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Wednesday, June 30, 1920.
Published Evrr Wek-Day Afternoon by
Frank E. Lang-lar, Publisher
Entered at tba Poatofflce at Barr. aa Second'
Claa Mall Matter
One year by mall $8-00
Three month by mail $1.60
One month by mall SO cent
Sing-la cony I eenta
All lubeeriptiona cash In advance.
The Aamelaled Pre la eicluiiively entitled
te the aea far republication ef ll newa dU-
fiatchea eredltod to It er net othenrtae t red
ted in thla paoer, and alio the local new
published therein.
If the predictions of the thenffce men
tome true, all Barre will be a, stage
It Is three years since the United
States entered the World war, yet a
federal grand jury at Brooklyn has
just returned indictments against 2,264
alleged slacken. Such a memory as
Uncle Sam has 1
It is going to take a lot of artificial
stimulation to arouse much enthu
siasm over the , Resolute-Shamrock
yacht race for the America's cup; but
perhaps after a race or two the public
will begin to take a mild interest.
Capture of the man who has been
setting fire to hotels in Boston during
the past week brings a feeling of re
lief, for, although his five attempts
were unsuccessful, one can easily ima
gine what a terible tragedy might
have been the result of his perverted
mind's activity.
To-day, a new style, if unfavor
ably criticized by women, is
doomed to oblivion. -
One reason for the un
usual popularity of our
Palm Beach suits is,
they are so becoming to
men that they get the
approval of the observ
ing eye of women. -
Of course to men the
comfort and coolness
of the suits are the
main appeal, as we men
are so indifferent about
our personal appear
ance. Many different colors,
$18 to $30.
Those reiterated official statements
from Berlin that Germany must keep
faith with the allies under the Versailles
treaty read well fro foreign con
sumption. The next thing is, do they
have the right kind of effect on the
German people? They may be mean-
irgless, empty words so far as the
German populace is concerned.
F. H. Rogers &
The Democrats in convention assem
bled gave President Wilson a splendid
ovation, but Democrats in private
walks of life have not been giving him
such rousing support as the demonstra
tion at Ean Francisco would seem to
ifcdicate. In fact, there has been quite their products as of such quality
a tendency to swing loose from the
Wilson mooring strings in lata years.
of the farmers of the immediate vicini
ty in having their herds tested under
government supervision for signs of tu
berculosis. The ability to advertise tu
berculosis-free products ought to en
able the proposed creamery to dispose
of its products easily, for Ihere are
few, if rfhy, creameries in this vicinity
which are in position to advertise
Kew proof that the United States is
becoming the banker of the world be
cause of the war's changes ia given by
the announcement that the Swiss re
public is seeking to raise 125,000,000 in
the United States for the purpose of
financing railway development. Besides
Return of eight indictments' as a re
sult of the investigations into the es
cape of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll,
draft dodger and deserter, from the
Oovernor's Island, N. V., barracks some
months ago, re-awakens anew in the
Miss Minnie Smith, who has been
spendinc several weeks with her moth
er, returned to Randolph Sunday after
Miss Lucila Partridcre of Worcester,
MaBs., comes this week to spend some
time with her aunt,. Miss Mary upham
at her cottage.' She will be accompan
ied bv Samuel, the little son of M
and Mrs. Samuel Withers, of whom h
will have 'the care through the sum
MIks Elizabeth Lamson came from
Barre last Thursday to spend a few
weeks with Miss Mary Upham.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Huggard are en
tertaining relatives from New York
Mrs. John Benham of Burlington was
in town last week to visit her sister
in-law, Mrs. E. E. Benham, and fam
Miss Alice) William, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. S. Williams, and Ernest
Blaisdell of Eat Randolph were mar
ried last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morey J. Perham of St
Jthnsbury came luesday to spend sev
eral days with his mother, Mrs. J. B,
Miss Faye Beard goes soon to Bur
lington, where she ha employment for
a while. v
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Withers of New
York City came this week to board
a while with Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Du
Mrs. E. W. Chase and daughter, Olga.
of Northfield are visiting relatives In
Rev. J. S. Clark has gone to Boston
and Thursday will go to riymoutlr,
Mass., to be present at the anniversary
of the landing of the Pilgrims. He
will be away next Sunday. It is ex
peeted the pulpit will be supplied by
Mrs. Mary Mason visited her son, E.
n. Mason, and family and her brotn
er, Rev. G. O. Howe, and wife in Ran
dolph several days recently.
The amount collected from Brook
field for the anti-tuberculosis drive is
$65.50. East Brookfield subscribed
somewhat over $00. West BrookfWd
has not yet completed its work on the
fund. It is expected that Brookfield
township will attain her quota or ipuu,
J. S. Clark, chairman.
Church Notes.
The pastor will this week attend the
international Congregational council
meetings in Boston. In his absence on
Sunday, the services will be conducted
by Rev. Willis T. fsparhawk of Ran
dolph. The sacrament of the Lord's
supper will follow the sermon.
The Christian Endeavor society will
hold its meeting fsundav evening at
7:30 o'clock. The leader "is Alvin Hall
and the topic, ''Our Duty to Our Coun
try." The woman's association is te be
congratulated on the attractive pro
grams just being distributed and the
fine series of meetings arranged. The
present adult membership is S8, with
10 junior members. The meeting this
week is held in the vestry, with a mis
sionary paper and sewing as the program.
For Crecho-Slovak Republic, Says Pres
dent's Daughter.
London, June 28. Dr. Alice Mas-
financing railway development, resides " -" - L,onaon, June zn. nr. Alice mas-
this, there are many other governments mindi of the Amtrlca'1 PeoPle the -aryk, daughter of the president of the
which .re looking for money in the PUtion that this malodorous I JfJ0" rSrVhosnfv.-k"
United States. T entirely cleaned up with the P "f -to, he Czech ;Mo ak Red
Chairman Cummings of the Demo
cratic national committee is somewhat
skilful as a gatherer of words, in addi
tion to being a campaign manager, if
one were to judge by the speech which
he delivered as temporary chairman of
the Democratic convention. He pre
sented one of the read old-time can-
pi ign attacks and must have pleased
his fellow-Democrats immensely.
The automobile accident in East Mid
dlebury in which one car went over an
embankment because the driver was
unable to determine the location of
an oncoming car because the latter
vehicle carried only one headlight is
one that might easily happen again
and again on a narrow road. One light
might easily be worse than no light at
alt for the driver of an approaching
ear. Motorists should take warning and
see to it that the lights on their ma
chines are in good order.
punishment of the parties who were so
negligent or criminal in permitting the
notorious defier of the United States
government to flee and that the princi
pal in the case will be located and be
made to suffer the maximum penalty
for his various offenses. There is no
disposition on the part of the public to
railroad any persons through the courts
or to secure conviction against those
who were not immediately concerned irt
the escape; but there is an earnest de
sire to get the principal and to exact
punishment on the wilful contributors
in the escape. The respect in which the
government of the United States ought
to be held demands complete clearing
up of the matter.
The assertion from San Francisco
that Governor Clement of Vermont was
In a close race with Governor Roberts
of Tennessee to be the first to call
a special session of the legislature to
act on ratification is denied by the for'
mer, who says that he has no present
Intention of railing the Vermont legis
lature together. The whole story was
of doubtful authenticity to one who
had been acquainted with Clement's at
litude regarding a special session. Pos
libly the story was concocted for the
purpose of stampeding Clement into
railing the session, in whkh event the
ittempt has fallen flat. Clement is not
to be easily stampeded, either oq. the
liquor question or the suffrage que
Opposition to J. C. Brougher Not
Enough to Defeat Him.'
.Buffalo, X. Y., June .10 The slate
submitted to the northern Baptist con
vention by he nominating committee
and headed by Ernest 1. Tustin of
Philadelphia was elected, the tellers
reported at yesterday's session. Rev. J.
C. Brougher of Los Angeles was elected
as one of the 13 members of the execu
tive committee.
Opposition to Mr. Broujjher had de
veloped because of his attitude on the
question of marriage and divorce. He
performed the msrnsae ceremony tor
Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Piiliford.
Cross, who has been visiting London
expressed herself hopefully with regard
to the future of her country.
"There is a promise of a good har
vest," she said, "the sugar beet crop is
estimated at 700,000 metric tons, of
which 400,000 tons will be available
for export. The political outlook ii
also good, the new constitution having
provided a sound working basis. Its
democratic character afforded protec
tion for the minorities in the German
districts which could not be given up.
"The Germans," she remarked, "will
not have Mich a hard time in the re
public as we had when they were in
The children of Czecho slovakia are
being organized into a junior Red
Cross, men of the Serbian army as
sisting. Over 3.000 schools were built
in one year in the eastern part of -the
country, which was very much ne
glected under the Magyar rule, and the
children are being taught the impor
tance of personal hygiene.
That Word "National"
No law is stronger than the force of public opinion behind it, and like
wise no bank is stronger than the c haracter of the men who manage and
direct its affairs.
Now the interesting point in this connection is that the character of
the management of a National bank is determined not by the bank itself
altogether, but under the direct influence of a guiding hand at Washing
ton, D. C. V
The United States places the responsibility and the directors must
meet the same in just one way and that is- the straight way, and there is
no deviation from the course, no compormise, no arbitration, and no res
ervations whatever.
It has been said that no corporation of a private nature doing business
to-day places as much individual responsibility upon its management as
rests upon the directors of a National bank, and this is undoubtedly true.
Supervision at Washington, ; examinations by experts, frequent inqui
sitions and suggestions of a most searching nature, have a constant ten
dency to force strict adherence to safe and ethical banking procedure.
For this and many other reasons, people, who have money to deposit,
instinctively prefer the National banks, and why shouldn't this be so?
They know that the National banks offer what amounts to banking insur
ance as well as ordinary protection through wise management ; they know
that the United States government is constantly watching their little de
posit as it would watch its own, and all this at nq expense, to them whatever!
This bank offers you a large capital, surplus andprofits for your pro
tection, all of the facilities which any serviceable banking institution of
fers, and beside all .this the added protection of United States supervision.
If you do not know what it means to be under the control of the United
States government, ask anyone who has had this experience. There is
just one way .with Uncle Sam, and that is the right way. .
The Peoples National Bank
4 Per CentThe Only National Bank in Barre 4 Per Cent
Non-Partisaa League Administration
Seeking to Stay in Power.
Fargo N. D., June 30. The Xon-
Parisan league administration 'n
North Dakota is seeking a continua-
ion of power in the North Dakota pri
maries to-day. Gov, Lynn J. Fra-aier,
the first leafnie governor, is running
in the Republican primaries for nomi-
ation for a third successive term.
He is faced, however, by opposition
n the Republican primaries from Non-
Partisan league candidates. William
Langer, state's attorney general, who
was twice elected on.the league ticket
with Governor Fraiier, is running for
governor in the Republican primaries
gainst ins lormer rniei and two omer
tate officials elected on the last league
icket are seeking renoraination on the
regular Republican ticket against men
who this year bear the league endorse
ment in their stead. They are Thom
as Hall, secretary of state, and Carl
Kositzky, state auditor. The Non-Partisan
league also has candidates for
these offices in J. I. t'ahill and D. C.
Republicans and Democrats opposed
to the league have agreed with the
Independent Voters' association to
unite in a campaign against the Non
partisan league and have appointed a
joint committee to control a joint cam
paign fund for use in advancing the
candidacies of the Republican and the
Democratic opponents of the league.
United States Senator A. J. Gronna
is asking renomination in the Repub
lican primaries, while the Non-Partisan
league candidate for Republican nomi
nation is Dr. E. F. Ludd, president of
the North Dakota Agricultural college.
J. F. T. O'Connor of Graud Forks is
candidate for the Democratic nomina
tion for governor.
Maximum of $3,100 Fixed for Firemen
and Policemen.
Chicago, June 30. The city coun
cil began consideration of pay increases
to city employea totalling more than
$1,500,000 yesterday by granting a
maximum yearly wage of $2100 to fire
men and policemen.
North German Lloyd Officials Arrive at
New York.
New York, June 30. Arrival here
vesterday of Director General Philip
Hcinekeii of the North German Lloyd
Steamship company on the Nieuw Am
sterdam, with other directors and as
sistants, gave significance to reports
that American interests soon are to
hae a "big hand" in Germany's for
mer great sea transportation lines and
Heineken refused to discus the im
mediate object of his visit.
The Republican candidate for vice
president of the l'nited States does not
ft abont with a blare of trumpets. He
itopped off at New Haven, Conn., while
m his way from Burlington to Wash
ington and, having considerable time to
s ait, thought to take a room at New
Uaven hotel. Sauntering from the sts
iinn to a hotel, be asked for a room and
ra tersely informed thst there wis
K room available. Turning on his
I eel, the governor of Masaarhutetts
unterH back to the station and wait
rt for his train to depart for Washing
M. The hotl clerk probably die nnt
tat know that he refused a rona to
k F.efublnaa randidate for vi pre.i
Wwt. It ia the Cooiidge way n4 to
eake a great to do
Savings Bank
and Trust Co.
Montpelier, Vt.
Fanners in the i-inity of Barre
ve given a ywd demMitratcm of
if!iiea m:t'atne by deriding to frm
rocferalive creamery aMriatn
r4 t lij!4 a snndem creamery Ktrid
g The jrndi-t f th't rreaanery
tiM to hate a ready market. e-pec al
f if te etrbu;,rg far-user the
it 'jib; fjr-a mkm lm the are exeat
Topped with Crushed Hawaiian Pineapple,
Creamy Marshmallow and sprinkled with
Chopped Walnuts.
This is one of the most popular College Ices we
serve. It is pimply delicious. You are sure to
like it.
We aim to give you the bft Ice Cream, the larg
est variety of College Ices and Sodas, and the
best possible pervice.
Our Ice Crram Sodas are rich and delicious.
Combinations of heavy sugar syrup, sweet rich
cream and our unexcelled He cream, carefully
mixed, make a most inviting and refreshing
drink. .
Commencing May 1
and until further notice
this bank will close on
Saturdays at noon, but
will be open for buginess
as usual Saturday even
ings from 6:30 to 8
o'clock. Four per cent
interest is paid on sav
ings accounts.
FRANK N.SMITH, Treasurer.
You can get more comfort, more style
and more wear out of a pair of
Walk -Over
When fitted the Walk-Over way, than
you have ever had before experienced.
The English Shoe is the proper style
this season for the particular man or
woman. . '
Our stock of this shoe is complete, and
we can properly fit you.
Rogers' Walk-Over
Boot Shop
IBM v .
for a Rainy Day
There is no shelter against adversity
like a bank book, representing a good
interest-bearing account.
Start now while the skies are clear. A
new interest period starts July 1st.
Baa A. Eaatmaa J. M. Boutwall W. G. Reroolde H. T. Cutlat
E.U Scott If. J. M. Jonca B. W. Hooker IL H. Jackoa
Vermont Mutual
Pire Insurance Company
of Montpelier, Vt.
Insurance in Force, $112,201,181.00
Number of Policies in Force. 57.750
Policies written under Mutual or Paid-Up Plan at
actutl cost no profit '
Consider this fact when placing your. Automobile
Fire Insurance
If you are seeking Insurance, see our Local Agent
McAllister & Kent
Agents for Barre, Berlin and Orange
Every day you continue cordial and intimate rela
tions with a bank you are building the permanent
structure of your credit. The man that is in busi
ness to stay, the man that wants every year to
deepen and widen his business efficiency, will find
the bank to be his greatest helper.
The First National Bank
of Montpelier
Member Federal Reserve System
Te N. D. Pheps
& Lewis
Mutual friendship means friendship that is reciprocated or appreciated. The
word "Mutual," which is always applied to the old type savings banks, means recip
rocally acting or for the common good. In plain language, it means the depositors
have the benefit of all the profits, a part of which is reserved, according to law, for
the protection of deposits from possible loss, andihe remainder is distributed among
the accounts of the depositors at an equal rate of interest.
Now. obfcrve how this works out. i
Northfielr,;avings Bank has the maximum reserve or surplus fund required by
law of all state banks for the protection of deposits from possible loss.
Northfif 'd Savings Bank for the NINTH consecutive semi-annual period will pay
its DEPOSITORS at a rate of interest more than four per cent interest July I, 1920.
By the way. this is a' record in Vermont.
Northfield Savings Bank is the only mutual savings bank in Washington County.
Deposits made on or before JULY 10TII will begin to draw interest from
July lt.
Assets a million and a half.
Northfield, Vermont
Flags !
Flags !
Observe your nation's birthday and wave Old Glory
to the breeze. We can supply your demands if you
come early.
From 2c to $2.20
Phone 28
Co. Inc. S
Barre, Vt. I
nnt Stuffed
5322 4 v WUstcrmoor
Special for this Week
A $33.00 Oslermoor for f 31.00. Let as show joa.
A. W. Badger & Co.
I 4frubl a4 Uaw Imitlmmrt : rna.il tf.M M TM -taM'

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