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When Pembroke Agreed to
Go on Mat in Absence
of Shimkus
There Were Several Other
Interesting Matches
Last Night
For two hours, an audience that filled
Clan Gordon hall awaited the arrival
of Joe Shimkus, who was expected to
arrive in Barre last evening to meet
"Roughhouse" Joe Perelli, with whom
he waa matched for a finish bout, the
best two out of three falls to win the
content. Bhimkus, through some unex
plained means, failed to make an ap
pearance, so at 10 o'clock Bernard Pem
broke of Montpelier went onto the mat
with Perelli for a finish match.
Perelli secured the first fall with a
body scissors and an arm lock in nine
minutes and 40 seconds, and the second
in seven minutes and 4f seconds with a
body scissors and double wrist lock.
It was under the handicap of a cracked
rib that Pembroke clinched with Perel- j
li, and this Perelli took advantage of
by working incessantly for the body
scissor hold. Pembroke's injury pre
vented the breaking of this hold and
for this reason he was floored tjuic.ker
than if in normal condition. As it was,
he put up a hard tussle with the Ital
ian and made him sweat from head to
i foot in getting his two falls.
Before this match was begun, the
message from Al Lundatroni, known as
the "Swedish Marvel," which challenged
the winner of last evening, was read to
the audience. Should Shimkus refuse
to wrestle Lundstrom the management
assured the audience that Yelies, the
Js'ewport wrestler who failed to show
vip for a match in Montpelier two
weeks ago against Shimkus, is willing
to take on Ijiindstrom or Shimkus,
and as an insurance of his appearance
he has authorized Eli Bourdon of Clare
rnorit, N. H., referee of last night's
bouts, to put up a $100 forfeit. This
match wilf.be held in Clan Gordon hall
next Friday night, March 5, tho man
agement assuring the public that both
principals will be here in due time for
the affair.
While waiting for the train due at
the Barre Central Vermont station at
7:3.j, but which did not arrive until
10.-12, a number of preliminary wrest
ling bouts were staged. The first of
these was the most interesting, as the
participants were evenly matched in
weight and science. These were James
Greig and Edgar Beaulieu. Beaulieu
secured two successive falls, the first
with a double arm hold and body scis
sors, in five minutes and 50 seconds,
and the second in. t wo minutes and 15
seconds with a double wrist lock and
body scissors.
A rather peculiarly matched pair
next made their appearance, Charles
Clough, who declares he was middle
weight champion of the United States
2d cavalry in 15)13 and who weighs 158
pounds, came forth with Raymond
Mushier of Montpelier, a flyweight of
10.1 pounds. The odds were plain to
be seen, but were allowed to go on to
furnish amusement while hopes for the
arrival of Shimkus ut any moment
were expressed by the crowd. Moshier,
however, is somewhat of an acrobat,
and when matched with such a large
opponent was forced to use his acro
batic tactics to keep his shoulders from
the mat. Clough worked but little
with him and easily downed him after
five minutes' stalling.
Silvio Checchi next defeated Beau
lieu in three minutes and 10 seconds,
and Modesto Hiogua in rive minutes.
Perelli, after the bout with Pembroke,
then gave an exhibition with Checchi,
who is a promising young wrestler, for
10 minutes.
Some talk prevailed concerning big
matches wherMin tsuch men as Joe
St etcher and "Strangler" Lewis would
be brought to Barre. Mr. Bourdon, in
a conference after the match with one
or two men interested in sueh, declared
these wrestlers could lie procured if the
Barre opera house could be secured for
the staging of such bouts. Thus far
this year it has been impossible to
rent this place for wrestling bouts and
as there is no other place in the city
large enough to accommodate a crowd
that would wish to see such men per
form, the use of the opera house is in
evitable if such performances are to
be staged in this city.
To relieve It, and to stimulate thn
torpid liver and other digestive or
gans, lake the prompt and pleasant
Mood's Pills
Easy to take, easy to operate.
ild by C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass,
And There Are Seven Candidates
the Catcher's Position on
The baseball bug has begun to buzit
on the U. V. M. campus. The first call
for battery ' material has resulted be
yond expectations. Ten pitchers and
seven catchers is the total to date. Of
course there is a considerable amount
of dead wood which will soon be
droppedont. In another week the call
will go out for men to cover the other
positions. They wilt be given inten
sive training in the cage in preparation
for the southern trip, which has finally
been assured. The trip will include
games with the Catholic university.
Lehigh, Georgetown and Fordham. It
if probable that a couple more games
will be added to this list. Although
impossible last year, Coach Engle be
lieves that such
inestimable benefit to the team when
the regular season schedule is started.
It is also likely that a second team
will be formed this year. With a wealth
of good material in sight, the coach
believes that It will be possible to lorm
such a team.
ior mum, Lumoago
State's Attorney McDon
ough Demands "Open,.
Public Settlement"
Man Who Defied Govern
ment Investigator Rev
els in Triumph
Iron River, Mich., Feb. 27. A peace
conference here to-day to uncover the
cause of the "liquor rebellion"' in Iron
county, assumed fresh Interest when
State's Attorney M. S. McDonough
leader of the "revolt," unnounced he
would demand an "open, public settle
ment." The peacemakers were George
trip will result in I F. Cummerford, chief special agent of
the bureau of investigation of the de
partment of justice, and S. E. Converse
assistant attorney general of Michigan
Triumphal processions of friends ae
companied McDonough wherever he ap
neared yesterday and his popularity
Much or the pitching and catching bad spread throughout the peninsula
ine investigation ot the "rebellion.
it was believed, will be without any
spectacular incident.
material out at present are new men
Kibbee and Try on are two of last
year's first string men. Spillane. for
merly of the Holy Cross champs, has
been added to the forces of tho men
behind the mask. Kerwin, Duba, Pat
ten, Conlin and Rand are expected to
show up well, although it is too early
in the season to even predict who will
show stuff enough to make the team.
Coach Engle is sitting tight ami has
little to say except that the material
will be weeded out as fast as possible.
If Washington Fails to Confirm
Stand in the "Iron River"
Miss Marion Hollins, Metropolitan
Women's Golf Champion, Is Go
ing to Ireland in May.
iew York, Feb. 27. Miss Marion
Ilollins, metropolitan women's golf
champion and national runner, up in
1013, will go to the British Isles in
April to compete in the British ladies
championship tournament
May, it
be held in Ireland in
learned here to-day.
Miss Hollins' decision to enter the
events brings the total of American
women who will compete to six.
First Tournament with the Barre
Knights of Columbus
In the first tournament of pool and
billiards for the championship of the
city, the incitia club team succeeded
in defeating the Kacey team on the
letter's tables last evening by two
points in a 10-point tournament. The
tournament committee of the Knights
of Columbus found themselves hard
pressed for enough players at the start
of the games ,as throe of the best bu
liard players, James Dcvers, Joseph
neafer and i-zra White, laded to ap
pear for the meet through reasons ex
plained to the committee. The second
tournament will be played at the Vin
citia rooms two weeks from last night
I his is the first tune pool and oil
liard teams of these two clubs have
ever competed in any such matches.
The losers of this series entertain the
victors at a supper at Hotel Barre.
Chicago, Feb. 27. Major A. V. Dai
ry mple, federal prohibition enforce
ment director for the central states,
who led the 'expedition'' against the
Michigan rum rebels, to-dav reiter
ated the statement he would resign if
Washington 'failed to "confirm" his
'I am going to force the issue," the
major said. "I am going through with
this and either will be supported or 1
will resign.
M will not rest until State's Attor
ney McDonough and the other officials
of Iron comity who were guilty of
breaking the federal laws arc tried in
court. I went to Michigan to bring
them back handcuffed, if necessary.
My superiors at Washington cautioned
me against embroiling the government
in local affairs.
"I am merely waiting for the inves
tigation by the department of justice
and the issuance of warrants for the
guilty parties."
Tie-Up oa French Lines Is Seriously
Affecting Transportation.
Paris, Feb. 27. Military measures to
deal with the railway strike on the
Paris, Lyons & Mediterranean railroad
which, with strikes on other French
lines, is seriously affecting tho coun
try's transportation, were decided upon
yesterday. It wag announced late yes
terday afternoon after a consultation
at the ministry of the interior, that
the government would call out the
railroad section of the nrmv attached
to the Pans, Lyons &. Mediterranean
to assure the transportation of provisions.
Grandmother's old niussy mustard
luster or poultice generally brought
relief all right, even in the
(evcrcst cases, but it
nd blistered like
"Heat eases
pain," reduces the
intlnmmation and
scatters conges
tion, but you'll
find that while
tSegy'a Mustarine,
made of true yel
low mustard and other pain destroyers,
is just as hot as the old-fashioned plas
ter it is much quicker, cleaner and
more effective and cannot blister.
It's a great external remedy just
rub it on wherever aches, pains, inflam
mation, congestion or swelling exists.
and In a very few minutes the relief
you have longed for surely arrives, be
cause "Heat eases pain." 30 and 60
cents at .druacists or by mail. S. C.
Wells & Co., LeRoy, N
rr burned a
TOOK $6,500
After Ordering Eight Oth
er Persons to Stand
Against the Wall
U. S. Navy Food Supply
Bureau in New York
Was Robbed
Allied Supreme Council Dispatches
Reply to Wilson's Latest
London, Feb. 27. The allied supreme
council last night dispatched to Wash
ington its answer to the latest note of
President Wilson on the Adriatic ques
tion, which arrived yesterday. The re
ply was completed during yesterday's
session of the council.
Peterson's Ointment
Best for Eczema
First Application Stops Itching of Ec-
sema, Salt Rheum and Piles.
Ends Chafing IJistresa In fir Minutes
"Live and let live U my motto." says
Petersen of Buffalo. "DruirKlsts all over
America tell PETERSON'S OINTMENT for
85 rents a lame box, and I say to th
druir!fixt. if anyone buy my ointment lor
any of the di.iiai or ailment for which
recommend it and ar not benKiittd, riv
Lhm their money hack.
I've got a ai full of thankful letters
ratifying to the teirhty heslinff power of
Peterson's Ointment for old and running
ores, ecztnia. salt rheum, ulrars, sora nip
ples, broken breast, itching scalp, rhaflng
and blind, itehina- and blevdinar piles."
John firotU K83 Vinrinia trwt, Buffalo,
writes, "Peterson's Ointment i simply won
derful. It cured me of ecwma and bIm
pile, and it did it to quickly that I waa
Mteniahrd." Mail order tilled by Pttron
Ointment Co., Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv.
New York, Feb. 27. feven armed
bandits entered the headquarters of
itho United States food supply bureau
here last night while Dr. Jonathan A.
Day and his seven assistants were pre
paring to place .fl.oOO in a bag prepara
tory to taking the lay s receipts to a
bank. The workers obeyed the com
mand to stand 'against the wall and
the intruders took the money and sped
away in an automobile.
Archduke Joseph Ferdinand, Head of
House of Tuscany.
Iindon. Feb. 27. Archduke Josenh
Ferdinand, head of the house of Tus
cany, has become enpaed to Mme.
Kosa Jacket, widow of an oliicer in the
rmv, if reports reaching here from
Berlin be true. ,
Will Not Enter It Again, They Declare
in Convention.
Atlantic City, X. J., Feb. 27. Four
hundred delegates attending the con
ference of the United States Brewers'
association, speaking for 90 per cent
of the capital and 85 per cent of the
output of beer in the United States,
declared yesterday in a statement, they
were out of politics.
"We are out of politics entirely,"
explained the statement. "Once ws
were forced into the political field, but
we have concluded to avoid entering it
This announcement came after a long
discussion over the report presented by
William (Juthrie, associated with Klihu
Koot of New ork for the brewers.
He was convince! the pleas of Rhode
Island supplemented by New Jersey,
in Which thev attacked the eighteenth
amendment on several Issues, principal
ly on the score of an abridgement of
state powers as guaranteed under the
federal constitution 'when t was
framed and adopted, would make an
impresnlon on the supreme court, and
he was hopeful they would decide In
favor of the contentions raised by the
two states.
Vincitia Club.
Mackay f0
F. fcias'si f0
Livcndale ."it)
Willey . 4.
Davison 50
Walsh .VI
C. Nas-i 4!)
Hooker 25
Note ii
Milne 38
Were Requested By Queen Mary for
Parliament Opening.
London, Feb. 27.--. Peeresses who at
tended the state opening of Parlia
ment this month wore dresses with low
necks, "but without feathers and veils."
1 his was by order of the lord ehamber-
RP1 3s lain, who nas etiarge ot all slate tune-
K. of C.
K. Lander . .
L. Lander . . .
T. Toraasi . .
X. Marrion . .
J. Downs 50
.1. O'Keefe 50
Langlois 3'
.1. Carroll 50
There Is Some Hitch in Restoration of
Pre-War Conditions.
London, Feb. 27. Resumption of
pre-war shipping relation with tier-
manv is not progressing very smoothlv
At Barrv, the dockers refused to load
the Hedwige Fischer, a German Meam
er which was to take a cargo of canned
meat for Bremerhaven. She was there
upon sent to Avonmouth. where the
dockers were reluctant to do the work,
but finally consented. None of the tier-
man crew was allowed ashore.
It is understood that this new rule
was due to Queen Mary's determination
that in future the dress fur women
attending state functions should be of
a simpler character than heretofore.
Formerly, the corneous dresses of wom
en at these functions drew crowds of
sightseers and "court photographers"
did a big business.
mmm f'f WWM'T'M, !' U W. wji ..I JIM -'' fm
English Pastor Considers He Is
Entitled to More.
Bristol, Eng., Feb. 27. Rev. Gustav
Francis Beckh, a jiative of San Fran
chco. who is pastor of the Oaktield
Unitarian church here, has caused some
comment by refusing to accept an in
crease of X.M.) in his stipend offered by
his congregation.
Dr. Heclni, who is married ami has
one child, receives ViM) a year. He
said many of his congregation had been
hard hit by the war and that all the
the clergy have a right to a-k for is
shelter, Wothes, access to education for
their children, and a minimum of leisure.
The Weak and Tired
Bayer introduced Aspirin to physicians 18 years ago.
"1'jiyer TaNiHa f Aspirin" X bo Lev Colds. Headache. Toothache, Ear-ffBtKi-e
must be m-rke-J with the safe- i ache. Neuralgia. Liirr. ro, Fh"n
tv Trer Ct.- Then roti .r prt-!'"" Jjint r n 'd ''
tit.g the true. wr.H.1 fanvous Ajum.j jUody tin boxes of twrlre tl-M
fWTibNl by phjsifian for ver H wtt but a few ent . !u;it si
yar. 1 H largr "Pay- r ' frVj;'. A'wria
Alav btir an vnhr kri y z c.f , U the t-r!e mark rf Pajr "Msnufae
j'ayer Tsbkts ef Aino,"" V aern-ftfer rf M . oaet " Wester of Sali
tam pr'pfr d r'f'.ii.i t ufely re- rj!W & Adv.
Has Spread from the United States to
Madrid, Frb. 2f. The voting tvietr
jrirl and youths of Madrid hsve taken
to the American habit of ehcninir tnim
and their elders have been much exer
cised as a result. That staid conserva
tive journal, the A. B. . devoted re
cently a column to thia new practice,
srhit'h it denounced in strong term.
According to the writer of this ar
ticle, gum chew inn i the result of
articles by Spanish writers who have
lecentiy visi;l America and of the
American picture produced in th?
Spanish cinema theatre.
Nurses Recommend
Cutkura Soap
It appeals to them because it is
pure and cleansing. It docs much to
keep the skin clear and healthy es
pecially if assisted by touches of Cu
tioira Ointment to flirt signs of pim
ples, redness, roughness or chafing.
Ideal for toilet uses.
R anra to twt th f aaHnatin fraffmnf fS Cirtj.
ira 1 )ani on rma rHn. Boap. OwUaaot and
Tnlram 2Se. arh vvvrrvhrr.
OWNS 2,000,000 TONS COAL.
George Morgan, Welsh Mis?r, Has Bcea
Offered f35O,0OO.
Cardiff. Wales, Feb. 26-Ccorj;.
Motgan. a niiiw who recently itmr
into possession of a piece f land nn.W
which it is estimate! there are StHJ.Oio
tons tf ecsl. has been fferei iTO.OOO
for his ri rhu.
m h ii -j r.i v
lork Kama, dmitil.
rej limine ant
elect! j-arna put
Oi m in MADE
WELL utyferwrar"
r. H. ROt.ERfl CO.
Law Allows Credits for Certain Contri
butions. The income tax law allows a per
son, in flouring' hi 1019 net income, to
take credit for contributions made dur
ing that year to organizations conduct
ing charitable, scientific, educational
and religious work; to societies for the
prevention of cruelty to children or ani
maln; also to the special fund author
ized by the vocational rehabilitation
Before claiming any deduction under
thia provision of the law a taxpayer
ahould carefully consider what is al
lowable. There should be no guess
work or eatimates or setting down a
lump sum, but the taxpayer should
show onlv the contributions as be made
them and aa he can vubstantiate them.
Care should be taken that amounts
given to individual!! are not included
and that the deduction is confined i
strictly to donations during the year
to organizations operated without bene
fit to the peraona behind the move
ment. For instance, a gift made to a
hospital which may bring profit to the
peraous interested in the institution
would not be a deductible item.
All donations , to churches are deduc
tible, including those for miasionary
fund!, church building fundi, pew rent
and church assessment and church
Political Contributions,
The taxpayer should be careful to
omit anv claim for contributions to
fund gathered for propaganda and po
litical purpose. Hie allowable dedue
tions are definitely limited by law to
organir.at ions operated exclusively for
charitable, scientific, educational or re
ligious purposes, for vocational relm
limitation and for the prevention of
cruelty to children and animals.
After listing his contributions of an
allowable nature, the taxpayer should
see that he does not claim an amount
over the limit established by law.
which is 15 per cent of the year's net
income, computed without the benefit
of this deduction.
Contributions may be made in cash
or other property; if other than cash,
the value of the property must he ac
curately determined. Subscriptions or
promise to contribute should not be
considered, the allowance providing
only for contributions actually made.
Members of a partnership may de
duct their proportionate share of the
partnership's contributions to such or
ganizations. Hut a partner is limited
to 15 per cent of his net income on his
total contribution deduction.
i I
1 M:-W I
I i4v W : ... 1
Copyriit 1919 lUrt SduUfuct Sl Uu 0l
j What Satisfies You? I
Vte tor.
You want to be satisfied with the clothes you buy. What is it that
satisfies you?
Quality that lasts, and looks well all the way; long, good serv
ice; style that you and your friends and acquaintances think is
good style; fit that you feel, and your friends feel, is a good fit
And price? Well, all clothes prices are high; whatever clothes
you buy. Wherever you buy them, they'll cost you a good deal.
The real point about the price is what you get for it.
Here you'll get Hart Schaffner & Marx
They'll satisfy you on every point.
overcoats and suits.
Open Monday evenings until 8:30
Moore & Owens
t Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 North Main Street
Telephone 275-M
Fer Colds. Cr cr InSsenta
and as a Pi"rnt'iie. f.k LAXA
f'T F. W. ..; VKS i( nature on the
b". S. Ad.
men at sixty years of age is
'.:!:er a failure or a success.
LECHAM'S PILLS have beer,
--de for fixty years and have
!rj-gcrt ?:e of any medicL'-.e
Ir. the world I Mikiona use
Sold tnrfmimm.
10c 25c -
AH Spain' Enjoyed Unusual Weather
Madrid, -Tan. 7 i All central Spain,
including Madrid. enjoyed perfect
sprinx'ike wes titer during the ftrt
three weeks of .January. tn Sundays
and holidays the open-air rafes in the
fiirroundnig fmthill have been crowd
ed with patrons taking their midday
meal in tne open air, niie tne h.l.s
thenijelve bsve been ?pitted with fam
ily picnic partie.
The fine weather has d me mtirh to
cheek the epidemic of influenza whi.h
was ailing many deaths in December.
The Only Kind.
Deadbrttke (bfirrwirf fivet Words
can ncer "Tny this kindneee, tdd
The Other - Yon're riht nnles
they are the kind tied by money when
it talks. Boston Transcript.
Tiles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
rrti(r;ist reftird mcney if PAZ')
OIXTM f'NT fails to rttre ltfhinr.
:i. r.d. Bleeding or Irtruirp I 'ilea.
Str. Irnta'.nn: Soothes and Heals.
You ran get restful sleep after the
f.rt application. Price tVv. Ad.
Roads Seem Pressed Flat By
Wonderful New Triplex Springs
THE wonderful Triplex
Springs of Overland 4 ef
fect such a change in riding
comfort that bad roads now
seem to ride like good roads.
Overland 4 has the steadiness
of larger cars of long wheel
base, with the light weight.
ease of control and low fuel
and tire expense of 100-inch
Equipment, including Autt
lite starting and lighting and
three-speed transmission, is
high class, in keeping with tho
general character of the car.'
M SaVaUW - i, ...
'-". .... k 'i-- . ;
. ; r- . v ,
SoBtk Kaia Siteet, Orp. Fe Station
Telephones Salesroom. 730; Service Station, 6.15-31
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