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For Men,
Hotel Baifre,
Barre, Vt.
Adams, N. Y.
Our Expert Truss
Fitter, G. C. Reid, will
be at the Hotel Barre,
May 6, 7 and 8. He will
be assisted by Mrs. G.
C. Reid in fitting the
women and children.
Every ruptured man,
woman or child should
take advantage of this
The Rice Method for
Rupture is known the
whole world over. You
can now see this meth
od demonstrated and
have a Rice Appliance
fitted to you. Absolute
ly no charge unless you
are satisfied to keep the
Outfit after having the
Appliance adjusted
and you see how per
fectly and comfortably
it holds. No harsh, deep
pressing springs, noth
ing to gouge the flesh
and make you sore. Can
be worn night and day
with positive comfort.
Soft, rubber-like com
position pad, any de
gree of pressure re
quired. Don't wear a truss all
your life when thou
sands have reported
cures through using
the Rice method. Why
suffer the -burden of
rupture if there is a
chance to be free from
truss-wearing forever?
Anyway it will cost you
nothing to come in and
see Mr. Reid at the
Hotel Barre. Office
hours, 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to
5 p. m., evenings 7 to 9.
Sunday by appointment
Don't miss this great
opportunity to see an
Expert on Hernia.
Adams, X. Y.
Freight Wreck on Mountain Road
Smashed Seven Cars.
A wreck of twelve freight cars at
Smith Littleton, N. If., last Saturday
tied up the mountain road for several
hours. Evidently from the manner in
which the cars are distributed over the
landscape the train was running at a
good rate of speed. One of the cars
was over 250 feet frm the rail minus
it trucks where it hud evidently gone
through the air. All the cars were
loaded with leather, paper and horses.
The horses were consigned to Kimball
& N'utter of Woodsville, X. H., and of
the fourteen in the car two were killed
and several injured.. The track was
cleared for all through trains by Sun
day afternoon.'
Kimball Marshall left last Saturday
for a week's visit with his son in
Lowell, Mass. , f
In an intgrjMing game at tire finish
Wells Kiver high school won from
Newbury high by a score of ti-o, the
game going ten "innings before being
settled. Both pitchers were wild and
passed many men, the wildness of the
Newbury man being his undoing, al-.
lowed Wells River to tie the score and,
to cap the climax, he hit Cameron in
the last of the tenth with three men
On, forcing over the winning run. The
battery for Wells, River was Darling
and Harvey. -1
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the Wells River Study club
was held at the home of its president,
Irs. L. IX Sifiith, on Monday afternoon
at 3-30 o clock. The following officers
were elected for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. Donald Fraser; vice
president, Mrs. R. K. Farwell; secretary
and treasurer. Miss Ruth Randall: as
sistant, Mrs. 'fS. K. Clark. Xcvt Mon
day night the club will hold its uniiual
gentlemen's night in village hall.
Carroll Rowers moved his family
from his rent, in the llebb house into
the house formerly owned by Fred
Phillips on the Ryegate road. In so
doing ho will be much nearer his work
at Moore's mill.
The birch vard which is being put in
operation above Wells' River village
will employ about 20 men. Shacks
and permanent houses are being erected
for their use.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hebb are spend
ing several days at the home ot Mr.
and Mrs. Otto Teuber.
Dr. Ferry returned Monday from
Xiggerhead pond, where he spent the
week end. lie reports the weather as
exceptionally nice for a fishing trip.
The fishing season of the fish and
game club opened on the first. Several
availed themselves of the chance to go
fishing but the fish that were brought
homo were not many.
There is considerable talk of putting
a good ball team in the field this sea
son. Several from-out of town have
stated their desire to play, among them
being McDonald of South Ryegate,
Rrown of Boltonville, Carlson of Xew
burv and others, also several here in
Weils River, who last year could not
see their way clear to play. If plans
materialize the team ilmt represents
Wells River wiil be one of local men
of this vicinity and will cairy no pay
ing positions and the men that play the
seivsKii through will have first chance
on playing in any special games. We
hope the public 'will approve of this
and support the boys in as nice a man
net as they did lust season.
The Mt. Mansfield Creamery associa
tion is putting on a six-foot addition to
the front side of both stories of its
main building. This will give more
work space and office room. The grow
ing business of the association has
made the iircsent snace entirely inade
quate. In April the creamery made a
ton more ot nutter man last, .nine,
which was the best month since start
itin the business and is iiually the
month f highest production.
Harold Hreer, who has been working
at A. R. Weeks' went ' Monday to
Avon. Conn., where he has a position
offered him. Mr. Hreer is visiting rel
atives in Sheldon and West Held until
arrangements are made to take the
family there.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Tangle and Mrs.
Tunnies mother. Mrs. Hannah Knight,
who have passed the winter with Mr.
Tangle's parents at Syracuse, Kan..,
are now at .lunction City. Kan., vis
iting .Mrs. Knight's brother, Fenno
Iiiuyham. on their way home.
Mrs. Foster S. Dow of St. .Inhnshury
is spending a few days at her home on
Maple street.
. Sever t 1-aison and Joseph Sevdin,
who recently moved to Worcester,
Mass.. came '.Monday for a short stay
and plan to drive the Larson car back
to Massachusetts.
Mrs. X. to. Robinson 'i. recovering
from an attack of jaundice.
Archie Lioardman of Wolcott was a
recent visitor at A. H. Weeks'.
Miss erna Stockman has returned
from Xorthfield. where she attended
junior week at Norwich university.
' i.-ii- i i l
Ueorge 111 l ins, who nas iiuiiueu
his work with the C. E. 4 F. O. Rurt
Co.. went Monday to Jtristol, l onn.,
where he expect employment.
Mrs. Xellie Simonds of Waterbury
is raring for Mrs. Cvnthia Stebbins at
the home of Mr. Stebbins' son, Bernard
K. Stebbins. on Brush hill.
Miss t.lcndoia Xntting has returned
from Hartford. Oonn., whrre she has
had employment through the winter.
Miss Nutting expects to go to Lake
Mansfield for the summer, the last of
"Miss Alice Nutting's school at
Brownsville is closed this week on ar
count of Miss Nutting's illness with
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Burns of Cam
bridge, who have leen with .Mrs.
Burns' parent. Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Button, arriving here Sunday, begin
housekeeping Tuesday at (loverdale
farm on West branch, which Mr. Burns
ha rented of (ienrge S. tiale. Mr. iale
and family will remain in part of the
Donuld Clark, son of Mrs. Homer
Button, has begun work this week for
W. A. Sears on I'mir Winds farm.
N. B. John-n has hemin work on
the houe which Klmer L. Barrows i
put tin 2 up fr his parent. Mr. and
Mrs. l. A. Barrows, to occupy. The
biiihling is the tJale hoolhouse, which
Mr. Barrows purchase.!. It is poinz up
on a lot purchased of W. L. Demeritt
on Br idee street.
Roftf-rt Smalley "went Tuesday to
llsriford. (onn.
Mr. Klmer L. Barrows has returned
frora WsUtWnry. where she wis called
List ek !T the illns of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mow. br.Ui of
wlmm irr ri-o ermc frrvn ietSuenra.
Mr and Mm. wot 2 W. firover c.f
Wat-tbury ti;te4 Mr. and Mr. Jhn
I jtm h Ti lay.
Frank Miliar .f B!liri1n a
juv-rnt ewf ' ( Mi- Mvra i am.rl!.
St. 11 a fci'use on Mai-le street, ili.
Doubleday and family will move there
from the S. If. Kaiser house. Mr. and
Mrs. 1 R. Kaiser, who now occupy the
Stowell house, will move to the Kaiser
house. .
The condition of 0. A. Barrows of
Moscow continues to fail.
Mrs. (1. E. Secchiasi went to the hos
pital at Hanover on Monday for treat
ment of her arm, which was injured
some months ago. She was accompa
nied 'by her husband.
Mrs. Annette Courtney of Lyndon
ville Hrrived here Friday, nd is a vis
itor at E. F. Clark's.
Mrs. Richard Dennis returned the
last of the week from Sherbrooke, P.
Q., where she was called ten days be
fore by the illness and death of her
father, Hurry Hopkins.
Mrs. Mary Foster and daughter, of
Molrose, Mas., are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Foster.
Mrs. George FaMiiian was in Woods
ville, X. II., Monday.
William G. Welch was home from
the Mary Fletcher hospital, Burling
ton, over Sunday, returning the first
of the week for further treatment.'
Mr. and Mrs. John Hatch and chil
dren were visitors at the home of Mrs.
Hannah Hatch in Xewbury on Sunday.
Rev. Stead Thornton was at Tops
ham Tuesday to officiate at the funeral
service of the ten-year-old aon of
Cleveland Hood, the victim of the acci
dent, Saturday forenoon. Relatives from
here who attended the funeral, were A.
W. Eastman, the grandfather, Ir. I.
X. .Eastman, David Eastman and Mrs.
Anna Page. Mr. and Mrs. ,1. H. Taiey
and Mis. Jennie Crown of Woodsville,
X. IT., were also in town and went to
Tops-bum for the service. Tlit body
was brought here for burial beside his
mother, who passed away last Febru
ary of influenza. '
Moving hiJs seemed to be the order
of the day here for tin; paH few days,
no less "than six tatnilie having
changed their place of residence. Mr.
and Mrs. Mauley Carpenter have stored
their household goods and gone tit
Thetford, Ear! Walbiidge has moved
his family from the Taylor block to
the tenement; vacated by Mr. Carpen
ter, JohnA. Chalmers has moved from
the Margaret Markham house to Mrs.
Cora Welch's tenement and Jackson
Jones has taken possession of the
Murkham house, which he recently pur
chased. D. A. Morrison has moved
from the Burton house to the Jack
son Jones farm and S. B, Heath has
changed from the PilLsbury house to
a house on Pine street.
Fear Prevents
Fat People
From Reducing Weight The Fear
Is Needless When
Arbolone Tablets Is the Treat
ment To Be Used. Proven
. Safe and Sure.
Hundreds of thousands of tubes
of Arbolone Tablets have been mar
keted in the past Ave years and not
a single case has ever been reported
of their being deleterious in any way.
On the contrary, many are grateful
and write letters similar to this one,
which was received from Mrs. Lilla
Richards, Plttsfield, Maine:
''Dear Sir: Two years ago I tried
Arbolone Tablets. It not only re
duced me, but cured my headache
and heart palpitation, and removed
that bloated feeling. Recently my
weight again increased. I began
Arbolone again and one box reduced
me from 199 pounds to 182 pounds,
and I feel so much better. I shall
continue until my weight Is again
normal, etc."
Buy Arbolone Tablets of druggists
In sealed tubes with full directions.
It is the one safe, sure, dependable
obesity medicine. A genuine guaran
tee of entire satisfaction accompan
ies every package. ' 1
Mr. John O'Brien, 659 N. 15th
St,, Philadelphia, writes: "I had
been troubled for years with
chronic constipation, until my
whole system seemed poisoned,
ifud ' I suffered with headache,
languor, depression and general
Impaired health. I began taking
Sulpherb Tablets and got Imme
diate relief. I am, after many
months, still regular In habits-,
and thank you, and hope they
will become known to thousands,
etc." If your blood Is bad, tongue
coated and you are constipated,
with stomach and bowel Irregu
larity, get a tube of Sulpherb Tab
lets of your druggist right away.
Tby are made of sulphur, cream
of tartar and herbs so don't ac
ceirt. ordinary "sulphur" tablets.
sor were in town Saturday and Sunday
with their m w Overland car.
Mrs. William Thompson and daugh
ter from Connecticut are visiting here,
guests of Mrs. Thompson's mother,
Mrs. Demas, and her two sisters, Mrs.
11. L. White and Eva Dcinas.
Ed LaCount was quite badly hurt
while working in the woods for Basselt
and Willcy last week, when he received
a bad blow on his head from a falling
limb. He is better now.
Thousands Have Discovered
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
Are a Harmless Substitute
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are' the
result of Dr. Edwards' determination
not to treat liver and bowel complaints
with calomel. For 17 years he used
these tablets (a vegetable compound
mixed with olive oil) in fcis private
practice with great Euccess
They do ail the good that calomel
does but have no bad after effects. No
pains, no griping, no injury to the
gums or danger from acid foods yet
they stimulate the liver and bowels.
Take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
when you feel "logy" and "heavy."
Note how they clear clouded brain and
perk up the spirits. 10c and 25c a box
Mr. and Mrs. Alden True from Wind
VAE-NE-SIS 1 recognised as
remedy of real value in the treat
ment of this disease.
Tbs '8tory of T AR.BE-8IS' will istareit
jo aid skews why 1 ay
' IT'S PRSB. Sen lot it.
W. A. VARNfcY, Lynn, Mat.
Toar irillilt Mill T4R-JTB-8IS
When Children are Sickly
are Constipated, Feverish, Cry out in thoir aleep, Take cola
easily, Have Headaches, ritouiu'ch or Bowel trouble, Try
Tt,r- an nu...,,i in tula n,l (vrtnin relief. Ther act on the Stomach.
Liver and Bowels and tend to correct iuteRtinal disorder. 10,000 testimonials
frora mothers and friends of little ones tellinR of relief. Ko mother should be
without a box of Miher Oray's Sweet l'owders for use when needed. AC
ftMfjy. At Druggists. The need of them often conies at inconvenient hours.
Used by Mother for over Ihfrty yean.
Do Not Acwpt Any Substitute lor MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS.
yyiwp f -A y IT f t wawtll- Ml Mil
Relieve! Deafness, Stop Head Nouei
It is not put in the earn, bit is "Rubbed
in Back of Lars" and ' Inserted in the Nos
trils." Has had a Successful Sale since 1907.
Price per bottle $1, plus 4c tax
K.r In Birr. Vt. br B.rr lni 137 S Min St. Rd . Pharmrr.
! No. Main fit Proof ol HKtM will be fin tmi br h ! irrI.
I DON'T 5.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D.' Fellows Married 50
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Fellows cele
brated their 60th wedding anniversary
Tuesday,. May 4, very quietly, friends
ealling tfr wish them many years of
. ' i -
Mrs. W. E. Cunningham Is.! visiting
friends at Vershire for a week.
Mr. and Mr. Leonard Tillotson of
Orange spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs.
Martin L. Tillotfton at W. B. Hood's.
O. C. Croxford has moved from W.
B. Hood' farm to the John Hutchinson
farm at KaHt Orange.
Several from this place attended the
auction at J. J. O'Meara'a Tuesday.
Mrs. L. T. Welch and Mrs. ieore
Fetch spent a few days in Barre re
cently to care for Mrs. Welch's daugh
ter, Ada, who is dick.
E. V. Batten has pone (to Meredith,
X. If., for a few months.
Reta Thurston of West Topsham
spent a few days at the home tf Olive
Batten recently.
A daughter came to gladden the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Eastman
Friday, April M0.
Shirley Gauthier spent the 'week yid
with her parents in East Barre.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Colby' have
moved to her father'n, Sidney Hood,
Ivis Hood of Coddard seminary spent
the week end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Sidney Hood.
J. H. Buck, of Franklin. X. H.. is in
town for a few days, coming Friday of
last week.
Edjrar Trask has moved his family
to the house he houuht of Mrs. Wills.
He is collecting milk and cream for
the North Randolph creamery.
Mildaed Dodge and 'Teddy'' Cary are
hack in scliool this week, after having
the measlHi.
Mrs. Morse and Mrs. Cain were in
Randolph Saturday.
Steele's orchestra played at a Ma
sonic dance at Chelsea, Friday night.
Several car loads of people also went
from here and some took in the dance
at Bethel.
Frank (ireen and Mrs. C.reen visited
their daughter in Randolph Sunday.
Walter took them over in his car.
Mrs. Spiller is improving some, so
her friends are hoping she may be able
to be up around tlie house once more.
She has been verv ill with heart trou
ble and pneumonia.
We are sorry to hear Vera Jones is
not so well. She has been quite sick
with neuritis.
Mark Hyde and son. Robert, were in
Lebanon, X. H., one day last week.
.Mrs. Adams upent a day in White
River Junction a few days ago.
Charles Dodge has sold one pair of
his work horses.
W. W. Brown of Randolph visited his
rmrents Sunday, and Mr. and Mrs.
I Warwick of Montpelier also visited her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D.
I Allen Rogers is with his family for a
! few days. He works in Chieopee Falls,
This Signature on Yellow
IJox and on Iiottle
Fifth A'tna. New Vrk Citr
Have You Made Your Mother's Dreams
Come True? Are You the Strong, Success
ful Iron Man She Expected You To Be?
Combination Insurance
with agents in every city
Gives automobile, owners complete
I protection against loss by:
LIABILITY for I'ersoiial Injuries
LIABILITY for Damage to I'roperty
COLLISION Parnate to Automobile
FIRE, Lightning, Explosion,
Water Damage
THEFT. Cyclone, Tornado,
LOSS OF L'SE of Auto during
J. W. DILLON, Agent
or are Worry, Work and Ill-Health Sapping the Iron From
Your Blood and Robbing You of the Prizes that Come
With Health and Success? Physician Explains Why
So Many Men of To-day Need the Help ot
That Give Courage and Power To Go In
and Win.
Every mother has dreams for her son.
And whether it be the mutner oi inc
f rize-fighter or the statesman, she i
equally proud when HE wins. She thinks
of HER struggle from the very sUrt to
nourish the tiny babe into rugged bcy-
SW rjpm - - a x .
hood-then to build up his heaitn. ora , sz ;r&Z.SjVt i trwfill 'ftvi ? f
and brain to fight the battles of young ' 5Crg ' ft&h-t C-4"' '
manhood. She did HER best to teach ?MH(&M- -fYl) ''Vrm SW&f
him what health and strength rneant in r $Xbi&&SX l'MJg'-" 'V
the race for success, and the boy who ' ftf t4tll&& vU?
was able to hold fast to her teachings u .'nV - r-'4u-JZ R?
today in a portion of power. .VW;V" J ? ? j 11 -.i'-r--
their mother fast as dfei-jHVn). who . R Jj V O
wear the while carnation on Mother. Day ,S, VTTHkx Ci TV.'A f "-'Hiitf H V
thMifHl. who never fail to mil home it?vi 'it, -y-iJ- -
VET ther would hesitate answer the 4T A. J' ' f ' ' -' ;
ueion. "Have Yon Uade Your Mother's U W"! t 1 " -41 Jft I -4i
Ilream. Come True '"-r kerause , f k? t2$ttJ A3 ?4
the mad rush for the Succe which the i .AW Jlf f'.W-i lAii? ' K
knew would make II rR proud, ther have . p "77 JLjA Vf ?f 'f.'l'!
al rped upon one point. Ther have nrgWted 'A&itt.Z?& ' v 'y Vitk"
her off repcatej woHt: "Uk to Your 'f.JTJX' m h. '. X'i ; 't,-!!1
Health Fir,t. My Bov." In pu.hln, the.r rf.lSjJSXfl TV '.fVll i J
mental enertie. to the limit without the , l.O XL AV1.;, '' ' f.'.? iUVj-'
rry.iral atrenwh to back them up. they have S,YT',.&Jf tf I'ailtA 'V- i A V, .' 3
allowed worry, work and ill-health to aap (f 't . rJ'Zff l'ffjf&fr T1 ,-1-4; Lv
the row from their blood ami I'ave them ,,:'' If t-A frC.4M.v5 '.V-V-Ali-.l '
weak, rervoua and rtm-dvwn. Th men - r fi t ; Y Mtv-i!t'-; . . v
re aa ana ioui to yet ahead aa anyone ele ry "." r-"-kiAV"' ,': v.-
.tit they do not reilij that iron i o- jfj t J 8.7- . S -L ' iV v "S. -5 s'i".-
lutelv evwntial to the yreatwt err-lnpmeit w , a fX.tJ - - vla, A r
f phval and mental nower. B,? in ,he ('' H AI f 0 A Si EVCIT
ano rear 01 aimirrn uav 111 w:irp 7 ) ' , J fl WV J -VJ' V V " wr
wroitureil 6v the noamr.in toodi ana out- . .1 - : 1 nt.V'i ' JJrr-.i f
dorr rport of novhood da that ken? up I j', .It ill FlhK&f-' 1JL.V,
tV, ,-r1v cf irn in their Mood. Vn'ea. X''!?! r.'rrfSraJVa
thev wrrlv thi. iron defcienrv row ther- J ' i jj, alV- LVrf VtT3
cannot hope to have the rirh. red blfl that V '. 1 j Y-rr&&l -tTpk" ,
rnd 6re of eneryv thrmtfh body and brain i Vj lr H. 4.f, ''Ta'--'V---VS!-
and make, men et ahead. Yet. to take the ' , , i . 1 ' .Jj ,''?,x ?5 'It " tI A.
vrwf form rf iron mav rrv wTe than iV I ' til !. ' ' i ii. -I1 jfJ'-' v V?Sfc V". .
and therefore rhvVHan. belw e- U . I ? fl f , . ! :-T t ' 7d-' VJ V .
,n- iron ' f '3 ,( A-f-;-'.ts' j t C-V
'I'hone 31 R
Harre, X'ermout
!. whv t'-er rrevriVe only on
Novated Iron far red blood, atrenyth and
"It ' the trn of b!ood and Iron who
wpfl forye shrad in the bTiir and tv'tttral
1 'e of the country toJav." av Tr. T.
A'rhonvti. Wallace, a r-h-vV-ian of tntf
reara evrerience and f'-rmerlv of the EriMh
S'aral Merfiral Service. "Wit-mt iron
there ran be no tr-r. red V-1ed rtn,
mn(i nnleiw th:a rcrffTh-yivina; iron i. oh-tainr-1
frm the fonS.t we rat. it irnrt be
anroiird in .otot fn tvat m eawly ahorbe'l
wnd awn-..atrd- For th" mrrpo I alvavy
re 'uieiid cttiflic irrw tia?ed Iron , . . .
which Vt eawfei tv V-v! a-1 creatiry rhrK thounl. at
asrw Mood re",, rT-r-r-'-r". the rrvr. r-reCTibe nryan iren
tr4. iT4 t.ii mnA tln , in it ervTmr n t 01
the Thrill
of Mother
Love Owes
it to Hira-f-clftoRcad
the Aceom-
, a n y i n g
A few new Indian moto
cycles ready for delivery.
Also I have a few second
hand motecycles:
1 19l3 twin single speed, $60.
1 1914 two-speed twin, $123.
1 1916 twin 3-speed $200. .
1 1916 twin speed single,
1 1917 twin three-speed and
side ear, $280.
A good spuply of parts for
llarley and Indian in stock.
a7 N. Main St.
Bijou Theatre
Entrance on Pearl St.
Threw Shows Daily, 1:15. 6:4.5. -:3
(including war tax)
MATINEES rxAd.it. lie. Childm lc
EVEMNt.Sl Adulta 2c. Children le
Viola Dana
On cf tn we'tet airl. on the arrecn
to-usy. tn
A dndy eto-7 that will lcme e-teryone.
AIm Hurton llolmea travel Sim.
! I
in "iipife.
ThurWay. May
The r aorriai fi.ture with an all-alar
.a ahould rot mie. it. Wc.nwa nraot arc
j tt. A l apirtal Mwl Kainbnw eoeoedy.
rve-r er"i-J-'r
Niijated Iron for
fi the be. t
i '1 renewed crr-rv in. the whole 't-i
wSether a pewn t o-f or o'i. It wv
trT.Mtn, Vcvad Iron t tVe r.rr niaS't
t- e, at.enrrh ad blo3-fcji':der any
rV ' "m can r-e
Irhn I Van H 'v-w -1v V":-at
toT-v-er a1 flnira' r-'lria- oO The
"a-d -f I'h ef w V--V Ci-v. nar..
T heir- b-"'d r-vr:r r. ra'-hirr men mni
w- .0. hrter ah nhvf-an-- ro wwrt t1-"
I ci.ral ii etriy lie, I W!irrc taat
ytioed, S'jvated Iron will irserea
the reir-i. noer mr-i e!iran cf eU
a:e. rf-rui, rvt.. pecie ia t.
-r" tis-.e 1a tt nanc-.
ar i red fciooa bai.arra twa c
o ma-'-r what t'T t r- or -on
re ie too hi- e w '. Bjrcr , r
tt o are not rtrony cr ve - re ,.,-
ycarv f to ir-c t-e f-.:- : f te: - Ike
lew Vr via can vrrl or h w fr r-m can
M -ttrai l-mr. -y t rri c! ait t
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Triaay. May 7
Gladys Hrockwell in
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Sataraay. May
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Woodwork That Beams
If the woodwork looks a bit down-hearted,
call in the Bay Stater and he will make it
more cheerful than ever. For the bath tub,
screens, floors and all painting work inside
and out there is a Bay State Liquid Paint
that does the job to the queen's taste.
Bay State Liquid Paints
are really the cheapest you can buy, for
they cover more surface, look better and
stand more punishment from wind and
weather than any other paints made.
INOROUT, the All-Round Varnish
Hera is a varnish that will do every varnish job you
can dig up for it. Use it inside, take it outdoor; sub
ject it to the elements, pour boiling water on it and
you can't even dull its gloss. There isn't a varnish
"just aa gooa" as INOROUT.
Ltrtetl Paml tnd Vmrnish Makers in New Entlani
Ton ran buy laorout Varniah and Bay Stale Paint from
LEE S. BLANCHARD, General Merchandise, Grdton, Vt.
iWaawaiH MWLatfucft!
V . . M I
$15. ssX
Ltttest Footwear Fashion
for Women
Whimsical Fashion so often changes
her mind that the mode of yester
day is put aside for the more
novel ofte of today, r ore-
most in favor for this spring
i the
and narrow, silk rib
long vamp ; plain U
One of the season's
Black Russia l
pictured here. Its
charming sim
p!icit of design
is relieved by
small toncue
on lace, which ties into a chic bow. Medium
-; turned sole; calf-covered Louis 15th heel.
inoat striking styles.
Order by Mail Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Poataae Prepaid ia U. S.
Full Line of New Spring Hosiery
Our 1920 Footwear Catalog Gladly Mailed on Rtqnttt
47 Temple Place, Boaton, Mass.
Archie Johnston's. Sale
No. 7 South Main Street, Ilarre
direct from the breeders who raised them. In
matched pairs from 2,100 to 3,600 lbs., and
blocky built singles from 1,100 to 1.800 lbs. The
best that grow. Your attention invited. Drafters,
delivery, general purpose chunks and farm mares.
Horses here to suit all needs.
it it's a horse, I have it.
Barre, Vt.
Archie Johnston
When you think of New Shoes, come in and look our
lines over. We have Ladies' and Gents Dress Shoes in a
variety of styles. Shoes for growing girls.
White Shoes for ladies and misses.
In Men's Work Shoes we have a Brown Canvas, with
rubber bottom, that is a good number for summer wear,
also the regular Leather Shoe for hard knocks.
Let us show you.
LEE & CLARA B. SHORTT, Marshfield, Vt.
Carpenter and Builder.
Tel. 76 1AV Res. -16 Johnson St.

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