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VOL. XIX-NO. 229.
therefore, decided to permit attestation 1 1 a aaii OTriO
under the Derby plan until mi.ttilKit t 11 1 1 VI lUl
Sunday, Miil if thu null Mill continual L.JVklil ULLIU
I they may further extend it.
Great Britain and France
Are in Complete Harmony
Revenue Measures to be Target Tariff
Restoration De
manded. Washington. Dee. 11. A general Be-
jjq rn Pnnrlnr nf thp War Jmb,icttn USBult on TYeaidmit Wilson's
aS 10 "oOndUCl 01 ine VVdr j,.,,,,, vrogrlim wa. forecasted yes-
Afn UAin.r rWifni. terduy by (Senator Mnoot, me ngni
rw.vcx iiuiuiiii, ,ymv,i- ... - 4 the revenlie ..,.,
pnps in Pnri'ei f nr SnrriP b,)t wiI1 ext''"d toZl'an-Americanism tariff
tnces m xans lur oume . nnd tlint httHe of ,)r(.pU1-ed.icss
m:m1 I which intend the government construe-
"A tax on automobile and gasolene is
. . ii i - ii
la drain on we moueraieiy weu-uu man
and the farmer, said the senator. "Ihe
Following the Action of Ger
many in Acceding to the
Request of the United
States for Recall of Cap
tains Boy-ed and Von Pa
rpen from the Washington
DISCUSSED QUESTIONS ! uses more than half the country's
OF VITAL CHARACTER Sonntor Tillman's plan approved by ALLIES MAY INSIST
shins and arniorplate yards, is wrong UIN irAliULitj rLiHiVKjEi
because in all normal times it costs more
I .rt Kililil n aliin . i.i m.lt.iv.i ttlnnf than in
DaiOJllfU UCBUaiCneS JJtXUUc private yards. I am not talking of war
That Reports of Teutonic
or Bulgarian Arrival Near!
time conditions. If the Democrats ''W T aicpr Men Ackerl fnr "S-lfp
limit this plan to yards for emergency alSer A1S0 AKea I Or Oaie
uses, we will not object.
"The president's Pan-American doc-
I t. . .1 :l ... ...11 mA ....
. . wmc--hum uura lb uitu, lcu no;, ww.
Greek Border Are Prema- y0uT weii, the Republican plan is that
no foreign nation shall ever establish
itself in this hemisphere.
"Rural credits, in principle, may be all
riht. Hut we, will watch the bill's
drafting. '
"There is lust one way to raise funds,
and that is restore the tariff to a nor
mal standard." . ,
ture Greek Troops Said
to Be Planning Mobiliza
Conducts"' for Successors
to Deposed Officials, but
Lansing Will Wait Until
the Successors Are Appointed
Questions of urgent character reIa'nK I AMERICAN NOTE
to cue conduct or tne war were seweu on
a basis of complete understanding to
day at a conference of representatives of
France and Great Britain. Paris dis
patches state that Premier Briand and
jj War .Secretary Gallieni .acted for France
nnd "Foreign Secretary Grey-and War
Secretary Kitchener for Great Britain.
Washington, D. C, Deo. 11. President
Wilson will immediately ask Great Brit-
REACHES VIENNA aIn ftnd FM'ei through their embassies
here, for safe conduct for Captains Boy-
It Was Delivered to Austrian Foreign ed and Von Papen pursuant to a request
Office on Friday, Says Message to
Washington, D. C, Dec. 11. The
American note to Austria-Humrarv. de-
Saloniki advices declare the reports manding disavowal of the sinking of the
that German troops have reached Giev
geli, close to the Greek border of Serbia,
are premature, there being no sign of
Teutonic or Bulgarian troops near that
town up to a late hour yesterday. A
hostile occupation of Gievgeli would have
imperilled the allied retreat.
The current statement of the Bulga
rian war oftice traces the Franco-British
retirement as far south as the Rabrovo
Valandovo line. Valandovo is about 20
miles from the Greek border. The Teu
tonic powers have more than 1.0(10,0(10
men at their disposal in the Balkans,
the. Bulgarian premier announces, ac
cording to a London news agency dis
patch. .
Only artillery engagements are report
ed on the western front with the excep
tion of minor trench fighting in the
Champagne region.
Italian steamer Ancona and reparation
by Emperor William of Germany who
personally recalled the officers at the re
quest of the Trnited States. There was
some speculation to-day as to whether
Great Britain and France would deman
that the men give parole, pledging them
In Farm Fire on Barnes Hill
in the Town of
Miss Ellen A. Walsh of Burlington, De
tpondent Over Her Inability to
Resume Work as Dressmaker,
Committed Suicide by Gas.
Burlington, lec. Despondent be
cause ahe had been partially incapaci
tated for following her occupation of
dressmaker, Miss Kllen A. Wulsli yester-
lay afternoon laid down on the lloor of
her home on Alain street and held a gas
tube to hor face until she lapsed into
unconsciousness, the steady How of gas Ttf AXTV" IfflPQ A IMFl TIPMQ
thereafter completing the suicide. Mary AUrt Iluuo iU IlCiNO
Smith, a young girl residing nearby, went WERE ALSO LOST
into me nouse aiier a newspaper, smeiiea
the gas and, reselling to turn off the
gas, stepped on the body. The woman
liujl luann .l.iurl iwn lioni'M
Miss waish left: a note to a niece, to lne r amily of t rank Draper
wiioiu sue gave an or. ner cnects, in
cluding personal .'property and lifo in
surance. Mie was born in Hurlington
57 years ago and leaves two brothers,
Thomas and Richard Walsh; and four
isters, Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald, Mrs.
Nora J. Sullivan,: Mrs. W. H. Lee and
Mrs. A. II. MeXally.
Since a year ago Inst June she fell and
broke her arm, Miss Walsh had not been
in good health, and shortly after leaving
' Lost About Every- -
Waterbury, Dec 11. AH the farm
buildings on the farm known as the
Barnes pluce on Barnes hill between
this village and the Center, were de-
the hospital after that accident she had "troyed by fire last night, together with
Shock and a few months later had ""e llul"'l"y i "7 "ome am
another fall, this time injuring her left
arm and hand,
Total Value for November Was $180,000,
000 Foodstuffs and Explosives
Formed a Considerable
mals. The occupants of the house, 5Ir.
and Mrs. Frank Draper and five children,
Before the Concerted Attack
of Barre Police
Officers ' "rr.
George I. Whitney of Bellows Falls Was
Elected Illustrious Potentate .
x Seven Candidates Were
The annual meeting of Mt. Sinai tem
ple of Shriners was held yesterday after
noon and evening at the city hall, Mont-
peller, a business meeting and election
of officer taking place at 4 o'clock, fol
lowing which the Shriners adjourned to
armory hall, where a banquet was held,
the tables being surrounded by about 400
members of the, organization, A cere
monial session at which seven candidates
were initiated concluded the meeting.
George . I. Whitney of Bellows Falls
was elected illustrious potentate and se
lected as one of four delegates to attend
the imperial council to be held at Buf
falo, A. Y next summer. The. Arab
patrol with 3.1 members will be sent to
Buffalo. Other business transacted dur
ing the business session included the
unanimous decision to have the illustri
ous potentate appoint a committee of
three to draw up resolutions of sym
pathy for Hon. Joseph A. DcBoer, whose
condition js critical following an illness over "P.omanis square" on Prospect
Count Attack Expected to
Made in City
V Court Soon ' "
A deep hush that usually settles down
street after nightfall was broken around
6 o'clock last evening when a detail of
officers from police headquarters visited
the apartments occupied by Mrs. Mary
un a warrant issued bv Grand
of nearly a year The sum of $125 was
set aside for charitable purposes.
Following is the list of officers elected:
George I. Whiteney, Bellows Falls, illus
trious potentate; Fred C Gils'on, St.
Johnsburv. chief rabban: Franklin Bar-
lost practically everything and have no ney, jr., Springfield, assistant rabban ; Juror Wishart, Chief Sinclair, Officer
insurance, while there was $2,800 insur- Collins Blakeley, Montpelier, high priest I Harry Gamble and Constable George L.
ance on tne buildings, Hay and stock. and prophet; Charles E. Grossarth, Bur Jiorns conuuexeu a seared lor alleged
Till, (lrn l.iv.L-o nut nf nhnuf nVlwlr linotnn Arii.ntal miila. Tlinrwl A Fl. I Contraband. Seizin!?- a Cflsfl C(in t a ill i ii tr 111
CjAKjCjEjU IXLjLi IvEilUllivd and spread rapidly as the buildings, con- liott, White River Junction, treasurer; pints or uia colonel whiskey, i lie oni-
sisting of the house and four barns, were Charles H. Heaton, Montpelier, recorder; ,cr8 auege mat a oeai wiiicii a man
old and highly inflammable. Included in representatives to the imperial council, I w hose name they have was closing with
the loss, besides the household furni-1 Illustrious ' POtente George I.' Whitney, Mrs: John for the purchase of a pint of
ture and the hay, were ten pigs, two hogs Otto V. Green, Bethel, William ..J. Tin- whiskey. Another person is said to have
and the hens. The occupants of the dall, Montpelier, Joseph M. Bullock,
house,-with the aid of neighbors, were! Xortlifield. '
able to save 300 bushels of oats, 44 head j The candidates who .were initiated at
of cattle and three mules.- the ceremonial session, were Clarence K.
The seven members of the Tlraner fam- I Proutv and Albert O. Webster. Swan
ily were taken into the home of Mr. ton, Arthur L. Colby and J. Howard tered a plea of not guilty. Alex. Corey
Owens for the night and they will proh- Pike, Montpelier, Pliny M. Pike and Car- furnished bail in the sum of $550 for her
ably"go back to Morrisville, where they j roll J. Cummings, St. Johnsbuy, Doug
for American lives lost on the vessel, selves hot to participate in the Europe
Austrian Aeroplane Corps Appeared Over
Ancona, Italy, and Dropped
Bombs on City.
Ancona. Italv, via Paris, Dee. 11. Ans-
I trian aeroplanes flew over this city yes
terday, dropping bombs, which kill'
an war, before agreeing to issue safe
Emperot William requested the Unit
ed States to use its good office in es
curing xafe conducts for the departing
attaches and for their successors who wi
be named later. Count Von Bernstorffj
the German ambassador, submitted the
emperor request in a . communication
reached the Austrian foreign office at
lenna yesterday. The text will be giv
en out here for publication Monday.
- The administration, it is understood,
has placed itself in a position where a
severance of diplomatic relations with
Vienna must follow if Austria does not
accede to the demands of the United
States. An immediate feply is request
President AVilson is said to have made from the German foreign office. Secre
up his mind that Austrian Consul General I tary of State Lansing, after a five mm
Von Xuber at New York must go. j utes' conference w ith the ambassador, is
The note to Austria is even more strin-lei tne loiiowing statement
gent in its. terms than the strongest mes- The German ambassador has informed
sage sent to Germany on the Lusitania me that the emperor has been pleased
incident. I to recall captain von 1'apen and ltoy
According to state department officials, ed in compliance with the wishes of
the Ancona note not only sets forth tlie Lniwd Mates."
every demand of the latter document, but secretary xansing nas deemed that trie
exceeds it in demanding punishment of questions of safe conducts for the sue
the submarine commander. Austria isicessors of the two attaches shall be de
asked to award reparation for damages, j cided after they have been named.
give nssurances'as to future conduct, dis-
two and injured several,
damage was done.
No material
Report from Athens Says That Decree
to That Effect Is Expected to Be
Made Soon.
Athens, Friday, via London Saturday,
IVe. 11. The (.rwk government has
made all arrsngi-iiicnt for the demo
bilization of it army. It is eipccted a
durree to this effect will be iwued ohortlv.
future conduct, disavow the sinking and
punish the commander.
The circumstances of the Ancona sink
ing, state department officials explain, in
dicate that not only was little attention
paid to the safety of passengers taken
from the vessel and placed in open .boats.
but there was an indication that much
of the shelling of the Ancona was un
necessary and exceeded the demands of
the situation.
Attempts By
Latter Repulsed Several
Rome, via Ixindon, IV-c. II. The fo.
1'iwinp ofVisl statement has Ik-cm i.
mrd by th Itslma sr ufW:
"There hsv tirn Wiinor actim l-
tww-fi small d t .ii.nt m.ith .f Ix jyn !
in m ittmras vallev, t Ad g in tlie
4 slamento !mt. at Msxilnetits Torrent
ill tb li'T (Immj.i siid in the S.f(h
valley Iwre . pi iri't mere taken
fntn the rinnit,
"ArtilliTT 'ti-iv enntinoi-K cm l..(h
itr artilWr iH-i-f-rwd woikitig
parvir an :-fh nlumhi in t)H. t'., v
.r l n l i-ilxrii.f nl A ii-f-n ; liin. vnnlirf to mMg rr-rir, ,v
IMtinjr the mKtt .f tl eichth t!. I r to l. T Mntid-UM
t-nr f th.ff at Vitia ti.e t !?i t. : 1 Ur hn Jnan 1h third vmm-I 4
(.fixvpt f .. U.e att. mr't t'.i i.r tn hr U l. up ..rtn t - .
.T- Mt ll -.!ill 1 v rnf.,tlT I ,,. r', t I in ir l 1 r. .!.. I...
Another Explosion in South Bethlehem,
Caused by Spark, 'Tit Said.
South Bethlehem, Pa., Dec. 11. An ex
plosion yesterday in the fuse plant of
tlie Bethlehem Steel company at Red'
iugton, six miles from here, killed one
workman and injured" 15 others, several
Tl. m-a. , n . . ... . , vi iirif ,.1-ijiriiniT. . i,r siTiuriu v"
. . : .1 . , i -1 ? curred in the pellet department of the
plant and resulted, it is said, from I
spark at a die communicating with quan
tities of powder in the room. ,
Philip Adams of Kaston, Pa., was the
man killed. The injured were brought to
this cityr. They are resident of Allen
town, KastOn, South Bethlehem and
1...L.... I. iu. ... Tl.-:-
Ill's v ew that owinir ta tli r,Ut ;.,. """ , ...-,r ii.j.iri.-.
ip iHtwwn Germany and Austria (t """" "lamly of burns and all are ex-
1 4 IV I VMM I a p r
The room in which the explosion oc
curred was liadly damagett All the em
ployes who were at work in adjoining de
partments and buildings were sent lioma
for the remainder of the day.
Infoimation regarding the explosion
was for a time din!t to obtain, officials
of the lU tlileliem Steel rompany in this
city maintainng their umisI silence as to
what ucctirs within ita plants.
The fuse plant employ aeteral hun
dred mm who are at ptrwnt employed
chief! r in making shell for the rntente
This is the oetnd etplion that ha
wrurred t the ftedjipton plant withia
four month. tn Augut 2'1 tn nwn
were burned bv a podT flash.
pointed out. to justify the belief t'liit
regardless of his orders concerning the
sinking, the submarine commander had
been unduly careless and indifferent in
his treatment of passengers and his gen
eral observance of the obligations im
posed on him.
it is understood to le this govern
meiit view that
was not necessary to handle the Ancona
incident from the beginning as in the
ease with Germany, but rather to handle
it with the understanding that Vienna
is familiar with this countrv's attitude
and that negotiations should lie picked
up where they were lelt off with Ger
many, Xo more delays, uh as in the Lusi
tania case will lie tolerated.
By French Cruiser While on Way from
Ne Orleans te Saa Juan Twe
Passengers Were Krmoved.
New York. IW-e. The tesfn.Vip
vn .Tiisn of the rw YorW-I'orta l:ie
litte, flving tlie Am-riea ftajr. a In M
up aiid relivl It a Krenrfc eraioer
h le liound from New Orleana t Na
New York, Dec; 11. Exiiorts from the
port of New York during the month of
November exceeded $180,000,000, the
largest amount in the, history of the
tn, accruing lu esu.imi.es niauo uy , . in ,... fn Watprl.i.rv hrlas M. Barelav. Tlarre
custom house officiale. ot only was the Tlle f a , b nJo,,n k wh"0 J
rital i m a - rrw.ld uhmtiArl f rr trt haixtl I .
v"r "e--- ..ti- . recently completed repairing the build
reco.u, uu toe. c.asse. wu.c. n.auo up , T))e imx3TAnce wiIl not come eftr
me, amouni, were iior uiversineu man i,.. aij xi,
fire probably started about the chimney
been drinking on the premises when the
police arrived. ,
Mrs. John was arres'tcd on a charge
of selling liquor illegally and when ar
raigned before Magistrate Scott she en-
usual, it was said
Foodstuffs and explosives formed a con
siderable portion of the November ex
ports, with iron and steel bars and. fab
ricated iron and steel jlso reaching a
large total. Smokeless powder formed
the major portion of the explosive class.
In the same class were heavy shipments
appearance at a hearing to be held Tues
day morning. It is expected that a jury
will be drawn Monday afternoon to hear
the evidence.
Acting on advices received by Sheriff
George C. Holmes of Franklin county,
Chief Sinclair detained Jed. Leclair of
Newton street at police headouarters
Old age disguised its years and youth this morning. It is alleged bv the St..
held its highest carnival in Clan Gordon Albans officer that Leclair is wanted in
don hall last evennig when nearly 200 peo- that city on charges of larceny and non-
A. C. Celebrated Event and Also
Successful Season on the Diamond.
DESTROYED BY FIRE Ple number of them invited guests support. Deputy Sheriff Luke P; Mar-
I from Milford and Quincy, Mass., and ton- tin arrived in the city early this after-
lv,rt V IT u.itiftrt u'itli Difl Ifnliiln Ath-lnnnt, in fnlu tl.amA f ...1. ,:n
, . ' 1" i TT. i. ta .1- - r YTSl ' J"." .v.. . -- ........ v sunlit; til lie utmi, W IIU III
of trinitrotoluol, cordite and guncotton. City Hotel at Northampton. Mass., Had hptic club in its 10th annual jollinca- accompany him back to St. Albans.
Twenty Guests, AH of Whom Got
Out Safely.
Wheat probably will lead tho exports
in the foodstuffs class, though the rec
ords show a long list of raw and manu
factured products in this class.
Cotton and coppfrr were shipped in con
siderable volume, as were cartridges,
empty shells, automobiles and parts.
aeroplane and parts, 'and various type
of firearms, uhepurclmses, it was be
lieved,' were almost equally divided be
tw.nn ITntylantl D.t1 Wiane
1 . I...M. .1 inn ..
Definite figures on the imports for No- """" """ lw
vember are not yet available, but offi
cials estimated that they would be about MRS. H0LLIS GETS DIVORCE
the same as for the previous month,
tion. A bountiful venison 'dinner with a I Harold Kdson of Foster street, who
variety of Italian side dishes at 8 o clock, was arrested by Chief Sinclair. yesterday
a spicy program ot.atter-dinner responses and arraigned for an alleged sellinsr of-
A - 'lit . I I I . . . i' 1 1 - I f , 1 . - i . . . . -
a.uii'-u.i( i'luoo., ' ' v . . l j I . . r :.J. Ai - f . , .
guests at the City hotel were -flriven "'"'7, U"V' 1 r1.'". l, , le '1K?00" ,n? "v'rTl
from their rooms early this ; morning
by a fire which partly destroyed the
building and caused a loss of $15,000,
The temperature wa the lowest of the
winter. The hotel was a wooden struc-
the big features of the 1915 get-together, his original plea of not guilty by admit-
A maze of brightly colored streamers ting the charge. Magistrate Scott scn
and many colorful incandescent lights I tenced the respondent to serve four
were., conspicuous in the decorative 1 months in the house of correction. Edi-
scheme, which had it centerpiece direct-(son was taken to the county jail last
lv over the orchestra loft, an I. A. C. night by Sheriff F. II. Tracy. He will
shield with the club monogram done in j remain in this vicinity for a few days,
illuminated letter across the front. ' las he may be asked to testify in a peiid-
The event served to celebrate not only ling city eourt case. Attorney A. G. Far
10 years of club organization, but also appeared for the respondent and Grand
which would result in the United States And the Senator Must Pav S340 a Month marked in a signal war the elnh'a w Juror William Wishart renreaenlerl h
Having a inruo iraue imiance i or me pe
Daughter Given to Mother.
Concord, N. II., Dec.-11. Judge Oliver
W. Branch of the superior court has
handed down a decree granting Mrs.
Grace B. Mollis a legal separation from
her husband, Lnited States Senator
Henrv F .Hollis, giving her $3,000 to
meet the cost of living and the payment
of legal expenses since the senator cut
off her allowance in July, and making
in award of $.140 per month for the
support of herself and her daughter,
Anne R., whose custody is given to the
Had Barely Left New York When Flames
Were Discovered This Is the Sec
ond Time Fire Has Broken
Out in a Week.
New York, Dee, I l.The British
freighter Tyninghame, sugar-loaded, put
back toward New York to-day soon after
passing quarantine, lire having broken
out aboard her. She passed quarantine,
returning, with smoke pouring from Iter
fter-hold No. 4 and anchored off the
statue of Liberty.
The Tvninghame ws bound for Liver
pool. Twenty minute after pasing the
Narrows, outward bound, the crew dis
covered the tire.
(n IV. 5, while the steamer wa at
tne r.rie (psm , iroonyn, a nre i.roke out Voyu severance of Bellows Falls took
trie ssme noi.i. a aearrn at trial lime n-v-ii h.,.i. ,..
iseionea fragments oi a oroken pome
Francis 0'Neil Accused of Stealing
Clothes and Money.
Keene, N. H., Dee. 11. Francis O'Neil,
who ha recently been working in Bel
ni'ng of the city championship bast-ball state.
series last summer and its close claim I Frank Donovan, a Bethel quarryman,
to the state honor. Brief toasts offered! who was arrested by Officer John W. Di-
by members and guests during the aft-neen last evening, pleaded guilty of a
er-dinner exercises frequently included subsequent offense before the magistrate
commendatory words for the baseball this morning. Donovan was asked to
team. disclose and in lieu nf paving a $15 fine
The program was an interesting ad-land costs he took the alternate sentence
mixture of humorous live-minute ot wi uays in the county jail.
speeches, comic ' readings and singing. Shifting scene transferred an early
Ugo Monti, the club president, acted a morning scrap to-day from a hall in tlm
chairman and the following responses Bolster block to North Main street,
were given: "Toast to the Ladies," O. where the combatant had a free swing
Boilino; song. "Des punt a treactt for in carry ing on their warfare. Frank W.
the weak fide," Joseph Basin Bianchi; "attles was arrested by llncf Sinclair
reading. S-ene li caccia "Dagh hire' all1"1"- forenoon on a complaint made to
cava!! Bocc, ch' el pioeuv," Ugo Monti; the grand juror alleging that he eom-
song. "Gita a New ork col pnilitt del milieu oreacu m peace, n is claimed
bigliard." Livsi Bianchi; reading, -Palle that Battle and another young fellow
imisse ir 1' I. A. C. e nslle nicoole per engaged in an altercation, whereupon a
la meeia al cervo, "Nando Musi; sang.
'L'im-ontro con lnversin nei boschi d'
low. Fall, Vt, but claim Massachusetts 0r'ur-" Miehelin (.iarilxddi ; reading.
a hi home, wa picked up yesterday bv
(inicer Nwanstrom for the liellows rails
pidice, where he i wanted on charge of I
stealing ilothing and money. Chief of
believed to have contained a ebemieal
bich canned an explosion.
w..lw 4"'Ht .t-lMi ffi tHe
'' t-iit 1 It i1mjfe.'
'!! w r. H .fT '. t '-I
-k. 1 1 s. r-'wst-A fr'"ia t
- l.i. s r ti
f'r ,.!. U-th mm,4 t U r hi
.? n I li na.
J rnsj Tm rf t-l Derby's na is GerMm Sa' orrnm Trrjwnt
Itrr hiJsty t fwjWte t?e
"tk I nr.
Pres. Yb Shi-Kai ef the Republic Will
Transfer te His Position at Sack
Time as Coronation I Con
Ivkirt. Ir. II. Yuan kl Ksi. rei
4t nt ihr (1ii rrfMiLlic. ar
r (te3 Ih Ihrotw f lni alii' h
te.e.l ii .jr IHe rmtnt ii f ytate.
71 pT,-tVrt m-y-f4l tKe t'rne r th
t ' rwi tMS t iait be lniM l wtmtt'l
t ef.tiiiN as jw'lt!t utitil a ctn-tii
't tw for tit ewmat m.
Milling Plant at Kingston, Ont, Was
Destroyed To-day.
Kingston. rwt. Dee. 11. The local
plant of the Maple Leaf Milling l-
who plant at St. Catherine n burned
a few laya ago. waa detroir1 by lire
to-day. Mk value1 at f.Si0 in the
Iniibtingf here i a total !. The rauae
of to .lay's fire i unknown, but cirrum
taneva surrounding t-tb fires led t a
suspicion f inendiartni.
VirgwU Delegation te Give Piece ef
Wwshmgtow, IVe. 11. Wiling rre
f r.l r Wing re.-it e. in a rotitmaoo
t res m at tlie White limine, Te--tit sr-fts
Iwtfig a ira-.-l'-t f rm the Itrardtaa fT-
wnment, a Nia ItlatikH f frat t
tirw mtert trem ie-Yt.et t aa l'
La Vita in villeitiatura." F. Comi;
mg. "Cime ai fs fare il auggesitore
Italo Portaluppi. Just before tlie nail
wa cleared for dancing, John Movalli's
famous ward ft tiasehall team did a dou
ble quartet turn and w received with
avlaim. The eight singer were: (
Ko-i, S. Mollina, H. Marianna, G. Li
anchi. ti
Dr. Don A. Biibee Lost Case Brouiht I Monti, t artt.il orche.tra, wi.uh
Bv Eatat. of Alcohol Victim plvl overture, during the dinner hour
Middlelmrr, lav. 11. A verdwt
third eron is said to lisve entered the
lists against Battles. The polii-e claim
that a soda rsittle was used with telling
effect on two of the principal. Battles
wss to be given a bearing this afternoon.
MUST FAY $850.
alio contritmted to the program, and
fori then tlie niuician settled down to the
the plaintiff to recover $n.VI wa returned I sterner lsk of Ming loose enough har-
yeaterday by the Jury in the suit brpit mony to keep near it'll jnojilr (,o their
in Addiaon county court by the admin- toe.
i.tralor of tlie estate f t'vru t'uiTv I iiT)(ra of the club were at tlie head
against !r. Ivn A. Bile. the former f the committee in charge, but the work
Bristol tlnigfit. who ia werving a Kmgiof retting thing in readims for tlie
term at the ttate prison for nianslaueh
ter, bavin lieen envieted after 13 men
had d'ed from drinking an alleged poison
ous liqimr prtOTired at his dm store.
Iniagew of $2.i0 were aoufht ly the
ilminitrat'r of voting Currj's estate.
Jowph A. DtBoer Very lU wi!i Cancer ef
Ilepr1 frf the l4i le nf Jo-;. h A.
I k, liner, ffesi'ient f t t Natnitial Li'e
Intirs" Mat t ' t l.i im ', t his
I Ka liwme eriti L Mr. IhlWwr it
Mr. MaTsbaO. a4 a ri frm ti q.n ' ". " '
. . , - ' tl roat ami baa vififfme t rt '!!
frlwri. .
. . . .- ,, It I i-t- tl in ! I ii1t.
lll I'l'.l.ia A- 't " in t iiaej '
an ti1 are .intrg a r 't riim I
Was Attended by Many People at Quincy,
rinlnei- ta. I kw- II Tlx f.,.,r.t
Pinsrdi. A. Mai I Bianchi. Uf ,,.:,,,', ,. ",,.t. ' .,,-,,
Itnston city ball reporter of the Boston
American, took place rester.lav after
noon at his home, Whit well street,
w ith public seniles at 2 oYh k t Ihrist
l.piscoMi church. The church service
were attended by many friend, includ
ing Mayor Janiea M. Curley of Boston,
jnembers of the B"t'n city eoiincil, the
reporter of the WMtjn tiewspapcra wl)
"covrreil" rity hall w itb Mr. HIioa. aa
will a men prominent in the labor
movement world if BoMo and thi ntv.
1 l-re were delep t ions preaent from t(i
Newspapi'T riter' union f Itostow, the
granite rotter' unn of this city and
l.ramte 1o.lj.-e. Sma of St. torge.
Tle l'pienpwl seri ice wa read by
I'ev. "illiam Hraing.-r. pa1or of the
church. There was a weltN f tieautiful
rememlir int hiding m;v
t .f etqnjttitiie l"e frm hi
big reunion wa pretty well proportioned
and to no particular sub-eoinniitlee aa
the whole Te."it for the llcei of the
affair be given. The oti'ut r are: Presi
dent, Ug Monti; we preiibnt, A.
Fare; amretarv. . I'mardi; treasurer. A.
I'.rotgi; manager f )m ) II, A. IM
tigi; apta a f Iwxlmil, I. Sampini
ii tl.er.
I he g.'neral "Wii f t-e nn.'M foral
Angel. I. n. l,i Slario Monti, leilffcyi
l.M,f t,i, J..l n ,,. ,ii n ,.tti. n f,.w vnrket m the Boafff A swrieafi.
r I'l l. .gl rtliri. and Mt'-!l frn.l. the tuU ei ban mm ia
rori KoxTHr slsiikce.
fn i-, II , a ni,.
i-4t rti t tf'irMi. at tl. re.
I of ttf f'lt'?re SfcJ ,
.. ', -tt44 I te ...
f4 t!" e eJr.i
!. .ail at t'p i 1
t; aaf-af .i.,ta t..' ,ffs,rl
r t i- l't'-f-'i , t ,4 fi
'"V" f t 1 e-w :
. V'fe. f .n,.. ,n tmnm
-r!, 1' .m.eB a lm-vir t r-
. .f-ei m, t In fi. .
'f .- I . V- -' ;.,!.. m-T
' e.wv t tf ,
m i '" a ". w t ...,.!
,We Iirre4 Artker AtiY.t fst CfW
Itfirg AaaasH.
i-i,W. Iw. 11 Anr A!.t,4.f
mm te)t
4 in 'awe ia,I - t- tv r"
e4 a. a v itn ar't1 l
le-wfl... . t,.,,rl l. pr-aM-nt
ie f rta pniir in t'- f .at the f.i
nf th land i 5aik,ter t4 ti
( Hd l-iBti.i.
It Vf-e 1' feev ,,1 areT
,1 m t 1 k- .lag t p. i iler
f M a Je.
I ! r- llama Tig til nwr a I t
iff rt ! r H.S It t f.rwi.W.'f fla.fr-V
V-. H.
4 t'-
fctTf I1SS; 1S11S TD ME.
Tbe Fstlrr ef Ten Racks Heal a
Miont "I. a l"e. II. 't
ta a T 9t hf ll.ii,. 1.
7aiV i-f ra' . e i ie I 1 I a I s ' c
l-(i a k a i "..-t a4 1 .
1 m t'-r'iat a 1 i a k.
f1.v'..- aav t' t i ,er
... 'iea m 7ai'r
a-; . .-'i t - 1 ..
! .i-r '.' ii : 4'wst a -"inniitter. M.
1 1. !er. I,i.., iii and l4tll'i.
J,.,i, v.aaM ,! ( tUrri; f!oT i!ni"T.
I '.- 1 1 and A Jian.ei.
f t 5- i t S I aj'1-.'m f )
i'ntm el rr, ir . - i ;
99 fcH 'i l-tI r-U ,f tl
rW1- ? --1 . f . I fayevaj
r ; ? li,, , f b. V
i V.t, I1 ' rt;. (w -f 1 e-it
I l .-eM--. '. I' . .- ; , .
f fa f v 4 t f f a J W wij
y. a VRi !.!. ( 1 -
r-a-t ;? 1 t i.-a- tttr ny -t-
f f "? t t ?
"!f m p r "f' v ' t-"
frtTi1 9ttA U?f itr-iti'm.
71s I!." Mrtri.t fr K tliUfH
VirT f t f -t, l--, Mf Vft.
frm. vf tl ffH i a t- (
aan l-v Vr. I ViifrJf in mntvrT
r-f I r f'o ! t4 I l 'rf.
WAS ttt SIX K05TH5
f'.r . fir4 t I f H if l fas ''
7 f yra-t. 4'S- fft'aVf- -f ' 1 -
- fTt W (" fJ-al rTfaj - tr.
" la"-" ?f f- fWf, V 'W " t
7 J " "J" fH. t Vf;t
--.'- tt- 1 I- 4
-t ft VJ,' . V .. rr V'-t-
-f' -'-r. "-'- t -f '47
f'-a, -4 ' aa 1' '( f - ,s 5 '
(' '"?: 1 ' T ' -!
!- m " il - r W-e "" fff.
,.. ' f -r "- ! . -" WfJ
!. mti -' in f . k . '
e-e I t .'! tt't Va tiiaa I
-" l tia I t )K ;
rmm ef r1i. at T
ti.'h J -wio w V("w a ih ,-4
t! a 14 a. .. r .
I 1 f an. i1 . f?nf
Tbt Be Leys Ttra tEJ., r
' f4 ft tt e- r- e f tw...
' t' r- , it n-t pirn live jm a
i-rf-". Kaw.. fie-
'"" iai i am? t 14
W.-Ht-'l4e t f 1 ..
W--f ' 1 fff aj
:T e- ry m a.aa ta 1 t
' I ' t .. rm Sort
T.y f'-v H f-4
t f -'
ft fa-W- , '
wM.eji tf ;-
.'.. tvw . rt f ' "
'- l I H '1J swr t a . 4,
) rf. !" f.. , j, f 9t,
a 4 Vs I 1 I
V' m w eiw-r . f g..
I etl-. 7 f --iaf e f.f
la a ,rm .-e f . . ... 4.
mt- ....... , ,,. f
a ; 't; mr- SFi-f . 'T I4 - t

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