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skin troubles
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iiiMiliiaw ' tm
Gathering So Large Governor Ad
dresses Them from
Columbus. 0., July 13 Governor Cox
addressed several thousand mm and
Women who gathered at he Capitol
vesterday noon to greet him upon his
first return to his office since his nom
ination for the presidency.
It had been planned to hold the in
formal reception in the rotunda of the
State House, but the crowd was so
large that the speech was delivered
from the steps.
Reviewing his three terms as chief
executive of Ohio, Mr. Cox declared he
had "never broken confidence with the
people of this commonwealth."
"1 have the deepest conviction that
' the guarantee of continued progressive
11 government will be adopted by the peo
ple of the nation in the election of Mr.
Roosevelt and myself and that it will
he hut an expression of the nation that
I heir well being lies in the golden dawn
of to-morrow rather than the twilight
eone of yesterday," he declared.
Shoe Polishes
The Soviet Troops Occu
pied That Town on
July 11
Because That Town Is Only
110 Miles Distant
from Minsk
London, July 12. Minsk has been
captured by Russian bolshevik forces,
according to an official statement re
ceived here from Moscow, which says
the soviet troops occupied the town on
the morning of July II.
Mirisk is the capital of the Russian
government of the same name and is
situated on a branch of the Beresina
river, approximately 250 miles north
west of Warsaw. For some time the
Russian soviet forces have been con
verging on Minsk from the north and
south and the position of the city has
seemed to be , serious. The fall of
Minsk would seem to indicate that Vil
na, about 110 miles to (he northwest,
is in imminent danger of capture by
the bolshcviki.
Superior on
three important points
i-Preeerres the leather
-GItc more lasting shine
3-Keeps shoes looki&c new
Gilt Bdge fam-
oat the world
Pres. Guerra's Government
Overthrown and Cab
inet Imprisoned
And Community. of Inter
est With Peru Is
Event Tafies- Place On Smith College
Grounds, July ij.
Northampton, Mass., July 13. The
rhamber of commerce yesterday ap
fhahmbcr of commerce yesterday ap
pointed a committee of 100 citizens
lo have charge of the arrangements
for the notification of Governor Calvin
L'oolidge of his nomination for vice
president by the Republican conven
tion. The committee which was ap
pointed at the request of J. Henry
Koraback of Hartford. Conn., member
f the national Republican committee,
uill meet to-night to plan the affair,
which will take place on Allen Held,
rmith -college, -July,? 27.- There are
iiil-committees on parade, decora-1
lions, receptions and other features. !
Negotiations Progressing Favorably
Four Points Agreed On.
Moscow, July 1.1. Kusso-I.atvian
peace negotiations are progressing fa
vorably and at least four points vir
tually' have been agreed upon. They
Recognition of Lettis independence
and the renunciation by Kussia of all
claims of sovereignty in Latvia.
The fixing of boundaries, subject to
a joint commission of delimitation,
busing its decision on ethnographic and
economic principles. In the former
Drissa district a plebiscite shall be
Mutual engagements shall be taken
to prohibit the presence in Russian or
Latvian territory of arnled forces in
imical to either country, or' the re
cruiting and transportation of troops
or war material by countries at war
with either power. Russia and Latvia
agree to forbid the formation or pres
ence in their respective countries of
any groups or organizations with pie
tensions to or designs against the gov
ernment of the other party to the
The state of war shall cease from
the date of the conclusion of the treaty.
The Lettish delegation is not en
tirely in accord with the Russian
method proposed for bidding the ple
biscite, which excludes the non working
elements, and demands abstention by
both Russia and Latvia from agitation
or propaganda against the existing I
Kavnomie provisions of the treaty
will be referred to a joint commission.
yon, a!wa
(Some M'
Harding h i -
wavs to M.
Mrs. Warren G. Harding Is So Consid
ered By Her Women Acquaint-
anccs in Marion, 0.
Marion, O., July 13. Many women
of Marion, girlhood acquaintances,
friends or chums of Mrs. Warren .
Harding, wife of the Republican nomi
nee for the presidency, are enthusiastic
ocr the possibility that she may pre
side at the. White House. They say she
is well fitted for the duties of a presi
dent's wife because "she has a mind of
her own, generally manages to get
what she wants, is thoroughly demo
cratic, likes to give and go to parties,
is interested in a hundred and 'one
things, knows how to talk to every
one, ineludin men, and once she knows
I now you.
residents say that Mrs.
ntribiited in important
ilarding's success in life.
Mrs. Harding was born here, August
I."), 1S0O, and whs reared in this city,
where she attended grammar and higli
schools. Afterwards she studied music
at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Mu
sic. As Florence Kling, daughter of Amos
Kling. lianker and one of the most
wealthy (pen in Marion, she is de
scribed by a girlhood friend, Mrs. Mar
garet Younkins, as "one of the bet
horsewomen 1 have ever seen. She rod;
and drove more like a man, than a girl,"
said Mrs. Younkins, who said she was
more accustomed in those days to see
ing Florence Kling dashing wiftly up
the street on Hilly, her saddle hor-e.
than walking with the other girls of
her social circle. Other girlhood friends
of Mrs. Harding told of the times when
they used to "pile into Florence' phae
ton and ride with perfect confidence be
hind her speedy Billy."
Florence Kling was-married to War
ren Harding, then as now newspa
per publisher, on July S. lsniin their
present home on Mount Vernon avenue,
Marion. For more than-12 years, until
illness presented, Mrs. Harding was
circulation manager of The Star, her
Lima. Tern, July 12. A revolution
has broken out in .Bolivia, according
to dispatches received late to-day from
La Par.
The government, headed by Presi
dent Jose Gutierrez (iuerra, has been
overthrown, and the president and
members of his cabinet have been made
Bautista Savadra has assumed pow
er, , being supported by the army, and
is said to have appointed Jose Car
rasco, former Bolivian minister to Bra
zil, chancellor.
Newspapers here, in commenting on
the news, say the revolution is a
crushing defeat of the pro-Chilean pol
icy pursued by the Bolivian govern
rfient, and vindicates the community of
interest existing between Peru and
Jose Gutierrez Guerra was elected
president of Bolivia on May 7, 1317, the
government which has bee overthrown
was formed on March 15, 1920. Bau
tista Savedra was formerly minister
of public instruction, having been ap
pointed to that office on Aug. 13, 1000.
In European Markets Has Been Start
ed By American Stores,
Paris, July 13. A new plan for buy
ing abroad for American department
stores, ha just begun operations
here on a large scale. Department
stores in ls Angeles, Minneapolis,
Kan Francinco, Boston. Pittsburgh, De
troit, Toledo, Dallas, St. Louis, Cleve
land anil Sacramnnto have formed a
buying company for doing foreign shop
ping in bulk. The design of the com
pany is to deal directly with manu
facturers and to cut out all flie com
missions and charge of intermediaries.
husband's newspaper. In addition she
was the registration bureau for com
plaints, advertising manager and angel
to the newsboys.
When Mrs. Harding return to Mari
on and meets any of the boy who car
ried paper for Senator Harding when
she was circulation manager, she pats
them on the back, it i said, and re
mark: "Here is one of my loy-lie
will be famous ome day."
Mr. Harding ha been a memliervof
"The Twigs," a card club of My ion, for
many vear?.
scale ffoadl-tost on
39200 tabes
How Firestone
puts the miles
in and then
proves it not
at YOUR expense.
No other tubes in the world are road tested
on so big a scale as Firestones. The Yellow
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Tubes exclusively on its 800 taxi cabs. The
service of these tubes is checked constantly
improvements and developments are
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By dose hatching of a large number of
tubes in service not confined to isolated
instances, the conclusions are accurate and
Firestone puts the best in materials into
tubes by establishing purchasing experts at
Singapore, center of the world's rubber
market. Firestone puts the best in work
manship into tubes by organizing the crack
manufacturing organization of the industry
on a profit-sharing basis.
And then subjects the finished product to
this big-scale road test in order to get you
more for your tube money and more miles
out of your tires. And yet Firestone Tubes
cost no more than the ordinary kind.
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should enjcy the
satisfaction oF hav
ing the best Quality.
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When ordering .Corn Hakes from your
Grocer.be sure to specify PostToa sties
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wrapped package is your guarantee
of getting the best.
Made By Postum Cereal Company Inc., Battle Creek,Mich.
A Series of Articles Prepared
Especially for the Bane N
By the U. S. Public Health Serv
ice, Washinjton, D. C.
Hiuwtinna rltin lo baby far
and to problem of mfrnl and
rhila ..mlth will b anv-H by rx
prl of fh I'. 8. ifuWir hoalth
r-wr. .M"f!" Pty Health K. titor,
U. S. Publir H!th Srvir. Wuh
inaHon. P. C. Heatae mention Ihu
n apatr. I
At birth, a linl?' hrr i larr in
pioportion to hi body "than i an
nrlult'. Th allomm i li. The arm
and Iff are !i"rt and tlie lz are
nl'jrhtly Iwmrd.
Soon after birth, a baby develop
ne of rontart and temperature, that
i. he know when he i bejn held nnd
he ran appreeiate heat or cold. !!.
learn to ee li'hl and to hear during
the firt three or four day.
The first month the. hand move aim
lely about. Pining the eeond month,
he Irani to put hi hand to hi mouth
and trie to lift hi head.
During the third and fourth month,
a baby will make an effort to grasp
what ia held before him and will try
to it up. Tie .hould not be allowed to
do o unle he i aupported. About
thi time, he begin to reeognie other
and develop a will of hi own. which
i epreed in erying when he i di
pleaed. He will eoo when he is
About the sixth month, a baby can
it alone for few minute. He will
grap and hold whatever ruuie- within
the reaeh of hi buy finger. He now
liegina to be sociable and will try to
ta'k, aometime making vowel ound.
From the seventh month to the ninth
month, he will creep and will make ef
fort to stand He like to -imitate
movement and In have sympathy am!
attention shown him.
From the ninth mnth to the l'Jth
month, he learn to stand and from the
lith to the lrith month learn to
walk. He develop a sense of deire to
please and thi lead to oledien-e.
Sometime at the 1 Jt h month he can
ay a few word.
A baby ha no moral sense of knowl
edge of "what is right or wrong. Hr
simply follow hi instinct. An oldT
person must keep him (rim harm and
show him gent.'y how to do the right
things until he learn for him-elf.
A improj-er feed eg i one of t'le
rhief rauses of a rhfM fading to, de.
ehp properN . too rlose attention ran
n.t I M to the right feeding of a
ung lbr.
Republican Candidate Confers with
Senator Cummings and H. S.
Tabor of the Grange.
Marion. .. duly 13. -The transporta
tion and high cost of living problems
were discussed at conference yester
day between Senator Harding and
Senator Cuniining of Iowa, chairman
of the Senate interstate commerce
committee. H. S. Tabor of the Ohio
Senator dimming later to the news
paper eorrepindenls emphasized tlie
giavity of the railroad situation and j
the necessity for the wise handling of
the transjMirtation problem, but as
serted that every day furnished a
"vindication of the new railroad law"
not only a passed by the Senate with
the so-Hlled anti -trike provision, but
a finally approved bv the president.
"The inability of the railroad to do
the business of the country is costing
the country every day more than the
(.crm.ui war cost the people any one
dav," said Senator dimming, "ho
added, however, that the people of this
count rv do not favor ownership at this
t ine al lea-t. He cliaracteri.ed the
railroad act a the most progrcs-i.e
in recent vears. ,
Mr. labor said he discussed the agri
cultural siiui-tioii .ind tii"
ih cost ot i
living with Senator Harding, whom
he. tound keenly anve 10 me iuijum
tance of a proper recognition of agri
culture, and who realize the necessity
of "agriculture properly functioning if
the nation i to enjoy enduring pros
perity and tranquility."
"I ""feel confident that Senator Hard-(
ing' utterance on agricultural ques
tion will appeal to the rural thought
of the nation," lie added. Organized
agriculture i never political, but the
American farmer ha felt that he ha
not received a square deal in recent
years. The farmer will think for liim
s.lt and give his support to the can
delate whose utterances anl record
give promise of the best development
of rural life."
5 IK1'
17 m
It's a cinch
figure why
Camels sell!
Sri? fFZW
n v - .. - mrr- t i v
efr . .-,-k" ' 4
."T's . s. .
In Wett PmtLi and East PrnsU Show
Orerw helming Majority,
lnd.. .tti!y l:t.- A Berlin ire-ge
yesterday states that the tesnlt of t he
plebiscite jn Vt Tnis-i! and Last
Pruss.a h.w an over hr'nting rnan
j. ?i..-.K--N-.,'V ff
Von shouTd know whv Camels
are so unusual, so refreshing, so
SallSIVmil. firsi, vJUdiiiy ocii.
uir' UvljL. Camels expert bland of choice Turkish
'l.-aW v'H?-":'.f2eV -a eboiVo TVimp:tir tnhaccos which
f t Zf i.;S,-isi A -"u'vv
5 toaa.eV 3 . . .
l-t -m(Trvt I
TV pl-hsi it r. men'i. 'ved m tSe
fwg.rsff were pr-4'-d f-r sffi the
tra'v ot Ver-aHi.- to deiertntne iv
t""loda-, .f To'aiji with regard to
I t and H est Prussia-
w a sc. il u i rvD i .1
LiLfB&I Camels blend makes possible that
"Xjt 'fc J wonderful mellow mildness jet all the
arA ripsirable bod v is there ! And, Camels
. L,Cj- .
tir-r-? V . A never tire your taste I
' ?:. v. "zzz5 - t
i Is. ; s sr -k.-v, : -TI i r Z ..... . - r
'VP;:w4 iaTj Vft.J-f Youll appreciate Lmeis ireet
XSifX f&Jnnttj$ from any unpleasant cigaretty al
t; -vf -va f- ll ?M taste or unpleasant cigaretty odor !
Vl J UU1 V a a wuw "
Camels puff by puff with any ciga
rette in the world at any price !
. t.-J u.,..t a S la .-aa) ttmr-mm -arf
tffrif v f4r-r- - ----- ----- - -
H. rd y nwim- cmrtmi for tfm hom or orm

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