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Till'- DAIlIiK DAILY TIMES, 11AHKH, VT.. MONDAY. APHI1. 10. in Id.
Absolute Eire 100 Uirldsla lofcacco
10 Cemte foff 1
Bob Burman, His Mechani
cian and Track Guard
the Victims
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Bursting Tire Caused Acci
dent in Third Annual
Road Race
Corona, lid., April 10.-Bob Hurnmn
of Detroit, Mich., noted automobile rue
er; hi mechanician, Krio IScliroeder or
Chicago, and a tiuck ttuard arc dead m
a result of the overturning of Wurman's
ar in the Corona road race Saturday.
Five spectators were injured, some of
them seriously.
Burman suffered a fracture of the skull
and his left leg waa broken. His car
threw a wheel in tbejljth lap on the
luck atretth, and the machine overturned
in a crowd.
The race was won by Eddie O'Donnell,
-who covered the 301 miles in three hours,
20 minute, 62 -aeconds. Joe Thomas wan
eeroiid with a time of 3:30:01, and Kd
die I'ullen third with 3:38:3 2-5. Ted
dy TetzlafT and R. C. Durant finished
fourth and fifth, respectively.
Burman died in a hospital at Riverside,
12 mile away. Hia wife was with him
when ho died. As Mrs. Burman atood
beside her husband in tho council cham
ber of the Corona city hall, where be was
first taken after the accident, a woman
came beside. the cot. When thin woman
left Mrs. Burman accused her of taking
from her husband's clothing a diamond
pin valued at $800. A. J. Ramsey, chief
of nolice. ordered the woman searched
He reported that two nurses found the
pin concealed under her corset, ane was
held oendinff the Mine of a formal
Burman lived at 70 Chandler avenue,
Detroit. He was horn Rt Imlay City,
Mich., in 1884, and did his first racing in
Michigan. Burman held the world's
straightaway records up tond including
one mile, and manv dirt-track marks. In
three rates on the Pacific coast this sea
son he finiahud second twice and won one
Followers of Indians Look for Purchase
of More Players.
Cleveland. April 10. The purchase of
Tris SSoeakcr from Boston by the tleve
land American league team was hni'cd
with great joy by the hall fjns .Satur
day. 'Enthusiastic follower of tho club
declare that the acquisition of Speaker
will so strengthen the team tfcat the
liosaibflitv of ita being a pennant con
tender i far from remote. According c
reports at Cleveland, Secretary McKoy
of the Cleveland club, who cloned the
deal, has received instruction?, la pur
chase one more player for the club It is
rumored an effort will be made to obtain
Frit a Maisel of the New Yorl: Amcri
Some 35 schools in and around Boa
tun opened their seasons on Saturday.
Saturday night saw the last ice in the
Boston Arena for this season. A ring
has taken its place.
Walter Johnson has pitched four open
ing games for Clark Griffith and tho
chances are he will go on the mound
against the Highlanders on Wednesday.
Jimmy Callahan, the Pittsburg mana
ger, ii giving the hit-and-run the prefer
ence over the sacrifice hit.
Hughey Jennings spent two week of
the Detroit training trip in bed, the re
sult of an infected gaatt received while
leaching the rookies how to slide.
The first no-hit, no-run game of the
season was played between Thayer acad
emy and Browne and Nichols at Nichols
field in Cambridge, Mass., on Friday.
Thayer scoured 15 runs.
Massachusetts State league is tha
name of the newest baseball league and
the contending teams will be North
Adams, Pittsburg, Greenfield, Northamp
ton, Fitchburg, and Leominster.
George Harper, Hugh Jennings' Fort
Worth recruit, has proved entirely too
good to be turned loose.
April 19 will officially open the cycling
season. Didier, Wiley, and Carmen will
perform in a 25-mile international motor
paced race at tha Revere cycla track.
Chester Martel of Ixwell defeated Har
old Nute of Manchester Friday night
in a ten string candlcpin match. Tha re
spective pinfalls were lu'J'J and 1000. An
other ten strings is to be rolled in Lowell
on Thursday night.
Fifty-two prep schools have entered
tha Pennsylvania Relay carnival of April
28 and . There are over 100 high
schools also listed.
Because President Lannin of the Red
Soi felt unable to pay Tristram Speak
er, his center fielder, a salary of $13,-,
ixn Speaker has been sold to the Cleve
land American club. James C. Dunn,
president of the Cleveland club, declares
the deal involve the greatest rash con
sideration ever paid for a ball player.
The Red Sox, beside the rash, get pitch
er Jones and their rhoue of some other
levrland player. Speaker'i but 8 years
f age. He was born in Hubbard City.
Teias. April 44. I. His work with the
Houston club of tht Texas league at
tracted the Boston rlub in 1007, ami
a purchased for 4iX by John I. Tay
lor That fall he played three games
for the Red Nix. The next spring he
,a turned over to Little Rock of the
Cithern league, where he played re
markable ball nn.ler Mike Finn. He s
purchase! for .Vt and playel in 31
asues in Il.-jrinning in 1"I lie
honed himself to be a wonderful mi'
reider and sin.-e then has alay hatted
for well over . In l!M2 he butted !-r
and was the ,-g !.t..r in the Ted
Su winning the Am.nun league p-n
riant. He tl a trip around the world
in the sinter of 1911 ad on his return
there was some !ie!v tc!.i.n lor his et one In k Hx-.j-r. ko d. .ie t ',e in t
ervU-es hr Presilfnt Ianmn and thjtht he ha unlr "tie arm, ls he n
Federal league-. l-anmn met hi de lted captain lor tin Jr. He J'ia.'S
manda, a a'ary ryjtfi a !.". ant jmtSeM and wear a gl-ite on t.. .r
he ! a t jear M'sUi.t. Thjtmrj hand. lieu i t He i j. X one.
nW with the rhampti.-n;i p Ut '!'- I Fied Savsdcraas ft the !'nr trade
llrtroit w !l sta't t:e sea. itH ten! Pill B(e, U Hrrd t-'l:i ani
j'f-her. haehll Star, r-e-nt le't lr--.ie
Tfiaf uaieritj it i-'a H atiK-'arsVp jiStu t.cs, la N wk
Plain Ends
Vice-President W. H. O'Brien
In charge of cigarette manufacturing for The American
Tobacco Company, and the man who has brought the
STRAIGHTS faztory to the highest state of efficiency of
any cigarette plant in the world.
r -tfcj.o iT' k k i w a
T i- 1 1 1 1 1 1
eivtlenveiv, vbu
niijwi inaiii i si MMirifi iiiirwiaWaMiwrrni mimmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
-0 '
-j-kv e
This card of invitation will be
sent you promptly on request.
ND we have selected the word "finest" with most deliberate care to
aptly describe this plant of the Greatest Tobacco Company the world
has ever seen.
Webster's Dictionary defines "finest" as meaning clever, marked excel
lence or superiority, worthy of admiration and of great merit. That is why we say the
STRAIGHTS factory is FINEST in the calibre of its executive management; FINEST in the soundness of its
structure; FINEST in sanitary principles and FINEST in the quality of its products.
Visitors come to the STRAIGHTS factory skeptical. They go away wildly enthusiastic
realizing the sublime in cigarette manufacturing is reached in this factory. We issue cardsv
of invitation to this plant; your name and address on a postal to 337-347 West 27th Street, New York City, will
bring you one. Come and tee for yourself the factory which won lavish praise from M'Cann of the New York
Globe, America's foremost crusader for cleanliness in factories.
Uniformed guides will intelligently describe to you each process of manufacturing. With no sense of false
pride do we extend a cordial invitation to our competitors in the cigarette business to visit this plant It has no
secrets, even to them, and the welfare of the American people demands that other makers of cigarettes should see
The American Tobacco Company's method of making cigarettes.
About M'Cann We Will Tell You Uter
Egyptienne Straights Cigarette AreMadcandGiiaranteedby The American TobaccoCompany
nti.'. (
.!! n i.t.ia of
Is :.iiS
t' e (.-;.
V arrrn H
nan. : i.a
t he l.-,;r . in.! I,
;iel n ti Vi-n ni'iui. A;-t.l
In X t er 4 ame v t , r ci 4 . .1.
Mail nw.iith iei3i.a'? '!;,"
I'r jTn'o . ... .r...e! "r it n.tta, i
t hf 1 . 1 -I t 'H f. - -
a f il. 1 1 1 'ii in
a r,-.r,i,t Ir-m l.st er fre.Sm.n te! entire I in 1 He M. !. T. an ! Hrerd te -.t. her
H- tfii. k out e eK men and but t-ur F""
li !Utn 11. en irf ie1i 1 J'e rsl
,..,c vuiJ.n,-. .J.-) rrabbff t he sr.iH Ce seri es -f t or
l'.res ii'-t ?e-ii-e h. yr .r'f'Tev a
n ti I'ortland, IHe., e i
!e : f "fl
n'tll l.S'l 'e
I ll. i- I 3"' I
' t -.e eji?.'F.. l--.aii.e, fe fiirVe
n f .e ihr- a tM tri-.
TiH V.. Ian !-l- tn-n Ms r.?-
1. .tt el.re. 'I (e f-e.hmen ars'the llens t's.b and At t "liim-ir,
to the l..-"n linM'-s
cIpH Se Kns c tr
' ii the l."i!t r'i"
' 1eelnd rrVoei firi 1 ! -n-s
.. -ne I ll!,- i.l
n t viiettxr .sftmn r rt b s'k"
I, .eg irvu' in t'e .3 rti vi t ie liar
tsri r.. In te 1 tmwii f r 'c '.im
!. v ' ' -'"". fr-t matfSsl if
t it - i- ;.-s. .i-iUt. tbt t.--
it met'-!' sre h I
.ir.inr. The ap,an i al the head f
tie ioin pri;"t I'-n and is fbrtmi-i
1. . si'i. I'.- nt it nanaeeirent than
I nisn t hi age who h ites t'f
jf to i' t,i iv. . rirhsm.
i:.. k ! a Mail: n n i I.'
r- tin ! !s".t t the i m-rt A. A -n Wed
i i .-i t. .i'Tlir2 to ll.e .?e-v h-X
I jt ' ' r--e V! ,t a !.

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