:. ,..i read, -Ve all. made merry again." We-
' 1 , l l . . 1 1 V.
matter we associate all the people of l'l" . w "" 'uur j-y,..B
our own hemisphere," adding that, "we I""" " J"?
wish not only for the United .States, but UUB " 3 c" "
for them the fullest freedom of inde- HowUnd hall bat evening. Nearly every
pendent crowth of action." t,n wno Jomeu ,n lvln lue B,"ttn
The president was received with en-' Jtricteat construction went en masque
ttiM.ioti,. .r,ia.- . i. It wa a riot of adornment and the va-
banquet hall and during his address. The r'et-T of 'j?11 Ppyl by .cer
i.r. ii a..a ,:fi. At once debet de&cripUon. Beyond the
unit mm uwvt-v nun aiMcinnn 'inK I i i . i
land even the Ballerk wer filled with "K"? -If " V
'Democrat, happy aver their victory in
workers, the carnival wa a moving uc-
. .v, -" v..n n.uiw I .. ... ... .L.t
New York Citv. When the president ''y " ."'
a. A -..--L- .... I v proviaea many novel Tarauon irura
applauded again and again until he waa of te
forced to signal for quiet. J.
cular sort, lliere
reitpoiise on the
Vv .h! : T.V- V Tik. .1 l'"t of the public and needles to say,
Within a year," said the president, j . . ' . .,;4-, , it .,,,,,1
. ., . , , ,i iiu V i I I r l , l, b mnuimiiiuu ' . 1 1 1
think possible, a great European conflict
involving many of the greatet nation
of the world. The inituences of the
great war are everywhere in the air.
All hurupe I in battle, force every
where speaks out with a loud and iin-
txrious voice in a titanic struggle of
one clae do tbe marking, the carnival in
some of its aipccta would have been a
frizes offered by the society for the
most comical and the most original cos
tumes were awarded near intermission
time by a jury of three, who had care
fully scrutinired all of the masqueraders.
government, and frvin one end of our T. ' ,u . 'i rm.i
own d.ar country to the other end wL,Mt to Miss Jeasie McLean of
are aaking one another what our own th. ,Urr Citv inMMtA,. ha tr.B(.j
force ia, how far we are prepared to , ol(J wom4n cf eipht p,n,.r,timt or
With It Went a Barn, Total Loss Being
St. Albana, Xov. 5. The let nousa
in the city limit on High atreet, which
Eugene W. lVwart recently bought of
bin mother, Mrs. S. C. Dew art, of De
troit, Mich., wa burned to th ground
eany ia.t evening .vio ot tn houM-,he ,upwt ot th. r-roi-ram. He .aid .1.. . si...
h.iia Kkh1s on the lirat floor were saved, i ,i..h "41,., ,.r.,r.;...i r ' . . - ..' .
) ... . I " "flBI UIBV1 MrU I V 'I t I IT, KdllV'Viai, IIU
tht firt prize for the most origin! at
i tt d in dit iaAil i-iui anu i n u anv . ai f ai-f I . ....
-",""' thereabouts, ego. To 51ms Marie yuinlen
ence with our national action or devel- went the priM for tllB nwt orijjin,
opment. feminine cotstume. Her attire waa made
The president called upon "men of all --wi,, ii. Ku,--. ji r
'v .lanwaon. totced out in apparel woven
The case Of state vs. Pietro Garelli,
charged with assault with intent to kill,
wag given to the jury this forenoon, the
arguments, which were commenced late
yesterday afternoon, having been com
pleted to-day. This is one of three cases
which are similar. Two other respond
ents, Pietro Zampini and Giacinto Polti,
are alleged to have been with Garelli
when the assault took place in Barre on
Aug. 7.
Three witnesses for the state identified
the respondent as one of three men seen
on Circle street at the time of the alleged
attack on Eugene Gapit, an Austrian,
uapit testifying that Garelli, Zampini
and Polti were the trio who jumped on
him and shot twice at him as he waa
prone on the ground.
James Andrews and Alexander Porter,
who testified that they had known tho
trio for six or seven years, gave evidence
that they met the men on Circle street
after the fire alarm had rung, the box be
ing pulled in by Gapit, and also testified
that they were able to make identifica
tions because of the headlights of the
auto fire truck, which glione on the men's
faces. They greeted the Italians but
none answered.
Againat this evidence the defense put
on witneses, including the respondent,
Polti and Zampini, to show that the
three men were at home and in bed at
the time of the trouble, and two of tho
men told of failing to hear the fire alarm.
1 hroughout the trial the state put in
evidence tending to show that because of
the strike which existed last spring, when
there were two faction among the strik
ers, ill feeling existed against Gapit by
the Italians and that a threat had been
made that Gapit would "get bia." Conn
set for the defense objected against much
of that testimony and also against tha
introduction of a verse in an Italian pa
per which la said to be about "scabs.
The next rase to be taken tip is that of
state va. Kaffaele Mastriani, charged with
impeding an officer. Next week one of
the two manslaughter cases on the list of
atate cases may be taken up. Attorney
General Barber is expected in the city to
morrow and will be associated with the
slate's attorney in the trial of those
iMit only a f. w aitfcle, of furniture on and tx.n opinion of the untry," and
the ..cond floor, whah was occupied Ue gV(, ,rning tliat -.f W,.B difl,.r lth
by li.rbert L. Bingham and family. The J me iB ttlU viu, m-ttcr I .hall ask them I
Aata Driver Hell fer Manslaughter at
Fall Siver.
Fall Ri ""r, Maaa, Xm. 5 William F
Fawry of T mi Mass, fiit for th
jammed on the brakes to avoid a col
lision, but the car skidded, struck the
rear end f the wagon and turned tur
tle, burying him and hi father under
the wreck.
The eider Mr. Everett was a very larjre
man and the scat of the automobile
rested on In hd and the upper part
of hi body in uch a manner that the
weight w kept from crushing t)e lite
out of his son.
Mr. Everett w born in XVwttm l'p
per Falls and In body will be taken to
N'rwtonnilc for burial Saturday alUr
scrvK" at 2.3
b-rn also destroyed. The los. on to mke ,t f,Mr how f.r Md in wUt ' ' "
house, and bain u partially cov-l,, tl),y ,re in,ermitcd in making the L0',V d,
tire. The prire for the roost comical
male cotum went to Harry W. Quimby
iib. thr award were
t?. t? IA - Tit Zl L f . r lrmHm"t inteTru of the unu- ",e lH.pul.r with'the danr. a. a round of
1 It tl Jr 1 i " . h T 1 'fl"n't 1"rb'', Ld applause pun.-tuated each announce-
lT r I ! .? ' 1 rre'I"nt- f n,C h,,t iB th" ' ' and attach therHo a lt of
lj.n rr.d.n, and stcpp.ng into the .l.J mtrr. Th u t threatened -honorably mentioned." fullv thr,-
returned ... aU-ut fie mmtue to l d , ,rom any quarter. sTe stand, in friend- fmirUl, J tW ho m.d,. pietctiou.
Ihe kitchen in names. Mrs. S. t. lie- i r.,tln. mi.u n tl,e world. Her re. . t u vl... i .-
laauuriauiT wiruiu na i r i is aaa
wart, who lied in Burlington for the ,inct.t rp know, cd Wr lf respect the census.
l.a.t few years, left recently to make
ner home in antroit.
John Latnch mi Elma Leraway Wert
Married tn Stew Oct. 27.
When Hatband's New MacJ.ine
Ovettvrncd at OrrtlL
Orwell. Nov. 5. Mr. Clifford Watt
t'arroU'a crehestr played for the dane-
ing aad there wer a numlT of biarrei .fo,m,hurV( th, i.ier, made port and
feature in the dance order. Confetti . n,lUi,e(J i,lHr m,t.h. A St. John.mirtr
M ecriously injured je.terday a fter-. (i,.T Tht u alJ
n"n wlwn toe automobile, in hU-h ! . j, mfl ,rr,
and her hustand were rid r, w,i,t iit .u and suited to tke
Hating ijuirtly married in Stowe
a srk ac Wcioesiay, M. 27, and un
known to tlieir friends, Mr. aad Mrs.
John l.sti b who liae been t is.trc
I b-BelM-f es w IiimH t the rstetit Tannic In-, .n Hi...fc,., ,w., irlatie in this Mr ssnee 11 at time
of irii.fssi L a r whk-li thn-sienoi ' sr.. lnaKA ' r,,-l.l ,,!!. f , ere "TJ with confetti aad rie
tn lu.l rillaa- las tut.i. TW s.Uat " altirl.t ri.rJ r M.-if-' Ontral Vemmut atatMW '"r""'',;,f
s4 re-mtiy tra td tor war m jers. tn ditrM rri rn.t-r!ar and Mi for mrr" ''T uw W -f frwnds and
and in mu 4 tbe Vn.tdmg wa .su tt yraad jvry ia tto mm f $2.f. , wwlr msrrn-d cm pie
wortk f maeh.wry wbwh had Jurt Wen j The cfmpUti.t fcif4 that rn k,"" f"r ,,"' home. The )- a
ls.iii.it 1-t the urMMp vf aoanufactur-itb a at whwh be waa 4ri,t,r strw a ' lway of Stowe. Tb.y
iia- run cotton. Sand V.IV4 Marv 3. Irrmh. 71 ... nil ,', M-w. 1 ..t' wr.
-t. .. i - ?
Ti hlmr tartd in tW Insia .ft : m PottwrrUk.
tw.U.rf after it had shot onwa
for tbe wiri.t. and sprt-ad (jnteity to t'
tw !., me atrwtwres, 0tr'j if f
tttrm Wt-r wrt loftoa sali4 at
4t. iv, B,,Ha tipns.v tow bisry. la 300 XJe Saaia of RaJ.faa aal Hl-
lintrjf rwiWr were rmi f n 4e- i 4 fW Kew Ymk.
lane nf tw.lt. ttuif maay small ....
fcat with ti S.4 c4 .-i-s'st from , 1 - t-
ttrjwth. Hmrhsia. Huil 4 V 7, l"4 " W U '
tW fim- rr ken fr-m rd,r.g W- 1 r-rrUd . f.r ies.
ffi ta l-Kwberr r '"-!- im.(t
TW flsst. wlxh hai m-mt.ng T4 . ",rt"r !'T ,tum
up to its rfty. racpWrsd tsao I rro-s .ill.
a-rwid M sv . Invrt bIS Tbowis- nrmfi ia 5 sn-
it was w4 f llewy M- nkt. M" to tW Mir ai li.W rt
twtMS 44 tt-s fers ct i'' I-" - r"-"-t V- thst
ISWi t aS4w.JL mhn was . -,t at 2" f . r-tf... ttnw.
tW f-. t.M lr aa v..s.'-i. V K" I'" Ut " w -n a.
tra lr lr L. Pl r a. m2m "Hw
1.1 f Nat- nmA tw fT- . - x a 1-s
l tmm I I i.. . .-. . -v 1.: I K a sin tlt H t
j Mrs. tMtfg Wmay, Mr. I rark Mrr
! rar aad Mi Jlmer thiw, it in t! i
A lTet.
n-'i Vml n SoaVr t.f
Ksan-V wW
r. -' Vm 'f?7-'.:,r
f ? i.it?st 1 r-t I-s.
I "h-Ikti r nntnm t " k 1 r s!4
at tW Jfl tt'w t M "t--sl t--djif.
JT t h -rt w ffc rt Sw,
who s Uki?i a t . i'ltm ht t!ntesi
m t W M -nt i- l"T I ,r- r rmftmtey . fd
Mr and Kr. J ' a l-(wrty J-iM-y
t;:,m Jf,,f,.o i . m 4 )'.
t VoM r-H f ! I'-tkin r-.wrt t tn
n Jam en th M'i. 'in t -sd.
mh-r r I li fsm-fr si IJ r- 4wr-
A l'if t't was l-'-o t, 3 -'r.
M ! Ir 't-k '.'! t'l-. S 7't
r- -t A s t s.k
t M- f I V m-i-ti- - , , , t i)
' si'ws. spJ r- -r t Mr 1
Irt I;' 't Tb r-.-; tt-i I f t 1'
jf La. krk sft "w 1'acli far mwiM V-.f m t" mr
fw '" ' at -, V- 5'V. f.- was itt"' i
fvrnn auad l. i:n.rt-4, 4-t tdttfm. M:rt'n.
and Wr capacity to care for her own
citiren and her own rights. There is
no fear amomrst u. I nd-r tbe new
world condition we livc bconi ! d noes there were nleiitv. but interest j
mougniiul ol lit Hung wiiica all rea-1 durine a part of the rvetiire renter..!
onable men consider rMc-s-ary for 1 Urirelr atsmt ttw dancing of the Pierrots
ctirity and elf-defns on the part of In the clownish iotuin- of the old
every nation confronted with the great French aad HaHan l.-stirjf valet, titer
enterprise of human liberty and inde- presented a very stiiking afpearanc.
Tbe follow inir cotii ! were in the dance:
sane ana rea-1 Henrv t'arroll and Mis Ruth Humphrey,
W r( I. ... 1 . p mat A fiu If K.J ! . . n
a il f..t bank, overtum.ng and pmrnr-g hmst, .. A .,. ... I ..!,., k K.iv... .nd !, Vera I a nan!
iht iwoeaia. Mr. .n tripn w na rj ti.. ... n. i v. Vw.k,.l. I.I
wad ljtranrcr and M s. .Iirals-th t ar
son. Mr. Itretinaa and Mis l.la.ir Frad
ford, ' Alevsadcr llall aad Mis Ruth
larkw. Joha elr and Uss Afii
OW'V '" ' l'lt! 1 "C ac- ..r. Hi.w.t.. 1,1 the M.nti-r H.
eui.nl s-.tlrred at the rs.lroad aUtion , ,UTnir4. ia i'eratw
. tram was approaching and i. Mf,..rJ,nff at ssmt rl
Wtlt, who saw it, drora to rar i r.i. .i..
If Den Cifler With IB tins Vital wist-
Xrr. I shall ask t hern to make It rbar
bw far aad ia w hat way tlx-y are ta
teres.4 in making t'ur r-Ttnan-nt w.trr-
-st of tlie country ! against dirturb-
la the futfi!tl r4 tl prTain 1
Barre Bowlers Motored Into Ditch and
Then Were Beaten at St. Johnsbury.
Misfortune befell a company of Barrn
bowlers as they bowled toward St. Johna
bury early last evening in Jack Ander
son' touring car. The gleaming apirea
of the lily white town were diseemiblo
just over the roil of the land and but a
short five mile lay in the tath of tha
ear, when the rear end of the machine
gg"d and came perilously near precipi
tating the occupant of the eecond aeat
into the highway. Driver Anderson, with
hi uto headed for the deep ditch, ap
plied the brake aueccaafully on the very
edge of th depresion in the landscape. '
The bowler. Thoma Batchel.ler. Frd
Fcrrin, Edmund Garden. Kobert Phillip
and Thoma Oavidson, clambered out of
the machine to await de velopmente.
fwon there appeared a larger car, de
void of fMissenffers but for the driver, and
headed in a direct Kin that promised to
land the rolling team on the alleys in
seasonable time. While Mr. Anderson
wa waiting tor assistance irom r-t.
wr beneath. Jir. H.lt rr.pl rf rt tr.d.tion. of Americat Ha any
"'','1 ,uU W b.-!. Mrs, Vatt Uttrr ..rr.p.j than tin pro
was unconscious for a long tut. rT,m ,hl wm f,t im.(orr t w,u8.
1W automobile, a nr pass.nir.-r, w ,ry? Ja H thrrr M pri-te of opmion.
a n. w on and was inmd Mr. u .rrts tW Wwt professional aad
toward tiis bar.k to avoid a coIhsWn.
A lanIWf r : " J tty Mrs. Ustl, c-a-tsmie
!'". c-ut-i Wx t W fouu aft
ti e e. ld lit.
Ikree St. Jelbtiry Town Men Leave ' i.r.i I ha0 a4 for t W Wartr aop
im XestrraL j rt of tW riftry, ff ti rrk aid
i f.W- of Atrwrirw, d n. f ail ! of
For n. v po. lm
llirourbout th rs-enin rsfreshmetits
rit iiv rrea m. wafer and lennsd w ere
served at a Ik.H b in f W nrttat corner
nf t'i ball, t srwusl deeorstmns aur-
rar was requif itioned to carry the l-.srrs
low h-rs lauk to Washiitirton countv and
Mr. And.-rton't car waa brought to this
citv t day.
Misfortune was a consistent and per
sistent companion of the Barre team, for
th M. JohnslMiry tVw ler Mrd a b.t of
irony to the situation by inflicting n de
cisive defeat on tbe visitors.
J.d n f-Wa. .f tlie f-he hoe Co. !'
to day for Bton, on a few day' vis
it. rmewiber tW rl.H In pie fppr Kst-
iir lar t t!; lYesbrterian rhnreli. A ape-
tsl tsble resre4 for store cterks, 4.
1. I".. H- V l.tf f of Brookivo lrt re-
roandwl fW nf reel meet o! f 1 i t .irw-d t irr. tl. mnrt.n( tmoi V.clW
''per I .aw -
-t nHi't . '.-r. S.
r-i-. : i ad .Iswie f rk
f -e-! l?t ie-ie ( M-.t !r en
r- it. i . ) m ' 1 t-t .i f to t,:it,
7 S'e I '; fti'ew.. ( ln .
t t.rT if t'-e f'.r-ii.h r-sri'. IV
i ... ,,e t-.. J . I - w few years
" I'M ed at I . " hs k ' -aie fs'e-r.
p.litKl W-n.
ltrwtb and tbe reietiiie from tibiae two
antireew anrniete4 -v brsbly Ihe re
pt t the dmr.
1 1 e foilow in- eiwii,tte Vs4 fl.srpe ef
fbe !- !: Mr. F. M. T'Va. b?r
ea: Mrs. 1 tta Iaf man. '.Sr.. I'oWri
O I - TI. Ve. ( Jrl". -t-A. .I-
W. M. f?'."4e, 'r. A. 1". T.Jden. Mrs.
Vattw , I... M-s. K. A. I l areor.
tkia nrrt.at matter n d-fereft f Vh f'fa At awd Art m Hsw-Ut ;
o tharce ef tl fssor tl,s as re--el
nt i t. Mrs. f M. Kefrt-t'. Mrs.
v . F. 4t (bit Mrs. ;rrt A. loe
Ln-ty Kan.
f '
tSat of the prisste ir'.,4'.al Im H
Ire to speak !. own tNift and to
te-k lts own pns ra tiii Biatt'-r.
V are We dea'n- nh t! ;rr l.t
a-e s-tal to tle l: of AnwTw rtJf.
In aVr ti-M I base tre 4 ta rm-i-e try
W-Sft ' al! pew"Sl t ( .!: f?-
t e. f'wr t W tmtf Win-. I erk s
tKe t-n-o aod r-jsr j a f a siint I
Ti t"i V- w fW strtr-fse netwa J!fM. rhaf-4 m Ah tfa !f vf s;k- ;
1 I S -r'-t -i e-rs'4 e-,-netti. ,l( f. h mat tee ttrro'f-
-H.t,' but et.---r.w-4 rnn.t" ittS ower'3i-rt " " ttf '
V ' ''! ' ' '' wat In" i Kin., wmm tn W nM v.t
-tt 1 i r 1 .twmg-fw etfwrw to 4-te it
te l.tiKM its r-f-V slut.ttt
t "' W I "Wl e -f f
...e s , . ; . w
N - r ? -, teM or rew4e I weuf ts-t fe-J
K wt-r ;. fm ti.-t I daw-fcn'r W Vttrn -
'? - " t t fa 1 e t e ew---T -sere J
:1 i e. jmr, T-i f aiemk i te-'itsi ft t 4m-f 4-
.Wert Ofp BrtajM tn Frtukle Crn-
ty C-tert
. A"'. X" I -la Frsr.k t si wi
tr rwrt t e.-.is -- s A-t.-n.-r ;.
. t w-t-rx I w H tt"' "-a t-i e"f
3:i,ft ! ;;, r mt E- and I o '
W'u'i r wb, an4 mil '-od m'!tr. l-weJ'
awl La ro Na-r-"l t -r,"-r
f a t Wf t r ! ' isn.-wn s
eljs-;-- V t e t - t I v'-
r.-H. where ke bss Wn s i t-ef frienda
ta tl t 'on lirok eeif ,nr l4.
A t-V Wee eTl t tW f re stan
eutctwtf,e4 th ftrrp-ra t tW I'tiae t4
I..-. I, k"n!4 t tl VIsi W ere
Meiron, at I ,h I't a trwk roaa
a f rt f trip to the re
t- r a- r )'.sre. A (Vel str s si
st,; "! K r,i-t was -a-t. 5 wir
e a oe
f"ev-wl.- f an aift rea'fr t-ses.
n-te a-e st ktaf a ra"t 4 thr
stfO-tOStMOI e4 a le ef t'e ts'-w ia
I twtiis a f-wiswt by V' isd V-s. H. JI.
f "! rt-b t i i Tie- fref-er. !
"tMl eWwt 4tee f-etn ti wsrcw
t et fsrm. is lsn a. nre ssf tie Wt
.f jr s "r f t s so -t-'W e
,,-w.w.t. Jr. Vr. H I. f-w of
(ee ; ?,'.. S ti r.Jr'" "4
jts-t e Je t- 'W'-S-tf; tV--
twvim-'4 1 1 r -a t -s -f
to lleit - W ''' m tr. t-"T. T"-e
'are to t.k p i-rt w -ek T-
, i,r- enrress S a.-T We ta
s-t-Mp a gaff
V. t . '',;! aMr f irenee
t a nv e- - Te fi-
- ri, . t j f ff ,r,y
lir; t.
S Or
t- t- t
t ns o jw-r--s t-
t 1
.r k -f 1".. Q
Tj.-if our 'H re to f-nari nnd jti-W itir it t: iwii.'
v e-. -? i-" t ---e W k-'- S
"-- f t- S. A. f r-Jl .'-rsU LeteS

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