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Homer Fitts Co., Inc.
i . The Store Where Quality Counts
This Store Offers You Timely Savings on
Decoration Day Apparel
Whatever your plans, you will want to. look your best on the holiday. We there
fore suggest that you take advantage of the reductions listed below. By pur
'chasmg at this time you' will obtain choice values in garments of quality at
the season of the year when they are most wanted, i
Short Spring Goats
Reduction Sale Now
These are beautiful Spring weight Coats short styles of
a very recent creation. They've sold down to just a few of
a size, some just one, but they're all choice values. Then
look at the lowered prices.
$29.50 and $32.50
Short, Coats
Reduced to
$37.50 and $45.00
Short Coats
Reduced to
$21.50 $29.50
They are of Covert Cloth, Tweeds, Velours and Wood Jer
sey, and you can wear them next Fall. ' '
Reduced 20
We offer all Georgette
Blouses at this Special Re
duction. , There are designs
and colors to suit all tastes
and now prices have been
reduced to suit all purses. .
P 'i ; ml
1 fef w -x
. Silk
Satin, Taffeta and Tri
colette, reduced
They are the newest
frocks to be seen, any
where and are to be
had in Navy Blue,
Taupe, . Brown and
Black, sizes 18 to 44.
"Wayne Knit" Hosiery
for the Holiday
Here yoif will find Stockings for women, misses and
children of this famous make in
All wanted colors and sizes.
All-wool of courtse, beautiful
range of colors, many pleated
models; also a lot of wool
skirts in plain, navy and black.
Kntire lot reduced..
59c to $2.75 a pair.
Hosiery Special
VomenV Fibre Silk Wayne Knit Hoe,
in lilack, Drown and Gray; high npliced
heels, double sole; specially priced..
That Please
Slip - on and
Tuxedo -atylea,
in the very
newest Spring
and; Summer
fchades. Heady
the first real
outing holiday
of tile sum
mer. Trices are
moderate $.r.PH to $18.50
Claremont and Wilton, N. H, Made
Best Record in U. S. Certificate
Two New Hampshire towns C'larc
niont and Wilton have carried ail the
honors for the best records in pur
chases of United Mates treasury cer
titicHtec, according to returns made to
the headquarters of the oavinys divi
sion, first federal reserve di-triet. This
is the second time that Wilton has
(rained prominence in connection with
W. S. K securitie.
Postmaster Wilham I'. Xolin of
( laremont has sold 35 of the 10fl
treasury saving certificates wkhin the
jjust month, representing a matured
alue of ftfiHKV (laremont ha 72!
population, so that the matured val
ue of the certificate nold in only one
month equals nearly 50 cents per capi
ta, - -
One man who, sold some of hi prop
erty in ( laremont had the strong
points of savin? certificates ninted
out to him by Postmaster Xolin and
purchased 10 of the $W0 denomination.
This was previous to -the time covered
by the record sales, liter the same
man became no well satisfied with his
investment that he purchased a similar
number for his wife. The postmaster
also pot in touch with a farmer who
had nold 'out and needed a safe in
vestment with a fair interest return.
The farmer purchased 10 certificates
for himself and 10 for his wife and
wanted to buy more, but as the lim
it for one individual is $1,000 worth,
the postmaster could not accommodate
T. R. Kill Kelley, postmaster at
Wikon, has sold 85 treasury savings
certificates thus far this year, repre
senting $S.00 matured value.
"A man well alonjr in years, who
had been saving all his life, and who
had no near relatives." said Mr. Kill
Kelley, "came to the office one day and
a-ked me to take care of his money
for him. I told him that the best thing
for him to do was to invest in Unit
ed States treasury savings certificates
and that hey would take care of
themselves, and this he did. After
wards bearing this incident in mind
the thought occurred to me that there
must be more situated just about as
thii man was, and I did find some and
was successful in placing quite a few
of the certificates in this manner."
11 " : 1 . .. t . : r nnn .
i iiiipii nas a i!iia lion , a-t:m, u
that the certificates purchased in the
town thus far this year figured at
nearly $0 per capita, "not to mention
the purchase of war savings stamps
and thrift tamps, which have been
considerable. ' Both Postmaster Kill
Kelley and Postmaster Xolin have been
commended for their good work by F.
C. Avers, lminesa manager of the sav
ings division.
The Wise Agent.
The agent for the Useless Dingus he
was selling was a smart man. He rang
the doorbell and maid opened the
"Oood morning," smiled the agent.
"I am trying to find a married lady
whose name I can't remember just
now. 1 hink this is her home. She is
a woman easily described. Perhaps
you know her. She is a handsome
woman, with a perfect oomplexion,
beautiful hair and teeth, lovely eyes
and an ideal figure. I thought" "
"Mary!" cried a voice from the top
M the stairs, "tell the gentleman I
will be right down!" Cincinnati Kn-quirer.
Union Suits
As usual, we are well stocked with
MUNSLNC.WEAR. They come in all
styles and materials, and the price is
only slightly advanced from last year.
Frank McWhorter Co.
Father's Amendment. .
what do vou propose to do
now, William" asked the father of
I the son who had just come home after
j graduation aC college. .
j "Oh," yawned the optimistic young
man, "I think 111 go over to Xew
I York and look for a position at five
I thousand per you understand? At
I five thousand er."
"Oh, yes," aaid the old man. "1 un
; der.tand. You mean at five thousand
perhaps." Pathfinder.
Lare't Bondage.
Wiilie Paw. what is a hne slave?
Paw -A white slave it any salaried
man who has a large family, my um.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1920.
The Weather
fair to-night, cooler in -the interi
or; Saturday fair, warmer on the east
Maine coast; moderate southwest to
west winds.
KOK SALE Timmr4mnfm7 Tnf, Snlrh KBa
otiasr kinds. harctrned : tur an4 w tmr
AaM. ; ala mrtmmXM cf flowrr i4ata fp
trxka at my rmlxs, : m nail mWi:i
hirks Ord. a I'torrr atraK. Kit i
A I EW MWi GARI-f.N LOTS oa Elm.W j
m u. in rr . . uj pvwi; flaquirv rf
H. M. uti!-. Pons stmt. Mt
OR"SAI k-To lav'( MnarVTlarw
m4 amaii raifeits; aa4wr aa4
bona; i m fcwfcaa. ef N.s 1 rrtalaaa 4?
r murium jru tat. rss-j. Mtf
TO KF.XT TtttS-mn know. Rr afe-
a4 barn : I ar-raa ? tiliaav m4 aaa.
Hi: Linw ama. : Fmnmam trxt,
t-s t r
Vit.l a gst inrt (ar'naml a
m-tv : ivnail aW tm ermk. : aaH at IS
FtIi rtvr-t: Mm A A. I a at. . , f
ANTTD -T.a-tl rttrvm'".'. Tnnli
vn sir : iraat l n1 iMtwa t--
ynet far ca. N," Taam Ik- M'i
Water ices at Noyes.' adv.
Read Shea's special shoe adv. adv.
13uy sheet music at Bailey's Music
xtooms. auv.
.Sale of .groceries. Mrs. W. T. Tay
lor, -corner Shurtleff place. adv.
IXin't forget to order your Memo
rial day ica cream at Noyes.' adv.
Come and laugh at "Charley's Aunt"
to-night in Spaulding assembly hall.
Miss O. May Bruce of Graniteville
began work to-day at Jack's restau
rant on Depot square.
(J. StefTanzzi of Railroad street left
yesterday for Norwood, Mass., having
toiuid employment there.
State's Attorney K. R, Davis went
to Urattleboro this morning to spend
a lew days on business matters.
Malcolm McDonald of (Jraniteville
left to-day for St. Johnsbury to make
a few days' visit with relatives.
E. Brunelli of Howard street , yes
terday aftsrnoon went to Berlin, X. .
H., where he is to be employed.
Miss Gertrude Thomson of Kehh av
enue went to Burlington this morning
to remain over Memorial day with
Beautiful Tissot Xew Testament
picture!', 120 of them, at the Univer-
se.list church Sunday niirlK at 7:1)0
I o'clock. ads .
J-.astern Mar ilnll team mcmoers are
I urged to be present for rehearsal at
the banquet hall Saturday evening a!
7 o'clock sharp.
Mr. and Mrs. Kzra White and son
Russell, left th's morning bv auto for
a short visit with Mr. mid Mrs. Ashton
Holt of Springlleld, Muss.
. l.undi'a six-piece orchestra ' leaves
this afternoon fur Waterbury, where
to-niaht thev plav for the alumni ball
of the Waterbury high cehool.
(,. Pacettl of tenter street, who is
now employed at Berlin, X. H., ar
rived last evening to spend the week
end and holidays with his family.
Adjutant George S. DeMcrell of the
American Legion will address the chil
dren of the North Itarre school this
afternoon at Memorial day exercises
- The public is cordially invited to
w-iitness the Tissot pictures of the Xew
Testament to be shown at the I'ni-
vrrsalift church Sunday nijht at 7:.10.
The Barre Typographical union. So.
402, at a recent meeting appointed
George Maker as delegate to the Xew
Kngland Typographical convention in
Burlington, dune 28 and 29.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Drown of the
Oldsmobile Company of Vermont ur
rived in this city last night with two
new Winton touring cars, having driv
en from Cleveland, O.. for which place
they started from here Sunday.
The funeral of Mrs. Battista Polli.
who died at City hospital Wednes
day afternoon, following an operation
there, will be held from her home, 41
Circle street, Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock, Rev. D. C. Huntington off!
dating. Burial will be in Hope ceme
W. H. Harrison, president of the
Harrison Granite Co., in company with
three salnsmen, George Lawson of the
Philadelphia office, Mr. Simpson of the
Detroit, .Mich., oftice, and Kowe Mor
rison of the Chicago branch, arrived
in the city last evening for a few days'
business stay.
The friendly vi-itors. including the
rent volunteers, will hold their reg
ular monthly conference with Mist
Gridley, Barre's social worker, at the
Community house at 7 o'clock this
evening. The meeting will review the
work of the past four months and will
assign work to tlio new visitors.
In making preparations for Memorial
day exercises at Mathewson school on
Wednesday, long extension ladders
were found necessary to enable carpen
ters to repair the larpj Hag pole and
have it in readiness to raise a Urge
flag at the exercises. For this reason
the hook and ladder team of the Barre
fire department was taken to the
school with the result that many peo
ple believed a firf to have broken out
at the building.
Donald Smith of K. L. Smith 4 (X.I
received a telegram yesterday inform
ing him of the death of dames Brodie
of Graniteville, P. O.. one of the lead
ing gTanite men. in Canada for the pat
40 years. Mr. Brodie was a very pop
ular man and highly regarded by his !
business associate, many of whom are
in the Barre district, for besides being I
affiliated with quarrying, he was a j
manufacturer and building and paving
contractor. His funeral will be held
from hi home at Becbo, I. (J., to- j
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr. j
Smith leaves here tonight to attend I
the funeral. !
Charies Humphrey, deliveryman of .
the K. M. Lyons grocery store, .sud
denly found himself doing twn or three
somersaults out of a Krd trihk and
onto soft green sod at the road-ide
near the fuller nome wu lae eo-ter-;
vilie nnd Wednesday affernoon. when !
the' light truck, which lie hH been j
driving, was struck forcibly from t'.iei
res.r by a touring car. Thi ai-cidr-nb;
happened on culvert when Mr. Kt - '
ter attempted to pas the delivery
truck. Down Into the ditch rolled the
car, meal, flour, breakfast food,:
sweets, seasonings, molasses and kero- j
cne, becoming well mixed in the over-
turn. The alert Mr. Humphrey had his 1
eagle eye on the other car's number'
plates even while turning in the airi
and when" he landed flly on the
beautiful green d had the num-:
lers written on his order sheet. This
precautii Mr. Humphrey took in cae
the passing car should continue on it
way. "However, after going several
feet the car hih proed to b that of
A. L. Fo:er, was stopped and as-i-t-anT
given to the truck driver. The
car had to be towed bak to Barre.
in. the gaxd.ne tank wa mim tured
in its descent, the stationary top on
the tru-k baJ'y wrecked, and
nthrr minor dawajes u-tined by the
vehicle in the a.'cident.
The Memorial day exercise' in
Montpelier .will take place in city hall
Monday forenoou, which veteran
of all wars hava. been invited to at
tend. Kdward Baker is master of cere
monies, whilo the committee of ar
rangements is composed of J. G. Far
well, II. M. Pierce, F. K. Joslyn, X.
Montey, A. X. Blanchard and G. M.
Felt. . W. A. Pattee, former .captain
of Co. If, will be marshal of tile pa
rade, which will form at OtllO o'clock
on Main street near School street, and
in that the band, boy scouts, camptire
girls, sons of veterans and World war
veterans will participate. After re
turning to the city hall, Rev. C. D.
Pippcr will offer prayer, the sons of
veterans will sing a selection, the fa
mous general order number will be
read, Lincoln's Gettysburg address will
be recited by Lemira Roberta, Rev.
Charles X". St. John of Montpelier
will deliver the address, ithe school
children will sing, memorial service of
the G. A. R. will be given. Children will
conduct a decoration service and the
casing exercises will 'be a liand selec
tion, in the afternoon decoration of
graves in this section will take place.
1 he evening mail train on the Cen
tral Vermont railway was about two
hours and 30. minutes late last even
ing owing to engine trouble south of
here. The engine would not steam.
The report received here was that it
was due to poor coal. -At Braintree
freight engine was taken from a
train and the one that had been giv
ing 'the trouble was placed in the
train ana pulled to a termi-
- Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Sparrow went to
Burlington last evening ior a (short
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Deslaurier of
Springfield, Mass., who have been vis-1
iting lipre, have gone to Morrisvillc. j
The Crane divorce matter seems to .
have been finally cleared and the or-
dor was completed Thursday before
Judge Jf. B. Chase went to his home:
in Rrattlcboro. so that -Mrs. Crane;
gets $1,000 alimony in two amounts of
$"00 each, a part of which goes to he j
support of her youngest child, of which
she was given custody and which. Mr. !
Crane wanted placed in an institution
in Boston because he claimed his wife
was not competent to care for the
child. The oldest child will be cared
for by his father and each parent will
be permitted, under the order, to' visit
the child in custody of the other par- j
ent at reasonable t imes.
The funeral of Bert L. Hcrscy, who I
died about noon Thursday, will tHke 1
place from his late home at 1:.'W
o'clock Saturday afternoon. He died
after a long illness, a portion of which
he had been in Heaton hospital. He
was a native ot hast Jlontpelier, born
duly 21, 1872. He lived most of his
ife in that town but for about four
years had lived with a sister in the
city. He is survived bv two sisters.
Misg Gertrude Hersev of Mmitpelier
and Mrs. J. J. Dolau of Springfield.
Mass., and three brothers, Bernard of
Montpeiier, Glen of Williainstown and
Lion of Xew York City.
George W. Groom, assistant super
intendent, and John Sullivan, train
master of the Central Vermont rail
way, were in the city yesterday check
ing up the work in the different de
partments in this section.
.Mr. and -Mrs. luchard weeney of
St. Albans were local visitor yester
F. S. Tjockwood of Proctorsville. who
is mentioned as a candidate for sheriff
in Windsor county, was a native of
Waitsfield, where he passed his life
until he grew to manhood.
Mirror I.ake and Cobble Hill granges
re to exchange programs. Mirror Lake
going to Cobble Hill at their reciilar
meeting. June 1, at which time Mirror
Ijike will give the following program:
Piano solo. Austin Brown; farce.
"Bumps," Sisters Stone, Barney' and
Williams; vocal solo, Wilber Brown;
recitation, Margaret Curtis; piano
duet, Mabel and Austin Brown; dis
cussion, "Can an eight-hour day on the
farm produce all the food needed in
this country, stabilize prices and at
tract labor to the farm!" ojiened by
Bros. Pike. Corliss, Benjamin and Pcr
rin. This discussion is open to every
one. Vocal solo, Arthur Brown; es
say, "The Crow," Lou Andrews; piano
solo, Ruth Barney: illustrated read
ing, "Wanted, a Wife," Brother and
'' ..... . . ' , .
For Saturday Shoppers
You'll need something cool and comfortable to wear on Monday; Memorial
Day. -This store is prepared to serve you in both Underwear, and Outer
Apparel, and at attractive prices. - - - , x i , ,
Wo Discount on all Suits, Coats
and Silk- Dresses
VOILE DRESSES White and Colors, lvalue $12.50,
special, at. . . ... . . . . ...... . . .
WHITE WASH SKIRTS, value, $3.00 to $3.50,
. .special, at. .v . . .'. .V. : . . .'
WHITE GABARDHSTe WASH SKIRTS, regular $5.00 value,
- special, at.".. .'. .....-.. . . ... .;. . . . .
Special, at... .......................................... .
Special, at .... -
SILK POPLIN SKIRTS Another lot in Navy, Taupe, Black and
white; sizes up to 36-in. waist; all one price, each
Underwear and Hosiery---SpeciaI Values
ior Saturday
You can buy it for less at . . . .- ; . V .
Store- Closed All Day Monday, May 31
lr , fc
li . I
Sister Stone and Brother and Sister
Barney: vocal olo, Stella flonyo; reci
tation, Beatrix Perry; vocal solo, Har
old Bajney. Cobble Hill grange will
come to Mirror Iake grange June 4
and trive the program. ia hoped
that everv member of Mirror Iaket
grange will be present to welcome
The checking tip of the docket- in
Washington county court shows that
a large amount of business was done
in the term that has just been com
pleted, there having been 74 law cases
disposed of and 68 divon-e cases, w hile
t. .i '
tnereare iiuue a nuinoer vi cnnmrrj ,
matters which were disposed of but ;
which have not leei! checked up yet. j
Solid session of chod commences in
the Montpelier schools next Tuesday !
morning, beginning aU 8 o'clock and i
completing the day at 12:30 which,'
makes a very long morning for the!
small children. It in the rirst time;
that the children in the smaller grades
and the kindergarten have had solid
Miss Glenn Reed was given a shower
at the home of Mrs. Alice Murdock. one
of the teachers in the high school,
Thursday afternoon. It took place at
Mrs. Murdock'a home, where about 20
of the teachers had gathered. Miss
Heed was at a loss for a shor time to
ascertain the meaning of the gather
ing but shortly Miss Blanche Mareion
ette, one of the teachers, presented her,
upon liehalf of those gathered, many
silver article i to which Miss Reed re
sponded in fitting terms as soon as she
recovered from the surprise.' The show
er was given in the honor of Miss
Keed'a. approaching marriage to Arthur
Wadlund of Hartford, Conn. A mock
wedding was performed w'ith Miss Reed
as a spectator. A general good time
was enjoyed. Dainty refreshments
were served.
Arthur had twen, allowed mm.m
pany his unle to vurt. where the
la!iT wa a w.ne f.T tHe 4ten in
a JiHel art ton.
Wh'ie h wa hemir t-r - in. t-d.
th piamt !" ow"l asked;
"Are vol arrid?"-
TKe w:tn r- p .ed 5 ;
We have ro prf 4 I Sat. sr.
an the i r.sj mm nr-t.
Itie Arthur fj i a bea s
aasd f pfj rp:
turn t'ce ) jwf nm Mir iK-a I.
.! ?."- AwtJ.
Holiday Suggestions
Canned Dfvilcd Ham
Canned Deviled Tongue
Canned Vienna Sausages
Canned Ham, Chicken and .Veal Loif
Canned Ox, Lamb's and Lunch Tongue
Canned Corned tind Roast ISeef
(anned Chicken
Canned Crabmeat
, Canned Shrimp
Canned Sardines
Hottled Pickles Plain and Mixed, Sweet and Sour
1 Jot tied Olives Stuffed and Plain .
Ginger Ale, Lemon Soda, Birch Beer, Moxie
Cheese Imperial, Craft, and Plain
Oranges, Lemons Grapefruit ,
Dexter's and C. H. Cross Bread
Home-Cured Boneless Smoked Shoulder, per lb 30c
Home-Cured Bacon, whole strip, lb, 85c; sliced, lb, 43c
Home-Cured Whole Hams 8 to 15 lbs, w hole, lb. . . . 38c
Native Fowls per lb 30c
Roasting Chickens Pr lb 53c
Pork Roasts per lb. 30c, 33c, 38c
Fancy Roast Beef, per lb 30c, 35c
Leg of Spring Lamb, per lb 40c
Forequarter of Lamb, per lb 35c
AH cuts Forequarter Veal, per lb 23c
Roast Veal, per lb 1 .35c-3Sc
Pork Sausage, per lb . . 30c
Beef Sausage, per lb 28c
Salt Pork in 5-Tb. lots per lb 28c
Corned Pork Spare Ribs and Legs
Native Asparagus Spinach. Cucumbers Celery, Let
tuce. Wax Beans Radishes Parsley, Rhubarb.
Finnan f laddie per lb 15c
This ttore will be closed all day Monday, May 31.
Houghton & Robins
The Woman's
Ready -to-Wear Shop
, Charming Sport Dhesses
The "personality" which is hers alone is always re
flected in her clothes. AVith the sports season already under
way and vacation time approaching, we have selected
Dresses appropriate for numerous occasions. Do you pic
ture the' beautiful color harmony, such as White with Tan
gerine, Wrhite with Jade, White with Tea Rose, Fashioned
in Rajah Silk, the short coat effect with accordion pleated
skirt, semi-flare short sleeve and a most becoming neckline?
Of course the description sounds cold. To appreciate
them is to see them. A price range that appeals.
Just the - thing for vacation and camping, are the
Bloomer Suits in Khaki. Girls, they are good looking.
A Special Collectioa of Trimmed Hats . at $3.50.
Choose while selection is at its best.
The Mrs. Shepard Co., Inc.
"Best of All"
Wholesale nad Retail ELMER J. NOYES Tel. 102-J
Use A Flashlight About
the House
EEPa Winchester Flashlight in the
kitchen to flash into the nantrrshe! res, the
OTcn or the ice-box. I lare it ready to light tne
way to the cellar, or down the back-door steps.
Always have a Winchester Flashlight in
the bedroom. Use it in the clothes doet
keep it beside the bed at night.
Come in and re these Flashlights which we
recommend so highly.
C. W. Averill & Co.

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