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Foi the Kiddies
Something new in this line. A trailer that is
just like real ones.
, This may be raised or lowered to four different
heights, for a small child, or a big boy.
With ball-bearing wheels and pedals; large
rubber tires and adjustible seat and handle bars.
different sizes. '
For the Baby
Some very good styles in Strollers,
and Sulkies.
For the Grown Ups
During the hot weather now at. hand, a Re
frigerator, that will keep your food sweat and
pure, and also save ice, is a thing to be desired.
We have just such a Refrigerator. In many sizes
and prices.
Citr nit ssms as bona-drlven utbuUnct : disUaca calls at reason ails
The Woman's
Ready-to-Wear Shop
Are You Prepared for Your Vacation?
A FMtum of the Distinction in Those Ivly Silk Sport Dress.
the color combinations are most attractive, fashioned of RAJAH SILK,
CREPE DE CHINE In model that will please tastes preferring severe
line and for those preferring more elaborate type.
Very Modest in Price
See Our Wonderful Group of Voile Blouses
In latent accepted styles in Hat and Materials for making Hata, U
at the disposal of those who purchase Hata here.
The Mrs. Shepard Co., Inc.
Strawberry Fudge, per lb 49c
l.,,hs Ca1trl Poannta. Ui ooC
Have you tried our Delicious Ice Cream? Vanilla, Caramel,
Chocolate and Banana flavors. All spoons and
dishes sterilized.
The Home of Pure Candy
For the Camp and Picnic
Fresh-Made Peanut Butter, tb 35c
Sandwichola in jars, per jar 15c
Olive Relish in jars, per jar 25c
Olive Butter in jars, per jar 13c
Underwood's Deviled Ham, per can 25c, 45c
Deviled Meat, per can 6c, 12c
Fresh Hamburg Steak, per lb 25c
Boiled Ham, lean, per lb., 20c; per lb. ... 75c
Pressed Ham, per lb 33c
Fresh Sliced Dried Beef, per lb 75c
Bacon, Whole or Sliced.
Green Mountain Brand Sausage, per lb 30c
Cucumbers Lettuce Radishes
Bunch Onions
String Beans New Potatoes
Cantaloupes Pineapples Oranges
Fourth of July footwear at Shea's.
Dance. Montpelier armory, every
Saturday night. Carroll'a orchestra.
Special car after. adv.
After your Saturday shopping, call
in at the Maccabee food sale and tn
joy a cup of tea. adv.
Just received at Heath's, another
large shipment of wall and ceiling pa
per. 94 North Main street.
James Marr left this morning for
Loon Lake, N. Y., to work during the
summer months at a hotel there.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Oustafson of 194
Washington street leave to-night for a
week's outing at Highgate Springs.
Community club dance, armory, in
Montpelier, Tuesday, July 6; Carroll's
orchestra.' Price, 75c per couple. adv.
Miss Emma Fowlie of Aver street has
gone to Sugar Hilll, N. H., to work dur
ing the vacation season as a waitress at
the Sunset house.
Mrs. May Jones left yesterday for
Waterbury, a'fter visiting for several
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Saunders of Trow hill.
For the most complete line of fire
works of all kinds, call at building
opposite Park theatre, Depot square.
H. A. Kendall and Blar Mariani.
Herbert McMinn of Brookfteld, who
has been visiting with Bafre relatives
for a few days, leaves for Detroit,
Mich., to-day, where he has secured
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Waterman of
Montclair, N. J., and Dr. and Mrs.
J. Sherman Odgen of Bound Brook, N
J., are visiting at D. S. Waterman's
for few days.
Andrew 'Miles has completed the
state road job at West Chsrlston and
will visit at his home in Craniteville
before commencing a similar job at
Newport after the holiday.
The Ladies of the Maccabees will
hold a sal of home -cooked food Sat
urday afternoon in the Averill store on
Main street. Means, bread, doughnuts,
pies and cake will be on sale.
Edward Emmett and Harold Shaw of
Brookline, Mass., together with Mies
Lera Havey and Miss .Mary Kelleher
of Bethel, motored to Barre from Beth
el yesterday, to visit friends in this
city for a day or so.
George A. Brown, connected for three
years and a half with the Barre Sav
ings bank, is in town to day transact
ing business for the Wells-Richardson
Co. of Burlington, where he now holds
a responsible position.
A son was born yesterday to Mr.
and Mrs. Leslie Hutcliins of Bellows
Falls. Mrs. Hutchins will be pleasantly
remembered in Barre as Miss Ila La
fayette, who attendod Ooddard semi
nary and was later a saleslady in the
Woolworth store.
Amerioo Tolli, the baseball pitcher
of this city, who was expected to
pitch for Gianiteville A. C. team to
morrow ajrainst the Barre A. A. team,
leaves to-dav for Greenfield. Mass., to
begin work for the Greenfield Ta.p A
Dye works and join the factory's base
ball squad.
Mrs. Eva M. Har.en of Windsor spent
Wednesday at the home of her friend,
Mrs. O. J. Dodge of Elm street. Mrs.
Hazen i well known throughout the
state as former president of the Re
bekah society, and has a large number
of friend and acquaintances in Barra.
She returned to her home yesterday
The Perrin hill baseball team went
to South Barre last evening and de
feated the Situth Barre team, 11-8.
Until the ninth inning the South Barre
team was in the lead 8-5, but a batting
rally brought the local team silt runs.
The Perrin hill line-up consisted of C.
O'Keefe, L. O'Leary, Gale; Olliver.
Chase. J. O'Keefe, Johnson. Douglas
and Berger. These teams meet again
Tuesday evening at Lincoln campus.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Owens at 21 Eastern avenue was the
scene of a very quiet family reunion
lant night. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dickey of
Detroit, Mjch., who have been visiting
friends in Highgate and East Barre.
were present, as well as Mrs. Forest
Bellows of St. Albans. The parents of
Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Bellows and'
Earl Dv-kev. Mr. and Mrs. Albert
C. Dickey of East Barre, were also pres
ent, as were one or two very intimate
A farewell party in honor of Miss
Sarah Church, who leaves Monday for
her home in Oklahoma, was tendered
her by 20 of her closest friends last
night at the Deaconess home on Berlin
street. A manicure set, the joint gift
of those present, was presented her by
Miss Lena Calcagni. Games and light
refreshments at intervals during the
evening helped to make the occasion a
ery pleasant one for all concerned.
Charles Zanleoni, jr., has returned
from a two-day trip to Boston taken
in the interest of the Barr Drug Co.,
in order to buy supplies and furnisn
ings for the new store now under con
struction at the Tark theatre build
ing. Among the furnishing purchased
was a new soda fountain, of white Ital
ian marble with a mission finish back
ground. This fountain, purchased of
the Cnited Soda Fountain Co., is 20
feet in length and equipped with the
latest devices for service.
Dr. snd Mrs. A. C. Freeman a?id their
small daughter. Alberta, Mi. Gortri'de
Bibee and Miss Fo passed through
here Wednesday night on their way tu
Waitsfield from their home in Norwich,
Conn. Their trip was made by the wey
of the White mountains, and oCMi,iied
three days. Tbey will spend several
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.
D. Bishce there. It will b remem
bered that Mrs. Freeman was former
ly a resident of Barre, and worked in
the superintendent of school's offiea. It '
i her intention to spend a few days
in the near future renewing her old
friendships in Barre.
Regular meet ing of Modern Wood
men at 7 o'clock Friday, July 2.
Flags, horns and pistols at Martin's
Book Store. adv.
All hats at cost price. Mrs. Mariani,
159 North Main street.
Good pianos at reasonable prices at
Bailey's Music Rooms. adv.
Closing out sale of white and colored
hats at less than cost. Mrs. Birnie,
4 Laurel street. adv.
Don't complain about the heat. Visit
the Maccabee food sale Saturday after
noon and buy your bread or pies. adv.
Antonio Gaeparello of Washington
street left for Boston to-day to visit
his wife, who is sick in a hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hussey of Bos
ton are visiting Mrs. Hussey's sister,
Mrs. James G. Pirie of Williamstown,
for the week-end.
F. D. Ladd and family of Franklin
street leave to-day for the camp at
Greensboro' lake, where they will stay
during the month of July.
J. C. Sullivan, a granite dealer of
Creston, la., who, together with his
wife, is en route to attend the Maine
centennial, arrived in Barre yesterday
to stop a day or so with Mr. and Mrs.
James Bennett of Pearl street.
The well-known pacer, Major Dean,
owned by Harry T. Stackpole of Mont
pelier and which has been trained by
F. A. Slayton of this city during the
past few weeks, will start at the Wa
terbury race track Monday, Jiy 5.
Mrs. Charles Beatty and Frances
Cronin of Graniteville left yesterday
afternoon for Portsmouth, N. II., where
they will pass the holiday with Mrs.
Bea'tty's son, William Beatty. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Margaret
Abbott, who will go as far as Long
Beach, N. H., and later to Denver,
Something new and bound to please
the public has been added to the foun
tain of the Barre Candy Kitchen in
connection with the serving of ice
cream and sodas. Recently the firm
has had installed a Ruud gas heater
which keeps a constant flow of water
at bowling point. All spoons and dishes
are sterilized and made more sanitary
before being put into use.
Dr. John A. McCaskill, who recently
graduated with honors from the medi
cal college of the University of Ver
mont, had entered the New York Post
Graduate college and Children's hospi
tal of New York Citv. where he will
pursua a course in children's diseases
for the next month. On completion he
will locate In Barre, his home, where
he will specialize in that line.
Probably the first Barre woman to
take flight in an aeroplane is Mrs. J.
V. Rowan, wife of the manager of
Hotel Barre, who soared over Salis
bury Beach, the Merrimsc river,
Hampton river, and out over tha ocean
icr ! minutes at a heieht of 2.fK'f)
feet. The machine in which Mrs. Kow
en took the flight with her brother,
W. H. Forbes of Lawrence, Mass., was
a three-passenger, tlO-lmrse-powered
British plane, retained as a public ve
hicle at the beach. Mrs. Rowen, who
declared to her brother that she
WO! ildn't take a trip for a thousand
dollars, did so after being dared, and
now declares sh wouldn't have missed
it for a thousand.
Among automobile accident reports
at the secretary of state's office this
morning was one from F, V, Winslow
of Montpelier, that he backed into an
automobile at the Goodfcllow garage
July 1, and one from George Locke of
Waterbury that a man named Dun
bar was hurt in Montpelier the 29th of
the month by a collision.
Harold Bailey of Bradford was in
Waitsfield last evening delivering a
talk under the supervision of the coun
ty farm bureau management upon in
sects which trouble the farmers, de
stroying their crops. He used lantern
slides. He will speak to-night in Plain-
field and Saturday (evening in Mont-,
pelier. f j
Carroll Bowman is going to Blessing,
Tex., where he will be employed by
A. B. Pierce.
Miss Lena Corse, a daughter of S. i
B. Corse, who was some years a resi-
dent of Montpelier, is expected for a
visit here from Blessing, Tex.
C, A. Smith has been in northern
Vermont inspecting poor houses, while
W. H. Jeffrey is in Windsor county .
on probation work. j
Inspectors horn the secretary of
state's office have caused 15 persons
in Montpelier to remove their glaring
headlights. They also rounded up some j
in Barre and at Intercity park,, in
cluding the removal of glare lights i
from state trucks. A second checking ,
up will occur shortly to see that the
persons who have been given an op-1
portunity to change have done so. '
Some 30 sets of lenses were ordered
changed last evening.
The Barre Athletic association with
a capital stock of $5,000 composed of
1.000 shares of stock, has been filed in
the secretary of state's office. The
papers are signed by A. M. Cell, W. V.
Russell, C. A. Brown, James Mackay,
William Wishart and W. G. Reynolds.
The name of the W. D. Pelley Publish
ing company of St. Johnsbury has
been changed to the Caledonian-Reord
Publishing company. The Winooski
Overgaiter company has filed a certi
ficate that the company proposes to is
sue 250 shares of stock at $100 a share.
Terry (i. Smith and family will
spend 'Saturday at Wells River, where
he will be present at the celebration!
oi ine uiniHiRy oi j-j. . fiurm,
father, who will be 74 years old.
Dr. M. F. McGuire has been appoint
ed by the probate court as adminis
trator of the estate of Martin Norton,
late of Montpelier.
Mr. and Mr. L. C. Moody and Mr.
Mary Cutler are enjoying an outing at
Lake Mansfield.
Reading Framingham Leominster Hyde Park Wakefield
Adams Company
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Attractive for July 4th
Ladies' Silk Hose
Special values at prices that look good.
Were Now
$2.00 $1.39
$2.50..... $1.59
$3.25 $2.25
$3.50 $2.98
These prices for Friday and Satruday only.
Includes Black, White, Colors.
Specials in Ready-to-Wear
In bur Ready-to-Wear Department you will find some special values that are sure to please.
New and pretty things for July 4th. Friday and Saturday, only.
Wash Satin Camisoles of exceptional qual
ity in several styles, all sizes.
Were Now
$2.25 " $1.75
Children's Underwear
Children's Drawers, Gowns and Slips.
20 Disconut
Ladies' Suits
8 only
50 Discount
Ladies' Sweaters
All styles, colors, combinations of colors,
all sizes
20 Discount
Children's Coats
33 i-3 Discount
Ladies' Tweed Coats
5 only
$30.00 regular price
at $15.98
188 N. Main St.
The Daylight Store
Keene, N. H.
Barre, Vt.
rick Beverage Moxie Grape Juice
Clicquot Ginger Ale
The Smith & Comings Co., Inc.
Xet Monday, July S. will be ob
served as a holiday. Stores in town
will 1 elosed all day. The rural car
riers will not cover their routes and
the postoflioe will keep holiday hours.
Mrs. Holmes B. Murray has returned
to her home in East Fairfield, after a
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Matheson. I
Hiram S. Prury has returned from j
a vacation spent in Woodstock, N. II , j
and is again carrying mail on route
No. 3. I
Mrs. Sarah Ainsworth of Moline. 111,!
is a guest at the Williamstown inn. j
Congregational church Services on1
Sunday at 10:45. Topic "The Roots and
c.nr.nihilitira of v reedom. i a- i
ic sermon. Sunday school tl I
Hew World Questions Affect the Cost
of Living.
"What have I to do with wars be
tween Russia and Poland! Wh are
the Czecho slovaks, where is Teichen,
and what does it matter to me what
becomes of it ?" Such are the ques
tions rather impatiently asked by the
average man, and perhaps still more
the average woman. They think that
politics, like charity, should begin at
home, and when the discussion wan
ders oft to foreign parts they feel jus
tified in returning to the undisturbed
contemplation of the news from Ep
som or Old Trafford. What have they
to do with bolsheviks? If they wish
for a plain answer they cannot do
better than study Mr. Gosling's speech
to the transport workers at South
ampton. The prime concern of the houewife
to-day is to get necessaries at sone-
thine less than prohibitive prices.
mony enou
- nun
prime concern oi me "
1 , e. ......... ,f tMXPS
n SIWT Hjiuni v.
to replenisn ino ngur,. "
Why ire prices high? W hy have they
not diminished 20 months after the
armistice? The questions are surely
worth asking even for those who be
lieve exclusively in bread-and butter
politics. , , ,,.
Now the answer is not simple, but
as'one cause, perhaps the major came,
Hr. GoHlin is perfectly right. It s
foreign politics. It turns on Runsia
and Poland, Germany and Austria and
even such matters as Teschen and J the
relations of Czecho slovaks to roles
and of Toles to Ukrainians. It does
not in the least matter that some ot
these names are difficult to pronounce
and attach, to places which the plain
man would not care to point ,
the map without some preparations
That doe. not alter the fart that it .
is what is going on in such p aces and
the wav in which we are dealing with i
them that made food dear, materials ,
dear, sugar dear, and that cut off the i
avenues into which our export ade
might expand.
We are indirectly getting a lesson in
the economics of protection, for im
ports from Germany and .Russia are
virtually cut off, and we see one of
the results in the impossible prices
which have nullified the increases of
cash wajjes. Mr. Goslin very rightly
draws the moral that the greatest pos
sible freedom of trade is one of the
conditions of increased productivity of
labor. People complain that labor,
while paid more, is producing less.
Thev forget the handicap of shortage
in tiie materials and implements of in
dustry a shortage which will not b
remedied till we again enjoy the full
use of Russian materials and German
skilled workmanship. Manchester
After a Hard Winter.
"Do you believe in transmigration of
souls? asked the little man.
"Sure." replied the big man. "Why?"
"Nothing, answered the little man.
"But it says here that there are birdi
in Afrira with bills a yard long."-
"Well, what about them?" demand
ed the bijj man.
"I was just wondering if those birds
are not the spirits of departed plumb
ers," replied the little man. Cincinnati
m. Communion after morning service. !
7-30. union service. Topic, "I nfor
givable Sin: What It is Not and Wht
It Is."
Services Sunday at 2 p. m. Topic
"The Roots and the Responsibilities of
Freedom." ratriotic sermon.
Not a Word of Truth.
Sister's new beau had hardly got
seated on the parlor sofa when little
brother brought him a glas of water
and tendered it to him very politely.
The young man drank it and returned
the g'lass to the small boy, who looked
disgusted. , j . v
II. rf.vn'f Bilher. she said to Bis
"Don't what, dear."
"Why, he don't' drink any different
from anv one else, and pop said he
drank like a fish."-Edinburgh Scotsman.
Quick Aids First
to go with
An emergency outfit is a very necessary equip
ment for every home, traveling bag or trunk.
Something you must have
now, if you or the young
sters are to bother with
fire-crackers. It is hard
to tell when such goods
are required, so you had
better keep a stock on
hand at all times. We sell
a most complete line of
emergency needs.
Drown's Drug Store
48 North Main Street
Special for July 4th
Fancy Native Fowls, per lb. .. 50c
Spring Legs of Lamb, per lb. . 45c
Forequarters of Lamb, per tb 35c
Roast Veal, per lb 33c, 35c, 40c
Pot Roast of Veal, per lb 22c
Pork Roasts, per tb. 33c, 35c, 38c
Western Beef Roasts, per tb 35c, 40c
Bacon Strips, per lb., 35c; Sliced, per tb 45c
Fresh-made Pork and Beef Sausage, tb 28c
Corned Pork Spare Ribs, per lb 20c
Corned Pigs' Legs, per lb 10c
Wax Beans, String Beans, Ripe Tomatoes, Let
tuce, Bunch Beets, Green Peas and Rhubarb.
Plenty of Finnan Haddies.
Houghton & Robins
Vi'A NTED Pilihr to run small nwehm
and to dv band poliphins: mumdr J-;
C. 1 O Clair Granite Work. Wstrtirr.
WANTED For a month. I Parra. fnmilw4
flat or bouae of vr S furnisHrd mum (or
lht kaBearpin( ; lLifcovt MootpviMr '
U i
W AS'TErJFirVt-laM n nipiiiif maa ana
ht-imr: Martiwoa Entata C Mt !
WANTED TO RNT-t :aa at wm ton4
not far from Barra for 6ada aad on-
Jar: TI-W VM! t
W ANTED- Thrr ruilii" .-uttTi i-A S'
vcriimnul cutter; McDonnail A S-wm.
Irw.. Cirrle Hrrn. iU ,
WANTED-EV-ator t btark :
a-p'y te Mr Mlirver 4 Krot, AUjnrh bvrk ;
X'N BlnrS Cl , '
7 v
i u i
1 .A
1 1
'$3.33 to $984
The Red Cross Pharmacy
e Prepared for July 4th
Our store will be cldsed Monday
Best California Lemons, doz. Saturday 30c
Oranges, Grapefruit, Watermelons and Can
Ginger Ale by the bottle or by the case.
Granulated Sugar lo:dy, per lb 24c
Brown Sugar, per lb c
We can only suggest that you order your Bak-
cry supplies early, as this is a very busy depart
ment. Ladd's Cream Bread keeps fresh; Cash and
Carry, per loaf J4c
Raisin Bread, per loaf 12c
Graham Bread, per loal loc
Wc have some good values in Spring Lamb,
Western Beef, Native Veal and Native Fowls.
Everything in Fresh Vegetables for Saturday.
Ccld Meats for lunches and sandwiches.
We expect plenty of Mackerel and Fresh Sal
mon, Halibut and Lobsters for Saturday.
Native Berries are at their best now.
Just received Currants in bulk. Special price
by the box.
The F. D. Ladd Company

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