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Exciting Threo-Mile Ride of Mrs. E. A,
: Glysson Behind Runaway Horse.
When Mrs. C. C. Lowis and Mr. K
A. OlysHon wera returning home from
Last Braintree Friday afternoon, tlioy
had an exciting experiem-e. Mrs. Lew
is etoDned at the home of Forrest .Sey
mour, known as the C. B. Fisk farm,
- give her horse a drink ef water.
She stood by its head when, suddenly,
it seemed, frightened and started to
run, going off the dooryard bank,
throwing Mrs. Glysson off from the
carriage seat and partly demolishing
one of the carnage wneelH. ine norse
went on running ikward-Miome, took a
dean Dass bv Dr. K. E. Ellis in his
auto, who tried to stop Jhe horse, go
ing up the road by Frank Kidder's
house and on at a high running speed
down the hilt by W. B. Col't's, turning
the corner Of tho load by the Wilber
and Calliicran farms, down to and
around the corner onto the Brookfield
Ceniter road, down the street on the
run, till it arrived home, running mto
the barn, wnere tne carriage top was
demolished. Going this distance of
nearlv three miles, Mrs. Glysson sat
jn the bottom of the carriage, holding
onto the dash board, with the lines
dragging on the ground, expecting ev
ery moment might be her last to live
She was completely exhausted after
the dreadful experience. Mrs. jewis
was taken home by Dr. Ellis in his
auto, but almost crazed with anxiety
about Mrs. Glysson. Everybody was
thankful that there was not anyone
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan White and
daughter, Edith, went Saturday to
. Moores Forks. N. Y.. ito visit relatives.
They are expecting to be gone fron
Jiome two weeks.
Miss Grace Ilarford, who spent last
week with ,b.er .parents, Mr. and 31rs.
Frank Harford, returned Saturday to
Mr work in Woonsocket, Jl. 1.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Stone, who live on the George Crane
Dlace in Williamstown, will be inter
ested to hear of the birth of a daugheivf
Ilapylona May, born May fi. Mrs. Hor
ence Sprague is caring for the mother
and infant daughter.
Mrs. Isabclle Amidon went to Ran
dolph Thursday and stayed till Satur
day with her son, Fred Pope, and wife.
Friday evening is the regular meet
i iur of Brookfield crange. It is desired
all members be-present. A good pro'
gram. Sandwiches, cake and cotree
will be served.
W. C. Haggett has rented a house
in Randolph and expeots to move his
family there next week.
Memorial Sunday services will be
held at the First Congregational church
May yo. The pastor, Rev. J, S. Clark,
wili conduct the services.
Attorney Martin S. Vilas' of Bur
lington 'is' to deliver the Memorial day
address, Monday, May 31, at the town
hall. The exercises' will' be held in the
forenoon, as the speaker is to go to
N'oithflcld to speak in the afternoon.
Dinner will be served in the usual
manner at noon.
Thomas Finncsey, who makes his
home with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Glys
son, is in very poor health.
" Ariand, 'youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.
V.. L. Wills, has been sick the past
w.-ek, suffering with a cold and stom
ach trouble. ,
Mrs. W. W. Haggett accompanied her
husband to Randolph Sunday, return
ing home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. N". O. Ralph and daugh
ter. Norma, of Barre were over-Sunday
guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
tl. Ralph.
At the Republican town caucus held
Saturday afternoon, the following
named town committee was elected:
Arthur G. Bigelow, Clarence W. Clark,
William O. Anstin. Delegates elected
II. Guy Fletcher, Fred K. Holmes and
ti the state convent ion. May 28, held
at Montpelier May 2tt, are Clarence W.
Clark and Clarence P. Fullam.
" Walter H. Grout has rented W. W.
Haggett's place and expects to move
there as soon as u is vacated by Mr.
Jlacgett's family.
The funeral of Clay C. Foss was
held from hV late home Wednesday
afternoon and was largely attended by
friends and neighbors. His father, Mr.
Yyi, and his sister and hu-band. Mr.
and Mrs. .Jones, all from North Hyde
1'ark, were present at the funeral. He
leaves his wife and a son, Gerald Foss,
by his first wife, who is living with
his aunt in Brandon, a sister of Mr.
Foss. who was not able to be present
at the funeral. Mr. Foss was a very
kind and obliging neighbor and will be
greatly missed by a large cirle of
friends. The flowers were beautiful.
The neighbor contributed a beautiful
magnolia wreath, with Fsster lilies
and roes. Rev. .lames Clark officiated.
The bearer" were R. S. Wilcox. C. K.
Milner, E. L. Mills and .1. R. Norman.
Burial was in the Brookfield Center
The social features of the gathering
cloning the celebration of the union of
tllfc churches, held Tue-day evening.
May 11. were very enjoyable, aliout.
&i0 people being present. Not o uiii'-h
ran be said of the concert given by
the Norwich boys. It was entirely un
worthy of the occasion. Undignified and
foolish. It is to be feared that Nor
wich uuiversity made very few friends
in this locality through her represen
tatives sent here that evening.
The county convention of Congre
gational churches will be held in
Brookfield Wedneday and Thursday,
May 2ft and 27. The program is a very
attractive one and has been especially
arranged Jn suit the needs of country
life. It wjll ini'lude addresses by the
Mate superintendent of hov' and girl-'
club for the public schools, hy the J
county agricultural aent, by lv. j
Frank 1-aubach of the Philippines ani :
by Dr. C. C. M'rrill of Burlin.ion. ! !
w ill be worth our w hile. Krmember the
date. May 26 and 27. j
At the preident ial primary !- '
tion. holden at Broekrleli on the thirl
Tuesday in May, the voles for -niii-date
for the president of the l'ni?vl
Stae were sorted and omitted with
the following result: Vote cast, 24. Re (
publican party, William Grant Web- ;
Arr 2. Inward Wood 12. Calvin ! J
idg 3. Herbert Hoover 7. AMet.. P.
E. Ho'mes, primary ofhi-vr; Sophia P.. j
Poi'anr-bee. town cWk j
Mrs. Ahern of Randph wi'l be a j
K W. More' store with milnr.-ry on
aturdjy. May 22. adv. ' j
rvo"i fr?t the eamel Mir
(tomu'wr "i the M-ev riw :
", ! i. Mapr drK- a; 2:Sft !
ln.l aa d'iK. miliary dr.ll. R-e- a"
Yl-w-k. rt! ane at 4 i",m-li. M'jn
tnale eaadr. rwrn. frewkf.n.
a-rraat arJ fond wi'l be . Kverv
lLr Be sad briar the ih.,drro. i
Three Deaths in Three Days Mrs. Ho
bart, Mr. Bemis, Mr. Thomas.
The Grim Reaper called three resi
dents of this town in the three days
from Thursday noon to Sunday noon.
Mrs. Jennie Hobart, widow of the
late Henry Hobart, passed away Thurs
day afternoon, May 13, from the effect
of pneumonia. The was a native of
this town and all her lite was spent
here. She was about 55 years of age.
CI 1...... ...... ..... I II1...J u.hn "
OIIB ir,m vim nun, IJ.Yim u"uni"i
i -l 1 j --a l ... : 1 1. 1 .. .. A
hhs always uvea hi mime wit.ii juti, aim
one sister, Mrs. Harry Morse of South
Cabot. The funeral serivces were held
from her late home on New Discovery
Saturday afternoon and the interment
was in the family lot there. Rev. U. A.
Furness officiated.
Oscar L. Bemis, who has been. in poor
health for several months from kid
ney trouble and other complications,
passed away Saturday, May 15, at the
Mary Fletcher hospital in Burlington,
where he went for treatment a- few
weeks ago. The remains wer brought
Sunday and the funeral sen-res were
held at 2 p. m. Monday from the home
of his aunt, Mrs. Lucy Bemis, Rev. G.
A Furness ofticiation. Interment was
in the family lot in the village ceme
tery. He was born in this town nearly
50 years ago and most of his life was
passed here.
John Thomas passed away about
noon Sunday, May 18, from heart trou
ble. He had been confined to the bed
for nearly four years and his daugh
ter, Mrs. "Lizzie Robinson, has been his
constant and faithful attendant. The
end came suddenly at last, as he had
seemed as well as (Usual and had eaten
a sood breakfast that morning. He was
00 years old lust month and was prob
ably the oldest resident of this town ex
cepting Mrs. Delia P. Jewell, who is his
senior by two mouths nnd who also
resides with Mrs. Robinson.. JJr. Thorn
a was born in Canad. but came to the
United States when young and was liv
ing in Calais before coming'to live withd
his daughter six years ago last October.
Besides his daughter, he leaves one son,
Fred Thomas of Cabot, a foster son and
three grandsons. He was a deacon of
the Congregational church and was a
man of strong faith and sterling-Christian
character, actively interested in the
religious life of the church and com
munity. The funeral services were held
at 10 a. m. to-day.
The Marshfield cornet band will give
its; first open-air coucert next Satur
day at 8 p. m., if the weather permits.
The pupils of the junior high school
of Cabot presented the drama, "A Regi
ment of Two," in K. of P. hall last
Thursday evening to a good-sized and
appreciative audience.
A. T. Davis was at uroton ponu over
Sunday. '
Mr. and Mrs. Henry LaCovint and
Fred LaPan have moved to the Sicely
houseon the lawer depot road.
Mrs. Fred Ellis and son, liernard, or
Woronocia Mass., are visiiting her
mother and sister in town.
Tho Sunday school social will be held
Friday evening at the home of Misses
Emma and Dorothy Collins. A general
invitation is extended to every mem
ber of the school, both old and young.
It is hoped that those having autos
or teams will try to arrange to carry
as many of the children as possible, so
that the transportation of all can be
.Mrs. Jennie Memis ana aaugiuer oi
Lisbon, N. H., are visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Bullock.
Will Nute and daughter. Mary, of
St. Johnsbury visited his brother, L. D.
Nute, last Sunday.
B. W. Davis and A. W. Blake were in
Burlington last Xunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Swerdteger were
in Barnct over the week end to visit
her nephew.
iJean Sanborn, a tormer resident, was
in town over .-unnav, ine guesi oi
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Nownes.
Mrs. D. S. Hall returned Fndav from
Florida, after stopping over in Boston
a couple of weeks. Miss Ruby Davis
was a visitor in .Montpelier last lhurs-
Mrs. E. H. Taft was in Barre a cou
ple of days last week.
.Mrs. J.umce Miinam visitea irienns
in PlainfieJd recently.
Rev. G. A. Furnes supplied for Rev.
M. W. Hale in South Woodbury last
Sunday afternoon. He was accompan- :
lea by Mrs. Furness and Herbert anil
Flbert Davis.
Mvron White has moved his family
fr ni the May house back to his farm.
Mrs. Frances K. Peck of Haverhill.
Mass., was in town the first of the
eek, calling on old friends.
Warren Brown of Newbury was a
business visitor in town the first of the
Charles Johnson is moving his family
this week into the house owned by Mrs.
Grace Preston at the upper end of the
Wallace Whitcomb has recently pur
chased a Ford automobile.
Charles Bouldry has purchased the
house and furniture belonging to the
Horace Brown estate and is to take
possession soon, his home in South
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Cabot having been destroyed by fire a
few weeks ago.
Mr. and MrsG. L. Dwinell hafe
moved into the tenement recently occu
pied by Mrs. Grace Preston on Main
A community auction was held at
the farm of t. A. Mears last week,
with V. R. Hudson as auctioneer. It
is expected that others will be held
Will Whitcomb and Forrest Drink
water attended the Hatch auction in
Calais last Saturday.
.Albert Mears of West Burke was in
town the first of (he week to visit his
brother. Mark.
Mrs. Arthur Bartlett was in Burling
ton Monday to visit Mrs. Fred Perrin
of Plainficld, who is in the hospital
Mrs. L. A. Evans and two children of
Essex Junction are expected Wednes
day to visit her parents.
Mrs. Inez Darling returned Monday
from Barre and is stopping with her
daughter, Mrs. V. R. Hudson.
Warren Richardson broke his leg
recently while roiling logs for C M.
Ladd. and was taken to Barre to have
ihe fracture reduced.
Miss Gertrude Fay is very sick with
pleurisy and her sister, nephew and
niece were called here from Enosburg.
Miss Cora Chamberlain spent the
week end with her parents in Mont
pelier. Dean Richardson lost a cow Satur
day night in an unusual way. He bad
got his cows into the barn and was
milking when the entire stable floor
dropped down into the basement. Mr.
Richardson was able to liberate all the
cows and horses without injury, with
the exception of one.
Euna Richardson has gone to East
Montpelier for a few weeks at Her
bert Pierce's.
There will be preaching services at
the church as usual Sunday morning
and an illustrated lecture, "The Story
of the Cross," Sunday evening at 7:4.5
Mrs. Ifenry King wa much pleased
with the postal card shower she re
ceived on her birthday and wishes to
extend thanks to those who remem
bered her.
Several from this place attended the
Sunday school convention at Montpel
ier Wednesday.
Mrs. Myron Maxliam and Donald
Maxham visited at Charles Curtis' in
Berlin one day last week.
Theron Hatch visited his sister, Mrs.
Herbert Pierce, in Eat Montpelier on
Minnie Brown, who has been living
with Mis E. .1. Harris for the pant
year, has left and gone to Waterbury
wi'h her father, William Brown.
Mrs. John Morley was called to Or
leans last week by the death ef his
mother, Mrs. Skinner.
Miss E. J. Harris had sugar on snow
on her birthday. May 16.
Miss I,ona Oark has returned home
from Bakersfield, where she has been
staying with an aunt during the win
ter. Mrs. Hattie Wood of Williamstown
has moved here with her sister, Mrs.
Moes W'irham.
Mrs. Robert Duckcr and son. Fran
cU, of Middlesex called on friends in
town Sunday.
JULY 1. 1919, to DECEMBER 31. 1919
(Last era aaoalW)
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Funeral of 0. A. Barrows, Who Died
Sunday After Long Illness.
The funeral of Orlando A. Barrows
was held Tuesday afternoon at Unity
church, Rev. John Q. Angell of Moul
tonvyie, X. H., conducting the serv
ice. The bearers were Elmer L. Bar
rows, Willis Barrows, Nat. R. Bar
rows and Ernest. L. French. H. W.
Burnham sang "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought" and Mrs. H. M. Barrows,
"Face to F'ace," with Miss Marjorie
Watts at the organ. There were many
beautiful flowers. 1 he burial was made
in the West branch cemetery.
Among those present from out of
town were Mrs. Nellie Barrows and
son, Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morse,
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Graves, Mrs. Au
gusta Douglass of Waterbury; Miss
... 1 " , I . T ' ' 1 . 1 1 I - . I -
Alice LOie, .urs. i.urn jwuiuss, air.
and Mrs. Arthur Douglass, Harry
Smith and W. W. Thomas of Morris
ville; Mrs. Mary Barrows and son,
Everett, of Montpelier. . .
Mr. Barrows died Sunday morning,
after a loong illness with Bright's dis
ease. He was born in Stowe, Dec. 15,
1853, and was the last surviving child
of his parents, Henry D. and Clamana
Smith Barrows, for many 'years res
idents of Stowe. He was married on
his 21st birthday to Miss Emma Cole
of Morrisville, who survives him. A
son, Elmer L. Barrows, is the only
survivor of their six children. The
oldest sol, Mark J., died 23 years ago,
and the youngest, Martin A., 11 years
ago. Three died in infancy. There
are four grandchildren, Willis H. Bar
rows, Ruby, wife of Ernest L. French,
Miss Alice and Roy Barrows, and one
great-grandchikl, all of Stowe.. Mr.
Barrows' life was passed in Stowe ex
cept for about live years in Morris
town. He was for many years an offi
cial member of the Methodist Epis
copal church in Sunvc and had taken
membership in the newly organized
Community church. He was an up
Tight, earnest Christian man. On the
first morning after his marriage, a
family altar was set up in the, new
home and during the 45 years Mr. Bar
rows never failed to' take part in the
family devotions until the inorning,be
fre his death. This is only one in
stance of his consoientiaus Christian
life. .
Rev, J. Q. Angell returned to Moul
tonville Tuesday. Mr. Angell was the
pastor of the 'Episcopal church here
for several years. Mrs. Angell, who
has, been very ill, has now recovered.
. Twenty-six" votes were cast at the
presidential prinlary Tuesday John
son 3, McAdoo 4. Webster 4, Hoover
5, Wood 9 and one defective vote.
The body of Mrs. Edna Parish of
Northfield was brought here Tuesday
and buried in the family lot in the Riv
er Bank cemetery. Rev. M. E. Bacon
conducting the service at the grave.
Miss Parish's sisters, MU Sarah Par
ish of Ifandolph and Mrs. Lena Brown
Reed of Berlin, and' brother, Elisha
Parish of Northfield, were among those
who ca.me with the body. Besides the
above mentioned relatives. Miss Parish
leaves a sister, Mrs. Emma Gorhajn of
Randolph, and a brother, Luther Parish
of Stowe. Miss Parish was 7,1 years
of age and was the daughter of the
late Mr. and Mrs. Philander Parish of
Stowe. She was formerly a school
teacher here but had resided in North
field for many years.
Miss Margaret Kecfe and pupils of
the eighth grade visited the Stowe
free library Tuesday afternoon, when
Miss Keefe gave r Itsson on the ue
of the books in the library.
Joseph Peters, who underwent an op
eration at the Fanny Allen hospital
Saturday for a serious case of appen
dicitis, is doing as well a can be ex
pect ed.
f Walter Burnett and daughter of
Hartford, ('nn., have joined Mrs. Bur
nett and daughter here and will re
main for a short stay with relatives.
Fay Tinker, who had been taking
care of O. A. Barronrs, returned to
Morrisville the first of the week.
The rerdains-of Mrs. Arabelle (Mc-
Manii Avers, wife of Guy Avers of
Waterbury, were brought Tuesdsy
evening to the home of her parent ,
Mr. and MVs. Barney E. McMani, from
the Fanny Allen hospital, where the
died that' morning, after a few days'
illness. Mrs. Avers was 30 year of
age. Be-idcs her husband and par
ents, she leaves two sons. Dennis and
Leonard: five brothers. William. Ber
nard. John, Carroll and Ambroe Mc
Manis, all of Stowe. and three sisters,
Mrs. Leon Carpenter of Waterbury,
Mrs. Frank Bean of Dexter. Me., and
Mrs. Robert Houston of Stowe. The
funeral was held at 10 o'clock' thi
morning at the St. Andrews church
at Waterbury. Burial will be made in
the Catholic cemetery at Duxbury.
Mrs. Abbie Warren and Miss Martha
Curry,1 at the Mary Hetcher hospital.
I are doing well.
William Jones a taken Sunday to
the Mary FJct'her hpitl, where he
is being treated for a bad heart trou
ble. Mr. Jones' neighbor hve done
the spring's work on his farm thi-
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week. Gordon Jones of Woodsville,
X. H., who came Saturday to visit
his father, has gone to Sherbrooke,
Miss Lillian Demerritt has finished
her work at Laconia, X. H., and lias
returned to Stowe.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Morrill were in
Burlington Tuesday'.
Herbert Harlow 'is ill with pneumo
nia. Earl Douglass is caring for him.
Katherine Frances, the little daugh
ter of three and a half months of Mr.
and Mrs. Vietor B. Houston, died Tues
day morning of convulsions. The fu
neral will be held Thursday afternoon
at 1:30 o'clock at the home of Mr.
Houston's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Archie Button and family and C.
Button were at- James Rouhan'a in
South Barre a few days ago.
Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson was at Brad
ford recently to, visit her mother, who
is ill.
J. Rouhan of South Barre has been
here recently, visiting relative and
- Mrs. Nellie Bailey of Norwich, Conn.,
came Saturday to spend the summer
with her cousins, O. A. and H. A. Pres
cott. They met her at Bradford with
their automobile: .
Bert Prescott, Mrs. Xellie Bailey
and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Prescott took
an auto trip to Fairlce and Lyme Cen
ter Sunday to visit relatives.
Earle N. Prescott and family have
gone to Lyme Center to live, where he
has employment on Mr. Andrews' farm.
G. M. Burroughs and family of Bar
re were here Sunday.
Arthur Prescott and daughter, Lyle,
were Fast Barre visitors Monday.
H. M. Smith and family of Detroit,
Mich., have come back outo his farm
that he bought of I). E. Magoon a Tear
J. J. Lamb and family of Barre and
a friend were at their farm here Sun
day. We were sorry to learn that Mrs.
Lamb is on the siik list and hope she
w ill soon le on the road to recovery.
W. M. Prescott and Mrs. Belle John
son visited their sister. Mrs. E. G.
Cook, and family of Orange Sunday.
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Ifarley and Indian in stock.
S07 71. Mais SL
; fcr ax V C v - T ,,",TVt '
Funeral of Miss Edna A. Parish and
Body Taken to Stowe.
The funeral of Miss Edna A. Par
ish was held from her home on Vine
street Tuesday morning, Rev. F. M.
De Forest, rector of St. Mary's church,
officiating. "The remains w-ere taken to
Stowe for burial. Miss Parish, who
was 77 years of age, fell several
months ago and fractured her hip, and
complications developed, from which
she could not rally on account of her
advanced age. She was a school teach
er but had given up "her entire life to
care for her parents and an invalid
brother, who survives his sister. She
is also survived by three sisters, Mrs.
Emma Gorham and Miss Sarah Parish
of Randolph and Mrs. C. H. Reed of
Berlin, and another brother, Elisha
Parish of Northfield, to whom the sym
pathy of the community goes in the
loss of a deoted sister.
Gymnasium hall.Graniteville. On Fri
day, May 21, you will recall the great
est sensation of them all, with a grand
and glorious ball in the big gymnasium
hall, with dances to suit all and Car
roll's six-piece oroliestra "will furnish
music at your call and tickets will be
sold at $1.25 per couple; that's all.
Xote: Plenty room to park cars. adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Parsons left
Wednesday morning for Newark, X. J.,
where they will visit for two weeks.
At tho last regular meeting of Xisa
tin club, Charles A. Plumley gave a
most interesting talk on fht Firestone
Tire Co., of Akron, O. Alfred Graham,
Y. M. C. A. secretary at Xorwich uni
versity, rendered several vocal selec
tions. He was accompanied by Cadet
Monahan. The evening's entertainment
was followed by light refreshments and
a social hour. The club now has 90
members. Improvements are to be
made in the interior of the rooms to
make larger quarters for the members
of the club.
Timothy Welch of Groton has pur
chased the Severance house on Cross
street now occupied by Andrew Beat
tie. Mr. and Mrs. Welch will move
here as soon as Mr. Beattie is able to
vacate. 1
Willis H. Cady and Mrs. Charlotte
Martin, both of Northfield, were unit
ed in marriage Saturday in Montpelier.
Rev. O. H. Redding, former pastor of
the local Methodist church, performing
the ceremony. They are to make their
home in Northfield.
Claries P!aitridge, who ha been vis
Name "Bayer" is on Genuine
Aspirin say Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
in a ''Mayer package," containing prop
er directions for Colds, Pain, Headache.
Xeuralgia, Lumbago, and Rheumatism.
Name "Haver" means penuine Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for nineteen
years. Handy tin noxes oi is iaoieis
cost few cents. Aspirin is trade mark
of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetic
acidester of Salicylicacid. Adv.
Get Auto
It enables you to sleep
nights and gives you a .
chance to get all the
wholesome pleasure and
the business usefulness
you expect out of your
automobile. The insurer
takes the worry. Tele
phone now.
Paige & Campbell
General Apenls Thone 268-W
Bijou Theatre
Entrance on Pearl St.
Three Shows Daily, 2:15, 6:45, -'3
(including war tax)
MATINEF9: Aeulta lie. Children !Se
EVEMM.S: Aealte :Se. Chile'rea lc
Enid I?ennett in
A aatiitv piiir. aneo to r'e. t
rr al rnv. "HKD HOT
r !Mtl." and Screen Matazine.
Frtaav. Mar II
George Walsh in
Anwvn. per el purica. The r! "i
ill enjm. t -BLACK Sfct RiT,"
.So. II. ana Nee Tntur.
ftataremv. Mar II
Anita Stewart in
rd -MCKTMNr,
natiit tor wmts.
mftVCb. Alt
If You Want Good Horses!
See Our Stock
iting at the home of his parents,' Mr.
and Mrs. William D, 1'Iastridge, has
returned to his home in Haverhill,
.Mass. Mrs. J'lastndge anil son, v,haries, KrjflaV( M 2l you rp(uI1 tbo
jr., will remain in town for two weeks. I Hpr,Kation 'of tllm an. wjth a
Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Morse have , (j al(1 B,oriollst 1)alI in llie biggym
returned from their wedding trip and j IlaKium )iun. with dances to suit all
are at their home at the corner of '(1 (.arrolps pjx.njp(.,. orchestra will
Washington and Main stiyets. . flir,,ish music at vour call and tickets.
Mrs. B. E. Cobb of Hardwick. and
daughter, Miss Hazel Cobb, of.Bnrte,
commercial teacher in Npaiilding high
school, have been spending a few days
in town, guests of Mr. and Mrs, Wil
liam II. Hardin.
Leland F. Batchelder, who has been
employed in the Northfield Xeiys office
for the past few weeks, has finished
work and gone to Springfield, where
he has a situation.
, The bans "of marriage were pub
lished for the first time in St. John's
church Sunday between , Miss Mabel
Penell of Swanton and Warren CV
Greenwood of this town.
Mrs. L. B. Poor has returned from
Greenfield, Mass., where she has been
visiting her brother.
B. S. Sylvester, delegate 'from Eu
reka encampment, No. 10, I. O. O. F.,
and FrCd Fuller and B. A. Stockweil,
delegates from Northfield lodge, Xo.
10, 1. O. O. F., are in Burlington at
tending the grand lodge of I. O. O. F.
tf you are troubled with pains or
iches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, inseffnnia; painful pass
age of urine, you will find relief in
Tha world's standard remedy for kidqey,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles and
National Remedy of Holland sine 1696.
Three sizes, all druggists. Guaranteed.
Lao far tho aaaaa Gold Medal oa every haa
aaaaceeB aa iaailatioa
$ f-B111 rHt 'mmMm0
Mi mi
Only Two Kinds
of Batteries
Those that have Threaded
Rubber Insulation and those
that don't.
Ask any owner who has
had years of experience with
each and he'll tell you the
It means money in your
We can give you the names
of some owners to refer to.
21t N. Main St., Arnhelai & Dunbar, frees.
Sales and Exchange Stables
96 Northfield St., Montpelier, Vt.
Just arrived, Saturday, May 15, two carloads of
Horses. Have pairs in the lot from 2,400 to 3,500
lbs. Have dark Dapple (.rays, Seal Browns, Chest
nuts and Blacks. These Horses are all short in the
hair, beins right out of spring's work in the West.
We invite your inspection.
Auctions every Friday. Buyers and sellers be
sure and come to this w cek's sale. We hope to make
it a good one.
Gymnasium hall, Graniteville, on
will be sold at .$1.25 per couple ; that s
all. Note:
Plenty room to park cars.
(Beady Relief is)
Neuralgia in FACE
and ARMS '
Send address and you will
receive a good sized sample
tube of J ELL FORM"
Radway'e Reedy Relief
without any additional cost
to you. RAD WAY & CO.,
208 Center Street, New York
RmaJy RtlUt
In Bottles
-la Tube
3Se., 70c.
Combination Insurance
with agents in every city
Gives automobile owners complete
I protection against loss by:
LIABILITY for Personal Injuries
LIABILITY for Damage to Property
COLLISION Damage to Automobile
FIRE,' Lightning, Explosion,
Water Damage
THEFT, Cyclone, Tornado,
LOSS OF USE of Auto during
J. W. DILLON, Agent
'Phone 34-R Bane, Vermont

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