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Hood's Pills
In small doses
In Larger Doses
Utds fcr C. I. Hood Co., Lowell. SIai
Bayer Company Who Introduced
Aspirin in 1900, 4 Giva
Proper Directions
Tha Bayer Company, who Introduced
Apinil K- Ultl . u
in each package of genuine "Bayer
Tablets of Aspirin" that to get best
results one or two glasses of water
should be drank after taking tablets.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuine must be marked with the safe
ly "Bayer Cross." Then you are get
ting the genuine, world-famous As
pirin, prescribed by physicians for over
eighteen years.
Each unbroken "Bayer" package con
tains proper directions for Colds, Head
ache, Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia,
Lumbago, Rheumatism, Xeuritis, and
Pain generally.
Handy tin boxes of twelve tablets
cost but a few cents. Druggists also
sell larger "Bayer" packages. Aspirin
is the trade mark of Bayer Manufac
ture of Monoaeeticacideater of Salicyl
kacid. Adv.
American Golfers Seek Re
vision of the Rules ,
of Golf
Also Seek to Make Lost
Ball Penalty Same as a
Ball Out of Bounds
In Olympic Hockey Tournament Over
Antwerp, April 27. America U a
top-heavy favorite over Ozecho-SJavia
for second place honors in the Olympic
hockey tournament. These .teams will
meet to-morrow night. ;
Uraftstrom of Sweden won the men's
figure skating dvent. Xatbmiial W.
XUes of Bostou was fifth.
Chicago, April 8. Wilbur If.
Brooks of Cleveland, president of the
Western Golf association, and James
K. Nugent of Kansas City, president
of the Trans-Mississippi Oolf associa
tion, will attend a conference in New
York on Friday between representa
tives of various associations and the
special L'liited Htates Golf association
committee selected to go abroad to
discuss revision of the rules of golf
with a committee of the Royal and An
cient Golf club of St. Andrews, Scot
land. A number of state qrgiiiiizations in
the West, which were asked to send
representatives, have requested Mr.
Brooks to act for them. The western
men, according to Crafts W. Higgins,
assistant secretary of the Western Gulf
association, will auk that the stymie bo
abolished a.nd that the penalty for a
lot bH bo. made the same as fur a
ball out of bounds. They also will
urge that the rules be rewritten in a
simpler manner.
The special committee, to go abroad
does not have among its members rep
resentatives of the great sectional as
sociations, the Western, the Trans
Mississippi and the Southern,
Says Tat People
Now Kejoice
Testimony Proves Arbolone Safe,
Sure Reducer
Enjoys Wide Sale Amongst Edu
cated Wealthy Set,
The physician who originated the
Anti-fat treatment known to physi
cians and druggists as "five-grain
tablets Arbolone" Is being praised
and thanked ,by scores of women in
the class known as "society devo
tees." A- literary woman In Los Angeles,
being so highly elated over her suo
cess in reducing, has written a clever
little poem, which recites the facts
and expresses deep gratitude as well.
To safely and surely reduce from 20
to 60 pounds is easily accomplished
when tablets Arbolone are used reg
ularly. They are not drastic or dan
gerous, used as directed, but simply
and surely dissolve the fatty ele
ments and eliminate from the sys
tem. Also, they remove the craving
for such foods as are not desirable
for fat folks to use. Herein, Arbo
lone Is superior to all other auti-fat
medicines, as it automatically over
comes the abnormal, perverted appe
tite for starchy fdods, etc. Sold by
all druggists In sealed tubes wish
full directions.
The Price of Fresh Eggs
Still Remains Unchanged
Pork Is Plenty at 19c Per
Pound Dairy Butter
65 Cents
Barre, April 28.
Fresh eggs unchanged. Pork plenty.
Potatoes very firm. Wholesale quota
tions. Dressed pork 19c.
Veals Wfa 21c,
Fowls 37 f-.4tic.
Fresh eggs 45c.
Butter, dairy 63c.
Potatoes Firm at $3.25.
With the Opening of the Eastern Base
ball League To:day.
New Haven, Conn., April 28. Rain
scored first in the Eastern baseball
league on this, the scheduled opening
day. Its chief accomplishment was to
knock out every game on the card, and
nmke managers, players and the "fans''
wonder when the first game can be
(.tiled. Pittslield has planned for Fri
day as (the day to unfurl the 1919
championship banner. The games to
day would have been at Albany with
New Haven; at Bridgeport with Wa
terbury; at Hartford with Springfield,
and at Worcester with Pittslield.
Maple Sugar Market Quotation.
Boston Receipts light. Moderate de
mand. Market steady. Sugar cakes, 40
;47c, mostly 45c j bricks, mostly 40c;
syrup, $:i(n$3.35( mostly $3.25.
New York Supplies light. Market
dull. Sugar, old. 31f:Wc, mostly 32 fn
33c, a few at 27c; syrup, old, second
ruji, 5S2.25( 2.50.
Those Who Are Thin and
Pale Should Take Father
John's Medicine Now
Experts agree
that this is the
best season of
thevear to build
up the strength
and weight that
has been lost
during the win
ter. Father
John's Medicine
is best for this
mirmiae because
it is made of pure and wholesome food
elements which strengthen and build
up those who are weak and run down
and these food elements are easily
taken into the Bysteni. No alcohol or
dangerous drugs.
Jobbing Quotations on Butter, Eggs
and Cheese.
Boston, April 28. Local jobbing
priees follow:
Butter Fancv northern creamery,
tubs 72 'a Qi 73c, boxes 73'a374e, prints
V(q "i'-,r, fancy western creamery
tubs 72(o,72Vic, western creamery good
'emember when-ihe first
automobile cam to town
Select your titan e
cordirtf to the road
they hare to travel:
In sandy or hilly coun
try, wherever the enj
is apt to be heavy The
U. S. Nobby.
For ordinary eovntry
roads The U. S. Chain
or Utco.
For front wheels The
U. S. Pltia.
For best results
everyw here U. 8.
Royal Cords.
TODAY there are more
than 7,000,000 of them
in the country. Pretty soon
nearly everybody in this scc
. tion will be traveling: around
in his own automobile
The first thing a man
wants to know nowadays,
when he starts out to buy a
car, is how'much it is going
to cost him to keep it run
Its all very well to take
some dealer's word about a
tire if you know who he is
and his object in selling it
to you.
Our object in selling U. S.
Tires is to nave you come
back for more and be glad
that we sold them to you.
U. S. Tires have a record
behind them.
They are built by the peo
ple who perfected the first
straight side automobile tire,
who produced the first pneu
matic truck tire.
Two of the greatest con
tributions to tire and motor
economy ever made.
As representatives of the
oldest and largest rubber con
cern in the world, we have
a reputation to live up to.
We can't afford to substi
tute "just as good" tires for
tires of standard quality.
United States Tires
Palace Garage,
H. G. Bennett
Barre, Vt.
Tommy Milton Makes New Automciile
Speed Record Machine in
Flames at Finish.
Davtona. Fla.. April 28. Flames
were" bursting from beneath the hood
j of his lfl-cylinder automobile, at the
finish line to-day when jommy JHiuon
further reduced his own world's record
tnr n and two miles. The first mile
was in 23.07 seconds, or at the rate of g
150 miles an hour. The second mile
was in 23.17, making (the tiwo miles in
4t).24 seconds.
Milton steered the car into the ocean,
after slowing down, to drown out the
to choice 65ft liflc, fair to good 60(a:64c,
storage 61 (n Otic.
Eggs Fancy hennery 58(a 59e, choice
eastern 56(57e, fresh western extras
52(o 53c, prime firsts 51(2 52c, firsts 48
a."c. .
Cheese New York twins, fancy 33
3tc, fair to good 3132c, Young Amer
ica 353flc.
m ' . fc-Marx
jjl 91 -
I w
i v
For University of Pennsylvania's Relay
Hanover. X. H., April 28. Dart
mouth college has entered 18 men in
the Cniversity of I'ennsylvania relay
carnival to be held Friday and Katur-
dav. it was announced to-day. The i g
two-mile relav team will be compoed i
of Watson, MxKioughcran, Crathen and
Coakley. The same team, with the ex
ception of tkwKinow tor watson, win
run in the medley relay.
Leadine men entered for the field
events are t'aptain Mayers, intercol
legiate pole vault champion, for the
pole vault, and Thomas Thompson for
the 120-yard high hurdles and the
discus throw.
Fred Orev, V. S., is at F. .T. Hutton's.
A speciaf meetinjr of Minerva lode,
No. 8ti, F. and A. M., was held on Sat
urday eveninjr, when two candidates
received the M. M. dep-ec.
Xo one in this vicinity is in favor of
any daylight saving system, for thev
used all the daylight there was, both
morniwr and night, and the change of
the railroad time makes it a great
hardship to ithose "ending produce or
taking the train. It is all well enough
for the merchants and bankers and
others who do not bvgin work until
8 or 1 a. m. to boost the daylight sys
tem, but If4 ibem begin work an hour
earlier, if thev choose, and lot the
clocks alone and not compel the farm
ers to arise at 3 a. m., as many will
have to do now to get their mlik and
other commodities to the railroad sta
tion. Mr. Myrick has always been a
friend to the country people and we
are glad he is taking the course that
he is.
James Woodwork has sold one of his
work horses, as his health will not per
mit him to do teaming.
Mr. L. 1). Hea-h returned home from
her daughter's, Mrs. Charles K. Wig
gins, at Tilton, N. H., Jart week Mon
day, but Friday night she received a
letter saying that she was wor and
Mrs. Heath went there again this week
Monday. Mr. Heath is doing bin work.
The "relatives and friends of Mrs.
.TohMh P. Wiggins of Tilton, X. H.,
will be sorry to learn that she has sug
ar diabetes and is under a physician's
Mrs. William Simpson and little
Tenn have returned to their home in
l'etvaoonk. X. H.' She aited her par
en' during the sugar season.
Rev. Howard preaches his farewell
sermon at the meadow and West Oor
irvth rhurches tiext Sunday. He move
from here to Rochester, X. H-, where
he has accepted a call to preach.
Word has been received here that
little Dorothy Oomwtock has the
mump, bilious fever and an atvwes in
her head at Barton, to which place her
mother went two weeks ago.
Frank Lackey is in Kbason, looking
for a job.
Will Wilson of Sharon was In town
lat week and Jerge Moody was in
Sharon to attend their srtore.
(ieonre Parker is delivering the fruit
trees that Henry tlreen sold in town
last fall.
Krdix Swift was taken o ill last
week that his sons. Will and Roy. were
summoned hme on Thursday. He U
more comfortable now.
Mrs. Krdix Swift's sister. Mr. E. K.
Perkin of Pro Mence. R. I., died April
6 of t uleroii!oi. Mr. Swift could
not leave home to attend the funeral.
The big idea back of the
overall club is economy
THE desire for economy in clothes seems to be widespread.
We are for it. It is something we have been trying to en
courage in our advertising. We consistently urge econ
omy. We believe that 'people who do not need clothes should
not buy them. There have not been enough clothes in the coun
try to go around, and anyone who can get along with the clothes
he has, is rendering a public service.
We have also said that if you do buy clothes for reasons of self
respect or other aesthetic feelings, you should buy the kind of
clothes that will be the least wasteful.
Economy in clothes is not simply in paying a low price for them;
it is not getting a certain amount of cloth and tailoring, for
clothes are something more than a mere covering for the body.
You'll find here economy in Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes; we guarantee that they'll give all the value,
wear and style you expect to get in any clithes if not,
money back.
Moore & O w ens
Open Monday evenings as usual
The home of Hart Scliaffner & Marx clothes
V. . Elliott is to have Deleo lights
installed in hi home fhis spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Jame Lovett are paw
ing s-nie time with their daughter,
Mm. We!ev Tucker, in Waitfleld.
Mi-s Lottie Etey went kt Tuesday
io St. Jhnbury for av week's tiait
with relatives.
llavmonJ Campbell of Randolph was
iwiet giiet at J. P. Tikker's.
Wilbur .fohn"n. who has been at
llavid McNeil's during sugaring, re
turns this week U bis home in Raa
dIph. Some farmers report good run c.f
sp Saturday and Sunday.
;trl Fuller epe"t to more ws to
the frn he recently purchased of Leo
T haver.
T Heal a Ceoffc
- Ad.
Rev. and Mrs. Stead Thornton re
turned Monday afternoon from the
Methodist conference at Springfield.
There was a unanimous call front the
church for his return for another year,
and much satisfaction is expressed that
he was again assigned to this charge.
Rev. and Mrs. Thornton have made
many friends in this vicinity since
coming tci (Jroton a year ago.
Mrs. George Tice of St. Johnsbury
came Monday to risit her aunt, Mrs.
Margaret Markham.
John Evans of Meredith. X. H... is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Fred Hatch.
Mrs. Richard Dennis was called to
Sherbrooke, P. Q., last week by the
critical illness of bcr father, Harry
.Tames Davis of St. Johnsbury is
visiting relatives in town for a few
Mrs. Frank Sanders and son, Charles,
of Woodsville, X. 1L, were over-Sunday
visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Heath.
Mrs. H. W. Henderson of Boltonville
has been passing week with her sis
ter. Mrs. Margaret Markham.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Smith were in
St. Johnsbury Friday.
There was no service at the Method
ist church Sunday, the pastor being
abent at conference.
The village schools now begin at 8
o'clock and close at 3 p. m. to conform
with the change of time on the rail
road, as a numlter of children come and
go on the train.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heath of Woods
ville. X. H., were visitors in town yes
terday. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Al
ton Leonard died the last of the week.
The child was about 10 days old and
was ill from birth.
Mis Winifred McLam, teacher in
the primary department of the village
school, was called to her home at Rye
gate Saturday night br the sudden
death of her father. Alexander McLam.
Word from William (i. Welch at the
Mary Fletcher hospital, Burlington, is
t i the effect that he is slowly iraprov- (
ing from hi serious operation last '
Thursday for the removal of a diseased
bone in the Jace. The many friends of
Mr. Welch are anxiously honing for
his complete rei overy. Mrs. Welch is
iu nuriingxon wun ner nusoanu.
Mrs. A. W. Parsons of Barre is
spending a few days with relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. (J. Senor, accompanied
by their daughter. Ruth, and W. E.
Moon, were in Montpelier Monday.
Ruth returned by train to South Roy
ahon, where she is employed.
H. W. Brooks was a business visitor
at Montpelier the first of the week.
Mrs. Charles Parker has leen ill the
past week.
Jarvis Harris has gone to Barre to
visit his daughier. '
Howard Wakefield has purchased of
Harrison Pierce the place where he
lives, possession to be given at once.
Miss Har.el Pierce returned Satur
day from Florida, where h spent the
winter, and went Tuesday to Pitts-
ford, where she is to teach. ...
A. W. Hubbard, road commissioner,
E. F. Thayer and J. W. Mobus, select
men, were In Montpelier last Thursday
So attend the road commissioned,
meeting. T
Miss Ora Parker was at home from
her work at O. A. R. Bragg's etore last
week, owing to the illness of hf
Mrs. Mary Pierce spent Sunday at
her home here from her school in Fays
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Aldrich and daugh
ter went Saturday to Stowe to visiB
his parents, returning Sunday.
Clem Hutchins is ill at the home f
his brother, Wakio Hutchins. V
tefc WANDY
to Tak
"I have beer. t
Uif Your Sulpherb Tablets More !
r Las foe Many Yeara and Hve
R commanded Them to Many,
Beeaua I Think Thay
Soowld Bo In Every
Thus write- Mr. Win. Cameron.
1911 F21a Place. Denver. Colo, and
we publish this brief statement to
prtT the never-ending valoe of Sul
pherb Tablets, in the treatment of
turn ailments aa chronic constipa
tion. Impaired kidney action, and
consequent impure blood manifested
in many wars, such as headaches,
pimples, bolls, rash, hires, rheuma
tism, etc. Nea-lected constipation
undoubtedly brlnrs osj a long trait
of more en-tous ilia and too war to
get relief ia to as Snlphero Tablet i
as laxatiT tonic blood clearer
They are made ef extracts of bert
and roots and contain snlpbur and
cream of tartar, tbos snpplvtTig the
eesentiais for a rervlar and effective
treatment Sold br droaraetB eeory-
wberw at 9e Ter robe. Adv.
ii 2 A rfN.
Monadnock and
Angelus Flours
Are offered to the housewife who appreciates
a genuine short patent Bread Hour of the
highest quality.
Sold by reliable grocers. Ask yours about
it to-day.

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