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VOL. XIX-NO. 228.
Are Reported in Berlin to
Have Entirely Evacuated
That Territory ..
Ira C. Calef Donates to an Institution
at Providence,
Providence, R. I., Deo. 10. Ira C. Ca
lf of Washington, Vt., a former roar
dent of "Providence, ha donated a fund
of $4,000 to the Homeopathic hospital of
Kluxlo Island for a free bud to be Known
a tlie "Calef Free Bed."
Mr. Calef is gratefully rememliered for
his liberal (rifts to charity. Institutions
east and went have received liberal gifts
from him, $.36,QOO of which 1ms gone to
In Some of the Larger Cities
of Germany, Say Two
r- i in l : IP....,..!.
1UWAK1J lnti jbUU 1X1 returned last night from a business trip
to Bellows Falls and Barnardston,
Mrs. James Long and child of Franklin
British Claim Small Victory SrSvin
On the Western War Quincy and Boston. Mass.
I aiibs Annie juowiou entertained a party
JcrOnt oi her friends at her home on Park
I street Wednesday evening. The party
was a celebration of Miss McLeod a birth
day and she was presented a pendant
inrtnn iri comment indicates that and chain by her guests. A lunch was
the British capital considers the situation LBrvcdJat! " the evenin after which
of the allied armies in the Balkans as Tlle (mbination Five wa. defeated
grave, following the recent clashes with last night in Wiiliamstown by the Mo-
the Bulgarians which have resulted in a hawk A. C, by the score of 25 to 18, in a
withdrawal of both French and British D1 exciting game. i..e jeauires o
- I T.litt era ma vara i ho nlavirtiv hv " I'nrriTV"
lines, .nii;..- rnr,a t, j xfi.nuba
Direct advices from Vienna are that the scoring of Geals and the guarding of
the. central powers, according to an ox- uiass for the Combination. I he Gom-
pression in authortative circles, are confl- bination put up a good game against
dent of being able successfully to T.....
any moves made by the entente allies who jg paB8i' a few dayg with fri(,ndg
in the Balkans. in the city.- went to Burlinetou this
The Teutonic empires have put nolmornmg for a few days visit with his
pressure upon Greece, it is declared, their 8n- days Mr- Milne wa one
one wish being that she should remain th Barre Go,f lub. Just
neutral. I now and since en.rl v lftjt. summer he ill
Vienna announces the? successful con- rated as a professional, having secured a
tinuance of operations against both Serb- position as an instructor on a course
ians and Montenegrins, with the capture Lear Newark, N. J. Durinir the colflnif
of more than a thousand prisoners. season he was in eharge of six sub-in-
Austnan troops have been heavily Utructors. He expects to return to New-
counter-attacking and have captured a ark in January.-
part of the Italian position, near Dokje, Nearly 200 club members and their
northwest of Tolmino, Vienna reports. gmBt will gather in Clan Gordon hall
Constantinople announces that the this evenincr for the 10th annual banauet
British expeditionary farces in Mesopo- f the Italian Athletic, eluh. A venison
. tamia are .offering lens vigorous resist- dinner with delicate Italian aide dishes
ance to the lurKlftt attacks. wm ha urvd it 8 o'clock and an im.
The sinking of the Danish steamer Losim nrowram of imitAnr v.n.Will..
Minsk is reported in London. The crew Lfter dimler wi foilowed in turn bv
The Windows of Stores and
Cafes Were Broken in
the Demonstration
Berne, Switzerland., via Paris, Dec. 10,
Peace manifestations have occurred not
only in Berlin but at Dresden and Leip
zig, according to a German correspondent
at Tagwacht. The correspondent adds
that the conviction prevails among the
masses in Germany that only a revolu
tionary outbreak would force the govern
nient to make peace.
Paris, Dec. 10. The Rome correspond
ent of The Journal sends the following
Zurich, Switzerland, dispatch: "Violent
demonstrations in favor of peace , have
taken place in Berlin; the police vere
obliged to charge the crowds; windows of
stores and cafes were smashed during the
noting." Ihe soldiers in the crowd took
an active part in the disturbance."
Youth Was Drowned but His Father
Was Taken Ashore.
were saved.
Berlin, via wireless, Dec. 10. Accord
ing to information received at military
headquarters here, the Anglo-trench ex
pedition in the Balkans has continued its
retreat and has now entirely evacuated
Serbian territory.
After Onslaughts by Bulgarians in the
" Balkans.
I.f.- 10. Two successive re
tirc n British forces in the
Bulk . i.'i'u iall v anuounced last
night. -ember 7 the troops were
wttlulnu. , . a new line and on Decern
ber 8 they retired to another line.
I The official statement follows:
I "On December 6 the Bulgarians after
a Heavy bombardment attacked our
troops west of take Doiran. Our ad
I vanced trenches were entered by small
parties nf Bulgarians who were imme
diately driven out with the bayonet.
"On the morning of December 7 the
Bulgarians attacked again and by
weight of superior numbers drove our
troops out of their position. Under cover
of darknens the troops were "withdrawn
to a new line. Beports as to our losses
have not yet been received.
"On December 8 the British troops suc
cessfully repulsed all attacks and in the
dancing until midnight. The banquet
committee was busy to-day decorating
the hall. . Novel electrical effects are
to be introduced in connection with the
Dr. J. Edward Leene, who with Ivan
Lock wood of Montreal, P. Q., has been
in Vermont endeavoring to create inter
est in the formation of a hockey league
received a telegram from the Canadian
metropolis this morning advising him
that a letter received there yesterday
brought information from France that
his brother, Reginald Leene, was recent
Iv wounded bv a bullet while serving
with the McGul dental corps in lpres.
The dispatch added that Mr. Leene's
wound was not considered serious, al
though it is probable that he Will be
invalided home within a short time. Dr.
Leene and Mr. Lockwood planned to pass
a week in Barre and Burlington, but
the former will return to Montreal to
morrow. Both men were formerly con
nected with the famous Wanderers' hock'
ey club.
Assistant Judges Return to Their Homes
After Short Session.
Assistant Judges Dale and Dana re
turned last evening to their reective
homes in Waterbury and Woodbury, aft
er being in the city for two days hear-
evening they were withdrawing ro a new j ing divorce rase. Six cues were heard
position in order to conform with the
general alignment,
British Won Success and Then Withdrew
in West
' London, Dee, 10. A British official
communication made public last night
'Bad weather lias limited activity in
the air, but our airmen have been able
to do useful work. Two machines which
went on reconnaissances Ihe fifth have
nt returned.
"As the result of a successful iittle en
terprise ia the region south of Arras a
small parly of our men entered a Ger
man trench ami bomtird the occupants,
successfully withdrawing after complet
ing their mission.
"The destruction of the enemy's para
pets and wire entanglements at various
points on the front by our artillery con
tisaes. ! reply te a oerasful bombardment j
of the enrmv's position twsr JMkem on j
tHe eigHli instant the enemr heIW4 1
Vpres an! the area north kenvilT. but did
little narnsre. ' Frirourt e es-
..d a Ur- wine with eueeesa on the
f.'lk. Yasteftiav near tinewtliy in enemy
. in HuriH of our men, wbn were
sslelv re ited "
by the Judges, who wm return to hear
any others which may be ripe for trial
Dec. 22.
Incoming trains " to-day brought to
Montpelir, Minners from the northern
snd pastern part of the state to attend
the annual meeting and ceremonial ses
sion to he held this eveing at the city
hall. A banquet will be served at armory
Two puked teams representing the
State stmt and the N-hool street bow
ling allejs will IkiI a game this even
ing at the last named alleys.
Commissioner of Lducation Mason S.
Stone returned this morning front Xew
lork Vty, Boston and Burlington, nftT
an absence of a week.
The case of Mate vs. Louis Provenrla.
rharged with killing a fawn, nht.li was
to be tried by a jury to morrow morn
ing in city court at th request of tl
respondent, baa been postponed until
Tueslay morning.
John H. (iowdy, manager of the Ver-1
mont Telephone roBipanv, returned ttus
morning from Bottom, where be made a
brief business visit.
The darru-k and t"m boiler belong
Springfield, Dec.. 10. Kenneth John
son, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Johnson, was drowned yester
day in the Connecticut river when the
row boat in winch he and his father were
crossing the stream was crushed by
floating ice. This is the second child in
the family to die by drowning. The fam
ily lives on the Livermore farm between
this village and Rockingham.
When they were about in mid stream
piece of ice struck the frail craft and
crushed it. Mr. Johnson jumped upon
a section of ice which bore bis weight
but the boy threw himself out of the
sinking boat upon ice which gave way
beneath him and he was swept under
the ice and caned down stream.
Both fattier and son screamed as they
jumped from the boat and Charles D.
Cutler, who lives near the river bank
hurried to their aid. Ha was unable to
do anything to save the boy. The father
was taken ashore in Cutler's boat.
The Johnson family, which is in
straitened circumstances, came here
about three months ago from Keene, X.
II. The boy was a pupil In the fourth
grade of the Gould's Mill school. Be
sides hie parents he is survived by a
brother and two sisters.
St. Johnsbury Man it Accused of Killing
Sumner G. Brown of the Same
Town on July 18 He Will be
Tried at Present Term
of Court. .
Ft. Johnsbury, Dec. 10. The grand
jury for Caledonia county completed its
labor 'yesterday ana reported one true
bill. Harlow Hatch was indicted for
manslaughter in connection with the
shooting of Sumner G. Brown on July
18. The shouting occurred on bunday
evening in Hatch's pool room here after
the two men returned from an auto ride,
They were alone in the room at the time
and the Btate has been finable to estab
lish a motive. ' So the indictment for
manslaughter was generally expected.
Hatch will, be tried at the present term
of court. He lias retained Simonds,
Searlcs and Graves of St. Johnsbury and
the state will be represented by State's
Attorney N. A. Norton of Lyndonville
and Attorney General Barber of Brat-
Former Barre Man Passed Away at
. . Worthfield.
Damage of $3,000 Done at Goddard Gym
nasium Last Night.
Medford, Mass., Dee. 10. Led by Ray
mond C K repps of Waynesboro, Pa.,
piteher of the varsity nine, a band of
Tufts college students, armed with Are
extinguishers, helped save athletic tro
phies and equipment from a fire which
damaged the Goddard gymnaaium last
night. Glee club members were having a
rehearsal on the top floor of the building
and had to rush for safety through smoke
that rolled up the stairways. I'ndannted
by their experience, the singers joined the
students, who bad rushed from the near-
bv dormitories, under the leadership of
their star pit her, and snatched from the
flames many prizes of victory before the
nre department arrived.
The blae started in the boiler-room
and worked rapidly up through the store
room and lockers in the northwest corner
News was received in Barre this morn
ing of the death of Weber J, Thwing, a
former resident of this city, who passed
away at his home in Northneld last
evening at 0 o'clock, after a three
months' illness of acute bronchitis. Mr.
Thwing was born in Barre in October,
1855, and as a young man he learned
the granite cutter's trade In this district.
Later he engaged in the wood business
with his brother, Clinton Thwing, the
firm conducting a wood yard in the
north end, which was supplied in part
from a - timber lot purchased by the
Thwing brothers in Roxbury. He moved
to Northficld' early in 1014 and had been
engaged at various Times aa a traveling
Mr. Thwing was a past master of
Granite lodge, o. 35, F. and A. M., and
also belonged to Granite chapter. No.
iHJ, K. A. AI.
Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter,
Mrs. Ieon C' Smith of Northficld, who
with her husband recently purchased the
rmith stock farm in wouth Jiarre.
. Prayer .will be said at his late borne
in Northfield Sunday forenoon at 10
o'clock. The remains will then be
brought to Barre, where funeral services
will be held in the Umversalist chureh
at 1:30 o'clock. Barre Masons, with
whom the decessed was affiliated, will
have their services at the garve.
Home Talent Play a Big Success Good
Music and Acting
Buoyancy of 'spirits and a wholesome
showing of cleverly executed dancing and
very tuneful music, were conspicuous fac
tors In tho success of the initial presen
tation of "Honeymoon Lane" in the opera
house last evening under the auspices of
the allied societies of 8t. Monica's church
To measure either the niece or its pro
500.000 BUShelS Were Stored d,",tlon W t,,e standards of other mnsi
7 cal comedy creations and their iiresentn
in Property Of PennSVlVa- 'on" y home talent companies would be
. T " manifestly uniust in more wavs than one.
nia Railroad at Erie, Pa., ?ome ,of the m0,8t "Warmting
' ' I fstsVski ill A l.niia A,sa A 4 nililllial mfVllll.
ii fill tuu iirun tittna im iumbivcw y jm t
Pending ItS Shipment tO tions a part and parcel of "Honey.
moon Lane, and as for the cast, which
Great Britain and the outdid itself last evening, some folks
will say, the children were given a chance.
Other Nations on Her And " they ui,'t outshine the older ones
in their appeal to a large audience, tney
came pretty close to it, albeit a number
of naturally sifted of Barre's stage tal
ent acquitted themselves more creditably,
many thought, than ever before, which
is saying a good deal, to anyone who
remembers that local productions have
iiavaf IniL-oi? fff icitnr flmn ihn n vprn ire
JjUfiTAliMHiJJ 1U-UAI talent
"Honeymoon Lane is on the boards
again to-night. Those who were in the
audience last evening are thoroughly con
vinced that it is one of the most charm
ing little musical pieces that has ever
been given in Barre. They are equally
sure that a very capable cast has made
the most of the opportunities for enter
taining that the piece affords, and they
,1 f ' ' 1.1 Know mat trie most commenmnory cru
tlOn 01 tne Urigin OI tne ic,gm does not, as is too often the case,
r-v ti t ni I mean mat irutn nas necn onereu up as
r ire, IX IS kSaiQ la sacrifice to local pride. People who
acclaimed the artistry and finish of the
initial performance are aware of its
worth and people who failed to see it
$750,000 LOSS WAS
As Yet There Is No Charge
of Plot, but a Request Will
fee Made for an Investiga
Arrived at Ohio'' ' Capital
This Morninr ?xake
Two les
Latter Function Will Take
Place at the State
House ,
Columbus, 0., Dec. 10. President Wilw
son arrived here this morning to deliver
two addresses and to attend a public re
ception in the rotunda of the State House.
He was greeted by an enthusiastic, cheer-
ng crowd at the railroad station.
Ladies of Prvsbyterian Church Were Good
Salesladies and Entertainers.
The closing night of the joint fair held
in the vestry of the Presbyterian church
by the ladies' auxiliary and ladies' aid
was attended with success and spirited
buying, as was th case in the first even
ing's showing. The vestry was crowded
with eager Christmas buvers, who availed
themselves of every opportunity and com
pietely cleaned out the . large variety 'of
wares displayed in the many booths.
- The program was very eninrable and
each number was given hearty applause.
the following was the entertainment as
gven last evening: Piano solo, Gladys
hind; darky drill, young boys: piano
solo, Gilbert Kohcrtaon; doll drill, young
girls; piano solo, Ruth Wyllie; hoop
trill, young girls; good-night song, little
The ladies hope to clear in the vicinity
of 170 from the two nights' sale. The
committee from the two societies having
,be general oversight of the fair was
composed of the following: Mrs. Murdo
Mclver. Mra. James p. Milne, Mrs. Pvter
Park. Mrs. John Brechin, Mrs. John Rob
ertson, Mrs. Alex. Msrkie.
Erie, Pa., Dec, 10. Two grain elevators la t "'ght will not believe it is so worthy
of the Pennsylvania railroad, which con- "' F" "
, ' , , . . (seated to-night,
tamed 500,000 bushels of wheat awaiting The iambent flame 0f the conventional
shipment to Great Britain and the allies, musical comedy burns high in "Honey
were destrpyed by fire early this morn- moon Lane," but its lines are not trite,
ing, with a loss of $750,000. An investi- nor , jf msic stilted. There is a
gstion of the origin of the Are will be re- . 'l 1 m V"7 ."YX T- 7 '
quested, although no other cause than H ' ' . " " . , .
spontaneous combustion has yet been as- ?ome f t,,es "!'" that amateurs
i lhflv nnna in Hnrro in soma t.ttne. in-
Itrigue, crossed matrimonial wires, center-
I ing about the forthcoming election of a
mayor in Titusville furnish a theme for
I the story, and the events follow in logi
AND DESTROYED TOWN c"' succession to the customary recon
dilation setting in tne nnai act.
Some of the best of the dancing was
At Funeral of diaries F. Stevens oi
Thursday Afternoon.
Funeral services for diaries Foster
Stevens, who passed sway at bis borne,
14 Highland avenue, Tuesday evening
after a long illness, were held at the
hoin-e Thursday afternoon at Z o'clock.
It Was Definitely Settled To-day That done by JIm Eunice I. philbrook, who,
Burning of War Munitions Boom with her husband, collaborated in giving
. . to Barre theatregoers a splendid presen
Vliy was oc wue to tation bf "The Runaways" last year;
Any Plot. Miss Ruth Humphrey, Alexander Hall
and Henry Carroll. Mrs. Margaret Hay
Hopewell, Va., Dee. 10. It was defi- den was happy in a very exacting role,
nitely settled to-day that the fire which as was Miss Anna Robertson. Suave,
wiped out the boom town of Hopewell withal susceptible to deep emotions, was
yesterday started in a restaurant when Harry E. Gage, whose finished, acting
an oil stove toppled from a box in the contributed not a little to the success of
kitchen. -K hotel caught next and soon the performance. Put. Hale, as the coun
the flames driven by a stiff wind, were I try baw kshaw, Guy George, as a silver-
eating their way through banks, stores tongued bally-bo man, and James YL
and dwellings until hardly one of the Mackay, lending much of comedy to the
400 or more buildings remained. The loss dialogue, were exceptionally well cast.
is conservatively esatimated at fl,0l)0,(MK). Fred Inglis and Miss Marie Qtiinlen sang
The activities at the Uupont explo- in good voice and were otherwise inatru
sives plant, which had resulted in bring- mental in adding finesse to the produc
ing the town into existence a few months tion. Mrs. John A. Leslie figured in two
ago, continued at capacity aa usual to- charming ballads in the second act.
day turning out war munitions. Work Others whose native ability served the
was continued at the plant throughout company in good stead were John A. Les
the fire except for a brief interval when lie, to whom was assigned a role exceed
some of its own buildings were en- ingly well suited to him; John Sector,
dangered and workmen were called out whose "tough guy" impersonation in the
to save them. first act was a thing to conjure with,
Scenes of wild disorder accompanied and William Johnson.
the fire and citisena are said to have In several scenes the participants were
lynched a negro for looting. There was gaily caparisoned and the eostumcry.
no loss of life otherwise and only a few as a matter of fact, was one of the most
of the building. The trark team lost part
j , , . . , I Kev. J. U. Keardon, psstor of the t ni
siderable damajre to the gvmnasium L , . .... . ' ... .
equipment and tn the fnus.e-room. fs,,n. ' T rCl'llZ
of the athletic trodiiea were lost. The
damage tit estimated at about a.i.rxKl.
A me rira a Schooner Had 9,100 Barrels ef
Oil for Frraca Government.
ing to (Vmtrac-tor J. E. ( aslimsn of Bur.
lington, whtrh has been ase4 ia tJ-e ern-
Pbiladelpbia, IVc. 10. Tlie Americaa
schooner lUnry V. Oamp. (eptaia Mor
ris, Philailelphia for Roishs with a csr
r tif .lii barrels of refined oil for the
l"reeii government, retyme to Itt.la
drlpl.ia last nigtit under con j,t tons whtck
aajeording to shipping mea. hats a a
pwKs appearand. Tlie -amp asiled
from PtUdli'l,ia a Not. i. (Hi line.
, when frsi BiiW est fcy north frwta
ory of one of their deceased members, a
minor injuries were reported.
Martial law was enforced by seven
militia companies brought to the scene
by a special train under orders from
Governor Stuart.
Some hundred houaes were destroyed
and thousands of persons left homeless.
necial trains were nm to reterabiire
and Richmond carrying men, women and
children to find shelter.
The fire raged from 1:45 o'clock in the
afternoon until 9 o'clock last night.
Available fire fighting apparatus was ut
terly inadequate, the flames eating their
way through the flimsy frame structures.
Several times sparks set fire to mule
sheds of tlie explosive factory, hut the
flame were quickly extinguished. i
hen it seemed that tne town was
engaging features of the entire evening.
At Sixth District Knights of Pythiai
' Meeting at Montpelier. 1
Lodges comprising the sixth district.
Knights of Pythias, domain of Vermont,
met last evening with Montpelier lodge,
No. 13, in that city for the annual dis
trict meeting. Every lodge in the dis
trict sent a good-sized delegation to the
meeting and when the venison supper
prepared by the Pythian Sisters, which
preceded the meetiiur was ready, nearly
a hundred members sat down to enjoy
the repast. This number was materially
increased later in the evening with the
arrival of tardy members of the local
C. D. Swasey of Waterbury, deputy
district grand commander, presided when
the gathering was called to order at 7:30
o clock in Odd Fellows hall, and the open
ing ceremony was performed by Montpel-
ier lodge.
A reception to grand lodge officers
preent foilowed the opening and paved
the way to the address of welcome mado
by J. B. Estee of Montpelier lodge. Paso
Grand Commander H. C Ladd of Yincitia,
lodge, Barre, made tho response for the
visiting lodges.
Montpelier lodge, conferred the rank
of page upon one candidate and the re
mainder of the evening was given over
to addresses by grand lodge officers and
members of the lodges in the district.
District Deputy C. D. Swasey presided
over the speechmaking psrt of the pro
gram and introduced in order Grand
Chancellor Commander Whittaker of
Bellows Falls, Grand Master of the Ex
chequer Vernon Band of Hardwick and
Grand Keeper of Record and Seal Frank
fc. Robinson of Barre.
Remarks by niemliers of the lodce in
the district followed the more preten
tious speeches by the grand officers and
Past Grand Keeper of Records and Seal
C. M. Willey of Barre and Past Grand
Commander H. C. Ladd of Barre were
also called upon. ,
After the session had formally ad
journed, the gathering paid tribute to
the memory of the late Charles F. Ste
vens of Barre. whose death occurred this)
week, and deceased having been held in
the highest esteeem by his brother
Mr. Philbrook was at his best In direct- knights. A committee was ordered to
. . . . i i . ' j . , t . .
insr the work of choruses and soloists
alike, and in this be was creditsbly as
sisted by the opera house orchestra.
Away from the footlights and in far
lesa fanciful scenes thsn those crested
by the gossamer-threaded plot which
holds "Honeymoon 1-anc" together, the
cast of characters included the following:
Hsrry E. Gsge of Burlington, who played
the role of "John Titus, prohibition can
didate for mayor: Miss Anna Robertson.
as "Mrs. John Titus," formerly "Mrs.
Warren": Ruth Humphrey as "Marion
Titus"; Henry Carroll aa "Freddie War
ren"; John A. Islle aa "Sam Graham";
Guy George as "J. Horace Franklin";
Jante R. Maiksv as "Oscar Hofmeyer
n ..... . ..c. a .
doomed and the plant endangered w ' ,lrK " T ' r 5
I tm in WiP n rmm svsw i a " m
1 members, a iA : , . Iliam J
. i . . , . - , : " i wrir leaiirn aa se-iiii iu as as
-st chancellor, and a past prelate. .of lh Xkmm ,nd tU f.ory ched down. Th.l
"nT, it mrnuinp; Mi'K' eiepsiloii to
tlie funeril. The hesrrrs were the fol
loainc knights: II. A. Holt. N J Rob
erts. Homer C. Idd and Arthur S. Mar
tin. There were snany floral tributes.
Interment was made ia the family lot at
Kimaowd cemetery.
.u . .i. i. t f. r .
factory closed down. 1 he r" " . F, ' 11 "L. ' :.
shift thn .1 work ... .,l Marearet navoen as jine. , -ips iim-
FrH W. Haywart of Cairo Temple Keas
res feet aai , Inches.
.Ut.oa .f the .t.l and c-ment U,.e,' , """7 "7 '""!'" "T-'".. an. rr
oa hUte .treet, .. loaded th,. more-, . , ( " 'f" l -i-nmrf was 4.y- ( nail Tuiay morning w.th a.
on a f.t ear at the tr.l Vernwt ,U T ,m. f """I i'"1", " 1fc""" ,
Bat Edwarl L. Maaa ef West Rutlsas
LinjerH Ts Dsye.
Rutland, Dec. 10 LJssrd L. Mana of
Pleassat atreet. West Rutland, ho took
ta teaspoon fuls of Pans jrrea ia alco-
suinusl in-
tecting the building, from flv.ng .parka. a. "M.yor Rich.rd
Arsmt 4 o'clock in tbe after.K.n .me-i' J nJ V,,,,','n "
half of the loans water supply was --"-
cut off when pole. hi,.h eiiprUted .1 conspicvioi.y drawn role., but
portion of the nigh tension rail of t he , Frt that were qmte as es-Ur-mt
cmpany collspd. .napping the .""f"' r.n a well rm,.l..d rre.
wire, which feed the cVirrent J tl An-! Utm"' "T"1 V f"V"'
draw tip a resolution of regret to b
sent to the wife of Mr. Stevens snd the
entire lxdy stood for a minute in si
lent reflection in prsyer as a but mark
of respect.
The committee in charge of the annual
meeting which was one of the most suc
cessful held in recent years were as
follows: Arrsngement. B. A. Sumner,
Bert C. Brown and Andrew K. FronJ;
reception, J. B. Estce, Arthur Allen and
Henry Iwson.
The following lodges are included in
the siith distiirt: Vincitia, o. 10 of
Bsrre; Mont!ier. Xo. 1.1; Marshfield,
No. 14. MarahnVH; Caledonia, Xo. I.V
Groton: Kthan Allen, Xo. 2, West Top.
sham; Paul Dillingham, Xo. 31, Vater
Bat Emery Fellows Was Ashamel to Re
store It te Owaer.
pomattox River Electric pumping sta. ,
sr. r ir a' irnT na m wmmjn
M-eriH lrry left tis saansj for Knt-t, T l . ' "7 I
il j-et :i,f .f the srrtMutsia . .... .
t.. U m t M.rT tWe, yett4.y. ; M.t n, t
1 - r- ,1 1 .1- ...
f.niery rriH'sn, emproye,i for nr ps
few wels liv (Vmtrartor C ahmsn in tho
constmrtion of the tri,U,-e n State street.
voting persons: Mtssea May Connor. ro r'eadd guilty in Montpel). city emir
nice MrlxKighlin. Fredetk-a fjinder, Har-St ft erl.sk yesterday arternooa t petty
. i . . t j ' . i 1 T 1 tinmr nr A ta A m f n of SI ft a to A frnll
Hopewell policemen, assisted by a ape- V r", , , ; V . ' . , ' M
. I 1 "' ,,. dev. France. Xelsoa. M,Wrel I it vers Id. of fins.
. .?L F7 .rTr7, ? ' M.rpner.te Pro-a. rst!ri I -ilo,. w.s ,rrtd n tl afteme-n
the ..tnat-ni, wellin band u,,t 1 the X,jii, aan,.it. t rolice O-vavdly en. a warrant
troo, arrived. There mm the rrratet M,mj fhrMMh Meveas. S,w .....ed fcy Grsnd Jnror -pnaMlt. the
onfnsH and fnaey attempt, at loot- v. . . t,..,.o.f.n.m ii.u.irr.. s.rr.bt spe.,fvinf that Fr!W . week
Mniieve SnI1 sa. Msrrret O'Keefe. or M ae" stole a r' 1 from Mrs.
!Sn,e .tnrdsa. Msrr M artVv. Mildred an.tic of IU or'.st-T hnnrh roat.
!.1hansfi. IWHiMr Marrww, Man' l-e , The theft as rerrte4 t tHe p-l" je
!W,e. f Severrv. Kathertne I itrper- ter.lar sd aa ieet ! ton mate Ht
'aid. Fditb r.ri j. pere Care.n. Mary (te reii!tant arre.t. A'ter eonst.rst 'e
ilirnl!. Iw Carmfl. l.r ' j it'f i.itf . Felk-wa aim ttd bis ri''t,
irim,i, n Tr !.. aw,. Ut I'n liwUt to tl r"!". sad sail that tm
Ir. WilHanv f Laaet ef Barre i. maiie s.,4fM.t O'ltrer !. Wlite. AVa. l s'l er hsl lw ft-"te4 Hob l.e stole t
4e.red l.tT la rora to
tnit was abamei t S an. Ho
nd d 4ed ta re- ' nn t lri.ir e.nrr . He is survnei f 0-eeer ,4 'rre, tlx piaititifT rherg-l t th iirAr nt tker ermirr m frtni-: 1 t V is roww reirir tt-nnrm.
M fcs ! oair ters. FV-rn' and maiawe, t case brmg an aHHa .r,, , ,ji tss, ,',mv was i 4 rwee4 t wst'b an4 turned it eref to
ea iifa.
tiruMumt of St.. ... . , f"'l'-' ""1 l-vtiiiing mnnmis. t tm mi. mini VH4 lis lie oi 111. act ana
sway thi. ws as the ceaMfrt work '" A'7 lAtM M,MTm sl.weovered the e imme-tistelr ..imrwrned a jhi.Niaa fdwatd E. Ckeevet CUtms 1:0,300 Dam
ws. f,ni ust e,e,,ng "mim 97a"! "1 t,Tk!rf M1,,"U l""". f:rmt.UU '" age. ia Sait Agataat Dr. LasefL
As the westher , bn ir the rMtxttt. reemery.
lUna i . ' . , i . i . mn ta aeer ana !- was ru an- j ir. vsnn. ws wss .. rear. 14. was
.. rarrvit reaaiti sir tiieae tr.Ul.aM !' Id a matWe nlisf.er and bad hee wtr.W-d the ArlmAmnt ia a lift A en it brmtrM r...' t. . . . Tl-... T,.... t" !.. at. h. If
Rutland I ec. 10 Fred W. Ilsras-d ,rr ' ."""r ia f4 aaiUtig west f. the ep- 'at t'-e .tW ICutisnd plant d tU Ver- n Weimt" eonty enirt fc Kdaard mwi.n sti ! Mawriee W"l,.te. 'itttt
ft l inianl a as eie4ed i!)o1ri"n - I fii, r..n n j .i . . . tarn frrew run
if im.uo n,ii, (h, rinuli.t .... ... . .. I I tirnalette Mann. f mm. In,.-I VLsao r tnrt. I , t,,nm , . T t . Tl 1 he r-o
4 Uat l uli.n'l. U ree si-t.-ra. Mrs. It j The .laint f sets fwth IB th sp-fi n-sTtt." a.-'-n.J V-t s s! f 's ; "The T'lfi j
T and Mrs I rank M-siuHe A rn tied Vdr im the emmtr elerl's t.e M " J.Aa !,: ssl tWus: VL KOlfiS Cf Tt Alt MAHC
rrs at tHe
Of irrt-w a'U-rsxMW.
...I i. .. ..... SI J. tnk "" t v-t ;
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c o. r. rncERs
t taet j;ii4nMts ptrtat
e-wfrt-v ?'e hrtr
a ha. lh t,-. u4.a
ronsW If nearr f.si awn-ittera
nrne gwta a3 Vm t, iH
t ftwuf wtk a i.ibWii e f-T-am.
T'h r.fea eeted "- as ..,.-.-
I 'tiratrmmi ?""!ftta!e. F. M. Ust
A I fcwW-a
ear. rss.lsr t 1 mm ...A
et f te and k, ..k. , t- i
ere awr- port at M.-ttw-f .
d their lni alowtr rat..- . tne )...
a the trak atl 1r'm mg tw
ftiwt ti atiM'ilf t'iat a rear
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K. Jt .X...1 ll . . . ,, ... , Z. I ll
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lv " m t " a-i. .w-w w.Trr , wt ( a r fi . i isren"e lv- " ,T ' ' --, ' - . a j ,4 n- f -el far etn r?(wt. :
Kelt Teat. I Wt 'A ll-'t.e. M., ui nr br.ther, '11. I bke ti ti!a hone ,f rif 't , Tsrs " Sl HtH el k.d !; IM
Mms M Mi -tt. Itsk "eg tr-e .iv-nea atarte l tsf at,, le u rv V-a f'v i tl t a
"t tlal.lk 11. ! l L..4 .1 ".n n iml Hal k a,l t.t IU 11..-. .. . . ,.. -
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a t I-BS a ----'l
W Marie Ct bit. J.'-
t fra-'lvra and a-1 the Irmes ra a akJ! ,, K.V a--l T h. , T'ir-as-.
M J'.t R S e.ni-1. t.2
Atr lsw 4 I tteid tHrir aeina
j W-a r.r will sr f'r t enau-n
"ear- Ja I'sp n r!.f rarif ; I a r?--.- .
"Ifi 1. . rt,f rffer ; J. Vrr.l
t,al'f aerr!r ; i, I.. V- r'-t
y : A A fTi3-- t. ,
-.t4 ia t' et-t. a f-.w , VI,.-..... 11 1 ,,.u ,
vt . v t:.ie .r r !
T ea fit ! -e, r-nnri t ' nr.t A 's tw s(
t e-n ,'- rrwi-M t te r;
"' .rf tha Se4 flearl .tr-tis Saturday i'l1T 't. He wae att-n-U-d H I"
' ! jt t a .Wk fe'S. who. A ! a ieped. faild t re-'n-e HaTi'-l la-
Kr HU SireVe Talk at Rlal Hal
murf 11.
I it w-easry -rar-r's eaa no
ira te t' jr f.f 1 r V w ill r o-
e-' ,a r -nat"a ss t fMni(
fij wis,.' sx-r and did txt wae ie t--t rs- -T(,e .- " .-. '' -h H !k. t Tk te Hvwienl
jsnfl s 1 ia takinjr ear t n t" rT Vm if, (. a-i ar! .!- i i eis wss at a fet-
Kar!d fe FVed UtA Gi!y f emv!K-l Imw'f ra a ra and i... l-.l, rd Pt Sr ; "ta t aw V- " I " :--- h-M a V'smi'sm
Rrr Cty Ceart. i-r!icert . j Tha ?w!a . A. !'. ; '" '
I It further S)"s-red that C fcW"a .1,, T. t--,l t f-a i't t ass f at-'-. its t"aa Aa- t'-m
ria-.'4 I aiw se I al- (( tr ,r a mm fmt the fe-tea V"S -f-av ,.,, m M , , ., r-1 f V e .--. wt4 ... ..e-s 1"
i4 tr I 1 ' ' -r t-a i-liwns frvi"! el tt-)-d mer e4 , fr !... -7 n I vrn t n- j -.-rt It f-
:. S ''it ' -. l,i.,na , ! . . - . . k . a . , . ... r . . 1 ...... . . , . ( t.. 11.
' ' " 1 1 ---i. a r j w a EC m-m la is . a w ' t i-r .. i ... a. . . . . i . . ... M . .
tr a as sr . m-U a I... aa J-.wr V.
r ara!i r!a ta te w
us a. Hrt""S ' rm awt ti,a WM,',,Hy S
, "-tt -' e-a w 11 1- , ae.4 a4 t
i?.,f-i,. a v t . ... ..... ....
- .- . an ( a tta .- a f f sf W
I, wfvsat r4if f. l.,,Kd lHVk J-it! a ia
" ---- 'h-h 1. r-.-'s ' 1 lit ,1 i j ,.,
lai kt.i Irwd I. Cirirs tf I-3-.1r.rl-a. .mr
' ' h-ew tfrfs ea -atrr t I It 'i t t a al.. t' . art T 1
" V. hrt leiRwt'l f'eiatrw-d a-d UJiahV t he f.'wA v a .." H 1
."air Wra,. af t. H. W. 'sfaV-et a-Ijr " -: a f.
-r ta t ."-l-t W rr....jt I tMawn tv tta t.W T . I I ' . - '
a -. .4 t1 T O -
4 V" --w t
a .a . - ..... . t . .
" r i T r rr - e - 'f - 'm t . f . . ' . .
csrtfc( , rv iswe p " rtrw s fce d ia) t - -. ' . 4 a bail at
'-a 'd 1 ' t- 1 k '! ad-
-n. -''.'!"' el t at 5-M..i
-W ; ":."t h" aa."H.a-d
' J t -HI '.. ,H w t 4
t . x r -"S' a swrt 1 a-1! swar.f
faixia ts-js rriT.; at 3 cist-k, vai.-?a.
I-"'" be4
t e .oftrti Je Wi-w.f -f ta '.! a ft. f,.t '
'-r-t sa Ian, a e.a-4 T'' - f . r .-
at t-wrt'.if at tle "" la-as f -.. . . .
twft aai faaa, ftnai
r. t- . . .-',4
a .
-a "...-. d .a. I' ...
-ta i -.,, ..,.ia ts-r.-
,a t .--a ati-i. ' wdl ea)

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