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Safe 2-
Infants and Invalids
The Food-Drink for all Ages
Rich milk, malted grain, in powder form.
For infant, invalids ind growing children.
Pure nutrition, upbuilding lit whole body.
Invigorate nuraing mother ui the aged.
More healthful than tea or coffee.
Unlearn you may "HORIIOICS '
you may got m aubatltutom
'Tape's Cold Compound" End Colds and
Grippe In a Few
' Hour
Take 'Tape' Cold Compound", every
two hours until you have taken three
doses, then all grippe misery goes and
your cold will be broken. It promptly
opens your elogged-up nostrils and the
air passages of the head; stops nasty
discharge or. nose running; relieve the
headache, dullness, fevcrishnes., sore
throat, sneezing, soreness and stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed up! Quit blowing
and snuflling. Ease your throbbing head
nothing else in the world give such
prom lit relief as "Pape's Cold Com
pound," which costs only 25 cents at any
drug store. It acts without assistance,
tastes nice, and caiiRcs no inconvenience.
Accept no substitute. Adv.
Mrs. George Huskins and son of Lis
bon, N. II., have been guests of Mr.
Haskins' uncle, 0. U. livans, and other
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Harvey, llowaru
Hnrvev. Miss Mavdene and Master Eu
gene were over-Kiindnv guests of Dr. and
Mrs. C. M. llugbee in Springfield. On
the return motor trip they saw their
sons, Forrest and Hugh, who are em
ployed in the Windsor Machine Co.'
shops. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey report Dr.
and Mrs. llugbee nicely located and the
doctor having a fine dental practice.
New members elected at the Twenty
Five club Monday evening were F. C.
Luce and Allan l'erry. The next meeting
will be in charge of Alton Wheeler.
Frank liroadwell has moved into the I
new house which he recently built at
Duxbury Corners. ' Thad. Harvey has
moved Into the one vacated by Mr. liroad
Michael Good of Barre has purchased
of Edon E. Foss his farm in Duxbury,
directly across the rond from the one
owned by the state. Mr, Foss takes in
part payment Mr. Clood's house on Urook
street, Barre. Mr. Good will move his
family within a short time, having se
cured employment in the Union Granite
Co. s sheds.
best; liver and
bowel laxative
for family use
"Cascarets" Regulate Women, Men ond
Children Without In-
Take When Bilious, Headachy, for Colds,
Bad Breath, Sour Stom
. aeh
Call, write or 'phone Vermont Real Es
tate Co., Jackson block, Barre,- if you
want to buy, sell or exchange property.
We can help you. adv.
Mrs. Jessie Graves went Friday to St.
Johnsbury on a business trip.
Mrs. Spencer, wuo was called here by
the illness of her mother, Mine. Graves,
has returned to her home in Ht. Johns-
I lie chicken-pie supper and parcel post
sale at the Congregational church on
Wednesday evening were well attended
and over $70 were cleared.
Miss Mabel Joslyn is spending several
davs in St. Johnsbury
Herbert Gleason and auto party were
in town u ednesday.
W, W. Dube of Boston was in town
T. T. Martin of Barre has been a guest
of his brother, Merle Martin, the past
Z. II. McAllister suffered on Monday
what seemed like a slight shock, but is
resting comfortably.
Mrs. E. A. Fiske is gaining and able
to sit up a short time each day.
Mrs. Harrison Backus of Duxbury was
in town Wednesday.
Mrs. William Wright and little son
Topics of the
Home and
Instead of nasty, harsh pills, salts,
castor oil or dangerous calomel, why
don't you keep Cascarets handy in your
home? Cascarets act on the liver and
30 feet of bowels so gently you don't
realize you have taken a cathartic, but
they act thoroughly and can be depended
upon when a good liver and bowel cleans
ing is necessary they move the bile and
poisons from the bowels without griping
and sweeten the stomach. You eat one
or two at night like candy and you wake
up feeling fine, the headache, biliousness
bad breath, coated tongue, sour stomach
constipation, or bad cold disappears
Mother should give cross, sick, feverish
or bilious children a whole. Cascaret any
time they are harmless and safe for
the little folks. Adv.
To remove ink stains from the lingers,
dip a sulphur match into water and rub
it on the stain, lVroxido of hydrogen
containing a few drops of ammonia is
useful fur removing stain from the
Sandwich-making may be simplified
by removing the paper from a baking
power can and using the can, not the
cover, for cutting. On account of the
depth, four or five sandwiches' may be cut
at one time.
If a glns3 stopper will not come out,
tap around, it with another glass stopper
and Bee how quickly it becomes loosened.
lien tumblers become fixed, onu within
the other, tap with Another tumbler.
A pretty birthday cake may be made
by using nn angel cake mould for baking.
When ready to serve, place a small glass
containing a bouquet in the central open
ing, and have sprays of the same flowers
around the base of the cake.
Pains Often Mean
Uric Acid Poison
Pay Attention to Pains Most Psopls Have
Rheumatism and Don't Know It
Ouch I Doe it hurt to move your arm,
legs, bend your back or stretch your mus
cle? Be careful and take heed in time,
Kheumatism is stealing on you and may
cripple you If you don't stop uric acid
from settling in your veins and muscles.
Klieuma, a great specialist's prescrip
tion, chase this poison out of the system
and gives relief from all forms of rheu
matism. It acta through the seat of the
trouble, the kidneys, stops the formation1
of uric acid, then drives out through the
bowels that which is in the blood.
Genuine Rheuma (see that you get the
trade-marked package is sold by the
Red Cross Pharmacy and all' druggists
for 00 cents. Money back if not satis-
fled. Adv. ,
Xewfane, Wallingford, Ludlow, Stain
fold, Fair Hit veil, Jeffcrsotvillo, Winoo
ski, Colchester, Saxtons River.
Manual training lias a far greater val
ue than instruction In actual perform
ance because it give proper recogni
tion of maiiiinl ability. Jn former years
the schools recognized only mental ac
complishment as honorable attainment
and thus , denied a large proportion of
the children a standing of merit in the
public school or mind. The recognition
of the merit of good mauiiiil work ad
Sick Children Made Weil
Worms sap Iht With and Vitality of your
child, Familiar symptoms of vorni aroi
Dt-rnnaed stomach, swollen ujiper !t, sour
tomnch, eltenslva breath, hard
and full belly wlt.'i occiwiunal
grlpimia and pains about tho
navel, jmlo fact of loiden tint,
eye heavy and dull, twitching
eyelids, ItchliiR of the no,
ilchifiK of the rectum, short dry
Trad Murk count), grinding of tho tenth,
inits a much larger proportion of the , tt,e ,,,,. ttifMng out ,Urt.
children to the Held of creditable en
dcavor. It extends the enthusiasm of
learning and accomplishment far be
yond the earlier prescribed mental cir
cles. It cannot fail to prepare many
more boys and girls for useft'l and re
spectable citizenship. It is a work that
should be encouraged! and developed un
til tho state can give all but its defec
tive children preparation for a useful
life. St. Johnsbury Caledonian.
At Gilbert's hall, a five-reel featnre.'are guests of Mrs. Wright's sister, Mrs,
"The Price He Paid." Be sure and see I P. F. Nerney.
this to-night. adv.
The most
conveniently situated hotel
in New York
At the
Thirty-third Street Subway
Hotel Lenox
Mr. and Mrs. James Bouldry of Marsh
field were guests Sunday at Luther War
den'. The many friends of Mrs. Bouldry
arc glad to know she is able to lie out
once more. She and Mr. Bouldry also
took an auto trip to their cottage at
Lake St. Joseph.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scribner and
Mrs. W. O. Sonthwick took an auto trip
to Barton Tuesday to the home of Thom
as Murray. Mr. Murray returned home
with them for a visit. She is Mrs. South
wick's sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Haves Bnssett were in
Barre the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellie Russell of St. Johns
burr and Mr. Harry Dan forth and daugh
ter, Christina, of Danville were dinner
guests at George Gee's, Sunday.
mm nil
Jt 1 ,1 I m :
Look! Look! Look! Coming, grange
fair. Nov. 6 and 6, Friday and Snturday
evening, at grange hall. Washington.
Each evening there will be a good pro
gram and good music will he furnished
for dancing. Saturday evening there will
be a minstrel entertainment, ending with
a I arc.
One block from Coclev Sa. and
uuuw iuiaiy. convenient lu ,
Shopping and Theatre District.
All Outside Rooms. Excellent
8ln(U Room 1 2. whh Bath 12.50 and op
Doubts " )2.50, " " JJJ0 "
(Good Garage 2 minutes' walk)
L. C PRIOR. Masjsasn
Two minute from Back Bar Stat too
Tea minute from North but ion
I 1 l
mm mm mm m m
i M y r s ii
mm mm mm mm
i i ?
Sterling Gum
Th?7- point tum
For Horse-Drawn Vehicles
Made of extra heavy frauge brans. Cannot rust. Throws
powerful light ahead. Has red rear signal and white side
light for illuminating curb or step. Can be attached by any
one as easily as an oil lamp.
Complete with Ratte ries $2.73
Barre Electric Company
133 North Main Street, Barre, Vermont TeL iS-W
Approximately 60 Per Cent of Animals
Under Federal Inspection.
More -than 58,000,000 meat animals
were slaughtered in establishments un
der federal inspection during the tis
cal , vear ending June 30, 1915. ."Since
approximately from C8 to 00 per cent
of the animals killed in the country are
slaughtered in establishments. where fed
eral inspection is maintained, it appears
that about 1 oo.ooo.ooo meat animaln are
now being killed each year in the Unit
ed States.
Of the animals subjected to federal
inspection 2!)!),il."i8 were condemned as
unfit for human use, and 044,(1X8 were
condemned in part. . Thus a little more
than one and one half per cent of all
th animals inspected were condemned
either in whole or in part. These figures
include only cattle, calves, sheep, goats
and swine.
Tuberculosis was the chief cause of
the condemnations. Moie than J'2,d44
carcasses of cattle and lifi.lMKI carcasses
of swine were entirely rejected on ac
count of this disease, and in addition
parts of 48,000 cattle and 440,0H swine.
Hog cholera was responsible for the next
lurgcBt loss, nearly 102.IXS) swine being
condemned entiiely on this account.
The annual appropriation for the fed
eral meat inspection service is now about!
:U7.r.fHl, so that the cost to the peo
pie would be between five and six cents
iter animal if the service was outlined
entirely to the inspection of the ani
mals and carcasM's. In inhlitinn, how
ever, great quantities of the meat ond
products arc reinsjiecteiL in this item
there was a very considerable increase
during the last fiscal year, the reinspec
tion in the condemnation of a total of
nearly 1II,IKS,(SMI pounds of products of
one kind or another. Furthermore, i45,
000.00(1 pounds of imported meat or meat
product were inspected and more than
2.000.0(H) pounds condemned or refused
In the course of its work, the bu
reau of animal industry, which is in
chsrge of the meat incetion service,
has discovered a new method of de
stroying trichinae in pork, which it an
additional safeguard to human health.
lie frigeratioii at a temperature of rive
degrM-s, F., or lower, for a eriod of
20 daya will destroy these parasites
which occasionally give rise in human
beings to the at-rious disease known as
trichinosis. Hitherto the only known
safeguard against this disease has been
thoroughly cooking of all pork and poik
products, and those persons who neg
lect this precaution have always been
more or less exposed to tha danger. Is
less poik is known to have been sub
jected t refrigeration as above indicated
it should Is thoroughly rooked. The mi
eroaeopie nsmination of pork for the
eterlmn of trichinae its tx-ea aban
doned as the usual mi tbods have proved
In this connection it is interesting to
Dote that more swine were slaughtered
in the past year in establishments un
der federal inspection than ever before,
A total of 3fl.247.fi.'. were inspe.ed at
the time of slaughter and sr proximate
ly ,(JO,OO0 passed for food.
If plastering is broken on the wall or
ceiling, take uu old window s-hade or a
piece of lieavv material of nnv kind,
paste over the hole, then cover with wall
paper tq match that already on the wall.
This patch will prove as solid as plaster.
When meals must be kept warm take
a deep baking pan and half fill it with
hot water; then set in it some covered
bowls containing the various articles of
food and put the pan in a moderately
hot oven. The belated dinner will be
fresh and hot when wanted.
Wien a valuable piece of music begins
wearing out along the edges, you will be
able to preserve it much longer if you
bind the ragged edges with passe-partout
binding. After applving the binding,
press the sheet with a warm iron.
To mend granitcware take a small
piece of putty and press In the hole.
Smooth off and set in a hot oven until
t is brown. Tans, dishes or wash boil
ers mended thus will last for years.
You should never clean old laces with
gRsoline as so often recommended, for
this very good reason: (iasoline being
naturally a grease remover, takes the
natural oil from the lace threads, which
are a vegetable product, and renders
them prisp, stiff and liable to crack
Lace should be first soaked in cold water.
then shaken in a bottle in lukewarm
water to which has been added the mer-
st pinch of borax. This should be thor
oughly rinsed out to prevent it rotting
the delicate fabric. When lace is very
landsome, it should first be hasted to
old linen to keen it from stretching.
After rinsing, hang in the air, but take
out of the hottest rays of the sun as
soon as thoroughly dry.
Recipes of Various Kindt.
firalmm Nut llread Sift together one
nd one-half cups of giKham' flour, one
The Village Hitchinj-Post.
Many of the "sizable" Vermont vil
lages have been removing the hitching
posts from the streets, and the old-'fash-ioned
horse shed is not as common as
they once were. This brings a just com
pluint from those who drive to town
and find places for hitching their horse
scarce, while the cars of villagers, and
other, line the streets. -Some villages
have provided hitching places off the
streets hut conveniently located. This is
commendable. To be sure conditions are
rapidly changing and many it man who
formerly came to town with a team now
comes in his car, and all cars need to be
taken care of, but the, removal of hitch
ing place after hitching place inconveni
ences a great number of people and their
needs are as essential as the other needs
of people. The Monitor is not arguing
for the restoration of hitching posts on
the streets but for the adequate care of
the needs of those who come to town in
other places or in other wave. Most vil
lages have vacant lots which The Moni
tor believes might well be utilized for
this end, even if at some expense to the
municipality. JJarton Monitor.
Germany's Love of Home.
Laura (Spencer Porter writes another
story in her scries of interpretations of
foreign countries in the November Wom
an's Jlome Companion. Commenting on
Germany's love of home and the simple
human things of life' tho author says
in part:
"Dut underlying Cermsny's love of
order lies her fundamental love of home;
and here, it seems to mo, one comes
upon the very heart of Germs ny, a heart
that beats warm with love for tho aim
ing durina- sleep, low fever.
You can absolutely depend upon Dr. Trues
Elixir, the Family Laxative and Worm Ex
peller, to expel v,orm anil tone pu the tc.-n
ach, bowels and xeneral health.
Pr. True Elixir hiu beon an the market fur
over S9 years. Mns, .Fred Nelson of Houston,
Texas, write : . "I rind it a Ana laxntiva." At
your deiiler'x, 8ic, SOc-nm $1.00. Advice free.
Auburn, Maine.
pie humrtn things and that delights in
the simple hiimiin affections.
"There is something pcculiaily touch
ing in the home birthdays and anniver
saries mndo so much of with such sim
plicity and downright love of giving
pleasure. In thl-i frank lore of the sim
ple joys and pleasures tf life they re
mind one of nothing so much as gipA
and contented children themselves, al
ternately sober or mirthful, making
much of little things."
McCombs Prods the President
If the energetic protestations from
the White House and Mr. William F,
McCombs to the effect that the most
amicable relation exist , between the
president and the Democratic national
chairman have carried any weight in
the past it will be remarkable it they
continue to do so henceforth. To-day on
the very tiny on which the Ijirollette
Furuseth bill, which so effectively crip
ples American shippings, goes into ef
fect, Mr. McCombs emphasizes the
necessity for its repeal.
Now it may be that "we all make
mistakes now and then," as Mr. Mc
Combs says, but it ia not very pleasant
to be reminded of them publicly, with
the added implication that the president
in, signing this remarkable measure al
lowed himself to be hoodwinked by the
Wisconsin wild man. And the most gall
ing feature of the incident is that Mr.
McCombs is both logically and morally
right in asserting that repeal is the only
nd one-half cups breiid Hour, two tea-remedy, thereby condemning the admin.
poonfuls of baking powder and three-
uarters tenspounlul of salt. Add one
and one-half cup of sweet milk, one-half
cup of molasses, one-quarter pound of
English nut meats, chopped fine. Mix
well, llake in a moderate oven one
tlioeolste cake Creem one cup of sug
ar with one cup of butter. Sift threa
time one heaping cup flour, one-half
teaspfKHiful soda and two tablespoonfuls
cocoa. Add to butter and sugar one egg.
well beaten, one-half cup of milk, one
teasioonful tanill.t. Combine the two
mixtures, flake in a hot oven.
iM vue.i i-isii -lake a large nh an-I j ,ute cultural M-hool. Randolph, b.it-
.... eu .en aiong ine 1-cs.w.nc inn ,pr mking demonstrst
remove an me Dsn from the skin ami
chop fine. Fry one onion in butter; add
iteration subterfuge, the legality of
which is highly doubtful, in deciding not
to enforce some of the most onerous fea
tures of this spoliation act for the pres
ent. New York Evening Nin.
Manual Training in Schools.
The extent of manual training in the
public schools is indicated by the ex
hibitions at the annual exhibit of the
Vermont hoys and girls at Rutland last
week. The following schools or insti
tutions had working demonstration!
mad kjf
Are made in a great variety of styles and
sizes ' and at prices to suit. They are at
tractive in design, first class in quality and
will give perfect satisfaction in operation.
Gas combinations for all styles.
E.A.Prindle & Co.
Buzzell Block. Barre, Vt.
two cupful of bread crumbs, moistened
with melted butter. Take from the fire
forge in oieration, bench work; St.
Johnsbury public school, manual train
ing exhibit, pupils to build garage on
rrmtitiHat Irc4fir ftrhnol dermfermf ration
and mix with the baked fish. Add two!: ,,u, l,h ,j ,nA moTl.
Willys-Knight Touring Roadster
If t Sceptic
"TV you txliere tha there 1 reatly
something litch raa invariably tell when
a man is hinpt"
"I know it."
"Ah, r-rhsi-s J-o have aesj one of the
"Seen one? I married one."
egg and choped parsley; season with
salt, pepper, a pinch of clove and mus
tard. Fill the skin of the fish with the
mixture and boil with two sliced onion.
cultural display; Warner home for or
phan boya, Saxtons River, rooking con
tests in competition with gills; Rutland
. .............. ttf demonstrations; Kssex junction
a table.p,.nfu of butter until tender. L,.h,.. dressmaking: (Means agricul-
Tin Wish Is light nt package of
quickly diasolting gelatin soaked in
three quarters of a cup of odd. water
(about three minute , juice of one lem
on and one orange, two cup of sugar.
Itoil hard ill minute. Add one table
spoon straw Iwrrv extnut and ne-hlf
tural high school, milking test and di
play of bees; state agricultural college,
lliirlington. various vocational courses;
state normal school. Cast let on, corn
judging contest, cooking and sewing;
Springfield public schools, machine shop
in oix ration using one machine woith
S'l.issi. demonstration of rooking and
40 h. p. Knight type motor
Electric starting and lighting
High-tension magneto ignition
114-inch wheelbase
34 by 4-inch tires, non-skid rear
Demountable rims (one extra)
$1063 f. o. b. Factory, Toledo
H. F. Cutler & Son
Palace Garage N Telephone 402-3
To-night and Saturday Night
run earn of nut meats and hoi.id flarsv. l , . , it,
'..,. .. ... V 7 seaing; Windsor school, canned fruit
Tour in baking tin which has born wet i . ..
ith cold water, let stand 24 hour andl""" " .
r- it..iin ira iriK tiiiiim i imi n "ui a
The indoor months mill toon te here. Why leave
your home as ploomy as a liar's den, when fresh
H all Vapcr, Taint and Varnish will make it bright
and cheery?
New Wall Tapers just in. Al?o some pood bargains
in Bundle Lot.
(0w trwa's Xrc fc'tre)
Thone 29-W 45 Main Stmt
A-K Tablets For
Various Forms
Of Headache
lust with confectioner's sugar, cut in
small anusre and roll aiiam in sursr.
Marshmallow I-ud-ling One-half pound
marshnukllov , one cup heavy cream, one
fourth cup of candied rhcrfH-, one-half
cup of Kngliah walnut meats, tma table
spoonful of powdered sugar. Soak cher
ries for one hour in one teaspoon of al
mond and the same amount of Manilla
eitrart, stirring r-asnmallr. th.-si cut in
piecea. ut walnut meat and marsh
mallows in small rieee. Whin cream.
sdd augsr and flavoring, fold in the re
maining iiifrredient. Mold and rlull.
Parsnip Fritters Wash. -Tspi' and
quarter parsnips. rk in ri!:ng wster
until aolt. Mash and season with salt
and Tapper. St ape into flat rake and
Ire in Ixitt'T or drippings.
Turk ish !!- Unoitsd drain ne half
rtin tf ri
Ing demonstration were: lira t tie horn,
llennington. Kurlinarton. West Ilutland,
(astleton, rittsfotd. St. Alliaiis. tn
cord. I.j n, Ion .garden (kss.) Mowe,
tlwster, ' Tow nsKend, Irasburg, Bristol,
J9 f ft' tttv A ilk. i bfwvin . h
rtt-t flr r t l, r 4 ama mx mi rfrrm
lf m-imr m . h tr!-i rrr4 ng
l tha mmm ruim. k pu? fft Miit W pmr
t vmrn ' rw"ijr tn-f9fl ecu-
tls-t IM fvta m t,' h f.r'ra f H . -',
tft fnrtar f fWif
r-atst tr4 am' trr rw-ffnawnPl, t watrt
W'wf a wrm- f f t, f-m f- w rrrfr' --w
Katkirj a farm Vhrt? Agm.tL
IlcriUl Ambslafire Serrk
--a. s tit so a.-' H. s ft4 ra...a
sj se ".- rr f'-e wfcSj
W'SS'trsI lH!IW ,- an4 StrfTI
ties e't"i f aa i -mpn
a-tav a w, .a a K !,,
aa ttm-t) rjie f- fw?r--f4 ' rmi
!- torn rm" 1'" sr-,-t , t , .
A PwesMaa" Astea (aoaa 4 Cat
A New Terk rrwiu h ha mm it a sr-s-rWt
ttui m4 ttMnark aa4 fftinl wiwisa.
war tKat aearff sD tntevUaal trnwWe. a wet
as asanr Oii af tsw Mal wtwwfM, af H-
'o.4 in owe tat.irsrvwmf ul . nnrti. tramhie ts a -raal eawdMssn af tS
f l.itt.T tint 1 t,r n. L-n add one .slf ! ar. T tm Swrn Is awe aWI trtwa Umm
nip f li, t,jr s1t and stesns M,1 W Sr. . nss arMltr. -mmmmlt !
soft. Add one and thr-e fnarths r, ft j ,., Mr wrUmmrll , anrrham. tm
of Imal'M sr. I tf-XhrT. fc-rWatoa .S twIUssss VIe Nsm
IIT sna n. I t tht Mnwk u aa wwsr a-t w asreis
I seS la a lv ssaJHs ml nmm awetrsr skew
I are vMnSf4 W fcrrrwlit. It S tewr
i cetow to ase thai W m. wi t as t4
! as4lriMW as4 swans-wily aB wwdirai
Tbe rUol Vt of Dm- l--i-4 farm ; m..,, m twi aVaararS to at the
teed i' 1ti t'e t'y1 i't a b-l ef rtrmnm a ksrna. eataa tssrt toet esawh
' wtis-fc wma ViwsWR VlHr 9mawbaata aA t4v aawtaw
tWe W. nf . t- bad iT . 1 -tV ff- rf tk, t.
swrMT. it m. ) tle rr'l tni"i wv-rt
it tpTisxTl ii a i'lS!,.Utl eo . . f
nd ran W f-Tt-.i e en-i t . . .
in a i-a-1 wt'iof. with f4 mr)-ii--M the Hwil wit as It MaM ae lr a
lpfs fn j a er-4 aa a to nm lw.ia.mi
' ' . , rto s-r-s a4 mri sal kjsl -
rtT and t i.lf aa at f m.- trm 4 emsarS ti-osw.
;t'-e f in t' ta w l tie f l-wswr e,i in- Msia
a!! tl ltt , on ) ta rwt- - -' a a-s as-
twwa. Ilie , t at w m a II rwwso; : r -a to- (mwa) sl ts rvi li
. fttea mi I ...,e tieif ffl ft I" m " " ' fs mrmm-
f'T-d wf aeV w)www-wri! '
aa swi'ia as tsw
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