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As Candidate for Presiden-
cy from a. New Po
. - litical Party
Leaders Do Not Anticipate
( Help from Borah or
'; ' Johnson
Chicago, June IS. Senator Robert M,
.LaFallette ii leading in the referendum
vote which is being taken among the
member of the committee of 48 a
a suitable candidate for the pregi
dential nomination, according to state
ment at the party headyuaiters last
night. Leaders said they cdunt upon
the support of the Layollette Republi
cans, farmers, labor and the non-parti-aa
league membership. They do not
anticipate that Senator Johnson or
Senator Borah will bolt the Republican
party, they said.
Outpointed Georgia Adams la Ten
Rounds at Kokomo, Ind.
. Kokomo, Ind., June 15. Frankie Ma
son of Fort Wayne, flyweight champion
of the United States, outpointed Geor
gia Adams, the Pacific coast champion,
in 10 rounds here last night, according
o Bport writers.
TRfiTTTlT "P. nd don't know it. If
wtnt good result(1
vi tan make no mistake by using
Or. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great
kidney medicine. At druggists in large
ii ml medium-size bottles. Sample size
In- parcel post, also pamphlet telling
voti nbout it. Address Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Binshamton, N. Y., and enclose ten
tents, also mention the Barre Times.
q f) Guaranteed y
To relieve it, and to stimulate fhe
torpid liver and other digestive or-
ganu, tate tne prompt aim jjicui
Eay to take, easy to operate.
Made by C. L Hood Co., Lowell, M.i"
Also Blackheads On Face,
Scratched. Lost Rest..
" I had red pimples all over my
face, and alto blackheads. They
were scattered and I ued
to wet no at nieht and scratch
J them. They itched some.
.4 I tning ewiui. my "-
covered and I was asHsmed
to go out.
,TI had these clmoles for
.u a...Va uV,n I hecan to
used five cakee of Cutlcura Soap and
two boxes of Cutlcura Ointmentwhen
I was healed." (Signed) B. Kabal
kln, 204 Spring St., Fall River,
Mass., May 1, 1919.
These fragrant emollients are all
you need for all toilet purposes.
SsisrU by''! Andrew: "Csttrer
LtKiritorlii, DP l.KiWu.Hui." So d
wh-re Sop26fc Ointment eudWe. Talcumaie.
jJSjj Cuiii un Soap shaves without mug.
It Intended to Make Seamen All Over
the World Tree Men Matter Was
Before International Sea
men's Conference.
Genoa, June 14. American proposals,
that seamen submit to the internation
al conference of labor of the league of
nations a proposition to make seamen
all over the world free men, weje de
feated at the preliminary meeting of
the international seamen's conference
here to-day. The project was siu
tuinad hv ft a v. Holland. Xorwav. Ger
many, Sweden and Japan and was op-
. . , , w. 1,1' J
posed by i-ngiana, ranee, neigium ana
Spain. 'While, as to nations, the pro
had a maiorit v. the actual vote
i' j
by the delegates stood 13 to 28.
i. et 11 lb
IT'S THIS WAY: in Lucky
Strike the real Burley
cigarette you enjoy the
toasted flavor.
It's toasted. This special and un
usual flavor is not to be had in any
other cigarette.
So you see, with Lucky Striko
tre give you a good, sensible reason for
buying it We tell you what's especially
good about Lucky Strike what's
different. It'i toasted.
?Are fou a pip smoker? Thea 117 Lock?
Strike pip tobacco. Made from the aces!
Barley tobacco that money can buy. The
rosstiag process seals in the Burlty flavor
ad lakes out every bit ol bite. It's toasted.
hicb fsen that if you doo'l like LUCKY STRIKE
Glare Oct you can in jour money bsxk from the dealer.
Harding Hopes to Be Fin
ished by the End of
the Week
He Invited in the Newspa
per Men for a Con
ference To-day
Washington, D. C, June lS.-r-Senator
Harding, the Republican presidential
nominee, said to-day he hoped to wind
up matters pertaining to his senatorial
duties by the end of the week and then
take a brief vacation before returning
to his home at Marion, O., where he
will be formally notified of his nomina
tion. The Republican nominee, however,
does not plan to reach Marion much be
fore July 1.
Senator Harding planned to spend
another buny day to-day, although no
political conferences had been arranged.
He had invited newspapermen to meet
him and Leslie M, Shaw, former secre
tary of the treasury, was to call on him
at his office at the capitol.
Chairman Hays of Republican National
Committee Goes Home First
Chicago, June 15. Chairman Will H.
Hays completed his conference with
western leaders of the Republican na
tional committee to-day and departed
for his home in Sullivan, Ind., from
where he will go to Washington short
ly to meet with Senator Harding and
the committee headed by A. T. Hert,
which will make the arrangements for
the formal notification of the candidate
of his nomination.
Western leader at the conference
here emphasized that the territory west
of the Mississippi will be the big bat
tleground of the presidential election.
Clarence Miller, secretary of the na
tional committee, advised the establish-
it was the' custom of our grandparents
when anything was the matter with
their stomach, liver or kidneys, to take
a remedy composed of the right kind
of roots and herbs, and by so. doing
lived to a ripe old age. It is also true
that the Shakers, who have always de
pended upon the life-giving juices of
leaves, root and herbs, are long lived
people. The roots and herbs of which
.SEVEN HARKS is principally com
posed of were gathered by the Shakers
for many, many years, then scientifi
cally blended, an4 SEVEN BARKS has
become famous as one of the most re
liable remedies for Indigestion, Consti
pation, Liver, Kidney and Stomach dis
orders, v
Dull pains In the back, often under
the shoulder blades, poor digestion,
heartburns or fluttering, sour risings,
yellow skin mean liver troubles, and
you should take SEVEN BARKS i it
will rplipvA von. as it will make the liv
er active, tone up the digestive organs
and cause the bowels to aci normauy.
SEVEN BARKS is not a cure-all,
hut a vertr" reliable remedy that will at
once act on the liver, stomach and
bowels, sets them to right, tones and
strengthens the general health.
If you want to get the greatest effi
ciency out of your body, enjoy and pro
long your life, take SEVEN BARKS.
At druggist's, 60 cent a bottle. Don't
put it off; get it to-day.Adv.
ment of the main Republican head
quarter in Chicago instead of New
York. Chairman Hays expressed his de
sire to spend the greater part of his
time here, giving special attention to
the western campaign.
Alien Property Custodian Gives Out
Warning; on Foreign Is
sues. '
Washington, D. C, June 15. Warn
ing was issued yesterday by the alien
property custodian against the transfer
of stock certificate received from Ger
many in cage where the government
has demanded all enemy title in such
Several instances of the transfer of
such certificate have been reported, it
was said yesterday, and closer co-operation
between companies and tneir
transfer agents was urged to prevent
such mistakes. Transfer agents, mak
ing such transfers, are liable for the
value of the stocks, Francis P. Gar
vin, alien property custodian, said.
British Govt's Determina
tion Was Expressed in
House of Commons
It Wis Designed to Omit
Section Giving Control of
Railways to Council
London, .Tune 15. Governmental de
termination to pass the Irish home rule
bill was expressed in a long emphatic
statement to the House of Common
when discussion of the bill in the com
mittee stage was reached by the House
to-day. The members were warned
that "any supposition of an intention
to abandon the measure is quite il
lusory." Some observations were made dur
ing consideration of an amendment to
the measure, moved by Kir Edward
Carson end designed to omit the sec
tion of the bill giving the control of
the Irish railway to an Irish coun
cil. The amendment was defeated by
a large majority.
Trap Shooting Events, Speeches and
Moonlight Sail Features of Event.
The sportsman's convention and out
door recreation meet of the Vermont
Fish and Game league, in co-operation
with the following organizations, Ver
mont Mate Trapshooting association,
Bird and Botanical dub, the Green
Mountain club and the Vermont boy
scout, will be held in Burlington on
June 22 and 23. The program is as
Vermont State Trapshooting associ
ation twelfth annual register tourna
ment program. Over $3"0 in added
money and prir.e. Monday, June 21:
Practice day at 2:30 p. m. Tuesday,
June 22, at 9:30 ft. m., 15016-yard tar
get, 6-25 tarpet; event. Entrance,
target only, 3.75. iiO handicap tar
sets. 16-22 "yards, 2-25 target events.
Entrace, target only, $1.25. A. T. A.
registration fee, GOc. Wednesday, June
23. at 9:30 a. m., 150-16 yard target.
6-25 target event. Entrance, target
onlv, $3.75; 50 handicap target. 16-22
vard, 2 25 target event. Entrance,
larget only $1.25. A. T. A. regi.
tration fee" f0c. Entrance optional
sweeps, $2.50 per event, or $15 each
day, for 15016 yard targets. Money
divided Roi,e rytem 8, 3, 2, I. Sweep
money cannot be withdrawn by con
testant after the program has started.
Sweeps open to all amateur. Eligi
ble hooter are entitled to compete
for prize whether shooting the sweep
or not.
3ft0-16yrd trget. first six event
each day, constitute the Vermont state
championship race. 100 1622-yard tar
gets, last two event each day, con
stitute the Vermont state handicap
race. Open to amateur resident cf
Vermont. While not obligatory, con
testant are requested to enter both
rates. Either race may be entered
separately, but must be shot in full to
be eligible for prizes.
Moonlight sail on historic Lake
Champlain, Tuesday evening. June 22.
The Vermont Fish and Cam league
and the Burlington Trap Shooter'
club, Inc., have chartered one of the
large teamer for an excursion on the
historic water of Lake Champlain.
The Kteamer will leave at 7:30 p. m.
Ticket. 75c. Bring ladies. The trip
will afford an ideal opportunity for
the member of the several organisa
tions to get acquainted.
Convention program. Wednesday,
June 23. auditorium of the Edmunds
high school, Trecident Lester H.
Greene of the Vermont Fish and Game
league presiding.
Morning .Session 10. addres of
welcome, Mayor J. Holme Jackson;
repon-ea, "For the League and the
Department of Fish and Game." Com
missioner Linu Leavens; "For the
Trap Shooting Association." fr. Guy
Louden; "For the Vermont Botanical
and Bird Club." Prof. George P.
Burns; "For the Green Mountain
Club," C. r. Cooper; "For the Ver
mont Bov Scouts," Byron N. Clark;
10:15, exhibition of scout craft, Bur
lington troops, hoy scouts; 11, address.
"Out -of Poors Recreation and Hoy'
Work,' Dan Beard, national scout com
miioner. '
Afternoon Session 2. Vermont
sonr, Glee club; 2:15, address. "For
estry : Its Relation to Wild Life Re
sources," W. G. Hastinp. state for
ester of Vermont; 3, address. "Bird
Mysteries." (illustrated 1, Winthrop
Packard, secretary Man-achucett Au
dubon society.
Evening fission 7:4V orchestra:
R:15, Green mountain "l.onK Tr'il!'
pictures with comments, Theron S.
Dean, the Green Mountain club; K:30,
Addres, "The Practical Value of Pub
lic Game Preserves," Dr. T. S. Pamer.
representing the U. S. bureau of biolog
ical survev.
Note: The hour named m tne pro
gram are according to daylight saving
Yesterday's National Leatn Games.
At New York, St. Louis 7, New York
At Brooklyn, Brooklyn 0, Cincinnati
7At Philadelphia, Pittsburg , Phila
delphia I.
At Boston. Chicago 7, Boston 1.
Rational League Standing.
Won. Lost. Pet
Brooklyn 2 20 ...3
( imvnnati 2S 21 .571
St. Louis 2 23 ..M'.
( hi.aso 2 25 -MO
1'ittr.tmrg 22 22 .VHI
Bocton 21 24 .4' 7
w York 21 2H
Philadelphia 1 2 -3'
Yesterday's American Leagne Game.
At St. Ix'ii's. St. Ini 10. Bton 5.
At Detroit, Detroit 15, Philadelphia
At tie eland. Cleveland ", New Wk
American Lescue Staodiag.
Won. Lot- P.-t
He eland 17
New York M-
Onr.co 2 -'J.
b. 2--.
We-h:ngion 24 24 .V
St. Lo.ns 22 27 '
PhilaMrhui ' M
Detro.t IT 3-1 -
Fishermen who met with some luck
at Lake Mansfield Saturday were Rob
ert Wilkinson of Montpelier, who
caught three trout weighing four
pounds and four and one-half ounces,
and W. A. Rkker of St. Johnsbury
caught one trout weighing one pound
and fourteen ounces.
Mrs. Conrad A. Adams and children,
Charles, Everett and Elizabeth, of Med
ford, Mas., are here for the summer.
Prof. Adams will join his family about
July 1.
Mrs. A. D. Lynch and sister, Mrs.
Clare Poulson, of Castlewood, S. D., left
Saturday on a week's trip to New York
and Boston by way of Lake Champlain
and the Hudson river and Long Island
Miss Helen Morgan and Lynford
Miner of Washington were guests at
her home Sunday.
State Lecturer A. VV. Lawrence of
Springfield was a visitor at the regit
lar meeting of .Mansfield Mountain
grange Saturday evening. After a
short program Mr. Lawrence gave a
short talk upon what the grange is ac
complishing. Harry E. Russ, who was taken Sat
urday to the Fanny Allen hospital,
was operated upon immediately after
his arrival. A growth was found at
tached to the intestines, which it wa
impossible to remove. Mr, Russ' condi
tion is considered serious.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Shaw and family,
who motored to Burlington Sunday,
were accompanied home by their
daughter, Misa Ruby Shaw, who is
making good recovery from an oper
ation for appendicitis.
Jesse Moody of Bethel viited his fa
ther, N. R. Moody, over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Smith, who have
passed a week at A. L. Gale's, left
Sunday on their return to their home
at Central Falls, R. I. "
Henry Magoon ha returned to
Corinth, after a week's vacation at
his home in Stowe on account of ill
ness. Walter Magoon has returned
from the Mary Fletcher hospital, where
he has had treatment.
Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Barrows and son,
Douglass, and Mr. Hattie Douglas
called on friends In Jeffersonville Sun
day. Among those who attended the Has
en Road Ponoma grange meeting and
picnic at Greensboro Saturday w es Mr.
and Mr. A. R. Straw, Mr. and Mrs. C.
A. Tomlinson, Mr. W. A. Aldrich,
Mrs. J. M. Ruiter, Mrs. W. D. Panels,
Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Foster, Mr. and Mr.
X. B. Chapin and on, Charles, Curran
Bellows, Mr. U. w. JSdson ana J. J.
Mrs. Harry E. Pike and the chil
dren of ber Sunday school cla enjoyed
a picnic on Sunset hill Saturday after
noun. Count t Clerk L. C. Moody and Mrs.
Cutler, recorder, of Montpelier joined
Mrs. Moody st Charles E. Burt, for
the week end.
Miss Rebecca Buron and Theodore
Wells went Monday to OIt Orchard
beach, Me., where they have employ
ment at the Vesper house for the sum-
Mr. and Mr. W. H. Terry of Med
ford, Mass., are parent of a son, born
Saturday. Mrs. Perry i the daughter
of Mr. O. H. Smith. Mr. Smith ha
been with Mr. Perry for some time.
Henry White, who ha been employed
by Forrest E. Welkins for nearly six
years, ha finished his work there and
went Monday to the home of hi broth
er, William White, in Ryegate.
Bert Wedge had hi right hand se
verely cut while at work at Shaw
box shop Saturday.) . . . .
Robert George returned Saturday
from Bristol, Conn.
Mr. and Mr. Ralph Ridley of
Worcester, Mass., were recently vis
itor of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Peterson at
Stowe Fork. Mr. Ridley is a niece of
Mrs. Peterson.
Mr. and Mr. Joeph E. White of
Morriville and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.
White of Stowe, who motored to V i
nooski Sunday, were accompanied home
bv Mrs. Herman A. Parson, leaving
Nir. Parsons doing well, after surgical
operation at th Fanny Allen hospital.
Bert C. Merrill has returned from
the Fanny Allen hofpital, where he ha
Tar eesema you must have an efficient,
competent remedy to sew true result. Fos
lam is so -ood for skin troubles that you ran
make no mistake in trrine- tt first and for
all. Apply neht on the places that burn,
itrh and harraas : they will be t-fined.
sorthed. cooled. Poslam ofers sua lit y to
card nunre that cannot a- quelled br
pounds of inefficiency. Kor every form t
eruption on the akin, pimples, sealjwale.
ssshes. blemishes, burn, itohin feeL
Sold everywhere. For free sajnple srrtte
to Emers-ency Labors tones, Hi wast s.tn
street. New York City. t.i
Poslam Soap. m.d.rate with Pmlam.
bnebtena, beautifies complexion. aov.
Go-operative Experiment
When this company agreed to make a trial of the 5c fare within
certain limits, it was understood that reports would be published
showing the income resulting therefrom as compared with the in
come last year under the straight 6c fare.
These comparative figures for the month of May are as follows:
Number of 6c fares.... 17,619; Revenue .$1,057.14
Number of 5c fares.... 16,839; Revenue $12.95
Loss of 760; 214.19
Barre & Montpelier Traction & Power Co.
C. J. COOKSON, Manager.
--Gobs of 'em
What kind do you like best a stiff
straw, a Panama; hats with fancy
bands, plain bands; a plain weave of
straw, or a fancy weave.
No matter; they're here, and there's
plenty of picking room.
You are sure of your size, your perfect
fit, a hat to suit your personality ; and
a price that you'll approve.
Open Monday evenings as usual.
Moore & Owens
Barre's Leading Clothiers
122 North Main St. Tel. 275-31
been very ill with pneumonia, follow
ing an operation for hernia. He isnow
doing well.
Misses Romona McMahon and Caro
line Pike are spending a few day with
Mi Alberta Tinkham in Johnson.
Miss Gladys Camley is the guest of
friend in Groveton, N. H.
Mi Stlekney of the Kurn Hattin
home was a visitor in town Saturday.
Miss Verna Stockman went Monday
to attend commencement week at
Norwich university.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Aldrich and little
daughter of Warren were guests Sun
day of Mr. Aldrich ' parents, Mr. and
Air. W. A. Aiaricji, at me luwer vil
lage. I'ara owned and driven by OrsVui S.
Smith of Moscow and Mr. Grey of Ya
terbnry collided Sunday evening near
schoolhouse No. 13 on the main road
to Morritville and were considerably
damaged. No one was injured.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Lovejoy ybited
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Downer in Hard
wick over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith and son,
Waite, who motored Sunday to Bur
lington, were joined there by Mr.
Smith's aunt, Jfrs. Inez I. Gorton, and
daughter, Mrs. F. W. Darling, of Hamp
ton, Va.. and went to Thompson's
point, where they had a fnmily re-union
and dinner w ith Mrs. Gorton' sis
ter, Mr. Julia Irving, and family. Mrs.
Gorton, who has been in poor health for
ome time, i at the Sparhawk sanatori
um for treatment. Mr. Darline and son.
J. F. Darling, will join Mr. Darling
thi week, when they accompany a
party of friend to Alaska for the
Everett Stygles, seven year of sge,
ot Jericho, who i visiting hi grand
parents,1 Mr. and Mr. X. G. Stygles;
has recently caught a trout 13Tinchcs
A postponed meeting of the Moscow
Discount Sale
We offer for the next 10
days our entire stock of
Ladies' and Misses Tail,
ored Hats at a 20 per cent
Lcc & Clara B. Shortt
Marshfield, Vt.
H - .sS-liT - ' " 11
Get-Together club will be held with.
Mrs. H. Lee Moulton Wednesday aft
ernoon. Heals Running Sores
and Conquers Piles
Also Stops All Itching of Eczema Al
most Immediately.
"I felt it my duty to write you letter of
thnk for your wonderful Peterson' Oint
ment. 1 hd a runnin tore on my left ji
for one year. I bcetn to us Peterson's Oint
ment three weeks ao nd now it in heled.
A. C. Gilbrslh, 7u8 Reed street, Krie, Ps.
I'd rather ret a letter like that, says Pe
terson of Buffalo, thsn have .John D.' Rocke
feller five me a thousand dollars. It does
me a lot of Rood to be ab! to be of use to
my fellow man.
lor years I have been scltlns- throuim
druirirUtB a Urve box of PETERSON'S
OINTMENT for 3 rent. The healin power
in this ointment is marvelous. Ecsema irncn
in a few days. Old sores heal up like mafic:
pilia that other remedies do not seem to
sven relieve are speedily conquered.
It stops dialing- in rt minutes and
scalds and bums it is imply wonderful.
Mail orders fi'led by Peterson Ointment C,
Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Ady.
Established UtJ.
V,. '

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