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!: We mean cooked 7 ijjfk ") 1
.. and ready ! eat myAJ I 101
When Latter Tried to Hold
Conference With Delega
tion on Ratification
After Calling Off the Pro
posed Conference With
-' Tennessee' . ,
Republican Candidate Is
Clearing Up His Busi
ness in Washington-
1, 1920.
-like omndes ? D
The new cereal food. Finely ground
from the Milk of the Corn by miller3
of long experience. ,
Less Than a Penny aJServing
' A parly consisting of MrR. George T.
Tuiliy, Mrs. Nellie Denny and Mr. find
Mrs." lieorjw K. Willie?' were in Ran
dolph yesterday, where Mr. Denny at
tended the wedding of her niece. Miss
cAelyn Denny, daughter of Harry 8.
Dfiiiiy, formerly of thin' town and later
of Northrield. A very pleasant varia
Uon of the usual route was made by go
ing through the t'logston neighbor
hood to Knst Roxbury, thenee through
Roxbury gullf to East Braintree. and
Mrs. Henry A. Downs of Oil-City,
Pa., iii town hs the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs. George.
Mrs. Harry hitney and daughter,
Melba, have gone to llion, N. V., for a
vis-it to her parents,, Mr. and Mrs. Ira
B. Wright.
Wiliiam K. Fogg and Howell Keav
er tinihed work in the mill and feed
store of Charles M. Seaver & Co., Iat
week. The first named has gone to
work in Barre, and Howell will be with
his father on the farm for the pres
ent. . Mr. and Mrs. Lester O. Morgan and
sons started to-day. for a motor trip
of several days, the first objective
point being Portland, Me., and later
they will visit Boston agd points in the
Mr. and Mrs. Glen McAllister are
in camp at the Lynde cottage near Mir
ror lake in Berlin. Mr. McAllister will
be in town through the day. ,
San Francisco, July 1. Representa
tives of the National Woman's party,
who planned to hold a conference with
members of the Tennessee delegation
to-day in the interest of ,th .passage
of the suffrage amendment . through the
special session of the Tennessee legis
lature, have called it off. .fudge V. C.
Houston and members, of the delega
tion showed no disposition to confer
with the suffragists and the 'meeting
was abandoned, according to Mrs. Abby
Scott Baker, and the women will meet
the North Carolina delegates instead.
Mr. and Mrs. V. 10. Marsh and Mr.
and Mrs. L. A. Kenif-ton were in Greens
boro the first of the week.
John R. W. Bancroft visited at W.
f ommt's in Newport tenter on iSuii
d:iy. Mrs. I. W. Gray-was in Burlington on
Robert Keniston was in Hardwick
the first of the week.
Miss Gerogo Wilson and Joseph and
Mary Wood of Athol, Mw,, were vis
itors at Guy Bancroft's recently.
A. L. Bullock of Barrc was a recent
:sitor in the place.
The baseball team defeated the Kast
Calais team in a game here on Satur
day. Mrs. Ola Grav, Mrs. Florence Waite
cud Mrs. W. J). Peck were in North
Cit'ais on Simdav to attend the birth-
iUy party of their cousins, Mrs. B. H.
Bancroft and Miss Alma Leonard.
I'. A. Messer of Montpelier was a
business visitor in the village on Tues
day. Kirs. Howard Dailcy is in North Cal
ais, assisting in the care of her" fa
ther, who is quite ill.
Miss Annie lewis of Claremont. N.
H., is the guest of Mrs. R. C. Goodail.
Richard Ianib was a business vis
itor in Barre City on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Cate were in
Pla infield recently.
Howard Dailey was a recent visitor
in North Calais.
G. A. Hatch of Woxlbury was in
town on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Warren and
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Sparrow were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goodull on Sun
day. Miss Dorothy Chaffee has returned
to her home in Troy, after spending a
week at Camp Cavanagh, the guest of
Mrs. Guy Bancroft.
Ohio Republicans Send Him
a Message of Congratulation
Washington, D. C, July 1. Senator
Harding, the Republican choice for the
presidency, buckled down to-day to the
work of clearing away pending matter
preparatory to his departure early Sat
urday for .his home ill Marion, O.
An indication of the reception await
ing liim in Marion was given to the
nominee to-day in a telegram from the
state convention of Ohio, Republican.
The telegram bore to the senator the
greetings and congratulations of Ohio
Republican and added:
"We pledge you in behalf of a unit
ed and tit il it a nt party in your native
and home state our enthusiastic sup
port until your triumphant election in
Novemlier. We congratulate the na
tion' that with your inauguration as
president on March 4 next, there will
be a return to popular and constitu
tional government. We congratulate
the party upon the fact that with your
succession to the presidency will begin
another Republican administration in
stead of h personal autocratic govern
ment -and an administration that will
give help and confidence to the people
of this country that will bring peace
to America and will re-establish the
government of this nation as con
ceived bv the founders."
A 1 ORE than two million
It E3 7 t 7 -5 fllta III
,:7M j
Diamond Tires are
in use now, almost one
for every third car in the
United States.
The reason that hundreds
of thousands of motorists
are buying Diamond Tires
is because Diamonds are
delivering the service.
Small wonder that motor
ists buy more Diamonds
than any other tire not
6oldo car manufacturers
for original equipment,
Growers, Mill Owners and Brokers
Combine to Force Up the
Price. .
Havana. June .It). Cuban cane grow
ers, sugar . mill owners and brokers
claiming to' control J he sale of 2,1 tHI,
IHHI nu ks of unsold sugar were on rec
ord to-day as definitely pledged not
to offer aiiy more sugar for sale until
the price bad reached 24 cent a pound,
the level reached during the last half
of May.
This decision was made at a mass
meeting held last night ut which a
committee of 12 was selected to act
as the exclusive selling agency of those
ri presented at the meeting.
The amount of Unsold Cuban sugar
was estimated by a memlier of the sell
ing committee at 3,i;SO,(XM sacks, their
holdings if 2,180.000 leaving only 1.
7.'0,(KH) sacks under outside control.
Ktforts are being made to bring these
into the'pool.
Will Be Conducted in the Province of
Winnipeg, Manitoba. July 1. Air
planes, used for advertising purposes,
will feuture the flection campaign of
the members of the Manitoba govern
ment .who will seek re-election under
the leadership of Premier Norris this
summer, tins unique nieimxi oi con
ducting elect ioneering is new and i
claimed bv officials of the -Vorris gov
ernment to be the first attempt to use
it in the world. Edward Brown, provin
cial treasurer in the present cabinet,
recently took a flight over Winnipeg
and expressed himself as nigmy ne
lightcd with the possibilities of air
planes in the campaign.
Two machines are already engaged in
the enterprise. They w ill touch at least
one town in every constituency. Cam
paign literature will be- dropped from
the airplane asit circles over the
town. After landing, the government
supporter in the machine will address
the crowd that gathers t meet it. Sup
porter of Premier Norris are enthusi
astic over the scheme.
The machines at present engaged
display an appeal urging voters to sup
port the present government.
International Conor's of Chambers of
Commerce Adopt Resolutions.
Pari. July 1. To-day's session of
the international congress of chambers
of commerce was presided over by Sen
ator Kicci of Italy. Resolutions were
voted continuing the question of pro
tection and distribution, raw materials
and disloyal competition. The dele
gates also' heard the report of Charles
l-aarent. newly appointed French am
bassador to Germany, on conditions in
the war devastated regions.
The congress then selected an execu
tive committee composed of Etienne
Clementel, formerly French minister of
commerce; Baron F.mpan. Belgian rail
way magnate: Albert .1. Holison. of
Great Britain; Senatgr Rolandi Kicci
of Italv. and A. ('. Bedford, president
ot the Standard Oil Co. of Afw Jer
sey. On the hoard of permanent directors
three representatives were ch,en from
each country. The I'nitrd States will
lie repreentetl by Kdward A. Filene
and John H. Fa bey of Botm and Wil
is H. Booth vf New York.
Reynolds & Son, Barre
In the Election of Senator Harding at
Washington, Pa.. July 1 If Warren
G Harding is elrited president of Ihe
I nited State, this pretty little iini
eritr ritv in the hills of we-trrn
ennsvlvania wiil be bound in closer
than ever with the White House, for
not only did Senator Harding's an
rvtnr "live here but the father of
rreident Wilson also was a resident
i-f Va-hinglon.
Senttr Hardinc'a gTeat grandfather,
William Van Kiik. was one of the
early eettlrra of -"rankliB township,
and he and his wile rr btirird in 'he
family jraveiard on hr tbartes Van
Kirk farm n-ar Point Ixkiit. Sena
tor Harding i b-wranr president of
th Van Kirk fswJy or-i-tv ami Oe
H'rntiy ha attended the annual reun
ion hrtf.
Pn-ssdent Wilson' fatber. Iv. J.v
cl h Kugslr V ilon. was Nsrn at Mm
Wiiiibe. O., not far fr'-m " nd i
IMS tws-ame pasinr of the IM! Prestn -tff-n
eetirrn at wfMirT. fwr
i.tiloo- litre tie fan? 'f reaif
U tC J
5v 71
-fit i?trr f
e? V . Xa. ? is.
5t s "i
lit W
WWitW ,7'
SO wholesome and good are Ward's
Orange-Crush and Lemon-Crush
so carefully guarded their quality
and purity that even the litdest tots will
thrive upon their harmless delicious
ness..Your physician will tell you this.
And how the children like
s-T1 wh ks VtAAioe A mim aKrviif. All
ILiV. AAUUiVJ WiVWkU sawwsas ju
. their tempting flavor and fra
grance come from the delicate
, oil pressed from the fruit itself,'
combined by the exclusive
Ward process with purest sugar
and citric acid the natural
acid of citrus fruits.
in bottles or at fountains
Trcparcd by Orange-Crush Co., Chlc0
Laboralom Los Anse lea
Bnltlrd in Montprlirr kf
Mntp-Hcr. Vu, Tri. 71)
Senifcef-w 'ThtSurf ff
ef OrtutM-riuh. "
until their removal Virginia, where
the president was . born . a .short time
No Trouble to Keep
Skin Free from Hairs j
(The Modern Beauty I
Th w no need for auv oma il to
countenance auperfliioua hairs, because
with a Jate mauc ny mom';
powdered . delatone with water it is
n nl rid of them. The paste is
applied for 2 to .1 minutes, then rubbed
off and the skin washed. Thi treat
ment will rid the f.m of hair without
leaving a blemish, but care should I
taken to see that you get real delatone
Mix fresh as wanted. Attv.
A Series of Articles Prepared
Erpecially for the Bane
Daily Times
By the U. S. Public Health Serv
ice, Washington, D. C.
(Qumtinn rrlitinl to kshjr nr
nri to problem of maternal and
: I rhila hlth will t nTrd bjr -
I : .4 . ,.r ihr l; S niiKI, Kiallh
rrvicn. Aditrrs Bsly HraitK Kdil(r,
i'. 8. Pu4ic HfHlth S r k-. VSvh
inrtcn, l. C. Tlnuir mention this
newspaper. I
la Ugly Pimples. Very
Restless. CnticuraHcals.
"An erurnion like externa started
on baby' face, and went all over his
body eventohis Beats .caus
ing much pain. Therash
first artwared In little uely
. 7 pirrpleaandbaby wasvery
--. I restiess. crying the greater
v ' ran of the tune.
trS "I tben rot a free sample
of Cuticora Soap. I could see an im
provement so I bought one cake of
Soap and one bra of Ointment, and
in ten days he was healed." s Signed)
Mrs. Eliaabetb Went. 33 MarceUa St..
Roxbury. Mass.. July 15. 1919.
Prevent further trouble by using
Cuocura far ail fbiiet purposes.
. Titles of Articles to Be Printed. ,
1. Kvpcvti'iijr a Little Arrival!
2. Motherhood.
3. Hegister Baby's Birth.
4. W hat to Observe in a Baby.
.V How to Handle Baby.
tl. IV-velopmeiit of a Baby.
T. Weijih Your Baby,
f. Baby's Daily Program.
!. Breast Feeding.
10. The Nursing Mother.
11. Weanina.
12. Itottle Feed in;.
IS. (ieneral Rules for Feeding I'-Mtts
14 Babv's Milk.
I V Mo-iim-ation of Milk.
Iti. Feeding After the Firpt tear.
17. Feeding Children from ! to
Months Old.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
jrr)s iMmflraTiou
1. Feeding ( hildren from Three to
Six Years.
l!. Tecthitu:-
Jo. sl.M-p. Play and Best.
21. Baby's Kooln,
J-J. Bat hint; the Baby.
2.1. Itaby'a I lothiny;.
2t. Ha by ' t'lotluiii; li tinned i.
2-V Habit and Training.
2i. Habits and Traininti (continued'.
27. Keeping the Baby Well.
The Sick Baby.
2I. First Aid and Home Remedies,
3(. First Aid and Ibune
(continued i.
31. First Aid and Home
(continued i.
32. First Aid and Home Remedies
(continued I.
33. Baby 'a Health History.
Article i. Expecting Little
Kah vear nearlv a ouartcr of a mil
lion babies die in the Tinted Stales, a
large number of which would now lie
alive if they had hud proper care. This,
tragic waste of life csn be very greatly!
reduced if mothers will acoiiaint them -I
selves with Lite important !aet of baby
care. i
A baby i inh a precious thing that
n mother willfully negbrt it. Not j
neglect, but inorame, is what kill'l
m.wt of these helpless little one. f
I'm-le Sam doe not waft' to lose
any of bi infant citi-n. and throuch.
the I'. S. public health servire is now j
living to teach mothers how- to carej
for their babies. Arrangements have,
been niade with the Itarre laily Time j
to publish a eries of in-inntive artalesj
-onstitutmj;. hrn rompletd. an -ntire:
i-oure n ha by hygiene and care ( lhe(
child up to - "T seven years obi.
Moll.rr. are ur-rd to read the articles !
as puili-tcd. and cut th-m out inr fu ;
ture referener. 1 b information has
be-n prse-arr-d bv phveians u!,,? bavei
nn'ie the welfare of the rhild a I f e
t,ort ion rrlatii2 'o baby are and!
to problem of maternal and rh.lt;
health wiC he an-weic1 dr't y in I
'-ahy lUaltb l.d tor.
I s. Pni.h,- Me!lli VrrVK.
W ah:r7lisfi. II f
p- i'jre to gne jetir faM n tre tti
address, and please mention the nmn
of this newspaper.
Bring Gold to New York.
New York, duly I. The l'anaina
railroad steamer Alliaiica arrived lien
to-day from t ristobal with JM.IHMIIMXI
in gold Imrs and sjn-eie consigned to
American bankers.
Mrs. Hi!! Says Lydia L Pinkham't
Vegetable Compound Remored
The Cause.
i it) i
Knotrville Tenn. ''My bsrk Fitirt
me all the time, I was all run dovrn.
could noteatn
my head bothered
me. all caused by
female trouble. I
taa three years
with these trou
ble and doctors
did tne no good.
Y o u r Biedieind
helped my sister
so she sdvid m)
to take it. Itook
Lydia E. Pmk
bam's VecetaM
Compoord and the Liver Tills aai
used Lyd-a E. PinVham'a Sanativaj
Vash and now I am well, can eat
bearti'y ard "rork. I give yon tny
tharks for your g-at medicine. Yon
may publish my letter ard I will t'l
everv-n what voiir medicine did U-T
me." Mr. Praxi. Hill. 41 Jacks
btm St.. KnoWille. Tnne-e.
Ifundred of su-H letters etnr.
irg rrat t'l.ie.fnr the r'wi Lyd-a E.
I'lfikbs--!' Yege'sWe Compound has
areotrp'.isf I are constant' being re
ceived, r'-nvirj the reliability of tb;t
f-Tand o!d renwtr.
If yon are ill do not drag t'-er
snd cr.rtsr le to 'iffr die in sad dar
eut. but at on- taVe Lyd.a E. T.ak-r--n
a gaM t otr pound. t
tin itTrtir lot woxaas ills.

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