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The Tendency That Way Is
Causing Great Uneasi
ness Jn Country
Railway Traffic Virtually
Suspended and Shipment
of Relief Interrupted
Balum, Caucasia, May 5. (By the
Associated Press.) All American wom
en workers with the American commis
sion for relief in the near east have
been ordered to Tiflis by Colonel Wil
linni N. Haskell, in charge of opera
tions, as a result of the capture of
Baku by the Russian bolsheviki. A
few women engaged in relief work
nothr of the Caucasus mountains
have been sent here.
Georgia has refused to permit Ar
menia railroads to1 obtain oil. In con
eaminnnn riailwav traftin has been vir
tually suspended and the shipment of
relief supplies has been interrupted.
Lsbor unions here have announced they
will refuse to allow stores of clothing,
iir,,many years druggists have
Ifhed with much interest the re-
rkable record maintained by Dr.
filmer's Swamn-Boot. the jrreat kid-
... licit- an A l.larlrlor mr.fi if-ina
it is a physician's prescription.
Uunmnjnnf. i a. strenirthenini? med-
iinr It hclns the kidnevs. liver and
bladder do the work nature intended
they i-hould do.
Swamp Hoot has stood the test of
years. It is sold by all druggists on its
merit and it should help you. No other
kidney medicine hat so many friends.
He sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test
this great preparation, send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binphamton, N.
V., for a sample bottle. When writing
be sure and mention the Barre Times.
You've been hearing about the astonishing
realism of the New Edison.
Now you ask : "Is this realism so true that
I feel the same emotions in listening to the
New Edison as I feel in listening to the
living singer?"
Our answer is put the New Edison to
the test!
Mr. Edison devised his unique Itealivn
Test for this very purpose. Then he invited
distinguished psychologists to try it out.
Each of the three men pot sensations that
were startlingly vivid.
"I could have sworn there was a living
singer itanding behind me," said Dr. W.
Hood's Saraaparilla A Good Blood
Purifying Tonic Medicine.
It is a medicine in which the people
can and do have entire confidence as
pure, clean and safe.
All the claims made for it are justi
fied by the testimony of the gratifying
results attending its use in a multitude
of cases of scrofula, eczema or salt
rheum, psoariasis, blood-poisoning, ca
tarrh and rheumatism, and of loss of
appetite, that tired feeling, and low or
rnn-down conditions common in the
spring. .
It is not adulterated; it is not mis
branded, but honestly labeled. It orig
inated in a physician's prescription
and is recommended and used by many
physicians to-day. It has a record of
nearly 50 years of wonderful success.
Hood's Karsaparilla "makes food
taste good." Get it to-day.
If you need a mild laxative or ca
thartic, take Hood's Tills. Adv.
food and supplies to be taken out of
the city.
Danger of the entire Caucasus region
turning bolshevik is causing great
uneasiness among business men here.
Alignment of Georgia with the bol
sheviki is expected soon, and there are
indications that allied occupation of
this city may be abandoned because
of the hostile attitude of the people.
If allied forces do not take over control
here, it is believed Armenia may form
an alliance with the soviet. Conver
sations between Moscow and Krivan
are now in progress it is declared.
Tanners' Council to Place Blame for
High Cost of Shces.
Atlantic City, N. J., May 6. The
high cost of shoes and other leather
products will be among the problems
discussed at the annual meeting of the
Tanners' Council of America, which
opened here to-day. Representatives
of all branches of the leather indus
try except the retail dealers were pre
Gallant, Boston Lightweight, Struck
One Blow and It Was All
Salt Lake City, Utah, May fl. Gil
bert Gallant, Boston lightweight,
knocked out Pat Gilbert of Salt Like
City in the fir round of a (scheduled
six-round bout here last night. But one
blow was struck, Gallant catching Gil
bert on the point of the chin with a
left hook, Bending him down for the
count. ,
"fog , i life
Jill 'I Imw
We ghe it in our store. Yov can hear it exactly as did the noted
psychologists uho lisited the Edison Shop on Fifth Avenue, Xerc York.
Ask about our Bridget Han. It shorts you
hoxc to buy your Arte Edison through Thrift.
18 No. Main St., Barre, Vt.
Both the Government and
Labor Federation Are
Claiming .Victory
Is Charged With Plotting
Against Interior Secur
ity of the Country -
Taris, May fi. Ernest Loriot, a
prominent member of the socialist
federation of the Seine, was arrested
to-day charged with plotting against
the interior security of the country in
connection with the railroad strike.
The strike situation was unchanged
both the government and the labor
federation claiming victory.
Marseilles and Hav're are completely
tied up by the strike of dock workers,
while railroad service is greatly re
duced. Only 52 trains were dispatched
from St. Lazare station yesterday,
while in normal times 5(i2 leave this
terminal daily.
Edgar Bcaulieu of Barre to Box Harry
Holmes of Montpelier Valise
and Glinney Also to Meet.
In the armory hatl in Montpelier this
evening three boxing exhibitions arc to
be staged under the management of
Promoters Daley 4. Meijis. Two of the
bouts are featuring lightweights or
to be more exact the rirnt bout will
be between two clever lightweights and
the final between two featherweights.
Edgar Bcaulieu of Barre and Harry
Holmes of Montpelier, both clever
fighters, will start the evening's per
formance with a six-round bout.. Both
these men have been seen in the ring
before this jeer. The semi-final will
bring Guido Valise of Barre and Cy
clone Glinney of Montpelier together
for the first time. Valise's friends,
aware of the fact that he hss not
the quickness of Glinney, are backing
him nevertheless as they portend he
can take a lot of punishment and has
a territlic punch in both arms. Whether
he has these qualities or not will be
seen in the six-round encounter. Then
V. Bingham, Director of the Department
of Applied Psychology, Carnegie Institute
of Technology.
"I felt the presence of a living singer.
The accompaniment seemed by a separate
instrument," reported Frof. C. H. Farns
worth. Director of the Department of Music,
Teachers College, Columbia University.
"The music filled my mind with thoughts
of peace and beauty," said Wilson Follett,
Esq., noted music critic.
We'd like to have you come into our store
and try this same test See what sensations
you get. The Realism Test is the conclusive
If you are troubled with back aches,
it is a bet that they are caused by
weak kidneys; they don't perform their
duties, and you should look out, as
there is trouble brewing.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog,' you suffer from backache, head
ache, dizzy spells, and it is more than
likely to bring on rheumatism.
The urine is often cloudy, full of
sediment, your sleep disturbed by being
compelled to arise, one or more times
during the night, because of the pain,
irritation and abnormal condition of
the kidneys and bladder.
If you will take from 10 to 20 drops
of SEVEN BARKS in a little water
after meals, you will correct the alka
linity of your secretions, thus giving
you undisturbed sleep and peaceful
rest, preparing you for your next day's
When the kidneys are not doing
their duty they allow impurities to
accumulate and be converted into uric
acid and other poisons, which will
cause serious (trouble unless they are
driven from your system.
If you eat meat regularly, you
should flush the kidneys occasionally
with SEVEN BARKS, as meat forms
uric acid, which clogs the pores, so
they cannot throw off the poisons.
Don't neglect your kidney trouble
with the first symptoms, you will be
sorry if you do. Get SEVEN BARKS
of your druggist, at a cost of only 60
cents. Adv.
conies the feature 12-rounder. Back
again is Voting Collins, the little Ital
ian, who is quite a favorite with Wash
ington county sports fn the fistic arena,
lie meets Bradley Moore of Charles
town, Mass., a lighter, who is said to
be a better man than Collins', this as
sertion being backed by his record.
However, they are certain to put on a
good fast bout.
Not Competent to , Make Complaints
in Internal Revenue Cases With- '
out District Attorney's
Chirago, May 6. A ruling that the
federal prohibition agents arc private
citizens and therefore not competent to
make complaints in internal revenue
cases without written approval of the
district attorney was received yester
day from Washington by federal offi
cer. Headaches from Slight Colds.
roliovK the Headache bv curing the
Cold. A tonic laxative and germ de
stroyer. Look for signature K. W.
GROVE on box. 30c. Adv.
Sketch from actual photograph
showing the distinguished Psy
chologists trying the Realism
Test in the Edison Shop, New
NOW 156,899
California Returns Nearly
All in Increase Sen
ator's Plurality
, 10,000 IN INDIANA
State Law Requires Major
ity Vote to Bind Delegates,
Which Wood Hasn't
San Francisco, May 6. Belated re
turns from Tuesday's presidential pref
erence election early ,to-day had in
creased to 150,809 the lead of the Sen
ator Hiram W. Johnson group of dele
gates over the Herbert Hoover ticket.
With all but 001 of the 6,724 pre
cincts in the mtate heard from, the
vote flood: For Johnson delegates,
350,.-:23 ; for Hoover delegate, lP.),ti20.
But This Is Not Binding on the Dele
gates State Law Requires Ma
jority Vote to Secure This.
Indianapolis, May 6. 'Major General
Leonard Wood with a total of SI ,5 14
vote, apparently is assured of a plur
ality of almost 10,000 over Hena.tor Hi
ram Johnson of California, who has
72,4112 on the fme of unofficial returns
from 3,1 S3 precinct out of 2,'W in
Indiana in Tuesday's primary election.
The 204 missing precincts are in 14
wattered counties of the 92 of the
Governor Frank O. Lowden of Mi
now, with a total of 3tl,7S2 rates con
tinues in tthird place, while Senator
Warren Harding of Ohio is fourth, with
The question of whether Indiana's
20 delegate to the national conven
tion shall go instructed for General
Wood because of his plurality or nn
instructed will come up for eeittloment
a the Mate convention next Wednes
day. The state law provide that only
a majorrty of the votes cast u binding
on the delegates.
Says Vote a Protest at Senator John
son's Extreme Opposition to
League of Nations.
New York, May 6. Herbert Hoov
er issued a statement here yesterday
afternoon in which he expressed sur
prise that ''under the circumstances
no large a vote should have been cast
in California for the delegates favoring
my nomination."
"For my friends, in entering my
name, introduced no personal issue but
asked an opportunity to register a pro
test at Senator Johnson's extreme op
position to any league Ho prevent war
and reduce armaments," said the state
ment. "With a group of amateur clubs
only a month old, they were, of course,
handicapped, in opposing the regular
party organization, but the real situ
ation is that the people of California
have been much torn beitween their
loyalty and- friendship to the senator
for his able recite of the mate during
his governorship from vicious corpor
ation control, and his too narrow vision
on our lnternationa.1 necessities. The
fact that in these circumstances more
than a third of the party preted
against this latter view should
strengthen the support of the Repub
lican majority in the Senate."
Yesterday's American League Games.
At Detroit St. Louis 12, Detroit 4
At Chicago Cleveland 3, Chicago 2.
At Washington New York 7, Wash
ington 1.
At Boston Boston 4, Philadelphia
American League Standing.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 10 4 .714
Boston 12 " .700
Cleveland 1! " S7
fct. Louis 7 7 -V(0
Xew York ..VK
Washington 7 ! 4tS
Philadelphia R 10 .33.1
Droit S 14 .
Yesterday's National League Games.
At St. Louis Cincinnati 3. St. Louis
At Pittsburg Pit tturg 2, Chicago
At New York New York 6, Brook
lvn 4.
' At Philadelphia Boston 4. Pliiladel
phia 3.
National League Standing.
Won. Lost. ret.
Cincinnati II M"
Hr,,LKn 7
Philsdelphi ! 7
St. Louis J
Chicago " LI
Xew York .' 0
Yesterday's College Baseball.
At Cambridge. Xlas. Dartmouth 10,
Harvard 7.
At New York Swarthmore S, Co
lumbia it l!.,KnUn V. .1. Stevens 3.
Juhns llopkin 0. I
At Medford, Mav Holy Cross 7.1
Tufis 2.
At lrinet.n, N. .L rr.nceton ,
Virginia 1. j
At Wet Point, N. Y.-Tenn. Stat j
3, Armv 1.
At Providence. P.. L Brown 5, Trin-1
Striking Railroad Employe Grrta Un
til May 7 te Retnra.
rrt-biirfb. May 6. Su-.iinj rn j
f.i-, of Je piM-bur-pH s4 ljVe ,
t rie r.;r'4 eie oPu : 'r :rw1 ;
b .:c o.trtf snr rM-Mit tH i H j
mil rciurn ts r jf hr
rridar. Msy 7. f "
Every Home In This State
Needs f ruit-a-tlves" j
To those suffering with Indirestion,
Torpid Liver, Constipation, Sick orNervoui
Headaches, Neuralgia, Kidney Trouble,
Rheumatism, Pain in the Back, Eczema
and other Skin Affections, 'Fruit-a-ti ves'
gives prompt relief and assures a
speedy recovery when the treatment
is faithfully followed. 1
'Frult-a-tives Is the only medicine '
made mm fruit contain in; the
medicinal principles of apples, ;
oranges, figs and prunes, combined
with valuable tonics and antiseptics, i
60c. a box, 6 for $2.60, trial size 25o. I
At all dealers or sent postpaid,
by FRUIT.A-TiVfcS jamitea,'
Armour & Co. and-Its New England
Manager, John E. Wilson, Ac
cusedLatter Arrested.
Boston, May 6. Profiteering in meat
was charged yesterday against Armour
& Co. and its New F.ngland manager,
Jot n K. Wilson. The latter was ar
rested on a warrant issued by L'nited
States Commissioner Hayes on evi
dence transmitted by the LTnitcd States
district attorney's office that lamb
bought for less than 10 cents a pound,
plus freight charges of about four
cents a pound, bad been sold here for
25 VJ cents.
Wilson was arraigned before Com
missioner Hayes and released on nom
inal bonds for a hearing on May 12.
The corporation was summoned to an
ewer, to a similar charge at the same
It is alleged that Armour Co. on
May 3 sold at 2.",s cents a pound part
of a consignment of 100,00 carcasses
of lamb. This meat was brought here
from Keiw Zealand last week, where,
it ii claimed, it was purchased at less
than 10 cents a pound. The freight
rate was between three and four cents
a pound. The profit alleged by the gov
ernment wa4 more than 12 cent a
. After arrangement, Wibon said that
Armour and company "always sells
its produota at market prices, wheth
er for gain or los." He said he did
not believe the government agents had
taken into account any overhead ex
pense in making their figures.
The l'nited States attorney's office
said it had received its information
from William Walsh, an inspector for
Uie i-tate commission on the neces
saries of life. It was said that a con
signment of lamb equal to that land
ed here is to be taken to Xew York
within a few days by the steamer
which brought it to this port.
To Heal a Cough
- Adv.
Squeegeen rs Tc,C
V jL
npO sav thatlDlamond Tires
are far and away the best J
tires made is a sweeping claim f
for us to make.
. Yet thousands 'of Diamond
Users say so every day de- :
dare it without reservation,
V I and cite the performance of
V-x"- their,tiresto prove it. s
f. S. Talk tires' with" a Diamond ,
iM"iOi' v User, and the chances are
,;V X he'llvsell you Diamond Tires
flZSSP eN.xM before you are through. A
1 SV'i atJjustnunt'Ban S
I fVwis Y?V X Co-ds . 8,000 Milea X
Reynolds & Son, Barre "
Dpn't Pay Too
Much for Shoes
A hard thing to do, if you jtet as much
in value as you paid for.
But you do not always get all that you
paid for when you buy shoes. Often they
LOOK like a good value but fail to prove
as good as they look.
Just one way to avoid such a resultbuy
shoes with a reputation, where the na,me
is the guarantee.
Regals answer the requirement to per
fection ; found only at this store in Barre.
Open Monday evenings until 8:30
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 No. Main St. Tel. 275-M
Combined American and British Naval
Forces PJanned Attack if War
Had Not Ended.
Washington, D. C, May 5. An at
tack in force in German submarine
bases by the combined American and
Britieh naval forces had been ag-ed
upon before the war ended. Admiral
William 8. Benson, former chief of na
val operations, disclosed to-day in tes
timony before the Senate committee
investigating the Sims-Daniels row.
The admiral said he had held the
opinion from the first that the Cerman
bases should be attacked and that a
confidential plan to be carried out later
had been agreed upon with Admiral
Jellicoe, former first eea lord of the
British admiralty. He added that he
had insisted that American ehips take
part in the attack.
Admiral Benson told the committee
the Atlantic fleet waa kept at home
during the war to provide a force to
meet the German fleet in the event it
lroke through the British cordon. To
have the entire force abroad would
have been ill-advised, he said.
High Cost of Paper Cause Many to Re
strict Circulations.
Toronto, May 6. Shipments of mag
azines from the L'nited States to Tor
onto are from 54 to 61 tone less week
ly than during normal distribution, as
a result of the paper shortage in the
l'nited States, it was stated to-day.
i Several publications, which previously
: had wide circulation in Canada, have
virtually discontinued fcbipments across
the border. r
Easiest Way to Remove J
Ugly Hairy Growths
(Beauty Culture)
Here is a method for removing-hair
or fuiM that is unfailing and is quite
inexpensive: Mix a thick paste with
some powdered delatonc and water and
spread on hairy surface. , After 2 or H
minutes, rub it off, wash the skin and
every trace of hair has vauished. No
harm or inconvenience results from
this treatment, but be careful to get
genuine delatone. Adv.
. ..

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