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MM IGlirft
. FlOU
' Bought by particular people
Made by the Millers of SUNNYCORN
IF you love good brown bread you will wel
come this new food product that has scored
an instant success in American homes.
This delightful ready mixed Brown Bread
Flour means uniformity in your baking it gives
you better brown bread; moist without being
spggy, rich and nutritious.
One package makes four big ten cent loaves
v)f appetizing brown bread. The best you ever
Try Sunseal Prepared Brown Bread Flour
today. And you will always have it ready within
Get Sunseal
Prepared Brown
Bread Flour
at your grocer's
The Patent Otaa!. Ca.
(E.labli.h.d l3)
Kmw Yo.k. N. V.
N.wai.lll is a SUE3SE-AL eatable
One of Three Hanged at
Duluth Had no Part in
Attack on White Girl
According to Report by a
Special County Inves
tigation Duluth, Minn., July 20.-The special
county investigation into the lynching
of three negroes here on July 15 l:i
declared, in its final report, that Isaac
McGhicr one of the negroes hanged, had
no part in the attack on r white girl,
which brought about the trouble. Evi
dence brought before it convinced the
grand jury, the report said, that. Me.
Ghie was merely held by the police as
an important witness.
A Series of Article! Prepared
Especially for the Barre
Daily Times
By the U. S. Public Health Serv
ice, Washington, D. C.
(Quotient relating- to habr ear
w.Um. nt mtrtial and
I .IIU . ....... - j L
i ehila .isalth will b ancrl by ex
pert of the U. ft. puonr
' s.rvie. Aiiilrws Baby Health Editor.
IT. 8. Pubia- Health 8ervic. Wash
nirton. D. C. Pleaaa . m.ntion lht
I newnaper. )
9. Breast Feeding.
Mothers milk - Mother milk is the
best and cheapest food for the baby.
It will make the baby strong and
healthy. Mothers milk is always ready
and it never sour It docs not' have
to be prepared or measured. It is prac
tlcslly always safe. Mother's milk con
tains th proper element" of food in
the right proportion for the growing
The baby will have the best chance
of living if he is breast-fed. Ten bottle-fed
bsbies die to one that is fed
at the breast. It is seldom that breast
fed habies have bowel trouble, which is
so fatal in bottle fed babies, especial
ly during hot weather.
Rules for nursing The newborn
baby is put to the breast when he is
five or six hours old. Ihiring the first
24 hours he should nurse not more than
four tames, but at both breasts each
time. A newborn baby may be given
jdain cool boiied water at regular in
tervals between miming. Ikt not give
him any kind of tea or other other
Beginning with the aecond day. baby
should nurse every two and one-half to
three hours. On the three hour sched
ule he nurses at 6. and o'clock a.
tii., until four month old. Alternate
breast or let him take both
bi easts at each time, according to his
appetite and the amount of milk. In
the event the milk is delayed longer
than the third day, baby should be fed
from the bottle at three-hour inter
vals; but he should be put to the
breast regularly in order to stimulate
the flow of milk.
The average healthy baby, until it is
four months oM, nurses every three
hours. When he is six months old,
nurse every four hours, usually riving
lM)th breasts each time. Tn"is makes
five nursings in 24 hours-four during
the day and one at night, as follows:
ti a. in., 10 a. in., J p. in., o p. m., 10
p. m.
It is necessary to follow regulsr
hour for nursing. If baby is fed every
time he cries, his digestion soon will
b upset. If he cries between feedings,
given him plain, cooled boiled water.
Babies are as hlely to cry from over
feeding as from hunger. (If the brest
miik seems insufficient for your baby
do not give up nursing him. but after
each feeding give him what he wants
of properly mollified milk. Kvcry breast
fedeing and every ounce of breast milk
is just that much gained for your
Trie flavor appeals
and the food builds.
Needs No Sugar J
Give the youngsters
Grape-Nuts at least.
. ence each day.
"There's a Reason
A Ten Per Cent Reduction to Be Made
on Pennsylvania R. R.
Philadelphia, July 'JO. A ten per
cent reduction in the working force
of the Pennsylvania railroad will be
made this week, it was announced here
yesterday at the company's office.
In the eastern region alone, whih
taken in the territory east of Altoora.
between 11,000 and I -',000 workers will
e laid off. it was stated. It was
stated the reduction was rendered nec
essary by the fact that expenses have
l.ren exceeding income fr sometime
past. In view of this condition, the
verbal announcement and. it de
cided to "trim sail"' and put econom
ics into operation. The redm-twin af
fects the entire system. A formal an
nouncement will be issued later.
Coal Operators and Railroad Execu
tives Present Plan to I. C. C
Will Benefit New Eng
land. Washington, D. C, July 20. Coal
operators and railroad executives pre
sented to the Interstate commerce com
mission yesterday a plan agreed to by
them to facilitate the distribution of
coal to the northwest, New England
and Canadian territory. Details of the
proposal were withheld until the com
mission has an opportunity to study
Sufficient coal is being mined in the
eastern territory, it was said, to meet
current needs, but unless transporta
tion arrangement are modified enough
of it will not be moved into the north
ern districts named to prevent winter
Is Said to be in Receptive
ifcood for Prohibi
tionist Choice
Virgil G. Hinshaw of Illi
nois Delegation Also
Said to be Receptive
Lincoln, Neb., July i!0. Early ar
rivals to-day among the delegates to
the Prohibition party's national con
vention, which opens to-morrow, were
discussing chiefly the attitude of Wil
liam J. Bryan should the "convention
offer him the leadership of the Pro
hibition ticket next fall.
"Mr. Bryan's recent statement in
the Commoner that a man must ac
cept such an honor if it is offered,"
said W. d. lalderwood, vice-chairman
of the national committee, "is looked
upon by us as tantamount to a decla
ration that he will accept. We are
preparing to go to the mat in this
campaign and we are going to nomi
nate a ticket that will draw hundreds
of thousands of votes."
Among the delegates arriving to-day
were Virgil (i. Hinshaw, chairman of
the national committee, one of those
said to be in a "receptive" mood con
cerning the nomination, with the Illi
nois delegation.
Daniel H. Poling, for many years a
leader in the party. Representative
Charles H. Randall of California, and
Clinton N. Howard of Rochester, X. Y.,
are others discussed as possibilities if
the Bryan "boom" fails to develop.
Rochester troop, Xo. 1, boy scouts,
has over 40 boys enrolled as smuts or
club members. They are now working
to earn money to buy their uniforms
and equipment, which will be require 1
on their camping trip, which they plan
to spend at Lake Dun more the last of
August. The townspeople could iielp
out if they would -notify Wallace llai
Iey or Storrs Mough wliea they, want
work done, as a scout will do the work
well and only ask a fair price.
Everett Pierce, bookkeeper for. the
American Realty company, has fin
ished w ork here 'and gone to Warren.
X. H.
Mrs. Romaine Holland is at the Mary
Fletcher hospital for an operation for
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Guernsey and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hubbard and
daughter were in Burlington recently.
Miss (irace Cleveland of Boston, Mr-.
Holden and Miss Yanderbilt of New
Vork and Miss leavens of Norwich,
Conn., are at Mountain View for the
Mrs. Ripley of Huston is a summer
guest at tieorge Newton's.
A. P. Wade has returned from his
visit to Bristid, N. II., where he went
to see a brother who is in very poor
Miss Iiuise Bailey of Huffalo. N. Y..
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Bailey.
W. H. Cmplell and company have
punhased Frank Kennedy's interest in
the hardware Mm k.
.loseph Hill and James Manning were
at home from White River .function
over Sunday.
Mrs. Newton of New Hampshire is
a guest of her cousin, Mrs. Hester Dunham.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rroks have
Wen spending the past week in Canada
Mr. ami Mrs. Wallace Bailey were
in Pittsfield Saturday evening to at
tend the ;Oth wedding anniversary of
Mrs. Bailey's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ham Kanriey.
The game of baseball between Bethel
and Korheater resulted in a score of 7
to in favor of Bethel at the cl.e of
the 14 innincs.
Rev. and Mrs. Ira Priest cf Mount
Holly have licen recent guests at the
Pierce home. Mr. Priest was pastor
of the I'niversabst church here 3:1
year ago.
Is Being Carried to Prohibitionist Con
vention By Colorado Delegate.
Denver, Colo., July '-'0. - Colorado's
delegate to the national prohibition
convention will carry a plank calling
for prohibition of the manufacture and
sale of tobacco products, it was decid
ed at the state convention here last
night. The state is entitled to 13 dele
gates, but Edgar Wilkenson of Delta
was the only person who could attend
and he was named.
Would Take Nomination For Vice-President
from Prohibitionists.
Hood River, Ore., July 20.-H Wit
liam J. Bryan deems such a move ad
visable and if Mr. , Bryan acepts the
nomination for president on the pro
hibition platform, Rev. W. A. ( Billy i
Sunday declared to-day, that he stands
ready to accept the nomination for
i "I have not heard from Mr. Bryan,"
said Mr. Sunday, "but have been in
commuiiicat ion wit h the prohibition
party committee. If Mr. Bryan thinks
ii necessary that the prohibitionists
put a ticket in the field or that exist
ing circumstances point to a possible
undermining of the purposes of the
IStli amendment then you may count
on Us jjetting into effective action."
Zionist Declare for Possession of All
Land and Property in Palestine.
Ixndon, July The Zionist -on-lerence
yesterday adopted the recom
mendation of the commission of forty
on the Palestine property ownership
question, providing that all the land
and property in Palestine lie declared
the property of the Jewish people, and
that the control of this property' be
gradually assumed by the Palestine
This recommendation, made in the
majority nqort of the commission,
submitted yesterday morning, was
amidst a great uproar raised by the
am'iallsta in the conference, who fa
vored the minority report. The minor
ity recommendation was that the land
and property be declare' immediately
the property of the Jewish state and
that private ownership and eecu!a-
mui be forbidden."
' . 1 ' . - ' - ' i
y ' j
''' - !
EVER walk on a deep,
f velvety carpet ? Ever
ride on a Goodrich Silvertown
Cord Tire ?
The feeling is just the
iAmericas First Cord Tire
: I
'The Goodrich Miusfmenttashi Silvertown CorJs.&ooo MiU j Fabric Tires; 6000 Miles
Topics of the
Home and
Keep the water constantly at the
boiling point for :0 minutes then re
move the jars from the water at once,
complete the scaling, and cool. If the
storage is exposed to light, wrap the
jars in pa pel." Dorothy Dexter.
For the Traiaiat and Development of
National Guard Officer.
Washington. D. C, .My ?A Ftr
ther opportunity for the training an I
oVvel-f-ment of ttFuTt of the i
t tonal 'iuaH t KilereJ ibr'H;h a sit
depart saewt order yeaterday (irmvlisj
tprcial cour- at scrv s bos f -t
r SfWw the gr4 vf irsjor. T V
adjutant tls f tbe vru n .
Vave been in-trwicd t ., -1 ty
Bid.to buneai tas names of thw t
stbW lot t We a-Vx-l l.ve r I
k1 "Ta hw will h rwoM !
a"M tk ary r4ea1 -Wl
n tt w
if you wanr
the genuine
-in bottles
for the home
at soda fountains
and on draught
m JL never loss ip'ZI,
never loss
the or igistl color
and newness" of
your t hoes if yoa
use superior shoe
polish. .
Brwii.6-aT,V)t ta
-- tti all cctotttrctoSirt
ccraa-ua toe caroasts
Whitteaore'S i.rreaerrealat
3 big points of
SBptrioriry . dm
laatinf shlBsV
A LJ 3- Sra
111 il
In preparing potatoes, cucumber.
green peppers, apples or even celery
for fruit salad, or apples for pie. take
a small baking powder can and chop
them. It is such a saving over the
knife, and you can chop nuts the same
way very quickly
Canning Without Sur,ar.
The V. V. M. a?vi. uliii'al cvtension
service has issued the fol'owing bulle
tin relating to canning fruits without
"AH fruits may be very successfully
tanned without sugar. Smvessful can
ning depends upon thorough sterilisa
tion by boiling to kill all germ life in
the food, and perfect sealing of the
food to prevent further entrance of
germ life. Sii'.mr does not act as a pre
MTvative in the amounts used in ordi
nary canning. With the present hign
cost of sugar the housewife will d
well to omit it altogether or use it in
small amount in the canning of fruits.
"Many eople think that fniiti
canned without siicar are superior for
pica and by the addition of a small
amount of sicar at time of serving
t'ley are equally good for dessert. The
.ii,:t can be added without crushing
he fruit by straining off part of the
juice and didvins the siiesr in that.
Ihcti adding it t- the fruit.
Tbe home economic specialists of
: agTwultiiral estension servue give
she following dire.-ti.ms for cannsng
fruit without, siipar: S-ald the cans
.t fill them with cold water and bring
'h-m to a boil; pk the clean fruit
cto the )rs; fii' the jars t within
PC h:f imh of the - p w .tb lioitg
water. Pis.-e previously le-tcd niMrs
,m the jts and adjust 1T. Ho
t l,"-s d. wn t' .lmps Pl.f tVe
ts v..
Li v v5?st ?v 1 ' z;
1 4 Km&
II Hi-", A V . -. I
- v - - ,
e a 1
Yes Sir-
We made this ciga
rette to meet
your taste!
jts in a ctts'nr w
,n i tlt'cd Wtl
aiaW.. iW.ari, iaafULalana J
r'k So prectt tJe ja's rot -ny
:e Fi'l the "' rer with
wr1 I--"' r.s water t c-me a
. nw in-h oser te 'T " s
HAMRLS have wonder-
ful full-bodied mellow-
mildness and a flavor as
refreshing as it is new.
Camels quality and Camels expert
blend of choice Turkjsh and choice
Domestic tobaccos win you on merits.
rameii hlend never tires your taste.
Camels leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste
nor unpleasant cigaretty odor!
What Camels quality and expert blend can
mean to your satisfaction you should find
out at once! It" will prove our say-so when
you compare Camels with any cigarette
in the world at any price!
M.Si C -'S
mm w r - -
U "- f WW! w IIS w- w
WiMtow-Saleasv. N. C
'Jr jr a

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