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Both Yachts Get New Fix
Big Win
Giving Good Test for Selec
tion of Defender of
I America's Cup
Newport, R. I., June 4. With new
bridle on the Vanitie's new boom and
new jaws on the Resolute's gaff, the
two contestants for America's cup de
fense were ready to-day for the second
trial race off this port.
The sailing conditions were almost
the reverse from those of the first day
when Resolute defeated Vanitie by five
minutes in a 14-mile thrash to wind
ward "and return in a smoky south
wester. To-day the air was cool and
clear and a light breeze was shifting
down from the north, with just power
enough to waft tho yachts down the
buy and out to the start at Brenton's
Reef lightship. Off shore it was very
clear and Block Island, to the south,
and even Gay Head, to tho eastward,
loomed conspicuously.
All hands prepared to-day for a 30
ruile triangle aud the early conditions
looked as if the committee would send
the boats on a rift to the eastward,
another to the southwest and a boat to
the finish.
Out of Life In the Spring When Im
pure Blood, Lost Appetite,
Lifeleshness, lassitude and that tired
feeling pull down health to the low
level that invites illness. .
The knees become weak and life
seems hardly worth living.
In this condition Hood's Sarsaparilla
has the real "human toudi." It meets
the necessity promptly and complete
ly. It purities the blood, creates an ap
petite, "makes food taste good," and
aida digestion, thus naturally increas
ing strength and in a common-sense
way building up the whole system.
Then the bright days of spring find in
you happy response, and the whole
world smiles again.
Take Hood's .Narsaparilla for your
spring medicine, used as such for near
ly 50 .years by thousands. It "makes
food taste good."
Keep on hand Hood's Tills as a gen
tle laxative or (in larger doses) as an
active cathartic. Adv. .
More Than 500,000 Gallons
Taken from Pittsburgh
Bonded Warehouses
The Cases Under Suspicion
Run into the Thousands
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
Tittsburgh, June 4. More than 500,-
000 gallons of whiskey have been with
drawn from bonded warehouses in the
Pittsburgh district since Jan. 16, last,
with bogus and forged permits, accord
ing to an announcement made here
to-day by W. H. Hindeman, federal
prohibition agent or Pennsylvania.
Mr. Hindeman stated that cases un
der suspicion run into the thousands
and that he is conducting a thorough
Many of ' the forged permits were
I printed' outside the government offices
while others were signed in blank and
sent out numbered, he said.
Hard andin Blotches. Skin
Sore. Cuticiira Heals.
"Pimples began on my face and
spread all over my neck. They were
nara wun wane neaas, ana
they were In blotches. The
skin was sore and many
nights I could not rest. My
face was disfigured.
" I sufferedfor fourmonths.
Then I used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment, and I used four cakes
of Soap and four boxes of Ointment
which completely healed me."
(Signed) Carlos Treatas, 13 Way St.,
Fall River, Mass., May 24, 1919.
Rely on Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum to care for your skin.
Ssmpla iHt fras Mill. AiMreaa: "Oattar
labaraterMa.rMpt. B, MaKUB, atui. " Soldefary.
wh.ri- Soap 26c. Ointments and 60e. Talcum 2fce.
Cuticura 5op abaeaa witbout mug.
Between the Allies and Russian Soviet
Minister Great Britain Wants
Assurances First.
London, June 4. Trade negotiations
between the allies and Gregory Kraa
sin, Russian soviet minister of trade
and commerce, have not yet begun, ac
cording to a statement by Premier
Lloyd George in the House of Com
mons yesterday.
Replying to a flood of insistent
queries, the premier said there were
certain questions which fireat Britain
wanted definitely settled before it
would undertake negotiations. Russia
must guarantee that there would be no
attacks on British interests in the
East or at home while negotiations are
proceeding, Mr. Lloyd George declared
and must guarantee to release all Brit
Jk1i prisoner, whether civil or military,
Great Britain must clear these ques
tions out of the wav herself, the pre
mier added, after which allied negotia
tions could proceed.
Representatives of the French and
Italian governments are in London
President Gives Assurance He Will
Not Call Special Session of Congress.
Washington, D. C, June 4 Congress
will end its present session Natur
day under the resolution of adjourn
ment adopted yesterday by the Sen
ate after assurances had been received
from the White House that President
Wilson did not intend to call a special
session during the summer unless
grave emergency arose.
The vote on the resolution was 44
to 24. It after two attempts to amend
the measure so as to provide for a re
cesss in tho one case to July 12 and
lu the other to Aug. 1 had failed.
A few cents buys "Danderine." A-'ter
an application of "Danderine" you can
not find a fallen hair or any dandruff,
besides every hair shows new lite, vig
or, brightness, more color and thick
ness. Adv.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Measure Now in Senate Which Is Ex
pected to Act Before Its
Washington, D. C, June 4. The
postal increase bill was passed yester
day by the House by the unanimous
vote of the 343 members present.
The bill would become effective Julv
1 and would add approximately $3."),-
000,000 to the postal payroll the first
year. It now goes to the Senate, where
favorable action is expected before ad
journment Saturday.
The measure was drawn in line with
recommendations of a joint congres
sional commission which has investi
gated postal pay for many months.
"California Syrup of Figs'
Child's Best Laxative ,
6 Bell ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Eczema Caused fears
of Intense Agony
In the Olympic Games at Antwerp-
At Least Six Entries.
London, June 4. India will have at
least six athletes entered in the Ant
werp Olympic games, three being mara
thon runners, one a gymnast and two
wrestlers. The Indian Olvmpic asso
ciation is bringing the team to England
and it will train in this country.
"' The Challenger Takes s Rest
New York, June 4. Sir Thomas Lip-
ton's Shamrock IV was given a rest to
day from her daily trial spins and she
was being shipped with new crosstrees.
I he Shamrocks original top sails
were burned before she came to this
"Barer Tablets of Aspirin" Is gen
uine Aspirin proved safe by millions
and prescribed by physicians for over
twenty years. Accept only an unbrok
en "Baver package," which contains
proper direction to relieve Headache,
Toothache, Karache, .Neuralgia, Kneu-
Riatlsm. folds anil Pain. Handv tin
boxes of 12 tablets cost few cents, country and the new ones were never
nrnirt-mta bIho sell larger "Baver Back- tried until this week, when it was
tro " A.nirin la trade mark Baver I noticed
.Manufacture JWonoaceticacidester
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California, on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most
harmless physic for the little stomach,
liver and bowels. Children love its
fruity taste. Full directions on each
bottle. You must say "California."
Salicylicacid. Adv.
that the crosstrees showed
nf signs of giving way under heavy gales.
It .was expected that the yacht would
eie-reaay lor runner trials oy to-mor
row, or fcunday.
Yesterday's National League Games.
At Pit tsburg Cincinnat i-Pittsburg,
Mr. and Mrs. - Henry Leet left
Wednesday for Hartford. Conn., where wet grounds.
they will visit relatives. ' At Boston (First New York
Mr. Kennedy nf Montnelier was a Boston 0. (Second) New York 0, Bos
Kitainoasi x-iuitnr in rnun FriHa V anil I totl
Saturday. Al 1 nuaaeipnia orooKiyn z, rniw
I ddlnhm II
lr and fru .Tsi WaaiI rf fanhaf. I
National League Standing.
Won. Lost.
Cincinnati 25 16
Brooklyn .-.23 15
Chicago 24 IS
Pittsburg 19 1!
St. Louis 1H 22
Boston .'. 18 21
New York 17 23
er were over-Sunday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. G. I .McLam
Miss Hazel McLam and Mrs. Jane
Fulle.. have been on the sick list.
Alire Mills and Xelnon Miles mo
tored to Montpelier last Thursday.
.Mi i-.dith iood ot tfarre was in
town a few days last week.
George Koben of South Rvegate was I PhilnHnlnhin . IS
Everett Howe and I). II. Eastman are
on the sick list.
Mrs. K. J. .Mill motored to Mont
prlicr Friday with W. C. Fox as chauf
The drama, Tomokinn' Hired Man,"
drew large audience, and the parts
were well taken, ice cream and cake
were for sale. A little oer $."0 was
P. M. Becklev and Baelev Abbott Cleveland
were in town Thursday, buvinir stink. I New lork
J. F. McLam and family of South
Rvegate were callers in town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Btuhanan, who
are guests of his sister, Mrs. Margaret
rink, motored here from Kockford. III.
They had a II days' trip, taking their
meals and lodging in their car. They
armed here last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards and
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edward of Web-
sterville were on Monday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Mi-Urn.
Mr. and Mr. Vernon Freelove of
len Park, K. I., called on friends here
Saturday. Mrs. Freelove will be pleas
antly remembered as Martha Dodire.
wnierly of Wails Purr. Mr. Freelove
i foreman in one department of the
large printing office of the J. C. Hall &
o.. Providence, K. I.
There were Memorial excrciaes at
he school (,n Friday, after which the
v l;ers and put ii formed in line and
Yesterday's American League Games.
At New York New York 5, Phila
dolphin 4.
At Washington Washington 2, Bos-
ton I.
At St. Louis Chicago 6, St. Louis 4.
At Cleveland Detroit 6, Cleveland 3.
American League Standing.
Won. Lost. Pet.
27 13 .673
26 lrt .619
Boston 22 17 .565
Chicago 22 18 .550
Waxhington 21 20 .612
St. Louis 14 Si .368
Philadelphia 13 26 .365
ltroit 13 2B .333
"I Havt auffered intrnae army Troni re
ma m mjr tar and other pacta of my body
lor jream. and m-eived only temporary r
llef from othl" preparation. It la only a
tnnnfh iiiw I atarted la uar I'ETKRjiON 8
OINTMENT, and there is no lian'of .csema
or Itrhine. Yu ran refer to me.-- ;eo. C.
Taloot. 27 Penneld .trert. rluftaln. N. tf.
"Vrm sot hundred teatimoniaJe." eay
Peteraon of Buffalo, "juat aa sincere and
honert aa thia one. Ye - r' when I i t
started to put cut PETKKSON 8 OINTMENT.
I nuute an my mind to aive a bic bo for Si
renta. and I am atilt dome it, aa every
druaviat in the etntry knewa.
1 ruarmntea PEIf RSON S OrNTMENT
fcarauae I knew that ita mia-hty hejUir "x -or
ia marvrlm. I ear to everyone a ho hurt
a tro that it ia He-idly ruarnti4 1r erae
ma. aalt rheum, old aorr. blind. Mea-iina and
ttrhina; pile, ulrtr. .kin riuem. .hanria.
huma, aralda and unhum. nnd f -m falw
faftory any flrurrie a ill refund -our -noll-
ment ( x. Ine.. K jralo. S. Y-Art.. I pupil and i lai-mate. I i. MrUm. with plana that bum and Hrfc. raei
I beautiful rliwer. ror this act of Inve lifted aa the akin
If you hmvm tcmrmm. your nmrnrtt tie mt
FoiUliii may mn all the diflrrvnr fcwan
mrf'hr( to Xht pinrtrrj. n hor thf IminiH romffn and long penry) W t-h-decnr.ted'
.W rave of their beloved "- lVy 'rr.':
aonthed and paruied.
Six Second-Hand Indian
Side Cars Will pay ?20
to $70 cash.
I haVe for nale 11918 3-5peed
Indian twin electric equipped
$310 with .side car. One
1920 Ford tourinp car. start
er and Liphts. One 1918 3
reed twin w ith side car, for
Try a Hercules Spark PSujr
sc7 5s. Xain St. Bane Vt
!.nd r-rect f..r their dear one. Mr. and ."."renJten
'lr. t . I. Jli l-am win to exrea. their I braua-ht. flam eonrentnted. Phort
treatment aumrra lor naoat minor tmublfw.
fW!d everyahere. For free aamrla wnta
to Emerarenry Lahoratoriea, 241 Meat 4Tlil
atreet New York City.
I'ndlam Soap. meOaraUl witjl Fealan.
Sou Id be uaed if akia m tender and aenai
tlra. Adr.
: in-cre thank
I Slate Health Offir Dr. C. H. Burr
I of Mrttitpelii-r, with a nire. conducted
a me.li. al examination of the ix-houl on
', I hiirdy.
I he Mi'mmial eterrj- tn Satur
lar were well attended. The apeaker.
1 Ke. Siead 1 biHuto". eave a very in
jteretiig d !re"n "The Mwal F.fft
oi tSe War f 1m1-65." A few- year
the war teterana nnmlwred tip
wards vf a wore. and. th:, rorrpare.!
i!h it!; trrec on hur1v. S"
that the rank are thirntt -.g rard y.
aid the !at one J fate an-
aerH 1 Se ril w!1 rf t ve iert tap.
tam arid ' caf. rat n t-e a t Vn;.
'I the TKe r-t ra4 ter err-
r !- r.i;l at the ew,etey. CTiiiiHt
ed t t . r r a !T Batet.Jer.
t l.ur. 1 M -ea Jrpe F.fT. K.
V i u'r, (.;. Sui.iy ahoo! at 12
' k. I'rea-k r-g art K-e at I
Lr k eri Vrjr rt"T rtd ary tw
t'r ce'j"tK to be freartt.
At a Meeting at Which the General
Was Present Sum Was to be
Received in $100,000
W'Shhington, D. C June 4. Senate
investigation into pre -convent ion earn
paign expenditures was interrupted
yesterday while member of the com
mittee participated in the debate on
the Senate floor on the resolution pro
vlding for adjournment of Congress yi
Before the interruption, the commit
tee reverted to the financing of Major
General Wood's campaign, calling W,
B. Burtt, axHiktant to Colonel Wil
liam Cooper Proctor of Cincinnati, na
tional chairman of the Wood commit
tee, and C. H. Buell of New York, who
said he wss associated with the Wood
campaign until John T. King quit as
national manager lat Junuarv.
The namea of William Wrigley, jr.,
and C. V. Shaffer of Chicago, previom
ly mentioned ai heavy contributors to
the n ooil fund were read off the re
ceipt books by the committee.
.Senator Tomerene. Democrat, Ohio,
referred to payments of $40,000 to
Burtt himself which were shown Tiy
the hooka. The witness said they
were paid to the Ohio committee.
C. H. Duell of New York wa.t the
next witness. He told the committee
he was aanociated with the campaign
"during the earlv davs and until the
chance in management.
"The first plan was. to raise a mil
lion dollars to finance national cam
paign, lie continued. there was a
meeting at the home of Ambrose Mon
et!, where General Wood, Ilobert Cas
aatt and myself were present. It was
in the end of November, 101!)." j
"Was the meeting pre-arranged I
sked Senator .Spencer, Republican, of
Yes, Mr. Cassatt was asked to un
dertake the tak." was the replv
Later he definitely declined to take
part and so far as I know did not
take part.
Mr. Monell, he said, did agree to go
ahead. The proponed plan was to
hate the amount underwritten."'
"E. K. Smathers, Colonel Billeshr of
Chicago, and tnvself later met." Mr.
Duell continued, ana decided to j;o
ahead and help General Wood. The
result was that Mr. Smathers gae
This started the Wood campaign
fund and they went ahead with it in
the West with Mr. Sprsgue."
The committee pressed for the Mn
ell contribution.
"Mr. Monell was quite willing to
underwrite ?in.001.- the witness tes
tified. "'Later he told me be had ci -en
fii.OOO. His theory was an under
writing; o many men were to raise
million in amounts of llsl.ooo ea h."
Though he personally took no fur
ther part in the campaign, Mr. IW11
said he had heard later that "Colonel
Proctor. Mr. Monell. Mr. Iti!Iely and
other had a meeting in ! v-ccni!r."
71 you wish "some
f VtlCTl body would in
cr.t something new to eat" you
.2ed Beech am"S Ftllsl Even
hen clisestioa is good, poisons
ire formed during its pro
esses that un!ess eliminated
rritate mind as well as body.
u b.. mz k BL3 mo.
19a..S. "tka Aar4.
Cards hate lwen reirited annmitic
ing the gradnation ff Mi Manic
(longh of St. .Iohnlurr academy .'utie
10, and Mis l la A. rr from Smiih
college; e-rcin from .Inn II to 15.
Mi Orr has a lrsdine part in the
senior play. "Merchant f Venice."
Mr. arid M. tlarence Blancfiard f
Wilder were welcome tisitors ia town
Her." and Mr. William P. wll and
children a"-e i-ifig rcr .r.ser. .l..f!n
and .t.eph SW;r. a is 7. i . !Wr.
Mr. Sleep'r i l:irg in Wet To n
tend f late.
Memorial day etem-e wcr KU at
the chtirch Saturday. It. Mr. Laar
ren was thTrortc'ly .syl Mr
Ptaell spoke at the Ii:ra S?ii.iay
Mr. ! Mrs. Tred Jtwe'.J .f law
reixe. M-. i'1e t..' f .
O.nrW. ryxrw'Iy.
Iub On tit i Ya.ulsU tm.9.
Vy JVrjcri$MA Tt(s instil
Copyright 19.0 Hart Schailner U Marx
art Schaffner & Marx
All-Wool Clothes
Will "Put In Overtime" for You
IF you're one of those men who work with
their hands as well as their brains you prob
ably like to "dress up" when the day's-work. is"
done. You should be as well dressed as any.
other business man. .You're entitled to the
best and that's what you get here.
Clothes By Hart Schaffner
6c Marx
They're stylish, sturdy, economical; made by well paid, contented
craftsmen; they save you money because they work overtime;
"stay on the job" for a season or two after an ordinary suit has
"punched out." Money back if they don't.
Moore & Owens
Barrc's Leading Clothiers
Open Monday Evenings as Usual
Tel. 275-M
Mrs, Orr and her niece, Maude Smith,
returned with him.
.John Chase of Kast Barre visited his
sisters Sunday.
William Orr's health is so rxxir he
is to sell off his herd of cow. We
are sorry to have the milk from so
laree a herd leave the creamery.
Mary O'fHiy is working for Mrs.
Miles "in Mon'tpelier.
Says Brother Joseph of President Wil
son, After Visit.
Wachinpton, H. C, .Inne 4 Presi-J
dent Wilxm saw his brother, Joseph !
Wilson of Baltimore, half an hour yes- j
. . I : !. II I.:.. II... I
terdav. On Ieainir the White House
Mr. Wilson said the president was
looking "remarkably well."
The ore rsl ard first colored Tamish ever produced. lias fpvea
coinplet satisfaction for over 34 vrsn. A stnetly Lipa
trsde transpamit varaiaji fur fin hinf
Furniture and. Interior Woodwork
JVpared in mtunl s-arnish, also srith stain rombined. rising
beautiful imiutions (4 aj the hard woods, such aa
Cnwrey, Walnut. Mahosan,, U. Oak, Oh. Oak, Got Oak.
Fl Daewoo), te.
Fbows the p-aia of
. Is woftderf .il fir.u-h f FToofw, Os rn, Tsb!. Window 8akSL
lx-cc, LWis sad all u.tmat woxid-wors.
Aa ( Caler Caral
R. U CL.VRK. Harrc. Vt.
W. M. CROWLEY. Kast Barre. Vt.
The Ideal Cake 'and
Pie Flour
You will always have good luck with this won
derful Pastry Flour.
Your grocer should have it.

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