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heals itching
WHAT relief ! The first appli
cation of Resinol Ointment
usually stops all itching and burning
and makes your tortured skin feel
cool and comfortable at last. Won' t
you try the easy Resinol way to heal
eczema or similar skin eruption 1
Doctors have prescribed it for 20
years. Sold by all druggists.
Ut Resinol Soap to clear a bad complexion.
The Mothers' club will hold a fair Dec,
4, afternoon and evening, at the Lan
riault Bchoolhouse in Plainfield. There
will be a nice program in the evening and
many useful and fancy things -on sale,
also home-made canay, peanut", ana a
lishnond for the little children. There
will be no admission fee, so the public is
invited.- adv. -
Miss Mayme McLellcn of upper Gran
iteville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jo
soph Antel. of Petersboro, N. II., for a
few weeks.
Save Your Hair I Make It Thick, Wavy
" and Beautiful Try
! This l
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy hair
is mute evidence of a neglected scalp; of
dandruff that awful scurf.
There is nothing so destructive to the
hair as dandruff. "It robs the hair of its
luster, its strength, and its very life;
eventually producing a feveriahness and
itching of the scalp, which if not reme
tided, causes the hair roots to shrink,
loosen and die then the hair falls out
fast. A little Danderine to-nightnow
any time will surely save your hair.
Gtt a 25-cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any drug store or toilet
counter, and after the first application
your hair will take on that life, luster
and luxuriance which i so beautiful. It
Will become wavy and fluffy and have the
appearance of abundance, an incompar
able gloss and softness; but what will
please you most will be after jut a few
weeks use, when you will actually see
a lot of fine, downy hair new hair
growing all over he scalp. Adv.
mm m Ltk at, bB f tat M S. BaV
r Bnt site nii
s MO matter what your tg
efl H touch this new 9
fi Royal Matter-
Model 10 will fit it.
i just turn mc tei-crew
! and reula!e the touch
! of this new Royal to
. mi iirtDcrr ri Mil
V III a- -
12 it liht and imooth at
a velvet or firm and
J5 nr?y Jou
Built for "Dig
Business" and its
x-. . 1 r
firinf line c4
L Ban- I 4
ftM Vnlf
J Royal's .
J j that Ukr f
. 1 - - (La
luc f a aw z
m mm
of Tttirt I wm
t the nr MoArl 18
S; 9Tar y
leatiirr. ivnt,gt ihrm I
Get the Facts! li
tmtS if 1S Tml "
mm mn nkH DEMONfTR A
f TlOJt Ot wim f-
p 9 ft.-
WJH7CC." a Omm w
;;rrice$iooCW. JS
im WJin i.n.vi-.u u. hk. as
burning skins
1 1 rwm mm 9 5
"iic macmne 53
with a JS
I Personality"
Si Expert Operators
if r.mf l.efawifi4
W a offaDbw tvery office man- J S
Maamn rtnril (Witm M
t f if
Central Vermont Pomona Grange Met
The following is the program given by
the Central Vermont 1'oinona grano
this place Thursday, December 2 s 10 i 30
a. m., nttll degree meeting n-u.v "
ordinate granges and necessary business
li.iur. 1j30 n. 1U.. pub
1 with music. -West
Randolph quartet; words of greeting,
J. L.. Hutchinson; response, u. u. cumiu.
Urookfield; music, quartet; recitation,
TrarW ' irnfnlilnannt naner. "What tho
Grange Can Do To Increase Intelligence
and Elevate Standards oi. living, ...bub.
George Moigs, music, quartet; paper,
r a T. T'Brwion vocal solo. Mr. Good-
liffe; discussion, "That the Distribution
of Food Products of New Kngland Is One
n.r tha Oreatoxt Problems Confronting the
Producer and Consumer To-day"; music,
followed by an address ny . urignam,
commissioner of agriculture; music. 8
n m tnn fprrinc fifth decree in form,
followed by program as time permitted.
Mrs. Arthur Washburn, lecturer.
fr V.. V. Carlisle, after passing sev-
oi-..i lava har with her son. Dana Luce,
left Thursday for her home in Ricbford,
expecting to stop off at Braintree and
Northtleld for short visits with relatives.
fr VranW Thomas went to Burling
ton to remain over with friends till the
first of the week.
Mia v.lli "RillincM aecomnanied one
of her patients to her home in Northfield
Wednesday for a short stay with her.
fr Tlnnvpa. matron at the sanatori
um, was summoned to Highgate Wednes-
. . ... e t J
day by the suaden mness oi ner gmuu
mntiior and nn a later train Dr. K. J.
Rumrill of this place was called to High
gate by her for medical attendance or
iv iinm riavfc of Tiffin. O.. arrived
here Thursday for a visit with her cous
in. Mrs. .1. E. Cass, whom she had not
seen for the last 16 years. 5
Mrs. W. A. Jones went to Rochester
Thursday, having been called by the ill
Clayton Hubbard, who
the next day was- obliged to submit to
the amputation of one ot ms umos, wmcu
had been seriously troubling him for sev
eral months. .," .
T. a Tmrv. 'who !nce the death of
),; wifA several weeks aizo. has been
with a son In Roxbury, came on Thurs
day to visit relatives here lor a lew uaya.
vria. a 1? rirlf. was in Montnelier
Wednesday night to attend the meeting
of Rob Morris chapter, O. E. S., when
there were six candidates who received
Wren T). Vr. Stone. D. D. G. P., was
also present at the annual visitation.
News has been received from Airs. J.
Ruinrill.w ho is with her sister, Mrs. Nel
lie Avery, st West Campton, N. H., and
who the first of the week was stricken by
some trouble similar to a shock, that she
is improving somewhat.
a kueV-otlmll me between the Ran-.
dolph and Bethel boys at the Pastime
theatre Wednesday nignt resulted m
victory for the local team, the score be
,.,, on" in 10 Tli second came will soon
be played, the time and place to be given
T.pna Mi? Buzzell was operated on for
adenoids last week in Randolph and will
be unable to attend school for th pres
ent. Misa Esther Kkinner returned W ednos-
day to Johnson normal 'school.
WiUiam and Elvin Graves spent Tues
day and Wednesday in St. Johnxbury.
Winifred Joslyn has returueu irora
Heaton hospital.
Rev. F. J. Roberts and wife were in
town Wednesday and Thursday.
Mra. Henry Lallelle has returned irom
Fanny Allen hospital
What the War Cost.
Kconomize, economise, economitel This
.h. rr nnw koarii ahoVS all OtllPfi ill
l,ai avail 11 lr that ara at war. Not eveu
the richest of thein can see a way to face
the enorrnoua war expenditure unless
every citizen cuts down his p-ronal ex
penditure and lets the government have
the saving. This mutt be had for the
nation's sake; it must be obtained
irough taxation, if not otherwiae. There
no alternative but national winarup-
... . . - .j
unless It be aeieat in war ir wm tn
"ainewe." And the latter niigui not
a. K.nativ Kiit an addition.
Th.. la.tnaa, nf tli Trtnt sr ex
penditures is far beyond any that the
world lias known. .AororJing to The
KcoDOfniit's estimates, which do not "err
on the side of exs, the daily cot of
the war is thus distributed: t.reet Urit
am, f'i-VWXMMKi; Orniany, jn,fMSi,(0j
France, lt.KU": Uuia, l2..VXt,(il0i
Austria. 12..vm,l0; Italy, 7.W).0I0;
lWlgium, r-rbia and Turkey, 20l,0ii0.
N-t las tliaa f.OtiO,nilO a day is ting
sunk in the a of war. It the strujritle
Ut another year, and at thia rate the
warring nations will m burdened with
additional debt to the amount of -T2,-d.V,K0.fXJ.
The Ilntiah expenditure i the beait
liearirr than estimated above, the prime
mintvtrr having held ut no itp rf Its
being k-jt andi-r f...Vtin.f a day. Tlia
it t all going te the Bnti army and
navy, a part of it bmg givrm to aid al
Iw, Imt it has all ta come iit of the
llntnh tirl.riwr. hkb niu't be frt.Wti-
ih-d Iron the taiparr'a ki"H. Abi)
it will atr t-upt ia a year t .125,"(.t,
whnU i equal t thr fourths f te
t'tsl national iitcomia. Prfe"r t'rwk-k,
a wtioriT eeonnmie pif.
thia point aiiarj iy twimr n. iwniiijwni,
Mvmgr "Te war r'iirw nw i- enjiv-
a!.t f tv!r-f'iartT f our ""t m-
,il Im- I'.r-lvra rt IiOIM ant x w
mm r r."T: The tti?w-aa war ct I'rit j
ht l is aTn'.ir "
t, tv-w ar rt ahiiit iKt l m
ntrfiitf m it wiwka, 4 th JI
rtf iWii,r war rxrt U tl.aa ai.e
' ;-fii! ff in aw wla. It ""
fiat rid tnmif m 1 1 part f fry
ritirp laa "nr a 4uir, if twt a a
lwttt. Ak4 mmhrnnmtfA im war
.aaa.t nt 1 f raBwl tt 1 1 tl
tin win hr to pay aa iriti.tt
!r- Tt T. Wfiis V.M a t"v
4't-wt-t-'t-a W -rt .'
la4y at f p
Vf BtTTEriitt.
AS ttrw wt r-n lMt
Iw a mf', lsr M't-r l wi-'
Don't Stay Headachy, Sick, or Have Bad
Breath and Soiyr Stom-.
ach .
Wake Ud Feeling Fine! Best Laxative
for Men, Women and Chll-
.dren" .
lifnl Remove tho liver and
hnwel noison whioh is kecpintr your head
Hiv vnnr t.nni7ue coated, breath offen-
. "7 -a. l.!f
give, ana stomacn sour, jvoni aiay uu
headachv. constipated and
full nf cold. Whv don't vou tret a box
of raaanta from the druir store and eat
one or two to-night and enjoy the nicest,
gentlest liver ana Dowel cieanniiig yuu
ever experienced. Vou will wake up fecl
inr flf. and fine. Cascarets never irripc
or sicken like salts, pills and calomel,
.. ... i j, i
Thpv act bo irentiv tnai vou naroiy real
ize vou have taken a cathartic. Mothers
ahmilH irivn nro8. nick, bilious or fever
ish children a whole Cascaret any time
they act thorouginy ana are narimcs
Adv. ,
Large Attendance at Annual Fair of Con
gregational Church.
A fi-nwd of nearly 200 attended the
annual fancy fair and chicken-pie dinner
and supper of tne uernn congregaiionai
church on Wednesday. The notion, apron
and can dv hootha were urcttily deco
rated and attracted customers until there
was not much left to sell. One hundred
and sixty sat down to dinner, leaving
bttle to be disposed of by auction at
the close. For these remainders E. U.
House as auctioner obtained a consider
able advance on market rates.
Among" the articles sold wa a fashion
ably dressed doll, which had traveled
by parcel post all the way from Grand
H Miidi. It was purchased by a
lady as a present to her little grand
daughter m Detroit, mien., t cuuhiik
and wnintr. thia visitor from the region
of the Great Lakes helped in the success
of the fair.
Aftr vprvthinr that could be sold
l,ii,i Imumi anhl and evervthinir that could
be eaten had been disposed of, the cen
ter of the noor was ciearea, ine younjf
people present closing up the business
of the day with a good old-fashioned
game of blind man's buff.
Many attended from ilontpeiier ana
other nearby places, so that altogether,
besides the main object of helping the
funds of the ladies Lend-a-ITand society,
the affair was a great social success, re
paying the member of the society, who
for some time had been working hard
in preparation.
W. P. Barr left Wednesday night for j
. i: a u.)....a liia, faMiaar will llfl. I
Burlington, where his father will un
dergo an operation.
G. V. Morse visited his wile at j.rignt-
look hotiUl, St. Johnshury, Monday. He
. 1.1 v... 1 I Ka I
found her M
Mint Fred Cheever of WoodHtork a
. . a .. av . 1m Vita 1 m inn . I
miest at Mr. KtU laven
G. A. iwew
jent Tuesday at
Mrs. K. A. Halcroas and daugnier.
Sarah, of Peat-ham spent etlncsday
itl. Mra. W. D. llarr. Sarah will stay
with Mrs. Barr while Mr. Barr is in Bur-
Mi. fi. A. Drew spent Tuesday in
The stfam mUl of Edward Klines on
Vdton tit-otik. about eiaht miles from
this village, was eonsumt-d by fire Wed
ntt lav evening. Wry little lumber was
htirnrd and the mill waa insured.
At the regular monthly meeting of
Winoookl lodge, No. 49, F. 4 A. M., the
third dfgTee was eonfpiTed. Among the
iaitom tiers K. E. irant of th lai
favrtte lodge. No. 41, Slancbeater, N.
and Alhrrt G. Bradley and George
If. Tabor f Fairhaven, M.
Jnw h Conner, who has Iwen tjuite ill
at his home on Croawtt hill, la more com
fortaMA. Mra. Kichsrd IVnwritt was in Burlinj
tn Tueaday and Wednttnlay. a g't of
Mr. and Mrs. Homf IVmeritt,
I tTivninrnnr. 1
K" murk mm4 mwii If --jrer.
f 4 fat ppw4 frmwe mm mm. m
i wil Tm er f fpni M
? rmw$ ,,9m 1 I enT
9 fn rr$W!t Irfltl,
I Wrir4 Wfp, Mtll,
I A t mhm M-! wm4 paxtwrmlif wif
I a
C. !. V V
-'. la v -
x. I -
,.,- It I Urn. 1m1 bJhi
C.rv H'-'fr4 - 4IT
I I . T .'. l'.r"
f - S Jim V f -
L. I'. i:ft oat lof
Two Men Arrested on Charge of Lug
ging Off Hugh Allen's Deer.
Hugh Allen of Kant Itarnurd shot a
deer in Norwich a few (lays ago, and
when ho returned after bringing his au
tomobile a,s near as possible to the body
of tho deer, he. found that it hud been
carried off. Then he recalled meeting
some men in a wugon with what ho be
lieved was a concealed deer. He gave
information to tho olllcers and two men
were arrested last Tuesday by Deputy
Slii.rlff J. M. Whit.npv of Nonth Koval-
ton, on a body writ in civil suit, brought
by Mr. Allen, to recover the value ot tne
deer. The suit will "be tried in Barnard
before Municipal Judge Arthur G. Whit-
Miss Victoria Morse, who recently fin
ished her first term aa a teacher, has
Wri rw-pnuniPfl for the winter term ill
the Riford brook school in Braintree.
Tlfiaa .Tnapiihina Kmprv. formerly Of
Bethel, recently of Baltimore, Md., has
returned to Vermont and is teaching a
school in Braintree. '
Miss Susie Wilson of Boston has been
hers for a short visit. 1
Henry Watts and Miss Julia R. Hath-
orn, were married in wooustocc last
Tuesday. They will make their home in
Ourtia Hathorn and Fred Watts each
shot a buck in Barnard Wednesday.
- State Highway commission a. i.
RiLtna of Derhv waa here vesterdav on
his way to Gaj'svUle to address a Pomona
grange meeting.
The sophomores will hold a "social at
the schoolhouse next Monday evening.
Miss Ann Todd returned yesterday to
her home in Boston, after snendintr sev
eral u'ppV hprfl. 'Arino for her sister
the late Miss Jane, i odd. during nor uist
illness. Though past 80 years of age,
... ...
Misa Todd lives an active life, being
,-onHf untlv encas-ed at her trade m tail
oress in homes of well-to-do Bostonians
Mra. Alhert Rlnka nf Xiasrara. N. C.
who has spent several months with her
mnflmr Mra Mini Ahhntt ' WPIlt VCS-
terday to South Royalton to make final
arrangement lor ner return m aooui a
week to her southern home, to which her
husband's mother, from houtn Koyaiton,
will accompany her. .
Th Universalist ladies' " annual fair
opened yesterday afternoon at the town
hall, and a o-nnd crowd attended. The
hall was prettily decorated with colored
light and a variety of nootns, which
war nrpRidnd nvpr as follows: Fancy
goods, Mrs. C. D. Gushing and Mm. W.
U. nliaw; candy, blisses jiary ensuing,
JlildredMiaw and rvatnerine iioRcrsi
variety, Miss Wiaw's olass of young la
dies; ice cream, Mrs. Alice Hall and
Mr. Robert Noble; holder tree. Miss
Gwendolyn Cummings; aprons, Mrs, O.
D. Greene and Mrs. P. I Martin. A
chicken-pie supper was very well pat
ronized last evening. It was in charge
of Mrs. W. C. Clifford. The kitchen oper
ations were in charge of Mrs. v. T.
Rogers. Orchestra musica during the
supper was much enjoyed.
The Mothers' club will hold a fair Dee.
afternoon and evening, at the Lan-
ciault schoolhouse in Plainfleld. There
will be a nice program In the evening and
many useful and fancy things on sale,
I ao home-made canay, peanuts, ana a
shpond for the. little children. There
ill be no admission fee, so the public i
invited. adv.
Make the School Attractive.
If the outside of the school was unin-
v tmrr flip - inaide was even more so.
! While at first the children were quite un
1 . a . , .1 :
consoious of their surroundings, they
- .1.... 11 lA.l it .l.airaa au,,,,..! h in i,
were gradually led to desire eomething
better. The boys put in the missing
panes of glass; the girls washed the win
(lows, Mucked the utove, and did many
. . al.. I
things to make the room cleaner. In the
arithmetic class the oldt-r children esti-
muted the eot of putting in new eeil-
: J TT.r la iawi.lf4 Htinn
inir and walla. Thcv also decided upon
the color scheme hich they wiahed to
uae. They then submitted their plans to
the soliool committee, who fortunately
favored the rlans and who immediately
act about making the changes. The re
sult was indeed a great transformation,
and soon these new, clean surrounding
seemed to have a silent influence tor good
on the children. F.thel Harriet Nash in
the Countryside Magar.ine for ih-ceuibtT.
aculapius was giving a lecture.
"Finally." said the father of medicine.
"write your prescription in Latin anJ
your bills in good plain Kngltah."
But" asked tlie student. Here aoea
our native tongue come In!"
"That" juH it, he answered, "the pa
tient's condition is usually Grerk to
Cheered by this expoaition. tney en
forth to practice their art- V it and Hu
mor. Whe Will Claim Ttem?
ttlera iiiw-alled for at the Barre rt-
oflK-ej for the werk ending IVcemWr 2.
Men Arthnr F. Adania, I liffocd Ottbe-
pau.h. Atilffbi DiHencdt-tto, William C.
Jem,, Frederick Kaymtmd. Frar.k ar-
W omen- Mra. Kmily BiW. Mis Ftts
t;iev. Mr. Vera l'ag Wim (n-rtrude
W ilma a.
ti mtn and women ho rea'.ly rmr
know what it is to trt'y r sound, Vibra:
ir.g bf a!ib bo would lc rrriexl t
audicnljr pain that cahilaracing viulhy
that robust hralJi 1 -t ir.f ,
Literal' tbouiandi w ithotjt any f.ir
tirular ikknesa live ia "general -tui)",
the doctors ra.l it have
beadathes are tired aid ind.fTcrrrt.
To all uk h perrlc we fir ith crmiti.
talsVie ear-etrrs "tile Scft'i
Imulsion if:rr meals (-forte rvTr'.bar-J
t.rw its rare olUori t n cnri.h and en
liven ynur 1.5-4, 'jit len yvt cirrula
tim. s.nua?e tHJtnt ki. and aid ratre
e-tTI ht rerl re--t.Jnfl4 1 let bat
K'e T --.'w-i i r-- a -if. 1
r 1eac-t l--i-cwt'- fr-p f-r-ta aatx-ayti.
mn ft fee-,- tsjo-K'i4 r I. l-m
rvM ha Wo tf HIIW fctttttSaia
M ta. a.aa, jrf, fm m ,..ilH laIt
Topics of the
Home ''and
Use a whisk broom to sprinkle plants
in the. house. When tho broom is dipped
in water and shaken over plants it makes
a fine spray which is effective in over
coming the dry heat of the room.
Fish-line for picture cord was used
with much satisfaction in a college girl's
room, where every picture had to be
hung from the molding. Fish-line is
strong, inconspicuous, and hangs straight
er than wire when attached to snia'.l
pictures. -
' Warding Off Autumn Colds.
With the approach of cold, weather
comes the time for wariness in wearing
apparel. The early autumn and cany
spring are the gala times for colds, says
the Irish World, because no one ia quite
sure just what to wear. When the
weather is cold one day and warm tho
nvt. it is acarcelv to be wondered at
that we are constantly changing from
heavy to light clothes. But dungcr lies
in that direction. We should stick as
closely as possible to the same weight in
clothes, if we wish to avoid that early
autumn cold which is apt to enng au
Tliio idi.a of' anncarinir in furs and
heavy suits one week and summer weight
frocks the next cannot Ue too gevereiy
condemned. To its door may be laid al-
mnyf thrpp-foiirths of the autumn coius,
sore throats and bronchial coughs. There
are plenty of medium weight suits which
will be suitable lor wear until im.nrw
week in November, when the really cold
1 ll 1 ! Ti- ! - lua i.l ifl
iillv hfcrins. It is absurd to
trot out your winter clothes from storage
until the winter actually arrives. Winter
lasts long enough without beginning to
wear its apparel too soon.
You must not, however, judge from
this that it is advisable to dress too
lightly in this changeable weather. Not
at all! The autumn suit should be suffi
ciently warm to keep you from being
cold even on the blowicst days. -But
the point to make is to avoid the change
from one weight apparel to . another.
The average city girl reverses the
health rules in . her dressing. She
swathes her throat in furs and" leaves
her ankles exposed to the sharpest winds,
instead of the opposite treatment. The
ankles are the most susceptible part of
the whole body. The blood runs nearest
ti,.. aurfopo there and the cold can chill
the entire body, no matter how warmly
it is clad, if the ankles are unprotected
The first cold days should find the sen
sible woman's feet shod in high shoes, or
low shoes and spats. Low shoes should
lie tabooed after the first of October by
the girl who wants to bo free from colds.
There is really no surer way of catching
them than by leaving the ankles covered (
with thin silk when the air is cool. I
The throat, on the contrary, should
never be covered, even in tne iciesv
weather. Once begin to wear your furs
tight around your neck, and you will
have to continue the practice whether
the weather is warm or cool. Sore throat
.nd inniilitia follow in the trail of the
girl who bundles stoles about her throat
one day and leaves it open tne next, it
is only unfortunate that the rage for
high collars seems to have struca; me
,r. ,. f,,r ii,. hen t nest co er tor tne
throat is the simple Dutch neck, which
leaves the throat open but covers ma
dreaa sensible and are a little
wary at this period of' the year, there Is
no reason why you smmiu not go inruiiu
the whole winter without a cold. Cover
vonr ankles and leave your throats open.
Bathe the nek and chest every morning
;ik nld wrr This will serve to hard
en these parts against the onslaughts of
the autumn winds. Above an. oe warj
of a chill. If you come in chilled to the
very bone take a hot bath and sponge oT
with alcohol. This will scare off the cold.
Reefpet Ttat Are Diflerenf
VnHli Carolina 11a bs -One pint of
corr.me.il. two epifs, one desaertspoonful
of butter, one wincglasslul oi liniK.
Scald the meal with boiling water and
whileit,ls hot rub in the butter; stir
in the milk with a little salt, beat the
etrgs ery light and stir them in. Prop
th mixture from a spoon uH.n a tin
slteet and bake ill a moderate oven.
(h-ange Fritters Make a batter as for
fritters of almost any kind, with to
g, a pint of milk, and flour enough
to make quit a thick batter. 1'eel tfiree
oranges and rut them in slices, remov
ing the seeds. Pip the slices in the
1-stteT and fry in hot butter; aerv liot
with pondered sugar lifted generously
over them.
Hard Nut Candy Melt one cupful of
frrantttated sugar in a spider, stirring it
all the time until it is liquid. As soon
as the last lump is melted put in one
cupful of nut kernels, mil hastily and
turn Into pan to harden and eool.
I.ratiam Muff m-MIt with thin rrram
to a stiff batter a pint of Graham flour,
tun tesspoonfiils of bakine powder, Islf
a tear-" infill of salt, balf a teat-unfal .
t f bmwa anpar and one t ee. 'f erf-am j
ia tit obtsinalde, ue WiIT. and a piece
tif tauttr-r a larire a an err. Bale in
small tins fr miift'a rina-s.
(tlprv alad With Vats -las rqusl ;
tarts c( rflfty and I reli'a sinuts Bn1(
mrr on Irttil !fr. Whrn f-ad 1
tn art v pnor ttt tH f'.U tn 4rrt I
in; Xn'ik r1 tT t-atH V'tI '
and s't. l1l'r t-lrt'T, J"r ta-
r-wf?'' t4 n.'ti-d t-nllt-r, ais taVr-
jwtmit! "ji-wpar. rv..
lU ,r.iil it W'm
(rraa ih f- B.ld t I '1 )a-tt ) t- S
JW-r T it'C all rap f !.f;i
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I v- "r.t'- -It '! fat' 4
twt (irirtli fn,ftll k
j ..( tt 1-.! a f i r'S'tt r4 ' i
. m t.HU Mff naS I.' B tnntV'H
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i p,i.tr iH t""t t-.il a ." .
r- if !' r-ta-a at. I m
a - . .... I.. at a,4 M I
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! at nr tI W"t a'fj-ir ""i t '-")
ymit t' a a t tt nr t .
r a --J t r" l if
, -n A l
.... -v- t f -Mt a ?
lu these pies by cooking a tahlegpoonful
of corn starch in the milk before stirring
it into the squash. The under crust of
all juicy pies should be baked a little
or smeared with butter or lard, to pro
vent the soaking in of the juice and
thus make them pasty.
Dorothy Dexter.
The Forty-Pound Cow.
This week we publish' acain the list of
40-pound cows in the cow testing associa
tions of WaterburyK fctowe and North
field. We also call attention again to
the desirability of having the cow testing
asHoc.iat.inna of Caledonia county make
similar reports. Every farmer who has a
..... 1..' JA ' I.. 1.., fa... I., al
COW ZlinKlllK " iwilliuei VI muiki aa
month could well atioru to pay aavenis
1 ii lt rates for the publication of the fact
in his local newspaper. It would create
a much more protttaoie market ror nis
calves or cows. But-we are willing to
CHl ves ur cum. ira' two -iiii,iH
. . . . .
publish without charge each montn lor a.ter per montn iyieiuiu
year the name of tho owner, the amount as much aa the ordinary cow and we are
- . . . .... ... . . ii j l nnut iwi.a natmiidl to
or butteriat and tne pront or every cowjBure u noes . o ..- -- y r
in this county that makes 40 pounds of , keep her. The 40-pound cow is desirable
butter during the preceding month.!
There is one other piece of information
we would like to see published and that
it i t - . : i. ...nnitiinn
so we could show tho percentage of 40
IS V IJ U II U Ml llfl Ul V Yl O j cti.il Bnn..vi-.i....
pound cows. r
W are convinced that 40-DOUnd COW
are much more common than formerly.
We also believe the 40-pound cow will
show much more profit than common
cows. The cow giving 40 pounda or Dut-
New Herbal
in Ihst bepns to equal this formula, , made
instant relief from the mott ntenje suBenna.
! a- I t ..t Utama atiffurinif
nTxk"h."W. Mi. C5i7MaMA is going to sk. u. msnr
TUTT - o'r" $X2? -guarBnte. that if it doesn't s,oth, i
13 Vnu and begin healing at ones, it wiU
. T .t,I- T( are not tnorousniT
I pnu wckiu .. Ql --.
, come and get your money back.
Matinee, 2:15 to 5 ; Evening, 7 and 8:30
Friday, December 3
"Wild Olive "
Other Pictures as Well .
Other Good Pictures
Change of Program Every Day 1
PRICES: Adults, Balcony 5c; Orchestra, 10c; Children under 14 Years, 5c
in an entirely new show .
PRICE - - '10 Cents to Everybody
Jewelry Sale
W. H. Goodfellow
211 North
Andes Stoves and Ranges
For Wood, Coal, or Gai
Stove Pif. Dampef. snd Elbom-t, Stove Hoarda. Wrinfifn.
W,h Boilm and Tubs, Copper Tra.mlr, snd TtapoH.
Oil HeaUn for nW or msL
E. A. PniNDLE & CO.
Thone HaTen I3k. PeH Strett. Ilarr. VL
All Kinds of Wood for Sale
IV.ock WcJ. mmtlf mar'e. rt cord. $3.00
Split B'mk Wood, rer cord.
L:a.l $ rrrA 2.50
I Mucd Hard and Srft
Thi Food-drink lor All
Delicious, invigorating and wstaining.
Keep it on your jideboard a home. ,
Don't travel without it.
A quick lunch prepared b minuU.
Vnlem yom mmy -HORUOIT3"
you may get m Substitute
w . .... . .
I . . , 1 !..t.l!.i. Htnaa than .UMa
not simply because she is proiitamo. oui,
because she is a source oi pnuo to m-r
'owner. Thia legitimate pride gives him
on l, iiuin am fur Ma work, broadens his
' . .
methods and aids in making him a good
farmer and a good citizen. The 40-pound
cow is certainly a progressive influence
in her community and may her numbers
and influence increase and continue to
bless the land that harbors her. St.
Johnsbury Caledonian.
Mm oLo"
"'' "t"'-tbm b.t Part U, it givea
th. clu.lv, right to aell
s ,.
Red Ooss Pharmacy
December 4
We guarantee to save you good
money on all holiday goods bought at
our store during this sale. A beauti
ful calendar given with every purchase.
Main Street
Wood, per HaJ. -75
Office 118 Kd. Kaia St. g

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