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Ousted the Government of
Pres. Khatitian in the
Capital Erivan
Germans Charged by the
Allies With Violations
, of Laws of War
for the Smaller
Keep Things
Always New and Youthful
Tht Btrtutw
Let the Bay Stater brush off the marks
of time and keep your house perpetually
young. Upstairs, downstairs and where
ever there is a painting job there is a
Bay State Liquid Paint
to do it. Because it goes further, lasts
longer and looks better, Bay State is
really the cheapest paint made. For
regular bull dog protection against win
ter winds and summer sun, you can't
beat Bay State Paints.
iNOROUT.the AII-Round Varnish
Her is varnish that fills every varnish need
indoors or out It stands the test of time,
hard wear, exposure, boiling hot or icy cold
water and gives a finish that shiningly shows i
INOROUT superiority. Try it.
Lstfil tint and Vtmiih Mtkm m Afar EitfUnd
Yen em ear Inereat Viraitk aW Bar Stale Paiai freaa
LEE S. BLANCHARD, General Merchandise, Groton, Vt.
To the Russian Bolshevik
Forces Wishing to Join
. Turkish Nationalists
Miss Ktliel K. Flunkett, youngest
laughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 1'lun
kett of Korthfleld, and George Y.. Mur
ray of Norwood, Mass., were united in
marriage at St. John's church last
M'eek Wednesday morning. The cere
mony wag performed by Rev. ,1. A.
Lynch. They were attended by Mr. and
Mrs. Will Provost, the latter a sifter of
the bride. Directly following the cere
mony a wedding breakfast was served
at the bride's home, at which only the
immediate relatives were present. Mrs.
Murray has always lived in Xorthfleld
at nd hag a large circle of friends. For
. several years she has been a most elli
cient telephone operator in the office
of the Xorthfleld Telephone company.
Mi, Murray hag been employed in the
Northfield Xews office as monotype op
erator for the past two years. Mr. and
Mrs. Murray went to Boston on a
fcliort wedding trip, returning Sunday
night. They will make their home for
the present with Mrs. Murray's par
ents. The members of SorrellMaynard
post of American Ijpgion held a very
pleasant gathering in their ball Thtirs
uighl. The occasion was in honor of the
returning ' home of the 26th division,
and at the same time the opening of
(heir new room. Dancing was en
joyed, Norwich cadet; orchestra furnish
ing the music. There were also- cards
and a social hour. Refreshments were
served by the men.
A son was born Saturday to Mr. and
Mis. I?. K. Ballard.
Mrs. Mary Kainger, who has been
upending the winter in Cleveland, O.,
Constantinople, May 11 (By the As
gociated Press). Russian bolshevik
forces in Azerbaijan recently demanded
that Armenia surrender Karabagh and
permit them to cross Armenia to Asi
atic Turkey, where they intend to co
operate with Mustapha Kemal, leader
of the Turkish nationalists movement.
This demand was rejected by Pres
ident Khatitian, but soviet commit
tees in Erivan protested and mustered
sufficient .power to oust the Khatitian
While the Russian bolshevikl in
Azerbaijan are Comparatively few in
numbers, they have formed an organi
zation which seems to be effective.
While the republic of ticurgiu has
so far resisted pressure from the So
viets, it is expected to surrender in a
short time, as it has oil supplies Vufli-
cient for only six weeks. Cnle-i the
bol.oheviki are checked by the rev-ises
suffered on ihe Polish and I'kntinian
fronts, it seems inevitable that Geor
gia will succumb.
Turkish newspapers published in
Anatolia disclose that many agitators
from Russia are at vo;k in Mustapha
Rental's forces. Sheriff Mara toff, for
merly member of the Islamic commis
sion in Moscow, has recently been
speaking at large. -'towns, on "Great
Turkish nationalist troops have re
pulsed forces loyal to the sultan near
Ismid, and are advancing toward the
Dardanelles. They ha-ve - released all
prisoner recently taken at Bru--a and
. , , , ,, ,, i- . I A da bazar, who .would agree to join
with her daughter, Mrs W. K Con-i Must Kfnlr, arlnv.
ners, has returned to her home in town. Conl'manders of the uiUn; fl)ms
SV" wnPnl b3r hr grandson,! . d d f Anatolia and
William Conner., who will spend wme f d s , , j MewWt. ,,.
Four U-Boat Commanders
Charged With Torpedo
ing Hospital Ships
time with her.
Miss Louise Morrill, who has been
spending the winter with her sister.
Mrs. George E. Carpenter, in Mont
pelier, was in town over Sunday, the
guest of Miss Laura Averill.
Mrs. .Tohu Nugent has moved from
the Severance house on Cross street to
C. W. Pillsbury's house on Vine street.
David Jieattie, who recently purchased
the Severance house, lias moved his
family into the new home.
Rev. F. T. Clark, the new pastor of
the local Methodist church, with bis
family, arrived in town Friday. Mr.
Clark preached Sunday for the first
Mfs. .Tames Meagher of Burlington is
spending a few days in town with her
mother, Mrs. Hannah Mccarty.
Raymond (tiffin has complrted his
course at Burdette college, Boston, and
is at the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James GifTin.
Mrs. C. .T. Paddock, son and grand
son, hav- arrived in Nortbtield from
Whites i'ile, X. "., and joined Rev. Mr.
Paddock, the new pastor of the lini
versalist church. They are to live in
the Andrew Denny house on Main
paign. Insertions to -.he nationalist
army threaten the sultan's forces with
Has Been Set Up In Erivan, Capital of
Constantinople, May 11. (By the
Associated Press. i A iocahovict gov
ernment has been established in Eri
van. capital of Armenia, displacing that
of President Khatitian, according to a
despatch received by the Armenian
put nan-hate here.
Don't forget about the dance and
supper at village hall Frills v night.
May 21. Dancing from S:.K) t'. 1: 7.V
per couple. Supper, ftttc each. Dud
lev's orchestra. adv.
When Train Ran into Milk Team at
Ferrisburg, May 12. -Daniel . Wil
kins. a prominent farmer of this place,
was badly bruised and one of the two
horses he was diiting was kiilcd whin
his team was truck by a train Sunday
morning near the Ferrisburg railroad
Mr. Wilkin was on hi way to the
milk plant when the accident occurred.
He was thrown face forward from the
wagon .and had ruts on his fai which
necessitated the taking of several
si itches, besides suffering other minor
injuries. One hor-e was killed, the
other received a few cuts, th
Berlin, May 11. Men accused of acts
of inhumanity are named in the new
list of Germans accused of violations
of the laws of war which has been
presented to the government by allied
Among them are four U-boat, com
manders, said to have torpedoed hos
pital ships, General .Stouter, who is
alleged to have ordered that wounded
prisoners be shot, and ollicers who car
ried out the command.
Field Marshal von Buelow. command
er of the second army; General von
Bt;elow, General von l-aiiicinaim. Prince
Ernest of Saxony, aui General Kruska.
commander at the Kaiser prison camp,
are cnargeu witn spreading germs ot
typnus, wiuie ueneral von Oven, for
mer governor of Metz; General
Siholtz, camp commander at Huhen-
zinznygcn Hull and Dr. Xiclson are
charged with killing, ill-treating and
robbing prisoners. Demand is made
that they be brought before the su
preme court at Leipzig..
Mrs. George Balentine has returned,
iroiii i.ynuonviiie, wticre sue nas neen
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Leon Hop
kins. I. W. Gray was a business visitor in
Montpelier Saturday. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Merritt of Cabot
were at L. A. Jones' recently.
Vern Hudson of Marshficid was in
town Saturday. j
Mr. and Mrs. K. E.' Marsh visited Viol
ative in Hardwick last week.
R .(.'. GoodcH is working in Haskell
and Swain's sawmill in Woodbury.
Chester Bugbee was in .Montpelier
on business the last of the week.
A. L. Bailor k of Bane visited at
Homer Bullock's over Sunday.
Perley Pike and children of Hard
wick visited at F. E. Marsh's recently.
Mrs. Guy Bancroft is the guest of
Mrs. Will Merritt in the Carnes neigh
borhood for a week. j
Mr. Cook, the creamery inspector,!
as a bii-iness visitor in the village!
on Saturday.
Charles Guernsey of New Hampshire,
a former resident of the town, was
here the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Roliert lawreme of
Moni.pelier were in town the last of
the week.
Frank Kennistoit of Cabot was at
L. A. Keniston's on Saturday.
Miss Ituth Brown Mas the guest of
Anna Bancroft in l ha Carnes neigh
borhood on Friday.
Enormous resources and scnipulous care
have produced in Goodyear Tires for the
smaller cars a high relative value not exceeded
even in the famous Goodyear Cords on the
worlds highest-priced automobiles.
In addition to its larger sizes, Goodyear
manufactures an average of 20,000 small car
tires a day in the world's largest tire factory
devoted solely to the 30x3-, 30x3V&, and
31 x 4-inch sizes.
Last year more cars using these sizes were
factory-equipped with Goodyear Tires than
with any other kind.
Their extreme worth is available for your
Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, Maxwell, or other
car using one of these sizes, at the nearest
Goodyear Service Station. Go there for these
tires and Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes.
30 Goodyear Double. Cure SISO
Fabric, AU-Weather Tread Lj
303Vi Goodyear Single-Cure $ O -f 50
Fabric, And-Skid Trea.l xr
Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes are built to protect casing.
Why endanger a good casing with j. cheap tube? Goodyear
Heavy Tourist Tube cost little more than tubes of $A $Q
less merit. 30 x 3'4 'f n waterproof bag f "
1 .Uabtk
M. Angel!' the
was demolished and the contents
the milk cans were spilled.
Mrs. George Ford of Rraintree sn lit
the week end with her sister, Mis. W.
F. Medcalf.
John R. Augell oY Randolph has Wen
laving cement at J
past week.
j lister Ijim-on from the I. V. M.
j spmt Sunday with hi parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Ijuiis.in.
j Archie Mcl'hetrrs moved his family
j the firt of the week from M. W.
u agon Stoddard t Last lianilololi. where
- ; ft ,:t BgaX-Aiiaaai
Make? your breakfast
cereal asubstantialpart
of the morning meal.
An energy-builder in an at
tractive 1 6rm is
-for this food of pleasing' taste
is made of selected-wheat and
malted barley and is full of
nourhment. - s.
GrapeNuts is -unusual amonf
ready-cooked cereals as it
cenfcains its own sugar, not
added in making' but self
developedirom its grains.
Grajje'Nuts saves sug'ar;
"Therds- a Reason"
Made ty Postuai Cereal Co.Battle GreekIich.
of thev are to make their home for the
present. '
lUiris Spiague and Christine Angell
attended the older girls' convent inn
held at Hnrlington la -week. They
eot in isimpnny with the ltctlmny
' .iris of Handnlph.
Mr and Mrs. Ahlen Ssvse, Mr
jorie Worcester and Fva Heed were in
j Montpelier last Saturday.
I Ahout i' relatives, inclniliiig tli
grange quartet ami their families, wi fe
j invited last Saturday eveninc to help
Ah in Hetcher cehdrate his (!:h oirth-
day annivcr-ary. A pleasant time was
enjoyed hy all, who wished him many
l hnppv returns of the da v.
I Mother' day w idi-'ervrd at the
1 church last Sunday with appropriate
e.rrrise. Mr. Walsh delivered x very
; instructive sermon anil A. i. Hip-low
jriii'l'nd two solos that were appreci
ated very much by Ihe audience.
, ...
Haas, l
Union of First and Second Churches
Celebrated by Inspiring Services.
j Ti inspiring rrvices on Sunday
I a V-piciously opened the celebration of
"tl.e iiiiiisl of the First and Second
churches of Brookfield info the First
( t onsreirat ionsl church. Many people
' from the surrounding churches were
; in attendance and the people of the
; community turned out in goodly ouut-
The preacher of the morning. Fev.
hsrles '. Merrill, secretary of the
; tste ounferem-e of -liurch, brought a
' -'!fclIenj:iiig mese, summoning the
j i hiiri-h to prisduce the type of men and
j women win should be as hiding places
from the storm, who should save our
j n.mmunit ics, as Re righteous men
I In cht have sated am ient Sixlnm.
The a-rameiit of the Ixird's sup-
per. tollovinc tne ftinni. i very j
i iniresie, as the nnm!-r of the Ssp. '
I otid rhiirrh srerfc received into the j
j mrmtwrslnp of the Firt rhunh. and)
!! fie lirourhf their letter, from
Jot her ihunl.f. and three came into the
jihurch bv e-onfin. Those brinjrmii
I letter. fr.m -t her chnrche. wrre Mr. i
j si.d Mrs. I. W. Mre. A!.- S U 1ark. !
j Mrs. Cege Ponton and Kev. .1. S. i
'"rk. Tie n;nj on r-onfe-si.m of!
fa th were M,. KNie Wadfhngtm. Mr. I
jl!rrwt t loir, h and Homer Alien. j
j The esets'Ttg snii bnMiirhi out a j
j 'rgr omen ;at im and a wotable f.r j
( !te eterl.eniv of the ad-Ires.. m! by ;
j K KrarT Metri'r nf Randolp! and j
t lr. Frank U t-.-.d-ps-4 of Bsrre. Mr I
! M ir-c a. m fci happiest ve:w an4
s t--3 ssf'Tr-r ?mi arssiM nu rsr.atn
t it'A t t ur.He. vn their tnsr
it , l! nnim-s, 4 tSm i a fc
' a r4 r.rwo . : rri- rd !. T
. 4r ih a;r a t 'r-i .th
. li irr'i f ' ca.aar. tr.
summons men to the worship of tiod
and nly those who worship grow. It
stands for the Christ in the world. It
goes foilh as a missionary church. chII
ing ns from our selfishness to minister
to all mankind. It was a splendid ut
terance worthy of the occasion and will
not soon be forgotten.
The music provided for these services
was furnished hy an enlarged choir,
including several from the Fast Hrook
field church and drilled !v A. II. Itige-
low. Mr. Uigelow was instruments
also in securing a male ipiartet from
liarre. consisting of Mesrs. V. A. In-
i.'lis. W. A. (ioss. A. i. Uigelow and (I.
K. Mackay. Miss tiladys X. (Jale ae
companied the quartet. Itidh the sins
ine of the choir and that of the qiisr
tet was lieyond criticism and such as
can seldom he heard anywhere.
The trimming was done by some of
the young ladies, under the direction of
Mrs. Ij. W. Morse, and was very lieauti
ful and effective. A notable feature of
the decoration were three streamers.
with the dates 1 7 S 7 . that of the found J
ing of the Kirst church: IKIsl, that or
the founding of the Second church, and
the date of their union. Several
young men assisted in the uhering.
The celebration was brought to a
eliwe by a concert and social on Tues
day evening. Mention will lc made of
this affair next week. The thanks of
the church are due to all who aided in
making the occasion so ucvetul.
hi-, young friend Friday afternoon,
(rtimes were enjoyed. I ake and lemon
ade were served and ill thought they
had the best time that ever was.
Miss Klnora White, who has been in
Massachusetts several weeks, arrived
home Sunday.
K. O. White, who spent several days
at his home recently, returned to his
work in Springfield the first of last
Ethan White has bought Oeorge H.
Simmons' place and has immediate pos
Alden Savage ami A. E. Sargent were
in South Royalton Friday on a tidiness
Clay Foss, who went to Randolph
two weeks ago to work in the Webster
mills, contracted pneumonia and was
taken to the Randolph sanatorium last
week Tuesday, dying there Monday,
May 10. The brsly was brought t
brookfield that afternoon.
Primary election at the town hall
Tuesday, May 18, from 12 o-'clock noon
till 8 o'clock p. m.
Leon White and Miss Susie .T. Kirk-
p trick of Xorthtield were married Sat
urday afternoon at the home of bis!
sister, Mrs. K. W. Chase, in Northfield.
by Rev. .lames II. Sargent. They rime
immediately to his father's home, the I
K. (i. White farm, which he is tol
have rharee of the coming year, whi.1i
was recently vacated by his brolher.1
t.than White.
Mrs. Louise Clark, who spent the
winter in New York City, arrived in
town Friday and is the guest of her I
sister in law, Mrs. K. T. Clark.
William, son of Rev. .lame. S. Clark-,
celebrated hi third birthday anniver-I
sary by riitertaining a party of 1.1 of j
"Diamond Dyes"
Tell You How
Chi!J can Follow Direxiior.s
and et Perfect Rrsu!ts
I lar Mv..e4 rssi;?itt a ntsare
, .: S re' to t tw.ss.aiv .iae ura if ow ! e reset
ih f Hair. a m s j. it lwii't km ivluc card A4.
I Fa.h farkae of "Piam.md lye"
ifs-rtiaiii. drci,n simple ttat a
oman can dmrd ce a rew, t .
fa-1el fA-it in' s or n. .habv pal
rum's. !rapr . tinn-nx, t -.er ;
i !. ..is:. I . t, n. - t.-s or wujed --s. ...
Toy 'j-.i,d other k r4
llr-n fs'-ref-t re-.i;.. jriurtct
ii ii ii
. "Condition" L
Practice and physical condition govern the
tennis player's speed and staying power.
Correct lubrication docs the tame for
aJkWL Polar ine keeps motors by the thousand in
""T""lf perfect condition. They start easily, run
I t um. "i I quietly and have lots of power. Fouled
I I MS K. T CLl 1 I . . . I I . L1-. J m.
ww L-Btc BaTaw m i ( inn an n w r m r niiii iniiinirw mi
I I I t f a it a - ia i
fJbSm quickly develop. Overhaulin and repair j
ffgQl bills are lijht, when you regularly use j
S! Polarme n
. ewKikMt(ow Fortransmissionsanddiffereotialauso I
I 1 1 ' I pntrim f: na II I
I I . II I
j II .Sold wherever you see the red. white and II I
II uiuc 4jwi vrij 01511. ia j
I II New York Albany Buffalo Boston U I
,. ... T I
ZTTI&yxrttptgizzzzi ffcaT-1 Aararisi.i 1 a 1 murliwi am
r--SeIISi 'B-I'!laeswy T-fsart Tr--!"-sT.ir;, T-T".'!' -ih. ""- rrs- - " "

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