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Lamorey's 4th Semi-Annual
Fifteen Day Mark Dowsi S
Begins To day, November 5th, and Positively Closes November 20th
TO THE PUBLIC: This mornincr. November 5, I started my fourth semi-annual markdown sale, with the ambition
to have it outstrip all preceding sales at this store and make it the greatest event of my career. To those of you who bought
clothing, shoes and furnishnigs at my other sales, during the past four years. This is a statement tnat snouid nave consider
able weight if you remember the wonderful trades at my other sales, when I say that in this sale I will give you even better
bargains than before, you will realize what wonderful clothing opportunities will be offered. Remember, no old shop-worn
goods in this store, but the cleanest and newest stock to be found in the state of Vermont.
Union Suits
$1.00 Union Suits 89c
$1.50 Union Suits $1.19
$2.00 Union Suits 1.45
$3.00 Union Suits 2.45
$3.50 Union Suits 2.95
$4.00 Union Suits 3.25
B. V. D. Union Suits 89c
2-Piece Underwear
50c Fleeced Suits 42c
$1.00 Wright Underwear ... 79c
$1.00 Wool Underwear .............. 89c
$1.50 Wool Underwear $1.23
$2.50 Wool Underwear 2.19
Hats and Caps
$2.50 Hats $1.95
$2.00 Hats ...................'......$1.65
$3.00 Mallory Hats J..... .$2.45
$1.00 Caps 89c
50c Caps 39c
Fur Coats
50c Sweaters 39c
$1.50 Sweaters $1.23
$1.00 Sweaters 89c
$2.00 Sweaters 1.45
$2.50 Sweaters 1.95
$3.50 Sweaters 2.45
$5.00 Sweaters 3.95
$7.50 Sweaters 5.65
$8.50 Sweaters 7.65
$10.00 Sweaters 8.25
$1.00 Mittens 89c
50c Mittens 42c
$1.50 Mittens ....$1.23
10c Canvas Gloves 5c
Fur Coats
Fur Coats, genuine bargains.. Uuy while
you need them. Don't wait until spring and
pay these same-prices or more! Come and
let us quote you prices!
$1.00 Work Shirts 89c
50c Work Shirts 42c
$1.00 Dress Shirts 89c
$1.50 Dress Shirts $1.23
$2.00 Dress Shirts 1.65
Boys' $6.00 Mackinaw Coats 4.75
$7.50 Men's Reefers 4.95
Fur Coats
Boys' Overcoats
at Give-Away Prices Prices Hardly Above
Cost of Making
$10.00 Boys' Overcoats .......$6.50
$7.50 Boys' Overcoats 5.00
$5.00 Boys Overcoats 3.50
$4.50 Boys' Overcoats v 2.25
$15.00 Balmacaan Coats, rain proof .. .$7.65
Fur Coats
$25.00 and $22.50 Suit or Over
coats .$19.75
$12.00 and $10.00 Suit or Over
coat .$7.65
$30.00, $35.00 and $40.00 Suit or
Overcoat $24.95
$4.50 Emerson and other Shoes.. $3.95
$20.00 and $18.00 Suit or Over
coat .$15.50
$16.50 and $15.00 Suit or Over- '
coats $10.50
$12.50 Mackinaw Coats $9.C5
$10.00 Mackinaw Coats ..$7.65
Remember the Date
Remember the Place y
T nmnivw'c 148 North Main Street
LialHOrey S Bme, Vermont
Summon meeting of Court Rob Roy,
No. , Gilbert' hall. Tuesday, Nov. 9. t
7 oclock sharp. All members requested
to attend. Business, election of treasur
er and any other business which mar
come before the meeting. J. J. (Sullivan,
financial secretary.
Call, writ orphone Vermont Real Es
tate Co, Jackson block, Itarre, if you
want to buy, sell or exchange property.
We can help you. edr.
Kt Braalh mt Hreaut' f wi i las RmIIh
MWirata Atr ta tfca lafariaa Mtaakraaa
Nwrlf e vi ,wna waa has catarrh kweara
Sow folMk It ta to try aa ceiw H wrt
spears, toUona, ana1 tha tika. Timiwiit tw
Itmf mi to r). kot a ewra wMoa i aiaaa.
t'ntil reratitlr rawr phraariaa nM tn.
blr havw mi tha ewlr arar to fcele eatareti
www 14 to to tort a charts a ehiwa'a -, bat a. a
wttb a atmpla r"lntM eallaa) Hrwiwi mmm
raa earrr a haha-elma ctunato la yaaf
mm aavaat aae to beaaUima M a few mimmm
tmir tiaam a mmr an.aafalia tnwt laara. If.
Tto eampsKw H nmil mw.fA a tKnvrmm
ana mm mi aa Inhaler that eaa to aai'i id
la Ua aart anrket, a arnr aa4 a
to! wf KraiHi Tto anhalar kwta a Me
timm. aaa" ft am kettle aVwa mM ra ai i mm
ratan. aa e.tiw battan mn Hieaiai caa to
I at ana time for a trie ma awta. It to
ntraJ thaw ail i.iaiaaw a 'am.. 4
lar tto rat mt eatoirrfc, at4 to tto aatla tmH
awat twaww to aa ttot fotiwwa Mtm. la tor
at tnattaa; dii laiai mi tto raaptratser
The ladies of the Universalis society
Fifteen new books hive been
Mrs. Georjje Jenniann of Tiermont, ?f.
was a pieat the first of the week at
the borne of ber brother, Fred Wilson.
Ailren and Glonna IVrkins were in n- to 1 p. m. The menu wi!i include tion to the library
Fast Jlardaick Saturday to attend the P'" " vcKeUt)lc liasn, pickles, ap
will gire a harvest dinner at the grange rlianed for the Kimball public library, and
1 1 1 1 - I 1 - tt r ll.i r . . . .
nan on eaiiesuMj, .iuv. iu, imm n:ou a Bin oi nine makes an airreeali e aJili
funeral of their grandfather, Mark War
F. T. Goodcnouph visited bis mother
and sinter in 1'iainnVld one day last
Mr. and Mrs. Worcester Stevens and
Arthur ltesl took a trip to Walerbury
Tueadsy. Flmer Stevens carried them
in bis auto.
Matter Howard Goodrnoiijrh is in town,
spending severs! days st the borne of bis
grsndfsther, K. T. Goodenotijfh.
A babr boy arrived at the borne
Mr. and Mrs. Fred lmey recently.
Thomas Munann of Ilurlingtoa is
Cliauncey I Owner's.
pie sauce, rolls, pics, cakes, tea and eof
fee. Domestic and fancy articles will
be on sale.
The surgical dresaines workers met In
the vestry of the M. K. church Wednes-
Hag day for the sanatorium proved a
ii-ai succeas mis year, tne result bcine
very pratifyinjr to the executive commit
te of the Sanatorium Aid society, who
arranged the affair. The commitU-e was
composed of Sirs. B. I). IhilWis, Mrs,
day afternoon and finished the prepara-jv. A. Grant. Mrs. W. R, Sarirent Mrs
tion of all the material that bss come . y. Fdaon, Mrs. K. II. Allia, aii.tcd
in. A box of dressings was packed forlhy Mrs. Homer White, Mrs. .1. A. Walsh
immediate dinMiUh to New York. Any, Mrs. A. E. Haas and Mios Annie Walsh'
dre.inrs thst workers may bare pre- The jrifts, lsi.le, monev. included oro
parel at home will 1 taken In charge jceries, household uteti It. rcffetsblrs
Many Rebekahs Attended District Meet
ing Last Evening.
A very largo number of Rclx'kahs from
all the ncurby lodges attciulcd a district
meeting at the town hull lust evening.
The UniversuliHt ladies served the ban
quet, Mrs. Alice Hall, noblti grand of
Home lodge, irave the address of welcome
and tlicru wore exeiupliflcations of the
several kinds of work by the local audi
visiting teams.
Quality Is Built Into
Uur Glomes
Warren lrcston is here from Burling
ton for a few weeks' stay,
Mrs. Isabel Donovan has been ill all
the week with bronchial trouble,
Mrs. Frances Sargent, F. J. Sargent,
Mrs. it. L. Kice, Mrs. Ida Davis and
K. L. Messer were in Rochester Wednes
day to attend the funeral of Ray Mes
The men employed at F. E. Lamphere's
derrick at the quarries were temporarily
luid off yesterday.
JUrs. h. is. uuirin of Albany, n. Y., a
former resident, is a guest at the Baa
com house,
Alliert ' B. Washburn . went yesterday
to Boston for a few days' visit and to
see the Dartinoutli-Fenn. btate football
game. .
Mrs. Hannah Cutler lias gone to Gays
villa to spend the winter at P. M. Xye's.
Charles Preston of Pomfrct is visiting
at Alonzo II. Spoouer s,
Frank Curtis, who lived during the
summer in Boston is working with W. 1L
Smith for the Woodbury Granite com'
pany, and his wife is with ber mother in
G. Ira Wheat has moved from the
farm which he sold on Royalton hill to
the house be bought in Barnard village,
The Methodist ladies' aid society met
last Wednesday at Marcus L. Hilliard's.
S. C. Rich of orthneld, agent for the
Xcw York Life, was here yesterday. He
was an engineer on one of the locomo
tives during the construction of the
White River railroad in 1900.
There has been a large sale of season
tickets for the Woman's club entertain
ment course, which at the popular price
of one dollar for live high-class enter
tainments, has been considered a genuine
bargain in that line. Holders of season
tickets were first given a choice of seats
this morning at F. L. Martin's store.
Practically all the scats on the floor of
the hall are good and if the sale should
warrant opening the gallery, as now
seems probable, there will be other good
seats. Much is expected of the first en
tertainment, to be given next Monday
evening, consisting oi a real play, "ine
Test," given by Clifton Mallory and five
other artists, and very highly recom
mended by press and clergy. The sue-
eeeiiinir event, well distributed throuch
the winter months, are all meritorious, broken in health and discouraged, to a
Only the largest possible patronage will healthy, ambitious western farmer own-
pay the outlay for sucn a course at sucn nig acres of improved land with
price. horses enough to farm it, and not ow-
Mrs. Alraeda Benson has returned after ing anyone a cent, has been my experi-
a seven wccks visit in swansviue, aie. ence since iwra, writes 11. aicr.iroy
T. M. Clark and family. Mho recently in the current issue of Farm and Fire-
vacated tfie Gilson house, near the Cour- side.
ier block, have taken rooms ia the La- He tells of bis success thus:
vere block. " "After spending twenty years of my
Klmer J. Colton, who went last week life as a mechanic, my health was brok-
and whose family went Monday morning! en so that I could not work in a fae-
There's qual
ity in the ma
terials the
styles are
bristling with
quality and
the tailoring
is quality tail
oring ex
actly right in
every detail
No matter
what your"
age or taste we ,
can please yotr"
and give you
values that will
make you glacis
you came to us.
Take a look at our recent arrivals.
Try them on see how comfortably
they fit how gracefully they hang.
Suits and Overcoats $15 and up
Lamorey Clothing Co.
From a Sick Mechanic to a Healthy
Wealthy Farmer.
"From a mechanic in an eastern city,
to their new home near Rensselaer Falls,
K. Y'.. suddenly became ill while work
ing last Monday and was taken to a
hoxpital in Ogdensbura, N. Y' and sue-
ccsxfully operated upon Tuesday for an
ulcer just below the stomacu.
Charles Miller returned Tuesday from
the Randolph sanatorium, where one leg
was amputated at the knee three weeks
ago, and he is lioardiug temporarily at
C. E. Noble's. He is able to walk on
Henry E. Holbrook has finished work
at C. E. Koble's and expects to work in
Windsor the coming winter, his wife
planning to visit ber mother in Indiana
a few weeks.
Charles E. Blake began work yesterday
on A. X. Merrill's newly purchased house,
which is to be quite thoroughly renovat
ed. W. E. Webster, formerly of this place,
has sold bis home in South Rovalton,
and with bis family will spend the win
ter at DeLand, Ha., where they also'
spent lat winter. Thev will spend n)'-
time witn Mrs. Webster's father, Umge
It. Kimball, and other relatives here be
fore going aouth about two weeks from
Call, write or 'phone Vermont Real Es
tate Co., Jackson block, Barre, if you
want to buy, sell or exchange property.
We can help you. adv.
tory any longer.
For the month of November we shall
sell the McKannon Bros. t Co. piano,
style 51, mahogany, for $247. Everyone
knowa that this piano sells and always
has sold for $350, and the price is blown
in the eteel plate. There are more Mc
Kannon Bros. & Co. pianos in the state
of Vermont than any other make of
piano. ' There are more of them in public
halls, schools and lodges than any other
make. You will find them in every
town in this state, and when you see one
you see a satisfied customer, and yet at
this price we make the terms $10 down
and per month. Send for catalogue
"I was desperate, because all I knew to Geo. 1). Jarvia & Son, The Jarvis Pal
was my trade. When I gave that up I Garage building, Burlington, Vt.
oecame a aay laoorer oniy. Ana i t"a adv
not have much money
"After many months of worry I de
cided that the best place for mo was
the West Early in 1909 I bought an
excursion ticket to Spokane, Washing
ton. There I found work on a ranch. I
was so weak, and had not worked out
side for so long that the days seemed
as if they would never end. By and
by my strength and health came back
and with it an abundance of ambition.
"On January 28, 1910. I filed on a
half-aoction of land in Hill county, Mon
tana, twenty miles from the Alberta,
Canada, line.
After paving the filing fees, which
were (1. I bad $2 left. 1 had to give
the locater my note for $25.
"I went awar to work, doing any kind
of work I could get. I came back in
Mav and built a shack, 12x14 feet, of
green lumber that coat $.'0 a thousand
feet. I had no cooking utensils. I raked
up dry grass and piled it in the corner
of the shack for a bed. I dug a bole
outside anil placed a flat rock on each
side. On this I did my rooking. I car
ried water two and one-half miles in
a ten-pound lard pail. I hired a maa
to break ten acres of aod. With theae
improvements my residence was rstab
In. tied.
This year I raiwd 40 acrea of fall
mheat, 20 acres of spring wheat, 20
acre of oats, and 20 acrea of flax. The
The selectmen will bo at the town
clerk's office Saturday evening to pay
bills. . .
Burglar (just acquitted, to his law.
yer) 1 will drop in soon and see you."
Lawyer Very pood; but in the day
time, please. Boston Transcript.
by Mis Marion Beckett and should be in
her bands ithin a week.
(Yntenary M. E. church Morning wor
ship at 10:45, Sunday school at 12.
I'nion aervice ia the evening at 7:30.
Kpaurth league on Tuesday evening at
7:30. the devotional service to he fol
lowed tT a literary and musical pro
gram, t.verjhoiiy oordislly invited t
attend theae K-rAk-es.
William liberty baa finished work for iVi,ia Trotnl.le of Wa.him-t baa
illiam W rifflit. Ik..i t tk. (' ...J t . . i. t..
lm forget the t"fiiveralit church org F. Owen and lying tet south of
fair at grange ball, evening of Nov. . j(h lat.-ly bmigM by bis brother.
The mlnf-a temporarily laid ff at IWew has already been givew.
the ajHarrwa have been put beck at atitik.j CorijTep t tnnal c hun h Morning wor-
V.. A. Wbeeler ai4 i. ti. Dana bave'ahin at 10:4.v Sumiav arbw.L f.r.marv
T Crrnm Ttatnawr aM
mmmr HrannS aarteaa, a4 ttw . vM.
tt a r irn m4 rw tfcr that a.
tfr aaf aa raaraataaana ta taaa4 tfca
U HrMrf a)aa was a(a- Aa.
A h;2 carload it now at ycur
railroad nation. There are
about 100 barrel.
in bulk, price $3.50
trrmhrnf h-m ew V
lWe rr sr e-rfsa-e' ttm mi! '
moved from the Fred FlrT t-nemTt
ta fbe hft't north of tHe ir"a hri!ge,
lately raested hr 0a-j-e Fret.
Jeelva Perria is ill, a la Mra. CTarV
Vra. P. F. Jolfrer ia ia P 'afford.
-a!le4 tht-rm hr t!ie an knaa rf bar vim te,
Jo-.a l!k tiar'.a.
Frank Ku!i:rg bas KiiiW4 wvrk o
the ajuarrw.
eannea (otn, pickles. pr-erves, jellv,
all of which is f ratefully received by the
management and will lie of great assist
ance in the work of the sanatorium.
E. L. Sault is building an ice houae
lor tne Hood nulk company, 2Hxfiil2ii
-iii. n, it ,a raiimareii, Will liolj "JWJ tons
of ice.
Mias Elida Ssnd.pra is aitlng in
the jewelry store of ber ui le, (J. A. Ot-ha,
a part oi the time.
Charles proper, h bss been eonflned
ta the lied by a nervau trouble for aev
eral weeks, does not improve, and is only
able ta be tip for a very short time each
A party f eirlit or ten went ta Bethel
Mrs. Ella Burbcck of Manrheafer, X.
II., visited ber dauRhter, Mrs. H. T. John- j ether 2J0 acres of the farm are in pas
sm, a part of lant week. Iture. The imnrovementa consist of I
vv linam it. nowiana nss purriiaea i"p house, a bam.
milk route of Carl Mack and took pos
session Nov. I.
A richt rood time waa enjoyed bi
thnae who attenl-d ti e Halloween eocia
' ban.
Iea fi
WVWtmi l, irrdty ov.
'aa a ta 12. A t-n, V.
. , n-Ti; iia , Thura.tov tt to attend the rfi.tnrl
W-ra m tw Metbodi.t fcar.h at ,:) I artm, f tl K,h.kah and at
as. .reuUr nf-renee at M.trl-, tArA the a..nr in ll.rrmrtu parb.
-r Toeisy at 11 a. m. t, L. lueaday xh- mif ia the ta UII. It
eveinr at 7:31. !! is the towa UII oa arenunt of
tl larpe aun,b.-r in attenUnee.
ifVter as bora on WednediT t
Mrs. Ieniia pollard, the irctrr
joa r as .ra Howard, a
.... , rraauateftf the I.va a,b.d. Tle rkiU ia
People Notice It. Drire Tbera . tmdtneur t s.ima Howard, a
Off With Dr. Edward t m r"i" -f
I Kiaa Mak ia arranfnc to gt tS
Crat of Ir-trtht t fVwt.'a n rtT a
bnattwaa e;ir mri rrt' & ng the
wtetT with r awnt. 3Wra. .lennie IV
W ia, W tww,4a t iJ.
at the t'onprepationsl church psrlers on
Tuesday eveniii after the Endeavor
meeting. ef rethments of i rream and
wafers were serve i.
Tli community Sunday school teach
ers' trainirr rlaas will meet at the I'on-gti-rstional
vestry Thurarfsy erening.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Ellis were week
end visitors in Corinth.
Several from here attended "The Ilirth
of a Nation" at Woods ilia Wednesday!
and Thursday.
The 1 wrtnifMlT flub ill roe-t with
Mra. T. A. ll'ir.kina Friday afternnon. I
Henry Martin s'wt a fo, w he h lie maw
eatchinf )n near T. A. Hor.kina, a
Wet!o-dsv itarmin)f. aod let Arthur IVt-;
era have it.
Some people enjoy cold weather, tako
jloaure in winter sporta aral the keen
air calls the pink to their chee.ki and tlia
red to their lir. Others shrink from
cold and turn blue at the least exposure
to frosty air.
The difference ! In the blood. Rich,
red blood warnae the body. Every Ion
breath of pure cold air increases tlieoay
ren it carries to every part of the system.
Thin blood ia unable to take up the life
miauininjroxyeen. The body lacktnour- v
ishmcnt and the aufferer ia alwaya cold,
takes a chill easily and it miserable ail
Thin Itlood is largely thesnfferer's own
fault. It result from neplet-t, herauae
tle blood ran t built up. Dr. Williams
I"ink Ii!ls mipply the element that the
I load nee. is to make it rich and red and
to enable it to carry moreoaytren. Build-
. I ..I .1,. I.lnn.! im
the bora w.th water, a cistern at the - fViiin MoM SZT
houae, and three-wire fence .11 armind . .Vntiol. toil.Hitioftennetlerted.
the farm The live stock imludea eil 1 1 ,Uw Houaly eonaidered Ukin a
ltaad of horaea and a flock cf "h " . J r0urae of treatment With them, blood
"Anyone ran do what I have done if ; Wlkint pi)M 11 JOU are ia doubt Wnta
be bas perseverance and is not afraid iar
of privation and bard work.'
Saturday sale Mak aatia pettionats at
Abbott s.
Year ewn drnnrist fella Ir. Willitmt
rina rills and tf Ir. Williams Medi.
cine Co , rVheeavtf . N. Y will eead
j you a boeaiet "suuoini ipw jMooa
I free oa reeoeat.
Olive Tablets
Tl w fi be a !"!..
a., s l a '! tanerai.ie. '
Iiawee trmrn t It.
rn Iiaaa-ttr-i.
e-. a.
AS iwm. S'f.
A !? wain waa ai4 if tiwre wer.
fnn4 iinlnrm IS I 1 I1a.
he ef-laiir4. 1 -fa
ha trt ! ars ia w-o-W- Haef t " i
nm- r4 e-wt j b wt ; aatra 1 '. .
A y,-Ti,r f' w ill t aM.swa ya
r- vt ra r-"t t-wfcca I
Saarda i;e T .. a Ti-a aa .a ni-4
--n a ftr m!--r yanj bm taJew if
ti,i.a a f --w r-ffm.
can wl. the bewa'm mJ-i Vm
Uvar w ! 7 a 'a
1 Ia:. .i 1aJ?V
v iA a-.'e--- fmr r"" a
wr.jr aw uaai vr fata f iaa twt.mc
I- rwTr. Ta4-4a tt
W' - rftiwnai a. 1 a we a
l. twit m-m la rfi woa aw't aw
aewa r4 a-- .it t-a -
Sw tern- M UrM 1 ta aw
f mi 4 w -a -. weww lai-.' a 4
- a o!L - " a.
r.--ia-n. frf k4 i-w. WS aUr-uaauwa
aar fir f -
t w-a-v ftrwr
f&it wjl' -e f-1 a rv
I f aga- rrm-m mmr-'im fia-
-,-.- w-- aS fr-
t-wtt? a aJ T ! a- ta Ireanai
T.a n r 'r"" f" a w.
a- - : - r f
Bwra t;plaiat.
I 'Harrr. Ism b. j- r., j. t ( Wl eve t to-be'-
Wli i km
a yam. r "
I tw4i-- ,i ajtnra mmi ' ftrT
T" r t-" sg-j j
a I .. t ft.
'. I'm mn f'mi"
-r ta;;y wH him t l-k M ,
f rnir I A J r tre -r n.r
ajn-a a 4 Y m .. i fat we.
i,- f-rw h-m J ,. "
e. w . Hw "t , Vt kiw m
b r r ; f al tne . aa t 1 at
ISar-v. irt. .mtr4 '- Un.
Jt I a' w. I
aw -..y t -at a v.. ,..e
ana. T fl", Tim i-b 1' t amr't "
r-a- f f f l. j i .-t
Pj , Uirre are
r fit BKr ia
'In aav a" Iw waa tli
tmi c-mt arf'.t ta- rai aid n a
atc a rrffTtT Tat
(i trite at ti Mt c
I -Xt i, U- K mm -4 ' V r' -
tatif y tat, -H m ew 4 Jew ,?. f:r K. . wno r,: t.
your mitt.
Mormvi"e, Vt.
i e ajK-'-ea V. a-
-T ? li;..'t ' - f-. Vm.
aj t - a- etra

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