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Thursday, June 24, 1920.
Publinhed Evry Week-Day Afternoon by
Frank E. Lnlay. Publhher
Entered at the Postoffice t B.rre a Second
Clau Mail Matter
On. year by mail '-22
Threa month by mail '"
One month by mail ....80 eenta
Single copy ...8 enta
All lubacriptiona caah In advance.
- The Aaaorlated Prcaa U axcluaWaly entitled
ta tha hh for republication ( all dia
patchea credited to it or not atherwiaa cred
ited in thin panel, and also the local ntwa
published therein.
The general idea of a German cabi
net is a piece of bric-a-brac that can be
broken up easily.
Burlincrton's tax rate of $2.70 may
teem large to Burlington people but to
most of the people of the state it look
quite ordinary or even below ordinary.
Frank Agan of Ludlow, one of the
Republican candidates for governor of
Vermont, has the distinction of having
been born in the same town where Gov
ernor Calvin Coolldge first saw the
lifcht of day, Plymouth being the town.
Notoriety is coming rapidly to this lit
tle Windsor county town.
Re-opening of the , Barre granite
plants with a minimum wage of eight
dollars a day to granite cutters has had
the effect of draining the labor market
' in this vicinity to a remarkable de
gree. There is great need of an influx
of men for work in various lines of
unskilled occupations, and no slight call
for skilled workmen, because the gran
ite plants have attracted those who are
at all qualified to work there.
Vermont cities and towns are expe
riencing less difficulty than usual in
retaining their public school teachers or
a filling vacancies that exist in a few
instances a the result of resignation
or other cause.' The reason is not
Jiard to find when one considers the
salary increases which were voted in
very many of the communities of the
Down in the southern part of the
state, where repose the gubernatorial
candidates of Uartness, Babbitt and
Agan, rumor has it that State High
way Commissioner Stoddard Bates is
supporting the candidacy of Curtis E.
Emery of Xewport for governor. That
would not be at all surprising, because
many other Vermonters are doing the
same thing. If Commissioner Bates be
lieves in Emery he is justified in sup
porting him, and there should be no
questions asked or motives impugned.
In refusing to intercede at this time
in behalf of the'womsn suffrage cause
to the extent of urging Republican gov
ernors in recalcitrant states to call spe
cial session of their legislatures to act
on ratification, Candidate Harding
shows a sense of the proprieties. He
is merely a private citizen at the pres
ent time and has no more authority or
prestige than comes to such private
citizens through having Wn chosen to
represent a party in a national election.
Moreover, be would be copying very
closely after President Wilson were he
to urge Republican governors to call
special' sessions. Wilson has done so
repeatedly in connection with states of
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt.
.Commencing May 1
and until further notice
this bank will close on
Saturdays at noon, but
will be open for business
as usual Saturday even
ings from 6:30 to 8
o'clock. Four per cent
interest is paid on sav
ings accounts.
Vic Preaidcat.
Vk freaideat
F1UXK. S. SMITH. Trwr.
Democratic leaning j' and, it deserves
to be added, ho has not uiade much
progress in the effort.
Apppointmenfc of women to seven
positions out of 21 on the executive
committee of the Republican party's
nntional committee indicates that a
wide-open appeal is going to be made
to the women voters of the country
when they are enfranchised. Twenty
years back, or even 10 years back, poli
ticians of the party would have held
up their hands in horror at the thought
of having even one woman as assistant
doorkeeper for the national committee.
But the Republican party is showing
its adaptability to new conditions.
Those who are interested in floricul
ture will certainly find something of
benefit by attending the flower show
to be held by the Barre Woman's club
Friday and Saturday of this week at
the vacant store next door to The
Times office.' These exhibitions, held
each summer by the club women, are
intended as an incentive to the people
to engage in flower growing aa a means
of beautifying the home and as an in
fluential agency toward increasing the
pleasure of life. There is an inspira
tion, too, in a good exhibition of flow
ers. People of Barre and vicinity should
not fail to take advantage of the exhi
The civil warfare between factions
in Londonderry, Ireland, has gone to
such a stage that it would seem ad
visable on the part of the British gov
ernment to take steps to end the blood
shed. Admittedly, it is a delicate situ
ation with the nationalists on the one
side and the unionists on the other;
and intervention might result in the
extension of the warfare to many other
places to the southward of London
derry until, eventually, the whole of
Ireland might become involved. In
tervention without tact might prove
cry disastrous, not, perhaps, to the
British government, but to the people
of Ireland, who are becoming inflamed
over the issue between the nationalists
and unionists. No government envies
the British government its task; yet
ail the governments recognize the need
of a strong hand in terminating the
bloodshed. Great Britain' problem is
such as to challenge the greatest mind.
rj 1 14 15 J6
Having admitted that he was entire
ly out of order in his aspersions on the
Wood campaign, Nicholas Murray But
ler will now turn back to his job of
running Columbia university. Edu
cators, more or less cloistered, do not
always remain in touch with the !
thought of the people; or, at least,
their minds are apt to ran on tracks
of their own building independent of
the trend of events. Butler may have
suffered from running on an exclu
sive track.
There is an unmistakable leaning
among many leading Democrats of the
country in. favor of a declaration in
favor of a "wet" Interpretation of the
nt.tional prohibition amendment, that
is, as "wet" an interpretation as a dry
thing can be. Postmaster General Burle
son is for a liberal interpretation.
President Wilson is reported to be in
clined to the same view. Two of the
cendidates for the presidential nomi
nation are anti-prohibition. Many of
the rank and file are believers iubring-
As June is the begin
ning of the comfort
loving season when
shirt sleeves are in tri
umphant evidence, due
attention should be
paid to the shirts which
furnish the sleeves. -
It means that the man
nervously fastidious
about wearing only
"correct" clothes
should be particular as
to the fabrics of his
It follows as the night
the day, that he will se
lect his shirts in this
Suits for summer '
some Palm Beach, some
Mohair, some are chev
iots, serges and homespuns,-
some double
breasted, and all are
good money's worth at
from $18 to $60.
To Use Barre Granite in Memorial.
Editor, Barre Times: Toward the
close of the World war, the national
body'of the Ladies pf the Grand Army
of the Republic requested, through the
Bugle Call, a paper devoted exclusively
to the interests of the Ladies of the
G. A. R., that all circles send the names
of husbands, fathers, sons, grandsons
and nephews of their members wjio
were called to the colors in the great
World war.
Not all circles reported, but the
names poured in until there were 3,175
reported. Section circle of Chicago sent
the largest number of any circle, 10U
stars on their service flag. It was very
interesting to read the names and see
the different branches of service in
which our boys were engaged. There
were majors, several captain and a
number of lieutenants in the Service.
Captain John W. KUehell circle,
Pana, 111., have awarded the contract
for the erection of a memorial to the
men of Pana township who enlisted in
the recent World war and have suc
ceeded in collecting the necessary funds,
$8,000, for same. The design of the
proposed memorial, which is to be con
structed wholly of white Barre gran-H
ite, is a group of three figures upon a
base five feet high, 10x7 feet broad.
The group is a goddess of liberty eight
and one-half feet high,, standing be
tween a soldier and a sailor, each of
these to measure seven feet in height.
This handsome cenotaph is to be erect
ed in Kitchell park.
Capt Kitchell, for whom the circle
was named, was a worthy soldier and
for many years a resident of Pana.
His widow is a member of the circle
that bears his name.
This body of earnest workers, though
not large "in point of membership, is
doing fine work along patriotic lines,
as is attested bv the effort mentioned.
Mrs. H. E. Flagg, Dept. Patriotic In
structor. Ladies of the G. R. R.
East Braintree, Vt., June 23, 192q.
F. H. Rogers &
ing the matter in as a campaign issue.
It remains to be seen whether Bryan
and a few men thinking along similar
lines can hold back the rush of senti
ment in favor of sharp revision of the
Volstead act. The divergence -between
the views of these two factions makes
the San Francisco convention stand out
as full of prospects of a great shake-up.
Victory for the "wet" element would,
of course, tiring the liquor issue into
the national campaign and further com
plicate the situation.
Crystal Lake lodge of Odd Fellow's
conferred the second and third de
crees upon C. Levett Sargent of Thet
ford last Saturday evening.
Sheriff Frank Tracy of Montpelier
spoke at tiie community cnurcn nun
day evening on "Modern Treatment
of the Unfortunate." Mr. Tracy is
widely known for his success in re
storing men from jail to good and
useful lives. He is a native of Or
ange county and has many old friends
in Post Mills.
Old Home week, Aug. 15-21. prom
ises to be a great event. The several
organizations of the village are mak
ing arrangements for the days as
signed to them.. The committee of the
Odd Fellows and Rebekahs met Tues
day evening and made arrangements
for their observance of Friday of Old
Home week, iney win uap n in
formal reception at their hall in the
afternoon and a concert in the eve
ning. Both events are free and ev
erybody will be welcome.
Bantamwaifhta Will Fight 20 Round
in London Sept 17.
New Orleans, June 24. Pete Her
man, bantamweight champion, and
Jimmy Wilde, flyweight champion,
have signed articles to fight 20 rounds
in London on September 17, for $20,000,
it was announced here.
oil Your Car
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Don't wait come early and make sure to
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Bailey's Music Rooms
Barre, Vermont
Vermont Mutual
Fire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt.
Assets - $11,653,426.00
Insurance in Force, S112,201,181.0fr
Number of Policies in Force. 57,750
Policies written under Mutual or Paid-Up Plan at
actual cost no profit
Consider this fact when placing your Automobile
Fire Insurance '
' If you are seeking Insurance, see our Local Agent
McAllister & Kent
Agents for Barre, Berlin and Orange
The Efficiency Club
TlWhen you become a depositor in this bank you
have joined one of the best clubs in the world,
the ciub of the efficient. The officers of this
bank are anxious that every one of its depositors
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perity of all who do business with them.
The First National Bank
of Montpelier
Member Federal Reserve System
You can get more comfort, more style
and more wear out of a pair of
Walk -Over
When fitted the Walk-Over way, than
you have ever had before experienced.
The English Shoe is the proper style
this season for the particular man or
Our stock of this shoe is complete, and
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Roeers' Walk-Over
N. D. Pheps Co. ic
The anticipated advance in tires in the next 30 days is
. forewarned. During that period we offer
Empire Tires and Tubes
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30x3 $14.00 $2.35
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A new line of
Baseball Supplies .
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il h ;
. ' - Barre, Vt. g
m fs
" . ' i -... . fcrms m m m a .
I 1 1
. -v mm
"i$ . 4 m- a rfr-M AT? K
Special for this Week
A J33 O0 Ostefmoor for It how jou.
A. W. Badger & Co.
t-rf -1- '
Boot Shop

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