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VOL. XIX NO. 230.
fkice, oxk cent.
Bulgarian Attempt to Cross
Border Is Likely to
Be Disputed
Italian Chamber of Deputies
. Gives a Vote of Confi
dence in Ministry
But for Over 60 Yeara Theron M. How
ard Wm Business Man of St. Johnsbury.
Kt. Johnsbury. Dec. 13,Theron M.
Howard, for over 00 years identified with
tlia business interests of St. Johnsbury,
died tins morning after a weeks Illness
with pneumonia.
Mr. Howard was born in Cabot Aug.
28, 1828, being the son of Theron and
Calista Howard, In 1H-15 he went into
the mercantile business in Montpelier
and in 1852 came to St. Johnsbury, where
he engaged in like occupation until 1886,
when he retired from active business al
though maintaining an interest in the
store for a number of years. He was
elected a trustee of the Passunipsie Sav
ings bank in 1805 and for the past 15
years he was president of that institu
tion. ;
On Oct. 25, 1853, he married Olive
Washburn Wood of Montpelier. She died
in iwm. lne oniy relatives surviving
are two cousins in rmrron ana some
nephews and nieces in California. Mr
Howard was a member or ine jNortn
Congregational churoh, of Fassumpsio
lodge, F. A A. M., and of HasweU Royal
Arch chapter, lho funeral will be held
on Wednesday.
Bulargian troops are now within five
miles of the Greek border in Serbia, a
Salonfki dispatch' says. Both Doiran
and Glevegli, close to the border have
been evacuated by the Anglo-French
troops, according to the message,
t An Athens dispatch declares that
Greek troops are moving toward the
Serbian border, at a point where the Bui
At Banquet of Vermont State Grange in
St. Albans, Dec. 13. State Agricul
tural Commissioner L. S. Brigham re
eeived ' word this morniiiK from Theo
dore N. Vail of Lyndon that J. B." Hedges
noted after-dinner speaker of New York,
twill lui nna rtf iUn brtar lrn at flip amitlfll
garian troops are preparing to cross the . . f tJ) Vermollt gtftte at
Hotel Vermont in Burlington to-morrow
boundary line and that the Greeks ap
parently intend to dispute the cross
The Italian Chamber of Deputies has
voted confidence in the Salandra minis
try by a vote of 301 to 40. The vote was
taken during a debate on a bill giving
full financial powers to the government
' for six months.
The sinking of the British steamer
IMiingrove of 2,800 tone was announced
in Ivondon to-day.
evening. Other speakers will be Mr. Vail,
who will take for his subject, "Some
Truths and Some Conclusions," and
John H. Fahey, president of the Cham
ber of Commerce of the United Mates.
Counsel Getting Ready for Tnal
"Fawn" Case To-morrow.
In order to be in readiness for the
trial of Louis l'rovenche, charged with
Nearing Europe, the Leader
of the Peace Argonaut De
livers a Broadside Amid
Discord in His Own Party
as Resolution on U. S,
, . Preparedness Becomes an
Sam McClure and Ben Lind-
sey, Among Others, Took
Ground That Resolution
Was Unpatriotic; Their
Opponents Replied That
McClure, Et Al., Misun
derstood Ford's Invitation
tVwv.fnrv a f , m- n a f 1 ft a-kVlrwlr moi-rnw
The British losses in officers from the . . court Man Jude
beginning of the war to November 20 to- j;, jj, Harvey, tha prosecuting officer, L
tailed 21,171, of which B,S7Z were Killed, n. j. uonunt, game warden,- ana me re
it was announced to-day. spondent'a attorney, William Lord, met
- I . i . i . At.!.. ......... I .. .
in ine court rvum iina morning win.
Judge Harvey and empanelled a Jury to
hear the case. I his is the nrst fawn case
to be tried in Washington . county al-
been tried in
state this fall.
There are several cases pending in this
county but it is believed that if the
respondent is acquitted that the other
cases will be nul pros&ed. 1 lie trial
will be held in the county court house,
By Advancing Army of Central Powers
and Berlin Announces That British-
and French Are Entirely
Expelled from Macedonia.
Berlin, via wireless, Dec. 13. The
French and the British have been en
tirely expelled from Macedonian terrl
tory, it is officially announced to-day by
the German army headquarters, the ad
vancmg army under dene
occupying Dairan and tiievgeli. it is
declared that two British divisions were
nearly wiped out during the advance,
New Dispatch from Berlin Summarises
the Work of German and Austrian
Submarines Since the
War Started.
London, Dec. 13. Oermsn and Autro
Hungarian submarines to date have sunk
.i8 chips, according to a nrwi dispatch
from Berlin. The total tonnage of the! Paul Putnam
vessels euiik is given as P17.819.
Ernest Lemon was taken from his
home in the Voliiolm block on Main
street Saturday to Heaton hospital for
treatment. Mr. Lemon has been ill for
several weeks.
The funeral of Angelo Arobrosini,
whose death occurred esrly Saturday,
ral Todoroff L'" M Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
rum ins mva nome, 11 rosier suri'i, mis
city, and the interment was made in
occurred early Saturday morning, was
held Itunuay afternoon at 2 oclock from
his late home, 17 Foster street, this city,
and the interment was made in Barre.
Employes of the street department
were busy this morning scraping the
new ma J to bridge to remove the snow
so that ssnd ran be spread over the
surface over which planks are to be
laid until spring, when the bridge is to
be paved.
Miss Helen Worthea and II den Me-
Avoy went to Burlington Friday even
ing, where they attended a banquet
given in honor of foster hinclair. In
the same party were Clifford Nelson and
.Mimic was furnished by
Evans' orchestra.
W. B. Turney of Fulhrton avenue
I purchased the IVrrin renidence on Loomie
street st the auction conducted by the
Perry Ileal 1st ate agency, Mr. Turney
I securing the property for fri.Sz.V The
sale was made by Arthur S. Martin,. ad-
London. Dee. 13. A dispatch to the mimstrntor of the Charles h. IVrrin es-
Exchange Telegraph Co. from Athens tale, and two other houses located on
ivs that advices received in the Greek M nenes street were also sold at auc-
capital from Constantinople are to the tion. The Ferrm hone nas erects by
effect that the Turkish transport Kechid HJeorge I-. Bennett 47 rears ao, but it
J'asha, a vessel of n.ooo tons, has beenl"1 som to air. rrmn shortly after its
Vessel Said to Have Been Sunk by
French Submarine.
On board steamship Oscar 1L, by wire
less, via steamship Noordam, Dec. 13.
A resolution condemning President Wib
son's preparedness policy brought a pro
test from some of the prominent mem
bers of Henry Ford's peace party Inst
night when it was presented for adop-
ion. The resolution was drawn up by
Kev. Jenkins Lloyd and Rev. Charles
F. Aked and others who asked that it
be signed by all the members of the
party as their platform.
More than a dozen members, including
S. 8. McClure of New York and Judije
Ben Lindsey of Denver, refused to sign
on the ground that the resolution was
unpatriotic. Some even threatened to
leave the party after it reaches Europe
if the proposed platform is put through.
Its supporters said the opponents of the
resolution failed to understand the spirit
of fords invitation.
Ford to-day seut out an appeal to the
rulers of Europe, addressed individually
to each reigning monarch, which said in
part: "We come in this time of troublo
not to add to your burdens but to help
lift them, not to consider which nations
are the most to blame for the disaster
that has befallen Kurope but to end the
strife, not to intrude ourselves upon your
national life and national ideas but rath
fr with an earnest desire to understand
them and with a heartfelt wish to aid in
realising them. We neutrals are about
to join in a conference which shall with
out delay frame and submit sumultane
ously to you and all the other belligerent
nations proposal as a basis for discus
sion leading to final settlement.
"Therefore, we earnestly entreat you
and the rulers of all the other warring
nstions to declare an Immediate truce.
It the armies stand where thev are.
Then let the negotiations proceed so that
the sol, hers mav be delivered from an
other bitter winter in the trenches and
sent back to their labors and their fire
sides. As there is no other wav to end
the war except by mediation and discus
sion, why wsste more precious human
Dr. Samuel Zane Batten Addressed Barre
Audience Last Evening,
"Th Practice of Citizenship," was the
subject taken by Dr. Samuel Zane Batten
of Philadelphia for his lecture at a union
meeting of several churches of Barre held
in the opera house last evening. Dr.
Batten, who will be remembered as the
speaker who delivered the address on
"The Barre That Might Be," at a similar
meeting held in February, 1914, is asso
ciate secretary of the Federal Council of
Churches in America, as well as the au
thor of several books on social Chris
tianity, and Is a speaker who holds bis
audience's attention to the last word.
The world, said Dr. Batten, is under
going one of the most important transi
tion of ita history at the present time.
Democracy with its attendant advan
tages and obligations is taking the place
of the rule of kings and emperors. The
institution of the stats- in a democracy
is one which is regarded in. various ways
by the people under its control; some
regard it as an unnecessary evil, some
as an evil, but one which is necessary
and must be endured for a time. Still
others, of which the speaker is one, re
gard it as a necessary good which is
serving a divine purpose as a medio
a concentrated search for iitstice,
For Prompt Denouncement
of Sinking of the Ital
ian Ship Ancona
sunk near Nylivria in the Sea of Mar
mora by a French submsrine.
The correspondent adds that, accord
ing to the same report. Turkey now pos
sesses but seven transport, the remain
der have been sunk by the entente al
lies submarines.
St. Albans Lineman May Have Come ia
Contact with Current.
St. Albans. Dee. 1J It. C. f -ha pin of
Min street, an enu,lre of the lu Mkinr it tho hn.h.i. ,.nw- (-
Cutler s cslk-d to Wlls KivT by l.-r
Vermont rer A Mantifstf urine mm
i-sny, fell this morning from an elm-trie
1 C't rl Flm stnft. stid ,r was
taken t the hospital where it was stated
thst hs injuries are tot serious that
be wiil reier.
TbTe were enteral ttwr 'rkmn
erection. Mr. rerrin died about a year
Miss Florence Down and iluv IJowns
left this morning for lrfe!. Mass., for
a visit with relatives. Miss Downs is
enjoying a brief varstion fmm her du
tie in the office of the ( onsoiMsted
Lighting Co.
trttv. (.. . Gates arrived in the eitr
on the early morning train from Frank
Word ss rfx-end in thr Wtv rrster-
dsr from Wells Ruer of the .Ji-sth of
Tame GrsKt. father of Mrs. Mry Cut
14-ewtif an! it wss in opinion tiisl l rt. t W r.t
father's i!!nes Kntnrdar morning. The
funeral Wil ! beJ Wrdnesdar, aith
bnrial in Barre.
J. B. Lste snoke vesterdsy at t' serv
ices beld in the grand jury room in the
cnirt liouiw at
Wrote Mrs. Bern ire Harlow Before Kill
ing Herself,
daremont, X. II, Dec 13. Mrs. Bcr
nice Harlow, wife of Dr. F. K. Harlow,
committed suicide yesterday morning by
turning on eight burners in a gas stove.
About 10 n clock tlilef of Police Cole was
called to 4H Broad street to investigate
the odor of s and discovered it was in
the fist occupied by Ir. Harlow.
Petnoving the lock from the door, be
almost stumbled over the body of Mrs.
Hallow, which lay near the door. Every
outlet was closed and a mat forced
against the bottom of the door, while
four Imniers on the cooking and four
on the oven part of the gas stove were
It nee evident that Mrs. Harlow bsd
risen yesterday mornirs, put eoal on
the bedroom stove and left the drafts
open, as the fire was very hot. Dr. Filch
eomludcd tlt tl. womsn bsd liwn
dead slx-iit t bmirs.
Mrs. Ilsitow was rbdhed in n n irlt
rol and kimono. sn4 before se died
re a nt s 'Mr ! (4 her huslMnd
(. in lar1: "Ubn von re.ive tins
"The state is as fieoesnary to man as
the church, said the doctor, "for th
church alone can never do the work of
God." It is the duty of every Christta
to be likewise a politician in the best
sense of the word, to inform himself on
the issues at stake,' and to vote accord
ng to his own idea of what is ricli
without being influenced by prejudice or
by selfish motives, "A man's ballot is
the concrete expression of bis reliirion,
We must either Christianize our politl
cal life or the corruption of our political
life will de-Christianize our churches
' if we want Christianity in our
entireties we must have) it in toe coratnu
t-peaking of the vital problems which
we, as a community, are facing to-day.
nr. Hatten mentioned injustice, the in
justice of the double standard of moral
ty for men and women, and the injus
tiee of the condition of society which lets
a Jew favored ones live in luxury with
out work while thousands who work hard
for a living are practically paupers. Pov
erty, like disease, has a cause, and to
stamp out pauperism we must first do
away with the cause. - The greatest
cause of poverty, according to the speak
er, is alcoholism. Dr. Batten challenged
the audience to show him one case of
genuine pauperism that cannot be traced
to alcohol.
In giving his reasons for doing away
with the Junior traffic and sale the speak
er cited many instances where the use of
ah oho! had destroyed the manhood and
womanhood of individuals and made
thera worse than beasts. One of the
heaviest counts against alcohol is the
fact that its use by the parent will cause
idiocy in the child. Sixty-seven per cent
of the insanity in tl world is due to
alcohol. Alcohol also lias been proven
to be a destroyer of efficiency, and effl
ciency . js .mora iuoi-s.eouiing t be
the chief demand of the employer to-
The correction of the evil by regula
tion is not the solution of the difficult?,
"If it is an evil it must be destroyed,
if it is a good it must be encouraged;
tnere la no middle ground. The none
of your business" argument was also
handled bv the eVcaker, who showed br
concrete esses that an evil such as the
sale of alcoholic drinks in a community
must affect every m-n in it to some ex
tent. The address was closed with a
final plea to the citizens of Harre to vote
for prohibition st the next opportunity.
Bristol R. R. Co. Defendant in Action
Brought by Bristol
Middlebury, 13. The case of the
town of Bristol vs. the Bristol IUilroad
company was started in the county court
Saturday. The plaintiff sues to recover
taxes claimed to be due from It'll) to
11M4, inclnusive, amounting in all to
tl 38.73. There is a similar suit brought
by the vilUge of Bristol against the
same company ami :t is sgrcd among
the attorney that the fata of this suit
will be that of the other, so that prac
tically two rase are being tried at once.
1 be taxes claimed due mere assessed
They Have Stocked Their Shelves and
Counter! with Splendid Arrays of
Goods and Added Clerking Forces
are Ready for Christmas.
Barre merchants have made unusually
thorough preparations for the holiday
season and, with tho close approach of
Yuletido, shoppers in this city and sur
rounding towns are taking advantage of
the benefits procured for thera by dis
criminating buyers. Stores and shops
IS REFERRED TO na"''n every "ne ' merchandise have
put on tneir nouuay guru bhu uuginenc
ed forces of clerks and are ready to ban
die ; the Christmas trade. It is not too
"Wanton Slaughter" Of much to say that dealers in this city
were never in a ueiver way io supply
the needs of their customers. Isot in
several years, , it seems, have the mer
cantile establishments presented such a
choice variety of Christmas gifts.
Times have changed since the old
fashioned keeper of the general store
dickered each. year for a few gewgaws
and knickknacks with which lie bright'
ened up an all-the-year stock of staples,
Xo longer can the small-town merchant
"Helpless Men, Women
and Children"
Washirgton. D. C, Dec. 13. The text
of the American note to Austria-Hun
gary regarding the sinking of the Italian
steamship Ancona. made public last
night, reveals a formal demand by the dut of a leatherette traveling case or
i-niteu ftucc tor prompt aenounrcmcnt two. erase the last vear s cost mark
tt I1 "illnrral an.! i iAaf nil ai Ml, aM' for I l, t J 1.
" .. . -., -iiroiii an au-wuoi uimer, aua ciieeriuuy
punishment of the submarine comman- announce that the earlv Christmas shon-
der and for reparation by the payment ner 1. the wisest buver of them all. Xo.
J -A XL I'll 1 . . '
01 jnaemniiy ior me miiiug iu iujui- times have changed, and among the mer
ing 01 innocent American ciuieus. cantne men everywhere who recognize
Ihe demands follow a statement in- the customer's rin-hr. to select from a
forming Austria-Hungary that "the good fregn ttock of iroods. none are more
relations of the two countries must rest progressively inclined to extend them
upon a common regaru ior iaw aim u- seives Christmas time than the mer
manity." The note arraigns the shelling ellants of this e.itv. Two imnortant fac-
a J . . it. 1: I . . . - . 1
ana lorpeuomg 01 ine uner b iiiuu- torg nave combined to bring to the buy
mane, anu a wanton siaugnwr m imr public of Itarre and outlvina towns
helpless men, women and children. displays that are not excelled in the met
ropolitan markets. JKeen competition
Mrs. Edward Pothier Voeit
ly Suffocated at New
Fire in Woodev ucture at
First Wa' Jccasion
of r Alarm
Xew Beuford, Mass., Dec. 13. Tha
guests at the Bristol hotel in this city
were driven over the fire escapes to tha
street in scanty attire this morning when '
hro started 111 the lower part of tha
building. Mrs. Edward l'othier, the wife
f the proprietor, was carried out tin-
conscious, being overcome by the smoke.
ihe hotel was a wooden structure 111
the heart of the business district of tha
city and for a time the fire caused con
siderable alarm; but the Are was extin
guished without heavy damage.
Albert E. Cowles of Craftsbury Died of
with mail order houses and the desire on
the part of local business men to con
vince their customers that their needs
can be supplied right here at home have
worked all along to the advantage of the
Albert E. Cowles, for many years a local shopper.
prominent resident of Craftsbury, died I With Christmas less than two weeks
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Oscar I away, the holiday spirit pervades the
Slayton of the East street extension this mercantile section of Barre. It is the
morning at 2:30, the end following a first spirit that one encounters in en-
week's illness with pneumonia, with tering any of the stores. If you are
which he was stricken soon after he in quest of a spool of thread or any
came to Barre for a visit. Mr. Cowles other workday staple, you'll get it, but
is survived by bis wife, his daughter, you will not be able to get away without
Mrs. Mayton, and four sons, C, L. Cowles a pretty close scrutiny of what your
of Craftsbury, A. L. Cowles of Bridge- dealer has to offer the Christmas buyers,
port, Conn., a graduate of Uoddard sera- Shelves and counters are laden with new
inary in 1010, II. R. Cowles and IL W. ly bought Christmas gifts. It is signi-
'owle of Lyndonville. 111 cant ot toe axiom tnat the best reruns
He was born in Craftsbury May 13, can be secured by shopping at home that 'plants during Ins residence in this viein-
1843, and as a young man he enlisted buyers in all the stores of Barre thisljty. He was an honorary member of
in the 1st Vermont cavalry, serving with year seem to have been rigidly bound ('. J. B. Mead circle, Ladies of thn
Charles T. EHenwood Died Sunday Night
at South Barre.
Charles T. EHenwood, a veteran of tho
Civil war, passed away at his home ia
houth Barre hunuay evening shortly be
fore 6 o'clock. He had been in failing
health for several months. He is sur
vived by two sons, 1'ercy A. Kllenwood.
of South Barre and Harry L. EHenwood.
of Brookfiuld, and one sister, Mrs. Jessie
Bruns of Burlington. Mr. EHenwood
was born in Lowell, Mjiss., Oct. 20, 1843.
He enlisted in a Massachusetts regiment
during the Civil war and served honor
ably his term of enlistment. His mar
riage to Lucy Day took place in 1868.
As a young man he came to St. Johns
bury and afterward moved to Soutu
Barre, where he has resided for the past
30 years. Mr. EHenwood was a black
smith by trade and was employed at the
forge in several granite manufacturing
distinction through three vears of the by the tenets of good taMte. A compari-
war between the states. After the wart son of costs would surely show that the
he went west, remaining for three years. (prices asked by local dealers for their
His first wife was Marr Whitney and merchandise are remarkable for their
to the union there came a daughter and I moderateness as against the usually ex
wo sons. She died 33 years ago and leessive prices attached to articles that
Mr. Cowles married for his second wife, sre purchased through the medium of
Miss Kadie Rocers. In recent years Mr. highly colored catalogues.
Cowles passed two winters in Barre and I Home buying isn t a gold bond guaran
for four years bis wife was connected tee 01 prosperity ior me trader, out witn
with the nurses' home in this city. He special reference to the possibilities of
was a member of Henry Flint wist. No. shopping riiiht here in Jiarre, it is true
15, Grand Army of the Republic, in beyond the ghost of a doubt that the
Craftsbury and very prominent in O. A. local shopper can save money by making
K. circles. He was an active figure m iocai purcnases, nave wunai every pnv-
the town affairs of Craftsbury and the ilege that well slocked stores and caps
(J. A. R.
Funeral services will be held at too
bouse, west hill, Wednesday afternoon
at 1 o'clock and interment will be in tha
family lot iu the Wilson cemetery at
South Barre.
new of his death has brought sorrow
1 msny friends in thst vicinity. He
as a member of the Congregational
hurch in North Craftabury,
Jo-morrow afternoon at I2:2. oclock
le remains will lie taken over toe Al.
W. R. railroad to Craftsbury, where
funeral services will be held in the
Cowles home Thursday afternoon at 2
clock. Rev. Dr. rUgg officiating, assist-
by Rev. C IL Rowley, interment
ill be in the village cemetery.
Patrick Healy ef Sat Francisco Left for
West 10 Years Ago.
fveretary Fred W. Suitor of the Quar-
ryworkers' International association re
ceived a telegram late Saturday advising
him of the accidental death of I'strtck
Ileal v in San Francisco, (al., Friday. The
message did not include any details, a I
though It is presumed thst death oc
curred while Mr. Hesly was at work for
a construction company on the grounds
ble clerking stuffs afford, and gleam
thereafter from his or her Christmas-giv
ing the satisfaction accruing to the gift
of a desirable present purchased of re-
At Funeral of H. J. Towing in Universal
ist Church Sunday.
The funeral of Heber J. Thwing, a for
mer resident of Barre, whose death oc
curred at his home in Xorthfleld Thurs
day evening, after an illness of threo
months, was held in the Universal ist
church in this city Sunday afternoon at
1:30 o'clock, the remains having been
brought to liarre in the forenoon, after
sponsible merchants who are paying j pr,Ver services had been held in North
taxes here at home and doing their hit I tisia. Rev. Clinton L. Scott, pastor of
in the support of home institutions. ,,e Xorthfleld I'niversalist church, was
As never before Barre merchants hsve
provided abundant opportunities for the
Christmas shopper and a visit to tiie KearUon. Past masters of Granite lodge,
mercantile district will dispel all doubt r & A. M.. acted as Irfferers and renre-
the officiating clergyman and he was as
sisted by the local pastor, Rev. J. B.
i ttr "hararters
! -un4s im wl.kfc
Yertsy fas the rt o-
m i hss htwa rou- 1
iane in contact sutn a primary wnit.
Vt Sid methods -re hronyht into
e'fs-r hi,n t man ss r-ii.ei tn j tu,-tel sm-e lt TTnf end Cm
the ! t.l. Cbspm el v)rr4 , m ,;j he m r-gt.isr eirnt doling t wtn-
I i tl.e eitnpsKy n!y a few vHi. iter
1 l).,r4 h I . ,4 1 .f IJm street b 't
HKIII3H I II K Al VLDVLID. f-onlsy rv.-r t - fw ,9 l t
S o'clock f-r the Jsil in-jl ill beyond all earthly b.!n. I
as Ms sot iev-t. Timid- , ' mnere.i e-wmfs sine yon .! tne
Tbe Wit Has CaartH Heavy Toll anl
tsnr Serresstjew.
I" !". IS. Sh ) iar ti I ftp
t-ft s Te-rs.. ti .ff.. t srr-.isl rx-nd
f I'.-.tk, tiit-s. sl'l.fri'i t;trat'
nr'sitwrfwy rss IVrmifk the
war, t r-1 of hwr 1t-ng I! pr-s
! fw lod t,f mntmw vm .s tr fi t hrm
I "4 Wttie tsr iytttg tf w.,.., T
fi rn-imivm in name m m f rf M
sth Will be a b!sd relief."
lit on to say thst aMh"jh she
miiH tt'd h with him in tlie flh. ber
pfrit would et 1 wifh bim. lw!rinf
t-r ! fr Jim d !,,; .y wrd np.
"itn4 I lS IW-rtlHT.
Mrs. ll'i- ass Tr. Ht1' third
i'e snd sis msrrw'd t. . 'he wss
! dsi.fMer nf .Iibw Hsukina of To
Ps t. t ) rt s tt'-) ', f it
t spsnd fttsrTir'.
fr ffsr1' hs twi ; tH a
of thm Psnsma-Psciftc exrstsition. For
upon three pic-e- of property lorated in ' , b,. , ,in,jr.
, . . ; 1 1 - .. 1 1 r ...... 1 1 . . . . i 1 - -
within the ton n of Kriwtol.
is understood to consist of
he rsilrosj does not on
of profieity involved and therefore, never
liable for Inn. Seeral witnesses, ofTi-
riala of the town of Hnstd and past offi
cials, were put on the stand in the morn
ing for the plamtiif. lite cae was ad
journed foia 1 1 ') k until 2 o'clock
this afternoon.
In the rase of William Ijithrop vs.
Hrj;e Pj'l'is. which ss called jtit be-
Utrf tne ijiurnmeni riuisy mynt, the
fdair.tiff faoed t' apin-ar in urt. al
tboiih knnan to hr ti in tn dur
ing tite day. His coiin'l, I C, Ruwll
nf Mid lit-bury. aked a discntit snnaac f
the rase, wkxh was granted is,! t .s de
feadant was awarded bis rots.
Ti I'' eontnndnn eoinpany. He sit a
1 be defen-e n,,,,,!., ( f,f (juarry workers' union and
a lia thatl;,. 1.:. jPI.,hu f,ir (abfomia 10
the JneTS . , . ... mrmm .,,.i....j ,),. ,.rr.
granite blt.
The decrasej was a eon of Matthew
Healy of Maple avenue, this city, and
also b-aves In mfe, to nhom be ss
msried in California, and three brothers.
-I'din Hcaly of tiraniteville. illism
Hesly of Welmterville, and Tlms
Ib a'y of Boston. Alderman J. A. Hesly
is a cousin of tlie de.'easesl. Mr. Ilealy
was 33 years old. the funeral and bur
ial t"4 place in San Francisco to-day.
ss to the wisdom of buying at home.
Christmas decorations in all of the stores
are more than ever attractive. ery
display window is an index of endless
Christmas suggestions. In some in
stances merchants have gone to the pains
of providing very beautiful Christinas
windows and interior decorations. In no
instsnce hss a dealer failed to give m
Vhe store in one sir or another a mate
rial expression of the Christmas spirit.
(If prime importance to the purchasing
public is a fresh stock, prefers bly Witn
a perponderance of Useful Christmas
gifts, anil always admirably correct in
details. The merchants of Bar re have
had this prime factor in mind and they
have the good to show. Hut they have
further cotu-erned themsehe with the
comfort and convenience of the sliopper
by providing other facilities that are to
tie appreciated only after a trip through
their store.
sentatives of the lodge and of Granite
chapter. No. 26, R. A. M., to which or
ganiMtions Mr. Thwing belonged, at
tended the services in a body.
The bearers weret James 11. Coutta,
William Hurry, Frank t. Small. V. E.
Cat to, Arthur C. Tilden and John C.
Wyllie. Interment was msde in Dm-,
wood cemetery.
j Ild by 1! st M.us
er. "! tbart t The a-'t Mirt-d hr.
i'st in lsr.krti4.-ir r-1 c, rr h mt
t H the llnwe'l f-U-m si-m. f
f" f-fA. s Vr. Itrar.-ttj
is r"QtH fi- Mr. rU.ws-11. i
tf".td . r-mt I .s Mm is "l ib-d t" Ins f 't !. ?r. Iif"(
b-l freifVt -?ri .f t' I t-tral " fr "! t. tii t h re'i't t htt
ViTsi'ift staTMHi, a-tr a si't tk'i ltiw i 's1 ' ed bad h imrwt tr
1 t tat few at'i at j t i"l st
J W't nf HrVw tsl'ti
;,sni. tf ilin.V t'f - r
the r- i usii.t. s r r. !"( . 'mstt .f t lH,t m-1 f '- - ' rwsn tn ml r4
1 w" " '" J wh,Hl m, s,..., r(, ".r W .ho ... MM.
,4 .n m-. J4 esrtsr. ,4 t.rv.!,) ... .., ti,nS4 I ) ,iv.-s
mw, ist 4 s-ms f ;,-, ,v, r CHELSEA'S P0STXA5IIR.
! t tt t-. 1. W. U t e , .J , W... ,t j..
'- W.a
Tfsb) tar fw tte rrss rt.
JVi IVrtn f f i-t k V- i, n.
' s,-J
sHssf rw' - 1 r-i; t-1 m
J. ? rS-4 to -r r-itksr
li f tbs etr.
'I'M '-rW .
1 f!s ',t. ! a f. www t; to Ik
sft rro ts f ?." '-.'
t"f t it-;'. n-4 t-n
s a iftos-w-w r "n'?r . ?-
w f' ... ,h?-h-- t5 . t-tt i
n-f r--"! t o' r-ti-s
b"t f-e f-'f
He-fcert 0. B.tbr's TCt-m nen .ret ts 1
tbe . ;
-r- V . Tw . ?3 7 t.ms ;
ttf,s fe ' i'f rrt rwt 1
t-,V-1 n-!ew.
I -k H. Tjier. 1 Xiftim r y.
Cecrj D. Cbate ef Butl rrten was 74
Tears ef Are.
Ftarl.ngt. lrr, 13 4ntpf 11 (
died sery uJiWi'r st I 1 lm at l
lrfit lns4 st .'ibk lt eictH'ig
fr.. an attack 'f lieart triib!. He as
cffuf-r-iny ss it b to f s.m si Iwn
I ell fr-m t r ha it m si ht-i He ws -
fed. Mr. (l,ase s'si l-B n H,,,,. V.
j V T Ji-ars pn. He to w to
jbve stun a IV y and ti si r',W t
f hwUngt'm fr ii're than -V swr.
1 lie was 1"t alrt S" tears eitfl.i'-d ty
, t S ( -tits! rnc.ftt w h4, hatutf
j f ,it foy l vests t?J s!'.t-
t t-. w t.tt-h runs l.tsiM-n t'rt i-rt r
sM lt Ju""'"n. M r1 f4 Wtrt
fw yesrs ar'. Mr. Oim a nem
' t-r - -ttmsrd t. . ;
j fi..-.-s Is fco s V t -,y
V'S- fcir, s?r. f is sirr. td ir t
Ssi and suts r-S" 1- i-.i-'-rs, 1
t iH-t V-s. f
- "'Hir-e. T'Sfk Xt . IV ,4
Vim. .cr A. Iji sf ,!..
. (is-w- r, t
I... f-!,;ijiii. I t 'f H. ffy
M. it f l I - I "'mmm f.f tv
I'e abM. Vs tlrs s;-?,. r4
Bat Man Sail He Cenldat Seem te KuT
Fi shots ere ftrri m a mom on the
wnnd f'? tf the A real !.! k lat
ifiiffbt around II eilwk. tiimitiants of
the fist r ed by Charb-s M. Ilae of
Mighty Volume of Sound.
It is but a few tisv t the time hen
tlte community Christmas tree will ris
up in all its grandeur on the rity park,
lite committei-e in chsrge mill get in a
lot of rffectie work tins we-k and w'ost
t!:eir combined effort ran produce will
gret the eye during the ln.hisy period.
The music com nut tee bs dn-i ied on
the nuniln-rs that sre to lie rendered in
the musical program. Several enrols wiil
le sung by adult rbomioea in which tlie
ptiblie ill I ne-d t join. For a
miirhtv volume 0 sor. to ris besrm
ward on tl night air is tne hope of
the cm nut tee and in oriw-r to l-'p se
cure it. words of the rarIs t l osd (
re to he j-rit.ted and 4trd ted at,M.f j
th crowd thst 1 it-e't'd to n I
Ubtevr e'i is to -ter nn the yro- I
l-rsoi wiT als t prwi-4 and t wlrf.ie '
i'l rrve a a at enm-nT f t!s o- !
!. . j
Thr f.!!"irij f j s h 1 i.r s jj
rrde: j
I. - It t I Vi.rirl't ( Vf "
t. "Hs-k 7 H l!el l Anir- -.n
. I iw All le Faitl nt."
4. "Asiww-n."
Vik tM l""stwti Was r-"d V-"re
Rev. Georee W. Burke Resigns at Eel-
lows Falls.
Bellowa Fall. lW. 1.1-Rev. (ieorge
W. Bnrke. pa-dr of the Methodist Epis
copal church, has resigned his jstiHti
here to take -ftvt the lst Sunday in
this month. Hi resignation has ln
accepted ami he will fin fn Vorthfu'ld
where he w ill uT-ed Rev. lr. J. H.
(iate. bo will go as a nnssmnarr to
Africa. '
Rev. (i. W. Burke wss lsirn in Ireland
and was graduated from the Miii'l uni-1
--sity in M'mtreal. He entered tie
Vermont eonference In 1M'H and pees bed
m trth Hero last tear. In I!1? and
1hi .e was In !!. I M.dte and from
1:S t 11.1 a located in Wrt I n.-s-burg.
Iiwii to lf" be was m Fair
fas and M est ford snd in H'lo uc"ee.l-d
Rev. V. R. ltport in ilfss. In
IV annual r,f-rence in Aril. b
as appntrtd to ir JW!los rII f"-
t .rstr and rtn suocreted Rer. . K.
iNm-eport, i sis-tit te Sprint ft H.
:tbe Turka rrstawant as a rming-
hntiae w-r arwd by the rev.lrr f.re.
til w!y t" !ay Mr. Have suirmiwl
( 'lt a Me K Mrr, t tlw art-HK-it
A os (1 who said ke as jr-.tf
rary t-ld th r-.i,i.l- tl-st be lad
tsk-ii two ,.im ..f la off s nuns durof
1h r't't. l.wS t'.st 1 1 ,- wss J',.t
as iis'wttii' mtntig rt'-'r. rs4
. Trnhrt sKn ,-if I mslsl.U Mor
ris die.tss-d fv t ;i4 h-h-s b the
". d i' " th d was r-
ti'l t.. !!. i t-f tuvl Ifl td r
. r-trs Vr. !! l as swevesliiho r ,-ft-!. 7 -s f
Mk hs r-n-T to nwte. and 1h rl't r A ; e h-rr awif .o
m-it -! the ,. (4e nf last I. . -t las
(w-t) -srld ly fts lt tTH tfcss
t so art "r'7ste. t i-et' t ar"l
S-m n-wr . ,i iD 1 H t iwfi. rrvmtttr . t !
, li'"f wrrT to -SIH t sit,r -f
I 7 1 1. th rrw-., 1 t -rt,
r I-ed fl. rVsit A th f-wo-t He'd- Vi'tsf ts in tV. a !-! f---f t
fl-ri Oi-1o. l.-s r- .f.,, giftfr-iim. 7 f '
t" 9 m nf ! , i-4 f-ti k ,,, ,4 , Jl , ltl ot -ts fd t r
L ?"- Iswr-. t V . 71 lr.' . rt,fwnv i to l n- ' . ... 7
m -", b in J V . -is t I'ls-snm nr-r.,r rts"t 1 1w t wsj.
sr"? Vr. ! IVift. r l-t nca ..srn
m fm tk ts t-w w s. .,. . ttMO -ir-.g 't r-m'r f
hn ) -". Isn' W r :t-"--! r , r-'t f v "brKi f w '
f i.m a--4 e t f-rrn44 ; sr
rf 7V A,' .sio. ts ft-ry --rS II t f r-- m f - t y s ;
mt m t"- a :t---i . rso If H tn V r-s.
I HtM-ral s-rti.-rs f"T iirl S.n1Kroislt
wnf rednt d l'.srr, who
sv early tords ror e were W,i
St l-is lwltl It! Ml tf- lfST "!?' a'tT-
n t 2 k. te rsfS V-'tf
lrmif-t to Ts'-re i, nu- t t t-
fsn 1-4 f I' r ,-o.. ti A l-r
tiiinT t4 le f"oi ti-e It I
n 1 Mff to 1 1 i-r 's! ad r-s.1 d
t I rTnS'ls to H -wtt.
irt asosnd to a vrswii e
r..t , si - jt i-.Iii O ft, t's
Sf.-t r t-f t s t h'k rf tW Tr--m-
litrfAS 1 h ff 1 -1rr t ! r
7 ' s m,sd ..
I. I ;-s i !. tiuotsin lewift
fw si 1 , f t s fs
lr 7 h- f .s H I .
t-,'- f 4 " m.-T f r t
to rt t'rft t - -' wvs)
p ' s t n f o t k t 1 as -
Iw4 r 7 -'e
,4 t tp..t f w..t..f".d t to bs
.,- 7 - t,'.S I ( t !- f-St t f
m ', a ss-if-fw- fS i 't sr' to m
t-, m, t ' f Vn Wt ed7
r m-s ..-, .. -. o- . sss-
t. ti'i. - ! -"- a 9
tmwii w : t r "-- 4 ffr f r ntirTr.

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