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Elderly People Have A
Daily Health Problem
Stomach muscles and digestive organs
slow to act as age advances
MOST people find the years
slipping by without real
izing it, until suddenly
confronted with the fact that they
tan no longer digest everything
they would like to eat. It then
becomes their daily task to avoid
what they know to be chronic con
stipation. When exercise and light diet
fail it will be necessary to resort to
artificial means. Strong physics
and cathartics, however, ar not
advisable for elderly people. They
act. too powerfully and a feeling of
weakness results.
What is needed is a laxative
containing efl'ijctive but mild
properties. This is best found in
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
which is a combination of simple
laxative herbs with pepsin. It
acts gently and without griping,
and used a few days will train the
digestive organs to do their work
naturally again without other aid.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
has been on the market since 1892
and was the private formula of
Dr. W. B. Caldwell, who is himself
: The Grand Army memorial service
will be lickf .Sunday morning in the
I'niversalist church at 10:45, the pax
tor, Rev. C. L. Paddock delivering the
sermon. The veteran of all wars, the
Indies of the G. A. H. are to meet t
Brown library and, escorted by the
Sons of Veterans, march in a body to
the church.
Card have been received here, an
nouncing the marriiifre of Vera Mar-
pueritc Booth, only daughter or Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Booth of Tela, Hon
duras, to Karl Kred Speh, which took
place on May 1. Mrs. Speh is the
granddaughter of Rev. I. P. Booth of
Poisons In the Wood, accumu
lated through the winter months
should be promptly driven out by
taking sulphur, cream of tartar
and molasses, but It la so nause
ating! Well then. Just get a tube
of Sulpherb Tablets and they will
do the wprk pleasantly. They are
made of'sulphur. cream of tartar
and herbs sugar-coated tablets.
Stomach, liver, bowels and blood
are all benefited by their occas
ional use. Greasy skin, pimples,
coated tongue and foul breath tell
you If your blood Is bad. Mrs. B.
Clarke. 05 Main- St.. Buffalo,
writes: "I have been using your
Sulpherb Tablets and like them
very, very much." Sold by all
druggists. Don't accept ordinary
"sulphur" tablets axd be nause
ated and disappointed.
nL you are "Aide av.w..
fWlWIt an owl" at night, a:i
can't "keep your eyes open" in the day
time you certainly need
by im
perfectly eliminated
food poi
Pills cor
rect it
Larer Sl rt
Avf KfHcire M
sons is a
very com
mon ailment.
Ik A
SflH fTtrywlcrt
It H1N,
10c. iiSe.
n up-to-dat w
tf r ytcm ran b
ins tolled at ) r
rri than you
and IK ua Srunt out what yoo twwt. W
are prepared to install all tjp of Water
Sratcm and offer
Our adrk-o it valuable, yet cnata 7u
nothing. Ttiirty jmra' exi-nnre i, youm
for the atkinc.
Aak for Water t atalo D. W.
No. I Waahinftoa Street, Bostea
Aba Seawrairartk, B.
Cool As A North
Pole Zephyr
this well-made Madewell -Athletic
Shirt scU
new standard cf brrrry
comfort. Youll find it a
garment of unusual satis
faction. flexible perf ect
fitting, refreshingly cool and
Sold in Barre by F.
past 80 years of age and still active
in his profession. It can be bought
at any drug store and one bottle
is enough to last even a large
family many months. It is a
trustworthy preparation. .
In spite of the fact that Dr. CM
titWs Syrup Pepsin is the largest selling
liquid laxative in the world, there
being over 6 million bottles sold each
year, many who need its benefits have
not yet used it. If you have not, send
your name and address for a free trial
bottle toDr. W. B. Caldwell, ju
Washington St., Monticello, Illinois.
Strafford Springs, Conn., a former Uni
versalist minister in Vermont, who ii
well known iu this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. J, L. Burns have re
turned from Dnytona, Kla., where they
have been spending the winter, and
have opened their house on School
street. Mr. Burns, who went south
on account of his health, is much im
proved. Mr. and Mrs. Charle Radoliffe are
the parents of a daughter.
A reception was given last week to
Rev. F. T. ( lark, the now pastor of
the local Mefhodist church, and hi
family. A larjjc , number of people
from the chirrch, as well as inviicd
guests, were preaent to welcome them.
Rev. J. B. Sargent, paRtor of the Con-Kregirikinnl-nhin'ch,
Rev. F. M. IVFor-e-t,
rector of St. Mary's church, and
Rev. C. L. Paddock, of the 1'niversalist
church, all gave Mr. Clark a hearty
welcome, to which he responded in a
pleasing manner. Refreshments were
served. Mrs. B. F. Allen sang and
Miss Kmma Slack gave a piano scJo.
Mr?. Inez Davis has given up her
tenement on the corner of Cross and
Union streets, and gone to Chieopce
FnlN, Mass., where she has employ
ment. Miss Bessie L. Adams of, Lowell,
Mass., has been visiting the past week
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Ilutchins on Main street.
Cbauncey Hayden has purchased the
house at "the Center, known as the
Barker house, of Mrs. Dora Holden and
MUs Minnie K. Smith; consideration
.$1,800. Mr. Hayden has been living in
the house for the past two years.
Mrs. Nettie Rix of Randolph visited
her daughter, Mrs. Robert Mayo, re
cently. Mrs. Richard Jenkins has returned
from Canada, where she has been vis
iting and is at her home in the Mayo
ICi'.-t street block. Mr. Jenkins accom
panied lier to Xorthticld and remained
a few days, returning to Canada, where
he has employment.
Fereival and Klizaheth Jackson, who
have been visiting their grandmother,
Mrs. William Jackson, have gone to
Poughkeepsie, X. Y., to join ther par
ents'. ' 1
Miss Bertha Klie. who has hcen em
ployed in the F.ssex Junction central
office for several months, ha,s given up
her position and returned home.
Miss Helen Henry has gone to St.
Johnsbury, where she has employment.
Miss Muriel Shea, who i recovering
from pneumonia, is at her home in
The remains of the late A. C. Child
were brought to Morctown Common
for burial Su.ttml.iy afternoon.
Miss F.thel Child of Montpelier was
at home for the week end.
Several from here attended the play
t Montpelier Friday evening.
Mr. and Mr. P. V. Bailey and son.
Charles, and Mrs. K. C. Kingsbury of
Montpelier were in town Sunday.
Nelson Duba of the I". V. M., Bur
linfiton, was a litest at B. S. Ward's
ovT the week end.
F.idon Griffith left Wednesday for
Muskegon, Mich., sfter a brief visit
at his home here.
M. M. Fielders has moved to Hart
ford, Conn., where he has employment.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Kennedy and
Mis Viola Hood of Rochester were
guets at M. R. Child's Sunday.
The Sunday school class of Mr. B.
F. iiriultli met at her home Wednes
day evening and orjfanized, with 12
charter memlr. The following offi
cers were elected: President, Dorothy
Griffith; ice-president, lna Pickett;
secretary. Ruth Kingsbury; treasurer,
Vvonne Atkins.
'Miss Ruth Mack has returned to
Montpelier after a several days' visit
in town.
;;iH!!i;r;;i:!;f!!:;N!!i ik
I . : I t . ' ' ' ! ,,1, I, !
!! II C.tTV-?
i! m&te-M i! AND :
.; : ; L err VS'WA
: ,H It ' II Hi" i, . I w . :
iHCwiiHliiWiilii.!ll!iiil:i!!!l'iJ Niiullilli.ilIiUJIUiSlI
'if ii n pi fa 'i 1 1 1 ' i i 1 1 1 1 - .: i mm tii!;i. i
Ernest Bruce is employed at Clare
mont, N. H.
Mrs. .lanette Hyde arrived in town
Thursday and is at Maple Corner farm.
Mr. If. A. Stickney left Saturday
for a visit of several weeks to friends
and relatives in the vicinity of Boston.
Mrs. Henry Bruce has been nursing
in Chelsea recently.
Mrs. Abbie Fox is visiting the fam
ily of her son in Springfield.
'Hazen Clark, a former resident, now
of Barton, made a brief call upon old
friends here last week Thursday.
The itown spelling contest took place
at the Center school hist Friday. Those
missing fewest words from the list
were Pauline Willis two. Blanche Titus
three, Alice .Smith four, Nellie Keith
and Charles. Morrill each five. Very
saitisfoctory results to superintendent
and teachers.
Mrs. Isaac Messer died suddenly on
Friday, aged St years. .
K. if. Dudley of Fainlee was in town
Tuesday looking after his property
11. M. Mattison of Chelsea was in
town Tuesday.
Little Gile Kendall, second son of
H. H. Kendall, was taken to the hos
pital at Hanover Tuesday for surgi
cal treatment. His brother, Aubrey,
who was operated upon about two
weeks ago, is still at the hospital.
Mrs. Chester Reynolds is entertain
ing a younger sister from Hartford. "
The "Ford car owned .by John N.
Titus was capsized into the utream at
the bridge near Campbell's corner on
Sunday afternoon. The several oc
cupants of the car miraculously es
caped, hut the ear was injured as to
top, radiator, windshield, etc.
Richard I Mall of Dartmouth college
was a week-end visitor to relatives
here. r
John Gove and wife of Lebanon. N.
H., spent a few days with Mr. and
Mrs. Titus laitcly.
The remains of Mrs. Mary A. Hatch
were brought here, from Randolph for
burial on Monday and were accompa
nied by her two sons, II. L. Hatch of
Randolph and W. M. Hatch of Arling
ton, Mass.; also the son and four
daughters of H. L. Hatch, all of Ran
dolph. Rev. Fruiter Matzger officiated
at the burial.
.Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bagley were
in South Royalton Friday evening to
attend a school play.
F. P. Morrill of New York City is
at his home here for a few weeks.
Rev. and Mrs. Fisk attended the
conference at Brattleboro last week
and have also been appointed to rep
resent the Congregational church here
at the Boston if invention in June.
Dr. ami Mrs. Hewes of Groton. Conn.,
are at their cottage here for a brief
G. F. Chandler and daughter and
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Prescott were in
Chelsea Saturday.
T. G. Dearborn and wife of Ran
dolph were visitors iu town Sunday.
W. P. Stone entertained his moth
er, uistcr and brother, all of Hanover,
N. H., on Sunday.
t .
George C. West, general manager of
the Vermont Baking company, is away
on' a business trip to New York City.
Mrs. Placid K. Adams is away on a
trip to St. Anil's, Kherbrooke, Montreal,
and other place in the province of Que
bec, j
E. S. Atherton of Colebrook, N. H.,
visited his son, S.. K. Atherton, manager
of the Coop's Ice Cream company plant,
The condition ' of Mrs: Kate Cleve
land, who has been a patient of the
Mary Hitchcock Memorial hospital for
several weeks with a broken hip, re
mains about the same.
The'funeral of Chester J. Mason of
Bridge street, who died at his home
Monday night after a long .illness, was
held from the home of his daughter.
Mrs. Waverly Kimball of Maple street.
Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The
service was conducted by Rev. Robert
The "mysterious" dock, which the
Hartford Savings Bank and Trust Co.
have installed in their window on
Main street, is attracting much at
tention. Apparently the clock consists
only of an octagonal piece of plate
glass on which is drawn a circular clock
face with the i hour's printed in gold.
In the center of the face, the words
"time to Mart an acpount" are inscrib
ed. Suspended below the face of the
clock is a little sign which reads: ,-No
clock works; no magnets; no air con
trol; -hat makes it go? And that is
the question which White Kiver Junc
tion people are trying to answer.
At the Republican raucus Saturday
evening. Benjamin Tinker and J. E.
Rivers were elected delegates to the
state convention.
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Mitchell returned
Friday night from several days in
western Vermont and New York state.
Mrs. .T. f.. Morrill, who bad a se
vere attack of appendicitis about a
week ago, went to the Randolph sana
torium Saturday and a successful op
eration was performed Sunday.
E. L. Xoyra. who ha driven the
cream team' for over two years, has
finished that ensmgement and will re
move his family to Massachusetts,
where he has secured employment.
Whooping ooiiffh is getting a jrood
many school children. One school is
Earl Hwe and E. F. Durkee took a
truck ride to Grec nfiel.J, Mas-., the
first of the we-k.
Next Sunday troirnine in the l"ni-ver-aiist
church in Washington the
pa-tor. Rev. C. A. Simmons, will preach
a sermon upon the theme, "Saved a
by Fire..' This churrh is large and
will crommda:e good-siej conirre
gation. All are welcome Sunday
chxd at noon.
Memlier f Arcadia lod?e. I. O. O.
F., p!ase be prrent Monday evening.
May 24. Hiawth l.-d?e w.ll exempli
fy "the first degree at that time. All
il.l Fellows in good standing are in
vited. Per order N. G. B. If. Towns
end, e-retary.
I am :o;r!: rny h!ackfrita op
here lint d I r.:ie. t all bilt due me. No
other blakm:th ia etimina to Iff'"
and no work will 1 d-rie until all
bills rr paid. -Iam- Wfhte adv.
Mr. - Ahera of RanJnlpli ill be a
I- W. Morse' store with nullm-ry Sa
uiday. May 2'.-4.
The funeral of the infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Houston was
held Thursday afternoon at the home
of Mr. Houston's purents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. M. Houston, Rev. M. E. Bacon offi
ciating. The burial was made in the
west branchc cemetery,
Mrs. Ellen Douglass of Morrisville is
with her niexe, Mrs. O. A. BurrowB, at
Moscow this week.
Miss Mildred Smith has returned
from a visit to Middlcbury and Boston.
Twelve members of the Bridge Street
Community club met with the presi
dent. Mrs. Mary Smith, Wednesday. A
silkolene pull' was tied and a picnic
dinner was served. The next meeting
will b with Mrs. Janet Adams Thurs
day afternoon, May 27.
Albert Guyette met with an accident
while working at the C. E. and F. O.
Burt company's mill Tuesday which re
sulted in the loss of the end of the
third finger on the right hand. Dr. G. L.
Butes of Morrisville amputated the
finger near the first joint Wednesday.
Mr. Guyette is stopping with his aon,
William Guyette, in F. J. Holden's
house on School street.
A cleaning-up bee was carried out
al the Unity church Wednesday, about
a dozen people attending. The Sunday
morning service will be held there and
will be the pre-memorinl Sunday serv
ice. All members of the H. H. Smith
post and Woman's Relief corps, (J. A.
R. and Donald M- McMahon post, Amer
ican Legion, are especially invited to
Miss Ruth McMahon opened her
dancing class at the Akeley memorial
building banquet hall Tuesday evening
with 3o pupils. Miss Dorothy Barrows
is the pianist.
Henry Drugg of Proctorsville visited
his mother, Mrs. Melinda Drugg,
Mrs. F. M. Clair is recovering from
au attack of erysipelas in the face.
Shaw's truck has moved Mrs. Nelson
Barnes' household goods from her farm,
recently sold to Joseph Couture, to
Bakerslield, her former home.
Mrs. A. A. Hunter ha been confined
to her home by illness this week.
Mis. Charles J. Robinson of Water
bury is at A. W. Collins this week.
Air. and Mrs. E. E. Aldrich, who have
vi.sited Mrs. Edith Simoneau, have re
turned to Lisbon, N. H.
A large number of the relatives of
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Avers of Waterhury
attended the funeral of Mrs. Ayers at
St Andrew' church in Waterhury,
Tuesday morning. Among those who
went were Mr. and Mrs. Barney Me
Manis, Mr. and Mrs. Will McManis. Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Houston, Bernard,
John, Carroll and Ambrose McManis,
Mrs. Frank Bean of Dexter, Me., Mr.
and Mrs. Breene of Waterhury, who
were here over Wednesday night, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Ayers, Mr. and Mr.
Herbert Ayers, Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Adams, Mrs. Charlotte Tatro, Mr. and
Mrs. II. A. Cleveland. Mr. and Mrs. H.
L. Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Cham
berlain. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Adams.
Mrs. Adams died at the Fanny Allen
hospital Tuesday morning and the re
mains were brought to the home of her
patents, Mr. and Mrs. Barney McManis,
that night.
Mr. and Mrs. Fay MeCuen, who are
employed at the Vermont state hospi
tal, W'aterbury, were in town Tuesday.
Says Pat People
Now Rejoice
Testimony Prove Arbolone Safe,
8ur Reducer
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cated Wealthy Set.
The physician who originated the
Anti-fat treatment known to physi
cians and druggists as "five-grain
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the class known as "society devo
tees." A literary woman In Los Angeles,
being so highly elated over ber suc
cess in reducing, has written a clever
iiiti nnem. which recites the facts
and expresses deep gratitude as well.
To safely and surely reduce irom m
to 60 pounds Is easily accomplished
when tahiets Arbolone are used reg
ularly. They are not drastic or dan
gerous, used as flirectea. dui simpiy
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comes the abnormal, perverted appe
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11 druggists In sealed tubes wlia
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Saturday Only
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Orders delivered free
Memorial! Sunday i to be observed
May 2.'1 with a union service here,
Topshnm and Waits River joining uh.
G. F. Cook and Miss Celia Ingraham
will sing solos. We hope to have a full
chureh. Services at 11 o'clock instead
of 10:30.
An officer and teachers of the Sun
day school held a meeting at the par
sonage Tuesday evening, when ar
rangements for children's day were
Memorial exercises are to be held
in the school here May 28.
Miss Mabeil Carpenter Is At C. C.
Dickey's. Mr. Dickey seems to be gain
ing slow ly, but still unable to do. any
Mrs, Clayton Peck has had an aunt
and uncle visiting her this week.
Mrs. B. L. AblMitt, who has been vis
iting in Waterbury, returned Monday.
Mrs. J. AV. Z wicker, who has been ill
for about two weeks with inflamma
tory rheumatism, is somewhat better.
Word has been received that Mrs.
Peterson is hotter, but Mr. and Mrs.
Rowland, have not returned yet.
Mrs. lrank Taplin is quite ill with
erysipelas in her face. Marion King is
working for her.
The Taplin Hill Farmers' club met
Tuesday night at Kred Hood's; quite a
large number were out.
Mrs. J. W. White had a very pleas
ant surprise on her birthday when in
the late afternoon the member of her
Sunday school class called on her,
bringing their supper and many good
wishes with them. Dorothy Jack man
also had a birthday party last week.
The ladies met Wednesday and
cleaned the church.
Worthley Bros, are installing the
Delco lighting system this week.
.7. Milford Karle of Springfield, Mass.,
has purchased the I. S. Tabor place in
the village.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ainsworth re
turned from Claremont, N. II., recently,
where they spent the winter with their
daughter, "Mrs. Krnest Hathawav.
Mr. and Mrs. Will White of Hard
wick were Sunday guests at the home
of Mrs. Laura Cameron.
Wilbur Martin of Montpelier was in
town Tuesday.
Mrs. Esteile Jackman was at George
Parley' a week recently to help tend
central while Miy Kthel went to Port
land, Me., to visit her father.
Herman Parr of Wrightsville is in
town this week to do the spring's work
on the place he bought of Waruer Law
son. Lavake Ainsworth was a business
visitor in Woodbury Wednesday.
Clarence White of Prkin was at
Kdith Beard's several day last week.
Special Mark Down Sale
for Saturday
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good $1 Broom for 63c
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she, 29c; small size 13c
Everyday Evaporated Milk,
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gains. Call and see
J. G. Shadroui '
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MAY 21,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill of Hard
wick were the guests Of Mr. and Mrs.
George L. Pray Tuesday and Wednes
day' Mr. and Mrs. Will Bradfordof Barre
visited at Mrs. W. G. Nye's Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Ellis spent the
week end at Joe's pond, Danville.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hall of Marsh
field werer recent guests at Leon Ellis.'
Mrs. Inez Balentine of Hardwick has
been visiting at Mrs. C. P. Spaulding's
for the past week.
Rev. (Jeorge Fortier of Morrisville
will hold services in the church here
next Sunday, May 23, at 2:;i) o'clock
p. m,
Mrs. Ruth Butlerfield has returned
home from her visit in Barre.
Professor and Mrs. O. K. Hol.ister
were in the town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Merl Clark and family
of Barre called at Mrs. Julie Clark's
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Spaulding and
Mrs. Inez Balentine were at Joe's pond,
Danville, Sundav.
Mrs. Ellen Greeley of Calais was
the guest of Mrs. Lucy HolliBtcr a part
of last week.
Catherine Harvey of East Hardwick
patsscd a few days last week in the
place with friends.
L. J. Eastman is moving from this
place to his farm on tbe hill.
Ermie Bashaw is working for a while
in the family of Colon Cassady.
James Cassady end family of Wal
den visited at L. J. Eastman Sun
Good Fresh Eggs, dozen ..48c
Fancy Dairy Butter, lb. . . .64c
Swift's Premium Oleo, lb. 42c
Wilson's Nut Oleo, tb 32c
Wilson's Certified Oleo, tb. 42c
Texas Onions, new lot just
in, per lb 10c
Rrookfield Cream Cheese, 38c
Pure Leaf Lard, lb. ..... .23c
Good can Salmon. .20c and 25c
Seeded Raisins, Sun Maid, 25c
Campbell's Soups, all vari
eties, per can 12c
Boneless Smoked Ham, lb. 30c
Smoked Shoulder, lb 23c
Good Western Round Seak 30c
yt bbl. All-Round Flour. $1.85
and many other good trades.
Call and see us and get your
money's worth.
Louis Romanos
59 Prospect St. Tel. 348-W
Electric power saves time
and labor on the farm, to
say nothing of the conveni
ence, safety and comfort of
electric lights in the home
and around the farm build
ings. Delco-Light brings
dependable electric service
to any farm at low cost.
' Write for Catalog.
W. G. Goodwin
Bijou Theatre
' Entrance on Pearl St.
Three Show Daily, a:5. 6:45. 3
(including war Uj)
MATINEES r AMU lit. 0ila
George Walsh in !
Arttoo. WP ponrh. Th rT ml I '
"ill ru,Z Alt BLACK fU KKT." j
No. 11. "! N" IM",ur- ! '
Satardv. Mar 22
Anita Stewart in
Ala Kib omWr and "Llr.HTSTNG
PRYCK." Attend th malum lor aaao.
In our Furniture IVpart-1
ment we have Wall Taper, j
Lace Curtains. Rug?. ani
many other thing you r.fd.
Come in and let u? .how you.
Lee & Clara B. Shortt
Marh field. Vt.
This Medicine Recommended by a Doctor
e B h& must know that It has merit.
2 -?2Svb Tn,s 18 what J" n- Wa8ncr a prom-
! w -rT tykV inent nhvslclan of Skate. Kentucky, has
3, riz&f
ruun iAlls tm2
isfy beyond a doubt that PE - RU
PE-RU-NA may be purchased
Thin Bit Drive to Reduce Hkh Shoe Cost
Is The Talk of All New England. Are You
- a a a. m ak fra.'
, Getting Your Shares
$10.00 Summer Footwear, $5.95. You
save over Wfo.
Heels, for
' .SWT.
Crown Girls.
$s.95 im
All the
t B!ack,
Patent Colt
Every Plr
flexible Sewed
Sole, Glove Fitting.
1 m mwnnm
M.oe M.eo 1 mjm "so M
CUlldrc'. B.T.' BlUHCn Ur"U'
ftCHOOL "OlrU' flilMrcn' HOOTS and GIrU SHOES.
.. o.kob sr rSS. e,,0M AU1
$2.69 $1.59 $3.95 $4.60 $2.S5 $2.49
Again vft: 6ffer 2,000 more pairs of
$10 Faultless Shoes
Choice of high or
Broad toe, blucher cut
or English beknoral last.
On ale in ell Slater
$10 High and Low
of the Season
700 prs. Iii the tot.
A great shoe for
the shop, outing,
tramping. Solid
comfort. $5 Scout
lies for
Men, Boy
nd Youth
Nw ,hlpmrnt
Juat rrrrlvad
U. . Army
" Array
fail, a worn
v our aol
dl.ra. t a a.
chroma, arm,
calf uppora.
n a !.
ftolM comfort
to tho waor-
r , l.Svalua
Store kVJ
or by Mall"-'
A Special Purchase of Shoes
Just Received
Few numbers we are offering for Friday and
' Saturday:
Indies White Canvas Shoes . .
Ladies While Canvas Oxfords
Indies Patent Tumps
Ladies Tatent Oxfords
Ladies Cla. Oxford
Men's IT; S. Tennis Shoes
Men's Woneseam Shoes
Children's Oxfords
Children's White Shoes
Ttovs Elk Shoes
Men's Elk Shoes
Men's Heavv Work Shoes
We have a few Leatherette
c!oe out at a very low price.
2tS North Main St, Ilarre,
When a doctor use a medicine taim
eelf besides prescribing it to his patients.
to say about Dr. Ilartman's well-kndwn
remedy, PE-RU-NA: "I have used PE-RU-NA
myself for catarrh and have
given It to others for catarrh, bloating 1
after eating and other ailments. It has
proved a success In all casus with old
and younp men and women. All speak
wnli nf PB-RU-NA. It Is the best of all
Dr. Wagner, out of the fullness of his
- own personal experience, for the good of
all sick and suffering, recommends a
medicine which he knows to be good.
You may be sure a doctor would not en
danger his professional reputation by
endorsing PE-RU-NA unless satisfied be
yond a doubt of its value.
Whether your trouble be a cough or a
cold, or a more subtle catarrhal etfection.
of the stomach, bowels or other organs,
give PE-RU-NA a trial. The Immediate
Imnrnvomnnt -wMrJi mil will see Will Sat
- NA is what you need.
anywhere la tablet or liquid form.
boots, rumps,
Ribbon Ties,
High or Low
Women and
latest delicti.
White and
On Sale In All
Slater Stores
II Hinilll Mil ll ll
tor $5.y5
low shoss
$5.95 1
Mail MMi
Orders WfflM
Men's Si
Rubber Sole Sport Shoes
Made of heavy
army duck. Leath
er stays Vulcan
ized rubber soli
$4.00 -
port Sho.
Oat - of - Town Patron Can S
Order These Bargains by tfo.il $
MAIL THIS COI'PON todav with chfckj
fhta arrlva Po.tace.
? s , S
3LAII.no Houw In Nrw Knllind J
Dept. A, BOSTON 9, MASS.;
Mr. ai pair Imla, I aeud hcrrwi!h . .
Uhv I am l-uvtii (19. on am'val. fa, wa 0
aart al mm U I vaul ll. 1 riak awiklK.
aooar ....?
$3.25 and
ns to
.$2.75 and
..$1.90 and
'.$3.25 and
Coats which we are
ZITER, Trop.
Tel. 730
ff,-W .' sport 41
ar t r .wm --x I
it . ... 11 1

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